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Ian Williams aka Fetch
23 Dec 2018

A Christmas Message (in podcast form)

2:34pm | 1454 views | 8 Comments
Hello Fetchies :-)

Here’s a podcast from me. Gather round the virtual fireplace and get a bit sleepy ;-)

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  • :-)
    2:59pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • I love this....what a great idea
    3:46pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • A great idea! Just the right length, too!
    Alice the Camel
    3:57pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • Great podcast and Christmas message. It didn’t tax my short little span of attention either 🙂
    Eynsham Red
    4:01pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • 👍
    9:18pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • Loved that, brought a little lump to my throat too... Merry Christmas to you, Katie and your family xx
    10:19pm, 23rd Dec 2018
  • Yes! Yeah, that was alright. Oh, and I'm on 979/1000 miles for 2018, so that'll get me out this week too. How about a 5k to ultramarathon plan? Have a wondeful, imperfect Christmas!
    4:35pm, 24th Dec 2018
  • Ten peaceful minutes. Thank you.
    11:59am, 27th Dec 2018

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18 Dec 2018

Rungeon :-)

12:03pm | 513 views | 16 Comments
If you haven't tried it yet, have a crack at escaping my Rungeon:


(it should take you all of two minutes).

I like the idea of building a more complex version of one of these. Knowing that we have lots of creative writers amongst us, I can see the possibility of each person putting together their own room, each with a series of choices, and only one correct pathway through to escape that room - which in turn would lead to another person's room.

The game mechanics are pretty simple to code - each page is a couple of paragraphs of text, followed by several choices. Each choice leads to a new scenario, and there are one or more routes that lead you through the choices to the end. There are opportunities for it to get more complex, e.g. collecting items that are required to pass through later stages - but I reckon it's all possible too.

If you're interested in doing something like this, leave a comment.
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  • Love the idea but I won't be able to contribute
    12:18pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • Enjoyed the mini calendar version this morning. Not sure I would be creative enough to come up with any ideas though. So many talented writers on Fetch though :-)
    12:37pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • See, repeated use of 'though', doh!
    12:38pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • That reminded me of "decision" books I used to read as a child. Great fun, but I doubt I would be able to contribute, not imaginative enough!
    1:05pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • A REALLY complicated version would be Who Squares Wins/Rungeon mash up meets Escape from Colditz (where your WSW opponent is obs the baddie) - e.g. run through square C7 in WSW to trigger options to escape from a room in the lair of the arch-nemesis Prince strava (not sure how you'd collect the 'do or die' cards though) :-)
    1:10pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • *obvs
    1:10pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • You could link it to conquercise, do it on a grid and have a go N, E, S, W option for every square (except where it takes you to an unplayable square) too. And a pic if there is a pic. Cool, auto, self-creating game. :-) G
    1:46pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • I'm fairly sure I couldn't do the coding bit (however simple it might be) but I'd be happy to provide the text and options. I'd just be a bit worried that at some point I'd end up in Fellrunning's story that is taking shape in his blogs at the moment and I'd be too scared to go on.... :-)
    4:06pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • That was fun! :)
    4:16pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • I’d have a go, but I can’t promise to come up with anything useable.
    5:17pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • I started with a circle, in which I scribbled a few notes about what was in that room, then three more circles that came off that. Some had arrows that looped back to the first circle. Start by creating your map, and you can fill in the descriptive detail later. Let me know if you decide to go for it Dio (and anyone) :-)
    5:21pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • It's October, you are sitting at your laptop after opening an email, you have finished reading THAT message. What you did back in April had completely slipped your mind, it has been a wonderful summer, but the nice weather, barbecues and beach holiday had got in the way of all that raining you planned to, and yes, you ARE in the London Marathon.......your choices are DON'T PANIC.........Go For a Long....Get a plan from runner's world.
    Wriggling Snake
    6:36pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • ...Go for a Long Run ;-)
    Wriggling Snake
    6:38pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • A Fergus McNeill, Level 9 and Infocom mash-up: oh yes, count me in.
    7:39pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • Ooh, my favourite kind of game, I loved those decision books too, still have them somewhere, Citadel of Chaos, Forest of Doom...
    I’d love to have a go at creating a room or two.
    7:43pm, 18th Dec 2018
  • Fetch Your Own Adventure™ :-)
    6:59pm, 20th Dec 2018

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17 Dec 2018

Hey, Everyone!

