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20 Sep 2021

20th of March and all that.

I've entered the Hastings Half Marathon, on 20th March 2022 :-) Do you fancy it?

It is exactly 26 weeks away today, which is a very jolly coincidence, because the 'pre-race training mileage' page uses 26 weeks as its default:

The analysis tells me that my best ever half marathon (Bath 2016 in 1:44:49, WAVA 57.28%) came off the back of 26 weeks which consisted of:

477 miles of running at an average pace of 9:26/mi.
82 training days (45% of the 26 weeks)
12 weeks with a total mileage of 20+, with the highest week being 29mi.
104 miles classed as race, tempo, race pace or intervals.
48 miles (10%) in my Z5 pace bracket (quicker than 7:30/mi)
36 miles (8%) in Z4 (7:30 - 8:00/mi)
30 miles (6%) in Z3 (8:00 - 8:30/mi)
67 miles (14%) in Z2 (8:30 - 9:00/mi)
105 miles (22%) in Z1 (9:00 - 9:30/mi)
188 miles (39%) in Z0 (9:30/mi +)
2 thirteen milers (including race day)
3 twelve milers
4 ten milers

I wrote some blogs relating to the race, which also point out that I did three or four 45 minute runs at 7:30/mi pace, which must really have helped with the 8 minute miling that I was aiming for. I am not too scared about repeating the mileage volume, but matching those pace bands feels somewhat unlikely. We'll see.

There's a big difference between Bath Half and Hastings, which you can see when you look at the route map: or more particularly, the elevation, which looks like a fricking stetson. I've compared it to a couple of the hills that we have locally, and the nasty-looking bit from 3.0 miles to 4.8 miles is a climb of about 59 metres per mile; whereas the sapping hill from Bedford Half is about 36 metres per mile (and less than half as long); whereas the sweary hill from Sandy 10 is about a mile worth of 40 metres per mile. That's definitely going to take a bit of doing then :-)

If I *can* get through the first 9 miles with a bit in the tank, the course goes downhill to the sea front, and it goes along there for two miles to the finish. I am wondering how likely it is that there'll be a nice wind coming from the east to guide me home. If not, I think I will probably be wanting ice cream before the end, and someone to chew it for me :-)

Anyway. I am not really entertaining realistic hopes of PB times at this point, at least not on this course. Even matching the WAVA, six years later, would need a sub-1:50 - we'll see about that. It's nice to train for an event, and it will be even nicer to meet up with the Fetchies in attendance.

Here's the listing:

How about it?
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  • I'm supposedly 'in' - postponed from... er... 2020 & 2021 I think.
    11:53am, 20th Sep 2021
  • So glad you're doing this Fetch! You get to meet Beanie :-) Raffo (sprinter) is running it - not for the first time, but first time since 2009. I'm not but will shout and wave where necessary.
    11:54am, 20th Sep 2021
  • Do it, do it, McGoo!
    11:56am, 20th Sep 2021
  • I’m also tempted, need to see if mum fancies a spring seaside break :)
    12:03pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I'm also in the shouting and waving camp, Sharkie. :-)
    12:03pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I'm tempted....
    12:19pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Also tempted
    12:27pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Tempting - I remember enjoying it in 2011, though unhelpful Sunday trains may mean an overnight stay.
    12:28pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Don't know yet when we will get our annual holiday near Hastings - which didn't happen in 2020 and hasn't yet happened in 2021 so maybe March 2022 is the time to go :-)
    1:17pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I fancy it very much, though it's quite a trek from here.
    2:02pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I’ll be there (I hope) :-)
    2:13pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Team Jigs will be there, hopefully both running but if not then chewing ice cream for you ;-)
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    2:19pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Yes, I am in. I'll be re-starting running from scratch sometime in the next couple of weeks.
    3:00pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I’m tempted but it is a nearly 4 hour drive for me so would have to book a hotel and convince Mr Ness to come along. Will consider it though.
    3:23pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • For anyone in any doubts about it, this is a very flat course except for this one hill in the middle. See if you can spot it.

    Despite that, it is my PB course :-o
    4:16pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • If you are happy running DOWNHILLS you can deffo Peeb. (Nice work McGoo)
    4:30pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • The best part is if there’s a nice strong in-your-face- wind then you’ll get to see the skinny Kenyans run on the spot. It’s pretty flat though.
    5:35pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • On the seafront …..
    5:35pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • THE first date* in English History is 55 B.C., in which year Julius Caesar (the memorable Roman Emperor) landed, like all other successful invaders of these islands, at Thanet. This was in the Olden Days, when the Romans were top nation on account of their classical education, etc.

    *For the other date see Chapter 11, William the Conqueror.
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    5:46pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • I fancy it too may fit in well with my mara plans. Quite a hike for me too though but it's a definite maybe
    6:11pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Wife on board (she loves Hastings, especially the old town, also loves watching Foyle's war), so it was an easy sell! Booked the half, and also the hotel the night before (in St Leonards, which is near the start line). Also fits in with my marathon plan (Brighton in April)
    Fetch meetup?
    6:54pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • So tempted...
    8:29pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • At least with the “sweary hill” you know that you’re going to run back down it on the return! That’s possibly one of my fastest mile times in a race 😄
    9:02pm, 20th Sep 2021
  • Looking to return to running Half's that day but for me it'll be Stafford.
    9:42pm, 20th Sep 2021

17 Sep 2021

Have you signed up yet?

The Doctor K Cup is now just over two weeks away. It's our annual run in memory of Fetchies we have lost. We've got 103 participants signed up so far, and I hope that by the time we reach the big day (October 2nd) we can smash last year's record of 151 people.

Sign up (free) here:

It's named after Doctor K, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2017, but we are also commemorating these other Fetchies:

Big Dom
Cobra Batman
Devonian Plodder
Doctor K
Mud Rocs
Steady Edina

[If I've missed anyone out, please drop me a line, and I will add them to the list.]

The challenge requires you to predict your time over 5k, and then trying to run that exact time, but without looking at your watch at any point throughout. Remember to turn off all your beeps, pace alerts, metronomes etc - anything that would give you an unfair advantage.

Doctor K was a big parkrun fan, and so we used to do this using parkrun times. But because of the pandemic, we've started using your GPS times. It means you can run wherever and whenever you like on the day. And so long as you run at least 5000 metres, the Fetch Benchmark system will pull out your fastest 5k.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Last time, a few Fetchies stopped when their watches said 5.00km - but because your watch is rounding to two decimal places, this may mean you've only run 4995 metres which is NOT ENOUGH! To make sure you get a time in the official results, please make sure you go a little bit over-distance! If your watch says 5.01km, or 3.12 miles, you should be fine - but any less than that, and you run the risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :-)

It doesn't matter if you want to run 20 miles on the big day. Just predict your fastest 5k, and the benchmark system will do the rest. The results will also pick up training entries logged as Walking - so you can walk too if that's your thing.

It's not about running as fast as you can, it's all about the prediction. The winner (and holder of the Doctor K Cup for the following twelve months) will be the person who is closest to their prediction.

Joining instructions, race results and other key points can be found here:
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  • It's the day before London, but it's parkrunday - no idea how fast I should/ will go!
    10:29am, 17th Sep 2021
  • No problem to walk it :-)
    10:35am, 17th Sep 2021
  • I wasn't going to enter as my foot ain't up to a run, but then I saw the 'you can walk' bit. Okay, includify me in. :-)
    10:39am, 17th Sep 2021
  • So if we run an accurately measured parkrun, but due to trees/corners etc, GPS reads 2.98 miles, it won't count? Even if we edit the distance?
    10:46am, 17th Sep 2021
  • Stu - it's based on GPS benchmarks, so no it wouldn't in that case, sorry. If your local run is routinely short on GPS, you could add a bit on at the start.
    10:49am, 17th Sep 2021
  • PS it looks like you did it as part of a marathon last year. That'd definitely cover it :-)
    10:50am, 17th Sep 2021
  • Happens to be the same day as my local parkrun birthday, might be walk/jog but I am in :-)
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    11:47am, 17th Sep 2021
  • Don't forget your prediction :-)
    11:50am, 17th Sep 2021
  • I’ll be out somewhere thinking about those ‘on the list’ heart
    Derby Tup
    11:52am, 17th Sep 2021
  • would it suit people to have it on a Sunday if a fair proportion of Fetchies are racing on a typical Sunday?
    1:26pm, 17th Sep 2021
  • >> Or make runs recorded on either Saturday or Sunday count? That way, you get the parkrunners and the Sunday racers...
    5:56pm, 17th Sep 2021
  • I need to go and make my prediction
    Lip Gloss
    6:26pm, 17th Sep 2021
  • Sadly I shall be packing up and travelling at the time.
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    7:41pm, 17th Sep 2021
  • Finger finally pulled out👍
    7:13pm, 19th Sep 2021

15 Sep 2021

This bit of crappy Upminister nearly cost me my f***ing life.

After yesterday's blog, I carried on with my Conquercise usability work. When a new player arrives with no known location, it used to show them a whole bunch of blue squares in the sea. It was only if you zoomed out that it became obvious where you were. So if there's no location, the map now appears zoomed out to show the whole world - so there's a big visual clue that you're looking at a map. Plus there's some supporting text that encourages you to enter a place name, and once that's done, it hopefully guides the user through to selecting the home zone. We'll see.

