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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Who's Been Training

For inspiration or insight, this is the place for you. Click runners nicknames to see their profiles - why not drop them a line and congratulate them on their training! Can't find yourself? To keep this list entertaining, we filter out any training entries without comments, or where the training time is down as 00:00:00 - so don't forget to fill this in.
16th October 2018
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Training at Midnight
5.48mi in 1:12:06
Back to the "normal" commute, but still coughing a bit.
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Training at 4am
4.16mi in 49:09
Split Summary
1) 0.62m - 7:54(12:42/m) 112/123bpm 69cal 4.72/5.57mph
2) 0.62m - 6:56(11:10/m) 128/134bpm 75cal 5.37/5.7mph
3) 0.62m - 6:27(10:22/m) 138/144bpm 77cal 5.79/6.12mph
4) 0.62m - 6:32(10:30/m) 142/149bpm 80cal 5.71/6.12mph
5) 0.62m - 6:39(10:41/m) 147/150bpm 82cal 5.61/6.07mph
6) 0.62m - 8:57(14:24/m) 131/151bpm 73cal 4.17/5.8mph
7) 0.43m - 5:46(13:17/m) 136/140bpm 52cal 4.52/5.16mph
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Training at 5am
4.98mi in 41:50
Split Summary
1) 0.62m - 5:28(8:48/m) 140/152bpm 61cal 6.82/7.26mph
2) 0.62m - 5:21(8:37/m) 160/173bpm 69cal 6.97/8.5mph
3) 0.62m - 5:01(8:04/m) 168/183bpm 68cal 7.44/8.79mph
4) 0.62m - 4:53(7:52/m) 163/174bpm 63cal 7.62/8.43mph
5) 0.62m - 4:47(7:42/m) 160/168bpm 61cal 7.8/8.54mph
6) 0.62m - 5:30(8:52/m) 167/173bpm 73cal 6.77/7.7mph
7) 0.62m - 5:18(8:31/m) 173/176bpm 74cal 7.04/7.51mph
8) 0.62m - 5:29(8:50/m) 173/179bpm 77cal 6.79/7.12mph
9) 0.01m - 3(6:41/m) 174/175bpm 8.98/6.99mph
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4.02mi in 40:18
This user has chosen to keep the details private.
7.05mi in 58:15
Split Summary
1) 1km - 5:09(5:09/km) 113/120bpm 45cal 11.64/12.77kmph
2) 1km - 5:10(5:10/km) 123/128bpm 54cal 11.62/12.43kmph
3) 1km - 4:51(4:51/km) 122/136bpm 47cal 12.37/12.83kmph
4) 1km - 5:06(5:06/km) 123/128bpm 47cal 11.78/12.63kmph
5) 1km - 5:17(5:17/km) 125/131bpm 49cal 11.35/11.89kmph
6) 1km - 5:13(5:13/km) 124/128bpm 45cal 11.51/12.06kmph
7) 1km - 5:11(5:11/km) 119/129bpm 40cal 11.59/13.67kmph
8) 1km - 5:06(5:06/km) 127/132bpm 46cal 11.76/12.43kmph
9) 1km - 4:51(4:51/km) 129/138bpm 44cal 12.36/14.95kmph
10) 1km - 5:19(5:19/km) 126/135bpm 44cal 11.3/12.6kmph
11) 1km - 5:15(5:15/km) 128/136bpm 45cal 11.44/11.96kmph
12) 0.34km - 1:48(5:14/km) 131/134bpm 16cal 11.47/11.52kmph
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Training at 6am
5.57mi in 50:35
Split Summary
1) 5.57m - 50:35(9:05/m) 135/154bpm 584cal 6.61/8.52mph
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2.13mi in 20:28
Split Summary
1) 1km - 5:57(5:57/km) 131/137bpm 65cal 10.08/13.5kmph
2) 1km - 6:05(6:05/km) 143/153bpm 71cal 9.87/10.38kmph
3) 1km - 5:57(5:57/km) 147/154bpm 71cal 10.09/10.58kmph
4) 0.43km - 2:30(5:48/km) 137/150bpm 27cal 10.35/10.68kmph
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4.14mi in 30:01
Split Summary
1) 4.14m - 30:01(7:15/m) 139/153bpm 361cal 8.28/9.56mph
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4.30mi in 36:30
Split Summary
