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Berlin Marathon

Sun September 20 2009 Listed by Bob!
71 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
-caz- Oh well that's marathon number 10 booked, just got the training to do now......eek Unaffiliated 4:14:55 5:04:50 4:50:00 5:04:50 40.54
2old Pretty hot and had a few walk breaks so suprised by time-pleased with pb Liverpool Pembroke & Sefton Harriers & AC 3:00:27 3:10:15 3:10:15 72.12
39articles My second marathon last year, was still aiming to get under 4hours, but was thwarted by a fuelling mis-hap - still, must keep trying! Wymondham AC 4:05:00 4:05:00 4:05:00 55.27
acha114 Reading Roadrunners 3:03:10 3:22:45 3:10:00 3:22:45 0.00
AlexJames Unaffiliated 3:59:59 4:04:29 4:30:00 4:04:29 50.29
AndrewJ I will do sub 4 this time - having missed at Edinburgh - heat killed me off. Training is going really well. Unaffiliated 4:02:50 4:02:50 3:50:00 4:02:50 51.75
Andyollings Unaffiliated 3:51:29 3:51:29 3:55:00 3:51:29 53.11
Ay up me duck Northbrook AC 3:12:14 3:13:18 3:14:59 3:13:18 72.88
Big M Wunderbar! Pudsey Pacers RC 3:56:26 3:56:26 3:50:00 3:56:26 54.26
Big Scone I'm not going to aim for just under 3hrs as I will end up getting 3hrs and 1 second.  However, if I aim for 2 hours 50 min I will probably get 4hrs. This will be my one and only marathon attempt (I say now). 26.2 miles is toooooooo long Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 3:08:05 3:08:05 2:58:00 3:08:05 65.37
Boab Well I missed the 2:30 marker I had set for myself, but was delighted to cross the line in a 2 minute PB.  The start was a farce and the first K was over 4 minutes as I struggled to pass the people who were clearly in the wrong pens.  Passed half way in about 1:14:30 and felt pretty good until about 8kms to go, where tiredness and I think some dehydration caught up with me.  Well done to everyone who ran today, 25C heat isn't the most pleasant weather to run in, but the crowds and place made up for the scorchio weather. Unaffiliated 2:31:13 2:31:13 2:31:13 82.28
Boingy As long as  I make it to the start line in one piece this is a nailed on PB. Stretch target is sub 3.30. *** - Absolute chaos at the start meant I was climbing over a fence into my pen after the gun, and then realised after crossing the start line I was going to have to spend the first few miles barging past slower runners. Knew at 10K my 3.30 target was out of the window, so just gave the best I could. Felt really strong for the middle 15 miles and was going great guns until it all went a bit Pete Tong at 23mile, and then struggled home to 3.36. The finish through the Brandenburg gate was amazing, and actually managed to smile and enjoy the last little bit. Looking back I'm really quite chuffed as it was a *huge* PB, on a hot day, and on a very crowded route. 3.30 will be mine at London :-)   Leamington C & AC 3:29:12 3:36:02 3:29:59 3:36:02 57.86
Bosun Tony That was tough...great, but tough !! FERC 3:19:52 3:25:14 3:25:00 3:25:14 65.71
Caniggia33 Unaffiliated 3:06:53 3:23:17 3:09:00 3:40:13 55.83
Cara_26.2 Unaffiliated 4:25:46 4:25:46 4:30:00 4:25:46 50.96
ChrisW Easy route to the start, no queue for toilets or entry into the pens - On My side. as I didn´t approach from the village they were fewer people. Started and it felt hot already. Stopped for No1 after 10 minutes. Then on way, around 3km I was feeling nausia. This never really left. Took on water at all stations. Gels at 7km, 16km, 25km, 32km. Took energy drink from Sarah at 22km, and drank slowly up to 34km. 

1-5: 8.50 8.20 8.29 8.33 8.22 
6-17: 8.40 8.30 8.34 8.32 8.42 8.37 8.43 8.56 8.49 8.50 8.44 8.56 
18-22: 9.21 9.13 9.14 9.12 9.17 
23,24: 10.12 10.11 
25-end: 9.21 9.36 9.00 Ranelagh Harriers 3:35:15 3:57:51 3:49:00 3:57:51 51.83
ck1 DNF Canterbury Harriers 3:14:08 3:28:40 3:20:00 3:29:00 62.40
connelld Things didn't go exactly to plan as what started as a relatively good second half, turned pear shape by the 33rd K. Because of the crowd, i didn't get into pace until around the 13K marker. Still managing to get to my desired pace, I had worked out that I could still manage to squeeze a sub 3 pb even though it would be a heck of a negative slit. Before the last 10K I felt my calf was sore but decided to continue on but by my 33rd K I started tightening up and ended up walk/jogging for quite a few K. Finished the race with a PW.

