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26 Sep 2022

Training View tweaks (switch maps, game overlays, mile markers)

Another little training view change to keep you on your toes :-)

There used to be a set of buttons like this in the top left corner of your training entry maps:

They've now all been folded into a button called 'Map Layers' in the bottom left corner:

As a Brucey bonus, the Conquercise zones are coloured in, so you can see which ones you've explored this year / all time; and you can also switch from the default map to satellite view, and a few other free variants that I found online. There's one that shows relief - it's not much cop unless you are covering big distances (zoom out a couple of steps to get a proper flavour of it). I'd really love to find a free set of tiles that show contour lines to the level of detail that you get on OS maps - but I suspect that's unlikely.

This is also the same button I use on "Plot a route", so in theory it's relatively easy for me to now add extra layers, and extra map types as and when I find them.
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  • Nice update :)
    11:04am, 26th Sep 2022
  • Love it
    11:08am, 26th Sep 2022
  • CylcOSM is free and has 10 metres contours. And maybe other useful elements for folk on bikes.
    11:22am, 26th Sep 2022
  • Liking it.
    11:25am, 26th Sep 2022
  • I loves it si I does.
    (Would it be possible to have a 'minimise/maximise' thing on the Map Layers box so you can hide it once you've selected your choice?)
    11:32am, 26th Sep 2022
  • @McG - it's not very clear, but if you click 'Map Layers' again, it should minimise. I will see if I can add some sort of indicator.
    11:48am, 26th Sep 2022
  • @zp - I've added a couple of those now.
    11:48am, 26th Sep 2022
  • Bloomin' amazin'. That's grand so it is. :-)
    11:55am, 26th Sep 2022
  • Brilliant, thanks! Can it remember the layer you used last?
    12:01pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Any chance of adding rundle numbers, for current day activities?
    And possibly to have the option of coloured conq zones or not? The coloured ones do seem to disrupt my view of the map?

    But thanks as well!
    12:35pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • @zp - it'll now remember your choice.
    12:38pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • @um - I've reduced the opacity of the yellow and grey, which will hopefully help.
    12:40pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Brilliant. I saw some of the changes earlier. Small bug with remembering the selections… they are selected but not rendered😟
    1:21pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • I'm not seeing the issue JCB. Can you send a feedback please?
    1:23pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Other bonuses: fetchpoint can now zoom out more. And can now do the inaccessible marking from a training entry🙂
    1:23pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Maybe just because I went back a page in my browser.
    1:25pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • It was just because I had used the browser back button. Really liking the changes!
    1:29pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Looks good, many thanks fetch
    1:29pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • @um - I've added the Rundle digits as an option too.
    1:52pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Nice update. Thank you.
    1:52pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • That's great fetch, thanks. Makes it easy to check I got the rundles I aimed for.
    (Although, just to confirm, you're showing today's rundle locations regardless of date of the activity? That's fine, for me, I was assuming you don't save locations & home point by date and time per user)
    2:10pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • It'll always show today's locations.
    2:11pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Nice - thank you. especially like the conquersize layer!
    3M (aka MarkyMarkMark)
    2:47pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • Noice :)
    ishep 🇪🇺
    10:53pm, 26th Sep 2022
  • As per my rambling posts on the new features thread I find the toned down opacity of the yellow conquercise zones now really difficult to see in my rural area of the map. If there was a chance of a middle ground that would be lovely. If not, it’s still a great update
    Cheeky’s Dad
    12:57am, 27th Sep 2022
  • This is great, thanks for implementing the CZ changes to the map 😃
    6:40am, 27th Sep 2022
  • It's my *opinion* that OS ought to allow subscribers to view their maps via other providers such as Fetch. I suspect you would know about it if they did.
    9:36am, 27th Sep 2022
  • That would be a nice thing. In the same way that devices share data, you've paid for use of that data, so flexibility in how you use it would be great.
    10:09am, 27th Sep 2022

22 Sep 2022

Training View tweaks (and a play button bug fix)

I've made some little amendments to the training view (that's the page you get to when you view one of your training entries). I like to blog about this stuff, so there's a good chance that those of you who are most interested can acquaint yourselves with what's happened :-)

Here's the old style header from a swim I did recently:

and the new style (from a bike ride):

Please excuse the blurriness of the image!

Mainly, it looks like I've just centred everything - but I've also pulled up a few options that were previously sitting down by the map e.g. Split/Trim, Merge and Build A Mile. It feels like the first two at least should be right next to the main Edit button.

I've also moved the navigation stuff (previous entry, next entry, back to log) up to the top, as this feels like a more natural place for it.

And I've been trying to (slowly) homogenise the buttons and widgets that I use. So the edit buttons, and the benchmarks now also use my standard button type.

Nothing too major hopefully - I didn't want to cause too much disruption :-)

I've made some tweaks to the map too. When you used to drag the slider above the map, a whole section would open out, with stats - it looked like this:

I was never a fan of the way it would shove the map downwards - so I've switched to having the numbers overlay on the map:

The longer term plan is to turn this overlay into something that illustrates the numbers, rather than just shows them. For example: speed, cadence, altitude and heart rate could be represented as bars that rise and fall as the dot moves.

Keener readers will have noticed that there's an additional button next to the play button, that allows you to adjust the speed to suit. There's also a bug fix in there too. Following the comments on last week's blog, I realised that my play button was just jumping from one data point to the next. This is fine for land sports, where your GPS typically records around 3600 points an hour; but if you swim, you're lucky if your watch captures 60 points per hour. As a result, the swim play button would finish in the blink of an eye. I've tied the pace of the play button to the elapsed time now, which should sort that.
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  • Oh good. I did wonder about speeding up the rewind.
    Ocelot Spleens
    11:47am, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Nice!
    11:54am, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Just tried the playback thing for the first time. Minor issue - on this run I started off going south from the start point so the white dot disappeared behind the number overlay on the map.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    11:58am, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Very nice! :)
    Is there a way to compare 2 (or more) runs/rides on the same route, using the same map. So you can see where you were faster/slower and caught up or got left behind. I thought there was, but I can’t find it now. Or maybe it was on an orienteering site?
    Angus Clydesdale
    12:30pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • @FDNB - the dot should remain centred - it's the map that moves. What size screen are you viewing on?
    12:50pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • @Angus - yes there is. I made a video. NB the buttons aren't green any more, but aside from that, it's all about the same:
    12:53pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • I hate to say it, but I think I prefer the headings to be left justified. Random length centred stuff doesn't suit my ordered mind.
    But if you ask me again in a week or two, I'll be used to it and probably not even notive ;-)
    1:55pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Loving your work... The amount of times I've clicked Edit before remembering and backing out, when I want to trim the bit where I forgot to stop my watch... :)
    ishep 🇪🇺
    2:10pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • @Fetch - an iPad mini. For some training the dot stays centred and the map moves around, for others the map stays still and the dot moves around.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    2:24pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • On my phone it seems to be working as intended though.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    2:27pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Ace, thank you. I was sure I’d seen it here. :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:28pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • Looks great on my iPhone
    3:25pm, 22nd Sep 2022
  • The floating stats box over the map is great - I must admit I didn't notice it existed until you moved it off the title bar!
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    9:12pm, 22nd Sep 2022

20 Sep 2022

A long ride and a cold swim.

Last week I built the new UTMOST Bike League ( ), and it inspired me to attempt my first fifty mile ride on the weekend. I had grand delusional plans this year to cycle to the family in Wales (~140 miles), but prior to the weekend, my longest ride had been 46 miles. That one was somewhat fraught time-wise, because the plan was to rendezvous with Katie, and continue on our journey to Bristol to meet her middle boy for lunch.

This time I had a local loop in mind. I turned down the offer of a mid-ride coffee and cake with the aforementioned lovely Katie, because I wanted to see what time I could do it in as well. UTMOST doesn't wait whilst you cram Victoria sponge down your neck :-)

I set off nice and early (6.30am), and the horizon was a lovely golden eggy yellow, with just a few white scratches caused by aeroplane trails. The falling temperatures this week meant that my hands were bordering on sore for the first half hour, and I willed the sun to speed its upward journey.

The first ten miles were all virtually in a straight line, heading south east towards the little town of Shefford. I like how quiet the roads are at that time of the morning. I only had to yell obscenities at one driver.

The route was designed to pick up as many Conquercise zones as possible, and I thought about these as I wiggled my way west for the second 10 mile leg. I find it so handy to break a cycle ride into legs - and it's hard to believe that I don't ever really think about running like this.

The half way point coincided with a bridge over the M1, followed by a not especially friendly road surface. It's amazing just how much the surface can play a part, not just in terms of pace (which it clearly does), but also in mood. The middle ten was probably the hardest of the lot.

My thoughts turned to my emergency Snickers in my bike bag. At one point I said "right, I'm getting to the top of this hill, and then the first patch of sunlight I reach, I'm having that damn Snickers". As luck would have it, this corresponded with a sign advertising a nice downhill ahead, so it was the perfect place for a break. Exactly two minutes of grinning and working my jaws round a slightly cold and firm Snickers. Heaven!

