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I am fundraising for British Heart Foundation

Very sadly on the 17th Sept 2015 my cousins life changed forever when her husband died of a massive heart attack at only 41years old. They were one of those couples who were so into each other, their family unit was all they wanted and they adored each other. It was like any normal day, work, kids stuff, dinner and putting the house back together after having a new carpet fitted. Sarah went to bed leaving Andrew watching the 10 o'clock news. She woke through the night to realise he wasn't in bed, and she found him dead in the kitchen.

They have 2 kids at the time 9 and 6. They are all so brave and Sarah has shown how strong she is but her heart is totally and utterly broken. Why this can happen to a fit, healthy young man is wrong. But as runners we all know too well its not uncommon. How many runners die in a race each year?

I want to now raise money from my Bovington Half Marathon for BHF. I don't do races for sponsorship often but this is a challenge of a race and if I can raise even £20 that can go to help someone be diagnosed earlier, to save a life would be amazing. Thank you for your support - chivvying me on to run, just being fetchies and if you have a £1 to add to the total even better.

Any money they get goes towards the support network and more importantly into research in the hope that one day they may find a cure for it. Fortunately its not a life threatening illness but it certainly is life changing.

To make a donation, please visit:

About Me

About me... well I am a geordie lass (or geordiegirl) and have been running off and on over the years. I think I lost my way when my little dogs could no longer run with me.

So I have 7 months out in Oman 2015/2016 and finally got myself back to running regularly - all for the want of getting a medal of a tank at Bovington Half.

I love the freedom of running, I love being outside, love being able to just see where a road takes me, plotting new routes and looking for a race or two to aim for.

I travel a fair bit for work but a pair of trainers, some leggings and a t-shirt and you can get out regardless. What's not to love?

Oh and I love sharks!


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Mojo is back.... CR2 tank medal I am gunning for you!!

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10 Sep 17 Bacchus Marathon

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