Well done to Boab for a PB with a fantastic time and all the others who managed to get a PB. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 2:41:13 3:16:35 3:16:35 63.05
CookPassBabtridge Aim was always to try and run sub 2.30.  Looked on for it in training and races leading up.  Took a  while to get into it and feel like I could run at marathon pace but by 3rd k was knocking  off 3.26-3.30 km splits, passed halfway in 74.10.  Never felt really good but this continued to 30k at which point I slowed by a few seconds which 6k later was 10-15 seconds per k.  Maybe the heat sapped me and I should have set out a bit more conservatively.  Nevertheless happy with a 3 1/2 minute pb on a tough day for running fast.  Hell even the great one couldn't manage it today!  

Really enjoyed the whole weekend, the race was superb, the crowds just fantastic and the city too.  Would definitely go back. Erewash Valley RC, Notts AC 2:23:21 2:31:08 2:31:08 81.76
Craig Unaffiliated 2:59:56 3:00:40 2:59:59 3:00:40 68.05
Crisis Cory Dulwich Runners AC 5:59:47 5:59:47 5:30:00 0.00
Dalya Dorking & Mole Valley AC 4:31:27 0 0.00
DCB Cheddar Running Club 3:13:29 3:20:11 3:30:00 3:32:32 61.36
elio Unaffiliated 2:54:58 4:02:51 4:02:51 50.63
Fox on a run Stockport Harriers & AC 2:59:19 3:14:45 3:21:33 63.65
Gee-Rizzle Unaffiliated 2:51:30 3:04:10 3:06:15 66.01
gilb Unaffiliated 3:49:33 3:54:22 3:45:00 3:54:22 52.46
Gingerkid Dulwich Park Runners 3:27:31 3:45:19 3:45:19 60.10
greenb Unaffiliated 3:43:00 0 3:00:00 0.00
Gritts! 100 Marathon Club, Orion Harriers 2:51:01 3:04:55 3:10:00 3:04:55 67.03
Nice route - waaaayyy too busy. Didn't enjoy the scenery because too busy trying to find a square inch of road to run on without tripping over someone else.  Never seen anything like this.  Couldn't even get into my start pen till 20 mins after the gun went off - had to jump railings and then spent the rest of the race sqeezing past people and running on pavements etc.  Drink stations were a nightmare also but finish was amazing. Athelite 3:56:49 4:15:00 4:19:00 53.59
Hipster Unaffiliated 3:31:26 4:07:43 4:07:43 49.88
I ran sub-1:40!!! Unaffiliated 3:39:00 3:54:13 3:45:00 3:54:13 52.64
iesvs Unaffiliated 4:53:26 4:53:26 5:02:22 40.66
Jigs Berlin Marathon! Finally arrived! - Bad start after searching for bag drop tent, was late getting to start pen B and couldn't get in so started the race from outside. Can't blame the start as I was running clear from the moment I crossed the line. Went pretty well up to about half way, next k felt by far the longest as I was waiting for SarahL to come into view, and then she certainly did! spotted her way in the distance, bouncing up and down with that distinctive wig! Thanks Sarah :) really helped. But shortly afterwards I had to stop and stretch my left calf which had tightened right up. Was probably a good 30 secs before I restarted, more or less up to pace again, but slowing from 15 miles. Tummy cramps hindered me quite a few times and I didn't dare to fart until I got to 30k! Realised I could still make it under 3 hrs if I carried on with miles not slower than 6.50 ish, so plugged away at it. Had run out of water in my bottle, apart from a few sips worth, which I wanted to save for emergency indigestion treatment, which I get from time to time. Walked through a 2 or 3 water stations (off the race line) just to make sure I took on enough water from the cups (bottles would have been better, Berlin!) as it was definitely hot out there. Only just caught sight of Sarah at 38k as she shouted to me in a croaky voice as I passed. Struggled the last few k and the road approaching the Brandenburg gate seemed to go on forever. Struggled the last k and across the line fighting a tightening chest. Mustn't complain really at a nearly 2 min PB, but I KNOW I'm capable of a faster time! Watch this space :)
...Who's idea was it to put a cobbled street in the last mile? B*stard!! Unaffiliated 2:46:27 2:58:15 2:58:15 71.42
Jock Itch Loved it !  Ran a neg slit