I was still chewing as I set off, and let gravity do the work (on the bike, not the Snickers). I chose to brake a bit, because I didn't know the hill at all. Shortly after, I hit upon the first major routing issue (at 32.75mi), where there was a locked gate. I was not displeased, because had the gate been open, I would have been riding away from home, rather than towards it - and I'm not sure I was mentally up for that.

So I chose to follow the direction I knew, knowing that I'd have to make a few miles up somewhere. This was all on a very nice bit of road running parallel to the bypass. All the serious traffic was on the bypass, and the surface was lovely and smooth and flat. Turning off, I went through Wootton (home of Bedford Harriers Half Marathon), and then Box End (where we go swimming) - enjoying familiar distractions to keep me occupied.

Down to the last 10, and I was able to enjoy counting them down, and trying to work out how much of a detour I needed in order to hit the fifty. My neck was starting to feel a bit cricked by this point - but on returning to Bedford, there were more traffic light stops, so it gave me a bit of a chance to wiggle it about a bit. The detour ended up being mercifully short, and I did a little 'yay' as the GPS beeped the completion of the final mile.

I'm not blogging any of this for pats on the back - but just as a reference really. I'd like to do more of this sort of thing, and maybe even go further when the circumstances allow. Having something to look back on for a reminder of what to expect is good.

On Sunday, I went for a swim at Box End, and felt distinctly weird when I got out after 45 minutes of swimming. The water temperature has dropped quite a bit over the last seven days - down to 16 degrees from 20 degrees on Wednesday. It's hard to describe how I felt - but it was as though my head was full of random thoughts, and not quite able to think straight about anything.

We went from there to meet up with Jigs and Mrs Jigs for a walk round Pitsford Water (thankfully Katie did the driving, whilst I offered some very hit and miss directions), and then hot drinks and a cheese toastie at The Workhouse in Brixworth: (little shout out for our coffee shop map!).

It wasn't really until I'd eaten my toastie, and followed it up with a cheese and marmite sausage roll (as nice as it sounds!) that I felt properly normal again. I'm not sure whether it was the cold water, or some sort of calorie / energy deficit - but I'd prefer not to feel like that again.

We saw this sign in a hedge on our walk. I imagine its author had been for a long ride and a cold swim.

Anyway... the weird bit hasn't stopped me :-) Katie and I went out for a ride yesterday which was nice (albeit with no coffee and cake, because nowhere was open), and then watched pretty much ALL of Netflix. Spoiler alert - we were checking out Katie's new commute. More on that soon :-)
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  • Very good, a pat on the back anyway, my 20 miles yesterday has almost as much vert. . Hence my needing to find some other way of getting out of my local hill country.
    Ocelot Spleens
    3:07pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • Exciting commute news. Sorry about the weird feeling. Great ride, though
    3:12pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • I would say that you'd lowered your core temperature enough to become hypothermic, which is something best avoided. Well done on your bike ride (further than I've ever managed).
    3:25pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • 100km next?
    5:02pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • Maybe, yes! Or I might try to repeat 50 miles.
    5:03pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • I knew it!! :)
    I've also had my enthusiasm invigorated by the Utmost Bike League. 40 miles tomorrow (hopefully), or maybe 20 but faster? It'll depend a wee bit on the actual weather (as opposed to the forecast). 50 is likely to be next week.
    Angus Clydesdale
    11:02pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • 🎵 You're listening to the sign from the big bad city. jam coal. jam coal. wood be good to me. 🎵
    11:41pm, 20th Sep 2022
  • Great cycling. Excitedly awaiting commute news.
    6:25am, 21st Sep 2022
  • Rushes off to check UTMOST, as you're in my division ;-)
    10:09am, 21st Sep 2022

15 Sep 2022

Play Button

Just a little blog. On your training entries, just above the map, is a slider. To the left of a slider is a new button. Click that, and watch your training dot Benny Hill its way around your route.

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  • Goes off to the feature request page to ask for a button that plays the the Benny Hill theme at the same time...
    4:24pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • This is great!
    4:26pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Good. I can see me visibly slow down going up hill.
    Ocelot Spleens
    4:30pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • :-)
    Fenland Flier
    4:34pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Love this
    4:34pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • I hada look at a couple of races in my training log. I really like that! Thank you.
    4:41pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • What Cerrertonia said 😀
    Eynsham Red
    4:54pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Nice, a couple of follow up Qs
    1. It seems to have disabled the zoom buttons. If you Pause you can zoom back out to see whole route, but when you start play again it zooms back in. Is this what's meant to happen ?
    2. It's quite slow for long runs - any way you could introduce a speed slider so speed can be increased ?
    K5 Gus
    4:58pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • I now have Yakkity Sax as an earworm and I think I hate everyone.
    5:00pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • What a great idea.
    5:08pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • The person who submitted it as a feature request really deserves a pat on the back ;-)
    5:09pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • ROFL Cerrertonia!!
    5:37pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Ooh it’s like Flightradar24. But a little bit slower
    5:46pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Haha, I thought my internet was slowing down taking a look at last week's long run, then realised it had captured all the times I stopped to eat some brambles.
    6:08pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Neat!
    6:31pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Brilliant!
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    6:54pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Love this! My interval sesh tonight with walk back recoveries looked almost decent!!
    7:31pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • *Goes to look for feature for Benny Hill music to vote yes!*
    7:49pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Very good. Thank you
    8:04pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • The updated "Search" results field is very good too, much better than the pick-the-one-you-want option. Busy day at Fetch Towers!
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    8:53pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Brilliant work Fetch 👏
    9:19pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Excellent feature, like that it shows the pace as the thingy his along.
    8:52am, 16th Sep 2022
  • Love it. Just got back to my running & this made it extra special. Its the little things! 😁
    9:42am, 16th Sep 2022
  • That really shows the how silly last night's CX skills session was - just round and round in tiny little loops! Thanks
    12:32pm, 16th Sep 2022
  • Gosh I was able to relive going to the toilet on our walk :-) (and sitting on a bench enjoying the view, having a cup of tea etc as well as walking). What's the play rate?
    1:56pm, 16th Sep 2022
  • this is great
    3:43pm, 16th Sep 2022
  • *feature request in blog alert* how about a "grade" figure as knowing the angle of the slope would be more use than the absolute elevation in terms of understanding pace change
    1:47pm, 17th Sep 2022

14 Sep 2022

UTMOST Wava & Bike Division Rebuilds

Yesterday I announced the new UTMOST WAVA League:

and the new UTMOST Bike League:

To avoid long-term bottlenecks at the bottoms of each league, I will do a daily rebuild of divisions until the end of next week. This should give plenty of time for all interested joiners to get on board. For example, if you sign up today, and you're a speedy biker, you won't have to wait weeks to hit an appropriate division.

EDIT: I will also be working on excluding some bike categories e.g. virtual rides, turbo trainers etc. So your position in the bike league may be affected when certain training entries are excluded.
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  • Thank you :-)
    12:40pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • The same rebuild for the running one?
    Bowman 🇸🇪
    12:55pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • No, I won't rebuild the running one. There are folks who have reset to work their way through the badges, so it'd annoy a lot of people :-)
    12:56pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • Tremendous stuff! 🙂
    1:26pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • Great! Will there be badges?
    2:53pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • At some point perhaps.
    2:53pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • 👍
    Bowman 🇸🇪
    4:22pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • could you rebuild running from division 21 and below where there are no badges. Div 29 seems to be hanging around as people are resetting more often than others are being promoted.
    11:18pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • Damn! Wish I’d taken a screenshot back when (yesterday) I was in Div 2 and, more importantly, ahead of FlyingScotsman. Grrrrr ;)
    Angus Clydesdale
    1:25am, 15th Sep 2022
  • Why are you excluding some bike categories?
    9:37am, 15th Sep 2022
  • The following are excluded:

    Turbo Trainer
    Virtual Ride
    Electric Bike
    Exercise Bike
    FTP Test

    The idea is to leave only unassisted outside-world performances to ensure a level playing field. I've seen several instances where amazing times have been recorded on virtual/home stuff, that has no relation to what the rider does in other rides.
    9:41am, 15th Sep 2022
  • I'll repost this on the UTMOST thread too, as it's probably an easier place for discussion.
    9:41am, 15th Sep 2022
  • I've noticed that manicstreetpounder's qualifying ride is a Turbo session There's no elevation data, and no real-world cyclist could hold their cadence and power that steady.
    7:27pm, 16th Sep 2022

13 Sep 2022

New UTMOST leagues for cyclists and WAVA fans

There are two new variants of our UTMOST leagues, which might be of interest to you :-)

The first is the WAVA League.

UTMOST only uses times from the last 365 days of your training, so if your PB times are all a few years old, you've had to make do with your recent bests; whilst the young whippersnappers are clogging up the top divisions with their youthful performances. Personally, that's never bothered me, because my only goal in playing the game has been to attack my recent bests. And so what if that's in division 8, not division 1? The analogy I like here is a football club that has seen better days. They may never make it back to the premiership, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to fight it out every week to beat the teams around you.

