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training Training Plans for Indoor Rowing
A place to list the various training plans discussed on the Indoor Row...
30/12/21 20:56 Angus Clydesdale 19
training Hadd's approach to distance training: FAQ
An attempt to explain the Hadd approach in a fairly simple way
15/05/20 14:32 puzzler 11
training GPS Battery Maintenance
Ways to maintain the life of your devices and maximise the health of y...
05/11/19 12:52 Groundhog 1
training Aspire Channel Swim 2019
A League Table. Add yourself if you want to take part in the Aspire c...
15/02/19 13:40 Angus Clydesdale 10
training Vegan Protein Powder
A list of vegan protein powder providers - by: contributors on the Veg...
18/09/17 19:34 Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) 4
training 2016 Swim the (length of the) Thames challenge - new year new wiki
A swimalong thread to keep people motivated. Following the route of...
23/12/16 14:01 icemaiden 148
training Ultra Running Tips - Mental Stuff
Jan 1st marks the start of the Ultramarathon season. It goes on till t...
25/01/16 12:26 Binks 23
training 2015 Swim the (length of the) Thames Challenge
Add yourself if you want to be on the spreadsheet. Total target distan...
07/01/16 09:31 icemaiden 455
training Sub 3 hour training - the last 8 weeks ( by tom_craggs)
Copy of a great post by tom_craggs from Sub 3 thread - with permission...
25/02/15 10:22 HappyG(rrr) 1
training Long run motivation tips by the wonderful Jock Itch :-)
Blog by Jock Itch 20 Jan 2015 7:05am - and it's so great, I've nicked ...
20/01/15 09:31 HappyG(rrr) 2
training Heart Rate Training - Resting and Max Heart Rates - ARE YOU NORMAL ?!?
A collection of Fetchies Max and Resting Heart Rates to assure everyon...
05/08/14 20:31 Lumsdoni 76
training Giving blood and running
Giving blood is a great thing to do. What's the best way to combine tr...
03/04/14 21:17 Footpad 15
training GFA 2016 article for thread
A place for people to put their target places and times
05/02/14 13:27 early bird 35
training 400/800 training
My interpretation of how to train for the 400/800 double (as requested...
08/09/13 19:32 The Duckinator 2
training A list of interesting links relating to running
A list of interesting articles I find on the internet so I don't lose...
27/06/13 14:56 Night-owl 2
training Chi Running
A brief overview of Chi Running
05/03/13 20:55 cabletow 9
training BUPA London 2012 entry - who's in
A list of who is entered for BUPA 10,000 2012
04/03/12 23:24 John66 12
training Running Technique Studies and Resources
This contains links to resources that has come from the thread "Does R...
28/12/11 19:38 run free 29
training Concept II Rowing Challenges
A place to store achievements
13/12/11 23:08 FurryFeet 4
training Aspire Channel Swim 2011
A League Table. Add yourself if you want to take part in the aspire...
04/12/11 18:08 B-Lass 274
training Warm up swim before the aspire channel swim. Now till 12th September - race ya ;)
A 22 mile warm up before the actual swim. Starting 27/07/2011 endi...
11/09/11 18:09 B-Lass 114
training Concept II Rowing Challenges (May)
This version has been depricated due to allow correction of the title....
04/08/11 07:43 FurryFeet 54
training Seb Coe on Running Style
From a book by Peter Coe I believe, copied from a blog by Madmike a wh...
13/05/11 19:21 SPR 4
training Plantar Fasciitis
Woes that we runners go through
23/03/11 14:17 cabletow 2
training A Simplified Overview of Pose
A simplified overview of Pose created by CableTow; edited by Run Free ...
13/03/11 14:43 run free 14
training Aspire Swim Channel
League Table :) Add any miles starting from the 13th September! If...
06/12/10 00:29 B-Lass 179
training Fetch Everyone Training Nights - Once Weekly
Weekly Training Plans
08/11/10 20:04 B-Lass 19
training Heart Rate Monitor Training for the Compleat Fetchie
This article contains all things to do with heart rate monitor trainin...
08/11/10 14:30 fetcheveryone 28
training Running in Gran Canaria
Links, races and training routes in Gran Canaria
27/10/10 18:06 Yorkshire Pie 1
training Barefoot Running
Some advice on the much talked about topic of Barefoot Running from th...
17/10/10 17:10 Jack 2
training Robin Hood spectator routes.
Where best to see the race and how to get there from the start/finish ...
11/09/10 16:15 Chrisity 2
training Pose Drills
Pose Drills performed by the Drillmeister himself
02/06/10 10:02 emjaybee 6
training 500 miles in 2009
A realistic targets for 2009
26/05/10 08:06 Spally 1132
training xmas challenge
log for xmas challeng nov 13. 2009 to dec 25 2009 100 miles http:/...
26/05/10 08:04 pinkladykat 262
training 750 miles in 2009
Training for a triathlon, injury, major heart surgery meant I have mis...
26/05/10 08:01 fetcheveryone 792
training Fetchie Flab Fighters Weigh-In Sheet
Weekly weigh-in stats for the FFFers
11/05/10 09:21 Slinkyseal 1070
training WildeRover's South Wales 16.3 mile (26.2 km) pre marathon training run - 28 Feb (anyone invited)
I'm going for a training run on 28 February of 16.3 miles (26.2 km) as...
21/02/10 12:39 WildeRover 21
training 1500miles in 2009
Weekly round up of the 1500 club
28/12/09 18:36 Zoom 80
training Music to Run to
The music that is ideal for the 'Running' playlist
13/11/09 15:15 T55ddy 9
training 100 press ups gang - progress chart
Article to keep progess of the 100 press up challenge see: http://www...
12/06/09 18:36 GordonG 397
training Pose clinic - what you get
After reading about Pose (and discussing a lot on here and elsewhere) ...
30/03/09 20:43 simbil 2
training How to Run
Copied from Barefoot Teds web site - A concise (OK not too concise) ar...
18/03/09 22:03 cabletow 1
training Efficient Running maximise economy and minimise injury
A summary of the long thread
09/02/09 14:34 cabletow 12
training FetchEveryone Common Sense (FECS)
An article that everyone should read. If you can help with ideas, advi...
02/02/09 12:10 fetcheveryone 7
training 2009 MILEAGE TARGETS
A summary of mileage targets in 2009
05/01/09 14:08 John66 3
training Heart rate training - energy zones
This is a document sent to me by my spinning instructor - the principl...
07/08/08 12:48 Southwales22 1
training More Efficient Running Style
This article summarises many of the common traits of efficiency in run...
04/08/08 12:42 simbil 1
training Core training- with and without weights
a few suggestions, from a complete amateur, for exercises for a strong...
16/06/08 11:05 Simontr 3
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