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Training - Calculators

Here's a handy bunch of tools to help you with your training. Got a suggestion for a tool?

Heart Rate Zones
Uses your resting and max heart rates to calculate percentage zones for HRM training.

VO2Max Estimation
Uses a recent race performance to calculate your VO2Max, and then generates equivalent race times.

Training Pace
Enter a race time, and find out how fast to run in training.

Race Times
Just done a race? Want to know what your equivalent time would be for a different distance?

Race Splits
Want to know your split times at each mile or km marker in the race?

Your BMI
Want to calculate your BMI? Our BMI calculator does what it says.

Age-grading / WAVA
Find out what WAVA score a given race performance would achieve.

Age-grading (WAVA) analysis
See your PB's in WAVA order, and the performances you'd need at various distances to match your best WAVA.

Riegel Calculator
Fine tune the predictions in your training log by recalculating your Riegel number.

Find out what time of day the person you're cheering for is due to come past your face.