But! To disregard WAVA scores generally does mean that (at least as a spectator) you miss out on some fabulous performances by exceptional Fetchies. Based on purely times alone, MikeC (M70) is currently in Division 14 (although will probably rise to Division 8). But his WAVA scores (ranging from 77 to 83) are enough to put him in the top division of our WAVA League. Similarly, Mrs Jigs (F65) is in Division 10 based on times alone, but her WAVA scores (ranging from 83 to 87) are enough to not just put her in the top WAVA division, but in 6th place!

So do check it out - if only to see the amazing performances on show by runners of all ages. Here's the UTMOST WAVA League link: - anyone can join, you start in the bottom division and work your way up.

The second is the Bike League
A fairly self-explanatory variation - but instead of the distances ranging from mile to marathon, the bike league ranges from 10k up to 100k. As well as cyclists tending to travel further than runners, I also wanted to veer away from a cycling competition based around shorter distances. I'd rather not take responsibility for encouraging people to see how quickly they can fling themselves down a hill! The minimum 10k should help to even this out. And if you're a cyclist thinking that 100k seems unachievable, remember that in UTMOST, it's only your five best performances count. So to give yourself a good chance of topping the table, your max distance need only be 40 miles.

Here's the link to the bike league: - do feel free to join in if you're a cyclist! It encouraged me to go at it on my ride this lunchtime - and I managed to record my quickest time on my route - a nice little bonus :-)

Have fun with it!
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  • Awesome, and thanks for adding time too.
    Bowman 🇸🇪
    4:59pm, 13th Sep 2022
  • oooo now you are right up my street with this
    5:37pm, 13th Sep 2022
  • 😁
    6:35pm, 13th Sep 2022
  • I am liking the bike league, thank you.
    A couple of points/questions:-
    1) Given it is a new game can we have a start date of say Monday, and everybody who signs up before then is a relevant leagues at that point based on scores. For example, (I think) the person with the quickest time in the game currently at 100km is in League 13 just because they only signed up in the last 30mins or so.
    2) Can you add some sensible filters to remove erroneous times, e.g. so people aren't scoring 20 points for averaging 60mph for 20mins?
    7:19pm, 13th Sep 2022
  • Cool. Like Nelly sez, can we have a "Query" button like the Fetch Miles? I note that in , xt350's qualifying 'ride' was done in a car (or possibly on a motorbike, given their user name).

    7:36pm, 13th Sep 2022
  • If you click the erroneous score (e.g. the 10k time), it'll take you to the training entry or race that generated it. And from there, you'll find a link to report the training entry at the bottom of the page. Obviously, if someone has set their training log up to a private setting, this won't get you too far - but there's also a link at the very top of the UTMOST page where you can report issues to me directly.

    As for a reordering - I'll see what the uptake is, and might do a reorder in a week or so.
    9:57am, 14th Sep 2022
  • Liking the changes a lot!
    1:31pm, 14th Sep 2022
  • Thank you for this. All brilliant, as usual
    Cheeky’s Dad
    1:07pm, 15th Sep 2022
  • Should treadmill running be excluded from UTMOST too? There is certainly an appreciable probability of miscalibration. I ask this because of the reason for excluding several categories from the biking WAVA: « unassisted outside-world».
    Steve NordRunner
    9:49am, 25th Sep 2022

9 Sep 2022

The Doctor K Cup

I thought today would be a good day to remind you all about the Doctor K Cup. It's our annual community challenge to remind us all of those we have lost - and I'm sure that's something which is on all our minds at the moment.

It's named after Doctor K, who fought pancreatic cancer with dignity. He shared much of his life and his struggles with us through 11 years of blogging. He is now one of twelve Fetchies that we have lost over the years.

Every year, we host a little challenge to give us all the opportunity to remember.

There's more info (and a list of entrants) here:

It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible joining in. Thank you.
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  • Good shout.
    1:23pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • Well Done.
    Ocelot Spleens
    1:27pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • Thanks for the reminder.
    2:38pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • I'm in for it already I think. I'll go and ask on the thread, but is there/could there be an (optional only) pot to throw a donation for e.g. cancer charity in to? Cheers, :-) G
    2:44pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • I see there are now 12 on the 'in memoriam' list - has that grown and I've missed it? Signed up, such a fitting way to remember those who are sadly no longer with us.
    3:40pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • When is this event please?
    Eynsham Red
    10:07am, 10th Sep 2022
  • Sigh
    10:08am, 10th Sep 2022
  • Cheers Sigh 👍
    Eynsham Red
    10:12am, 10th Sep 2022
  • I am glad you blogged about this otherwise I would have missed it again!!
    3:23pm, 10th Sep 2022

8 Sep 2022

Chance encounters

I am just back from a 50k bike ride. Midway through, I reached what I assumed was a short queue for roadworks. I crept up the outside, as there was nothing coming the other way. Then about eleventy-million cyclists came past from a road on the left, complete with cavalcade. The clues were all there - the cyclists standing at the side of the road with their phones out. The helicopter hovering above. Excuse the poor quality image and the sweaty camera lens.

When the public were allowed to go about their business, I carried on cycling, along the same route as the cyclists. What I didn't expect was that when I rode through East Leake, the whole town and all their friends were out on the streets. I got a massive cheer from an entire primary school of trigger-happy kids all sitting on the pavement. I gave them all a salute! Having been flagging a bit before any of this happened, the next couple of miles were the fastest of my entire route :-)

It gave me something to smile about for the next half hour or so of my ride. An older guy (he announced proudly that he was nearly 70) pulled up alongside me on his bike and asked if I had been out to watch the tour. He told me that he'd competed in it until his late fifties, and that he still had a resting heart rate of 52.

I thought about how I could so easily have missed the moment. I had an emergency Kit Kat Chunky in my bike bag, and just before it all kicked off, I rode past a bench with a nice view. I was very close to pulling in for a pitstop. I guess that would have made the cheering kids all the more surreal.

I did start to get tired with about 5 miles to go. But I had an emergency fiver in my back pocket, so I promised myself a hot chocolate from the local cafe/bookshop - and paid the extra 50p for the cream and marshmallows. I sat in the sun for ten minutes and enjoyed being still.

In other surreal news, I was taking the boy to football practice yesterday evening. As we turned right off the main road, I noticed a lady lying flat out on the grass next to the pavement. There was a Scottish terrier attached to a lead that was attached to her - but she was motionless. It had been bucketing down just half an hour previously, so the grass was soaking. I stopped the car as soon as I could, and ran back around the corner to see if she needed help. She told me she was meditating. I politely suggested that there were other places that might be better for that. I know meditation is a useful response to the busy world and all its trials - and I guess you never know when you might need to do it. But she was also less than 100 metres from a field where she could meditate a bit more peacefully without freaking conscientious drivers out :-)

In Facebook news, I have 'paused' the group, but kept the page live for now. Thank you for all your feedback. It turns out that in order to delete the group, I would need to delete all of the 1800 members, ONE AT A TIME, before leaving the group myself - and only then would it be deleted. I'll just leave it paused for now I reckon.
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  • Would it work if we left the group individually and you only had e.g. 500 to delete?

