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Explore the world around you!
The world has been divided into tiny zones, each about a mile square. Your mission is to visit as many as possible, under your own steam. We have league tables for the folks that visit the most zones, as well as ownership rights for those that visit a particular zone the most. Explore and take control of as many as you can!

How It Works

Whenever you log a run or ride from a GPS device, our system looks at your route, and determines which zones you went through. It doesn't matter how fast you go - a sense of adventure (and possibly a sandwich) is all you need.

In addition to exploring lots of zones, you can also annoy your friends by taking ownership of your local zones. Just make sure you run through them more than anyone else. As an added bonus, you also get naming rights for the zones you own.

For more detail, read the Game Guide.

Explorers Leaderboard

Pos Explorers Zones
1 Gymfreak 10454
2 The Bogman 7928
3 Nephi 6791
4 McGoohan 6728
5 Jon M 6345
6 Yorkshire Pie 5584
7 ChrisHB 4907
8 eL Bee! 4470
9 Smugbloke 4303
10 becca7 4299

Owners Leaderboard

Pos Owners Zones
1 The Bogman 2291
2 GaryTX 877
3 Gymfreak 842
4 McGoohan 840
5 JulesR 779
6 pablo campo 678
7 qnjc21 595
8 eL Bee! 529
9 mister jim 487
10 percyw 483