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17 Apr 2018

Glasgow Big Fetch Mile announced

3:18pm | 687 views | 9 Comments
Toot toot! Now that Dudley is safely in the can, it's time to think about Glasgow!

We've picked a date and a venue (the latter TBC, but sounding good):

Link (roll over me to see where I go)


1) sign up if you'd like to come
2) shout out your suggestions for promoting this to local runners
3) likewise your suggestions for places to stay and things to do on our visit. We're gonna book a few days either side of the mile for a bit of tourism / relaxing :-)
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  • Enjoy Weegieland. I can't make it 😣 too much going on that weekend, if it had been further north might have managed to sneak out for a hour or so.
    3:23pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • yaaaaaaaaay :-)
    3:48pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Have added it, but we're on hols that week in France. Might be back by the weekend. Will come if we can! :-) G
    3:51pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • For tourism, the greater Falkirk area, only half an hour from Glasgow, offers an Outlander castle; Mary, Queen of Scots' palace; a giant stone pineapple; the world's largest rotating boat lift; the world's largest equine sculptures (I may have mentioned these before); a canal with a big tunnel (and another canal); a chateau; the edge of the Roman Empire (with a fort and other sites); a steam railway and museum and loads of great running and cycling routes :-).

    (Up the road, apparently Stirling also has some stuff like a big castle; a monument; some other old buildings; big hills; and rhinos and elephants. Also, where something happened in 1314 (but we rarely mention it).)

    Of course, some people just head north from Glasgow for the majestic grandeur of the bens, lochs and glens, but they are missing out ;-).
    4:12pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Don't forget the attractions in Glasgow itself, Dvorak. Our kids love the Science Centre and the Riverside Museum, the Burrell Collection, the Hunterian museum and the Aquarium at Lomond Shores.
    4:24pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Och, Nessie, next thing you'll be bringing up Kelvingrove (museums, galleries and park), Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Cathedral and Necropolis, the Mural Trail, People's Palace, Pollok Park (Burrell closed just now though); and Glasgow's vibrant music, beer and dining scenes Raspberry!.
    4:36pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • I can suggest that there's no need to visit Kilmarnock ;-)
    5:10pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Looking forward to it :-)
    8:19pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Hopefully my training will have progressed to actually running for a mile by then.
    6:32am, 19th Apr 2018

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17 Apr 2018

Two tickets to the Running Awards

11:13am | 274 views | 31 Comments
Katie and I have two tickets for the Running Awards this Thursday (19th) evening, but unfortunately we can't make it, due to a family funeral.

I thought it'd be nice to give the tickets to a Fetchie instead. The ceremony is at the Indigo restaurant, which is part of the O2 complex. Our tickets allow entry after 9.30pm, for the awards which start at 10pm - and if it's anything like last year, there'll be an ice bucket with a few free bottles of beer for you to tuck in to. At 11pm, the awards are done, and there's two hours of 'afterparty', whatever that means. You need to get there and back under your own steam.

There'll be a big attendance from various big companies within the running world, and a few running celebs milling about too.

And as an added bonus, we're crossing our fingers that we might be able to pick up an award - there's stiff competition, but you lot have been voting in large numbers too - so there's a chance that you can get photographed holding some bling on behalf of the site.

To take our places, just leave a comment saying why you'd like it to be you. You can either take a significant other, or you can offer to pair up with another Fetchie. I'll pick a winner tomorrow at midday from everyone who's commented.
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  • what a great opportunity, hope there is a Fetchie that can make it, sorry that i cant
    11:33am, 17th Apr 2018
  • not me - it's the first session of my dressmaking course, but I'll be sewing with my fingers and toes crossed for a win
    12:07pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • I'm a total site newb, but will be in London for the marathon expo all week so I'd love to add an extra running related event :D
    12:11pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Wow, what an opportunity and honour to represent us, I hope who ever goes picks up the top prize for us. (not me obvs) :-)
    12:38pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Me and Bint!! Because we are both injured, but still awesome, and we live nearby!!! And she'd be great at accepting an award, she does loads of talking to lots of people. I'll just hide behind her (if I crouch down really low) ...
    1:00pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • +1 for Bint and Paula
    1:16pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • If needed I could have drunk free beer; but it seems there are more than enough volunteers already, which is good because I don't have a tuxedo.
    1:36pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • +2 for Bint and Paula (though I'm sure there are lots of other deserving Fetchies who would scrub up well too :-) ) Not me though!
    1:56pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • +3 for Bint and Paula
    2:07pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Yup. Commenting so that if I'm picked I can give the tickets to Bint and Paula.
    2:18pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • You're all so lovely! :-)
    2:27pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • +5 for PAULA and Bint. We all know Bint is tiny but worthy... but don't put yourself down by crouchng or any other means Paula, oh most excellent Fetchie!
    2:45pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Paula and Bint will be perfect , which one will dress as Katie and which as Ian? :-)
    3:14pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • +whatever number it is now for Paula and Bint, although it should be Bint and Paula really.
    3:19pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Baula and Pint!
    3:31pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Would Bint be able to do one of her webcam dances on receiving the award?
    4:18pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • McBint
    4:19pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Now I want to go to meet Paula and Bint !!
    4:49pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Sign up for Beachy Head Doc :-)