I also set to work on the individual zone page. On desktop, it used to look something like this:

but I felt that whilst the picture and your visits graph are useful, the leaderboard and map should be the primary parts of this page. So I've smushed it round a bit now, to look like this:

NB Power user tip: the arrows around the map used to take you to the adjacent zone. But the map itself is clickable - so if you click outside of the rectangle, it will take you to whichever zone is appropriate.

Those of you at extreme latitudes might have noticed your zones getting taller, and even chopped off if they were too tall. The map should now be sensitive to this, so the whole zone should be displayed.

I've also abandoned the background colour scheme for owned, explored and unexplored zones - but the words 'OWNED!', 'EXPLORED' and 'UNEXPLORED' are now colour coded to give you a bit of help.

The bigger differences can be seen when you view a zone on mobile (here's one in an iPhone 6 template, with the old version of the page on the left):

Centring definitely seems to look better on mobile, and the cut-down map means that the leaderboard is visible without scrolling, which all hopefully feeds into an understanding of how the game works.

This bit of crappy Upminister nearly cost me my f***ing life.
As for the blog title... I wanted to search the Conquercise zone database for a zone with a really long title, just to see if it would break my layout. The database allows a maximum of 80 characters, and whilst the most popular zone name is 13 characters long, some people like to use as many of them as they can, it seems :-) I don't know the back story, but I hope it's not as bad as it sounds!

What's your favourite Conquercise zone title? Locally, I've always been intrigued by Evil Dog City. Here's a selection of the more intriguing longer ones that I scrolled through:

1) Don't turn your back don't look away and don't blink
2) Ramside Hall, I saw that Young runner with the nice legs here, damn, what a pair
3) Brechin Castle Centre - home to garden gizzits and all-year stockist of Xmas Tat
4) The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places
5) How boring is it running along here especially when it's raining
6) I reckon you could live on the M69 Roundabout and nobody would know
7) Le Clos Des Pins Campsite Les Conches dans le m'otherf***in fraance
8) Robin House, Hammy's ex girlfriend lives here, avoid at all costs.
9) Always stop for the day while you still know what will happen next
10) Who TF is Murdoch? Away and raffle yer gran. It's mine now.

I need to do better.
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  • I used to try to be descriptive and geographically accurate with my naming, but lately I have changed to a more creative approach. These are some I like:

    You're So Vann - includes Vann Road, Vann Lane and Vann Common
    Take It To The Ridge - the trail up to Ridge Hill
    Milland Of The Rising Sun - a village called Milland which has a pub called the Rising Sun
    RuthB2 Has Lost It - no explanation required.
    1:08pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Nice improvements. Here's my current favourites:
    "One way ticket to Hayle and back" :
    "I crashed the car here" :
    "Royal Kingdom of Snake Doctor" :
    "Where the wild things are" :
    "The home of Eggs and Cake" :
    "Chased by a wasp here" :
    "Barristers and Tourists - which is worse?" :
    "UKJMR's Brewing Metropolis" :

    ...and one which concerns me, not knowing the presumably tragic tale behind the name:
    "RIP Cycling Brother: Velo Midlands 12/05/19" :
    1:36pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I was very pleased with myself (ha, *was*!) for getting control of Harlow, Essex and renaming it "Harlow is it me you're looking for?" :-)
    1:42pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I like when people name their home zones something creative as well. Our local (-ish) Asda is named something like 'RRR-CAZ-da' for example :-)
    1:46pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • We still have a zone near us which was named (by Argie I think) "F*** off Legless!". I've owned it and lost it and owned it again a few times.
    1:48pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Some of my favourites (they *might* be mine):
    Mostly water and gravel - self explanatory
    Equine Forensic - there's a horse testing lab in the zone
    Here Be Flying Beets
    Beware! Invisible Railway Bridge - one of the most frequently struck bridges

    Recent visits to zones that made me chuckle:
    West of Clavering nothing of Note
    Oi m8eyboy, gerorrf my laaaannd
    Barristers and Tourists - which is worse?
    Newport (not that one, the other one)
    Ipswich - California, just like the other one
    Is it pronounced Maudlin?
    1:49pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I like one of Beanie’s ‘Get your thieving hands off, Sharkie’.
    1:51pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Oh and I'm in a constant battle on the South Downs with roverman who has named Each And Every One of his zones... "roverman"
    2:13pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I'm pleased you liked my Brechin one... ;)
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:16pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • roverman zones are second only to the 477 square Eccobennyland :-)
    2:17pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Ignoring your question: fetcheveryone is top of the leaderboard? Fix! 😂
    But I now want to find out more about this game and start renaming things...
    Jen J
    2:25pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Roverman squares annoy me too and I’ve been trying to capture the ones my way :)
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    2:26pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I’ve found a formatting issue - on my iPad not enough room to click on either side of the square.

    Fragile Do Not Bend
    2:27pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • number 2 is more than a little sexist.
    2:36pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • For Rocky Horror fans, I have a zone:

    "Denton Denton Rah Rah Rah, Denton Denton eat me raw, Yeah Denton!"

    But someone local seems to think that's rude and when they win it change it back to "Denton"
    2:37pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Wonder if I own any of the Eccobennyland zones 🤔
    2:39pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @RichHL - that did cross my mind, but it doesn't mention the gender of the legs.
    2:40pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Could have been a male runner with nice legs in number 2 :)
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    2:40pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • This is blog of the week
    2:41pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • RichHL - I believe all people of any sex do some form of number 2s, so it's ok :)
    Jen J
    2:42pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • "Who TF is Murdoch? Away and raffle yer gran. It's mine now."

    Did anyone find out who he was? He was on my turf, anyway.
    ITG 🇮🇸
    2:47pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Pothunter
    2:59pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @FDNB - I've added some padding around the zone box, which means that it should never hit the edges of the map now. If you get a chance to retest, that'd be great.
    3:08pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Much better now Fetch, thank you!
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    3:15pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • :-)
    3:15pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • fetcheveryone
    3:16pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • All CQ zones should be crossword clues:
    3:24pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Thought you had actually been to Upminster. Not far from me. But it's not my zone
    3:28pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I haven’t explored any with good names, I have gems such as “hill” and “train” on my list 🙄
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    3:30pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @Dooogs that's brilliant :-)
    3:32pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Yeah, me too! Inspired!
    3:40pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • *applauds Dooogs*
    3:45pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I'd change Eccobennyland to Echo and the Bunnymen
    Oscar the Grouch
    3:52pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Oscar, there are a lot to choose from, the challenge is to own one first!
    4:01pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Makes me think I'm so unimaginative
    4:05pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Fetch - any chance of extending the map width and losing some of the blank space in the leader board? More map is useful, even if onky laterally
    4:20pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @um - you should still be able to zoom in on that chunk of map, if you're wanting to check around the edges.
    4:32pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Some around me:

    "Cockermouth - oo er missus" - which I'm gradually catching up to derwenttony on
    "Southwaite ping pong!!" - as it would flip between SimonF and me on a weekly basis a while back
    "Control your speed and don't look at the bridge!" - which I presume is advice to cyclists coming down Honister?
    "Paddle down the road" - as it's the road to Paddle School, and also floods a lot!!
    "No where much" - think there's a few places like that in the middle of nowhere?
    "surely this is Whinlatter" - it definitely is
    "Random bit of the Lakes" - speaks for itself really
    a load that start "Nun Thaine of Thirlmere" - that AD owns
    "starting up Fangs Brow!!!" - well it is a bit steep...
    "Roughly where the fun ends on K2B" - or where you leave the national park on the Keswick 2 Barrow
    4:33pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Also annoyed by roverman. Sorry roverman - but there is something a wee bit, let's say, military about your progress....
    4:49pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Is all time explorers meant to be doing this?
    4:56pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • MsG - no, it's not! It should be ok now.
    4:59pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @Sharkie - but that's the beauty of Conquercise - getting politely annoyed because of someone else's zone naming conventions. I suggest you Take Him Down :-)
    5:00pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I believe number 1 on the list is probably something to do with Weeping Angels!
    I'm enjoying the comments as much as the game, now! Thanks everyone.
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    5:32pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • My favourite is 'there's a horse here sometimes'
    Ocelot Spleens
    5:38pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I recall someone mentioning the zone “your bowels”, that’s always made me snigger at the thought of the notification.
    7:27pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • There used to be a 'your wits' which always seemed strange, but now I get it. Doh.
    7:57pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Murdoch seems to spend a lot of time in Brussels, ITG.

    I'm gradually taking his kingdoms, though.
    The Great Raemondo
    8:30pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • Pretty sure number 2 was named by Hammy from number 8 and refers to himself. Not sure whether Hammy still uses Fetch but they've definitely named a lot of the ones close to me.
    9:32pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • I need to go back and look at some of the names I originally used. I started off trying to be clever but then ended up just using the village name or 'riverbank' or some such thing!
    9:54pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • My parents live in Jock's love jacuzzi...
    8:52am, 16th Sep 2021
  • :-O
    8:56am, 16th Sep 2021
  • Definitely going to up my game
    9:45am, 16th Sep 2021
  • Went through rdon today. Supposed to be Bordon but a zone line is between the o and r. Not changing that zones name.
    Shortcut Cam
    9:17pm, 16th Sep 2021

14 Sep 2021

A guide with no pages

For the last 4-5 weeks, I've been publishing a weekly guide via email, to everyone who has opted in to our weekly newsletter list.

What's that? You say you aren't getting these emails? Do check that you've ticked the first box here: and be sure to add to your email safe senders list to help it get past your spam filter.

