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The Wiki section lets users record information that they'd like to share with others, and also allows you to work with others to build information on a specific subject. It's not a place to advertise your wares!

Article Last Update Owner Edits
races Booster Sayings
Whether you're running a marathon or an ultra or on your LSR what...
05/11/19 14:48 Max71 15
races Fetch parkrun reviews
EDIT - possible new idea is to update this to use for Fetchies view on...
23/10/19 14:30 larkim 202
races 100 marathon club
Place for 100 marathon group members to log completed marathons and ul...
04/07/19 19:01 Naomi P 642
races Contro's checklist for a marathon abroad
List of items for your marathon abroad
19/04/19 07:40 controversial 36
races Foolproof Garmin Set-up for Racing (copied from paul the builder's excellent blog post)
A great method of using your Garmin's pace feature in a race, but...
15/02/19 11:44 HappyG(rrr) 4
races Fetch junior parkrun reviews
Fetch reviews for junior parkruns - to keep things nice and tidy!
23/12/18 15:58 larkim 5
races Marathons for jetsetters
Here's my dream marathon list. Lots of marathons in different cou...
13/09/17 14:54 Naomi P 35
races 700 race achievements 2014
To log all the super performances during 2014, so to help with the 201...
17/12/14 18:59 FML 44
races UK Ultramarathon list
List of UK ultras
06/06/14 19:29 GeeeM 11
races Thunder Run 24 hour race
Hints and tips for TR24
25/06/12 16:43 Meglet 6
races Want your child to run, take them to the zoo!
brilliant day at the zoo with a little run for the kids too!
28/05/12 14:24 Andreia 2
races USA 50 States club
Details of American marathons & Short ultras in the USA in 2012
24/12/11 18:14 Foxy 1
races East Angular King James Mile 16 July 2011 results
Results of this and related races.
16/07/11 14:18 Drell 1
races First marathon tips
From the "Whats the one thing you wish you'd known before your first m...
04/04/11 17:57 John66 10
races www.greatbarrowchallenge.co.uk
This is a unique multi sport event over 4 days.Walk/Run/bike.you choos...
24/02/11 21:39 Mudlark/Titan Tri sport 1
races Long Eaton RC 50 mile ultra
Suggestions for how to make the race the best it can possibly be, on S...
04/01/11 11:03 Chrisity 4
new york marathon
29/10/10 08:56 lennon 1
races Numpties! How to spot and avoid them
A numpty is anyone who starts a running event unrealistically close to...
26/10/10 20:01 WildeRover 6
races Wilderover's thoughts on the Cardiff Half Marathon - Draft
Cardiff HM
04/09/10 13:00 WildeRover 2
races East Angular Hung Parliament Mile Results
The results of the East Angular Hung Parliament Mile held on the 3rd J...
03/07/10 20:33 Ted 5
races Rhyl to Llandudno Coast path,,,,,,
Thinking of an event for charity. A run from Rhyl to llandudno in the ...
20/05/10 23:19 MrMarmiteRuns 1
races Leeds Country Way 2010 - Fetch Team
Silly FERCers team for the Leeds Country Way 64 mile relay on Sunday 5...
25/04/10 18:43 wAckie Racer 1
races 10 in 10 in '10
Place for all those wonderful Fetchies who are going to be up and abou...
13/04/10 11:13 Naomi P 3
races Edinburgh Marathon Place for sale
Place Available for Edinburgh Marathon
25/03/10 19:50 MuzzaC 1
races Marathon Experiences Survey
A simple survey about marathoners' experiences.
28/02/10 15:57 smoke free 1
races A20 Path n Downs 13/21
22/02/10 21:14 Tracey G 1
races How we organised the BIG mile
Just don't worry about grammar...
06/02/10 20:26 Homer 1
races Racing in Spain
I am going to Spain on holiday this June and thought it would be a gre...
01/02/10 14:08 Steve Bienvenu 1
races Brighton Marathon 2010
Brighton Marathon.co.uk race information
19/01/10 12:35 The great dollop 2
races Fetch BIG Mile 2010 - Results
Fetch BIG Mile 2010 Results
11/01/10 20:53 Homer 3
races Cambridge and All Angles Mile - Results
Results for all the races 12.12.09
12/12/09 22:25 Forest Faerie 3
races How to organise a race
Useful information for anyone contemplating organising a race
27/11/09 09:37 fetcheveryone 2
races Fetch BIG Mile - Everything you need to know
You get the idea
17/11/09 17:47 Homer 37
races Fetch BIG Mile - race entries and numbers
Here are the race entries made and allocated numbers...
15/11/09 08:24 Homer 47
races Marriotts Way ultra run
Helpful advice and pictures for 1st November 2009.
11/10/09 14:58 mxhornet 1
races Septemberthon Pb hall of fame !
If you have had a Pb in September 09 then please add your name below
05/10/09 20:48 Magbag 27
races Photos from RNR
Kind of figures that we could have somewhere that everyone posts their...
24/09/09 18:13 purps 10
races Contro's Marathon checklist.
does what it says on the tin!
09/10/08 20:15 santababy 2
races Checklist for marathon day
A list of items to remember and things to do on (or before) marathon d...
16/08/08 13:37 Forest Runner 8
races Edinburgh Marathon - photo links
As it says - links to photos all in one place
01/06/08 23:49 Smout 6
races My Kent 50 Experience
An account of running the Kent 50 Mile Challenge
13/05/08 17:27 fetcheveryone 2
races Packing List for Events
Packing list for events
24/09/07 18:36 DIY Diva 5
races RNR 2007
Team and other organisational details for all three Fetch teams for th...
23/09/07 16:17 Nightjar 53
races Hawkshead 2007 - Fetchstock
Lest we remember incorrectly, embelish or otherwise besmerch the memor...
27/06/07 11:51 Hoaxster 7
races The fetcheveryone guide to running the Flora London Marathon
as it says
21/04/07 19:39 Chrisity 3