London Marathon

  • Rated 86%
  • 26.2mi
  • Road
Entrants (426) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
.starman Unaffiliated 3:49:07 4:06:58 4:06:58 58.90
2lesstoenails MISERABLE Unaffiliated 3:39:50 4:04:07 4:04:07 52.60
5hep Farnham Runners 4:07:35 4:11:00 4:20:00 4:34:00 46.10
993SC Had a shocker!!  Hips gave way and was sick twice!  Cracking though!!! Unaffiliated 4:24:59 4:24:59 4:00:00 4:24:59 45.88
a.k.a Billy V'warm day knocked out a PB and the first mara where i never ran out of steam in the last few miles Dunstable RRC 3:29:33 3:51:50 3:51:50 52.59
Adam Miller Exmouth Harriers AAC 2:49:57 3:13:48 3:15:00 3:13:48 62.72
AlB Very hot.  Only just got to the start in time! Hard work from 23 miles on! Dreadful at the end and very painful left calf (had cramp night before). But 2 hours later with a guiness and feeling recovered ready to enter again next time! Unaffiliated 3:22:33 3:31:36 3:35:00 3:31:36 66.77
Alex B May be a bit optimistic as this is my first marathon. But I like a challenge.

*update*  The hottest London Marathon since 1996 apparently. Decided that sub 4 hours wasn't going to happen quite early on. Played it on HR and felt pretty good all the way round apart from some sore hip muscles from about mile 19. Great crowd support made for a fantastic atmosphere. Very pleased with my first marathon attempt. Fareham Crusaders 3:39:52 4:08:41 3:50:00 4:08:41 49.32
Alex26.2 Mornington Chasers 2:46:09 2:57:00 3:38:35 55.68
alf_chac Colchester Harriers AC, Trail Running Association 2:33:23 2:44:52 2:44:52 75.53
alfazenna1 RAF AC 2:58:07 3:14:57 3:14:57 63.50
andrewfk Twisted knww in build up. Run/Walk plan to get round - succeeded. Rimrose Runners 6:28:36 6:28:36 6:28:36 31.28
AndrewJ Unaffiliated 4:02:50 4:43:38 4:43:38 43.42
andy from embsay Ilkley Harriers AC 3:07:19 3:40:12 3:40:12 58.80
Andy99 A little bit warm for me. Chase Harriers 2:59:57 3:09:50 2:58:00 3:09:50 66.54
Anna Finn VEGAN RUNNERS UK 3:40:54 4:14:54 4:42:03 47.50
Anna v Unaffiliated 5:57:00 5:57:00 5:07:00 5:57:00 37.53
aothen Greenwich Tritons 3:44:06 3:53:09 4:10:00 4:19:16 47.02
are we there yet? Have just got a place though Gold Bond but have entered the ballot too.  Had to be done - now comes the serious training! Unaffiliated 4:59:04 5:26:27 5:00:00 5:26:27 41.12
ASW Unaffiliated 5:21:17 5:25:32 5:25:32 37.34
Athlete Al Unaffiliated 4:34:00 4:34:00 4:34:00 49.08
Athlete In Progress SPLITS: 10KM - 1:12:55 / 20KM - 2:47:06 / HALF 2:57:48 / 30KM 4:41:58 / 40KM 6:36:10 / FINISH: 7:01:24

RUNNER NO: 7331                   POSITION: 35152

Had sore feet week before Marathon but could not just decide not run, as I'm running/raising funds for Cancer Research.

From 5 mile mark, my left foot had serious pain across the outer edge of the foot, after 11 miles my right foot went as well. Really just hobbled to the finish.

And what happened with the water, so many stations ran out of water, on such a hot day! YET LOADS LEFT LAST FEW MILES???

Seriously glad I had the determination to finish, but dissapointed with time and not being able to run all the way round!

Want to run again, all the way next time & See what I can achieve! Unaffiliated 5:54:21 7:01:24 5:15:00 7:01:24 28.85
ATOM. Pirate Ship Of Fools, Zoom Tri Club 3:53:20 4:59:37 4:30:00 4:59:37 41.56
atrain247 On track for sub-4 hours at half way but badly affected by heat and humidity. Updated 28/04/2007. FERC 3:43:20 4:05:34 3:55:00 4:31:52 44.96
auburnette The heat killed me, but it was a great day. I'll be back. Orpington Road Runners 3:35:43 4:44:06 4:30:00 4:44:06 47.23
Axial Tilt Had to dig deep at the end but managed to pull it off despite the heat....

On the RW 3:30 training schedule but realistically (possibly optimistically)  hoping for sub 3:45 Unaffiliated 3:43:55 3:43:55 3:44:59 3:43:55 55.00
Ay up me duck Northbrook AC 3:12:14 3:19:46 3:20:08 68.08
BABOY Reading Roadrunners, Serpentine RC 3:03:36 3:19:11 3:29:00 3:19:11 61.03
Badgerlocke Loved the day, but sooooo disappointed with the time...I'll be back for another crack!! Alresford RC 4:07:00 4:22:44 4:22:44 46.32
Balisker Unaffiliated 4:23:16 4:23:16 4:23:16 46.17
Batmansdad Unaffiliated 2:54:47 3:06:06 3:06:06 66.18
Baza Lack of long runs and late decision to run London have put paid to any hopes of a good time this year. *Update24/04* Worse than I could even have predicted. Complete disaster felt terrible from 10, nearly pulled out at 16. Just glad to have finished in one piece Carnegie Harriers 3:17:18 4:56:38 3:29:00 4:56:38 40.98
beardo1972 Thanet Road Runners AC 4:54:34 4:54:34 4:54:34 41.49
beders my PB is 3.57.02 but have trained damm hard this year so should bet around the target time barring mishaps, could be worth a bit of a flutter ! Sorry all you punters, absolutely destoyed by the heat. Up to 10 miles was bang on target at 8.30 min miling but then the heat started to sap the legs, got to halfway in 1.55 but is was all downhill from there, legs stiffened up badly, managed to keep going, unlike a lot of others, it was like a battlefield in places, bodies all over the place. Decided from the halfway point I was not going to push and possible damage myself so ended up jogging round, meeting up with Linda from the Algarve trip who was also having a killer run (she was aiming for 3.30) at around 18 miles and enjoyed it in a perverse kind of way, having a good natter as our mashed legs slowly but surely dragged us to the finish line. Ah well maybe next time when it's not a heatwave. Ilkley Harriers AC 3:54:39 4:16:05 3:44:49 4:16:05 53.20
Belly Awesome day....! Unaffiliated 4:45:08 4:45:08 4:45:00 4:45:08 42.63
Ben B Newmarket Joggers 2:48:51 2:56:42 3:22:20 60.25
BenDy High - Overtaking Sally Gunnell at 16 miles
Low - Being overtakes by Sally Gunnell at 23.5 miles
Overall - Really suffered with cramping from 21 miles but struggled through for a PB by 3 mins.  A real result considering the weather.  Even beat Sally G by nearly 1.5 mins just to top the day off. Bishops Stortford RC 3:42:46 3:49:10 3:45:00 3:49:10 53.04
benshearer Cambridge Harriers 2:23:23 3:02:16 3:02:16 66.69
Bettsy Put the heat to the back of my mind, ran almost to plan, was up at halfway then lost it a bit at 24 miles and found it difficult for the last couple. Brilliant support. Pleased with another pb. Norwich Road Runners 2:47:50 2:50:37 2:50:00 2:50:37 71.45
Betty Swollocks Unaffiliated 3:44:54 4:15:00 4:15:00 48.54
Big Jim What an incredibly hard experience. I knew it was going to be very difficult with a last minute place and only 2 x 13 milers prior. However nothing but nothing could have prepared me for the pain and suffering that was in store. Out on my feet at 16 miles, feeling sick, headache, knees on fire, legs like cardboard and very little memory of the last 3 miles. Managed to run through but needed every mind game and trick I could muster. Emotional roller coaster on a scale not experienced. Fantastic day  wouldn’t have missed it for anything. Overjoyed with 4:03:38. Half way in 1:57:27. My deepest respect to all who braved it Unaffiliated 4:03:38 4:03:38 4:03:38 55.92
BigEvilC Too hot , splits got worse and worse like thousands of others - great experience though Kent AC 3:15:57 3:53:18 3:39:00 3:53:18 55.04
BigG Condition were too hot on the day to have a serious attempt at 2:45. Ran the first half in 1:21:22, decided to take it easier in the second half as I was starting to feel seriously dehydrated. North Yorks Moors AC 2:44:31 2:48:51 2:44:59 2:52:23 70.52
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 3:48:42 3:56:34 4:28:31 51.18
Bingo Wings I hate hot!  Can I have another go next year? Unaffiliated 4:42:13 4:42:13 4:42:13 45.13
Blakey 26.2 RRC First marathon, far too hot!
10k - 59.57
20k - 2.04.27 
HW - 2.11.43
30k - 3.18.41
40k - 4.40.06
Pace 12.49
 26.2 Road Runners Club 3:48:57 4:17:48 4:30:00 4:55:50 41.32
bluefinch10k Unaffiliated 2:55:45 3:16:40 3:00:00 3:16:40 61.81
Boba Cleethorpes AC 3:59:52 3:59:52 4:32:00 45.28
Boffin Don't bet on me for this one; just having done Paris the week before, I'll be chuffed to bits just to finish un-aided!

Update after Paris: I took Paris easy, but I still found it hard and am drained of reserves. Even an un-aided finish is in doubt!

