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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Detailed Game Guide

Click the 'Bet' button to place 100 credits on a runner who you think will do well. If the runner gets a PB, you win points.

The amount you win from each bet is calculated by multiplying by the number of seconds taken off the PB by the number of races the runner has completed at the distance, divided by the distance of the race in miles, and finally divided by 100.

The 'Return' you see against each runner is the amount you'll win if the runner achieves their goal.

The leaderboard shows bets from all races in the last 90 days. Don't forget that any bets you make will drag you down.

If the runner does not race, your credits are refunded after one week.

To be listed as a runner, make sure you include a predicted time to future races in your Race Portfolio. You can also look at upcoming races, and bet on people who have not included a prediction.

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