    P.s. good cycling and citizenship :-)
    Oscar the Grouch
    1:56pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Would it help if we all left the group ourselves?
    1:57pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Hurrah for emergency fivers
    1:57pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • OtG got there first with everything I wanted to say.
    1:58pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • 1799 now
    Oscar the Grouch
    1:58pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • It'd certainly make the job easier, if you didn't mind - ta :-)
    1:59pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • How fantastic that you got the support!
    Easy way to clear out the active Fetchies from the FB Group: give them a badge on here for doing so ;-)
    2:03pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I'll leave the group then. Is it OK to still "Follow" the page (or whatever it's called) so you see it in your feed if you make a monumental announcement "Ian Williams > Fetcheveryone page: I've won the EuroMillions, suckers! If it goes down tonight - TOUGH, I'm off on my yacht. Mwahhahahhh!" ? :-) G
    2:04pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • (then give one volunteer admin rights to clear the rest out)
    2:04pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • HappyG has left Fetch Everyone! (the FB Group). :-) G
    2:05pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Cool encounter with TdB, by the way. :-)G
    2:06pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Somewhat ironically, it was in East leake that I couldn't find a public toilet. True fact.
    2:10pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Will have a look on FB. Can't remember if I'm in the group.
    2:19pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I would have milked the crowd a bit more, a couple of Laos perhaps. Good work on stopping. You never know.
    Ocelot Spleens
    2:27pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I just checked, I left the group a while back.
    2:35pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Emergency fivers? My phone case and glasses case typically have £5 - £20 stashed away for emergencies.
    It was only a few months back I found $20 in the glasses case. I stopped going there in 2017.
    2:41pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Had this been pre-Covid times I would probably have been stood outside and seen you in East Leake (my office is on the British Gypsum site) but as it is they're lucky if they get me in one day a week... and that was yesterday!
    3:01pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I have also left the group
    Cheeky’s Dad
    3:19pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • In May 1992, I unknowingly rode along the course of the Ebbw Vale to Aberystwyth section of the Milk Race in Wales although I eventually realised when I saw all the signs and crowds. I got to Aberystwyth just before the 2 leaders arrived - I almost missed seeing them since they were swamped by lots of support cars - and they were going very fast!
    3:34pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Re that lady meditating flat out on the grass -
    Years ago I was on a long bike ride (90-100 miles) and near the end I was getting tired so I lay down on the pavement in a lay by to have a brief rest, with my bike lying next to me. In quick succession, 3 cars pulled in to check on me and when the drivers found out I was just resting, they told me off for alarming them! :-o
    I have since tried to to be grateful that people were thoughtful and caring enough to stop, but not that they told me off!
    3:35pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I didn't tell her off :-) It was definitely alarming, and all I did was suggest that there was a nice field nearby - which I assume she knew because she was walking her dog around the block. I was polite about all of it, and mainly just glad that she wasn't unwell or worse.
    3:38pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • LOL@ Sigh! I shall go delete myself now.
    3:40pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I never thought that you would have told her off, you are not that kind of person. :-)
    3:41pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I was once lying by the side of a very quiet road when a motorist stopped to ask after my wellbeing, and I won't do it again.
    3:56pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • How exciting to see the Tour of Britain! And I would also have stopped. How alarming.
    4:36pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Fab timing seeing the tour and what a strange lady. I have also left the group.
    4:52pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Have deleted myself from the FB group
    4:55pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • @Fetcheveryone .. Talking of surreal things, I accidentally clicked on your Fetch profile and saw that you were a Fetch supporter! Does that mean that you are paying your own wages 🤔
    5:13pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I too have shown my support for FE by leaving the group. Errr....
    5:56pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Top race encounter :-) I found myself mixed in with the tail-end runners of the Ocean Lava tri in Lanzarote once - and given the state of them, I was actually moving faster. Yes, i did milk it a bit ;-)
    6:02pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • I too have left, it felt a bit .... you know .......sad
    10:34pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Group left.
    7:32am, 9th Sep 2022
  • I have logged on to Facebook just so I can leave it :-) hope the next cycle ride doesn’t feel peculiarly lacking in encouragement
    8:21am, 9th Sep 2022
  • Ha great blog. East leake do a tri end of month. Fancy it ?? Pool sprint
    4:19pm, 9th Sep 2022
  • As a driver I've pulled over twice in 30 years to people lying down near the road. One was sleeping off his alcohol consumption, the other had had a seizure because of a brain tumour.
    8:59pm, 9th Sep 2022

7 Sep 2022

Do I ditch our Facebook stuff?

When Fetcheveryone began in 2004, there was no Facebook. Well, ok it was available to Harvard students from 2004, but not to the wider public until 2006.

I didn't actually create our Facebook presence - it was made by some Fetchies back in 2007. We probably didn't have as many forum facilities back then as we do now, so I understand why it was made - but it has always felt a bit weird seeing people post on the Facebook page rather than coming to Fetch to do so.

Recently, we've also had a spate of spam posts over there. It takes just one gap in the spam dam it seems :) I also find the interface for the whole thing really utterly terrible. Today I had a report of a spam post (about sexy ladies - it makes a change from the religious spam), and it actually took me ages to find the post; and even longer to track down the user who had made it.

When I create a new feature on the site, I feel compelled to do the expected thing, and share it on social media platforms. So I was curious to see how many site visits in a typical month came from Facebook. In the last 30 days, it's 2.87% of visits. That seems a bit hard to chuck away if that's all coming from the Fetch page/group.

But I don't think it is. Looking further into the data, here are the top places that people arrive at when visiting here from Facebook:

1) Home Page - 33%
2) Forum Pages - 26%
3) Training Log / Individual Training Entries - 14%
4) Blogs - 10%

I don't tend to share links to these top-level pages - my stuff is more along the lines of "I've just added an extra decimal place to this calculator! Like it?". Ok, that's an exaggeration, but I rarely if ever just link to the categories. I'd estimate that at least 90% of our FB visitors come because of your shares, not mine.

And what's more - I didn't even post on our Facebook page/group AT ALL during July - and it still generated 3.5% of the traffic to the site. It adds to the conclusion that the majority of the people arriving on FE who have come from Facebook have done so because of shares from the Fetch community, not from me. It makes sense, because your friends trust you more than big ole corporate Williams here :-) But in turn that leads me to conclude that it'd be perfectly fine to ditch our official presence over there.

I'm not really a Facebook user myself - I don't tend to scroll it for entertainment, and I average about 2-3 posts a month at most on my own profile, and most of what I post is either (a) pointing people at the site, or (b) saying 'look at how smart I am' or 'look what amazing thing I am doing'. I think I've already concluded that (a) is not especially necessary, and that (b) is something I shouldn't need to do.

The only time it ever comes in handy is when the site is down, and I need a way to tell people that I'm working on resolving it. But I do this on Twitter (and frankly, it's a less triggering interface), so I figure that visiting in a web browser is not a big step for anyone who wants an update.

I'm not going to leap into it - I thought I'd write it down and see what you all have to say. Has our Facebook presence given you something I've not thought of? Did you find your way here because of it? And was it a post by me, or was it a friend telling you about it in their own feed or wall or yard or whatever they call it these days? :-)

Let's see what you all have to say. I'll post this link on our FB too, of course :-)
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  • I’m on the fence. Facebook for me is a way of keeping up with friends from afar. I don’t post that much too it and sometimes it bugs the crap out of me.
    1:21pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I rarely use FB these days so wouldn't notice if you did ditch it, and I'm not on twit, insta etc.
    1:21pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Personally I wouldn't miss it, but I'm not a big Facebook user.
    1:21pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Ditch it.
    1:22pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • It’s a yes from me. I usually keep in the loop on the website and scroll past the Facebook posts (Sorry)
    1:22pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I literally go on Facebook once a month to find out whose birthday I've forgotten. If it wasn't for contact from 2 friends who live a long way away and are stuck in facebookland, I'd delete it happily
    1:22pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • To me the FB page is unnecessary and can be scrapped, but since it is 'official', if you scrap it, it opens up the possibility of an 'unofficial' page springing up in it's place. You have the group and the page, personally I'd scrap the group and prevent others from posting to the page.
    1:23pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I agree the interface is awful, we use it for our junior parkrun page and I dread using it! I don't use FB as first port of call for fetch so wouldn't miss it.
    1:23pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I had no idea there was a fetcheveryone Facebook group so I’m not the person to ask 😅
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    1:23pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I rarely use Fetch FB page but if I’m sharing anything I do link to the FB page. I wouldn’t chat all things fetch there that’s what I do here.
    1:28pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I only remember it from the days of "is it down?"
    1:31pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I saw alert to this first on FB! I only use it when I going there's a problem with the site! In terms of promotion - insta, tik tok etc prob more relevant? Fragmentation of social media is hard for services such as yours. G'luck! :-) G
    1:31pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use Facebook all day every day for work (plus Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn and now I'm supposed to be using TikTok too...we'll see about that one) so I do see the posts, and tend to click through to interesting forums/blogs from it. Otherwise I don't tend to go on those pages of the website very much. I'm interested to see what others think.
    1:32pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I do use FB for other groups and see the posts, but it's usually after I've noticed them here first. And I don't use Twitter, but if the site is down I trust that someone (you) will have noticed and someone (again, you) will be doing something about it.
    1:36pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I’d say ditch it. I only keep my Facebook account to keep up with people I don’t have contact with in any other way. I think that FB will become increasingly marginalised.
    1:36pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • As someone who doesn't write on Twitter or Facebook, Twitter is a lot more accessible for news updates if you don't have an account (my pet hate is race / parkrun info on FB pages you can't access without an account) - so it's a yes for getting rid of Facebook from me. :)

    Even more importantly, who maintains "The Dark and Sinister Brother(and Sister)hood of Fetch" group on Linkedin?!
    1:36pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Never use it now. Used to, but came off it a while ago.