Update after London: OK, that was hard! but a finish is a finish, so I am chuffed:) Unaffiliated 3:54:07 4:11:24 5:00:00 5:04:22 40.67
Bosun Tony Ok it was the hottest London yet, but also my longest time yet though not by much. What a great day and a great race. The support from the start to finish is incredible. Got to do it again, if I can get in !! Unaffiliated 3:19:52 3:34:34 3:35:00 3:38:14 60.32
bozza68 Cramp at 19 miles turned a promising run into a disaster Unaffiliated 4:23:30 4:23:30 4:23:30 46.98
brianday very hot day and setting off too fast = slow time Norfolk Gazelles Running Club 3:43:00 6:05:47 6:05:47 41.20
Brindisiboy Pitsea Running Club 4:28:30 4:28:30 4:28:30 45.27
brock Warrington Road Runners 6:00:00 6:00:00 4:00:00 6:00:00 34.39
BryanB Bellahouston Road Runners 2:52:40 3:05:59 3:05:59 67.92
Burdock Cambridge & Coleridge AC, Haverhill RC 3:17:41 4:00:03 4:00:03 56.27
burgers Worthing Striders 3:23:09 3:37:20 3:15:00 3:37:20 55.94
Buzzards Sis Will write a more detailed report tomorrow. I am happy with this given the heat. I did need a couple of short walking breaks but so many people were going down I wasn't about to risk pushing too hard. I got a HUGE boost from the Fetchies and mile 22, especially as my family and I missed each other. Sorry I didn't stop - was feeling a bit emotional but you really spurred me on to finish. Striders of Croydon AC 3:57:28 3:57:28 4:40:00 4:46:59 46.99
c-a-t-d bloody roasting and congested. probably couldn't have done any better on a day like that but disappointed.. could do much better than that. Nairn Road Runners 4:31:47 4:31:47 4:31:47 49.29
Caddyshack Found the race tuff from about 10 miles onwards. Managed to pick up for the last 2 miles and sprinted from the last corner to the finish. I say sprint, but after a few 11 minute miles it probably wasn't that fast. It felt damn good though! Unaffiliated 3:54:56 3:54:56 4:00:00 3:54:56 52.42
cake muncher sunny warm weather, blisters and a unbeatable atmosphere! Falkland Trail Runners 2:42:41 2:56:06 2:56:06 71.73
Capricorn Sorry to anyone who bet one me, but with that heat yesterday a pb was just not going to happen. By 13m I realised it was going to be a struggle and gave up checking my watch. Definitely the hardest marathon I've done.
Still it was a great event, incredible organisation. Not sure I'd do it again though - mostly because of the crowds, I prefer smaller events., but I'm glad I have experienced it. Unaffiliated 3:27:16 3:46:22 3:40:00 4:02:47 57.27
caterpillar girl Unaffiliated 3:25:40 3:25:40 3:25:40 66.73
Cazmo Gutted was so one target for 4hrs 30-4hrs 45 hopefully I wil do this next time! Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC, Congleton Harriers 4:51:58 6:09:12 6:09:12 36.29
Chaz Bit warm that one eh folks? These marathons at the North Pole probably arent such a bad idea after all... Wootton Road Runners 2:54:17 3:26:56 3:07:18 3:26:56 58.75
Cheeky’s Dad FERC 3:56:09 4:20:03 4:20:03 48.58
Cheese Unaffiliated 3:58:59 4:47:30 4:47:30 48.03
chelsian Unaffiliated 4:33:00 5:12:00 5:12:00 39.07
Chevy Unaffiliated 4:41:20 4:41:20 4:41:20 43.26
Choccie Monster Ranelagh Harriers 3:20:11 3:20:11 3:20:11 67.05
Chocky Kirkintilloch Olympians 3:22:07 3:52:29 3:52:29 52.76
Chris Beaze Springfield Striders RC 3:10:48 3:34:46 3:34:46 58.37
ChrisThePuma Unaffiliated 3:16:26 3:37:45 4:05:13 50.78
ChrisU 3 minutes off my prediction of 2:50, but still a MASSIVE PB, and 20 minutes faster than last time I did London.
Finished 487th and 87th over 40. Went through halfway in a conservative 1:25:06, but dropped a few minutes here and there in the 2nd half in the heat. Cambuslang Harriers, Westerlands Cross Country Club, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:53:19 2:53:19 2:50:00 2:53:19 74.09
chumleywarner Hot hard day Southampton AC 3:14:35 3:34:25 3:40:00 3:34:25 57.20
chunky boy since the hastings half marathon my long runs have been hard for some reason, but am gutted that i saved my worst run ever for FLM, still can't understand my legs dying on me at just 10miles and having no power in them..
am glad i manage to get to the end and finish it, but deep down am on such a low after training for a time an hour less than the one i ended up with, sorry for those who bet on me.. Hastings Runners 3:49:54 4:46:06 3:44:59 4:46:06 43.05
CKB Holme Pierrepont RC 4:19:47 4:27:41 4:27:41 45.42
CL Unaffiliated 2:41:47 2:43:04 2:43:04 76.36
clairster wow, how hot?? awesome day though, esp fetch central Stockport Harriers & AC 3:53:47 3:53:52 4:07:47 54.07
clarisa Unaffiliated 3:35:12 3:59:55 3:59:55 51.10
Clarky North Derbyshire RC 3:36:55 4:32:51 4:00:00 4:32:51 44.56
Clatters Unaffiliated 3:57:47 5:15:32 5:15:32 39.23
Cleo Another attempt at GFA. 18/4/07 have picked up another! UPDATE. Sorry folks. Too hot. Bad chest. But had to finish. Pembrokeshire Harriers AAC 3:48:19 4:40:05 3:44:59 4:40:05 49.64
Clueless Kenilworth Runners 3:54:35 4:06:16 4:06:16 56.46
colindglen Hot........... FERC, Bluntisham Barograph Runners 3:55:52 4:36:44 4:30:00 4:36:44 47.98
Colinzealuk Hot. Barnet & District AC, Watford Harriers AC 3:09:09 3:16:48 3:16:48 61.77
combe-boy Unaffiliated 3:58:49 5:37:22 5:37:22 37.75
connelld Consistent run. Started too slow and slightly improved in second half. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:41:13 3:02:25 3:00:00 3:02:25 66.83
controversial It looks like I am going to be pacing a 4:30 group for RW! So anyone that wants to do a 4h30 london ... follow me! Clapham Chasers 2:33:54 3:00:17 4:30:00 4:23:10 46.20
CookPassBabtridge First attempt at a marathon and had a good/bad one at the same time, well pleased with the time for my first attempt but ran a big positive split and think could have done a bit better had I paced it more sensibly.  Notts AC 2:23:21 2:34:39 2:35:00 2:34:39 78.62
Coxy Apple Hercules Wimbledon AC 3:52:35 3:52:35 3:59:00 4:05:01 54.78
CR1970 Unaffiliated 4:02:09 4:49:56 4:49:56 46.51
Craggy Felt really comfortable to 18m (6.05mm), slowed over next 2 miles and knew 2.40 was slipping away, but reached 20m in 2.02.15 so fully expected to manage a 42.30 last 10k to record a sub 2.45.Unfortunately I blew up big time and was pleased just to finish after cramping badly/stopping with 800m to go.
In hindsight I should have given the heat more respect and revised my target to 2.45 which I feel would have been achievable had I run at 6.15-6.18mm.
On a positive note my position was better than 2 years ago when I ran 2.45 - 296th male compared to 330th last time.
Apologies to those that bet on me. Skegness & District Running Club 2:45:43 2:48:03 2:39:30 2:48:03 72.73
craig07 Colchester Harriers AC 3:30:21 4:28:26 4:28:26 45.42
cramp23M Unaffiliated 3:24:25 3:37:21 3:00:00 3:37:21 55.94
Craney Unaffiliated 3:17:53 3:41:53 4:00:00 3:57:47 51.18
Crouchie Orpington Road Runners 4:49:40 4:49:40 3:30:00 4:49:40 41.96
curtis Unaffiliated 2:48:00 3:01:55 3:18:33 61.40
dabba Unaffiliated 4:49:08 6:22:40 6:22:40 34.69
Daddy Shark Unaffiliated 2:41:53 2:43:28 2:43:28 74.45
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 4:31:27 4:31:27 5:24:06 43.23
Damo666 Striders of Croydon AC 2:56:26 3:04:52 3:04:52 66.34
dan-o PACTRAC 4:05:08 5:03:57 5:03:57 42.95
darkhorse Ropsley Road Runners 3:41:08 4:17:12 4:36:00 45.42
Dave Pace Unaffiliated 4:45:00 4:45:00 4:45:00 48.22
dave the flower Never really on for my target time of sub 4. Too warm, too busy and undertrained (again) Managed a PB though and quicker than 2006 by over 7 minutes New Forest Runners 3:46:05 4:21:33 3:50:00 4:21:33 47.93
Dave29 Bishops Stortford RC 4:06:59 5:06:00 5:06:00 39.77
DaveG Birkenhead Athletic Club, Strathearn Harriers 3:50:43 4:11:21 4:11:21 48.36
davewilly Unaffiliated 5:46:46 5:46:46 5:46:46 48.70
Dawnp My Marathon PB on road Billericay Striders RC 4:32:07 4:42:00 4:42:00 47.98
daz1927 Village Vipers 3:13:57 3:15:07 4:30:00 4:28:29 46.38
Deadbeat 100 Marathon Club, Wimborne AC 3:05:30 3:28:40 3:58:14 52.62
Debbie G My first marathon !
Too early to predict a time at the moment but hopefully under 4:30:00 

21/04/07 update - training has gone really well - perfect day = 4 hours, very happy if under 4.15, will settle for 4.30 if the conditions are hot :-)

22/04/07 update - oh my god, how hot was that ! I gave up my 4 hour dream result after just the first mile ! Enjoyed taking part in the wonderful multicolour noisy carnival that is FLM but found it much tougher than I had anticipated. Between about 15 - 21 miles I was having to stop and walk far more than I thought but I had a really strong last 5 miles. Brilliant support from the Fetch crew and all the Stow Striders lining the route. A very memorable day ! Stowmarket Striders RC 3:58:05 3:58:05 4:15:00 4:35:28 50.13
Debstir Apologies to everyone who bet on me (there were a few!) but to me this was a Personal Best. My time might not have been better but the race itself was more of a success in the fact that I ran the whole course, and got a negative split to boot (ok, only by about 2 mins or so)! To be honest it was far too warm for me, I'm not used to running in that heat - in fact my last LSR had been in snow & howling winds! I started panicing about 9am when I realised while standing in the loo queue that I was warm. By the time I was past the 2nd water station and they'd run out I didn't hold out much hope so decided not to push myself - I'd rather be slow and ok than collapsed at the side of the road. I made sure I took plenty of water, gels and a fair helping of Lucozade. By 19m I was struggling, the heat was intense and everything ached - then saw 20m and knew I had a 10k left in me somewhere. I have never felt so elated or proud of myself crossing a finish line. To everyone who had anything at all to do with this race - runners, supporters, marshalls, the fantastic peeps at Fetch Central (even though I stopped for a nano-second) and the City of London - I thank you :-D Unaffiliated 4:28:36 4:56:49 4:40:00 4:56:49 45.22
denboy Unaffiliated 3:40:30 3:40:30 3:30:00 3:40:30 60.73
desgunn Unaffiliated 5:05:45 5:05:45 5:05:45 43.06
Didds Bexhill Runners 3:46:35 3:46:35 4:22:17 48.16
DIGGER BYROM Pudsey Pacers RC 3:55:36 4:22:00 3:55:00 4:22:00 48.21
Diogenes I am very very disappointed with this.  Sorry to everyone who bet on me.
Can't understand how it was so slow.  I don't think I am meant to do marathons.
Depressed Dio Unaffiliated 4:32:59 4:52:25 4:30:00 5:04:18 41.20
DiscoDancingDan Dagenham 88 Runners 3:43:54 4:01:33 4:01:33 50.32
dizzie1981 Elvet Striders 5:41:00 5:41:00 5:41:00 39.29
Dizzy Unaffiliated 3:30:08 3:30:08 3:35:00 3:30:08 63.75
DomStevens UKnetrunner 3:51:50 4:53:13 4:53:13 41.46
Donald S Harmeny AC 3:11:36 3:15:09 3:22:21 67.33
Doonhamer Not in PB shape but hoping to manage a Sub 3 and if all goes well around 2'55''. UPDATE : Got round in 3'10'' and like many suffered a bit with the heat. Started to feel heavy legged about 6 miles and by 9 miles knew that a sub 3 was going to be out of reach so decided to ease back and enjoy the atmosphere and not damage my legs too much. First time running London that i have managed to notice all the sights whilst going round Linlithgow AAC 2:48:21 2:56:50 2:55:00 3:10:10 64.00
Dull Napoleon™ On schedule at mile 24. Could have got it but for the cramp. Trent Park Running Club 3:01:29 3:03:05 2:59:59 3:03:05 74.42
EggFuYoung Very hot - suffered badly in last six miles Unaffiliated 4:30:12 4:54:27 4:54:27 41.28
elle Unaffiliated 4:53:23 4:58:03 4:58:03 45.12
Ex-pat Scot Easingwold RC, Serpentine RC 2:58:39 3:31:45 3:15:00 3:31:45 58.16
Fairs Redway Runners 4:57:50 5:14:00 5:14:00 41.58
Falky Egdon Heath Harriers 3:25:58 4:34:18 4:34:18 51.51
Fast&Furious Woking AC 2:48:04 2:59:45 2:58:00 3:08:35 68.09
Feathersmcgraw tooooo hot for PB Unaffiliated 3:32:30 3:37:32 3:15:00 3:37:32 55.95
Flipper Blimey - that was really hot! Unaffiliated 5:19:05 5:19:05 4:55:00 5:19:05 41.98
Flying pig Unaffiliated 3:42:47 3:42:47 3:42:47 54.63
Footpad Since it was my first ever marathon and I was aiming for about 5 hours I think I did a blinding job at pacing this! What fun I had.... and now I officially retire from my illustrious Marathon career! Unaffiliated 4:12:06 5:05:52 5:00:00 5:05:52 41.64
Forest Runner Disaster - DNF Bracknell Forest Runners 3:21:04 3:25:00
Foxy Amazingly i got into london at the first time of asking through the ballot :) 

I was hoping to bounce back from Rotterdam gradually so aimed for 3 hours 45, but a congested start (blue start) meant I was already struggling to run the pace I wanted to. I still completed the course in under 4 hours & at the time 2 sub 4 hour marathons 8 days apart was still pleasing & another set in my marathon Education.

