Fetch Virtual Badges

Have you got fond memories of getting your 10 metre swimming badge? Or repressed, angry memories of being fished out by the lifeguard? There are over 250 Fetch Virtual Badges to celebrate achievements and milestones in your exercise, that are just as important now as they were back then.

Country Badges

These are awarded based on the GPS data in your training entry. To backdate these, find a relevant training entry, and scroll to the bottom where you should see a link. If this doesn't work, you can also self-certify by sending me some feedback.

Your Next Targets

Click them for an explanation

25 Mile Month 50 Mile Month 10 Metres 1km The Amoeba Streak Routemaster Blimey That's Bendy Diversity Newshound Honesty Follow The Crowd Bingo! Oxford The Dawn of Civilisation First Contact Early Crew Night Owls Toast of a Monkey First Forum Post Vote For Pedro 1.21 Giga Watts Inanimate Carbon Rod The Box 1v1 Winner Multimatch Qualifier It's Not You, It's Me Party Starter Votes for Fetchies! Blow someone elses trumpet Your website needs you Prepare your speech Plant The Seed Bug Splatter The One True Ring Conquer Your Fears Have stick, will travel The Ocho
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