Reading Half Marathon

Listed by fetcheveryone
  • Rated 75%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (100) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
Alfadan Real Buzz RC 1:41:57 1:55:00 1:55:00 50.41
atrain247 FERC 1:42:21 1:43:20 1:43:20 56.27
Badger I was aiming for sub-2 hours and I got it, and I'm very happy with it. Not bad knocking 27 minutes off the PB - guess last year's GNR really was just a bad day! 
I think some people have been a bit hard on this run - obviously better organised this year because it started on time. That last mile or so is hard work, running further and further away from the stadium and wondering if you will ever turn round, but I liked the finish in the stadium. The crowds are really supportive. Could do with a few more bands I reckon! FERC 1:39:51 1:52:41 2:10:00 1:58:01 51.05
Bevino Langport Runners 1:34:12 1:34:12 1:34:12 61.54
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:25:15 1:41:48 1:42:15 59.89
bj Great race, great weather, well organised

Well done Reading! Larkfield AC 1:40:49 1:43:54 1:50:00 1:43:54 55.80
Blackers800 A pb bites the dust after 16 years - set in Porsmouth in 1990 (age 23). Smashed in Reading by 17 seconds in 2006 (age 39)

Great race - good for speed. Southampton AC, Southern Counties Veterans AC 1:17:08 1:18:17 1:18:30 1:18:17 75.86
blue (pete) Ran with a partner for the first time - she wanted to do a sub 2 hour having got 2.05 last year. I was relaxed either way and as it transpired she had a mare poor girl. I really had a relaxed run and didn't have any real problems whilst out there. Developed a cramp behind my knee (!) which was murder before a sumptious lunch but OK afterwards after a few glasses of vino. Feel great this morning.
Good course, good crowds once roused and a prompt start! Unaffiliated 1:49:12 1:51:40 2:05:17 48.09
BrettFalcus Unaffiliated 1:31:05 1:36:17 1:36:17 60.29
Burto Hatch Warren Runners 1:50:50 2:03:06 2:03:06 47.10
Disapointed not to break 1:30 on my last race as a non-veteran Reading Roadrunners 1:26:30 1:29:53 1:30:39 65.51
Cavey Started right at the back due to a last minute pit stop behind a bush. But was good for moral overtaking people for change. Despite what I'd  heard previously about the race i thought it was superb today (partly because of the PB), but the atmosphere was great all the way round the course. I liked the last couple of miles as thats normally where I struggle, but the fact I could see Mad Stad for the last 2 and bit miles really kept me going!!

Was great to see some more Fetchies, would've been nice to have had more of a chat, maybe at the GSR? Handsworth Roadhogs RC 1:37:46 1:58:10 2:10:00 2:08:30 45.12
ck Sandhurst Joggers 1:53:00 1:56:00 1:56:00 59.63
Clarkie Whined all the way round. Very poor effort on next to no training. I am determined never to be this bad again! Unaffiliated 2:06:39 2:54:50 2:54:50 36.88
Cormorant Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:35:24 1:35:24 1:40:00 1:35:24 67.52
CR1970 Unaffiliated 1:44:09 1:54:31 1:59:28 54.49
Crossy81 Southampton AC 1:13:42 1:19:05 1:19:05 73.31
daniel the spaniel Unaffiliated 1:42:36 1:49:29 2:21:07 41.20
dave the flower took it very easy up to 8 miles then sprinted home - great fun! New Forest Runners 1:44:54 1:51:49 1:59:00 1:56:58 50.77
Debster Serpentine RC 2:11:09 2:11:09 2:12:00 2:11:09 49.81
dianes22 Unaffiliated 1:43:25 1:43:25 1:43:25 63.42
DickieSalter Unaffiliated 1:43:56 1:43:56 1:43:56
EvilPixie Well what a day! Perfect running weather, birthday, loads of friends and a PB! Despite hardly running these last 2mths! Legs somehow kept me going! Thanks for all the support and hugs everyone! FERC, 1485 TRI CLUB 2:27:25 2:42:50 3:00:00 2:42:50 39.76
fetcheveryone On the morning of the race, I would have been happy to make it round, as my knee has been a bit clicky, and my thoughts are mainly on the Maidenhead 10 on Friday... but everything came together on the day, and here I am with a 3.5 minute PB, even though I stopped for a quick pee. I think I have now reached a threshold in my running, as when I got to the water stations, they had ENERGY DRINKS left on them, not just water. Wearing the Marmite top was a definite bonus, as I got loads of support on the way round - I'd say about 500 people said something about it, including one guy who started singing the tune from the advert. Great to spot so many familiar faces too, in such a large field. Biggest improvement on last year was that the race started on time! Note for next time... don't use junction 11 of the motorway, take the back roads. FERC 1:44:49 1:48:27 1:48:00 1:48:27 53.46
Fido2Dogs Abingdon Amblers AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK 1:53:23 1:53:23 1:53:23 58.41
FLYING-HIGH Unaffiliated 2:08:40 2:08:40 2:00:00 2:08:40 45.44
GAZGIB I'm getting fed up of bleeting on about injuries and pain and times over ten minutes worse than last year, so from now on I'm just going to say OUCH.