Here's an example guide from a couple of weeks ago. It shows you how to compare two or more training runs:

It occurred to me that there is *soooooo* much stuff on Fetch that people just don't know about - especially the ones who don't read my blog or follow the development of the site with the same vim as you, dear reader. It's my hope that the guides will illustrate just what Fetch can do, for those that don't know.

It's really awesome when someone says "I love how much detail there is on Fetch". But it's also a bit frustrating, because if more folks knew about it, we might pull in a few more migrants from the tangerine venture capital machine.

Looking back, I've been a bit thick. A lot of what I've created to send via email was only ever sent to "whoever was on the list at the time". If you weren't on the list you were expected to know about it *somehow*. Second, bigger brainwave: once I have a set of say 20 guides, I can give new users a 20 week training course to make sure they get a good bit of immersion in what Fetch is all about.

Third brainwave: the guides have been massively helpful when it comes to improving usability. As I write each one, I try to view it from the perspective of someone with no experience of the site. Creating a fresh test account and jumping straight in is a real eye-opening experience.

The golden scenario is a guide with zero pages. In that perfect situation, nothing needs to be said. The user arrives, and knows exactly what to do, and why they might want to do it :-)

The reality is far from golden. This week, I am preparing a Conquercise guide. The game is fun, pretty simple, and I'm sure that at least some of you will have told your friends about it at some point. Good usability takes that inquisitive new user, and holds their hand through the process, until they've got it all figured out.

Here's an example that will cause new users to ditch the game before they've even got started. If a new user didn't agree to specify a location when they created an account (only about a third do so); and when prompted, they don't allow their browser to tell Fetch their location... they get dumped in the sea off the coast of Africa (latitude = 0, longitude = 0) with no explanation. Enjoy the game, assuming you work out what to do from here. User wanders off, with the feeling that Fetch is difficult to use. Fail :-/ Lesson: you don't explain the pitfalls in the guide, you fix them.

I'm working on the sign up process, but I've also made some little adjustments to the layout too. Here's the old desktop page for the map tab of the game:

and here's the new one:

Nothing too crazy, just little nudges - that's the way to go, unless something is very broken. The map now takes centre stage (it *is* the map page), and I've tried to make the key a bit simpler.

The changes are a bit more obvious when viewing site on mobile (old version on the left):

In this case, the map has been given precedence over the 'Recent Activity' feed (with the latter still visible down below). The key is visible without scrolling, so you've got half a chance of understanding what the colours mean. I also felt that the 'Go to...' in the black bar above the map was too domineering. Think about it. If you're a new player, the chances are the first thing you'll do is fill in the squares around your home. Going to other locations is something you do once you've got your teeth into the game. So it doesn't need to stand out. And if you're eagle-eyed, you'll notice that the 'Full Screen Map' link doesn't appear on mobile either now. I felt there was no need - but it's still there on desktop.

I think it's rare that this sort of small usability change will suddenly result in double the number of players, or something as extreme as that. It's more to do with keeping just a few more of those people who have come for a look, and building from there.
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  • As long as the new players stay out of my zones... ;)
    2:17pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I love the title of this blog. And if you'll excuse me, I'm just off to tick a box...
    Jen J
    2:27pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • And how come you’ve never visited Rosehip’s patch?
    2:51pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • First line went missing somewhere - I like the more prominent map, wonders whether the ‘my location’ could be used from map page?
    2:52pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I have enjoyed starting to explore the fetch site more - there is just so much too it. I have recommended Fetchpoint and Conquercise a number of times now in running groups. Fetchpoint was a great motivation when I was trying to run everyday through August and encouraged me to be bolder with my route planning. Thank you, I'll keep trying to spread the word x
    3:12pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • All good stuff. One suggestion: if I were a noob, and went "Help - Tutorial - Games" and then clicked on Conquercize, it takes the noob straight into the Game; a tutorial on the game would be a good stepping stone at that point before going to the game.
    3:24pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • A 20-week induction course would put me right off! :-(
    3:52pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • Is there any chance of one's zones appearing in the route finder please? I'm currently working on three - four tabs to plan my bike rides / lawn raids. A niche problem, I know :-P
    3:56pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • @Rosehip - it's just a smidge too far for my regular runs.

    @Sigh - yeah, the tutorial is pretty old now, and could do with a review.

    @Fitz - perhaps I gave the impression that it would be a formal thing. It's just some content to illustrate to new users what the site can do.

    @MsG - check the feature requests. If there's nothing that matches what you want, add it :-)
    4:03pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I have had everything tickedand never gotten anything, ever!
    Ocelot Spleens
    4:19pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • OS - have you checked the various folders within your email client e.g. Primary / Social / Promotions / Spam? According to my records, I've sent you six emails since the beginning of August, on each Friday. It appears that your email client is not showing them to you, which is incredibly frustrating.
    4:25pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • Wow, you have 3 phones (third one to take a picture of your 2 iphones side-by-side)!!
    paul the builder
    4:48pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I know this is about conquercize, but will the homepoint setting be also rolled across to WSW? Think it took me a long time to work out why I wasn't scoring any points whatsoever...
    5:44pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • That's a good suggestion Jen. Yes, as soon as I do the corresponding exercise with WSW.
    5:49pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • If location = 0:0 then prompt user to set true location. Might help those who inadvertently don’t set it when joining the game.
    5:59pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • Great idea, but a rod for your own back as you will need to change them every time you make a tweak :-/
    8:57pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • You are a star
    9:07pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I’m playing a one sided battle for one zone with someone who I used to know from running club.
    10:37pm, 14th Sep 2021
  • I’ve had some people leave fetch because they were hassled a bit much to log on. Might be worth considering the wording to allow options on how often you chase
    8:46am, 15th Sep 2021
  • Nice improvements. It can be quite unintuitive to people when they are unfamiliar. There are a few things like that.
    12:42pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • @flanker - some of them are already out of date - but I'm constantly reviewing pages anyway, so this formalises it.
    @Dipps - I've had one or two people tell me they don't like the frequency. I send the reminders out once a month, to people who haven't logged in for over a month.
    5:03pm, 15th Sep 2021
  • While I log in every day, they were much more every quarter. While I hoped to entice them to be more regular, once a month was too much …
    8:00pm, 15th Sep 2021

10 Sep 2021

To steal a catchphrase from a wise lady...

I'm here.

Yesterday, DocM wrote a blog about how it's important to stand up for people online if you think they are facing undue pressure.

I totally agree.

We should all look out for each other, whatever the arena. Last year we had over a thousand contributors to the forum, and nearly half a million posts (458,482). It's inevitable that not everyone will agree, and sometimes people will strongly disagree. That's ok, it makes for healthy discussion, and we all need to accept that.

But expressing our views with courtesy is what makes the difference. You may think that someone holds an idiotic view, but a polite rebuttal is a more effective means of advancing the discussion than calling them an idiot. In my time, I have seen some wonderful exponents of the former, and some facepalming examples of the latter, which usually serve only to derail the discussion with upset or aggression.

I'd like to make one more point. It hurt a bit to see some of the comments on Doc's blog that allude to our forum being a less friendly place than it once was. The mitigation that softens that hoof is that people have been saying that pretty much since about 2005 :-) Things do move on, and sometimes people come and go, and come back again, and go again. But I want you to know that as far as I'm concerned, you will always be welcome.

I can't read all the threads, nor be everywhere at once. But I've also worked really hard to get the message across that I will do my best to support you when needed. I've kept a log of the number of complaints about other posters that I've received so far during 2021. There are precisely seven of them - four were ad hominem attacks; two were offensive content; and one had misleading medical advice. In all cases, I responded quickly, removing posts and/or reminding people of the conduct we all expect. Simple.

So (sorry Sharkie), if you are on the receiving end of something unpleasant, get in touch. Similarly, if you see something that concerns you, let me know. There's a help link at the top and bottom of every page of the site. I'm here.

Right, let's have some Take That.
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  • heart
    11:05am, 10th Sep 2021
  • Can I make a complaint about a poster please? Someone posted a That That link :-o
    I'm still keeping my head down a bit, but I've been made to feel very welcome by those I've interacted with here :)
    Jen J
    11:07am, 10th Sep 2021
  • That That? Nevermind...
    Jen J
    11:08am, 10th Sep 2021
  • What I love about Fetch is that the vast majority of contributors don’t need reminding about how to behave - and that you do an excellent job of stepping in diplomatically when they do.
    Alice the Camel
    11:18am, 10th Sep 2021
  • thank you. you are the best
    11:25am, 10th Sep 2021
  • I agree with Alice.
    11:25am, 10th Sep 2021
  • well said, you and the site are ace.

