Fleet Half Marathon

Listed by Jock Itch
  • Rated 79%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (45) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
5hep Training run for FLM 2007 Farnham Runners 1:47:51 1:49:50 1:55:50 52.01
alfazenna1 Beat Paul Gittins just after chasing him 11 miles RAF AC 1:21:39 1:21:39 1:21:39 72.31
auburnette Lovely race :) Orpington Road Runners 1:40:48 1:51:48 2:00:00 1:54:17 56.52
Badgerlocke Very enjoyable, part of build up for FLM07. pleased with time, on a hot day...although found it a little harder than I thought...but good base for the big one! Alresford RC 1:34:18 1:34:18 1:34:18 61.55
blue (pete) Will attempt to knock off 11 mins from last year to get new PB

Sorry guys...what a mare. Too tired, too hot, dehydrated, very sore right foot, blister on left...did manage to beat my previous 10k and 10 mile time but wheels really fell from mile 8.
Lovely day really, great event, nice tea at start and finish and 7 seconds (count them all very slowly) faster than last year.

ps jockitch - my wife and boy gave you a cheer at mile 8+ on the main road - thought you were great Unaffiliated 1:49:12 1:49:12 1:40:00 1:51:33 54.45
Cheeky Chappy Smashed my PB on a day when I didn't think it was on. A little too warm for me but the quality I've put into training this winter really showed.

Yet again, the Fleet organisers delivered the goods.

Over the moon Brian, a game of two halves... Woking AC 1:24:49 1:33:33 1:37:59 1:35:13 62.37
Coxy Apple Hercules Wimbledon AC 1:46:23 1:46:23 1:48:00 1:47:41 60.27
DanielDodson Did okay but was exhausted by mile 8 and going noticeably slower than everyone around me. Unaffiliated 1:35:53 1:35:53 1:35:53 60.46
dave the flower A good race following achilles problems. A new PB too! New Forest Runners 1:44:54 1:47:56 1:49:59 1:47:56 55.40
Dina Mo Stubbington Green Runners 1:51:16 2:06:58 2:07:53 50.63
DPowles Portsmouth Joggers Club 1:28:03 1:30:28 1:30:00 1:30:28 64.27
elio Unaffiliated 1:21:38 1:50:58 1:50:58 52.25
fatface Sorry guys. Shite day at the office. No PB, not even close, somewhere in the region of 3:20 off the mark. Completely hacked off with my performance. I'll update my finish  time when the official results are produced.