Bracknell Forest Runners 1:35:38 1:41:17 1:51:44 52.17
Geococcyx Unaffiliated 1:32:17 1:43:30 1:43:30 56.52
Geoff B Unaffiliated 1:24:41 1:32:01 1:32:01 63.01
Ghengis Redhill Distict Royal Mail AC, Striders of Croydon AC 1:26:58 1:42:45
GinjaNinja78 Unaffiliated 1:31:37 1:31:37 1:31:37 63.28
Ginnie B Kent AC 1:38:15 1:42:54 1:44:03 61.96
Godzilla PB! Ranelagh Harriers 1:44:23 1:44:23 1:44:23 55.54
GOM. Ely Tri Club 1:35:20 1:35:20 1:46:18 55.03
gray This is a good race - the finish in the Mad Stad is the highlight, well organised - a good FLM warm up. Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:50:59 1:57:16 1:55:00 1:57:16 53.54
Heavyweight UKnetrunner 1:41:41 1:58:38 2:06:00 48.60
Hills of Death (HOD) Fantastic day great race and glorious finish - only blighted by calf injury couple of days before the race. First two mile hill ! made it sore had to stretch it for a minute or so. Hit mini wall at 9 mile as I meet up with legendery Mick n'Phil slow for last 4. Sango (1.30.17) was flying as usual Im gona ring his coach or tuck my shirt into his shoes.I did lose him at the warm up though .

