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Ian Williams aka Fetch

suukii F60

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About Me

2019 plan - get back to my 70%WAVA, run 1000 miles, do some races, have a good time. Kickstarted by RED January - that will be interesting :-) lets see how it goes using parkrun and parkrun tourism to get some mojo
2018 plan - seems I had no plan - was exhausted 2017 plan - a long way off target - got injured in the Alton 10 Have a series of 10k races booked. 1000 miles a marathon pb and continue on running as meditation, hypnosis for running etc. Get back to my 70% wava 2016 plan 1000 miles in 2016 Running as meditation, hypnosis, the zone and more New PBs for 5k and 10k Long summer bike ride, so will aim to log all bike rides (mostly functional) in bid to train myself to record the ones that matter Marathon du medoc

2015 plan
Getting back to fitness Long summer bike ride Marathon du medoc 2014: plan couple of marathons (medoc a.n.other tbc), working on targets and a plan which will emerge, once I have a proper sense of where I am at at the moment, working my way through running for hypnosis by Adam Eason, time will tell..... overall objective to to get wava above 70% across the board - this may have to involve some weight loss too!! Hoping to persuade some fellow running sisters to register and use the training log - the company would be nice :-)
2013 review well not what quite what was expected, got bug in india in Jan and went downhill from there, tried the gym, big mistake just make me knackered and undermined my self esteem ditched the gym and went to plan b - has promise Nov 2013 plan b trying another comeback, this time with a december streak. doing shorter runs turns out to be quite liberating :-)
Jan 2013: back in the loop again. Planning a couple of marathons this year, along with a annual mileage decent target. Lets see how the next couple of months go :-)
Running has been intermittent over the past year, although we did cycle LEJOG in the summer. The biggest bugbear for my recent records has been fitbit and garmin conflicts, plus the need to upload a backlog of records which needed exporting from the garmin converting and uploading... hey ho

Current Status

Searching for 1000 miles and more 70% WAVA results in 2019

2019 Targets

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