12:47pm | 622 views | 7 Comments
I've just downloaded a copy of 44 "Hey, Fetch" blogs, to make sure I can go through them all and pick out all the best requests. The thing that struck me first though, is that so many of you started out with a compliment about the site. And that's pretty awesome, and gives me a nice warm glow :-) Thank you all!

I've pasted them all into a Word document, and there are about 7000 words to read :-)

What I normally do is cut-and-paste every idea into a bug database, and review what's in there periodically, to pick out what feels like the most appropriate improvement / fix. I'll do that this time, but I'll also do another blog in a bit with a few responses. Bear with :-)
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  • Did you notice that a couple were "crowd answered" too? FE support at its best! Have fun reading! Hope your pile doesn't get too big! :-) G
    12:52pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • You deserve to feel good. :-)
    3:08pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • You do!
    4:26pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • My request was already sorted (thanks to docM for pointing it out). That's really impressive service, a bit like Santa Clause ("he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake..." etc.) Thinking about it, I've never seen both you and Father Christmas at the same time together, which is very suspicious.
    6:33pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Speaking of which: "he knows if you've been good or bad, so be good, for goodness' sake". If you *are* Father Christmas in the off-season, why not help law enforcement with a few clues at least? They'd really appreciate all that intel and crime rates would surely plummet. Thank you St Nick.
    6:35pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Hey fetch - thanks
    7:44pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Thanks :-)
    8:25pm, 17th Dec 2018

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12 Dec 2018

France Trip Vote

12:05pm | 819 views | 11 Comments
Vote for your favourites before midday tomorrow:


And scroll down to read our Independence Day blog if you haven’t already.
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  • Voted - but not for me and BaronBR!!!
    3:53pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Oh god that was difficult!
    The Mighty Fleecy
    6:06pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • I really wanted more than one vote!
    6:12pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • That is a REALLY tough vote. I'm genuinely stuck. I need to read their reasons/arguments *goes hunting*
    Wine Legs
    8:06pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • The winners are Chiefy and Joopsy :-O
    7:24pm, 13th Dec 2018
  • :-O

    It was a really tough decision- they all deserved to go for different reasons. I'm sure they'll do you proud.
    8:37pm, 13th Dec 2018
  • Many congratulations to Chiefy and Joopsy :)
    9:28pm, 13th Dec 2018
  • I think that's a good call :)
    10:19pm, 13th Dec 2018
  • Oh la la
    10:39pm, 13th Dec 2018
  • Well done Chiefy and Joopsy!
    8:38am, 14th Dec 2018
  • Well done guys. Allez bien.
    8:33pm, 14th Dec 2018

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11 Dec 2018

Happy Fetch Independence Day

10:29pm | 464 views | 63 Comments
Two years ago on the morning of December 12th 2016, I got an email from my then boss at Natmags (aka Runner's World), asking me for my phone number, as he didn't know it. I was hoping he was getting in touch to authorise a repair to my laptop, which had developed a fault right in the middle of our very busy festive calendar.

For those of you who aren’t up to speed with your Fetch history, the site began in 2004 as a hobby alongside my full-time job as a web developer, around about the time I started running. There was nothing like it at the time, not even Facebook - and it got popular. Natmags took me for pizza in 2006, and asked me to give them ownership of the site, and to take a full-time job working on it for them. After six months of soul searching, I went ahead.

I’ve no complaints about Natmags. The fact that no-one knew my phone number also indicates how much freedom they’d given me to run the site for nearly a decade. When I originally made my pact with them, there were a lot of concerns about the direction the site might take as a result of their influence. But those worries were unfounded. Instead I got to spend a decade devoting my time to looking after you all, with very little pressure to focus on the financial aspects of the site. I felt lucky.

The call wasn’t about my laptop. The board of directors had decided that they were no longer willing to fund Fetcheveryone, and that as an obvious consequence, I was no longer required as an employee. On the plus side, they had no interest in retaining ownership of the site, and so it was free to be mine again. It was a huge shock, but one I had been expecting for years.

I was alone when the call came in. Katie was in her treatment room with a physio client. I knew she had one more appointment straight after, and I didn't want to upset her before that, so I hid upstairs and tried not to panic, until she'd gone in with her second client.

When I told her afterwards, she was as shocked and worried as me. We wondered what would happen - whether I'd get another job; whether we'd have to downsize; and most distressingly of all, the impact it would have on my time with my boy. As things stood, I would drive north each week to spend time with him, doing my work there whilst he was at school or asleep. What new employer would be flexible enough to allow this, and also give me enough income to keep us going?