    For me, the bottom line is "does it add any value for you and this site"? If so, and you think it's worth the candle, keep it. If not, bin it.
    Dave W
    1:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Oh and twotter of course. I don't use it. But happy to try if it's only way to find out "is it down?" :-) G
    1:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Turn it into a largely static advert. Lock it down so all posts need to be approved and just never approve anything! That way if you need to post a “site down” or draw attention to an amazing new feature you can, and as Sigh says you keep control and prevent unofficial pages springing up
    1:38pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I'd say defo ditch it for the hassle it causes it really isn't worth it.
    1:38pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I wouldn’t miss it. I’m on here more than Facebook.
    Elsie Too
    1:41pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • feel free to ditch it
    1:43pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • It seems odd to have a thread here on FE that appears to be populated predominantly by material recycled from Facebook. Haven't bowed under the Meta yoke for many years, so this comment is based on what I see on FE only.
    1:44pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I can't say I use FB to go to Fetch.... and I'm not sure anyone has ever followed any of my links back! Maybe the Advent Calendar prize ones, although I tend to put them on Twitter....
    If it's more hassle than it's worth, chuck it in the bin!
    3M (aka MarkyMarkMark)
    1:44pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • No great fb user myself but I don't have a twitter account. I only joined insta because you set up a Fetch account.
    Fenland Flier
    1:46pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Pothunter has made best suggestion I think. :-) G
    1:46pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I'd never really understood why when I see anything from Fetch on Facebook, I see it twice. I'd keep one, jettison the other, and lock it down so only you can post (highlighting interesting pages/developments, etc), meaning anyone wanting to post anything needs to start/join a thread!
    JK *chameleon*
    1:52pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use FB but not anything to do with Fetch so wouldn't care if your pages there (I think there are 2 - Fetch everyone and Fetcheveryone) disappeared. The god event invites I kept getting notified of hosted by fetcheveryone are really annoying!!
    1:58pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • The reason for the duplication is that one is a 'group', and the other is a 'page' (both FB terms). The former is for interaction between members (and therefore, the more likely to be ditched, as Fetch itself serves that purpose); whilst the latter is more about Fetcheveryone disseminating information.
    2:03pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • +1 for Pothunter suggestion
    K5 Gus
    2:08pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I agree with Pothunter. I have to use Facebook for things to do with other organisations I'm involved with but I hate it and it currently thinks I'm a spammer (I'm not honest - new kitchen anyone?) and has blocked me from posting in various groups for a month. I never visit Fetch on FB because a) that's what this site is for and b) it's full of a whole load of people who I have no idea who they are ;-)
    2:18pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • *ehem* I arrived at your blog today from Faceb.. No, I didn't, it was Twitter.
    2:23pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • +2 for Pothunter suggestion. Rarely use Facebook and doubt if I would even think to go there to get info if the site was down
    Cheeky’s Dad
    2:25pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I got to this page from FB but I daresay I would have got here from following your blog. But not necessarily and many I guess don't follow your blogs. Perhaps a site news notification would fill that gap (likely taking us to your blog). I don't use twitter so saying you post site availability on twitter is as useless to me as doing so on Facebook is to others! You could lock down the Facebook page to prevent others posting?
    2:26pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • As someone who doesn't use FB, I'd have no issues with no posts/updates on that platform.
    2:29pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I dislike Facebook, for reasons too many to waste your time with here, but I'm stuck with it as so many of my local interest groups use it as their sole means of comms. However, I never ever get news about Fetch via Facebook and I wouldn't have thought to go there to check messages. I hate Twitter with a passion. So many utterly vile people in the world and they all seem to be using Twitter to shout louder.
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • +1 for PH suggestion, also ditch the group. I don't use Twitter and wouldn't remember to check it if Fetch was down. The spam is annoying!
    2:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • It can go. Thanks.
    Oscar the Grouch
    2:38pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Ditch it.
    2:39pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Ditch it. Here's why. I use FB for a few friends who are in distant places, and for other organisations as ot works at a high level. But generally FB is pretty rubbish/ annoying now. Furthermore I have NEVER used the fetch FB page, why would you when you have the site!? Lastly if you think the traffic is from referrals then they can just point people at the site. Twitter is still probably useful as a way of pointing at something new.
    Ocelot Spleens
    2:43pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Hmm, I'm quite an active FB user (geographically spread contacts), but rarely look at the Fetch page because I find what I want on here and you tend to use messaging for stuff I might want to look at. FB is less appealing now that so many ads scroll past. Twitter bugs me so much that I try really, really hard not to use it. So, ditch FB and I might not notice.
    2:46pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I have too many pages to administer. I want to hoy the whole chuffing thing into the sea. However, you need to keep your FB presence for the reasons Sigh and Pothunter said. I claimed our work one before some prat did. It's useful for when the site goes a bit sideways and you or we need to communicate that.
    2:50pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • On the basis of your explanation above (thank you!) I agree entirely with pothunter too - ditch the interactive one and have a static info page where only you can post stuff - useful for notifying of outages etc. plus any important updates or if you want to promote site features. I personally never use twitter though I do have an account, as I don't like it.
    2:51pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • i do appreciate the FB posts if the site is down. Pothunters suggestion is good. The idea of twitter being less "triggering" is interesting, I would expect it is the other way around.
    2:59pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I would only use FB for the site down notifications and if they can be on Twitter instead or as well that's fine by me. I FB like others for distant friends and local lost dogs, cats, and feral children reports.
    3:06pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Ditch - I removed my account ages ago.
    3:10pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use Facebook but is my main access to Fetch, so I wouldn’t be bothered if the Facebook account was disabled.
    Eynsham Red
    3:23pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I rarely look at the Fetch Facebook postings. It is useful to know if the site is down, but if I can't get in, I assume there's a problem. So I wouldn't be affected if you ditched it.

    I don't use Twitter.
    Nick Cook
    3:28pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Didnt even realise there was a FE presence on Facebook, so I wouldn't miss it if you ditched it
    3:30pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use Facebook a lot for running groups etc, but would never comment on a Fetch FB post and wouldn't bother to read beyond the headline ... so I'd say delete it 🙂
    3:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I don't use FB and like PH's suggestion. But I'm off to check out that LInkedIn thing...
    3:41pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I don't have Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Twitter. Or a telly (is Fetch on telly?)

    Sounds like you won't be missed on FB particularly.
    smoke free
    3:58pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I don’t use farcebook or twatter, but I do peruse Instantgran at times.
    Looking forward to some more of your “reels” where you talk intently to your raised phone while running perilously close to a canal.
    4:06pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use Facebook and Twitter. Both to mostly browse stuff. I agree with pothunter and sigh, that no Facebook presence opens you up to an unofficial page portraying our beloved site in a bad light.
    4:42pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I do have the name copyrighted :-)
    4:43pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Never use it, but cover yourself for someone squatting the name.
    5:25pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Don’t use Facebook so it has no impact on me
    5:37pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • We have a Facebook presence?

    Seriously I don't really link my Facebook and fetch ID because I keep things separate and mainly use Facebook to post scout things.

    As I've never noticed we have a Facebook presence so that tells you my view.
    6:10pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I started using Facebook a while back to keep in touch with friends and family but these days I use Instagram for that and Twitter for the famous folks who are not my friends. Facebook is losing its way in the world so would not miss it and like a few folks who said here, I did not know you had a Facebook site so bin it.
    6:50pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I never knew there was a facebook page! Was initially directed to Fetch from a post on my running club's facebook page when another run tracking/stats site put useful stuff (like the route planning I think it was) behind a pay wall... Now enjoy the community aspect too!
    8:25pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Agree with PH and ditch group having two has always confused me. I have occasionally used it to work out IRL names when I’ve met fetchies and then promptly forgotten all but their fetchname but I can live without that. Also I’m a rubbish stalker I worked out from fb that I’d met and chatted to RP and a sooty hand puppet at a London marathon and still can’t work out who she is on fetch to claim her sticker :-p
    8:26pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I'm another vote for getting rid of the group and keeping the page so no one else grabs it
    ishep 🇪🇺
    8:30pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I use different platforms, for different audiences. So another +1 for ditching the group but keeping the page.
    8:36pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I do recommend Fetch on other Facebook running groups that I'm in (I only use Facebook to keep in touch with RR and my club) - but I can still happily just post a link to the page, so yeah - don't mind! I think I've only used the group to share the odd race listing - but that's also better done via the site :)
    8:38pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Retired from facebooks moons ago, as have many friends & family. So I'll say ditch it.
    10:25pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • part of the problem maybe that is a "group" rather than a "page" which would be the more natural way to present the ways of a company / organisation on Facebook. It feels there could be a blurring of purpose here - e.g. there could be a good rationale for "collectives of Fetchies" to have a Facebook group to chat about whatever to do with FE from the perspective of individual users, but that's not the same thing as a page that is presenting the "official" position of FetchEveryone the company...
    10:34pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • I wouldn’t miss it as I rarely even notice it, I only check fb for family/friends updates, rarely post anything these days.
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    10:45pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • erm has Fetch got FB site. who knew
    11:02pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • Get rid, I forgot it even existed.
    11:33pm, 7th Sep 2022
  • FaceBook is a cesspit. I hate the fact that I have to use it to connect to various groups/clubs I'm in. Burn it down. Convert to just having a "Page" that explains what Fetch is and just links to the main site.
    9:50am, 8th Sep 2022
  • Meet us in the metaverse!
    Keefy Beefy
    12:10pm, 8th Sep 2022
  • Kill it
    12:25pm, 8th Sep 2022

5 Sep 2022

A keeper, from my feedback inbox...

