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The Training Log

Our training log enables you to capture every aspect of your training, with extensive detail for each entry. It also gives you the perfect summary of your training progress, with dozens of different graph options. And there's no premium membership nonsense or locked features. It's all free.

To begin, you can set up your Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, Polar or TomTom; import a variety of popular file formats, or just add training manually.

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2021 Distance

1 Nikki Gibson 2880
2 Northernsky66 2712
3 andrius 2272
4 mickgent 2187
5 Kezsub17 2131
6 flyingfinn 2060
7 Arif 2055
8 gazz104 2046
9 JoeBaker 1993
10 jelly (limegreenjelly) 1908
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