All these horrible possibilities crystallised in front of us within the first couple of hours, like a terribly powerful glacier ready to scrape us away. But alongside them in the gloom was a small glowing light. The site was mine again. By lunchtime, I’d tweeted a picture of Han and Chewie, captioned “Chewie We’re Home”.


For a couple of years prior to our independence, we’d had a voluntary donation scheme in place to support the site. In its first year it did reasonably well (though not nearly enough to break even). In its second year, it did less well. I think people were keen to support me, but less keen to do that via a global corporation. That glow of hope told me that making a contribution to me as an independent individual would be a different proposition. My hope was that you would support me when I needed it. Do or do not. Worth a try.

You did! It’s been a nerve-wracking couple of years, but the contributions from Fetchies have grown steadily, and that direct connection between me and you really feels like the way it should be done. I’ve had to learn how to run a business, alongside all the coding, writing, graphics and coming up with stuff to keep you entertained. I’m still completely and utterly in love with managing the site, and running more miles than ever!

There have been challenges along the way, not least GDPR, and Google Maps’ new charging structure requiring some fancy footwork on our part to avoid huge charges. And with websites like strava getting over fifty million pounds of investment to develop their offering and extend their marketing tendrils around the globe, it feels as though the Internet is a far more corporate and money-driven place than it ever was when I put my first pages live.

I still work solo in a home office that I share with the dogs and the washing machine. I’m still using the same laptop - I fixed it myself for £12. And I think that our future, and the future of the Internet, relies on our independence to break the monopoly of the almighty dollar. We don't need fifty million quid. We need YOU!

We’re entirely free to use for those that need us to be, but if you can support Fetch financially with a few quid each month, know that I have no shareholders to appease, nor any ambitions to do anything more than look after my family and this community. It’s about building a solid foundation upon which we can operate, and about actually being a genuine place where people look after each other. So even if you aren’t in a position to contribute financially, it’s more important than ever for you to represent our site and the values we stand for. So please log in and use what we have on offer. Please feed back on things we can improve. Please tell your friends, and please be our ambassadors online and in the real world.

And of course, every year since, we celebrate our Independence Day with a picture representing our quest to maintain balance in the universe - and it’s hard to look past Star Wars for inspiration. I spent weeks growing that beard. The Force will be with you. Always. And so will Fetch.

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  • "Help us Fetchiwan. You're our only hope."
    Happy Independence day!
    10:36pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • The site is fantastic. You are fantastic. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you for being brave enough to take on the challenge.
    10:39pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • heart
    Lizzie W
    10:40pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • Love you dudes x
    10:45pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • It’s been a rollercoaster, can’t believe the NatMag takeover was so long ago. I wish I could afford to support you more than I do
    10:46pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • heart x 2
    10:49pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • Happy FID! Thanks for the slice of history, great to read. ( "FID" is also the acronym for Financial Investment Decision, how apt!)
    10:51pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • I remember when it was all fields....
    It was wonderful then and it’s wonderful now.

    Thank you. 💜💜
    10:53pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • You absolutely hit the nail on the head when you talk about the site 'actually being a genuine place where people look after each other.' And it's you that makes it so. When we met up with Vrap and eL Bee! the other day we were all talking about why this site just doesn't get all the sheer nastiness that is otherwise all over social media. Thank you for all you do.
    11:08pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • Love this site, you guys are amazing.
    Thank you for the friendships you’ve brought to my life!