A PB and a 10 mile PB of 1.23 exact! the garmin read 13.34

Barnet & District AC, Riverside Runners 1:38:21 1:53:34 1:45:00 1:53:34 51.33
I ran sub-1:40!!! Unaffiliated 1:36:04 1:42:55 1:44:13 55.63
Ian147 Unaffiliated 1:32:38 1:40:00 1:40:00 57.99
Icky Unaffiliated 1:36:14 1:47:56 1:50:00 1:47:56 55.02
james6161 Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC 1:31:00 1:38:00 1:38:00 63.01
jennyh Les Croupiers RC 1:34:42 1:36:14 1:36:14 66.99
johnnyagain Ludlow Runners 1:27:48 1:37:30 1:37:30 64.39
Jonny Will go all out to attempt a sub 1hr 30.  Definately my best run to date.  Ran round with the Sub 1hr 30 pacers which was a great help.  Knocked another 5 mins off my Pb which is 9 mins off in total from my last 2 half marathons.  Will look to break the 1.25 barrier now & then the 1.20. Unaffiliated 1:27:05 1:27:05 1:29:59 1:27:05 66.57
JPK Mistakes made this year. Ran to the event to warm up, but instead got myself dehydrated, plus I over ate the day before. Still want to get a sub 1hr 40m here. Reading Joggers 1:32:45 1:44:58 1:44:58 55.30
Justonemorehill Mumbles Milers 1:51:38 2:09:00 2:09:00 50.84
Kieren Forgot my watch so ran as I felt.  Totoally amazed with myself - I gave it everything & couldn't stand at the end - big thanks to the bloke in asics gear who offered help & a much needed jelly baby.
Beat my predicted time by 9 minutes & destroyed my previous half marathon PB by 15 minutes!  Finishing in the stadium was great - I will be running next years for sure :) Serpentine RC, Ealing Eagles Running Club 1:31:11 1:31:11 1:45:00 1:36:09 60.30
Kimberlina Wow, what a great race.  My first half, can't believe I actually done it and ran the whole lot.  Amazing finish in the Madejski Stadium, I actually cried, wasn't expecting that.  But was really proud of myself. Wimbledon Windmilers 2:07:04 2:16:44 2:23:16 45.44
Kingy30 Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:42:15 1:42:15 63.05
Konaboy Very well organised considering numbers.  Laid up in bed until Friday with 'manflu' & just decided to run on Saturday so happy with time.  Great organisation from start (shuttle buses) to finish (on the hallowed turf of Madjeski). Met Tallpaul, Mad Johnny spectating (sorry MJ for being a bit overzealous something to do with the fever/medication) & the inspirational Marathon lads (who received an unbelievable reception at the stadium). Saw quite a few FE Ts finish at 2:20 but unfortunately none out on the course. I did however spot THAT camel again & a guy running bearfoot (why?). Reading Roadrunners 1:36:46 1:46:16 1:40:00 1:46:16 55.89
Leeston Reading Roadrunners 1:55:25 1:55:25 2:15:00 1:55:25 50.23
lennoxr Maidenhead AC 1:19:51 1:54:51 1:50:00 1:54:51 50.93
Listy I've never enjoyed a race so much. Thanks for getting me over the finish line monki! BeaRCats running club 2:09:21 2:09:21 2:20:00 2:09:21 50.05
loobyloo Reading Half - my first ever half marathon! - and I managed to get round in one piece. OK, I'm not fast (2h 43m) but I'm just amazed to have got round at all. I was all set to drop out at mile 2 when I just felt overwhelmed by the task - but kept on going and now feel great. Ran with my dad, who is now 60, he could actually have got round in 2 hrs but he stayed with me the whole way with lots of encouragement (along the lines of 'never mind eating jelly babies, just get running'!) Legs seizing up now though - am supposed to take kids to legoland tomorrow - assuming I can still walk.... Unaffiliated 2:43:00 2:43:00 2:43:00 40.42
Lyds Was aiming to get round in 2:35 and was on course for it until about 10miles when the aching and cramp in my legs got a bit much and I had to walk a fair bit. Did find some energy from somewhere to sprint to the line as we came into the stadium. Great atmosphere thanks to the numerous supporters on route and really good organisation to as far as I could see (I'm always impressed when you don't have to queue for the toilets). Really enjoyed it and pleased with my time especially since it was so much quicker than I'd done in training. Nice medal as well! Unaffiliated 2:13:28 2:42:42 2:45:00 2:42:42 39.63
MadRobby Was aiming for sub 1hr 40min and samshed it by a wapping 7 seconds !  Came back out retirement for this one after 2002 London Marathon.  Trained hard since Christmas and beat my PB. Unaffiliated 1:33:13 1:39:53 1:39:53 58.21
manicstreetpounder Unaffiliated 1:18:58 1:31:52 1:30:00 1:31:52 63.67
Marshy Still can't beat that 1.30 barrier!!!!!! Unaffiliated 1:31:00 1:32:06 1:30:00 1:32:06 62.95
martian77 Half an hour slower than last year for a variety of reasons, most of them ok! Will probably try again next year... Unaffiliated 2:03:20 2:54:50 2:54:50 36.88
mava Sevenoaks AC 2:10:55 2:31:38 2:33:28 44.31
Max71 Having missed Silverstone due to virus, been given the chance to run Reading.  I've got 2 weeks to train and get my lungs back!!

Yeah Yeah Yeah...I'm so happy.  Loved it and will be back next year...I'm a plodder and a half marathon plodder at that!!! Unaffiliated 2:05:18 2:30:26 2:49:49 2:38:47 40.87
MB99 Good race. Lack of long runs showed in second half, but set new PBs at 5m, 10k, 10m and HM. Jogged last couple of miles once I knew I wasn't going to get under 1:30.
Weather was nice and it was great to start on time.
:-) Unaffiliated 1:21:12 1:32:13 1:32:13 62.88
Miss Minx Unaffiliated 2:00:02 2:45:24 2:45:24 38.98
monki Paced a fellow Fetchite through their first half marathon (not helped by an unscheduled stop on my part leading to a five mile chase!).  Anyhoo, they're very happy with their sub-10 min mile race and I'm happy that they're happy.  Good support from Bertie, Cavey, Fetch and Fraggle (?) (plus two who I didn't recognise).  A most enjoyable day. Unaffiliated 1:35:18 1:51:16 2:09:30 44.90
Morf Reading Joggers 1:35:42 1:50:10 1:50:13 60.43
Moschops Unaffiliated 2:23:55 2:23:55 2:23:55 45.23
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) Wow!! first time I have entered a BIG race what a fantastic event. I couldn't believe the buzz, Reading peeps are great, there were spectators along most of the route, and the band at the end was really good, I have never smiled so much. I got a PB so was well chuffed. Unaffiliated 1:31:50 1:56:13 2:05:00 2:02:59 60.04
Nic.1 50 Marathon Club, Reading Joggers, Wargrave Runners 1:33:43 2:04:07 2:04:07 64.90
oldbirdhead Took the advice of fellow fetchites and ate porridge and honey for breakfast..great idea as I was buzzing before the race! I am now a porridge convert!!