Halfway: 1:21:57
FERC 2:40:14 2:42:22 2:44:00 2:42:22 77.86
justinmoore Unaffiliated 3:39:00 3:39:00 3:39:00 57.38
Kampfmaus Serpentine RC 3:43:15 3:43:15 3:43:15 60.94
Keefy Beefy Training run. Unaffiliated 3:15:38 3:45:28 3:47:27 54.06
littlek Unaffiliated 0 0 0.00
MarcH DNF.
(As it turned out, I was attempting to run this while having glandular fever! Only found that out, when I went to see my GP in the week after the race.)
Mornington Chasers 2:46:32 2:53:23 2:55:00 0.00
marders Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 2:23:19 2:23:19 2:23:19 85.79
MartinCunningham Berlin will be my second overseas marathon and now hoping to progress further towards my sub 3:15 goal.  UPDATE: Goal achieved with my chip time of 3:09:49.  Everything went well and although the day was hot I had bought a running cap that kept me cool.  Went through half way in 1:35:05 and confidence grew as the 5k's were ticked off although from 38k onwards it felt really hard work as the legs were hurting.  Finally going through the Brandenburg Gate was amazing and then managed a sprint to the finish line to ensure the time was below 3:10. Unaffiliated 3:09:49 3:09:49 3:09:49 70.44
Martyn Fisher If someone had told me in advance that I'd finish in 4hrs 15mins, then I'd have been disappointed. As it was, given the heat of the day and the interruptions at water stations, I was happy with this time. The last 7/8k were uncomfortable. Almost Athletes 3:59:43 4:15:09 4:15:09 51.11
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Not happy :-( But am pleased to be 4th Brit in my category :-) I will add more later Kettering Town Harriers 3:15:02 3:44:13 3:44:13 73.24
N11TED Unaffiliated 0 0 3:45:00 0.00
oprah Brilliant race! Loved the music and the crowds. A little warm for a marathon, which meant a bit more walking than I'd intended, but really, really enjoyed it. Woohoo! Unaffiliated 3:37:54 5:08:45 5:08:45 43.87
ouztriks PB Fitness Running Club 3:45:17 4:13:21 4:13:21 48.77
paulhiles Ran a PB but missed out on my target time of 3:30 ( probably a bit ambitious in these conditions ).
Last 10k the wheels seem to come off, I had no pace and kept getting slower as each km ticked over. Not a great deal of cover for the last section and I think the sun and heat got to me. I did see Bosun Tony pass me at around mile 16, but I was in my club vest so I resisted the urge to grab hold of him for a tow. All in all, I can't complain, had a good start in pen E, and apart from a few people cutting me up, had no real issues with the crowded course. Enjoyed the Erdinger alcohol-frei on the grass afterwards! :o)
Next time, I'll be better prepared and fitter! Plumstead Runners 3:24:35 3:34:48 3:30:00 3:34:48 62.78
Peacey Jerryjam dicsorama with Mr Itch. White Horse Harriers AC 2:56:48 3:12:04 3:12:04 64.08
Pipsqueak Norwich Road Runners, Tri-Anglia 3:58:21 3:58:21 3:58:21 60.97
Prof Disco Dean 2nd attempt at the distance should at least get under 3.30 looking foward to it? ! well i did under 3.30 but i was confident i could do nearer 3.15 after a pb 1.24 for a half two weeks before. but bad prep for it and a sleepless night friday before i flyed out and the weather on the day all took its toll hopefully get place for london next year for another crack Reading Roadrunners 3:01:11 3:28:53 3:28:53 58.86
Pudjus Unaffiliated 3:04:14 3:12:24 3:12:24 63.90
Redchilli Unaffiliated 2:44:23 3:01:32 2:59:59 3:01:32 68.07
redpanda Unaffiliated 3:17:17 3:23:00 3:23:00 67.43
Reggywill Had less than two months training due to injury, really found the last 6km tough. Unaffiliated 3:50:09 4:22:48 4:22:48 46.91
Relkeel66 Wye Valley Runners 3:34:36 3:44:02 3:47:20 56.89
RFergie Long Eaton Running Club 3:49:00 4:36:00 4:36:00 45.53
Rick OShay hot and tough as old boots after mile 22.

start was a shambles...course was a scrum in places Harvel Hash House Harriers 3:35:57 3:43:57 4:55:00 3:54:20 54.33
Rockeys mate 100 Marathon Club, Pudsey Pacers, Leeds & Bradford Triathlon Club 3:44:45 3:59:38 3:45:00 3:59:38 58.26
Rookery Unaffiliated 2:55:05 3:13:51 3:25:11 60.41
ruskinmike Dulwich Runners AC 4:08:19 4:08:19 4:08:19 53.85
ruthb Unaffiliated 4:59:16 0 0.00
sarahbob Not a great race for me. Garden City Runners 3:41:35 4:00:56 3:45:00 4:00:56 57.31
Sean1504 Fairlands Valley Spartans RC 3:33:31 3:40:14 4:13:51 48.43
slonge Nailsea RC, Southville Running Club 3:50:00 3:50:00 3:50:00 56.23
Smartypants Unaffiliated 3:24:51 3:24:51 3:53:29 54.94
Stuart Millar Ousden Running Club (O.R.C) 3:26:14 3:42:28 3:44:59 3:42:28 55.42
swift8 Great Western Runners, SWIFT Running Club 3:39:19 3:47:27 3:40:00 3:47:27 54.33
wathan Not the best first one didn't really go to plan but a brill day and a amazing experience!!!!! Eryri Harriers 2:56:38 3:23:12 2:55:00 3:23:12 60.51
yramrag Wimborne AC 2:47:08 3:16:59 3:16:59 63.16

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