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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

You Can Do This!

Becoming a runner is about building up a bit at a time. Go at it like a lunatic and you risk getting hurt or disillusioned.

With a bit of sense, most people can start running without too much hassle. If you've got high blood pressure, a heart condition, diabetes, asthma, or anything remotely scary, have a chat with your GP.

It's good to have a plan that will make sure you put the right amount of effort in. Your mind and body need time to adjust to the idea of being a runner.

Our plan follows the NHS Choices Couch to 5k system, so you'll start off with some achievable goals. In week one, you'll be running for just one minute at a time.

Join our group for support, encouragement and advice from our friendly community of runners. Expect a gentle pester each week to make sure you're doing your homework!

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