    +another for Paula and Bint supporters club I’m sure they can smuggle Raemond in as their minder :-)
    5:33pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • How did I miss this? Yes, Paula and Bint :-)
    6:13pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Oh defo Bint and Paula. :-) I think you've got your Fetchies.
    6:35pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • What they ^ all said.
    7:26pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • PAULA AND BINT! Sorry for shouting. She's not really called Bint, you know, so it'll be OK :-)
    7:29pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Another vote for Paula and Bint :-)
    7:52pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • One more vote for Paula & Bint :-)
    Wine Legs
    8:05pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Snap - Paula and Bint
    8:40pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • I would love to go, but as I need to be back at home on Friday from 7am in case a new washing machine arrives, I vote +20 for Paula & Bint :-)
    Fizz :-)
    9:19pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • Paula and Bint would be perfect!
    9:19pm, 17th Apr 2018
  • BintMcPint
    7:20am, 18th Apr 2018
  • and Ant McPartlin
    8:30am, 18th Apr 2018
  • No, maybe not him
    8:30am, 18th Apr 2018

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16 Apr 2018

Pics from Dudley Big Fetch Mile

1:12pm | 228 views | 4 Comments
There are 175 of them, so I've made them into a Facebook album, so as not to crush my server :-)

Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • Great pics from Mark!
    1:13pm, 16th Apr 2018
  • Cracking photos. Some lovely action shots of the youngsters particularly - smashing form!
    2:04pm, 16th Apr 2018
  • Brilliant photos!
    6:45pm, 16th Apr 2018
  • I like the aggressive hopping one*. No idea who he is, but well played Sir.

    * Liked it so much I stuck it in the gallery
    8:43am, 17th Apr 2018

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16 Apr 2018

Notes for London Marathon Fetchpointers

11:19am | 118 views | 7 Comments
This started out as a forum post, but it got so long I've put it in my blog - which means that I can update it too, as I will inevitably have forgotten something important!

For your safety
First recommendation is for your own protection - bring a hat and suncream, and something to eat and drink. The forecast is looking pretty warm, and it's a long day. There's a Texaco about 100 yards from Fetchpoint, so you should be able to get hold of cold drinks and snacks too. They usually have 4-5 portaloos, with variable length queues - and *some* likelihood of toilet paper :-)

What to bring for the runners
As for sustenance for the runners, we've found that oranges have been very popular. There are billions of jelly babies out on the course, so the opportunity for some natural sweetness combined with a bit of fluid seems to go down really well. Last year, Katie and I bought about 60 and quartered them, leaving the peel on, then put them into sandwich bags (in the hotel room, the night before). Runners would take them off your palm and suck the juice out. Yes, the peel ends up in the gutter a few yards down the road, but it's infinitely better than plastic, and we've also seen the street cleaner follow the tail of the race, so it all gets hoovered up.

A bag of five oranges from Asda is currently £1 - so if you're willing to spend a fiver, you get 100 quarters to hand out. Unlike in RW days, we don't have any corporate dollars to fund goodies, but I can offer you a slightly sticky hug, if that's any compensation :-)

If you'd like to mix it up a bit, some of the later runners are happy to have a bit of variation from sweet stuff, and may well be craving lost salt, so a few crisps, mini cheddars or other salty snacks can be surprisingly popular late on. You might want to include one 500ml bottle of sugary drink (esp. flat coke) for emergency cases, but don't go mad with fluid because there are water stations every mile. It's a bit like fishing I guess - every Fetchpointer has his or her own secret ingredient to entice the runners towards their flattened palm :-) Perhaps the best tactic is to think about the things you crave towards the latter stages of a hard long run.