    And had I not had miles in a training log (from my running day 1) to look at, I’m pretty sure I woulda lost interest by now!
    11:25pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • Happy Anniversary :-)
    11:35pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • I don't like strava and never waste an opportunity to tell everyone how Fetch is SO much better - keep up the good work, and happy Independence Day :D
    11:58pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • It’s now the 12th so Happy Independence Day .... The Jedi texts are still in the drawer for page turners they are not ... May the force be with us always
    2:18am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy independence day!! You're doing a fantastic job. :-)
    5:53am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy anniversary. :)
    6:13am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy independence Daychampagne cake
    6:17am, 12th Dec 2018
  • heart xx :-)
    6:21am, 12th Dec 2018
  • And to you too :-)
    6:33am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Great
    6:48am, 12th Dec 2018
  • It’s been a journey since 2005 ( when I joined the site) but a worthwhile one. Have a great day
    6:56am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Love it. Love your beard. Love you! :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    7:00am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Can't put it better than Baroness does up there ^^^^. Xxx
    7:01am, 12th Dec 2018
  • You can’t ever beat fetch happy to support you where I can in payback for the great support I have from you and every single fetchie. Very proud to be a fetchie and will always tell every runner I know to join the merry gang. Happy (belated) Independence Day long may the Force be with You!!!
    7:06am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy anniversary! You’re fucking awesome and you make this place what it is, a lovely place to hang out with lovely people, some of whom even run heart
    The Mighty Fleecy
    7:21am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Anniversary Happy. xx
    8:01am, 12th Dec 2018
  • May the Force be with you.
    8:47am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Love reading this story 😊 MTFBWY!
    8:54am, 12th Dec 2018
  • I have suncream in my eye heart
    8:55am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Fetch Independence Day. :-) G
    9:01am, 12th Dec 2018
  • What's strava ? :-) Thank you for inventing Fetcheveryone. Did you dream about it like Doc Brown did with the flux capacitor?
    9:05am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Brilliant!
    9:14am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy FID, I love this site :-) (My run data does magic itself over to S****a too, but it will only ever be a back-up, there's no feelings involved)
    10:14am, 12th Dec 2018
  • The day I stumbled upon this site (about 11 years ago now) was a fine day indeed. heartheartheart
    10:23am, 12th Dec 2018
  • :) Happy Fetchdependence Day! cake I tripped over this site while injured and nursing a sprained ankle, looking for somewhere to log my mileage.
    10:39am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Does our 'Chewie' entry have to be in today? I'm still sourcing extras!
    10:56am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Any time before the 24th is fine, but today is good if you can.
    11:14am, 12th Dec 2018
  • I'll give it a go, but getting those hydraulics in place to hold back the Red Sea's going to be tricky...
    11:35am, 12th Dec 2018
  • I refuse to have anything to do with *that other site* on principal - I love this place. More power to your elbow Fetch xx
    11:44am, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy independence day / birthday. Live long & prosper (not Star Wars, I know, but you get the gist).
    11:59am, 12th Dec 2018
  • I have Chewed in support of site not for prize, love you guys
    12:07pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • great blog, great site, great people. Keep up the good fight!
    12:37pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • I bloody love you :-) heart
    1:57pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Independence Day! You've created something amazing :-)
    2:09pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • You're the one for me, Fetchie,
    You're the one I really, really love
    And I will stay. xxxxx
    2:41pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Have to say, this is much nicer pic of Katie than last year's! :)
    2:51pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • We're here for you, and us, for buddies, love and hugs (real and virtual), for inspiration and being part of one great big family.

    Thanks Fetch and here's to many more Independence Days
    2:56pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Independence Day. Long may you reign over us.
    Fenland Flier
    3:03pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Many Thanks Mr Fetch. We all owe you.
    3:35pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • :-) Happy Fetch Independence Day cake
    3:51pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Right, the extras are in the bag...
    4:53pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Fetch Independence Day and looking forward to many more to come!
    5:39pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Ferch Independence Day heart
    5:50pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Dammit we need an edit button
    Take 2 - Happy Fetch Independence Day bunting
    5:51pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Fetch Independence Day! It should be a national holiday for everyone to go out and run/bike/swim :)
    7:20pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Happy Independence Day! :)
    9:02pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • Thank you very muchly for all that you do :)
    9:52pm, 12th Dec 2018
  • My life would certainly be poorer without this place so thanks for everything. Lots of love to you both xx
    10:40am, 14th Dec 2018
  • Happy Independence Day :-) :-)
    4:06pm, 15th Dec 2018
  • Happy fetch independence day (sorry I'm a bit late)
    mrs shanksi
    1:49pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • That beard, though. No wonder Katie's looking glum.
    2:02pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Great stuff Lord Fetch. Been with the site from early days and it’s my main record since 2005. You the best!
    The Bogman
    7:12pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Love what you do, love that you can do it just as well, no better, than the corporate, money driven empires. Having the site up & doing things so much better than that stra...(can't bring myself to type it) is your own strike back at the Empire. Keep up the good work Fetch...........
    11:39pm, 17th Dec 2018
  • Keep on keeping on! I don't do "Twitter" or "Facebook" but have been coming on here for years and years and years. It's a fantastic site, and just keeps getting better. All power to your elbow, Lord Fetch. May the Force be with you!
    Dave W
    7:22am, 18th Dec 2018

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10 Dec 2018

Actual free trip to France (incl. flights)

11:26am | 693 views | 39 Comments
Hi everyone,

I had an email recently, about a trip to France from 23-25 Jan, to review the venue for the Volvic Volcanic Experience - a forthcoming trail event. The goal of the organiser is to showcase the event, to encourage participants from the UK. Katie and I can't make it, but I've spoken to the organiser, and he's happy for us to send two Fetchies in our place! Flights, accommodation and food are all included. Whoop!