"i've put the location in 3 times now and it doesn't take. I will soon be [age redacted] and will not have my time wasted in this way."
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  • :) :) :)
    4:24pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Such levels of entitlement. Was the name Truss by any chance?
    4:26pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Lol. If it wasn't a joke then :-O and *frown* at anyone speaking to you like that. Grrr! :-) G
    4:26pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • :-O
    4:42pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • how rude
    4:58pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • It is feedback, but I am not sure the site can be blamed for the march of time.
    Ocelot Spleens
    4:58pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • We’re they particularly elderly?
    5:06pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • “Had I been 5 years younger you could have wasted my time, but no longer!”
    5:11pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • @Dio - it was an older person - but they've been on FE for around 10 years I reckon.
    5:14pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Shocking. I'm reminded of parkrun: I always offered to refund the entry fees of anyone that wasn't happy.
    5:17pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • *checks sent fmail tab in case I had a senior moment!*
    5:33pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • I feel the same way about the extra-sticky filmy stuff under the caps of bottles of maple syrup.
    5:38pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Slightly worried now that he reads all the blogs.
    5:41pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Speaking personally, ... I've forgotten what I wanted to say (swittle, aged 68, Liverpool.) ;)
    5:48pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • It wasn’t me. (jennywren, aged 71 3/4)
    6:05pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • You would have thought that at least some semblance of decent manners might have rubbed off on them after around 10 years of being here - but apparently not. Nature vs nurture?
    6:22pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • was it me?
    7:09pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Nor me! (Ness, aged 55 and a half)
    7:28pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • can I just say it wasn't me, even though of course i dont own up to being an older person. Aside from that, I'm sad someone was rude to you, you dont deserve that! :(
    7:29pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • I can only assume they actually meant to type 'I realise you're busy but if you are able to take a look when convenient I'd be ever so grateful - thank you.' If they don't pay a voluntary subscription perhaps suggest in your response that they might like to try S****a
    7:31pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Personally, I find the wealth of opportunities to "waste" my time on Fetch is one of many selling points of the site! :-)
    7:43pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • "I didn't fight in two world wars... I admit"
    7:56pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • Not me! (55 and a half) Been on Fetch for about 10 years though🙄
    9:18pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • I'll be 57 in a month's time. Can you please ensure that everything is working perfectly by then?
    Silent Runner
    9:19pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • up with this they will not put :)
    Son of a Pronator Man
    9:44pm, 5th Sep 2022
  • "This isn't an airport; no need to announce your departure".
    8:19am, 6th Sep 2022
  • Have a good idea? Other will surely follow! :p
    8:33am, 6th Sep 2022
  • Was the location 'In a locked filing cabinet in a basement room that had a sign on the door saying Beware of the Leopard'
    8:45am, 6th Sep 2022
  • im always searching for ways of wasting my time vs working. off to find places on the site to put my location in.
    olde english
    11:19am, 6th Sep 2022
  • LOL!!
    11:53am, 6th Sep 2022
  • I don't buy green bananas because I have no guarantee at my age that I am going to see them ripen.
    12:51pm, 6th Sep 2022
  • Offer a refund.... oh wait
    2:25pm, 6th Sep 2022
  • I don't have time for this shit but I do have time to be fucking rude to a nice man who does a great job
    9:42pm, 6th Sep 2022
  • Presumably they've cancelled their huge monthly contribution, or maybe reduced it to reflect the value they derive from the less frustrating functions of the site?
    10:39am, 7th Sep 2022
  • Down with this sort of thing! and lol
    10:54am, 7th Sep 2022
  • that's nothing. I once wrote a whole blog and then when I read it back it was utter crap. This really isn't good enough !
    The great dollop
    11:32am, 7th Sep 2022