    By the way I was distressed by one bit of your blog - "I can't read all the threads, nor be everywhere at once". Tell me it isn't so! ;-)
    11:30am, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart :-) G
    11:33am, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart
    11:46am, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart
    12:13pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Thank you Fetch.
    This site feels a safe place because the guy at the top cares heart
    12:13pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Fetch is the only social media I’m on and it’s for me generally a big happy family with people who are funny, interesting, informative, supportive, up, down or on a rant. I’m happy here.
    Raggedy runner
    12:17pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Thanks Fetch.
    12:32pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I also thought you were omnipotent *shrugs* I’m happy here - more so these days than years ago actually.
    12:35pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart This is what makes Fetch a wonderful place to be a part of.
    1:21pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Thanks, Fetch.
    1:31pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Dear Fetch, the only time I’ve seen you get really hot and bothered about a comment is on the menopause and running thread. This still makes me snort with laughter. Thanks :-)
    1:40pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Seven complaints this year is nothing given the size of the website. You should be very proud of that.
    Minnie Mad
    1:42pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I feel that this site is one of the safest places on t'internet. Overall, I think Fetchies are very considerate of each other and thoughtful when posting comments. You manage things very well when there is potential trouble brewing. Thank you.
    1:50pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Thanks Fetch. A while back, I think I pointed you (via Twitter) to some groups who are looking at how to re-design the internet to operate more like real life communities. I still believe that this website is the best possible example of what can be achieved.
    2:03pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • ❤️
    2:20pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart
    2:32pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • In comparison with other social media sites I lurk on, this site self-moderates beautifully, including the few threads where you have to think, "Am I prepared to handle what's going to come back at me?" before posting. I think a lot of this is because the nature of what we do makes most of us quite traceable in real life. And also because we have a sense of responsibility towards our Head Man :)
    There will always be people whose response to a perceived offence will be to hit the detonate button. I think it's a mistake to scratch around looking for sticks to beat ourselves with when that happened.
    2:33pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • This is the only online community I use, and with such a huge diverse family there is bound to be a very tiny majority of intolerant inconsiderate members, but they are swamped by the rest who exude kindness, thoughtfulness, understanding and a willingness to consider someone else's thoughts and background.
    2:39pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Having self-detonated after a bunfight I actually think it isn't anyone else's responsibility bar the person who decides to leave themselves. I spent a lot of years in the wilderness thinking about it. Be respectful but sometimes being respectful means telling the truth as you see it even if people don't want to hear it, it can always be done in a polite way. I wasn't being all that respectful myself before I left!

    You do a good job, MrFetch. heart
    3:21pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • You set the tone, fetch, and you do a great job xx
    3:23pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • As ever keep up the good work Fetch sir
    Derby Tup
    4:10pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • As V'rap and Roo have already said, when someone leaves, they are ultimately the only one responsible for that. Particularly if offense was taken where it was not intended. We don't know what is going on in other people's heads; it may be that they are struggling with non-fetch related stuff and someone disagreeing with them on a forum could be the tiny straw that broke the camel's back.

    In general, people are quick to apportion blame whenever something 'bad' happens. But it often doesn't matter who did what - everyone can just learn to be more considerate and try to do better in future.
    Jen J
    4:44pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Oh, I was going to sign that off with my old name, but forgot and hit submit. Nevermind... 😂❤️
    Jen J
    4:46pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • This is the friendliest place on the internet that I know of, and it happens without heavy-handed moderation. 👍❤️
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    6:53pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I'm still happy here. It gets a bit tetchy and over competitive seeing who can dry the most loads of washing in a day but apart from that......
    7:47pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I once complained about a post I had made, and it was duly removed.
    8:15pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Thanks Fetch. I was subject to it in the summertime but you have some amazing fetchies who look out for each other. #no one puts Mavis in the corner. :-)
    Lip Gloss
    8:36pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Love it here heart
    8:56pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • You lead by example. Yes, there are the odd 'moments' but they are few and far between.

    I'm thankful I found my way in here many years ago.

    Thank you.
    9:51pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Sorry, but this is prevalent, on a number of threads I'm classed as an idiot because I hold a different view to others, and compared to the 2008 'era' it is the 'norm' and not the exception.
    10:15pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • Sounds fair. (And remember Wheaton's Law)
    10:16pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • @FenlandRunner - if you have issues with the conduct of others on threads that you participate in, do please let me know when an example comes up, and I’d be happy to remind people of the expected conduct, as I’ve said.
    10:28pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I feel this site gives a great balance of banter and genuine care. There are some disparaging remarks made on the senior moments thread, but as they are self posts nobody should take offence.

    Unless they forget that they were the ones who posted, which may be an issue.
    We do not all agree but can generally get along well enough with our differences and show tolerance. That is very definitely not the case on some other social media sites, where I maintain a presence simply because it is a means of group communication. There I would be taking my life in my hands to express an opinion, here I may have to face intelligent (relatively) polite dissent.
    10:35pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • heart
    10:51pm, 10th Sep 2021
  • I tend to lurk more and no longer participate as much, because I have noticed the forums becoming judgemental and dominated by the same groups of people who shout down anyone disagreeing with them. I'm reluctant to post a view as I cannot produce a 50 page backup document to prove any viewpoint or face the wrath of being accused of being an idiot.
    5:11pm, 11th Sep 2021
  • Thanks Fetch, balanced response as ever.
    5:47pm, 11th Sep 2021
  • @Girlie, as per FR, if you encounter a response that you feel is out of line, I am always happy to review and step in where necessary.
    6:10pm, 11th Sep 2021
  • I 'moderate' some local FB groups and have tried to follow your example of light touch and direct communication in the background. It's not easy because people hold different views very strongly, and some people have confrontational styles. As a result I'm in awe of you keeping this site feeling safe. I certainly don't underestimate the wisdom that is sometimes needed. Well done.
    9:32pm, 11th Sep 2021

07 Sep 2021

Multiple choice polls

When creating a poll, you can now set it up so that people can tick all the options that apply, rather than the best option. This should give you a bit more flexibility.

Did you know that you can also embed polls? When you create one, there's a little square-brackety code that you can copy into a forum post, thread header, or blog.

If you're wondering who uses polls, go take a look at ChrisHB's blog - he's done some interesting ones on some very random subjects.

Anyway, here's an example (and it's also some useful research for me):

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  • I set up a fairly meaningless multiple choice poll, just because I could. So far, I have 34 answers from 2q respondents. Do polls embed in comments? Let's see:

    3:53pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Perhaps unhelpfully, I've ticked 'something else' without any real idea what that might be :-)
    3:54pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • (Dog coats? Cat cosies? Horse blankets?)
    3:56pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Dvorak, you forgot 'everyone' as an answer! ;-)
    4:04pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Horse blankets are way more than all of those options
    Jen J
    4:09pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Are socks a possibility?
    6:57pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • And that's how Sigh invoked the first ever batch of Fetch mankinis...
    7:03pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Still would like a long sleeve
    7:17pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Sun visors.
    8:29pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Oh. There was a


    after that, but I put it in pointy brackets and it went invisible.
    8:29pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Doesn’t work for me in the current form, boss. There’s no ‘done’ button so one makes one’s choice(s) and then stares at the poll waiting for it to, dunno, update or something.
    9:40pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • As in... nothing happens at all? The percentages should update to reflect your vote.
    9:42pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Like Greppers, I was looking for a "save" or "submit" button to tell the poll I had finished selecting, but you're right, Fetch, the percentages change with each click.
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    10:45pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • the immutable option doesn't seem to be working
    11:59pm, 7th Sep 2021
  • Yes, Synge has the right of it. A ‘done’ button. That’s the ticket.
    5:53am, 8th Sep 2021
  • Ling sleeved tops, in black 🙂
    5:55am, 8th Sep 2021
  • Does this mean the pie charts are become a historical footnote?
    Angus Clydesdale
    1:29pm, 8th Sep 2021
  • Can you add fairly soon so I can get the opportunity to put fetch kit on my Xmas list 😁
    7:19am, 11th Sep 2021

27 Aug 2021

Pre-Race Training - Updated

Have a look at Train > Summary & Analysis > Pre-race Training Volume:

This page used to just feature a 'force lightning' graph that showed your various attempts at a chosen distance, and the mileage you accumulated as you moved toward the event. It's handy for seeing whether you're on par in terms of training volume, when compared to your other fast times.

Over the last couple of days, I've added some tabs just above the graph, which is now the 'Cumulative' tab. Here's a quick walk through the others, but hopefully it's obvious:

2) Weekly - see your mileage total every week as you move towards race day. Handy for spotting peak weeks, empty weeks (although these show up as flatlining on the cumulative graph) and investigating what your taper looked like. Just underneath each mileage, you can see the average pace for that week. The 26 week table is a bit wider than the screen, and I didn't want to squish it, so you'll need to swipe it to see the later weeks.

3) By Category - some folks leave everything as 'General', but others will categorise every single run. This tab shows you the amount of miles in each subcategory, and the average pace of each category. It also shows you the percentage of miles spent in each subcategory.

4) Pace - now we're getting places. If you've set your pace bands (it's in Profile > Settings > Training Options > Pace Bands), then this tab summarises how much time you've spent in each pace zone, in the build up to each race. It shows me that my most successful 5k times have involved roughly 10-15% of my training miles in my top two (speediest) zones, and 60-80% of my training miles in my two slowest zones.

5) HR - only for those with HRM, but a similar scenario. My best races come off the back of a big chunk in the slow zones, and a small chunk in the quick zones, and not too much in between.

6) Daily Distance - find out how many 10 milers you do in the build up to your best 10k. Find out how often you ran over-distance during your best half marathons.

Have fun playing with it. The page may be slow to load when you first look at it, because it's pulling together lots of data - but that lump of goodness is then cached, so when you next come back to the page, it should be a lot quicker.
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  • Ooh! Will have a look. Thanks.
    1:01pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • Excellent work star
    1:13pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • Cool :-)
    1:15pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • That's timely, and very useful. I was just wondering whether I should even bother showing up for Cheshire HM on 12 Sept, the graph has basically shown me that while I'm not in PB shape, it's still good enough to get around as long as I fuel sensibly - and still WAY better than my disastrous performance in 2016!