If you'd like to be considered, and have another Fetchie (anyone can be a Fetchie!) that you can pair up with, please leave a comment below. The winning candidates should be willing to write about and photograph their entire experience, so we can publish it prominently on Fetch.

Therefore, your comment should be more than just "Me, me, me", and should give an indication of WHY we should choose you, and who your Fetch buddy will be. By all means, go with "Me, me, me" just so I know you're interested, but please then post your detailed comment by midday Wednesday 12th December. We'll choose our favourite, and let you know by the end of the day.

Regarding the trip: as far as I can gather, the trip will include people writing for other publications - and it will be centred around the volcanic mountains of the Puys in the Massif Central, France. It will showcase the mountain trails (with runs/walks) and also the traditions, arts and lifestyle of the area, including a museum trip. I've asked for a detailed itinerary, and will share this when I receive it. The website is: volvic-vvx.com

Over to you :-)
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  • Hmmm... it's strangely quiet in here...? (I'm waiting to hear from my missus - she's a fan of trails but not of aeroplanes)
    11:45am, 10th Dec 2018
  • Yes, me and chief will go. He's had a rough time lately and I love him. This would cheer up immensely and we could possibly get some marathon training in whilst we are there to aid our writing.
    11:48am, 10th Dec 2018
  • not precisely as requested, but I vote for Joopsy and Chiefy to go
    12:00pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Yep ,Send Joopsy but make him run it. :-)
    12:22pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Amazing opportunity! I'd love to write about it, but I'm a poor trail runner and already doing something on those days.
    The Scribbler
    12:24pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Joopsy and the Chief get my vote :-)
    12:24pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I would like to humbly submit myself and Sam Jelfs to take up this challenge!
    Reasons we would be a good choice:
    • Between us we cover the both experienced/quick/ultra/trail and the less-fanatical/gentle/really-more-interested-in-the-touristy-bits-but-enjoys-a-bit-of-a-run-too ends of the running spectrum, so can give different perspectives.
    • I speak French, which may help with logistics
    • I love the massif central ever since visiting Clermont Ferrand on a school trip. They have a black volcanic rock cathedral - so cool. I’ve even previously drawn and coloured more than one diagram trying to explain the geology of the area (and I would be happy to reproduce this so that reading fetchies can feel superior in their arting skills).
    • I’ve been told I’m quite good at the words and the putting them together in ways that people find quite engaging, and explaining potentially dull things like geology in easily accessible ways.
    • I also enjoy the taking pictures bit and have more than just a phone camera to press into service.
    • We would actually get to spend some time together! The whole split living between Eindhoven and Brussels thing is a bum, all opportunities to do stuff together are gratefully received!
    • I may come back and add more reasons as I think of them.
    12:27pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I also vote for Joopsy and Chiefy although a name change would be in order. Big Chief Running More or Big Chief Writing Bore :-O
    12:38pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Is there a minimum trail running ability requirement - e.g. each day we will do 32 miles including night time, through sulphurous rock strewn land scapes? Might rule some people out! Joking apart: distance, pace, altitude and/or terrain could all be too much for some people's ability? :-) G
    12:55pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Joopsy and Chiefy get my vote, if we are allowed to vote.
    1:01pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I see there are some excellent candidates already, but I'll discuss it with eL Bee!.
    1:13pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • This sounds amazing! I would like to put forward myself and fellow Fetchie and husband Duckinator- please pick us! We are both huge fans of France and love running there, having taken part in various races including the Paris half marathon and marathon, and the Paris to Versailles- and also both speak some French which could help matters.

    We are two very different runners- one of us having run a 2:46 marathon and the other at the different end of the speed scale but having completed over 30 marathons (I’ll let you work out which is which….), and both having run all different types of races from track, to road, to trail. I think between us we would both get very different things from this experience and could truly document it from very different perspectives so that anybody interested could gain something by reading our account.

    I have a blog which is quite popular, and I get good feedback on my ability to convey my running experience and make people feel like they were really there. I am also well known for loving a good running selfie, and my social media is full of running photos which document my various running adventures.

    On a personal level, I’m very much a road runner and quite terrible at trail running but would love to get better- and this sounds like an ideal opportunity! The Duckinator also tends to road run, but in his trail experience, he is very good at flying past people on the downhills, so could probably use some more uphill experience.