Pleased with my time considering it's my first half marathon in 16 years and the fact that I lost 45 seconds trying to remove a non-existant stone out of my shoe ..what felt like a stone later turned out to be a blister (very unusual as I never get blisters). 

Never felt short of breath during the race - legs started to stiffen up at 9 miles tho which is probably due to lack of long runs in training.

Still, it's my first half marathon in 16 years and having beat my previous pb I am now fitter at 33 than I was at 17!

Great atmosphere..and they even had a jelly bean station!! Winchester & District AC 1:23:16 1:29:07 1:29:59 1:29:07 65.13
Oldie-baldie Compton Harriers RC 1:27:00 1:35:15 1:35:15 64.29
Pagesmith FERC 1:55:11 2:20:00 2:10:00 2:20:00 42.42
pazza Chase Harriers, RAF AC 1:16:21 1:16:21 1:16:21 75.93
PieNapper Guess I shoulda done some running in the preceding fortnight :O\

Still, 3 minutes faster than my last effort so I shouldn't complain Unaffiliated 1:36:57 1:45:57 1:39:59 1:45:57 55.02
plodding hippo First year i havent done a pb here
fell over at 6 miles, and never really got going again 100 Marathon Club 1:56:30 2:16:54 2:20:54 47.27
Pov Have to go for my goal set at start of the year,sub 1.45 .  
Waiting confirmation from web site but stopped my watch at 1.44.31.  Well pleased to crack the 1.45....Just seen the results...14.44.29   chip:  2473rd  /  8837 Unaffiliated 1:41:43 1:44:29 1:45:00 1:44:29 57.66
Puffing Bertie Well my first half and it was great. Thanks for the support Fraggle and Monki and Cavey, also Greg sorry if you saw too much before the race but when you have to go you just have to go!!!!

Unaffiliated 1:58:06 2:05:27 2:17:46 48.66
ReadingRob Due to zero training treated it as a training run.
It was a very hard training run!!! Reading Roadrunners 1:23:11 1:26:20 1:38:24 58.92
RobH Bit chilly when hanging around for the start but then the sun came out and it was just perfect all the way round. Pretty much stuck to my pacing plan, went through the first 8 miles in almost exactly 1 hour (i.e. 7:30 pace) then tried to pick it up to 7:00 pace or thereabouts. Turned it on for the last mile (6:24) and managed a sprint finish into the stadium. Course was good apart from miles 11 and 12, bit tedious along the dual carriageway then a nasty out and back in view of the stadium! Also, many thanks to kindofblue for hospitality over the weekend. Manchester Tri 1:18:45 1:35:52 1:35:52 60.47
runningbean Was helping Helen round, hence the slow time Unaffiliated 1:42:38 2:20:00 2:20:00 41.41
RuthB2 Wow! everything hurts now, but chuffed to bits at my first half marathon. It was much tougher than I thought it would be, but I know I gave it everything I could, so very pleased.
The reported hailstones never showed, the weather was perfect. Highs include the excitement of the start, flying through the first 5 miles, the crowds in the streets, including bands and lots of kids shouting out support. Finishing in the stadium was fantastic too, great atmosphere - felt like a star! Lows included about mile 9 when I lost all energy, and spent ages messing around trying to dilute luc sport, and the trek near the end along the dual carriageway as I knew fine well that I'd set out too fast! Felt very ill at the end though, but after pizza, chocolate, cups of tea and 3 hours sleep i'm starting to feel human again, slowly! Wonder if I should be worried that at the end I didn't want water or luc sport, but a cup of tea! 

