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Ian Williams aka Fetch


The Wiki section lets users record information that they'd like to share with others, and also allows you to work with others to build information on a specific subject. It's not a place to advertise your wares!

Article Last Update Owner Edits
chat Comprehensive List of Fetch Icons
A maintained list of all the little pictures and icons available to yo...
23/09/19 06:56 JK *chameleon* 21
chat Twittering Fetchies
Fetchies and their twitter ids
19/09/19 13:32 Drell 33
chat Fetch Yoga references
A list of the references we have mentioned over the past however many ...
27/08/19 13:36 Stepford Wife 9
chat 'Treats & Distractions': Suggestions for The Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol discussion
This is a list of suggestions for Fetchies on the TBOGUA forum thread ...
15/07/19 08:01 Anahata 4
chat Alternatives to alcholic drinks
This is a list of alternative drinks which people on the TBOGUA favour...
14/02/19 07:45 LindsD 18
chat Fetch Footbal Fans
A list of teams we all support.
22/01/19 15:25 Hendo 375
chat Stuff to get for a new baby
Not exhaustive by any means and only the suggestions of a friend of mi...
14/02/17 14:04 jude 11
chat Recommended Craft Shops
For the knitting/craft thread
07/09/15 16:16 LorraineS 22
chat The benefits of giving up alcohol
A summary of some of the benefits cited by those on "The benefits of g...
09/04/15 11:35 HappyG(rrr) 13
chat Bucket List
A place to share ideas for what to put on a Bucket List
01/01/15 13:51 Night-owl 6
chat Disability sports: organisations promoting running for the disabled (however defined)
This is a list of organisations that promote, support and develop spor...
10/06/14 13:52 GordonG 2
chat patterns galore
list any craft patterns/books you have that you would be happy to phot...
05/12/13 21:20 runner duck 10
chat Bevan's Run - Cardiff to London
Two doctors running 160 miles from Cardiff to London in 6 days - 10-15...
10/01/12 15:13 Blodwen 2
chat Inspirational Quotes for Running (and life)
This article is created to group together the quotes i find inspiratio...
23/05/11 15:56 Night-owl 3
chat The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010
This is a summary of this legislation that sets out new powers for loc...
18/05/11 17:23 Son of a Pronator Man 1
chat Welsh Cakes Word
For those people who don't speak Welsh the meanings of those strange W...
17/05/11 16:27 Zoom 18
chat What is the purpose of education?
What is Purpos/ed? http://purposed.org.uk/about/ Purpos/ed is a non-p...
09/05/11 17:41 C-Cat 2
chat Win £100 simplyrun voucher (John66 motm)
£1 minimum - sponsor John66 @ http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/john66v...
12/04/11 19:17 John66 5
chat The Fetch Olympics
How this works: Under each event leave your pb for the event and the 1...
16/01/11 09:01 Rossage 82
chat Dogs!
A brief guide on how to deal with dogs when out running
25/10/10 13:15 teddy-o 3
chat Ipods
Don't clap or encourage ipod wearers
09/05/10 18:00 shaper47 2
chat Edinburgh Marathon Place for sale
Place Available for Edinburgh Marathon
25/03/10 19:57 MuzzaC 1
chat Single Fetchies Weekend
We're going to the Lakes. 16th and 17th October
27/02/10 20:51 Jason1969 5
chat running free
170 miles in seven days - all for charity
23/01/10 21:57 tim0 2
chat Fetch London Christmas Party - December 18th - list of attendees
London drinks
15/12/09 14:22 John66 38
chat Opinion on owners of dog killing 4 year old
Opinion on "we all know the type of dog" dog owners
01/12/09 12:24 Da Big Guy 1
chat FERCers Races
For FERCers to log their races and results
18/11/09 10:09 Black Cat 96
chat FERCers opinions on everything FERC
In response to the on going roundabout of the thread titled "Fetchever...
15/10/09 21:27 Argie 2
chat Running and Life bodcast
This article gives you an overview of how to submit an article for the...
21/09/09 09:52 GordonG 1
chat Eddie Iz Running
Eddie Izzard is running for Sport Relief 2010
17/09/09 09:45 C-Cat 21
chat Cake Recipes
Yummy cakes :)
22/04/09 23:01 C-Cat 3
chat Fetch Photography - Taking Running pictures
Knowledge base on taking Running and race photos
29/12/08 20:16 The great dollop 4
chat Running Music
A list of Fetchies' Favourite running music...
21/11/08 15:07 Mykey 17
chat Speed conversion chart
Need to convert your speed from kph to mph or to min/km or min/mile......
15/02/08 14:09 SarahL 2
chat Santas TopTen@Ten
The Rules and what it's all about
08/11/07 10:26 santababy 5
chat Glossary
A collection of useful information to help you understand what people ...
23/08/07 17:52 fetcheveryone 7
chat Joining A Club
All about what it's like to run with a club - for those who are thinki...
11/07/07 14:58 fetcheveryone 2