Getting To And From Fetchpoint
Shadwell is the nearest tube station, *BUT* Tower Hill might be more convenient, as you can get there with one tube journey from St Pancras or Paddington; or with just one change from Waterloo; and you don't need to go on the DLR, which might be suffering from strike action on the day of the race. And whichever station you go home on, be prepared to shuffle in with crowds of runners and their families, and to get very jealous of their t-shirts and medals.

Here's a walking route from Tower Hill to the Texaco, and Fetchpoint is just a hundred yards or so further on: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/dir/51.5102107,-0.0768539/The+Highway,+London+E1W+2BN/@51.5095677,-0.0745757,16z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x487603315958f039:0xe55e722cebf1b25b!2m2!1d-0.0635253!2d51.509467!3e2?hl=en

What Time?
Katie and I will be there from very early (7ish?), but you're welcome to arrive any time really. The first competitive action is usually the chairs and ladies, around 10-10.30am, and things start to get increasingly busy after that. We usually stay until mid/late afternoon.

What team am I in?
Previously, we've split into teams, to look for specific runners - but this year, we're planning on being one shouting, yelling sticky mass. We'll rope off our bit of fence, to stop the muggles getting in.

Plastic Free Bunting
This year, we're aiming to reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we consume - inspired by SilverShadow, who has made us some awesome bunting out of recycled Fetch vests and old parkrun hi-vis. Katie's joined in and made some too. If you can minimise the amount of plastic you use, that'd be awesome!

Bag Safety
To stop a passer by from walking off with your bag, come and find me when you arrive and I'll give you a cable tie (sorry, it's plastic) to attach your bag to the fence.

Post Run
The runners usually congregate at The Chandos (WC2N 4ER) if you want to go say hello, but Katie and I will hang out at Fetchpoint, ably assisted with a few cold tinnies from the petrol station :-)

For Runners
We'll be on the course in our usual Fetchpoint spot. You'll see us first on your left just after the 13 mile mark. We're on the opposite side of the road at this point, but if you get close to the central reservation and give us a big wave, we'll give you a nice big cheer. When you go through 13 miles, look out for the Texaco on your left, and we're about 100 yards further on. We're usually opposite the VW garage, which is a good landmark to look out for on your way back.

After seeing us, you run on to Canary Wharf, and just 9 short miles later, you'll be back again. This time you'll be on the same side of the road as us, so stay close to the kerb if you'd like food, hugs, high fives or just to punch me. I'll understand.

Other Stuff
I will inevitably have forgotten some important detail, so come and check my blog periodically for updates and questions in the comments section. Ta :-)
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  • Sounds like you'll have a great day. Even if you're not running.
    I'm kind of jealous!
    11:38am, 16th Apr 2018
  • Thanks all. Some orange quarters from a kindly supporter rescued my marathon last year after I was sick from too many gels. Gave me a right boost and got me running again so I'll definitely be calling in to fetchpoint to nick a few
    11:41am, 16th Apr 2018
  • Thank you. That is all. (Oh and your Google map linky hasn't pasted in properly). :-) G
    11:51am, 16th Apr 2018
  • Fetch - this is v useful. Perhaps you could add this as a Wiki article (or update the one that's already there).
    Re the walking route, if people are coming along later especially once the runners are coming through, you need to make sure you are on the North side of E.Smithfield (ie don't go through the subway at Tower Hill), or you may not be able to get across the road. Also, to avoid the crowds, it may be better to head round the back way on Royal Mint Street and Cable St and then turn right into Crowder St and right onto the Highway.
    11:57am, 16th Apr 2018
  • ^^^ I meant your blog was v useful, not the waffle I wrote in my comment, lol!!! (although hopefully that is useful too!!!!!).
    11:58am, 16th Apr 2018
  • Thanks Fetch, looking forward to the cheers from Fetchpoint.
    1:48pm, 16th Apr 2018
  • I can't believe you do all this. I'll be running, wearing a Shelter (red) top with "mike" the "the prof" on it.
    12:04pm, 18th Apr 2018

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14 Apr 2018

Results from today's Big Fetch Mile

8:03pm | 319 views | 10 Comments
Results and a little report from today's Big Fetch Mile in Dudley:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

I loved it!