The crowd support around the capital was fantastic & the best i had ever recieved, i arn for guide dogs raising over £1250 for them, as i came into Pall mall I threw my Guide dogs bandana to the crowd, sprinted for the line & airplaned across, I later found out i had slaughtered Gordon Ramsay the heat had got to him & he could only manage 4 hrs 20 mins. 

A reasonable wicking T-shirt in black from adidas but you would have to look closely to realise it was a marathon finishers shirt. The medal like the shirt was very corporate - just a Jim'll fix it style square medal featuring a huge Flora logo. 

Was glad to get London under my belt to silence all the people who would previously ask 100 Marathon Club, MK Lakeside Runners, Milton Keynes Lakeside Runners 3:09:27 3:26:47 3:44:59 3:55:05 51.86
frisp Interesting day. Just got slower and slower as the race went on. Very glad to get finished, was really having to grind the miles out towards the end. Absolutely nothing left at the end. Manx Tri Club 3:05:54 3:19:35 3:15:00 3:25:20 61.06
Funkydee I don't intend on so many loo stops this time so should be a PB on that basis ! Maidstone Harriers 5:07:12 5:25:53 4:59:00 5:25:53 41.11
Gaubfar Going for sub 4 hours, training going okay, so will see

UPDATE,  Toooooooo hot, though pleased I finished my first marathon, especially since I only started running 9 months ago, a MASSIVE thank you to Frizzle and Old Man  aka Tracy and Tim, for all the help on the training, and also to Mrs Old Man aka Carol for all the help yesterday, the soup was lovely.....

Will I run it again?? who knows......  never say never.... though i did tell Frizzle to whack if I mentioned next year.. Yaxley Runners and Joggers 3:33:18 4:21:47 3:59:59 4:21:47 46.43
Gavvers Wrexham AAC 3:39:44 4:17:46 4:30:00 4:17:46 47.21
GazzaC Boy it was hot! Roll on 2008! Unaffiliated 3:50:40 4:37:00 4:20:00 4:37:00 44.13
GDownes Ealing Eagles Running Club 3:35:35 3:47:36 3:47:36 53.41
GEG Unaffiliated 3:39:08 4:53:34 4:53:34
GelBoy I'm not too good in hot conditions but kept soaking my head with water. Wearing 2 bandanas helped keep head wet. Slight cramp at 22 miles then with 800 metres to go both thighs cramped. Agony. Lost time and probably lost PB. My fastest London though and considering the heat a good run. Approaching 60 and feel a new PB is just around the corner. Cambridge Harriers 3:30:53 3:31:25 3:30:00 3:31:25 69.93
Ghengis I was really looking forward to a great race but went over my ankle just before 3 miles hobbled to 5 where I received first aid and then managed to get to hobble/run to 8 where my Little one was waiting for me with a banner saying Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 3:49:56 5:33:36 3:45:00 5:33:36 37.58
gingerbreadman Stockport Harriers & AC 2:55:15 3:14:53 3:14:53 63.20
Glen Bulb Cambridge & Coleridge AC 3:24:38 3:37:48 3:35:00 3:37:48 55.88
Go-KL Doing this as the opening leg of my Grand Duathlon - off 4 days later to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats, then a day after finishing that running the Silverstone 10km
Training has been a mixed bag, always able to exercise but unable to run from October to mid-December and then again for the whole of February. When I have run I have seemed though in pretty good shape - the cycling and the exhaustive gym sessions have kept me in good check. Hence the belief that I may go under 3 hours if I have an absolute blinder, but more realistically sub 3:10 is a more realistic target.
Ran from the Green Start for the first time which confused me a little when I arrived on Blackheath and walked around like a lost soul looking for a place to sit myself and get ready. Preparations on the day went all to plan, although the queue for the toilets was a little excessive. 
I'd no firm plans for a time due to the amount off with injury in the build up, it was only on the Wednesday after a pleasing run I thought I'd make an attempt at sorts at a sub 3, aiming to average each mile in 6:52. As I lined up at the start and the sun began to blaze upon us, I realised this was going to be a tough race. The first half though went great, hitting my target splits (Going through halfway in 1:30:10) and with the lowest HR average I've ever had for a marathon. I went for the first half of drinking water every two miles, around 1/3 of the bottle, the rest all over the head to cool me down (Wearing a cap was certainly a good move). 
I took a powergel at 8 miles, a powergel with sodium at 14 and again at 18. Where these might of helped maintain sodium levels, it's fair to say these didn't settle too well on the stomach, and I felt nauseous from 18 miles on - more so when I stuffed one last regular Powergel at 22 miles. After 14 miles I had to go to drinking at every mile, the heat really starting to take its toll.
I did the same as last year and tried to push on at 20 miles, but because of the heat this became more of a case of just trying to maintain pace. At 24 miles things really were not pleasant, more because of the heat than anything, and I started to become a bit deluded, reckoning I could 9 minute mile and go under 3 hours. It was only when at the 600m to go board I realised I had around 2 minutes to crack 3 hours, I put on some kind of otherworldly sprint, busting lungs, legs and stomach to come in just 15 seconds under 3 hours. 
A few expletives, some staggering and 2 bottles of water later I came to my senses and realised how well I had done. The legs feel remarkably fresh (More like I've done a half marathon) and all is set for Land's End to John O'Groats on Thursday. The only damage done is a black big toenail on the right foot.... Grantham Running club 2:40:47 2:59:45 3:10:00 2:59:45 67.63
Gobi Training run ahead of 100km so no attempt at PB. 

Chip time listed, I have to say that I had no issues with the heat at all and found the day enjoyable and frustrating because of a few incidents early on. 

Ran with CRaB from RW forum after I had said I would run 2.56-2.59. For 20 miles we ran side by side and only in the last 6.2 did he drop off the pace slightly(he still made sub 3)
Splits etc are in my training log but suffice to say it was almost spot on for the entire race including going through half way in 1.29 dead on the official clock and finishing in 2.58 dead on the official clock

Today I got a monkey off my back that is 10 years old and it feels good :¬) Cannock & Stafford AC 2:38:57 2:57:45 2:59:00 2:57:45 69.00
goingbackwards a fantastic day !!
started of bad was late to the start because of train derailment on DLR so tried to catch up which was a mistake, crowds where great cheering glad i put my name on my shirt. full of emoitions so pleased i did it DEFINATLY wanna do it all again hope this is the first of many!! Runnymede Runners 5:25:44 5:25:44 5:25:44 41.70
Gonzo8182 Unaffiliated 5:05:00 5:05:00 5:05:00 39.86
got_the _runs Epsom Oddballs RC 3:24:17 5:58:34 5:58:34 33.91
Greenman I decided at the start that this was going to be a Grantham Running club 2:53:27 2:57:22 3:13:39 65.23
gspeight my frist ever marathon - hope to get under 5.30hours - will be well pleased with that!!!

All i can say is  - how hot and no water - not a good mix!

i tried my best though

Unaffiliated 6:05:15 6:05:15 5:30:00 6:05:15 36.68
Guesty Unaffiliated 4:22:47 4:27:24 4:30:00 4:27:24 46.29
Haggis Garmin time.

My aologies to all those who bet on me. My training has been in temperature of around 4C and gale force winds, not quite aclimatisation for yesterday!

Started off OK, but by mile 8 I realised that the heat meant any time goals were pointlees and the only aim was to finish in one piece. Having said that the legs don't feel bad, getting more soreness from the sunburn!

Was great to meet so many Fetchies on the route and in the pub afterwards. Many thanks for the support Forfar Road Runners 4:10:22 4:36:00 3:50:00 4:36:00 48.52
Hainesy/Dangerous Unaffiliated 3:47:00 4:37:00 4:37:00 45.45
hairier half Wimbledon Windmilers 3:29:00 3:29:00 3:42:33 55.95
Hairy Legs In on a club place. Cramp in both legs (calf & quads) between 16 & 23 miles!! Where did the weather come from?! Stubbington Green Runners 3:43:44 4:21:27 4:21:27 46.91
Half Share in the House Hastings Runners, Wadhurst Runners 4:54:39 4:54:39 4:54:39 48.88
halfo09 Unaffiliated 3:03:05 3:12:56 3:45:00 54.03
HattieDeanie Unaffiliated 3:10:29 3:10:29 3:10:29 70.33
HB Unaffiliated 4:00:41 4:06:06 4:28:28 49.90
hellen very dissapointed, was about 30 mins behind what hoped for. Far too hot, HR plan out the window, was meant to run at 75% WHR but ended up being 85%WHR.
100 Marathon Club, Barrow Runners 3:12:21 4:28:45 4:20:00 4:48:38 46.50
hellsbells77 Boiling hot day! Great race! Dodgy stomach all the way round! legs great! Skelmersdale Boundary Harriers 4:15:33 4:15:33 4:15:33 47.60
Hills of Death (HOD) I'm finally IN :) :)  - Update Very tired, Very emotional, Hot, lost my garmin, spent 4 mins with Ambalance woman trying to open blister plaster after 8 miles then spent 2 mins in toilet for both ! at 23/4. Plus points crowds fantastic, Fetch crowds fantastic got all emotional when I saw them. Couldn't see GF 15 and 19 when I lost my garmin a guy cut across me and unhinged my garmin by accident the pin must of dropped. Started to hold it then put in my pouch must of dropped it cause when I looked a mile later my pouch was zipped and NO GARMIN. That threw me I beat a lot of guys in my club who are 3.30 runners and did 4.17 and 4.30 ???

Thnaks also to Pit stop crew for being there again (at 19 he's always there when you need him :) ) and my work mate Dave who's a bit mad and ran along side me at the Embankment for about 200 yards.

Would I do it again of course. (I didn't say that during race)

Had 30 mins in first aid tent with Podatrist 7 blisters no running for 2 weeks minimum.

