Yateley 10k Race 3

Listed by CB.
Entrants (26) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5hep Farnham Runners 49:04 50:28 50:28 55.34
BABOY Reading Roadrunners, Serpentine RC 36:08 36:56 36:59 36:56 72.37
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 39:13 43:34 43:34 65.64
bw Reading Roadrunners 39:14
Eeyore! Alton Runners 45:26 45:26 52:00 48:19 65.50
eMpTy Running with eMpTy 2, try and consolidate his progress. UPDATE : eMpTy 2 didn't run this one. Legs very tired with all the marathon training miles in the legs, last 3k very difficult almost lost a good time in the last K before givng myself a kick, just managed a PB by 3secs.  Denmead Striders 42:06 42:34 46:00 42:34 70.58
Gobi Well, I'll try. Would I bet on me ???? HELL NO

Legs are trashed from highest ever mileage month. I am officially in plodder land as my 100km is in 5 weeks BUT I will still go off at sub 3.30 km pace.

Yateley 34.47 PB by 17 seconds and 22 seconds on this course.

WAVA 79.34% 8th overall

5km Split 17.22 17.25 (5km PB 17.19)

Get in there


Went off hard and settled in about 30 metres behind 2 lads I know and noted where Bracknell F runner was. Pace was hard through 3kms but I was on schedule for 35 so I pushed down the hill for the 4th km (13.44) I passed JH and buddy here and it was game on. I always work hard 5-7 and was rewarded with 6.41 for these 2(a touch short) 8 kms in(28.50 another PB) BF runner was close now and it was nads out time. I kicked up Fetch mountain my breathing was calm my guts did not hurt but I was in pain. 9kms and BF runner is mine and it is all about the clock. Turned for home off the roundabout and tried to open my stride I felt slow but I was moving fast breathing was everywhere but I knew I had a chance. The mud to the finish was like cement but I saw the clock and happiness that I have not felt for a long time in a short race was mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. I do have the audacity to be a little miffed about the positive split.

pps. I may have to stop calling myself a slow ultra plodder Cannock & Stafford AC 33:14 34:47 34:59 34:47 77.83
JH1 Farnham Triathlon Club, Woking AC 34:41 35:56 35:56 75.04
Jock Itch 1 sec outside prediction !  PB ! FERC 34:25 36:09 38:30 38:31 70.62
johntz Tired, slightly injured with a sore throat.  Undulating course and will probably be hot.  This is sooooo not going to be a PB.  Looking forward to it though.
**Update** It was OK in the end, within a minute of my PB was as good as I could expect.  Again, started too fast and suffered in the latter part of the race.  Overall I'm pleased I managed to run it.  A few weeks of rest/slow running+physio should get me back on track. Sandhurst Joggers, Southern Navigators 39:57 41:55 42:50 64.25
Konaboy Pi**ed off that I got so close to a PB. Very congested at start (a lot more than 1st two races). Felt fine up to just over 5Ks but again struggled on the long straight up to the sponge station at 7.5ks. Finished strong though on the hill up to the school & the run into the field. Reading Roadrunners 44:28 44:47 44:30 44:47 62.36
manicstreetpounder An unexpected PB!!! A well organised series of races, which I will definitely aim to do again next year. Unaffiliated 37:04 40:27 42:00 41:35 65.77
Muriel Tunbridge Wells Harriers 39:36 46:39 47:49 55.87
Nick Cook Not running very well at the moment!!! Unaffiliated 47:37 49:47 51:00 52:06 57.66
PaulF Unaffiliated 50:49 51:39 52:16 51:39 58.66
PeterS Unaffiliated 47:00 49:42 53:22 52.75
peterte Blackwater Valley Runners 49:14 54:26 54:44 50.55
Rach E I will be going for a PB come hell or high water and would also like to hold onto my second place senior lady for the series (currently in second place after the first two races). ***UPDATE*** Sorry to those who bet but it just wasn't on tonight. My head wasn't in it, my legs felt tired and I think I was worried about my health issues and just felt unable to push tonight. I also accidentally stopped my stopwatch at 4km so had to run the last 6km blind. On the plus side I ran within myself and at no point thought I was going to collapse. It's another sub-39 though so that's a good thing. To be honest I am pleased to have a break from racing now. I did get second place for the series though which was nice and Yateley is an enjoyable race. I WILL be back to my normal aggressive running self come the GER and I WILL get my health sorted. Aldershot, Farnham & District AC, Team Kennet, Newbury Velo 36:58 37:55 37:45 38:55 77.94
RacingSnake26 Sandhurst Joggers 40:58 40:58 41:55 72.37
RuthB2 Hooray! PB! Great race - felt tired beforehand, but loved it once I got going. Great to see other Fetchies there too - Em, hope your hip is ok, Gobi well done on your PB, lovely to see Rach too. Bring on next year! Unaffiliated 44:57 53:31 53:31 56.68
stevep1000uk Definately going to be a PB as have never run a 10K before.
Found it really hot for the first couple of km and couldn't understand why I was so thirsty after hydrating so much the previous two days. Also need to practice drinking on the run as nearly choked myself. Went off a bit quicker than I wanted for the first 3 km but if I could maintain that and run at the pace I intended for the rest of the race would be very happy with the time. No chance, struggled thru the middle km's and lost the time I had made up. Managed to dig in for the last 3km and  get under what I think was a pretty realistic prediction considering my training. In the cold light of day quite happy really and think I can definately do better but about 4km in was beginning to regret entering a half-marathon for later in the year! Now I just know I need to train harder. Unaffiliated 44:36 49:21 50:00 49:21 54.64
SteveT Not going on holiday til the 3rd, so I can now run this one.  No idea what time I will do as I will be in middle of marathon preparation and don't plan to taper for this, but hopefully if it is slightly better conditions than the last one I may sneak a PB in.

Definitely sneaked that one, by 6 secs :)

Splits 18:24/18:51 as apposed to 18:15/19:06 on my PB, so quicker in the second half. Splits (By KM markers/By my Polar SDM) 1K 3.25/3.44, 2K 3.49/3.45, 3K 3.55/3.45, 4K 3.21/3.33, 3.51/3.37, 6K 3.34/3.38, 7K 3.41/3.44, 8K 4.04/3.47, 9K 3.55/3.52, 10K 3.40/3.51.
As last time this seems to show that the 4K marker seems to be about 15 seconds early, 6 and 7 K markers seem to be early which makes the 8th Km seem long Hart Road Runners 36:30 37:15 37:10 37:15 75.57
Tone Stubbington Green Runners 37:15 38:08 40:00 39:54 67.85
topcorner I wasn't expecting a PB, I was feeling quite flat all day before the race. In the end I saw a couple of mates and tagged along with them. A nice comfy pace, a good chat and I enjoyed the last race in the series. Can't believe that's it for another year. It goes so quickly. Sandhurst Joggers 50:50 52:35 55:15 48.36
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 35:30 40:54 40:54 65.93
Wozza25 Unaffiliated 49:35 49:35 49:54 53.54
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