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  • As did we! Thanks for all the effort from all those who helped organise!
    8:22pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Great turn out. Well done getting the site right out there.
    8:34pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • I loved it too! Thanks again :-)
    8:43pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Yep. What they ^ said! Thanks again. :-)
    8:55pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Well done everyone :-)
    9:12pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Excellent afternoon :-)
    Valyrian Plastic
    9:22pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Loved it too!
    9:29pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • 'twas a most excellent day. 😀
    eL Bee!
    9:41pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Bugger I missed it due to a little run I booked in for tomorrow. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed Bedford.
    Fenland Flier
    10:00pm, 14th Apr 2018
  • Thank you for all the work you put into organising the event and keeping the races ticking over. Another grand afternoon of Fetchfesting :-)
    10:30pm, 14th Apr 2018

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11 Apr 2018

Who Squares Wins - prototype board

2:32pm | 371 views | 16 Comments
Here's the 'work in progress' game board (with thanks to two unsuspecting random testers, who's data I'm trialling this out on - thanks Teknik and NDWDave).

As it says in the little yellow box:

Your home point is in the centre of H7.

The boxes are coloured according to their current owner - and the numbers show the relative lead in each box.

Running through a square earns a maximum of two points per day. Cycling through a square earns a maximum of one point per day.

However, if you are the first to record your run or ride on a given day, you score double points!


I'm still debugging the scoring system, so the numbers aren't quite right yet. Still to come:

1) a map screen, so you can see where *your* squares correspond to. See below for basic version.
2) a list of current matches, so you can drop in and see how others are doing
3) the rankings leaderboard (on which everyone will start with 1000 points, with wins and losses contributing to an ELO-based ranking system).
4) mechanism for providing notifications to players when the score/lead changes
5) mechanism for allowing players to dip in/out each week, to avoid dead rubbers.
6) rules on how often you can change your home point.

I did wonder what would happen if there were an odd number of players - but I worked that one out during my run today. As I'm one of the players, I will either get a game or not, so as to ensure we always have an even number. Simple :-)

More soon.

Map screen - first draft (I think I can get to all of my squares without getting wet or shot, apart from that one in the middle of the lake)

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  • Get a boat.

    Would colours more contrasting that yellow and orange be better? Not sure what colours look similar for people with colour blindness might find difficult to differentiate but yellow and orange seem quite similar?

    You have the advantage of living in a town - people in the country or by the coast might have to get creative with their home square but that is no different from other games and you've covered it by allowing people to move their home square.

    Looking forward to it :-)
    Elsie Too
    3:09pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Happy to change the colours - what do you think might be good?

    Anyone unhappy about living in the country or by the sea is welcome to swap houses with me. I'd love either :-)
    3:24pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Personally I'd go red and blue but that might not be good for all people - maybe you need a poll?
    Elsie Too
    3:28pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • For good colours, I usually go to ColorBrewer -- see for example Link (roll over me to see where I go) You can choose to show only colour blind safe combos.
    3:45pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Will we be able to move our home square for this game only? I'm very happy with my real one for both conquersize and fetchpoint, but might want to move it for this one.
    3:46pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Showing my age & ignorance - I thought an ELO ranking system was whether you thought they were better with Roy Wood or Jeff Lynne :-)
    3:54pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • So once more we have a game that discriminates against those of us who choose to live on the Moon. #SayNoToMoonism
    4:17pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Good name for the game.
    Wriggling Snake
    4:21pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • fetcheveryone
    4:22pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Missed that thread completely, watching it now.
    4:39pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • I'm another person who has lots of unobtainable places around me due to two schools and a golf club close. It would be good to work out a good way to fix that (apart from me moving - I like it here)
    4:53pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Jet pack?
    4:53pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • I'm honoured :-). I was trying to think how it would work for me as I tend to use some similar routes, but completely ignore others, so, it may well get me running different routes, apart from the fact that one way is a mahoosively steep hill.
    Wriggling Snake
    4:58pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • CW - just been for a look at your patch, and I reckon you can get to at least 200 of the 225 squares in the game, depending on what the footpaths are like across some of the fields.
    5:18pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • I ran South East today so I must be winning now :-)
    6:27pm, 11th Apr 2018
  • Does walking count for this game? Injury has reduced my options!
    Little Nemo
    7:47pm, 11th Apr 2018

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09 Apr 2018

Attention London Marathoners!

