Create your home point, and watch the markers spring up around you. Plan your routes to collect points, and control markers before your rivals.

General Rules

  • Walk, run, cycle - it's all fine so long as it can realistically be deemed exercise.
  • People can see roughly where you've been on the map. Stay safe, and don't play if this concerns you.
  • You need to be within 80 metres of something to activate it. Click the items on the map to see its activation circle.
  • Your GPS route is made up of a series of points, not one continuous line. Occasionally a marker will fall between two points. Sometimes your GPS will have bad data. Hard luck, sorry.
  • If you don't have a GPS watch, you can map your route manually. Make sure your clicks are close together.
  • Be patient if your run doesn't appear straight away - there is a queue and it pauses during busy periods.
  • Talking of queues, it's first come first served. So make sure you're the first to upload your run.
  • The game will only accept training from the last thirty days.
  • If you see something on the map that is inaccessible, don't be a dullard. Click it, and report it - we'll never put one there again.
  • If your homepoint isn't right, change it.
  • Fair play: pausing your GPS to avoid hitting a marker is considered unsporting.
  • Stuck? Try the FetchPoint Thread for help, or send me feedback.


Emeralds are worth 4 points, sapphires are worth 8 points, rubies are worth 20, and diamonds are 40 points. As you might imagine, there are fewer diamonds about. It's pretty simple - just collect as many as you can.


Click on a relay to see which way it wants to move. If it's unowned, get there quick and it's yours. Every time someone moves it, you'll pick up four points for every mile that it's travelled. And if someone else's relay shows up near you, check its value. You'll get points for helping it on its way. But beware, relays that have not moved for seven days will be deleted. NB it doesn't matter which way you run onto a relay - it'll travel to the furthest point on your route.


Red bugs are bad! Pick them up, then get out of your home circle to squish them. You'll lose four points each day for every red bug in your circle, but you earn four for every one you squish. Keep your circle free from infestation and get a 200 point bonus.

Infected bugs
If another player has met your bug, it develops an infected head, and incurs bigger penalties. But of course, this means you can do the same to your neighbours bugs.

Traffic Lights

Get to an unowned traffic light and it's yours. Each person that passes through pays you the current rental value, and increases it by 4 points. All you've got to do is visit your traffic lights every seven days to maintain ownership until they disappear after 30 days.


You plant these every half a mile as you move through uncharted territory. This means you have to run outside your own circle, and everyone elses. Each flower planted earns a point. You can return to water them, which can increase their value up to a maximum of 20 points each. Further watering after this point doesn't earn you any more points. If you don't water them for 28 days they die, but if you can keep them alive for six weeks, they are automatically harvested and you collect more points. Other runners can steal your flowers - but when that happens, you both collect their face value.


Pick up one of these, and anything can happen. Well, I say anything... Hugh Jackman won't suddenly appear. But you could win anything up to 32 points, or lose 4. It's like buying a scratch card, but without quite so much self-loathing after the event.

The Higgs Boson

If you capture the Higgs Boson, all the relay and rent markers within your circle become yours. All your bugs get squished. And you pick up 400 points.

The One True Ring

If you find this, help it on its way to Mordor. It leaps to the closest point to Mordor on your route. Can you guess where it's heading? You earn 400 points for every mile it travels towards its destination.

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