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Check out the most recent polls to have been posted by Fetchies, and a couple of random ones. You can also add a poll yourself. Chat polls are automatically removed after 14 days.

Chat Polls
There's enough space in your house to stretch your...
you hold your stomach in - choose the best answer ...
in your family, care of the elderly is done by
How should I announce the Dr K Cup results?
What meat is your first choice for a roast dinner ...
General election- who you vote for?
Do you think before you speak?
Do you know what "about:blank" is all about?
Anyone looking at the amount of pulses in your kit...
Locking a combination lock, you
The red cross joke is not...
Stander is not the Messiah, he's
The stupid red cross joke is off the page
Stander for President
Stander is neither a twat nor annoying, but his po...
Stander isn’t annoying but he is a twat
Stander isn’t a twat but he is annoying
Stander is an annoying twat
How often do you change your bedding?
Deathmatch Polls
SPotY DM: R2G9
SPotY DM: R2G8
SPotY DM: R2G7
SPotY DM: R2G6
SPotY DM: R2G5
SPotY DM: R2G4
SPotY DM: R2G3
SPotY DM: R2G2
SPotY DM: R2G1
SPotY DM: Pool J
SPotY DM: Pool I
SPotY DM: Pool H
SPotY DM: Pool G
SPotY DM: Pool F
SPotY DM: Pool E
SPotY DM: Pool D
SPotY DM: Pool C
SPotY DM: Pool B
SPotY DM: Pool A
Service Station Deathmatch: THE FINAL
Training Polls
Do you carry water when you run?
Sub 3:15 thread participants - do you do any non-r...
Who Squares Wins - impact on your cycling
Given 2 years of perfect training for someone with...
Early morning training
What time of day do you do most of your runs?
How many days off running do you have after a mara...
(For Runners) When strapped for time, do you...
What tech do you use to time and pace your runs?
Do / would you use a coach or personal trainer?
Are you a member of a running club?
Do you incorporate intervals into a training plan ...
Half Marathon Training
How to I approach my upcoming 20 mile race?
Do you have a coach
Lucozade Sport
Milk or water in your porridge?
Early morning runners. What do you do?
Marathon runners do you use energy gels? (Ignore c...
Stretching should be done:
Race Polls
Plastic Free Races
London Marathon 2020 ballot
What would you want from a race? Costs are going ...
London Marathon ballot
parkrun the day before a marathon; do you...
Parkrun Ratio of volunteering to running
Shouls marathon organisers provide energy gels/ dr...
Has parkrun lost sight of its original purpose?
Race organisers part 3 - do you do transfers or re...
Race organisers part 2 - do you open entries to cl...
Race organisers part 1 - do you reserve places for...
Do you care how accurate a parkrun course is?
Boston marathon (UK) on same day as Boston maratho...
What date would you like to do for a Fetch London ...
Which running race distance do you think you're mo...
Seeing runners on the TV / from the other side of ...
How quick would you rate your local parkrun course
Out and back runs; Running into wind heading out o...
Given the increasing costs of entering, do you thi...
Clinic Polls
Duct Tape - How is it for you?
KT Tape - How is it for you?
How much would you pay to be 100% guaranteed you w...
Chesty cough is lingering...
Chaffing my solution is
How has injury affected your running over the past...
Are you a smoker?
How much sleep is enough for you?
You catch a small but productive cough. Do you...
How bad does a cough have to be before you shouldn...
Toe nails
Injured, do you...
Do you suffer from bradycardia? (A resting HR belo...
Do you have an STD?
Ice baths after hard training:
Public sector pension strike
How do you deal with injuries?
Shin Splints?
Compression Socks
Which injury is the most annoying?
Shop Polls
When buying running shoes, do you choose...
Do you wear underpants underneath your tights/shor...
Running socks
When do you wear calf guards?
Preferred trainer brand
Got the shoes and GPS watch. What should a beginne...
Are free, goody bag womens' race tee shirts too bi...
I prefer to run in:
How many pairs of running shows do you own?
Sleeping in compression kit is in your own experie...
'Daps' is actually translateable in:
For those with a lovely parkrun 100 t-shirt, what ...
GPS users - which manufacturer do you mainly use?
Trainers of Choice
On average, roughly how much do your running shoes...
Which Garmin GPS? (As the "other Garmin" option pr...
My Garmin Forerunner 405 is dying. How should I re...
Chafing from lycra?
How many pairs of running shoes do you have on the...
Website Polls
This Is Memorial Device - Book Group poll
How many Fetch Badges have you unlocked?
Then We Came To The End - Book Group poll
Northanger Abbey - your opinion and counsel is sou...
The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet - Book Group ...
The Overstory - June 2018 Book Group thread
The House Cup
Which Fetch "skin" are you using at the moment?
The Song of Achilles - May 2019 Book Group poll
Fetch Podcast
Fahrenheit 451 - April Book Group poll
From a Low and Quiet Sea - Book Group poll
Book Group poll - The Leopard
Those little green +1 "thumbs" in the Forums
Book Group Poll - Matt haig - "The Last Family in ...
A Maigret Christmas - Book Group poll
A Special Christmas Book for the Book Group?
There But For The - Ali Smith - Book Group
WSW Ranking Points
The Color Purple - book group