    1:24pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • Some great additional figures in there. Used to be some nice stacked graphs with the different types of runs for the weeks leading up to a couple of selected races. Not sure if that is still in the analysis kitbag. :-) G
    1:47pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • Thanks Fetch, this looks excellent and lots to be gleaned from PB races vs non PB races here. I need to sort my HR zones to use that tab properly.

    Is it possible to have total columns on the end of Daily Distance (session total) and Pace (miles)?
    1:59pm, 27th Aug 2021
  • That’s really insightful, thank you!!!
    7:01pm, 27th Aug 2021

25 Aug 2021

A connection!

This year, I think I have finally made the mystifying connection with gardening! My mother is a keen gardener, to the extent that I was quite dismayed when she insisted on putting flower beds and plants all over a perfectly wonderful cricket pitch.

Back in May, we visited the family in Wales, and we sat in my sister's garden. She's got the green gene too - hers is a little paradise on multiple levels, behind a little terraced mining house - but you could easily be anywhere. It's a little cocoon of loveliness and colour and intrigue.

On the day we drove back from Wales, I spent some time out in our garden. It's not big, but we are lucky to have it. Predominantly, it's a patio, about 12 small slabs deep, by 20 slabs wide - with beds and walls on all three sides.

My previous interest in the garden involved swearing at the ivy that was trying to engulf us on two fronts. I assumed that I would mainly be a gardener in the sense that I would kill things that threatened to overcome us!

But I had the motivation to do a bit more. I don't know what - but something. I stuck with what I knew best - destroying garden things. We had this little shed that was mainly full of junk.

On that first day, I just emptied all the junk out. Just out of shot is a warped ping pong table, that I also found a new home for. I dismantled the shed, vowing to do something better with the space, and to make use of the wood.

They're a bit rickety, but here are some plant pot stands that I made using bits from the old shed:

My folks have made some raised beds out of old scaffolding planks - and I fancied a go at that. I asked on a local Facebook group to see if anyone had some to get rid of. And a nice man from the other side of town offered me some sleepers - offcuts from his own gardening project:

You can see the old bits of shed in the background of that pic.

These were perfect - enough for me to make a nice bed - 8ft long, and about 18 inches high. I bought some angle brackets from Amazon, and nailed them all together. I managed to arrange the sleepers so that I only had to cut through one of them. Blimey that's a task! It took about ten minutes to make the cut.

More blagging on local Facebook groups yielded some waterproof plastic, to protect the wood and the wall from the moisture within the bed. I used a bit more shed wood to fix it all on.

I doubted I would get soil for free, but a neighbour pointed me at a bargain locally - £40 for a tonne, delivered the next day!

Yet another loan - this time a wheelbarrow from another neighbour - and over the course of about an hour today, I transferred all the soil from the front of the house, to the bed. Here's Stephen checking it out:

Now it's ready to accept some plants. We are thinking about potatoes and rhubarb - but haven't got much further than that really. And on a subsequent visit to Wales, I came back with a crate full of plants from my mam - so I have three giant tree lilies that might look nice in there too, whilst we think about it a bit more.

I've enjoyed the maintenance stuff, like the weeding. It feels a LOT like a green outdoorsy version of looking after the site. Stuff creeps up through the cracks, bugs strangle features. Everything needs a good sweep now and then. I've found an understanding. And the best bit? The recurring theme of making something out of nothing; of collaborating with others for the greater good; of finding new uses, and new ideas. I've just taken the wheelbarrow back. Its owners have a skip at the moment. I bumped into the lady who recommended the soil company - and I helped her wrestle a big palm plant out of the skip, so she could take it home and plant it. Just to see what happens.
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  • You are welcome to cuttings etc from our garden.
    6:07pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • I love this blog. Gardening is a great activity for all sorts of reasons.
    6:09pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • I've never enjoyed gardening but during lockdown #1 I dug a pond and started a wild area around it, it all seems to be doing well so far.
    6:34pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • That raised bed has next years Sunflower Grow off written all over it ;-)
    6:52pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • If you plant potatoes you will have potatoes for years - even if you think you’ve lifted them all, there’s always one or two who hide and reappear at some unspecified date in the future
    6:58pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Well done. Wish I could get the green gene. My mother and sister have it. I don't have the patience
    7:10pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Brilliant. I have just got reacquainted with my garden too. I am finding it most relaxing.
    7:39pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Excellent. Our garden remains a partially painted canvas, with plenty of potential :-)
    8:20pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Brilliant! Whatever you plant, I highly recommend planting some salad stuff in there too. Being able to harvest the leaves you need for salad each day is great. We've found that things like kale, swiss chard, pak choi and tat soi cope better than lettuce both when it is hot &dry and a bit cold.
    8:24pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • As part of this site I clearly need a good sweep? *sweeps off*
    10:25pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • That’s great!
    10:36pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Looks good! Stephen is clearly wondering why you've installed a raised toilet for him.
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    10:41pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Lovely! The writing, the photos, the sentiment ☺️
    Jen J
    10:56pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • Salad is very easy to grow. That soil looks decent stuff. You just need to plant seeds and water them
    Derby Tup
    7:15am, 26th Aug 2021
  • That raised bed is amazing! Well done and welcome to the surprising world of gardening 😁
    7:18am, 26th Aug 2021
  • I love allotment engineering. All the growing stuff is too much like hard work but I enjoy when MrsHL wants something built.
    10:06am, 26th Aug 2021

24 Aug 2021

New Member of the Month sponsor

After some not-very-tense negotiations (they really are lovely people), I'm pleased to say that Advance Performance are our new Member of the Month sponsor. They started out with running shops in Cambridge and Peterborough, but like so many people during the pandemic, they have adapted to do more business online. And now they have exciting plans to bring their grass roots experience to a wider audience.

The next winner will receive a £100 voucher to spend on whatever goodies they want from the Advance Performance online shop. There's a link to check them out on our Member of the Month page.

If you're not familiar with MOTM, the process is simple. Just nominate someone who you think is worthy before the end of the month; and then the whole community votes for their favourite.

You can find nomination links on each user profile, or you can just go to our MOTM page:

NB If you've got someone you'd like to nominate this month, it'd be cool if you can submit that nomination soon. I've been trying to streamline the process a bit, so if there are any bugs, it'd be good to squish them :-)
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  • Pleased to see that. Good shops.
    2:07pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • They are utterly fabulous, independent and not a chain. This is brilliant :-)
    2:22pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • That’s great news.
    3:23pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Nice work, Fetch! (I’m sure none of this is as easy as you sometimes claim!)
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    3:27pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • That's great news!
    3:54pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Brilliant, well done Fetch :)
    4:07pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Great news! Well done Fetch :-)
    4:14pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Yay! I may have found a bug... I can't see the list of current nominees...
    4:25pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Where are you looking Em?
    4:35pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Thank you
    4:50pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Thanks to Advance Performance. That's a great prize :)
    5:03pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • I almost went to work for them a couple of years ago. They're really good people.
    6:21pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • I had a very enjoyable fourteen months working for Advance Performance, great team.
    6:42pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • They sound a great sponsor - thank you
    10:19pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • This is a very good development.
    10:47pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Ahhh I see I was looking on the main page, but I don't think anyone had been nominated yet, so no pictures showed, I thought you had to click on the words to see who had been nominated. Well done on securing a new, and great sounding sponsor 😁
    11:10pm, 24th Aug 2021
  • Very good news! :)
    8:49am, 25th Aug 2021
  • I'm there most Sunday's in the Peterborough store, always happy to "squeeze toes", do come in and say hello
    Old Man
    9:07am, 25th Aug 2021
  • I first went to their Peterborough shop about 20 (?) years ago - great service and I've bought from them online in the last year too. Great company and lovely staff.
    9:16am, 25th Aug 2021
  • Brilliant
    10:49am, 25th Aug 2021
  • Wow! Great news
    1:05pm, 25th Aug 2021
  • This change looks to have generated lots of buzz around MOTM and there already 14 nominees for August. But I can't see any of the details about who nominated each of them or, more importanlty, whyt they have been nominated. Am I missing something or will that appear when voting opens?
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    5:06pm, 31st Aug 2021
  • The latter :-)
    5:13pm, 31st Aug 2021
  • :-)
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    5:15pm, 31st Aug 2021