Oh Yeah it was a PB after all that Barnet & District AC, Riverside Runners 3:38:50 3:54:57 3:58:00 4:05:32 49.95
hitthebar Witney Road Runners 4:26:48 5:13:37 5:13:37 38.76
HollyB Pulled Hamstring at 13M.
Walking by 16M.
Gutted. Unaffiliated 5:52:43 6:31:00 5:00:00 6:31:00 34.29
Homey Oh dear!!! This was what made me want to join a running club when I finally got myself together again Sutton Runners 5:48:39 5:48:39 4:30:00 5:48:39 37.45
Hoppo Disapointed with my time but it was so hot just pleased to finish in the end, really tough. Depsite that the atmosphere was fantastic and i will be back, and i did not only beat Nel Mcandrew but even got to talk to her along the route! Unaffiliated 4:48:43 5:25:38 4:30:00 5:25:38 37.44
HowHardCanItBe Collingwood AC 3:03:52 3:13:52 3:13:52 68.48
Hubrun Shelton Striders 3:29:15 3:52:59 3:52:59 52.86
Icedancer Striders of Croydon AC 4:39:00 4:39:00 4:39:00 51.63
Ickle Jo Unaffiliated 5:01:34 5:19:12 5:19:12 41.97
Iggle Piggle Northbrook AC, Coventry Triathletes 3:59:38 4:30:56 4:30:56 45.11
Inertia Unaffiliated 4:18:43 4:18:43 4:18:43 48.46
IronDaz Burnham Joggers 3:26:19 3:26:19 2:59:59 3:26:19 59.09
Is@@c Where do I start - very sorry tale after mile 20 ! Stockport Harriers & AC 3:24:40 3:27:03 3:10:00 3:45:21 56.51
j77ben Clapham Chasers 2:56:48 3:48:09 3:48:09 53.28
JAMES007 Unaffiliated 4:04:23 4:52:58 4:52:58 41.50
james6161 Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC 3:28:23 3:50:13 3:50:13 56.71
jams  its mr prythian Unaffiliated 3:44:01 4:38:02 4:38:02 43.72
JAnders Telford Harriers 2:45:48 2:56:52 3:10:00 2:56:52 68.73
Jane B Eynsham RoadRunners 4:13:47 5:08:36 5:08:36 43.84
JAPMitch Woking AC 2:33:02 2:53:40 2:53:40 70.20
jennywren Bollington Harriers 4:43:34 5:56:20 5:56:20 45.80
JessM Unaffiliated 3:39:58 4:14:23 4:14:23 52.66
jmc Hot Stockport Harriers & AC 2:42:21 2:50:25 2:49:00 2:50:25 71.72
joehappe heat completely got to me! Also lack of enough long runs meant that I had nothing left in the tank at about 14 miles! A hard lesson to learn hopefully be back next year with big improvement! Orion Harriers 2:57:30 4:11:00 3:35:00 4:11:00 49.07
joggerpete Mansfield Harriers & AC
john/66 suffer in the heat and with bad shoes Dewsbury Road Runners 2:59:47 3:16:20 3:14:59 3:20:50 62.42
Johnbury Unaffiliated 4:10:56 5:20:07 5:20:07 37.97
Johnny Unaffiliated
jolguk Where to start? I'm sure by now you all the general gist of this race, in that it was very hot. So, there being not that much left to say, I'll keep it shortish. I was bloody terrified beforehand. Very jittery, all fedup, very nervous about my nerver-ending cold and the prospect of a long run in a heat which always floors me. But somehow I relaxed a little once I'd picked up my number at the expo on Saturday, and although I was on the verge of tears with nerves before the start on race day, once we'd got running - so during the second mile - I was loving it, wondering what I'd worried about. Despite the 10-minute first mile I was flying, and felt the 9-minute mile pacers were going to slowly, so I left them, and run happily on, especially relishing The Gossip on my I-Pod as we went over Tower Bridge. I was astounded at the crowds all the way along.... and so it continued, I saw my husband watching at Canary Wharf and I gawped at the big buildings, then mile 16, and I realised I was failing to cool down at all, despite drinking at every station, and felt a bit crappy, really. I'd done halfway, in 1:53, fine.... but at 18 miles the 4 hour pacers passed me and I realised I was incapable to running faster to catch them... I was desperate to get to the Fetch station, just for an excuse to stop, and didn't want to leave once there. Despite Greg's great encouragement, I was unconvinced I was doing OK at alll... so stumbled on, and even walked a bit at 23 (saw Gordon Ramsay at the water station, though, that was quite exciting) and then in that tunnel. Then after 24 I started to get cramp, and just before 25 it got so bad I fell onto my back, and actually spent 5 minutes lying screaming and crying in the middle of The Enbankment, with some nice policemen helping. This happened again with 600 bloody metres to go. But hey, these lie downs left me with bags of energy for the sprint finish past my mates at the end. No sub 4, but lots of happiness and pride! Well done to the rest of yer, too, and thanks to Fetch. Now off to read your reports. Jo. x Dragons RC 3:41:55 4:01:44 4:10:29 53.52
JPK Injured and boiling hot. Not a great first marathon to say the least. Reading Joggers 3:40:42 3:54:16 4:38:51 43.72
JPS Unaffiliated 5:17:00 5:17:05 4:45:00 5:17:05 39.27
jumbo That was the hardest thing i have done! things going well at half marathon...2.06..then it all feell apart..started slowing at 14 miles...legs gave up at 19....walk run....stop stretch for the last 7 miles....left knee was in agony...but amazingly when i saw the finish line i managed to sprint......really sprint...the fastest i ran in the whole race.....must have just been lazy for the rest of the race..was disapointed yesterday as i had hoped for sub 4.30...but on reflection i hardly trained for the last 6 weeks due to a virus and was not even going to run last sunday as i still felt i still feel i have achieved something. I also said i would never do it again...but today i am already thinking Unaffiliated 4:01:33 5:07:15 4:30:00 5:07:15 40.80
justbats Realy,Realy hot ..
Finaly got to me in the last 5 mile. Got 3:29:57 but i know i can do better. If it wasn't for the heat was on time for about 3:15:00.
Try again next year i HOPE!!!!!!!!!!! Bearbrook Joggers RC 3:29:57 3:29:57 3:30:00 3:29:57 58.66
karl poor run ok 1st half in 2hr then felt ill for the 2nd half i think it was do with it being 2hot so came home in 4hr 25 
all way next time to go for sub 3.30  Royston Runners, Meridian Triathlon Club 3:55:00 4:25:00 3:30:00 4:25:00 45.87
kdp Hillingdon AC 4:50:27 5:11:04 4:30:00 5:11:04 40.94
kevinnn123 Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC 3:30:00 4:47:11 4:47:11 43.10
Kevk A hot one again, but what a day. Unaffiliated 5:28:02 5:28:02 5:00:00 5:28:02 41.53
Kimberlina I can't believe I am actually attempting to do this.  Have charity place with Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre you can sponsor me at

Well it didn't go as I wanted,  it was the best and worst race rolled into one.  Was fine until I got halfway and the tops of my right leg (groin area) started really hurting,  by time I got to 16 miles I had to take long walk breaks.  Meet a girl from my charity at 19 miles who was also having trouble so we stuck together.  When I got to the last mile I managed to run the whole way.  Saw Mr Kimberlina, Cameron and Mum 200m from the finish which was great.  I cried when I finished,  I will definitely do it again. Wimbledon Windmilers 4:54:43 6:07:57 5:00:00 6:07:57 36.65
KinkyS Report to come... Todmorden Harriers & AC, The Green Runners 3:01:51 3:27:22 3:20:00 3:27:22 64.60
Kitty Serpentine RC 4:37:10 4:44:00 5:31:00 40.47
KKKKKarl Unaffiliated 3:42:20 4:05:00 4:12:00 49.41
Krispy North Herts Road Runners 3:02:11 4:07:51 4:07:51 49.05
kstuart Some idiot ran across the road about 4 miles in and whacked me on my leg causing me to stop running after a few more miles of trying and walking the rest of the way, still it does mean that next time i do a marathon i should smash this time. Trail Running Association, FERC 3:58:03 4:45:25 4:45:00 6:11:25 32.73
la bandit Grantham AC, Stamford Striders 3:13:59 3:22:58 3:22:58 65.97
Lady Alburne Falkland Trail Runners 4:45:00 4:45:00 4:45:00 47.01
Laura27 The FLM - my first marathon.  PHEW the conditions were far from ideal, too bloody hot!! meant that I felt quite sick from mile 9 onwards and had to make sure I glugged a hell of a lot of water. Having the support groups there was amazing and really lifted my spirits.  Wicked day, so very happy! Unaffiliated 4:19:37 4:58:18 4:58:18 44.91
Leg End It may have been (indeed it was) a PW, but it was a great race, and definitely in my top five marathons. Ran with Lisa (Serena injured at -9 days) at a steady 10 m/m all the way. No real problems. Great atmosphere. Hot but not to hot. Lisa good company. Warm welcome form Ann, marshalling on the finishing-line. Beat Janice, Jeff, Rachel M, Jo O, Tasha, Wiiliam H, Robert L and Roz, all of whom should have been ahead of us. Ho Ho! Sandhurst Joggers 3:56:55 4:21:42 4:29:59 4:21:42 57.58
Lemon Slice North Norfolk Beach Runners 3:29:55 3:59:15 3:59:15 51.48
LiamS76 Bishops Stortford RC, Walden Tri 3:18:54 3:18:54 3:18:54 61.12
libra Unaffiliated 3:24:11 3:47:12 3:30:00 3:47:12 61.67
Lills My first marathon. Ideally would like to do under 4:30, but to get round in one piece will be an amazing achievement!
It was hot so made my decision to run a bit slower at 10 min/mile as I didn't want to become ill, dehydrated or suffer sunstroke. For the first 16 miles I was able to maintain a nice steady pace, but for the last 10, it was hard weaving in and out of people who were walking and people were cutting you up to get water or see friends. This extra effort combined with the heat resulted in a slower time than I hoped for. I am proud of myself: There was an amazing atmosphere and lots of crowd support from striders and relatives, I didn't hit the wall or feel too awful, my foot injury didn't appear and I RAN MY FIRST EVER MARATHON. So why do I feel so deflated and disappointed? Stowmarket Striders RC, Run For Your Life (RFYL) 4:16:03 4:41:51 4:30:00 4:41:51 47.53
LisaS Collingwood AC 5:48:00 5:48:00 5:30:00 5:48:00 38.57
Little Sausage Disappointed not to get under 4 hours :o( Weather just wasn't on the runners side that day Biggleswade AC 4:13:48 4:13:48 4:00:00 4:13:48 52.78
LizzieBean Worthing & District Harriers 3:31:56 4:46:38 4:00:00 4:46:38 46.74
Longy Died at 17 miles with heat stroke, but was determined to finish, even with Hams, TB and Back muscles shot Haverhill RC 3:15:55 3:15:55 3:30:00 4:09:55 48.70
Lorraine Got a place through the club ballot was not expecting this at all  UPDATE...I had a fantastic day.Unfortunatly my blood preasure is a bit odd and it did'nt like the heat.Its revenge was to make me swell up which does make running very hard :-)   as well as being quite scary.Team Fetch were a fantastic sight Unaffiliated 4:30:04 4:53:02 4:25:00 4:53:02 46.58
louise_c Harpenden Arrows 3:37:58 4:22:33 4:22:33 55.46
Lucky Jim Worth all the effort! White City (Hull) RRC 3:24:16 3:42:05 3:54:36 61.28
LucyG Compton Harriers RC 3:15:31 3:44:54 3:44:54 64.04
Lumsdoni Definately doing this now - got a Golden Bond Place for Whizz-Kidz - OH MY GOD! Stotfold Runners 4:11:22 4:24:48 4:22:00 4:24:48 45.91
Maclennane Oh my life, that stung. Full report in blog, but suffice to say I blew up at 18/19. Very frustrated. Overton Harriers & AC, R2D2 Hash House Harriers, Whitchurch Hampshire Adventure Race 3:38:44 4:48:00 4:15:00 4:48:00 42.21
MadRobby OK. I got a new PB, and acquired a great tan, so mustn’t grumble.  A slower time than expected: my excuses (in no particular order) are;