    And finally, we met on Fetch and had a running/Fetch/parkrun themed wedding cake so that would make a nice addition to the story 😉
    2:03pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Sounds fab but I'd better leave it to someone with a better head for heights than me !
    2:45pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I vote nomie & duck. duck
    Angus Clydesdale
    4:38pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I would like to volunteer Bint & me to go:
    1. We are both out of work and therefore fully available at the end of January.
    2. Bint is, as everyone knows, an indefatiguable trail and ultra runner, but has had a tough 2018 and is just coming back to full fitness. I would be there to stop her falling over and breaking any more ribs (& I've got a bit of ultra planned for 2019 too)
    3. I speak French (and can write it, though I'm assuming that reviews would be preferred in English and we're not necessarily writing for retrouvertoutlemonde.fr)
    4. I do a mean ARF and Bint's camera dancing is legendary
    5. My bloggage is more quality(?) than quantity, but I write quite a lot else and Bint's blogs are a top-notch blend of words and pics & she knows more about books 'n writing 'n stuff than most of us ever will.
    6. I'm a huge history geek, Bint loves the arts, so we have the whole culture vulture piece covered.
    We'd love to do it and it would provide the perfect opportunity to set Bint back on her feet again after an annus horribilis and tearing up the ultra world as we know she can.
    4:53pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I was waiting for "Bint and someone" to appear :) I am SO glad I don't have to choose between those who have already declared. And so many contenders who may yet appear.
    5:02pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Me too, Vrap.

    Big vote for Bint and CStar!
    5:06pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Based on the number of awesome Fetchies coming forward, and the difficulty in choosing, I think I'll have to do this as a community vote.
    5:09pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • don't do that! Take the responsibility upon your own shoulders!
    5:47pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • :-)
    5:47pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Fisrtly, probably me, me, me please. And the wife (also a Fetchie)
    Will write gushing reasons later (francophile, mostly literate, lots of time & work in Isère and Savoie, so would appreciate sampling the Massif area. always have a camera with me, chance, replendish Route of the Day queue etc etc)

    But in January - won't this be under snow? Will there be any running possible without two planks strapped to our feet?
    6:47pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • If you vote for me and chief I will ensure he writes a positive blog.
    7:18pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Gosh - I was going to say me and BaronBR because we love trail running - he's actually quite good at it and I'm not such a good runner but a better writer and all that....... but then I saw Joopsy and Chiefy and Bint and Cstar are already in the hat, and I thought they are far more deserving than me and the Baron and anyway... who would look after Wanda if we went so please considering sending Bint and Cstar and if they can't go or more tickets are offered then send Joopsy and Chiefy as well.......Thank you
    7:55pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Get your pitch in, Baroness. We'll look after Wanda if you win :)
    8:29pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I vote for Raemond :-)
    10:02pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • BaronessBL, I don't agree that we are any more deserving than you and there is no reason why you shouldn't put yourself forward.
    10:14pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • Oh, goodness-I was going to say Bint+1, Cstar would be perfect :)

    But then so would Joopsy and Chiefy!
    and the VelociBees
    And all the others mentioned!

    Would love to go, but it's term-time. Don't envy you chosing...
    10:56pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I'm sure I can talk a certain significant other into running into the mountains. Plus we'll have moved house and have no jobs, so as well as having time we'll be in desperate need of any free nosh we can get! We also have a bit of relevant knowledge and can right propar good words like.
    11:41pm, 10th Dec 2018
  • I’d love to go, but I have the kids that weekend, and neither are Fetchies and both vehemently hate running. Plus Wednesday are at home to Brentford. I’m shit at sales pitches!!

    Vote Chiefy! (Does he even know he might be going?)
    3:14am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Baroness - get your name in the hat! You're no less deserving than anyone else!!
    6:57am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Me me me me me me
    And Joopsy.
    Neither of us speaks French, neither can run to even the shops, we are basically rubbish and thus will be brilliant.
    Plus we have a whole hetero bromance going on.
    7:44am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Plus I know for a fact France is near Wales.
    7:46am, 11th Dec 2018
  • When I suggested this to Liebling she said she definitely couldn’t contemplate a flight at the moment. So I’m marking her as a ‘maybe’ ;-)
    8:35am, 11th Dec 2018
  • If you choose Chiefy and Joopsy please tell them they have to make a vlog as well as just take pictures and write about it. It could turn out to be TV gold!
    9:15am, 11th Dec 2018
  • We can arrange that Bbl.
    9:18am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Wow, some great candidates already. Lol at retrouvetoutlemonde.fr Doesn't quite have same ring to it, does it?! It's going to be a tough choice. Well done everyone for stepping up. :-) G
    9:21am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Looks like a great event / festival

    - from the website, "Part of the trail includes an ascent to the summit of the legendary Puy de Dôme (1,465m) to view the spectacular sunrise," or in my case it would be "Arrive at the top mid-morning, missing the sunrise by several hours !"
    Albert O Balsam
    11:43am, 11th Dec 2018
  • Big up Joops and chiefy!
    11:20am, 12th Dec 2018

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08 Dec 2018


8:10am | 384 views | 23 Comments
It's the topic of today's calendar challenge, but I had a contretemps with someone dropping litter yesterday (which probably influenced my choice of challenge).

