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The revenue generated from the adverts on the site is a critical part of our funding - and it's because of these ads that I can offer the site for free. But using the site for free AND blocking the ads doesn't feel like a great thing to do, which is why this box is so large and inconvenient. Some sites will completely block your access, but I'm not doing that - I'm appealing to your good nature instead. Did you know that you can allow ads for specific sites, whilst still blocking them on others?

Ian Williams aka Fetch

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Generally our cookies perform up to four different functions:

You can find more information about the first party cookies that we use on www.fetcheveryone.com. and the purposes for which we use them in the table below:

Cookie Name Cookie Description Cookie Expiration Category
PHPSESSID This cookie is used to store PHP session id. Session Strictly necessary
s_pers This is an analytical cookie that tracks information about your visit to our website. 1 Year Tracking
s_sess This cookie is used to track information about your journey thorugh our website. Session Tracking
s_vi This cookie is used to track your use of our web site for analytical purposes. 5 Years Tracking
email The email address you use to log in, only stored if you use "Auto login" 30 days Functional
password An encrypted copy of your site password, only stored if you use "Auto login" 30 days Functional

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