#1 DLR breaking down and having to walk 2.5 miles to the start
#2 Starting in a slow pen and having to weave in and out of traffic
#3 Heat wave - I felt thirsty nearly all the way round
#4 My lack of running ability 

Huge thanks to everyone who cheered me along the way - probably wouldn’t have finished it without your support.
Unaffiliated 3:55:35 3:55:35 3:33:33 3:55:35 51.88
Maggie B Great first marathon, but could have been better if not so hot. Unaffiliated 4:27:21 5:30:58 4:30:00 5:30:58 41.46
Making_Tracks I finished!  Hurrah.  Will update this with more details later this evening. Unaffiliated 5:38:42 5:38:42 5:38:42 41.05
Malibu Northbrook AC 3:31:12 3:42:43 3:42:43 56.29
MangoBoy Unaffiliated 5:57:16 5:57:16 5:57:16 36.24
Marathon Mike Woodford Green AC with Essex Ladies 4:50:32 5:52:55 5:52:55 36.69
markuu Started out fine, heat got to me at about 22 miles and had to walk for a bit to cool down ;0( Pewsey Vale RC 3:59:45 4:20:26 4:20:26 50.98
Marmotte You never know but things are going better than two years ago so getting inside 3.55 and then sub 3.45 are two very doable targets.  Is that a word? 

Well first target achieved but had to succumb to conditions and inability to get enough water on board so slowed in last 3 miles from sub 9 to 9.30 ish.  Disappointed to have fallen behind two of my training partners who carried on for 3.50 but overall got to look at the positives and a pb on the day. Steyning AC 3:53:27 3:53:27 3:40:00 3:53:27 53.70
martin K wah hoooooo  *** PERSONAL BEST ***********

really pleased with this one London Underground AC, Runnymede Runners 3:47:32 3:50:56 3:45:00 3:50:56 57.00
MartinTheCat Sandbach Striders 3:12:42 3:59:12 3:59:12 51.49
Marts Training went well. Did Ashby 20 at marathon pace and went well so lloking good so far crossed fingers touching wood and rabbit feet etc.
HOT HOT HOT! Too hot actually. was on target to break 2:50 but lost a minute in last 2 miles. tried to sprint but just got slower. Nice new PB though. was 376th man (last year 376th person was 5 mins quicker than i was today)
As Geb didn't finish does that count as beating him? Werrington Joggers 2:44:43 2:50:44 2:48:48 2:50:44 71.21
Mary3 Unaffiliated 4:19:39 4:19:39 4:29:00 45.44
Matt the Brum Far too hot.  Was comfortable for the first half and went through half in 1:14, but then the heat hit me and dropped massively off the pace.  It was then just a struggle to keep going without throwing up or passing out.  Was pleased with 2:34, only a minute slower than last year but 10 places higher.  60th overal, 60th male and 20th M30.  Stourbridge RC 2:33:06 2:34:15 2:34:15 78.81
MattDunn What a amazing day but not a amazing time. It was just to hot for me! I wanted a time of between 3:45 and 4 and gave up on this quite early into the run when i realised how hot it was. I got really bad cramp at about 20 miles and had to walk/run the last 10k. Crowds were amazing loved the day but if i do another one I'll be hopeing for cooler weather to do myself justice. Stowmarket Striders RC 4:20:49 4:20:49 4:20:49 46.61
MattTheRat Missed a GFA time by less than a minute, which slightly takes the gloss of what was a fantastic day and a marathon debut that I am really proud of. It was hot out there and finally took it'stoll in the last mile or 2. Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:51:39 3:12:10 3:45:00 3:15:51 65.03
micklemil Unaffiliated 4:19:08 4:30:47 4:30:47 49.47
Mightos5 Bellahouston Road Runners, Skye & Lochalsh Running Club 3:40:33 3:57:21 4:16:00 52.85
mikeharrison What a day! Went well until 20 miles where ran slap bang into the dreaded wall... Great crowds though which really helped me between 20 and 25. Managed to summon up my last reserves of energy to run through the last mile and the finish. Bit hot alledgedly...... Unaffiliated 4:11:54 4:18:16 4:18:16 47.33
mikke Unaffiliated 3:55:43 3:55:43 3:55:43 51.63
Mikuro I'M IN!!! Beginners luck. 
Aiming for 4:50 - 11min/miles - should be doable eh?

I will be running for Cancer Research UK, please sponsor me:

UPDATE: OW THAT HURT!!! Proper race report at some point.......!!! Unaffiliated 5:13:56 5:13:56 4:50:00 5:13:56 42.67
milemonster Wrexham AAC 2:33:30 3:01:30 3:01:30 66.97
Miles Unaffiliated 3:46:04
mitten Tring RC 4:20:15 5:20:29 5:20:29 41.80
Morriaty Eastern Veterans AC, Riverside Runners 3:14:58 3:29:15 3:46:49 61.13
mr guinness Garden City Runners 2:59:20 3:05:30 3:18:30 64.69
Mr Hiles Plumstead Runners 3:24:35 4:44:27 4:44:27 46.28
Mr UE Unaffiliated 3:30:04 5:06:00 5:06:00 40.25
Mr Woo very hot very hard for my 1st Marathon Striders of Croydon AC 3:25:05 3:51:53 4:55:00 41.21
Mr.Benn Unaffiliated 3:55:21 5:35:12 5:35:12 36.26
MrMo Unaffiliated 3:37:20 4:06:39 4:24:02 46.09
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Training has gone very well, if all goes well on the day and IF the weather is not too hot I should make around the 4 hour mark!

Well I didn't get the sub 4 that I was after but as everyone knows it was 23 deg!! I did mile 2-9 faster than  planned and don't know how much effect that had but at mile 15 I was struggling a bit, I decided it was better to slow the pace and get round in one piece. It was great to see 'Fetch Central' across the road at mile 14 and the cheers I got really spurred me on,  mile 21-22 was slightly faster as I couldn't wait to see you all again, thanks everyone and thanks TC for the massage!! also a big thank you to Jigs :) Unaffiliated 3:15:02 3:43:16 4:00:00 4:18:27 59.92
Muds Started too quick for the weather. 32 @ 5miles. I was supposed to start easy in the heat. Still got GFA so will do this again in 2009. Fetch support was great helped to break the run up looking for them twice. Is a negative split one you feel bad about?
I must be positive. This was a bad run due to the heat. Not a bad run without good reason. I will be heat acclimatised for Boddington  50K  & Winscoten 100K Watford Joggers 2:38:00 3:08:53 2:44:59 3:08:53 70.89
Munty Hart Road Runners 3:54:12 3:54:12 3:54:12 57.67
Mutant Calfs Unaffiliated 4:21:23 5:04:26 5:04:26 40.90
mxhornet I think I should be ok for 2-55 but would settle for anything under three at the moment.  Bure Valley Harriers 2:38:40 3:10:04 2:55:00 3:10:04 68.69
myanna Big sorry to all who bet on me!!!! Fairly disastrous performance, (after 6 weeks of almost nil training due to stomach upsets and starting new job)  - I never really felt like myself throughout and even made my 1st ever toilet stop during a race, but it was a great day and I got wonderful support from my family and friends, who just kept appearing again and again!!  I will do you proud next year, promise!!! Harrow AC 2:47:41 2:52:00 2:32:00 3:00:17 74.31
Naomi P Unaffiliated 3:28:37 4:20:00 5:00:06 44.64
nearly there total nightmare of a race,got cramp in legs at 17 miles and struggle form the on.very hot,disapointed at time but in the end glad to finish. Ashford and District RRC 3:28:50 4:27:42 4:00:00 4:27:42 46.52
neils Kenilworth Runners 3:11:30 3:35:07 3:35:07 59.20
nem100 Unaffiliated 3:43:09 4:30:11 4:30:11 44.99
nickf the best experiance! 1st marathon, hot day and faith in the human race restored. so much good in one place. Unaffiliated 3:30:13 3:42:03 3:59:00 3:56:17 53.46
nige66 The Royal Navy AC, Yeovil Town RRC 4:13:00 4:13:00 4:13:00 49.55
nikchapman VEGAN RUNNERS UK 3:31:21 4:52:01 4:52:01 41.68
ninder billing Oh dear, humbled by this race, just did not appreciate the enormity of the distance and the training required.  My splits tell the story of how I just got slower and slower. The upside was I got to see a lot of the costume runners !
10km 1:06.41
20km 2:18.47
Half   2:28.13
30km 3.48.58
40km 5.36.32
Finish 5.55.33 Dulwich Runners AC 4:51:00 5:55:00 5:55:00 34.69
Njord Wirral AC 2:42:05 2:59:12 2:59:12 68.21
nochickenstrip Crook & District AC, Durham Triathlon Club 2:45:00 3:31:36 3:10:00 3:31:36 57.96
Number 6 Unaffiliated 3:44:13 3:47:38 3:47:38 58.32
Odeon1085 Another tough day at the office. I can give excuses but I can't be bothered. Very enjoyable day! Unaffiliated 2:46:24 3:04:46 3:18:26 61.26
ogee 100 Marathon Club, South London Harriers 3:10:24 3:30:00 3:55:00 52.99
Old Man Thomas Cook RRC, Werrington Joggers 4:56:53 5:07:34 5:07:34 43.17
Oven Gloves Yet another disaster of a marathon. I am not going to run any more of them as I find it somewhat frustrationg. Blyth RC 3:36:25 3:59:23 3:59:23 52.37
Paprika Cobra RC, Newport & District RC, Fell Runners Association 4:19:15 4:31:00 4:07:00 4:31:00 49.43
Paul M Brain Corby AC 3:40:07 4:04:00 5:19:00 38.32
Paul W Unaffiliated 3:46:41 4:57:27 4:57:27 47.46
Paulo23 University of Central Lancashire AC 4:15:06 4:49:00 4:00:00 4:49:00 42.09
PeteStockdale UKnetrunner 2:39:47 3:12:47 3:16:45 61.78
PhilG1968 Unaffiliated 3:46:30 4:51:03 4:30:00 4:51:03 42.53
Philippe Flop Unaffiliated 4:09:00 4:37:34 4:37:34 46.26
PhilPub Kent AC 2:30:30 3:04:56 3:00:00 3:04:56 65.92
pipslack Unaffiliated 3:57:38 4:13:08 4:14:54 52.56
PJK Spitfire Running Club 3:17:20 3:53:13 3:53:13 52.27
PlodderK Wadhurst Runners 2:54:35 3:36:17 3:32:10 3:36:17 69.01
plodding hippo The heat, plus runners trotts and stomach cramps did for me after mile 12.So a course worst, but given my injury, lack of training and the conditions, i cant complain 100 Marathon Club 4:16:46 5:02:10 5:54:06 39.00
plogatron Unaffiliated 5:36:09 5:39:04 5:39:04 36.32
Plussing As Which Really suffered in the heat. It was sheer bloody mindedness that got me through this race. Still coming to terms with the disappointment but a PB is a PB and this one was earned the hard way!  There's always next time! Unaffiliated 3:16:27 3:16:27 3:15:00 3:31:17 63.53
pmd Stourbridge RC 3:25:15 3:25:15 3:25:15 59.22
Puffing Bertie Time by my watch..........what a fab day even if it was hot, and the fetch central was the MOST fantastic , thanks so much everyone :-)