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Running vs Cycling Cadence
Fetch vests and shirts (and swim caps)
Elevation vs Follow Roads
£500 of England Athletics courses up for grabs!
TomTom users
Music by year: 1993
10k Analysis: Part 7 - Length of Training Runs
Music by year: 1992 (plus some 1991 additions)
Bot sniffing win :-) plus daily blogger count!
User profiles
10k Analysis: Part 6 - Training Pace Again
Time to update your injuries :-)
User profile - sticker button.. EDIT and race standard
More user profile adjustments
User Profile tweaking
Cute story of the week*
10k Analysis: Part 5 - Training Pace
February (17)
Year on Year mileage comparison
Elevation graphs
It's all kicking off in chess club!
Music By year: 1991
10k Analysis: Part 4 - Weekly Training Habits
Tagging virtual races
Chasing rainbows
Rainbow Shirts
Blog writing improvements
10k Analysis: Part 3 - Accuracy of human predictions
Music by year: 1990
Smacking bots
29 slices - my seven days of dinner
10k Analysis: Part 2 - Age and Performance
Pass it on
10k Analysis: Part 1 - Distribution of best 10k times
January (31)
Mobile Usability Team Helping All Fetchies...
Salmon Ramen Recipe :-)
Salmon Ramen (for TBR)
Backup dog
The best GPS watches in the world... volume 1
Pick it...
People who liked...
Obscure bugs
Zen & The Art of Heart Rate Training
FIT file import - temporary issue
Keep the change, ya filthy animal
The honeymoon is over
Dirty data
Mobile Usability
Stay sticky
It's Hip To Buy Squares
Related Threads - Exposé :-)
The Batshit Association
Tag Team
Feed the monster!
An ad for Fetch Chess Club :-)
Estimating VO2Max
Three little birds
A not uncommon swelling
Church Mouse January
Honey, where's my super suit?
Not here.
2020 (128)
December (6)
Blog A Day 2021?
9 years ago today
Chewie, We're Home! Happy Fetch Independence Day :-)
Be Prepared
Becoming an effluencer
A few Fetch Mugs left
November (10)
The Festive Fetch Calendar is back!
FIT file import
Thank you, mysterious Fetchie!
UTMOST in the age of COVID-19
This'll cheer you up for sure...
Lost in translation?
Annual Infographic... updating now.
In theory...
October (11)
Training Plan Analysis
Mini plans with the training plan
5k with The Boy :-)
Welcome to tomorrow
Thank you
Become tradeable!
Pre-Race Training Volume
Doctor K Cup Week
Last orders
Advice for a friend
Trader Makeover
September (6)
The shop is open!
Hoodie Colour!
New Fetch Hoodies
A big up/holler!
A benchmark derailed by GPS data *nerd*
August (8)
10k analysis
Officially a Sheepy Shuffler!
Pi Watering
Pre-order Avoid Everyone Face Masks
I got sent these...
Other sites? :-O
Benchmarks - an infinitely configurable set of ladders.
Try the monthly infographic :-)
July (10)
Update on Monthly Training Infographic
New Infographic
Monthly Summary (with a little tweak)
A quick Garmin update
Open Water / Wild Swimming Database
Avoid Everyone - spares
OWS Locations
Thread-level search
New Sharing Graphic & New Pastures
My first lamp post
June (16)
Replacing the Who's Training page
Combining some pages
In pursuit of the Gridmaster Ultra
15th Anniversary Kit - Spares
A new How To video
Training Plan Updated
Black Lives Matter
Avoid Everyone Spares + Second Batch
Wikipedia page
Another YouTube video for sharesies :-)
Getting data to Fetch from **other places**
Feature Voting - some further updates
Feature Voting - speeded up
Another How To video - this time, Conquercise
Fantastisches Tweeten
May (13)
A video for sharing
Fetch Introductory Zoom Presentations
A promise to all Fetchies
Fetch Virtual Weekend: Replacement Bus Service
How has Fetch use changed?
Fetch Weekly Virtual Races
Zoom Meeting - Thursday 9 til 10am
WAVA Standards Update
WAVA Standards + Poll
Fun with Age Grading :-)
New Badges Day
The test shirt fabric has arrived :-)
April (14)
Zoom Podcast - watch the video
What is WBC?
If you did the free Amazon trial...
Some small amends (and shirt version)
Pre-orders open
I was only joking, but...
If Fetcheveryone did lockdown merch
Site outage - Thursday 16th April 11pm
On exercising responsibly
My Sports Quiz - how would you have scored?
Your creative thinking required
WBC My Favourite Teacher (a bit later than the deadline)
Updated Training League
Server Downtime, Thursday 9th 00:01BST to 04:00BST (and thank you!)
March (13)
New Fetch Game: Hide and Seek
Free trial of Audible
Do you have a good memory?
New Opt-In for Fetch Miles
New Badges for Fetch Miles
The Fetch Five: Don't Let CV19 Win!
Amending event dates and notifying of cancellations
A green light comes on over your head, and you can get on with life
Most Popular Shoe Brands 2019
A review
Android: Session I
Compare Your Training
Book Now to avoid disappointment :-)
February (10)
Imports from Suunto, Fitbit, Polar and TomTom.
Plot A Route - mobile improvements
Happy tugging!
Something to play with
Adding A New Feature
February Treasure Hunt
Server Downtime
Miles = Smiles
Build Your Mile
Pop Will Eat Himself: Update
January (11)
Clarence the Cadence Kitten
Trim your trails :-)
Seven Day Leaderboard
Let's try that again
Some minor blog amendments
Try the new Forum Search Prototype
Pop Will Eat Himself
A card from HowFar?
Thank you HowFar? (Statement, not a question)
Take the red pill
Climb every mountain
2019 (134)
December (7)
The Christmas Poem
Where your treasure is...
Listen to the dog breathe
Chewie, We're Home
Thursday's Challenge
Which GPS?
Fetch Shop (of sorts)
November (12)
The zeroth challenge
Polar users - auto import
Calling all Polar users
Mobile Optimisation
Calling all Android users
Did your ads disappear?
Pin that sucker down :-)
Easier tagging
Category now editable from VIEW
Kit now editable from VIEW
Working towards tagging
Manual Add Training bug
October (16)
Boring Cricket Blog
Books Part 2
Books :-)
Training tags Part 2
Training tags
Let's Jazzercise
My precious
Cricket Week 4: Footage :-)
Forum Training Threads
Benny Neutrino Returns
Cricket Week 3: Wingardium Leviosa!
Benny Neutrino's Filter Tips
Cricket Week 2
Continuing Amazon Affiliate Saga
In case you haven't seen...
September (11)
Updated: Spare Anniversary Kit
Affiliate links
I did a cricket!
Fetch365 - enjoy responsibly
My dear old things
Buddies vs Follow
Server Invoice Day
Our new MOTM sponsor
Fetch Power!
Race Listings: Please Read
August (5)
Everyone *rainbow*
Almost there...
Quick blog
Country Badges
A new set of badges
July (6)
Pre-orders open
Anniversary Shirts v2
Fetch 15th Anniversary Shirts
Fetch Fest 2020
Shout Outs
Missing imports from Garmin yesterday
June (13)
Who Squares Wins: 64 screenshot
Who Squares Wins: 64 Player Edition
Training summary - older pages
Training sub-menu rejig
Try the infographic
Steady Edina
Annual Summary Infographic
The height of daft things
The training summary - the morning session
The training summary - a wordier blog
Try the annual summary thing
How to listen to the Fetch Podcast
12 month summary mega-graph!
May (15)
£79.99 off the bottom line
parkrun reviews - now with routes
Fix It Friday; Project Joker Week 2; and some shout outs.
Fetch Kit Cupboard Sale
The bonus ball
Project Joker - Week 1
Fix It Friday
A quick update on the server
Fetch 15th Anniversary Kit
There is a good service operating
In case you're wondering...
Trouble auto importing from Garmin?
Fix It Friday: Stuff that came to me in dreams
April (12)
Feature Voting - now with virtual badges :-)
The moment of triumph!
New Feature Voting
Fix It Friday: What would your horse be called?
Marathon Pacing: tyre-kickers required
Fix It Friday: Back to Basics
Podcast Poll
Fix It Friday: The League Of Everyone
Dom, dom, dom, I've got DOMS, I've got DOMS!
Crouch, Touch, Pause.... longer pause... what am I doing again?
Training Log - Update
Site Update: New Font
March (15)
Fix It Friday: An Endless Mission
Naming and faming :-)
2nd in my age category!
Fix It Friday: Brought to you by Surprise Inset Day
New training log
Route Matching - Ready :-)
Fix It Friday
What's your unit of measurement?
Ciderthon competition
Fix It Friday: Stroopwafels of Doom!
Route Matching - Update
This week's cool list
Me in the river
Big Fetch Miles 2019
Fix It Friday: Fingerprints!
February (13)
A Maths Challenge
Fetch Legends: Activate!
Whose coat is this jacket?
Fix It Friday: The Fix Awakens
Joining the awesome list...
Fix It Friday
Naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday - Monthly Summary
Training Month Summary
Podcast Q&A
If you can't read this, don't panic.
*redsaber* The force is strong with these Fetchies!
Fix It Friday *bluesaber*
January (9)
Some shout outs :-)
Fix It Friday!
Podcast Ep 3, plus some naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday
Fetch Chaos
Oooh! Second chance Berlin trip! And new subbers, podcast episode, and Trader.
My week of running
Naming and faming - this week :-)
Naming and faming :-)
2018 (138)
December (8)
A Christmas Message (in podcast form)
Rungeon :-)
Hey, Everyone!
France Trip Vote
Happy Fetch Independence Day
Actual free trip to France (incl. flights)
Sombrero's Lovely Cards
November (14)
Hoodies + other spares
Spare Fetch Kit
