Create your home point, and watch the markers spring up around you. Plan your routes to collect points, and control markers before your rivals.

Recent Activity

Fetchpoint Markers

  • Jewels
    Collect diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds!
  • Relays
    Transport these in the right direction to earn points.
  • Bugs
    Run these out of your circle to squish them.
  • Random
    As much fun as a scratch card, without the expense.
  • Rent
    Nab these, and earn points from fellow runners.
  • Flower
    Plant these as you run through uncharted territory.
  • The Higgs Boson
    Take ownership of local markers and squish your bugs.
  • The One True Ring
    If you find this, help it on its way to Mordor!


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1 Oranj 83643
2 Steevey 35501
3 ferret 33883
4 Flatlander 31319
5 Love Swimrun 25492
6 Mr J 23640
7 57.5 Degrees of Pain 22668
8 R4R 22408
9 megster 21732
10 Auld fat Ironman 21359

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