1) 0.62m - 5:20(8:35/m) 146/164bpm 42cal 6.99/8.37mph
2) 0.62m - 5:15(8:28/m) 167/172bpm 49cal 7.09/7.88mph
3) 0.62m - 5:20(8:34/m) 172/177bpm 50cal 7/7.62mph
4) 0.62m - 5:08(8:15/m) 172/178bpm 48cal 7.27/7.89mph
5) 0.62m - 5:24(8:41/m) 174/178bpm 52cal 6.91/8.48mph
6) 0.62m - 5:07(8:13/m) 174/179bpm 49cal 7.3/16.12mph
7) 0.57m - 4:57(8:40/m) 175/180bpm 47cal 6.93/8.39mph
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6.49mi in 55:53
Split Summary
1) 1km - 5:00(5:00/km) 133/146bpm 55cal 12/12.8kmph
2) 1km - 5:12(5:12/km) 150/160bpm 68cal 11.55/12.12kmph
3) 1km - 5:13(5:13/km) 142/156bpm 60cal 11.51/11.99kmph
4) 1km - 5:07(5:07/km) 148/155bpm 64cal 11.72/12.6kmph
5) 0.1km - 29(4:50/km) 146/154bpm 5cal 12.41/11.99kmph
6) 0.15km - 1:18(8:43/km) 148/160bpm 16cal 6.89/12.06kmph
7) 0.1km - 28(4:38/km) 139/156bpm 4cal 12.97/15.18kmph
8) 0.15km - 1:24(9:20/km) 154/163bpm 18cal 6.43/13.74kmph
9) 0.1km - 27(4:32/km) 149/156bpm 5cal 13.23/14.88kmph
10) 0.15km - 1:25(9:24/km) 149/163bpm 16cal 6.39/13.44kmph
11) 0.1km - 25(4:13/km) 136/146bpm 3cal 14.23/17.3kmph
12) 0.15km - 1:29(9:55/km) 139/151bpm 14cal 6.05/14.18kmph
13) 0.1km - 25(4:15/km) 117/125bpm 1cal 14.13/15.45kmph
14) 0.15km - 1:23(9:16/km) 121/130bpm 7cal 6.48/14.91kmph
15) 0.1km - 24(3:58/km) 120/129bpm 1cal 15.11/17.94kmph
16) 0.15km - 1:26(9:35/km) 126/141bpm 8cal 6.26/15.65kmph
17) 1km - 4:58(4:58/km) 148/154bpm 59cal 12.07/12.36kmph
18) 1km - 4:58(4:58/km) 150/157bpm 61cal 12.09/12.5kmph
19) 1km - 4:58(4:58/km) 153/159bpm 64cal 12.06/12.5kmph
20) 1km - 5:05(5:05/km) 143/159bpm 59cal 11.82/13.67kmph
21) 0.5km - 2:18(4:35/km) 159/164bpm 32cal 13.09/12.7kmph
22) 0.45km - 2:01(4:29/km) 160/166bpm 28cal 13.37/12.36kmph
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Training at 7am
3.11mi in 27:40
Split Summary
1) 0.62m - 5:41(9:08/m) 113/132bpm 39cal 6.57/6.7mph
2) 0.62m - 5:26(8:45/m) 123/131bpm 44cal 6.86/7.1mph
3) 0.62m - 5:32(8:54/m) 121/124bpm 42cal 6.75/7.03mph
4) 0.62m - 5:34(8:58/m) 126/133bpm 45cal 6.69/7.08mph
5) 0.62m - 5:25(8:43/m) 129/175bpm 43cal 6.89/7.08mph
6) 0.01m - 3(6:05/m) 138/138bpm 9.85/6.97mph
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Training at 8am
4.00mi in 35:00
BMHAC Intervals
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Training at 11am
4.38mi in 38:11
Split Summary
1) 1km - 5:40(5:40/km) 145/167bpm 71cal 10.59/14.31kmph
2) 1km - 5:04(5:04/km) 156/163bpm 67cal 11.86/12.43kmph
3) 1km - 5:30(5:30/km) 149/164bpm 64cal 10.9/12.77kmph
4) 1km - 5:22(5:22/km) 149/155bpm 62cal 11.16/11.72kmph
5) 1km - 5:22(5:22/km) 153/161bpm 65cal 11.18/11.59kmph
6) 1km - 5:42(5:42/km) 153/163bpm 65cal 10.53/12.06kmph
7) 1km - 5:12(5:12/km) 162/172bpm 69cal 11.53/13.07kmph
8) 0.05km - 18(5:41/km) 173/175bpm 4cal 10.55/12.7kmph
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Training at Midday
2.02mi in 17:38:00

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Training at 4pm
0.00mi in 30:00
This user has chosen to keep the details private.
Training at 6pm
4.00mi in 36:00
.75 wu 2 x 10 mins undulating steady .75 cd
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Training at 10pm
3.00mi in 27:00
9:00 min mile
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