I was running along the canal path, when this bloke in his twenties (perhaps) came cycling towards me. He had no hands on the handlebars (which I don't mind, so long as people can steer, and don't mind me grinning as I help them collect their teeth), and was tipping a packet of Cadbury's Buttons into his mouth (I can't complain about that either, it's the only way to eat small foods). But with mouth full, and packet empty, he flung it onto the ground just as I passed him.

It was one of those instant reactions, but I said loudly "Oh for f**ks sake". I bent down to pick up the packet before it blew away, and turned to see if he'd reacted. He was about fifty metres further along, but stopped to turn and look at me. I must have sounded p*ssed off :-) "Shall I just put this in the bin for you", I yelled.

I couldn't hear exactly what he said in reply, but I think it was either along the lines of (a) suggesting that the wind blew it out of his hand; or (b) that the wind would blow it away. Either lying or totally delusional.

I really don't want to encourage anyone to start yelling at people, because I don't want anyone getting bashed over the head; and I don't usually react like this either. Trying to change how other people behave is a Canutian task. But sometimes, just sometimes, it's impossible to keep it in.

Enjoy your day, Fetchwombles :-)
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  • I'm the same way about not yelling out about bad behaviour. However, there was one time in a parking lot where someone backed out of their parking spot and into another car. I have poor hearing and I could hear the collision. The driver seemed to start to drive off and I burst out without really thinking and loudly said "Hey mate!" and did get their attention. ;-)
    8:22am, 8th Dec 2018
  • A genuine reaction of the moment, and maybe you triggered his conscience? Thanks for picking it up.
    8:30am, 8th Dec 2018
  • The one that gets me is when people in races wang their bottles over hedges and into fields! Couldn't help myself berating another runner at the Snowdonia marathon for doing just that! Absolutely no need!
    8:38am, 8th Dec 2018
  • I'd do the same. I've told someone off on the train who left his empty coffee cup sitting on the floor...he glared back at me (presumably from being called out on it) and I gave him a filthy look right back.
    8:49am, 8th Dec 2018
  • Sometimes one just can't help oneself. Usually you get a load of abuse back as if you're the one in the wrong. Do they teach that in schools now?
    8:58am, 8th Dec 2018
  • Like the smartly dressed middle-aged man on the train the other day who enjoyed a sandwich, a pastry, and a coffee before neatly arranging his litter on the seat next to him where he left it when he alighted. I’m sure he’d say he simply forgot about it, to which I’d say b*ll*cks.
    9:00am, 8th Dec 2018
  • Well spoken out, I wish we had a society where we all felt safe enough to be able to challenge the w*nkers. Hopefully your outburst will have made him think twice next time.
    9:10am, 8th Dec 2018
  • Well done, I try and do a bit of plogging every now and again around my local trails, as much for my own benefit as I hate seeing litter when I'm running, but also nicer for any tourists ( although it's probably tourists causing the problem mainly in the first place ! )
    K5 Gus
    9:22am, 8th Dec 2018
  • I think you were pretty nice about it, I tend to use a few more swear words. Though once I told a teen I was going to tell his mum after he chucked a can on the footpath metres from a bin :)
    The Mighty Fleecy
    9:56am, 8th Dec 2018
  • ^ What they said. Thanks for picking up after him.
    10:26am, 8th Dec 2018
  • Here's to the world of Fetch. Thank you for helping changing the world one step at a time.
    10:42am, 8th Dec 2018
  • I once told a teenage lass off for throwing a chocolate bar wrapper on the floor in the town centre. I picked it up, passed it back, said 'there's a bin there' and pointed to the bin about 2 metres away. The blood boils!
    11:17am, 8th Dec 2018
  • I'd like to be braver but I don't want to come home with more holes in or swellings on me than I set out with.
    Before I saw the 'Litter' topic here, I binned some bottle and packages that were in the way of a photo I wanted to take. A dog walking woman remarked that I shouldn't have to do that.
    12:01pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • No, alpenrose, they don't teach kids that in schools now - you probably have to look a bit closer to home.
    12:55pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • As the owner of fields bisected with footpaths I struggle to keep my feelings about litter under control, I don't always succeed :)
    1:03pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • However, I do have a big dog to protect me from reprisals!
    1:04pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • We spend a good amount of time before parkrun picking up litter that people have dropped in the park, which has a lot of bins.
    2:21pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • There's an elderly lady I see regularly on my runs who risks life and limb by leaning out over the edge of the river to drag plastic bags and other rubbish out to dispose of it responsibly. I had to help her once, as I was sure she was going to die in the process. I hope your cyclist heard what you said.
    Kittenheels Kath
    3:58pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • it rankles me to see litter and fly-tipping too :-)
    4:41pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • I strongly approve of the sentiment of this challenge, thank you for setting it :) Not that my opinion counts for much! I wont be out for a run run today, but rest assured I will collect litter on future runs to make up. Sadly my regular commute passes a fly tipping location, so I can't promise to collect all the litter I run past.
    6:17pm, 8th Dec 2018
  • Well done on your restraint. I'd have been sorely tempted to cause him to swerve into the canal
    10:24am, 9th Dec 2018
  • It's tough to know what the "right" amount of engagement is in any social situation where there is wrong doing. Not to get too serious about it, the hardest ones are violence in the street - esp couples. You want to help, but sometimes you get dog's abuse for it. Somehow my missus (a Kiwi) doesn't have this filter. Anyhoo, well done for saying something. :-) G
    8:39am, 10th Dec 2018
  • We got Wobbles everywhere. X
    7:47am, 11th Dec 2018