2:02pm | 317 views | 3 Comments
We'll be on the course in our usual Fetchpoint spot. You'll see us first on your left just after the 13 mile mark. We're on the opposite side of the road at this point, but if you get close to the central reservation and give us a big wave, we'll give you a nice big cheer. When you go through 13 miles, look out for the Texaco on your left, and we're about 100 yards further on. We're usually opposite the VW garage, which is a good landmark to look out for on your way back.

After seeing us, you run on to Canary Wharf, and just 9 short miles later, you'll be back again. This time you'll be on the same side of the road as us, so stay close to the kerb if you'd like food, hugs, high fives or just to punch me. I'll understand.

There are two forum threads you might find useful.

The first is for runners - freshly started today - drop in and chat with your fellow nerve-bags about your big day. There are some experienced marathoners and experienced London-marathoners amongst you, so if you need help or advice, it's a useful place to start:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

The second is our supporters thread - so if you have any special requests, call in and let us know. We are aiming to have as many oranges as we can carry, along with the usual jelly babies (although you might be sick of those), a few drinks (although the water stations are plentiful), and as much TLC as you need. If you can't complete your race without a specific snack or drink, let us know and we'll do our best to bring some along:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

If you have friends/family/care workers out on the course, they'd be welcome to join us - we'll be there to set up from about 7am, and will do our very best to stick around until we've seen you *all* go by.

Right, that's enough from me. Enjoy the taper madness, and we'll see you soon!

Ian / Fetch

PS If you'd like a realistic marathon prediction, and an idea of how your training's gone, try this article: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • Look forward to seeing you all there and for sweaty (me, not you. Mind you, that cheering lark can get pretty hot. And who knows what else you'll all have been up to?! ) hugs hug Awwwwwwwwww! :-) G
    2:39pm, 9th Apr 2018
  • Looking forward to passing you both times and hopefully still smiling on the 2nd pass. I have lovely memories of Fetchpoint 2016 when the lovely Garfield brought me an electrolyte drink in a bottle to help with the dreaded cramp - it worked and it was my first marathon finish not doubled up in agony!! Fetchpoint is marvellous!!
    2:45pm, 9th Apr 2018
  • The thought of seeing you all for the second time will I'm sure be a major boost! It's all feeling very nerve-wracking...
    2:59pm, 9th Apr 2018

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04 Apr 2018

New game - coming soon

4:28pm | 1081 views | 44 Comments
A while ago, I mentioned that I was developing a new GPS-based game, similar to Conquercise and Fetchpoint (in the sense that you have to run to places in the real world in order to score points in the game).

In this game, you'll be pitted weekly against one other player at random, even if that player is on the other side of the planet. It's focused in the square covering a mile around your chosen location, with the mile divided up into 225 smaller squares (so each small square is about 200 metres square).

Your goal is to control more squares than your opponent. Travel through a square on your run, ride or walk to earn points. Your opponent will be doing the same, wherever they are. The player with the most points in that square 'owns' it, and the player who owns the most squares at the end of the week is declared the winner.

You'll be able to see your own squares overlaid on a map, along with the scores you've achieved in each one, and you'll also get a grid showing your opponents' scores (but without a map, so you can't stalk them so easily). But you'll be able to see your opponents' user profile, so it's up to you whether you chat to them whilst playing, or maintain a stony silence.

Winning a game will give you a higher rating - and players will be matched against others of a similar rating - so there's room for 'casual' players, whilst those who want to take it extremely seriously will hopefully find suitable opposition.

It's still in the Fetch workshop, but I thought it'd be good to get a testing group to try it out when it's ready. Your feedback will help me to fine-tune the gameplay, and find bugs.

