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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Rowing League Table - Dec 2019

89mi at an average of 10:32/mi
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Pos User Miles Pace Longest Days
1 Nellers 26.7 7:07 9.9 3
2 Craggy 10.6 7:05 4.7 2
3 PhilPub 9.6 10:28 4.8 2
4 Cats Whiskers 7.8 7:29 4.2 2
5 Batteries not included 7.8 6:52 3.1 2

About This Table

This table is based on the distance recorded under Cross Training - Rowing - Indoor in training logs.

Qualifying level
To appear on this table, you need to accumulate a total distance of five miles during the calendar month.

How often is it updated?
The table is regenerated once a day.

I've spotted a dodgy entry
Send some feedback and I'll try to sort it.

Daily Champions

This table shows the person who completed the most miles on each day of the month.
Day Champion Distance
1st Craggy 6.3
2nd Cats Whiskers 5.2
3rd Craggy 4.4
4th Nellers 9.9
5th Nellers 10.6
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