Unaffiliated 1:41:30 1:47:50 1:44:59 1:48:23 56.50
GAZGIB Prediction was really a bet I made a few months ago with someone, a chest infection throughout February put pay to that bet, but at 2:10 I think I need to revaluate my progress in coming back from injury. How depressing was it that my half marathon PB bleeped on my watch before I even reached 10 miles. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:35:38 1:52:07 1:45:00 2:10:00 45.00
Hairy Legs Well organised race, some nice secnery and lots of Marshalls (offering lots of encouragement). Not a PB but inside marathon training target time and on the back of two 20 mile races so can't complain too much. :-) Stubbington Green Runners 1:35:04 1:36:27 1:36:27 60.65
hungry hippo Purple Patch Runners 1:52:56 2:01:05 2:02:26 52.66
iainoutrunning Unaffiliated 1:23:16 1:30:36 1:30:36 64.00
ianb Woking AC 1:34:57 1:46:44 1:50:59 52.30
Inertia Unaffiliated 1:45:51 1:47:30 1:47:30 55.62
IronDaz Had an off day today. The course was nice had a few more undulations than i remember. Burnham Joggers 1:21:38 1:21:38 1:22:00 1:25:31 67.99
Jenn My first half marathon.  Good course, nice scenery, not too hilly, lovely weather and a very well organised event. Unaffiliated 1:53:41 2:02:00 2:03:33 54.25
Jock Itch Was'nt racing this one. Took it fairly easy along the way.  Made a nice change rather than pushing it then hanging on at the end. Last mile of 5:30 with a sprint for the ladies. Check out my blog for full race report. FERC 1:13:30 1:22:45 1:29:00 1:27:48 66.90
Kitty Serpentine RC 2:00:34 2:11:30 2:11:30 49.03
Leg End Not a race this time, but part of the weekly Long Run six weeks before the London Marathon. Ran 5.6 miles from home to the start then straight into the half-marathon, with my two London companions, Lisa & Serena. 19.5 miles in all (in 3:07:53). Average pace 9:38, last two miles @ 9:11 & 8:54. Great! Sandhurst Joggers 1:46:11 1:46:11 2:10:00 2:04:57 56.97
Little Nemo Serpentine RC 2:11:52 2:11:52 2:11:52 50.22
Little Sausage Biggleswade AC 1:37:49 1:37:50 1:42:49 62.77
Nige Clay Unaffiliated 1:27:00 1:27:00 1:27:00 66.65
Oldie-baldie Compton Harriers RC 1:27:00 1:33:10 1:35:20 64.77
oprah Was going to race this as it's my first half marathon, but now that I've signed up for Paris I'll probably end up taking it easy...Edit: 2:13:53, so slightly slower than I was hoping for, but under 2:15 so I'm content. Beautiful weather and a beautiful, well-marshalled course with lots of crowd support. I'm not used to the hills so my legs were stiff by the last 2 miles, but otherwise a fantastic race! Was knackered from lack of sleep, but really enjoyed it nonetheless. Unaffiliated 1:37:20 2:13:52 2:13:52 48.16
pullo first race first half-marathon walked three times exhausted after 9 miles but fantastic atmosphere great feeling to finally cross finish line will be back and faster next year with proper training behind me. Unaffiliated 1:45:45 2:04:49 2:30:00 2:26:41 44.69
Rachael2001 Unaffiliated 1:59:47 1:59:47 1:50:00 1:59:47 57.24
rockin rory FERC 1:41:00 1:41:00 1:44:00 61.41
Rookery Unaffiliated 1:21:58 1:49:12 1:49:12 53.15
Sezz Sorry guys who bet on me :-(

I was going so well at the 6m mark but then it all went pants!  I think it was too warm for me and I also set off too fast.  Nice course though so will try again next year. Trent Park Running Club 2:05:04 2:08:51 1:59:59 2:08:51 51.13
SharonD Ranelagh Harriers, St. Mary's University College AC 1:52:05 2:09:00 2:14:00 48.43
shirlgirl Farnham Runners 1:55:00 2:04:00 2:19:00 54.42
simpet Unaffiliated 1:38:32 1:38:32 1:45:00 1:38:32 59.61
SteveT Perfect weather (ok maybe a little windy).  Its amazing what a properly planned training program can do, after taking whole of November/December off due to injury I never thought I would get anywhere near this time. Hart Road Runners 1:22:10 1:22:10 1:27:00 1:25:17 71.22
Swindon number 1 Injured knee :( Swindon Harriers 1:32:12 1:41:00 1:29:00 1:41:00 57.44
Tiddly B Went off to try and run sub 1.20 onlt to realise that I was not in that sort of shape and the course was also a little more undulating than I had expected.  Anyway died spectacularly!! Ranelagh Harriers 1:18:07 1:20:20 1:18:00 1:26:40 67.09
TZ 100 Marathon Club, Winchester & District AC 1:17:03 1:31:44 1:36:38 60.17
Um Bongo Sorry guys who bet on me but it just didn't happen today. Not sure what went wrong heat, mental, being off with lergy -who knows. Anyway its in the past now and we look ahead - last year I had poor Fleet run then following Sunday had great 20 miler at Finchley so how mad is that?! Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 1:42:48 1:43:09 1:48:08 58.06
WD40 Liss Runners, Portsmouth Triathletes 1:25:42 1:25:42 1:27:00 67.24
weeble A PB but disappointing nontheless.   Was feeling a bit below par generally, and just felt like I had nothing in the tank after about six miles, pace steadily declined from 8:15 m/m to below 9 m/m on the last couple of miles despite pushing as hard as I could. Unaffiliated 1:53:40 1:53:40 1:50:00 1:53:40 56.72
Wicket Ran the first mile in 5:30 and paid for it later! Mornington Chasers 1:23:29 1:23:29 1:20:00 1:23:56 69.07

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