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If Fetcheveryone did lockdown merch
Site outage - Thursday 16th April 11pm
On exercising responsibly
My Sports Quiz - how would you have scored?
Your creative thinking required
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The Fetch Five: Don't Let CV19 Win!
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Most Popular Shoe Brands 2019
A review
Android: Session I
Compare Your Training
Book Now to avoid disappointment :-)
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Boring Cricket Blog
Books Part 2
Books :-)
Training tags Part 2
Training tags
Let's Jazzercise
My precious
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Benny Neutrino's Filter Tips
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Who Squares Wins: 64 Player Edition
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The training summary - a wordier blog
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May (15)
£79.99 off the bottom line
parkrun reviews - now with routes
Fix It Friday; Project Joker Week 2; and some shout outs.
Fetch Kit Cupboard Sale
The bonus ball
Project Joker - Week 1
Fix It Friday
A quick update on the server
Fetch 15th Anniversary Kit
There is a good service operating
In case you're wondering...
Trouble auto importing from Garmin?
Fix It Friday: Stuff that came to me in dreams
April (12)
Feature Voting - now with virtual badges :-)
The moment of triumph!
New Feature Voting
Fix It Friday: What would your horse be called?
Marathon Pacing: tyre-kickers required
Fix It Friday: Back to Basics
Podcast Poll
Fix It Friday: The League Of Everyone
Dom, dom, dom, I've got DOMS, I've got DOMS!
Crouch, Touch, Pause.... longer pause... what am I doing again?
Training Log - Update
Site Update: New Font
March (15)
Fix It Friday: An Endless Mission
Naming and faming :-)
2nd in my age category!
Fix It Friday: Brought to you by Surprise Inset Day
New training log
Route Matching - Ready :-)
Fix It Friday
What's your unit of measurement?
Ciderthon competition
Fix It Friday: Stroopwafels of Doom!
Route Matching - Update
This week's cool list
Me in the river
Big Fetch Miles 2019
Fix It Friday: Fingerprints!
February (13)
A Maths Challenge
Fetch Legends: Activate!
Whose coat is this jacket?
Fix It Friday: The Fix Awakens
Joining the awesome list...
Fix It Friday
Naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday - Monthly Summary
Training Month Summary
Podcast Q&A
If you can't read this, don't panic.
*redsaber* The force is strong with these Fetchies!
Fix It Friday *bluesaber*
January (9)
Some shout outs :-)
Fix It Friday!
Podcast Ep 3, plus some naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday
Fetch Chaos
Oooh! Second chance Berlin trip! And new subbers, podcast episode, and Trader.
My week of running
Naming and faming - this week :-)
Naming and faming :-)
2018 (138)
December (8)
A Christmas Message (in podcast form)
Rungeon :-)
Hey, Everyone!
France Trip Vote
Happy Fetch Independence Day
Actual free trip to France (incl. flights)
Sombrero's Lovely Cards
November (14)
Hoodies + other spares
Spare Fetch Kit
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
Book Giveaway - Can We Run With You, Grandfather?
Fix It Friday
Bedford Harriers Half - place offered
Updated Kit Bag
Family Fortunes :-)
Any adidas experts out there?
No Fixes Today - just two challenges
Big Fetch Mile Cardiff
Fix It Friday
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
October (14)
Hello landlubbers
Embedded polls
Member of the Month
Fix It Friday
Spare Fetch shirts and vests
Fix It Friday
My Fetch Mile
One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner.
Fix It Friday - 'Ave It!
Automatic route matching
Automatic route matching
One last reminder for those cycling jerseys
Fix It Friday - Forensics and User Experience
September (14)
Fix It Friday
Server Downtime 2.30pm 26th September
Never Again
Fix It Friday!
Handling your weirdness
Cards ordered :-)
Just wondering...
Fix It Friday :-)
Try the Fetcheveryone Tutorial
40 days and 40 nights
Fix It Friday
ARION insoles - review part 1
Fetch Shirt - Black Ones, and sizing
Shirts and Vests Pre-Order
August (14)
Fix It Friday
Blog Height squished
Site Outage Last Night
New Mobile Nav
Fix It Friday
New feature - how you doin'? :-)
Sunflower spread
Fix It Friday
A new pre-race mileage graph
Fetch Social: Draycote Water September
Fix It Friday: The Supermarket Analogy
A run with _andy :-)
Suunto 9 Review
Fix it Friday
July (5)
Fix It Friday!
Five Get Wet In Devon
Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch
Tom Williams Interview - Final Part
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics
June (17)
Abingdon Week 17 - P&D Booster rockets
Interviewing Tom Williams: Part III
Walking League (and one just for Nellers)
Follow Roads - continued
Week 18 in the bag
Tackling turds
Abingdon Marathon Training: Week 18
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 2
Five Questions (ready for serious answers)
Kick some tyres for me
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 1
Five Questions
Follow Roads saga
Google maps progress, plus Abingdon plans
Training Summary - Infographics
Who Squares Wins - ranking update
May (10)
Training log maps converted
More mapping updates
Who Squares Wins - The Wizard's Hat
De doo doo doo... another one bites the dust...
Invisible changes
Silverstone 10k
Three year throwback
Why your support makes the difference
Some high mileage Fetchies
dryrobe winner
April (14)
Interviewing Tom Williams
Swimming Caps!
New batch of shirts and vests
You make big mistake my friend
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile announced
Two tickets to the Running Awards
Pics from Dudley Big Fetch Mile
Notes for London Marathon Fetchpointers
Results from today's Big Fetch Mile
Who Squares Wins - prototype board
Attention London Marathoners!
New game - coming soon
March (9)
Intervals, Solidarity, Swimming and Fmail
Ready to give the new fmail a try?
More on fmail
New fmail system
Win a dryrobe :-)
For jabberknit...
Updating the Training Home page
Pics from Bedford Big Fetch Mile
Sledgends :-)
February (13)
Buffs On Sale
Big Fetch Mile Bedford
Vlog :-)
Marathon Talk
Important GDPR stuff - PLEASE read
A page of historical importance
Vlog :-)
Road Rash, Marathon Prediction and T-Shirts
This :-)
Capturing the dog
It's BACK!
Enter Wilmslow Half Marathon
An advertisement
January (6)
Local Fetchies - Opt In
Revealed: World's Best Shoes
How I chose the Big Fetch Mile venues
Big Fetch Mile 2018 - Venues & Provisional Dates
Try adding an image to your training entry
Mileage Targets 2018 - Update
2017 (147)
December (12)
Mileage Targets 2018
Thank you
Brownie Recipe :-)
Fetch Hoodies + Buffs SALE Update
Chewie, We're Home
Fetch Hoodies SALE - what's left
Fetch Hoodies! SALE!!! (and Buffs available too)
Chewie, We're Home
Sharing pics
Fetch Jingle Mile Cambridge photos
Glorious Failure: Bedford Harriers Half Marathon
November (20)
Serpents, hamstrings and inversions
A special anniversary approaches...
Hamstring and prototype updates
Training Log Prototype - Today's Improvements
Red Venom sale
For what it's worth...
Training Log Prototype - Update #2
Training Log Prototype - Update
Big Fetch Mile - venue hunt
RT for a Garmin
Training Log Prototype - To Be Fixed
The Weekly vLog (by me)
Thanks :-)
New Training Log Prototype - Available Now
Thanks for following
VLog - footage from the Cardiff Big Fetch Mile
Big Fetch Mile[s] 2018
Win a place in the Surrey Half
I vont to scan your barcode.
October (12)
Big Fetch Weekend :-)
Fetch Mile Results
Festive Fetch Calendar :-O
Calling Parkers everywhere!
In which I decorate a cake.
Regent's Park Fetchie Discount
Elevation in colour
"I didn't come here to walk to Sparta!"
New elevation info
Chicken Ballot-ine, with a side order of beef
New training log headers
Ballot day tomorrow - help needed
September (19)
Weekly vLog - COCONUTS!!!
River Thames Half Marathon
The lollipop update
On failing gracefully
Doctor K Day
Fetch Kit Sale - Updates
Weekly vLog
Fetch Kit Sale
Training Log View Update
Fetcheveryone Weekly? Vlog?
Fetchie Race Discount - Regent's Park 10k
Training Log Tags - Live
Training Log Tags
Weekly vLog - Derby Mile, and a pause to salute the legendary Doctor K
24 hours later
Doctor K donation page
Doctor K
Fetch Weekly vLog
Derby Mile - tomorrow!
August (8)
Race Prices; and an alien earworm
Straight outta Cromford - the Fetch Weekly vLog!
A Fetch vLog! With prizes!
Quick search location for sharing
New WAVA graph
Weird FIT file thing
Back from me 'olidays :-)
Linking race results to training log entries
July (12)
Race Pricing - crowdsourcing
Appdate for Android and iPhone
Fetch Mile - Cardiff?
Race listing omelette
Coding and town planning
Please review your races
A2B winners
Motivational Sounds - the final 10
Two more Big Fetch Miles? :-)
Bedford Fetch Mile Results
June (19)
Big Fetch Mile
Motivational Sounds
Fetch fug - updated design
Fetch fug (available at the Fetch mile)
I've done the naughtiest thing ever.
Donating Blood - my Vlog
Fapp In the App Store :-)
Can I kick it?
This just in...
For Bean
Your app status is Waiting For Review
Fetch Caps
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Fetch App - strong and stable testing
HTTPS is here
Fetch App progress
https access to the site
May (14)
Fetch App
Site down at 11pm
Round and round the garden
Try the new home page layout
Server down tonight @ 11pm
Browser testers wanted
The Big Fetch Mile!!!
Site *NOT* down tonight. [cough]
Bluffer's Competition - Winner
Bedford parkrun timelapse
Return of the cap
April (8)
Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)
Base camp, VMLM
Just for D2
Off to the awards
Hoodies - it's on!
Updated Training Home Page
March (6)
'Train' page
Project Joker
Hoodies and Londons
Hands up, hands UP! Draycote Water 10
Bluffer's Competition
Project Joker
February (12)
Running Awards shortlisted
Route Plotter now with OpenStreetMap
Plan for Bluffer's comp
Update to Route Plotter
First update to the route mapper
For Angus
Virtuous Circles
Competition coming soon
Race Guide Ads
Club La Santa vLog
Fetch Fixtures
January (5)
Word Clouds
Buckets Ready
New Home Page
Do me a favour...
Limited Companies, filing accounts, that sort of thing
2016 (128)
December (11)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Five Years Ago Today
Pantsfest! May the stains be ever in your favour!
Photoshop SOS
Attention: Fitbit users
Bedford Half 2016
Luton Fetchmob: Breaking Point
Vote Fetch!
Breaking news: Paris Marathon
November (21)
How to end a LiveChat.
Define wrong
TomTom Runner 3 Review - Any Questions?
Movember: Project Beard: Day 24: Beardraggled
Festive Fetch Calendar 2016
We're gonna be in the Hudson
Hey Chiefy
I've written summat
Going Postal
A special mention
Training Log Beta
Spare Hoodies
Updates to Training Beta
Movember: Project Beard - Day 8 (The Seven Day Itch)
Vote for Fetch
Training Log Detail View - Some Changes
Aberdeen University Study
Consultation V2
Fetchpoint - October Winners and November Prizes
October (16)
Alien nuggets!
Keeping a tight lid on the biscuit tin
Training Log Beta
100 Running Words
Fetchmob, December 3rd
Where to mob?
Little things
That All-Time Mileage League
The sudoku that keeps on giving.
Sub-25 for 1km :-)
Fetchmob - December 3rd
New Training Log Preview
Fixed the overlap...
Why the new training log isn't ready yet...
September (12)
Doughnut or Donate
Training Log - Sneak Peek
Fetch Shop Sale! Old stuff clearout!