If you'd like to get your hands on the first trial, join this group for more details when I have them (hopefully in a few weeks): Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Leave a comment with your suggestions for a name :-)
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  • Game sounds good :-)
    No inspiration for a name though, Square Won?
    4:58pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • I’m in, and it shall be called Overlay
    5:02pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds good. :-)
    5:13pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Who Squares Wins
    Wriggling Snake
    5:16pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Hako shō, which is Japanese for box win.
    Wriggling Snake
    5:16pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds like fun
    5:34pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • I like Who Squares Wins.
    5:40pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • With apologies to Jeff Minter, "Gridrunner", except without the llamas
    6:03pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • ...or, hey! What about adding in llamas somehow?! And mutant camels!
    6:04pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds interesting but will need to wait until I’m a bit more able🤨
    6:20pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Call it "Bob"
    Jon M
    6:27pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds good, but I have a lot of inaccessible areas around home so not sure if it would work for me.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    6:33pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • The inaccessible issue will be an issue for too. But I’ll give it a roll.
    Game name ? Blockbusters? ( maybe there could be a hidden P)
    6:44pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • what about "Square Route!" ?
    the hickmanator
    6:48pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds good - count me in! Squared I’ll beat ya?
    Ogden Runner
    7:01pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Or how about Who Squares Wins!
    Ogden Runner
    7:03pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Oops, a bit late with that one😓 As you were.
    Ogden Runner
    7:04pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Fetchblocks?
    7:16pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Sounds good!

    How about "You squaring up to me"
    Daz Love
    7:59pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • Count me in. Brain too fuddled to think of names though.
    9:35pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • I like Square Route (Root) :-)
    10:12pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • That sounds fun. I must teach my running Garmin to talk to my computer Katie loves nerds
    10:24pm, 4th Apr 2018
  • My home town is aptly named - she's called Mount Eliza - and has some deep-cut stream beds (from .when the sea level in this area was much much lower). Could make the new game more challenging and fun to play. ?Relative elevation of squares = relative value of same possibly. All things considered, I'm probably not a suitable candidate for the trial though.
    12:22am, 5th Apr 2018
  • Sounds quite blocky. But requires effort... Mein Kraft? :-) G
    8:10am, 5th Apr 2018
  • "Square Route" is an inspired name but then so is "Who Squares Wins". I like both but which one is best? There's only one way to find out.... do a poll.
    8:55am, 5th Apr 2018
  • Not for me thanks
    12:07pm, 5th Apr 2018
  • Sounds good. 😀
    5:38pm, 5th Apr 2018
  • Sounds like fun. I'm up for that
    8:26am, 6th Apr 2018
  • Yes, who squares wins!
    12:25pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • Given the low density of Fetchies near me, I could probably own quite a lot - I assume the matching will sort out after a week or two? Like HappyG's Mein Kraft.
    12:52pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • @Nessie - it's not about going to the same place. You could be playing against someone on the other side of the world. It'll all make sense when you have a go.
    12:55pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • I was thinking more along the lines (or squares) of me going out for a run and gaining control of all the squares in my mile. Presumably if no-one else runs that route at all that week, I keep them all. Say opponent runs in central London, gains control of all the squares in their mile on run 1, then loses them during the week as other players take them out.
    1:00pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • D'oh! Just worked it out, I think. My square A1 will be pitted against my opponent's square A1 - it's not Conquercise-like.
    1:01pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • That's it :-) Your A1 can be on Lands End, and you can be the only person who ever runs through it. Your opponents' A1 can be John O'Groats, and they can be the only person who ever runs through it.
    1:21pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • :-)
    2:19pm, 6th Apr 2018
  • I like the idea, although quite a few of the squares in my mile are going to require scuba gear to run in. Or can we choose the centre point of our square?
    12:48pm, 7th Apr 2018
  • I've just actually read those word things in the text above and it says "your chosen location" so I think I should be able to keep my feet dry. Can you have a different chosen location each week for those of us with less stable lifestyles?
    12:54pm, 7th Apr 2018
  • Can you make it like battleships? If i run in certain squares one week, my opponent has to try to "sink" my runs by running in the same squares the next week, and vice versa.
    12:56pm, 7th Apr 2018
  • Just signed up to be in the trial group. Only name I came up with following several minutes of end-of-pencil chewing was - Gasbags (get a square; bag a great score)
    6:43pm, 7th Apr 2018
  • I've already been beaten to "Square Route" (had to search the page to check) but I'd still vote fore that. Or maybe "Square's Pace" (it'll be fine with any homophonic service-based content management system/integrated website builder companies, yeah?)
    I'm thinking it will favour those in big cities (with luxuries like streets and lighting) rather than me on a hillside in the middle of Scotland though - but maybe I'll soon have my own version of the Barkley marathons on my doorstep, and discover dark parts of the local forest/cliffs/hill?
    9:39pm, 8th Apr 2018
  • sounds good!...as usual
    1:42pm, 9th Apr 2018
  • Sounds like a more interesting version of the Explorer thing that you can do on VeloViewer
    5:29pm, 9th Apr 2018
  • I've not heard of that graeme - I shan't go look it up to make sure I follow my dream :-)
    5:32pm, 9th Apr 2018
  • sounds like fun
    11:48am, 14th Apr 2018