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
Book Giveaway - Can We Run With You, Grandfather?
Fix It Friday
Bedford Harriers Half - place offered
Updated Kit Bag
Family Fortunes :-)
Any adidas experts out there?
No Fixes Today - just two challenges
Big Fetch Mile Cardiff
Fix It Friday
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
October (14)
Hello landlubbers
Embedded polls
Member of the Month
Fix It Friday
Spare Fetch shirts and vests
Fix It Friday
My Fetch Mile
One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner.
Fix It Friday - 'Ave It!
Automatic route matching
Automatic route matching
One last reminder for those cycling jerseys
Fix It Friday - Forensics and User Experience
September (14)
Fix It Friday
Server Downtime 2.30pm 26th September
Never Again
Fix It Friday!
Handling your weirdness
Cards ordered :-)
Just wondering...
Fix It Friday :-)
Try the Fetcheveryone Tutorial
40 days and 40 nights
Fix It Friday
ARION insoles - review part 1
Fetch Shirt - Black Ones, and sizing
Shirts and Vests Pre-Order
August (14)
Fix It Friday
Blog Height squished
Site Outage Last Night
New Mobile Nav
Fix It Friday
New feature - how you doin'? :-)
Sunflower spread
Fix It Friday
A new pre-race mileage graph
Fetch Social: Draycote Water September
Fix It Friday: The Supermarket Analogy
A run with _andy :-)
Suunto 9 Review
Fix it Friday
July (5)
Fix It Friday!
Five Get Wet In Devon
Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch
Tom Williams Interview - Final Part
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics
June (17)
Abingdon Week 17 - P&D Booster rockets
Interviewing Tom Williams: Part III
Walking League (and one just for Nellers)
Follow Roads - continued
Week 18 in the bag
Tackling turds
Abingdon Marathon Training: Week 18
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 2
Five Questions (ready for serious answers)
Kick some tyres for me
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 1
Five Questions
Follow Roads saga
Google maps progress, plus Abingdon plans
Training Summary - Infographics
Who Squares Wins - ranking update
May (10)
Training log maps converted
More mapping updates
Who Squares Wins - The Wizard's Hat
De doo doo doo... another one bites the dust...
Invisible changes
Silverstone 10k
Three year throwback
Why your support makes the difference
Some high mileage Fetchies
dryrobe winner
April (14)
Interviewing Tom Williams
Swimming Caps!
New batch of shirts and vests
You make big mistake my friend
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile announced
Two tickets to the Running Awards
Pics from Dudley Big Fetch Mile
Notes for London Marathon Fetchpointers
Results from today's Big Fetch Mile
Who Squares Wins - prototype board
Attention London Marathoners!
New game - coming soon
March (9)
Intervals, Solidarity, Swimming and Fmail
Ready to give the new fmail a try?
More on fmail
New fmail system
Win a dryrobe :-)
For jabberknit...
Updating the Training Home page
Pics from Bedford Big Fetch Mile
Sledgends :-)
February (13)
Buffs On Sale
Big Fetch Mile Bedford
Vlog :-)
Marathon Talk
Important GDPR stuff - PLEASE read
A page of historical importance
Vlog :-)
Road Rash, Marathon Prediction and T-Shirts
This :-)
Capturing the dog
It's BACK!
Enter Wilmslow Half Marathon
An advertisement
January (6)
Local Fetchies - Opt In
Revealed: World's Best Shoes
How I chose the Big Fetch Mile venues
Big Fetch Mile 2018 - Venues & Provisional Dates
Try adding an image to your training entry
Mileage Targets 2018 - Update
2017 (147)
December (12)
Mileage Targets 2018
Thank you
Brownie Recipe :-)
Fetch Hoodies + Buffs SALE Update
Chewie, We're Home
Fetch Hoodies SALE - what's left
Fetch Hoodies! SALE!!! (and Buffs available too)
Chewie, We're Home
Sharing pics
Fetch Jingle Mile Cambridge photos
Glorious Failure: Bedford Harriers Half Marathon
November (20)
Serpents, hamstrings and inversions
A special anniversary approaches...
Hamstring and prototype updates
Training Log Prototype - Today's Improvements
Red Venom sale
For what it's worth...
Training Log Prototype - Update #2
Training Log Prototype - Update
Big Fetch Mile - venue hunt
RT for a Garmin
Training Log Prototype - To Be Fixed
The Weekly vLog (by me)
Thanks :-)
New Training Log Prototype - Available Now
Thanks for following
VLog - footage from the Cardiff Big Fetch Mile
Big Fetch Mile[s] 2018
Win a place in the Surrey Half
I vont to scan your barcode.
October (12)
Big Fetch Weekend :-)
Fetch Mile Results
Festive Fetch Calendar :-O
Calling Parkers everywhere!
In which I decorate a cake.
Regent's Park Fetchie Discount
Elevation in colour
"I didn't come here to walk to Sparta!"
New elevation info
Chicken Ballot-ine, with a side order of beef
New training log headers
Ballot day tomorrow - help needed
September (19)
Weekly vLog - COCONUTS!!!
River Thames Half Marathon
The lollipop update
On failing gracefully
Doctor K Day
Fetch Kit Sale - Updates
Weekly vLog
Fetch Kit Sale
Training Log View Update
Fetcheveryone Weekly? Vlog?
Fetchie Race Discount - Regent's Park 10k
Training Log Tags - Live
Training Log Tags
Weekly vLog - Derby Mile, and a pause to salute the legendary Doctor K
24 hours later
Doctor K donation page
Doctor K
Fetch Weekly vLog
Derby Mile - tomorrow!
August (8)
Race Prices; and an alien earworm
Straight outta Cromford - the Fetch Weekly vLog!
A Fetch vLog! With prizes!
Quick search location for sharing
New WAVA graph
Weird FIT file thing
Back from me 'olidays :-)
Linking race results to training log entries
July (12)
Race Pricing - crowdsourcing
Appdate for Android and iPhone
Fetch Mile - Cardiff?
Race listing omelette
Coding and town planning
Please review your races
A2B winners
Motivational Sounds - the final 10
Two more Big Fetch Miles? :-)
Bedford Fetch Mile Results
June (19)
Big Fetch Mile
Motivational Sounds
Fetch fug - updated design
Fetch fug (available at the Fetch mile)
I've done the naughtiest thing ever.
Donating Blood - my Vlog
Fapp In the App Store :-)
Can I kick it?
This just in...
For Bean
Your app status is Waiting For Review
Fetch Caps
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Fetch App - strong and stable testing
HTTPS is here
Fetch App progress
https access to the site
May (14)
Fetch App
Site down at 11pm
Round and round the garden
Try the new home page layout
Server down tonight @ 11pm
Browser testers wanted
The Big Fetch Mile!!!
Site *NOT* down tonight. [cough]
Bluffer's Competition - Winner
Bedford parkrun timelapse
Return of the cap
April (8)
Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)
Base camp, VMLM
Just for D2
Off to the awards
Hoodies - it's on!
Updated Training Home Page
March (6)
'Train' page
Project Joker
Hoodies and Londons
Hands up, hands UP! Draycote Water 10
Bluffer's Competition
Project Joker
February (12)
Running Awards shortlisted
Route Plotter now with OpenStreetMap
Plan for Bluffer's comp
Update to Route Plotter
First update to the route mapper
For Angus
Virtuous Circles
Competition coming soon
Race Guide Ads
Club La Santa vLog
Fetch Fixtures
January (5)
Word Clouds
Buckets Ready
New Home Page
Do me a favour...
Limited Companies, filing accounts, that sort of thing
2016 (128)
December (11)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Five Years Ago Today
Pantsfest! May the stains be ever in your favour!
Photoshop SOS
Attention: Fitbit users
Bedford Half 2016
Luton Fetchmob: Breaking Point
Vote Fetch!
Breaking news: Paris Marathon
November (21)
How to end a LiveChat.
Define wrong
TomTom Runner 3 Review - Any Questions?
Movember: Project Beard: Day 24: Beardraggled
Festive Fetch Calendar 2016
We're gonna be in the Hudson
Hey Chiefy
I've written summat
Going Postal
A special mention
Training Log Beta
Spare Hoodies
Updates to Training Beta
Movember: Project Beard - Day 8 (The Seven Day Itch)
Vote for Fetch
Training Log Detail View - Some Changes
Aberdeen University Study
Consultation V2
Fetchpoint - October Winners and November Prizes
October (16)
Alien nuggets!
Keeping a tight lid on the biscuit tin
Training Log Beta
100 Running Words
Fetchmob, December 3rd
Where to mob?
Little things
That All-Time Mileage League
The sudoku that keeps on giving.
Sub-25 for 1km :-)
Fetchmob - December 3rd
New Training Log Preview
Fixed the overlap...
Why the new training log isn't ready yet...
September (12)
Doughnut or Donate
Training Log - Sneak Peek
Fetch Shop Sale! Old stuff clearout!
The consultation system...
Garmin support for timezone info
The GMT/BST/Timezone problem
Training Log Consultation...
Training Log - Consultation
Fetch Social Runs
Subscriber shirts, vests and hoodies, and determination.
Fetch Voluntary Subscriptions
August (3)
Ze Gryndylows! My first #OWS :-)
Testing Fetchpoint exclusion zones
Fetchpoint scoring system
July (7)
Conquercise Prize Draw?
Fetch Games: Checkpoints (and what's wrong with them)
More owls...
Your Favourite Fetch Game?
Even More Utmost Than Before...
15 days later...
June (10)
Five days on...
A quick thank you...
What do you think?
If you'd be so kind...
Which watch?
Run Bedford 10k
Import from a TomTom