mile splits (roughly just because I need to write them somewhere) mile 1:9.43, 2: 9.21, 3:10.03, 4: 9.20, 5-7: 29.07, 8: 10.18, 9: 11.20, 10: 9.06, 11: 10.00, 12: 10.45, 13: 9.35, last bit 59.  Unaffiliated 1:41:29 2:09:43 2:15:00 2:09:43 49.70
sango Reading Half marathon! good course felt tough after 7miles felt I was going backwards!!!!!happy with PB,time could be faster or a little slower will wait for chip timing results.Very well organised race the best yet for me! Hercules Wimbledon AC 1:23:03 1:30:17 1:30:17 64.79
Sezz Disappointing as I was hoping to get nearer the sub 2 hour mark.  Started with the sub 2 pacer but quickly lost him at the hill at 2m.  I think this has taught me not to go off so quickly.  Thought I'd pulled it back after 9m but it was not to be.   Oh well. Trent Park Running Club 2:05:04 2:05:33 2:01:00 2:05:36 52.22
SH_UK 100 Marathon Club, Swanley & District AC 1:27:49 1:36:35 1:55:00 1:49:09 53.59
Sid Delighted!! I really didn't think I was going to be able to complete the course in less than two hours but I did - great stuff!!! I really enjoyed this half marathon - the sun was shining and the finish in the stadium was fantastic. A big thank you to the girls at the start of the race who switched my borrowed IPOD on for me - maybe the music helped me achieve a PB!! Sandhurst Joggers 1:35:10 1:54:19 1:54:23 57.60
Silent Runner Unaffiliated 1:18:32 1:26:37 1:29:08 67.08
Sir Moses Hill Hated it.  Felt dreadful, didn't enjoy the hills and detested the loop-back at 12 miles.  But another PB (and the stadium finish was pretty cool).  Marathon training must be working. Unaffiliated 1:34:51 1:34:51 1:35:00 61.03
Spans A PB by 4mins and 9th lady...Happy Birthday to me!!!  

After a terrible first 6 miles where I had to stop twice as I was wheezing and just completly out of sorts, my body suddenly seemed to kick in and normal service was resumed... it was really tough, but a good tough...  Am slightly disapointed as it has filled me with a couple of if's and but's, but it does give me good hope that there is even more to come... Ranelagh Harriers 1:20:29 1:20:29 1:20:29 80.64
Sporthound Unaffiliated 1:42:55 1:42:55 1:44:13 55.63
Sportysteph Unaffiliated 1:39:31 1:39:31 1:39:31 65.90
stig hamstring trouble aFTER 10 MILES LED TO A POOR PERFORMANCE Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC 2:10:00 2:20:50 1:59:59 2:20:50 43.13
superchip White Horse Harriers AC 1:19:34 1:32:20 1:32:20 62.79
supersquirrel Chippenham Harriers 1:37:06 1:47:28 2:00:00 1:57:02 50.75
Toks FERC 2:35:06 2:41:20 2 2:41:20 40.13
TomM Great race, with awesome finish in the Stadium.  Conditions just about perfect for running.  Took 14 minutes (honestly!) off my PB.  Enthusiastic crowds all the way round, but I particularly liked the family at around Mile 9, playing the Rocky theme and dishing out jelly babies.  Can't wait for next year! Stubbington Green Runners 1:58:38 2:08:17 2:08:17 52.48
topcorner Planned on running this with Su2 and my friend Margaret. Started off slowly and steadily, 11 minute miling. At around 6.5 miles Su kicked for home and finished in a superb 2:11 or so.

Margaret and I finished in a very comfortable 2:22 (our time, not chip time, M had a quick pit-stop!) Felt superb coming into the stadium. Felt as though I had another 5 miles in me... Have persuaded M to register as a Fetchie! Sandhurst Joggers 1:56:48 2:22:30 2:10:00 2:22:30 40.68
TW Looking for a steady 7.30 min/mile pace to come in around 1.38.....changed my mind and decided to go for it. Ran steady 7.15 miles to begin with then picked up pace on the downhill bits, and managed to keep that pace going right to the end. Finished very strong and way quicker than I ever expected.
I love the finish in the stadium, a real buzz when you come into it!

TW Unaffiliated 1:30:57 1:33:32 1:38:00 1:33:32 62.80
Um Bongo As this was during my FLM tapper I just took it steady. Felt very good and tried not to race. In the end I wished I had gone that little bit faster as I could have easily got under 1hr 50mins Sandhurst Joggers, Windle Valley Runners 1:42:48 1:50:13 1:49:00 1:50:13 56.49
Waveydavey Nightmare!  First race as vet and I felt old.  50 mins at half way but then blisters and other aches and pains took over and was just happy to finish. Reading Roadrunners 1:34:53 1:38:17 1:40:00 1:48:14 55.24
Waynos Unaffiliated 1:32:37 1:34:32 1:34:32 61.88
wizlyn First Half (first race since school in fact!) - so wasn't at all sure what to expect. Loved the experience of racing, might need to reassess my target time for London though... Serpentine RC 1:22:42 1:27:33 1:40:00 1:32:59 69.34

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