New Report.........the day after!
My knee hurts !.......maybe i was a bit hard on myself yesterday expecting a better time, i had the best time ever for the first 13 miles, it was such fun and i will always remember that, it also kept me at a sensible pace which might have been the reason i finished and felt i could do more, i wasnt even that tired!
From mile 13 after i saw the fetchies from the otherside of the road i just ran my own race, i never hit the wall or even thought Unaffiliated 4:30:52 4:30:52 4:46:18 48.57
Pully Bloody awful time. Bungay Black Dog RC, Tri-Anglia 3:44:51 5:45:00 4:45:00 5:45:00 35.55
Punkbilly Otley AC 3:53:37 4:34:35 4:20:00 4:34:35 46.00
race junkie Fife AC 3:01:18 3:20:00 2:59:00 3:20:00 61.89
Rachael2001 Injured in last week then bad injury at 16 miles so a bit of a hobble. Unaffiliated 4:40:53 4:40:53 4:15:00 4:40:53 50.30
Rachel79 First marathon and it was very very hot Unaffiliated 4:45:37 4:45:37 4:45:37 46.90
rafikikate Totley AC 3:47:53 3:47:53 3:59:46 55.98
RatRace Ran with T, fantastic day out.
I got a PW, but it was better than a PB to get her round.
I felt good all day, heat no problem at all, but T found the combination of liquids a bit tummy upsetting. 
Walk/run in 2nd half quite a bit with jogs to landmarks.
Very proud of her Unaffiliated 3:14:30 3:21:39 5:13:36 38.77
Razza Very hot day!  Enjoyed it very much Pudsey & Bramley AC 3:51:16 3:51:16 3:45:00 3:51:16 58.04
RFJ Race Report FLM 2007.

Forcast - hot 

Reality - Dammed hot

Preditions - Struggle, but aim to closeish to 3:30 was the ultimate goal. But knew it was not on, so anything to better my previous best at London a 3:51:14.

Also, how much or the viral pnuemonia was in me, it is 8 weeks to the day since coming of medication, would this have an effect.

Meet up with 200 mins, V-rap, Gadget Man LB man, Townie at the start.

So off to the start to see if the impossible is nothing.

Had it in my mind to set of conservitally and achieced this nicely with a 1st mile pf 9:24, then the next 14 all between 8:11 and 8:35, going through halfway in 1:50:41.

So all was going to plan but was starting to feel the effect of the heat and the pace started to slow. The gels were going down to plan as was the fluid intake so on that side all was well, the legs were fine to, but the body was not........

Went past Mudchute (many thanks for the great cheers) it spurred me on, but but now the body was suffering through the heat and lack of strength.

From mile 19 I had to start adopting a run walk policy, something I have never done before. It was here that I really was considering pulling the plug as the body did not seem to want to play at all, everything was becoming a struggle, and was now looking at over 4 hours, somnething in the 8 previous maras I have only done once and that was my first one. 

Made the decision to carry on with a run / walk. And this seemed to work, I was walking for about 200-400m then running for 400-800m at a time up to 22m where I then met the Fetch team and a bollte of pre ordered flat coke. Boy was that good and hit the mark, still ran and walked for the next 2 mile then the caffine kicked in and was able to run the last 2.25m

Question was would it be a sub 4, was it still on, hit 25m in 3:49:01, and bearing in mind the best mile in the last 6 had been a 9:54, it looked doomed, i said it looked doooooommmeed.

So it was a case of accepting defeat or going for it, sod it I went for it, dont know where the 26m marker was, but saw the 800m to go first, 4:20 odd to break sub 4, 400m to go, 2:10 to beat sub 4, round the corned and rocket fuel required........

hit the line, 3:59:50, but thats my watch....... (just checked offical - 3:59:48) I have not know delight like it for getting my 2nd worst ever time in 9 marathons.

But the story doesnt end there.......... I manage to produce late drama....... collect my bag, sit down, next thing I know there are loads of St Johns around me, they lift my head and (sorry guys / gals) promtly was violently ill and seemed to produce the whole contents of the race Little Britain everywhere. So I get rushed into the medical tent,and kept in for over an hour and managing to do the same feat again as they try to push some vile tasting yuk down me, it seemed to work though, I was also shivering uncontrolably and cramping...... it seems that even though I took plenty of fluids on they seemed to just stick in my stomach.

Anyway, I finished, not in the time I wanted, but the conditions were not the best for me, and I think that the viral pnuemonia had a big part to play, so of a base of 6 weeks then 3-4 weeks out the 6 weeks hard and a 2 week taper. I have to be more than happy, and am despite for me a poor time.

Summary - good times are for small maras, great experience and atmosphere is FLM.

Take care  
Swindon Striders 3:12:55 3:59:48 3:29:59 3:59:48 51.62
Rich963 1 - 8.29 Crowded start, but determined not to waste energy overtaking too many
2 - 7.52 Spreading out a bit - starting to get up to pace
3 - 7.15 That's more like it - maybe a bit quick, but it was a bit downhill
4 - 7.17 Another quality mile, past the most crowded points now
5 - 7.25 Starting to feel the heat, but keeping up a steady rhythm
6 - 7.48 Went past the 8 min pacer??
7 - 7.38 
8 - 7.30 Clubmate aiming at 3.15 comes past, determined to make GFA
9 - 7.41 
10 - 7.48 Starting to feel the heat, needed to dig in more
11 - 7.42 Great atmosphere, try not to think about the heat...
12 - 7.40 
13 - 7.47 Nearly half way - just trying to keep the pace steady
14 - 7.39 
15 - 7.30 Overtook clubmate again - he's given up on 3.15...
16 - 8.11 Finding it harder to keep the effort up round Docklands 
17 - 7.53 
18 - 7.49 
19 - 8.16 Spotted my family in the crowd - fantastic!
20 - 8.15 
21 - 8.28 Hard work now, just trying to keep running
22 - 8.17 
23 - 8.42 Just past the Fetch crowd, pulled up with cramp - aagh!  Had to stop dead, but after 30 secs stretching started running more gingerly.
24 - 7.47 Feels like the finish is close now - where did that speed come from?
25 - 8.26 Just keep going - trying not to cramp again
26 - 8.18 Keep smiling!
Finish - 1.47 And we're done - great day, shame it was just too hot. Stilton Striders RC 3:11:22 3:27:25 3:15:00 3:27:25 58.61
richyphil Victory AC 2:55:00 2:55:00 2:59:00 2:55:00 69.66
Rick OShay Bloody Marvellous

My first marathon. Wanted to do it for years, trained hard and really really enjoyed it Harvel Hash House Harriers 3:35:57 3:54:26 4:00:00 4:12:00 49.41
roadrunner1 THAT WAS TOUGH Telford AC, Whitchurch Whippets 2:48:38 2:54:23 2:54:23 71.89
Rob A Unaffiliated 4:24:24 5:35:51 5:35:51 36.19
Robbiep 10km = 0:57:49, 20km = 1:56:48, half = 2:03:15, 30km = 3:00:11, 40km = 4:11:08 Unaffiliated 4:25:57 4:25:57 4:25:57 45.71
robg35 Unaffiliated 4:45:00 5:15:00 5:15:00 38.70
Robinp Unaffiliated 3:35:41 4:29:21 4:00:00 4:29:21 45.14
rockin rory FERC 3:40:00 3:40:00 4:00:39 55.64
Rod the plod Cambridge Harriers 2:47:46 3:43:28 3:43:28 54.40
Roma Had to be sub-5 Thetford AC 4:39:08 4:57:00 5:00:00 4:59:28 49.20
Roobarb Am having problems with my right foot so I am just going to concentrate on getting round this time. I was going to try for sub 5 but I think that is right out the window at the moment. UPDATE - too hot! Foot hurt like hell - walked most it from 9miles onwards! Lonely Goat Running Club 5:05:00 5:29:11 5:30:00 6:18:02 38.97
Roofus Collingwood AC 3:57:55 4:13:11 4:40:06 49.30
roverman 100 Marathon Club 4:33:17 5:22:02 5:22:02 39.55
Rubberman Planned for a sub 3.30 on my first marathon - got it !!
First 20 miles good, last 6.2 excruciating.
Now realise that it's a big mind-game running a marathon. Hermitage Harriers RC 3:22:12 3:26:10 3:29:59 3:28:58 59.24
runfatboyrun Watford Joggers 4:06:25 4:06:25 4:06:25 49.60
runnerbean Had the most amazing day ever,never seen so many people.Arrived at balckheath and met Mudlark on the common!!Just chilled out and soaked up the atmosphere nutil the start.Got across the start line in about 4 mins but am eto a standstill about3 times.Got into my stride quite well and felt good and strong and on schedule at 17miles.Then i needed the loo, waited for 7 mins n the queue and to be honest just couldn't get bck into my stride afterwards. The pit stop let my knee swell and i could feel my toe going from sore to painful.Got to 19 miles and had to yak up the conrents of my stomach but felt better after!!Slowedafter that and just decided to run comfy.Met all the fetchies at 22 miles but couldn't even lookn't stop as i don't think my legs would have gone again!!made it to 25m in agony and stopped to sort myself out, the knee was huge and stiff and the last mile took me 20 mins, yes 20 mins, i dragged my leg up the road and when i saw the finish itried to run but my legs said NO, NO, NO so we ambled across the line in a flood of tears. It seemed to tkake forever just to walk through and get my medal which i practically grabbed out the womans hands!! i EARNED that medal. i sat down for about an hour while some lovely ambulance lady plastered my black bleeding toe nail and tended to the 6 blisters.iI did see the pub and the back of RGP but to honest i just wanted to get to my coach and staggered 2 miles down the road with one shoe on lugging my bags and hugging my was the most amazing and stupidest thing i have ever it took me 4.20.35 so i am a happy bean . Unaffiliated 3:51:45 4:20:35 4:30:00 4:20:35 52.13
Running Hippo 44233 Unaffiliated 4:38:14 5:35:11 5:35:11 37.15
Running Postie Nightmare Portsmouth Joggers Club 3:38:01 5:22:16 5:00:00 5:22:16 43.41
runningman69 Pontypridd (Roadents) AC 3:34:20 3:34:20 3:34:20 60.41
RuthB2 My first marathon - nervous but excited. *update* I did it! tired now, but happy. will add more later. Unaffiliated 3:36:34 4:19:17 5:00:00 4:51:03 46.03
SallyScott Reading Joggers 4:23:00 4:23:00 4:23:00 50.94
Scar Tissue Holme Pierrepont RC 2:31:19 2:41:39 2:46:40 73.59
Scobos Shettleston Harriers 2:42:59 2:54:19 2:54:19 70.36
Self D Unaffiliated 3:13:32 3:23:17 3:38:19 55.69
sensible On 2.35 pace at halfway, heat and cramp got to me!! Gloucester AAC 2:48:44 2:48:44 2:45:00 2:48:44 72.04
Shadow Walker Hot but a fantastic day, Couldn't get heart rate to record so ran to pace/effort first time at this suspect i didn't push on as hard as i could.
Sub 3 just around the corner. City of Salisbury A & RC 2:57:51 3:03:25 2:58:00 3:03:25 68.35
SharonD Ranelagh Harriers, St. Mary's University College AC 4:37:15 5:35:34 5:35:34 40.00
shirlgirl boiling hot day - hottest ever for London marathon Farnham Runners 4:45:55 5:20:00 5:20:00 49.02
shorty25 Very warm, but loved every minute of it - my first marathon so plsd with my time. York Knavesmire Harriers 4:08:57 4:12:35 4:12:35 53.04
sibbo Braintree & District AC 3:36:08 5:02:14 5:02:14 43.20
Sime Will be happy with anything under 4 hours but have been training on a 3.30 schedule and I think it may be possible, but don't want to go too fast too early and end up blowing up. Also think the weather is going to be factor.

