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Game Guide

Conquercise is a very simple and addictive game that encourages you to explore the world around you. You don't need to be fast, or even fit - but it's a great way to discover new places, and to look after your health in the process!

How To Get Started

Once you've registered to play, all you need to do is log your runs and rides in your Fetch training log. We take care of the rest, giving you a little nudge every time something important happens.

Of course, we need to know where you go, otherwise it's a bit of a pointless exercise. For most people this just means that you need to upload your GPS data from your watch or app. However, if you don't have a jazzy watch, you can also plot your route manually and pick it out when adding your training.


The whole planet is covered in small square zones, each typically about one square mile in size. If you really must know, zone boundaries pop up every 0.02 degrees of latitude and longitude, which means that there are 324 million to explore! Your run, ride, walk, swim or crawl just needs to dip inside a zone to register a hit.


Your first goal is to explore as many zones as possible. The figures in the game header show you how many zones you have explored since you began playing, as well as an annual figure, which shows you the number of zones you've visited in the last 365 days. Most route maps on Fetch have the option to overlay Conquercise boundaries, so you can have fun adding on detours and finding new shortcuts to increase your score. Suddenly, every trip away from home is a chance to nab a few more zones!


Your second challenge is to take ownership of the zones around you by scoring the most points in each zone. Running through a zone scores two points, biking scores one point, swimming earns four points, and anything logged as cross-training scores one point. If you run through a zone more than once on the same day, you won't get multiple points; but you can score daily points in each of the four disciplines. Points scored are tallied up over the last 365 days, and the owner of the zone is the player with the most points. In the case of a tie, the zone is classed as unowned. Visit Your Account to see which zones you own, and those you have a chance to steal.

Benefits of Ownership!

If you own a zone, you get to choose its name. In most cases, our owners choose helpful and descriptive names - but if you want to raise the hackles of your local competitors, try naming your zones 'The People's Republic of [your name]' :-)

Some Interesting Game Facts

  • Between us all, we've visited nearly 180,000 zones.
  • The top player has visited over 10,000 zones since the game began.
  • Over the last 365 days, the top runners have visited over 1000 zones.
  • We have twice as many runners as cyclists, but the cyclists have visited twice as many zones as the runners.
  • The most popular zones can be found in central London, along the London Marathon route.
  • Although some people run every day, the highest recorded number of runs in one zone during a year is 256. The record for rides is 282.
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