The consultation system...
Garmin support for timezone info
The GMT/BST/Timezone problem
Training Log Consultation...
Training Log - Consultation
Fetch Social Runs
Subscriber shirts, vests and hoodies, and determination.
Fetch Voluntary Subscriptions
August (3)
Ze Gryndylows! My first #OWS :-)
Testing Fetchpoint exclusion zones
Fetchpoint scoring system
July (7)
Conquercise Prize Draw?
Fetch Games: Checkpoints (and what's wrong with them)
More owls...
Your Favourite Fetch Game?
Even More Utmost Than Before...
15 days later...
June (10)
Five days on...
A quick thank you...
What do you think?
If you'd be so kind...
Which watch?
Run Bedford 10k
Import from a TomTom
Attention TomTom users
May (10)
Race Distance poll
An ungainly fish
A five year plan
What Club La Santa can learn from parkrun
Cream Me Up, Scotty
Greetings from Club La Santa
And a quick poll...
Club Charter
A poll about intervals
More owls!
April (11)
Robin Hood and his Merry Dad :-)
Warning: Dull - some screen res stats
Responsive Design Update
For all you marathoners
A Poll
Ditching the forum categories?
Moving to Responsive Design
Sandy 10: Be Kind To Horses
For Adam and Jamie
March (11)
Bacon Smoke!
Benchmarks Update
Bath - Race Report
An annoying eight-year-old.
Let's Cook and Cut and Paste :-)
Let's Cook :-)
RIP Gramma
Book Winners
Dog farming
Site header update
February (5)
Book Giveaway
Pi Club
Pi Project Update
Because I'd like to check the blogging badges are working...
January (11)
Snooker Freak
Badges - Another Update
Unlockable Badges - Update
Unlockable Badges
TomTom Runner 2 Review
Gallery updates
Snowball coding and Fetch Unlockables!
Achievement Medals - what do you reckon?
Run The Sum
2015 Book List (and a bit of a review / plan)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
2015 (175)
December (7)
Red Red Wine
A Poll
Gis a job!
Bedford Half
Vote for Fetch
Now you've hopefully got the idea...
November (13)
The Festive Fetch Calendar
Don't get excited or anything...
Slightly Dismal Friday
Pre-order your Fetch Buff now :-)
A message from our sponsor
Dr Fetch will see you now
Only the grumbliest, achiest chocolate... :-)
The Stanford Experiment
Buff Design
Snugs - Review
Love, Commitment, Support
The pre-wedding blog!
Good morning Fetchers, good morning Everyone
October (9)
Monthly Totals
Did you write a blog yesterday?
The First Rule of Web Server Maintenance
The gain line
The zipper challenge!
Sugar daddy
Now in colour!
Competition Time!!!
September (14)
Teach your kids (or yourself) to code
Sticky Training Choices
Goodies: GetMore water and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Shirt size guidelines
This nearly made it...
Subscriber Shirt Design
I've got wood!
New Beginnings
Some more questions answered
Some responses to your comments
Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies
August (8)
24 hours in the south
24 hours in the north
Fetchies Assemble!
Thank you
Better knowledge than riches
Fitbit Urge
The villainous Mr Fetch!
Uncomfortable rear
July (8)
Why don't you play Conquercise?
Another week of strange training
Book Giveaway - Winners
GPS Reviews
Criteria for reviewing a GPS
Auto-bike-detector :-)
Win some bookses :-)
Half Way!
June (13)
Time Lapse Clouds
TomTom Bandit - very QUICK first impressions
My wings are like a shield of steel!
Running plus Cycling update
Stalkers Paradise!
Recommend me a bike :-)
Holy Steamrollers Batman!
Rest day (no such thing)
We will now imitate the flight of a goose :-)
You made me ink! Snorkel safari :-)
Good morning from CLS :-)
May (10)
Club La Santa :-)
The AWESOME Power of Fetchies!
Home Insurance Shaftage :-/
Editing Forum Posts
The Future!
Some London Marathon stats
Walking On The Moon
Hardest parkrun?
New found wisdom
Week 1
April (11)
Marathon vLog
I owe some hugs!
And that concludes the voting from the Danish judges
Adventures in geocaching
Your video clips wanted!
Jelly with no spoons
Random Ultra
Suncream in my eyes - a review of 'Running and Stuff'
Books what I've read this year
Measuring the effect of wind
Wind Roses
March (18)
Watching the tide roll away
A great week of running!
Happy Jigs Wisdom!
Mobile Fetch
I don't do this very often...
Breathless Optimism
20 miles yesterday
This Week's vLog
Decision Trees and the sub-4!
Democracy Street
Mayan Maths
Bath Half (at last)
Still a chicken
Costume Drama in Bath
TomTom importing
Updated 'Train' page
February (29)
An Unexpected Journey
Wind picking up...
An unplanned kit alarm
Race Pace Test
2nd place
Week ends
Barking carrots
Bedroom pizza
Top of the mountain
Blogs get the mobile treatment
Supersonic Katie, and a marathon pace question
Back home
Racing parkrun ;-)
Unblocking the sink
Start in Darkness
Some times I'd like
Mobile Site - Forum Section
All-Time Leaderboards
Sword fighting
PB Attempts
Duct tape and WD40
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Shoe horning
Training vLog Week 13
Big February Project
January (35)
Cake, invalidated
Small sips
LiRF, award shortlist, beginners, books, boy.
Dog Available :-)
New Recipe Section
Another threshold run
New Beginnings
But far more importantly...
Fetch Beginners Programme
Give it a go :-)
Training vLog - Week 11
Threshold Run (a running blog)
Long day, short blog
(Lack of) Pump Action
A thread to follow
This Boy Can
Local Leaderboards for Checkpoints
February 18th
The Travelling Checkpoint Salesman
Acorn Antiques
Bearing Up
Deleted Bridges and Dodgy Lasers
I'm Batman!
Healthy and Appy
Punch O'Clock!
The plan, then.
Ten mile toes
On Parliament
Bold Claims, and a Challenge for 2015
2014 (262)
December (9)
A trip to Wales (vLog)
Christmas Messages from Fetchies
FERC London Marathon Places - Draw
It's gone in my sock...
Festive Fetch Five
This Week's Training
To the Post Office!
Training vLog - Week 4
November (12)
I Am Groot!
Slightly Dismal Friday
Week 3 - in which I nearly drown my wife!
I said yes :-)
Free Daps! aka Test GORE-TEX® footwear this winter!
Training vLog - Week 2
More chances for VMLM entries
Marathon Talk
My first training vLog :-)
Second place?
In :-)
Questionnaire about personality traits amongst runners
October (16)
Adidas API
Horseplay minimiser
Running with the big dog
Flat and Windy
Who'd like to test the Garmin API then?
Advantage Borg
Milk Tray Reps in the Rain
Hatfield 5k, and some other running thoughts
Site layout changes
Vote for Training Plans
Maths help
September (8)
A quick device poll
Garmin Connect API
Cake at the lake :-)
Empowering Women
This Week's Training
Tick :-)
Article help
First outing with the Harriets
August (7)
Book club and Harriers
A treasure trove for bookish types
What I did on my Summer Holidays
Local decoration
The Fisher King
Mojitos and no mosquitos!
July (26)
James Mason
Missing Week
Camping View
Wild Camping
Transalpine Race
In brief
Urgent! Pair of runners wanted!
Fetch Kit Available to Pre-order :-)
Fetch Anniversary Kit - Preview
API and FAK!
That dog has a puffy tail
More books
Reverse Moses
Zombies vs Plants
Shovel required
Catcher in the Rye
My sister the psychologist
Drink your strong limey drink
Keep me in the loop
Bread knives, hedgehogs and the dog in the night time
June (34)
Checkpoints video
Happy boys and giggly imps
Spring loaded
Elbow grease
Fetch 10th Anniversary Kit
Fetch YouTube Tutorial - Race Guide
Finding the Library folder on a Mac
Sonic screwdriver
Live wires
Wiring help needed
Garmin Express Experiment
Scalded sloth
New Forum Layout
Further updates to the blog layout
New blog layout
First woodpecker
Beastin' parkrun
All was well
Marking Territory
The People's Poet Is Dead :-(
Holy Water
Throwing shapes
Life moves pretty fast
Recursion is beautiful
Win an OS Explorer / Landranger map of your choice
Intervals with a Suunto Ambit 2S
Economy done two ways
May (31)
Vorsprung Durch Lego Technic
How do I liberate my boy from his XBox?
Life in the Woods
Intervals with a TomTom
Tree fluff
More camping
Zen and Camping
Not eaten by bears
Bear food
Camping List
Camping Venn Diagrams
Floppy dog
Routes but not Rathbone
Illustrator wanted
The Cosmic Ballet Goes On
Silverstone 10k :-)
Quick one
Superhuman snooker
Chapter 1
April (29)
King Bin
Quiet day on Feedback Mountain
Go directly to parkrun. Do not pass Godzuki.
A day in Wales
The Lost Diadem of Fetchbook
Falling asleep in my dinner
God gave rock and roll to you.
Sugar Mule
Not bad, consid'rin.
Can U Dig It?
A weekend in Wales
Looking forward to Oliver!
Thank you, and more App talk
Pyjamas at both ends.
Thump. Saturday has started.
Sore tum :-/
Zombies aside... first impressions of the new TomTom
TomTom Runner Cardio Press Event
Am I pregnant?
March (31)
Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
Sandy 10
Me on YouTube
New graphs live
Follow the dot
Only the best for the Captain's table
Mrs Diahann Wagner is GOING HORNY
Sport Relief Win
Hot dogs, quick blogs
Toton Sidings
A sign!
Owen Farrell visualisation technique
Booster fails to ignite
Myton Rugby Run (5 Miler)
Rugby before rugby
Sweetcorn antidote
Custard factory
I did some intervals :-)
Speed work?
Many things
A bit cabbagey here.
Angry Wasp
Rainbow's End
Core Dump
Bath Half (in detail)
A quick overview
Down to business in Bath
February (28)
Made it to Bath
Unexpected hugs
I like to go a-wandering
Spring cleaning
Because We're Worth It
I don't know what!
Thanks Jim
Enough now
Clearing the pipes
Crouch, Touch, Pause...
Medication, that's what you need.
Symptom Tour
Hello FBI
Dazed day
Why I'm an optimist
Mobius birds
Snotty knuckles
In this house...
Retch Everyone
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
Angry Birds
Clarkson averse
Good day :-)
January (31)
*bunting* *cake*
Bigger Boys
Pretending to be Saga Norén
Waiting for the AA
Ship shape
Technology takes you further
Love Garden
High Heel Striker
Bit of a rubbish one
Hot Re-fills
Coding Grinch
An august prediction
Some Running Goals for Q1
Wipe-clean dog
Breaking it down
Snakes and Ladders
Bigger Ponds
Drink Your Weak Lemon Drink
All in All
Panning the pancake
Does JK Rowling own a dog?
Back to the kitchen table
Steve Davis shoes
Pigs on a water slide
19 books :-)
2013 (29)
December (3)
Engine Management Light
Hannibal Vector
November (3)
Speed skating
Cool Hand Grandpa
October (3)
Minecraft Cake
Random dump
September (2)
Blog by Email!
Catchup blah
August (3)
Big Green Caterpillar
Questions answered - final CLS blog
Last Days at Club La Santa
July (10)
A nice morning of swimming and tennis
Please Read: Questions for a sports coach
Hitting the straps
First Impressions at Club La Santa
Mile High Blog
Clocking off
For the second week running...
Another Club La Santa catchup
The Floor In The Plan
June (3)
Club La Santa
Bulk Uploading, and win a book
FERC Charities 2011-2012
March (1)
Bath Weekend
January (1)
Meet Steve
2012 (39)
December (2)
Tired Now Boss
Bath - Week 14 + Foodbank
November (3)
White Level Reading
Bath - Week 15
Bath - Week 16
October (2)
C'mon Dave
July (1)
RIP Arnie
June (2)
Rub some bacon on it
18 weeks
May (9)
Techy not tetchy
Time for a techy blog
Time to walk the dog
Stevington 12k
Properly coldy
Still a bit coldy
New blog design live
A bit coldy
Blogs Redesign
April (2)
March (8)
A long run up
Running Tick
Sport Relief Mile
Back once again
Swimming sweetcorn and other vegetables
Joy Rides, Sticks and Medals
Training Tip
February (9)
Katie, ICT, and some more MySQL
May The Ground Force Be With You
Well done Batman.
Optimisation Crossword
Snow Days
Gallery, and parkrun
January (1)
There Are Some Really Sexy Girls On Fetch

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