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06 Dec 2018

Sombrero's Lovely Cards

12:17pm | 408 views | 28 Comments
If you haven't met Sombrero, I highly recommend it :-) He's a lovely chap, and everything you'd hope for in a Fetchie!

BUT WAIT! That's not all :-)

He also does print making, and is offering a set of these lovely Christmas-themed cards (with a running one too). If you'd like to win this set, please leave a comment on this blog, and be sure to go like his Facebook page "Sombrero_Printmaking": facebook.com

Winner will be chosen at random on Thurs 13th December from amongst those who have liked the Facebook page (or have a good reason not to, like you don't use Facebook) and left a comment below this blog.
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  • Lovely!
    Lizzie W
    12:24pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Thank you for the reminder! I thought a while ago that some of his cards would be perfect for some friends of mine.
    12:24pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • lovely. Tiger feet has a big thing about unicorns
    12:25pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Flamingo. Christmas. Why ever not.
    Wriggling Snake
    12:27pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I don't really *do* facebook except for friends & family stuff but I'd love to be in the hat to win these!
    12:39pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Is the large card on the right for sale too? :)
    1:00pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Who couldn't love a flamingo with a Santa hat ?
    1:19pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Ha ha ha... who is going to marry up the fetch names on 'ere with the FB likes names in real life?? I wouldn't want *that* job!
    Wine Legs
    1:19pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I've met him :-) He's a regular at my local parkrun and looks just like the bloke in the photo!
    1:39pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • That’s good :-)
    1:41pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Oh yes. Love his style.
    1:46pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Love them! Page 'liked' :-)
    1:48pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I've liked the page :-)
    1:55pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • They are lovely, my friend would love the flamingo one :-)
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    2:22pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Having met Som I can confirm his loveliness :-)
    3:55pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • He is very lovely plus a talented artiste :)
    The Mighty Fleecy
    4:45pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I have been the recipient of his lovely work before. Keep up the good work and hopefully a real life meet one day.
    Lip Gloss
    6:22pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Aw you're all blinking lovely. Thanks Fetch. :-)
    7:24pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I do love som's cards and prints
    8:17pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Look good to me
    9:19pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • I shouldn’t be allowed a bank account. Just the slightest hint of a retail opportunity and I’m off spending money!!
    10:45pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Great job Som :-)
    10:48pm, 6th Dec 2018
  • Awesome!
    8:36am, 7th Dec 2018
  • The cat's whiskers.
    1:40pm, 7th Dec 2018
  • Lovely off to FB for a look❤
    Minnie Mad
    8:12am, 9th Dec 2018
  • These are lovely - off to check out the FB page .....
    9:22am, 11th Dec 2018
  • awesome talent
    9:12pm, 11th Dec 2018
  • Thank you all for your lovely comments - the draw has been made and I've blogged the winner's name. banana
    10:30pm, 14th Dec 2018

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