The weather was incredible, was very warm even before the start, took it easy for first half, struggled a little around 17-18, managed to pick it up a bit trough 20-25 then faded towards the end. San Domenico RC 3:22:03 4:02:12 3:45:00 4:02:12 50.25
simmicee Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC 3:34:26 3:34:26 3:34:26 62.88
SimonF Training has gone brilliantly and will be disappointed not to beat my pb by at least 10 minutes*****Too hot! Managed to keep it on target for my sub 3:15 until about 20 miles, then started falling apart. Found myself walking and guzzling a whole 330ml of water at just before 24 miles, and then picked myself up to run the last 2.2 mils and beat my pb. Disappointed by the conditions, but don't think I could have gone quicker on the day. The sub 3:15 is out there somewhere. Cumberland Fell Runners, Horsforth Fellandale Club 3:12:02 3:25:58 3:14:59 3:25:58 61.33
simpet Unaffiliated 3:35:31 3:35:31 4:00:00 3:35:31 57.15
Sinj was too hot! Unaffiliated 3:58:49 4:37:00 4:37:00 44.13
Sir Moses Hill Unaffiliated 3:20:20 3:20:20 3:20:20 60.68
size10 Really dissapointed with the time, however as it was my first marathon and the heat was quite something, I'm glad to have got around unaided and running! (albeit slowly) actually the first 16miles I was on target for sub4. The last 10 just got worse with every mile Unaffiliated 4:20:17 4:20:17 4:20:17 47.84
SK aka Clive What a fantastic experience! Never thought I'd say it but Ashford and District RRC 4:22:00 4:37:00 4:37:00 49.54
smartly What an amazing experience for my first marathon. Unaffiliated 4:13:31 4:13:31 4:30:00 4:13:31 49.45
Smiling Pete Ilford AC, Orion Harriers 3:25:17 3:26:41 3:31:47 67.27
Smokin' Chi Monk Unaffiliated 3:58:24 4:28:17 4:28:17 45.91
snogard Very hot not enough water to go round Stockport Harriers & AC 4:25:28 6:10:01 5:45:00 6:10:01 39.35
southdownswolf That was a tough race in the heat. Thoroughly enjoyed it, but was sooo glad to see the 600m to go sign. Then to see the finish line was a huge relief, especially when my wife was only a few metres from the finish line too. Unaffiliated 3:39:59 3:39:59 3:20:00 3:39:59 55.32
Sparky68 City of Hull AC 4:49:09 5:55:36 5:30:00 5:55:36 34.81
spd bristol Not bad considering I did no training for it! Bitton Road Runners 4:38:00 4:38:00 4:38:00 43.73
Spiggot Unaffiliated 3:31:28 4:52:05 4:52:05 45.87
spikeyrossco Quantock Harriers 3:43:50 3:54:21 3:54:21 51.87
SPKoF Got to the start. turned on the garmin only to find it must have been on during the coach and was flat. oops. Looks like I was running wachless. Needless to say I was very happy to see a clock at every mile marker except 15 where I'm convinced there wasnt a mile marker - let alone a clock on it.

So I went out too quickly. The plan was a conservative (in normal temperatures) 7:50 pace but @ 6 miles the clock showed 40 mins - 7 mins too quick.

So I decided to hold 8s from then on in. at the 7 mile mark I was 8 mins up! another too quick mile. luckily (?) after that the heat started to have and effect and I must have started to run slower as I hit half way in 1:39.

The second half was attrition. going out too quick even if it there was normal weather was a bad idea. doing it at 25C was suicidal.

I walked through the drinks station @ 23. couldnt get gels down me due to nausea. Not fun.

Still. 4 months of training got me a time I'm really happy with.

I've now decided to give up marathons. No finish can possibly be that emotional - I was blubbing like a freshly dumped 13 year old. Having given up seeing my young family, junk food, beer and any semblance of a life for the last 4 months / 750 miles I just cant see me being able to motivate myself to do it again now I've done it once.

I saw the Fetch crew but as I was in club colors I didnt get a cheer - boo!

10 km  	0:45:48
20 km 	1:33:47
half 	1:39:00
30 km 	2:22:10
40 km 	3:14:10
finish 	3:25:42 Long Eaton Running Club 3:11:40 3:25:42 3:55:00 3:25:42 59.27
Spooner Runs Bexley AC 3:55:57 5:21:09 4:00:00 5:21:09 37.85
steadyeddie Can do better. Very Hot. Unaffiliated 4:17:02 4:17:02 3:45:00 4:17:02 51.22
Stella Long Eaton Running Club 2:52:18 2:57:11 2:57:11 70.28
Stet First time running London,unbelievable event!
I raised money for Little havens and got a dream of a sub 3 hr time.
Looking forward to next year already! Unaffiliated 2:55:52 2:57:44 3:00:00 2:58:31 68.47
Steve Bienvenu Awful race, was going well until 18 miles, then just lost all energy in my body, Felt so sick that I had to walk the last 6 miles which took over an hour and a half.

Was sick after the race and unwell for a few weeks afterwards.  Turns out I took on way too much water during the race and no sports drinks which made we sick.....lesson learnt.

27 degrees for this race which is why everyone was saying to drink loads of water. Guernsey Island AAC 4:16:00 4:16:00 3:00:00 4:16:00 47.48
Stewey 100 Marathon Club, Roadhoggs Leicester AC 3:37:26 4:05:01 4:38:00 48.58
Struggers68 Unaffiliated 5:35:30 5:35:30 5:35:30 36.90
Superwoman Spa Striders RC 3:16:55 3:42:42 3:46:30 59.15
SUPERWOMAN63 My FIRST LONDON MARATHON my aim was to enjoy and get around and finish safely l ran for two charities SENSE & the ENCEPHALITIS SOCIETY. It was a vey HOT day and the atmosphere was absolutely amazing, my memories of this day are far too many to list but here's a few : 
the start was busy but there was a calmness in the air and l was aware of the pounding of peoples feet.
l had reached the Cutty Sark , during training kept thinking if l get there l have done well.
Tower Bridge was awesome l couldn't believe l had got there and loved seeing the crowds cheering us all on.
Seeing my husband, children and friends supporting me along the route was very inspiring , they all believed in me.
Isle of Dogs ( l lived there as a young child and teenager ) the people there have to be the most friendliest, happiest crowd along the route , l loved the atmosphere, music and the pubs were open , l high fived along the way l could feel myself grinning at everyone because l really felt happy to be running this race.
Embankment was so long and there were hundreds of people and everyone was cheering , the support for the runners was phenomenal.
BIG BEN was suddenly in front of me l couldn't absorb what that meant to me but it looked beautiful, a very poignant moment for me.
I saw a sign that said 800 metres to go , it was then l realised l COULD do it.
200 metres to go and l could feel myself flagging l was looking for the clock that l had so often seen when watching this race on tv.
As l crossed the line l threw my arms up and said to myself ' I've done it '  my medal was placed over my head and l kissed it, l wasn't emotional  ( l thought l would be because l blub at everything ) l felt really PROUD of ME. 
I still cannot believe l have done a marathon, my memories will stay with me forever , yes the training is hard, sometimes l lacked motivation  and l lost toenails afterwards BUT it was all worth it. LIVE THE DREAM l'm glad l did.
Unaffiliated 5:02:59 5:36:51 5:25:00 5:36:51 41.59
SuzyWoo My first marathon and so hot!!! Disappointed with my time but more importantly just glad to make it to the finish in one piece!! Orpington Road Runners 3:13:40 3:52:06 4:55:00 45.41
Swindon number 1 Swindon Harriers 4:03:24 4:03:24 4:03:24 49.98
Taffers Given temperature on raceday, am thrilled with this result, beat pb by 8 mins Unaffiliated 3:14:08 3:18:40 3:15:00 3:18:40 67.70
tangledfeet Ivanhoe Runners 2:46:59 2:48:10 2:48:10 77.63
Tango (Adam) Notfast Running Club, Votwo/USN 2:37:00 3:02:37 3:00:00 3:02:37 66.56
tcrofts 1st Marathon Wymondham AC 3:26:40 4:00:40 4:00:40 55.70
teddy-o AMAZING!!! I was fine until mile 18 when I didn't hit the wall....more like brushed against it. I started to run/walk for a while then met a nice chap who stuck with me all the way. I've done FLM and survived! Only 6 mins off my target, and for a first marathon I am well pleased! Big thanks to Max and co on the Fetch stall - the jelly babies worked a treat!! Headington RoadRunners, Totley AC 3:36:34 3:36:34 3:30:00 3:36:34 56.13
TEL2 Handy Cross Runners 3:14:00 3:55:57 3:55:57 67.10
the bobbin Unaffiliated 3:21:32 3:32:07 3:32:07 57.82
The Whippet Nightmare! I missed the last 10 weeks of my training with injuries and decided to run anyway. Witham RC 3:51:00 3:51:00 2:44:00 3:51:00 52.62
The_Saint Unaffiliated 3:38:42 3:46:21 3:46:21 56.26
TheAlien I acquired a viral infection in the week before the run.  Was pretty poorly on the Tuseday. Wednesday and Thursday.  It didn't clear, so I ran the first half to say I was there, carried on to mile 16 then walked to fetch at 22 before calling it a day. Unaffiliated 3:41:27 3:41:27 3:45:00
theego Dereham Runners AC 3:55:07 4:08:00 4:00:00 4:11:07 49.29
therunningpostie Feel eletated to get across the finish line!, set off thinking I could get under 4hrs even in the heat, got to mile 21 and got cramp in both legs,walked for 2 miles and then started running again, I reckon I was running 10k pace and I still managed a fantastic sprint finish, if only I hadn't got cramp, will have to have another go next year. Skegness & District Running Club 3:29:07 4:33:38 3:57:00 4:33:38 49.15
Tiddly B Ranelagh Harriers 3:26:40 3:26:40 2:59:59 3:26:40 58.99
Tigger22 Unaffiliated 4:09:52 4:21:57 4:21:57 51.24
Tim of Fife Ran the first half  (with 2FlatFeet) in 2:05.   Continued with nothing but running until mile 16.   Then,  because of the extreme heat,  went into pure 'survival' mode  -  with a minute's walk break per mile and  virtually 'jogging' the running segments.    Second half took 2:14.