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22 Mar 2018

Intervals, Solidarity, Swimming and Fmail

12:32pm | 597 views | 22 Comments
It's a vLog :-)

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  • Yes please I'd like to see you at your interval session
    12:47pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Club members can use the track outside club sessions for a quid as long as it's not booked - bargain.
    12:48pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Sharkie has apparently sent me a new fangled fmail, but I've not received it. Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?
    12:49pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Soooo do these comments need to be from different Fetchies? I don't think you said that ... ;-)
    12:50pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Try Link (roll over me to see where I go) (see yesterday's blog for details)
    12:51pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • And yes, 25 different commenters Raspberry!
    12:51pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Do I count as a commenter? I'll do a 10k. Not sure I'll manage speedwork what with me being swim-xhausted all the time.
    1:00pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • You count :-) Do you fancy Silverstone?
    1:01pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Cheers Fetch, and thanks for the new swimmy stuff.
    The Scribbler
    1:21pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • I can't hear this at work so no idea what you are talking about but have a comment
    1:39pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Good luck filming your interval session :-)
    Fenland Flier
    2:16pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • I'm not a swimmer, so I won't enter for a dry-robe, but I'd like to see your intervals!
    3:09pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Yes please to the intervals!
    9:07pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • This am a Comments
    9:49pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • #SmashTheLooms
    9:49pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • A no comment, comment.
    10:01pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Apparently somebody has a .B. in their bonnet de douche about this for some reason
    10:09pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • I had intended to do more swimming this year but high running mileage has got in the way a bit. Well... quite a lot really!
    10:35pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Wish I could pay to use my local track, AC members only. :-(
    1:36am, 23rd Mar 2018
  • I might give silver stone a go this year. I need something to give me a target.
    Elsie Too
    7:00am, 23rd Mar 2018
  • Perhaps I am in a minority but never done any track running. Would like to watch a vlog of your intervals though.😊
    9:10am, 23rd Mar 2018
  • Went for a bit of a fun track session with my mum & my cousins while on hols last year in Belgium - it’s open to anyone when not booked by clubs, and totally free €0.00
    Piste d’athlétisme, Andenne:
    Link (roll over me to see where I go)
    9:22pm, 24th Mar 2018

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21 Mar 2018

Ready to give the new fmail a try?

2:11pm | 283 views | 6 Comments
Here's a link:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

As I say in big bold letters, please stick to non-sensitive stuff whilst I check for bugs.

For now, you'll need to return to/refresh the page to see if you have any new messages, but once I've got the system working, it'll be integrated into the page header, like normal.

Also... I am aiming to make it so that the page will automatically pull in new messages whilst you have it open... but that's not as relevant as making sure that the core idea works.

If you haven't got anyone to fmail, you can fmail me.

Looking forward to your feedback!
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  • Intriguing...now waiting for my fmail guinea pig to respond!
    5:38pm, 21st Mar 2018
  • Also still waiting for my LOVELY guinea pig to respond
    10:32am, 22nd Mar 2018
  • I’m not sure people are receiving notifications when these new-dangled messages are sent
    11:02am, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Oops, just read the large small print saying there wouldn’t be any, sorry
    11:03am, 22nd Mar 2018
  • Lol @ new-dangled :-)
    12:50pm, 22nd Mar 2018
  • It’s a correct autocorrect
    1:14pm, 22nd Mar 2018

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