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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

roberton M45

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Describe your ideal run, ride or swim.
Longish run somewhere pleasantly semi-rural, canal path or wooded footpaths or similar, with plenty of time and a small backpack with snacks. Maybe an audiobook to listen to.
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What's your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone?
Joint favourites are the games (WSW, Conquercise, UTMOST) and the people on the forums. It's probably a really good training log too if you are into that sort of thing ;-)
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How do you pick yourself up when you need to?
Go for a run? Plus think of one thing I've achieved today, or one way I've helped someone rather all the other things I tell myself I should have also done.
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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?
Your body's super-power is that it is adaptable and responds to practice. Take it easy, but keep doing it, and you will likely just get better and better.
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About Me

I started running Summer 2008. Didn't run before that but also wasn't doing any other regular exercise.
I entered a Cancer Research 10k with seven weeks to go as a challenge to myself to get fit. Not only did it go well, I really enjoyed the training and the race itself so I kept at it.
I occasionally aspire to be a lifestyle runner but I'm just a casual really. When the weather is good I love meandering runs enjoying the outdoors; when it's less good I enjoy the feeling I get afterwards. I like mixing up with games too: I've done Zombie's Run a bit, I admit to playing Pokèmon Go, and closer to home I'm thinking about squares with Conquercise and WSW.
In terms of racing, right now I'm getting a kick every Saturday morning out of slowly improving my parkrun PB for for the year and I do a few events every year to give it some structure. Half marathons are probably my favourite as getting round comfortably is enough of a challenge I don't make myself worry too much about PB chasing and can just enjoy it.

Race Standard

Great blue shark (62)

Current Status

As for Autumn 2018: Enjoying running. Tried a few new things this year to keep it fresh. Got a couple of PBs this year which is nice. Very much going to keep all this going through the Winter this time.

2018 Targets

  • RUN

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