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tri TriSport Fetch - The Rules
Unlike Fight Club, TriSport Fetch, Also known as 'Team F-Dot' or 'TFD'...
10/05/13 12:03 GregP 22
tri Ironman; Back to basics
Getting back to the original Ironman ideal.
01/02/12 21:17 woodster 1
tri Triathlon - A newbie perspective
Basic stuff that you don't want to ask about out loud. This is a work ...
13/08/11 23:07 parkbench 10
tri TriSport Fetch: Jules' Rules
Jules R's swimming rules (taken from his sojourn to La Santa)
12/01/11 10:40 GregP 8
tri What would make you feel safer when cycling?
I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes in your busy lives to...
09/12/10 13:34 C-Cat 1
tri BingoMan
Which its the rules of BingoMan, for all love.
02/12/09 17:18 GregP 4
tri 75 Tri Tips from a Tri USA coaches Seminar
Key points from a weekend seminar for USA Tri coaches. 75 is a lot of ...
22/10/09 21:45 JulesR 1
tri Triathlon top tips from People who Know
At the Hotel Bastardos Tri Club we've been around triathlon for quite ...
09/09/09 14:06 GregP 4
tri TriSport Fetch - 2009 MOAAR, "A" and "B" race plans
Which it is the latest thinking about what people will be focusing on ...
17/07/09 09:07 GregP 54
tri TriSport Fetch - 2009 "Waterman" Challenges
There will be five main swim challenges in 2009, one every ten weeks s...
30/12/08 08:53 GregP 8
tri TriSport Fetch: the team song
Which its the team song of the world, penned by Matt from the back of ...
22/09/08 12:09 GregP 1
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