Bluntly I,  like so many others, was a victim of the sizzling weather.    Looking back,  I'm not disappointed with the time.   I did my best on the day.  

Can't say that I enjoyed much of the race.   The crowd support was mind-numbingly awesome,  but to be honest I just wanted to get it over and done with and get out of the Sun.   The exception was the final mile,  which was really memorable.  Also,  having that iconic medal hung around my neck.   Unaffiliated 3:58:33 4:19:04 4:19:04 50.81
TingTong Realised a PB was not on by the half way mark, great day despite suffering last couple of miles. Exmouth Harriers AAC 2:56:32 3:02:51 2:54:00 3:02:51 67.36
ToastRunner Quite possibly the hardest marathon I've ever done (I don't like heat!).  All going well for sub 2:45 up to 21miles then fatigue really hit me, probably due to dehydration more than anything else (I weigh 7pounds less than this morning and thats after drinking loads of water on the way home. Am really pleased though as I kept going, albeit slower! Probably learned more in this race about myself than ever before. Got stitch several times due the amount of water I was consuming and felt very sick at the end. I also have two very very large blisters on my heels which appearded at about 6miles.

The crowds were simply amazing today the whole way round, thank you all for your support. Crawley AC 2:44:17 2:48:23 2:48:23 72.21
ToBaldlyGo Disastrous time due to heat and being offcolour. Great day though. Weston AC 5:37:44 6:31:17 5:30:00 6:31:17 35.75
toby Thames Hare & Hounds 2:42:21 2:44:27 2:45:00 2:44:27 73.92
TomB Enjoyable first 16 miles, ran out of steam at 20 - not bad for a first (and last) attempt Unaffiliated 4:27:59 4:27:59 4:20:00 4:27:59 47.14
TooTall Aberdare Valley AAC 3:05:39 3:47:42 3:47:42 57.34
touche turtle Hailsham Harriers 3:40:20 4:19:59 4:30:35 50.00
travelling man Aberdare Valley AAC 3:02:45 3:11:24 3:14:10 67.24
Treacle Hot and painful - had a bit of a mare and spent the whole race from mile 9 onwards feeling sick, dizzy and overheated, so had to intersperse quite few walk breaks.
But I did it!  Just need to go and do another one now and do it properly:-) Unaffiliated 4:28:28 5:27:13 5:00:00 5:27:13 41.21
trevm Hot Wilmslow RC 2:57:58 2:59:07 2:59:07 72.89
trigger2 Purple Patch Runners 5:28:52 6:29:31 6:29:31 35.83
trouty ran as Tonythetiger (Leicester Tigers Mascot) for the Matt Hampson Trust beating Matt Dawson on the way Doncaster Triathlon Club 2:52:43 4:22:03 4:22:03 50.66
true blue Hot or what, really struggled between 14-16 miles and again from 20 to 22 miles, but thoroughly enjoyed my first marathon. Unaffiliated 3:50:13 4:32:00 4:10:00 4:32:00 46.09
Trying Hard Unaffiliated 4:40:40 6:48:59 6:48:59 34.00
tuck Had a great day, really enjoyed.  Was hoping for under 4 hours so just missed out but I don't care. I made it!!! Unaffiliated 3:39:24 3:44:30 4:04:00 49.82
Turkish_Albert Too hot for a first Marathon. Unaffiliated 4:29:28 5:02:10 4:30:00 5:02:10 40.23
Tutu Much First marathon and a scorching day so forgave myself for not getting my sub-4! Kirkstall Harriers 3:57:07 3:57:22 4:00:00 4:05:15 54.62
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 2:39:36 3:09:09 3:32:08 57.47
Ultra Kanga Kazzaaaaah!! Been training hard with a sub-4 target in mind.  Wheels fallen off the wagon slightly since I've developed shin splints.  Hopefully will have a better idea come Easter weekend of where I am.  Would be disappointed not to go sub-4 and would be devastated not to pb.  Time will tell.
UPDATE - apologies to everyone who bet on me.  Wasn't the heat or the shins/quad/hip that got me but the humidity.  Had a light headed spell around 12 miles but felt ok by the time I hit the Highway, then around the 15 mile mark I had the first of several weird breathing spells - like trying to suck warm air thro' a damp flannel and only getting half a lungful of air.  First time it happened I freaked out and had a bit of a panic attack.   100 Marathon Club 4:06:30 4:14:07 4:54:01 47.65
Ultracat Training done and feeling fine and a bit nervous.  Just hope its not too warm on the day.  A bit warm for me.  Decided to enjoy the day and take on water by walking through the water stations.  Feet a bit sore but not too bad overwise.  Sorry to all those who bet on me, I wanted to finish in one piece. Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:42:46 4:30:00 4:59:06 51.12
Um Bongo My target at present is sub 4. I will update prediction at end of March. Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 3:54:49 4:22:29 3:59:59 4:22:29 50.15
Velociraptor Training for sub-3.30 because I think it's just about within reach, but sub-3.45 would be sufficient to banish those ballot worries for next year :o) 
Apologies to everyone who bet on me (that's over 80 of you). THAT wasn't the race I went to London to run! Started well-prepared; took three miles to get to intended race pace (7.55mm), held it for 4 miles then started to wilt. And kept wilting right up until mile 24. Around Mile 7, I decided sub-3.30 was out of reach, and by halfway my Garmin training partner was cuffing me so viciously that I knew sub-3.45 and even sub-4 weren't mine for the taking. So I trotted round at a LSR-type perceived effort level, had a really long loo break in Mile 24 (hence the 16+mm split) and overtook zillions of people in the last two miles. Felt absolutely fine when I finished :o) 
So I failed because I quit trying ... but b*gger the soundbites, quitting trying was the right call. I ran a sub-4 marathon in October and had nothing to prove by half-killing myself. 
Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers, the Fetchie and RW support crews, to Heebie and Mr Heebie for bed, board and transport, and especially to eL Bee!, who was an absolute angel throughout. My race t-shirt fits him better than me and he earned it. Cumberland AC 3:36:39 3:44:08 3:29:49 4:23:53 53.09
Vin Rouge Striders of Croydon AC 3:18:40 3:21:55 3:21:55 61.67
viperno7 Ouch.  First marathon, so hot and found it very tough!  Loved it despite missing my target time. Unaffiliated 5:29:09 5:29:09 5:00:00 5:29:09 36.93
Wabo I want under 4, my previous best is 4.18, lets see! Training is going really well....Don't know if you can bet if I don't have a fetch mara time???
only went and did same pb!!!! Eton Manor AC, Orion Harriers 4:11:47 4:18:19 4:00:00 4:18:19 57.74
Wally Stourbridge RC 2:57:27 3:46:30 3:20:00 3:46:30 53.67
wannywoo Unaffiliated 4:13:56 4:13:56 4:30:39 49.69
warrior Ran marathon with less than 2 months training...disaster. had cramp from 16 miles in, walked more than ran the last 10 miles..low point of my running career... Orpington Road Runners 3:22:39 3:22:39 3:45:00 4:01:58 50.69
way2slow am in on a golden bond place - have applied through ballot as well. Am feeling nervous already!
Oh boy - this was not a good one. Halfway split had me on for 3hrs42 but then the heat started gettting to me and began to slow. At 18 miles developed a huge blister on my right instep and ended up hobbling the rest of the course. Even with that still want to do it again next year (just in cooler weather please) Unaffiliated 3:44:30 3:54:13 3:54:13 57.57
welsh wizard Too hot and a poor pen position. Great atomsphere though Ware Joggers 4:17:25 4:17:25 4:00:00 4:17:25 48.09
Wicket Injured my foot three weeks before and couldn't run.  Rest, ice and physio got me to the start line but after 10k it was very hard going! Mornington Chasers 3:16:41 3:16:41 3:00:00 3:49:30 52.97
Wiggins Unaffiliated 2:52:30 3:03:57 3:00:00 3:17:39 61.50
Will Crash Unaffiliated 3:41:29 3:53:50 3:53:50 52.27
WillH Blackwater Valley Runners, Sandhurst Joggers
Windsurfin' Susie A PB, but still short of the 3:15 mark. Will try again in the autumn.
Ful report at Victory AC 3:15:18 3:22:22 3:22:22 70.46
WineRunner52 Road Runners Club 3:11:49 4:08:26 4:08:26 57.34
wizlyn Official result, actually had it @ 3:00:01 on my watch... a little disappointed obviously to miss the magical 3 hours, but really chuffed with the massive PB in the heat, including a pit-stop around 17 miles. 56th lady. Very happy. Serpentine RC 2:56:34 2:56:34 3:05:00 3:00:04 74.40
wobble legs Blew up and fell at the line! West Bromwich Harriers 2:48:31 2:57:51 2:57:51 70.01
Woddy hot as hell,,,water stations running out of water, residents bringing cups of tap water out,, 27 on the tarmac  23c air temp,, felt mighty fine upto 15-16 imles then mother of all blisters hit  and had to walk last ten miles,(last 8 with Darth Vader),. Gutted at 6 and a bit hours was in reach upto then.  just over3 hours for the half in the conditons i was well chuffed.
that said i finished which is more that many did.. and thoughts go to person whom died the next day in hospital.  uts the blisters into perspective..   heres to doing it all again ..I LOVED IT,, great atmosphere and credit to the people of London.

Runner No.: 34138 
Age group M40 
10 km 1:17:51 
20 km 2:54:16 
half 3:04:34 
30 km 4:44:20 
40 km 6:48:46 
finish 7:17:30 
Position (overall) 35354 
Position (gender) 24681 
Position (age group) 4091 
Finish time 7:17:30 

Unaffiliated 7:17:30 7:17:30 5:20:00 7:17:30 28.66
woody2run Unaffiliated 3:14:43 3:16:41 3:51:53 58.76
wrexhamrob a persoanl worst - but was improved on twice in 2007 Buckley RC 4:17:30 4:36:12 4:51:40 46.31
WrightRJWright Very hot, ran very slowly all the way round, just overtaking the chaingang in the Embankment tunnel. Great day, but very disappointing time. Unaffiliated 5:16:48 5:16:48 5:16:48 39.17
wyvis Unaffiliated 4:35:19 4:49:41 4:49:41 51.49
Yazoo Always forget to do this bet.  A nice shiny PB, yeay!  Sub 2.40 next year???  Maybe, if the sun doesn't shine as much.... Runnymede Runners 2:44:07 2:44:07 2:44:59 2:44:07 74.28
ziggy Bournville Harriers 2:48:03 2:48:03 2:48:03 72.98
Zippy 123 Sinfin RC, Derby City Council Running Club 4:08:27 4:30:47 4:30:47 45.02
♪♫ Synge ♪♫ Teignbridge Trotters, Westbury Harriers, LDWA 3:12:58 4:25:28 4:25:28 48.77


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