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About Me

Regular runner. Former Great Britain baseball team member. Putting on my GB shirt was a very proud moment. A few tears were shed ! :-) Worked really hard over the last few years, stayed focussed and bagged a sub3 hour marathon at London, followed by going sub 2:42 at Berlin and following up with 2.40 at Abingdon. Have run eight sub 2.45 marathons over the last few years. Don't do loadsa miles, just enough to be half decent ;-) but enjoy each race I do :-)

Percy Thrower had a magnificent garden. Why ? Cos he nurtured it ! :-)

'You can either throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat from your face. ' Gatorade advert.

"There will be day's when you don't know if you can run the marathon, but there will be a lifetime of knowing that you have"

"The answer to the problems of this world is for every one of us to go beyond our present capacities and become better".
Sri Chinmoy.

"Those who say that I will lose and am finished will have to run over my body to beat me."
Said Aouita

'You don't stop running because you get old, but you get old because you stop running.' If you want excellent structured training schedules, they work. :-) Keep focussed and stay happy :-) Spread the love and celebrate life :-) xxxxx

'Anything less is to sacrifice the gift' Steve Prefontaine

'You get out what you put in so stop moaning and get on with it!' Itch 2012

Jock is proud to wear black pantherz sportswear but stresses the importance of reflective clothing for dark winter evenings. I am also proud to be an Ambassador and sponsored athlete for If you are short for a few gels then give them a call !! :-)

Tired of doing lots of miles now. Running for enjoyment as approaching 50 ! :-)

You can also follow me on Twitter @ Jockitch96

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  • #GER #SWE this #VAR shit is boiling my piss. Never. In a millyun years was that a pen.
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