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Reverse Age Grading Calculator

Enter a grade and your age to find out how fast you need to run.

Here's What You Need

To achieve an age grade of 50% at age 21.

Distance Male Female
1 mile 7:27 8:23
5k 25:58 29:32
5 miles 42:39 48:21
10k 53:26 1:00:40
10 miles 1:28:00 1:38:42
Half Mara 1:56:46 2:10:39
20 miles 3:02:45 3:22:25
Marathon 4:05:54 4:30:50
We recognise that gender classification is not a binary choice. However, the only age grading data available is restricted to male and female options. Rather than pushing you into making a binary choice, we've provided all the available results. We definitely won't be using pink and blue.

How Age Grading Works

Age Grading (aka WAVA) uses male and female world record information set by people of all ages. When rating your race time, it takes your age and gender into account. Olympians and world class athletes tend to score close to (or even above) 100. The rest of us won't be so high, but it's a good way to compare performances by different people.

Here's an article about how age grading works.
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