Attention TomTom users
May (10)
Race Distance poll
An ungainly fish
A five year plan
What Club La Santa can learn from parkrun
Cream Me Up, Scotty
Greetings from Club La Santa
And a quick poll...
Club Charter
A poll about intervals
More owls!
April (11)
Robin Hood and his Merry Dad :-)
Warning: Dull - some screen res stats
Responsive Design Update
For all you marathoners
A Poll
Ditching the forum categories?
Moving to Responsive Design
Sandy 10: Be Kind To Horses
For Adam and Jamie
March (11)
Bacon Smoke!
Benchmarks Update
Bath - Race Report
An annoying eight-year-old.
Let's Cook and Cut and Paste :-)
Let's Cook :-)
RIP Gramma
Book Winners
Dog farming
Site header update
February (5)
Book Giveaway
Pi Club
Pi Project Update
Because I'd like to check the blogging badges are working...
January (11)
Snooker Freak
Badges - Another Update
Unlockable Badges - Update
Unlockable Badges
TomTom Runner 2 Review
Gallery updates
Snowball coding and Fetch Unlockables!
Achievement Medals - what do you reckon?
Run The Sum
2015 Book List (and a bit of a review / plan)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
2015 (175)
December (7)
Red Red Wine
A Poll
Gis a job!
Bedford Half
Vote for Fetch
Now you've hopefully got the idea...
November (13)
The Festive Fetch Calendar
Don't get excited or anything...
Slightly Dismal Friday
Pre-order your Fetch Buff now :-)
A message from our sponsor
Dr Fetch will see you now
Only the grumbliest, achiest chocolate... :-)
The Stanford Experiment
Buff Design
Snugs - Review
Love, Commitment, Support
The pre-wedding blog!
Good morning Fetchers, good morning Everyone
October (9)
Monthly Totals
Did you write a blog yesterday?
The First Rule of Web Server Maintenance
The gain line
The zipper challenge!
Sugar daddy
Now in colour!
Competition Time!!!
September (14)
Teach your kids (or yourself) to code
Sticky Training Choices
Goodies: GetMore water and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Shirt size guidelines
This nearly made it...
Subscriber Shirt Design
I've got wood!
New Beginnings
Some more questions answered
Some responses to your comments
Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies
August (8)
24 hours in the south
24 hours in the north
Fetchies Assemble!
Thank you
Better knowledge than riches
Fitbit Urge
The villainous Mr Fetch!
Uncomfortable rear
July (8)
Why don't you play Conquercise?
Another week of strange training
Book Giveaway - Winners
GPS Reviews
Criteria for reviewing a GPS
Auto-bike-detector :-)
Win some bookses :-)
Half Way!
June (13)
Time Lapse Clouds
TomTom Bandit - very QUICK first impressions
My wings are like a shield of steel!
Running plus Cycling update
Stalkers Paradise!
Recommend me a bike :-)
Holy Steamrollers Batman!
Rest day (no such thing)
We will now imitate the flight of a goose :-)
You made me ink! Snorkel safari :-)
Good morning from CLS :-)
May (10)
Club La Santa :-)
The AWESOME Power of Fetchies!
Home Insurance Shaftage :-/
Editing Forum Posts
The Future!
Some London Marathon stats
Walking On The Moon
Hardest parkrun?
New found wisdom
Week 1
April (11)
Marathon vLog
I owe some hugs!
And that concludes the voting from the Danish judges
Adventures in geocaching
Your video clips wanted!
Jelly with no spoons
Random Ultra
Suncream in my eyes - a review of 'Running and Stuff'
Books what I've read this year
Measuring the effect of wind
Wind Roses
March (18)
Watching the tide roll away
A great week of running!
Happy Jigs Wisdom!
Mobile Fetch
I don't do this very often...
Breathless Optimism
20 miles yesterday
This Week's vLog
Decision Trees and the sub-4!
Democracy Street
Mayan Maths
Bath Half (at last)
Still a chicken
Costume Drama in Bath
TomTom importing
Updated 'Train' page
February (29)
An Unexpected Journey
Wind picking up...
An unplanned kit alarm
Race Pace Test
2nd place
Week ends
Barking carrots
Bedroom pizza
Top of the mountain
Blogs get the mobile treatment
Supersonic Katie, and a marathon pace question
Back home
Racing parkrun ;-)
Unblocking the sink
Start in Darkness
Some times I'd like
Mobile Site - Forum Section
All-Time Leaderboards
Sword fighting
PB Attempts
Duct tape and WD40
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Shoe horning
Training vLog Week 13
Big February Project
January (35)
Cake, invalidated
Small sips
LiRF, award shortlist, beginners, books, boy.
Dog Available :-)
New Recipe Section
Another threshold run
New Beginnings
But far more importantly...
Fetch Beginners Programme
Give it a go :-)
Training vLog - Week 11
Threshold Run (a running blog)
Long day, short blog
(Lack of) Pump Action
A thread to follow
This Boy Can
Local Leaderboards for Checkpoints
February 18th
The Travelling Checkpoint Salesman
Acorn Antiques
Bearing Up
Deleted Bridges and Dodgy Lasers
I'm Batman!
Healthy and Appy
Punch O'Clock!
The plan, then.
Ten mile toes
On Parliament
Bold Claims, and a Challenge for 2015
2014 (262)
December (9)
A trip to Wales (vLog)
Christmas Messages from Fetchies
FERC London Marathon Places - Draw
It's gone in my sock...
Festive Fetch Five
This Week's Training
To the Post Office!
Training vLog - Week 4
November (12)
I Am Groot!
Slightly Dismal Friday
Week 3 - in which I nearly drown my wife!
I said yes :-)
Free Daps! aka Test GORE-TEX® footwear this winter!
Training vLog - Week 2
More chances for VMLM entries
Marathon Talk
My first training vLog :-)
Second place?
In :-)
Questionnaire about personality traits amongst runners
October (16)
Adidas API
Horseplay minimiser
Running with the big dog
Flat and Windy
Who'd like to test the Garmin API then?
Advantage Borg
Milk Tray Reps in the Rain
Hatfield 5k, and some other running thoughts
Site layout changes
Vote for Training Plans
Maths help
September (8)
A quick device poll
Garmin Connect API
Cake at the lake :-)
Empowering Women
This Week's Training
Tick :-)
Article help
First outing with the Harriets
August (7)
Book club and Harriers
A treasure trove for bookish types
What I did on my Summer Holidays
Local decoration
The Fisher King
Mojitos and no mosquitos!
July (26)
James Mason
Missing Week
Camping View
Wild Camping
Transalpine Race
In brief
Urgent! Pair of runners wanted!
Fetch Kit Available to Pre-order :-)
Fetch Anniversary Kit - Preview
API and FAK!
That dog has a puffy tail
More books
Reverse Moses
Zombies vs Plants
Shovel required
Catcher in the Rye
My sister the psychologist
Drink your strong limey drink
Keep me in the loop
Bread knives, hedgehogs and the dog in the night time
June (34)
Checkpoints video
Happy boys and giggly imps
Spring loaded
Elbow grease
Fetch 10th Anniversary Kit
Fetch YouTube Tutorial - Race Guide
Finding the Library folder on a Mac
Sonic screwdriver
Live wires
Wiring help needed
Garmin Express Experiment
Scalded sloth
New Forum Layout
Further updates to the blog layout
New blog layout
First woodpecker
Beastin' parkrun
All was well
Marking Territory
The People's Poet Is Dead :-(
Holy Water
Throwing shapes
Life moves pretty fast
Recursion is beautiful
Win an OS Explorer / Landranger map of your choice
Intervals with a Suunto Ambit 2S
Economy done two ways
May (31)
Vorsprung Durch Lego Technic
How do I liberate my boy from his XBox?
Life in the Woods
Intervals with a TomTom
Tree fluff
More camping
Zen and Camping
Not eaten by bears
Bear food
Camping List
Camping Venn Diagrams
Floppy dog
Routes but not Rathbone
Illustrator wanted
The Cosmic Ballet Goes On
Silverstone 10k :-)
Quick one
Superhuman snooker
Chapter 1
April (29)
King Bin
Quiet day on Feedback Mountain
Go directly to parkrun. Do not pass Godzuki.
A day in Wales
The Lost Diadem of Fetchbook
Falling asleep in my dinner
God gave rock and roll to you.
Sugar Mule
Not bad, consid'rin.
Can U Dig It?
A weekend in Wales
Looking forward to Oliver!
Thank you, and more App talk
Pyjamas at both ends.
Thump. Saturday has started.
Sore tum :-/
Zombies aside... first impressions of the new TomTom
TomTom Runner Cardio Press Event
Am I pregnant?
March (31)
Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
Sandy 10
Me on YouTube
New graphs live
Follow the dot
Only the best for the Captain's table
Mrs Diahann Wagner is GOING HORNY
Sport Relief Win
Hot dogs, quick blogs
Toton Sidings
A sign!
Owen Farrell visualisation technique
Booster fails to ignite
Myton Rugby Run (5 Miler)
Rugby before rugby
Sweetcorn antidote
Custard factory
I did some intervals :-)
Speed work?
Many things
A bit cabbagey here.
Angry Wasp
Rainbow's End
Core Dump
Bath Half (in detail)
A quick overview
Down to business in Bath
February (28)
Made it to Bath
Unexpected hugs
I like to go a-wandering
Spring cleaning
Because We're Worth It
I don't know what!
Thanks Jim
Enough now
Clearing the pipes
Crouch, Touch, Pause...
Medication, that's what you need.
Symptom Tour
Hello FBI
Dazed day
Why I'm an optimist
Mobius birds
Snotty knuckles
In this house...
Retch Everyone
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
Angry Birds
Clarkson averse
Good day :-)
January (31)
*bunting* *cake*
Bigger Boys
Pretending to be Saga Norén
Waiting for the AA
Ship shape
Technology takes you further
Love Garden
High Heel Striker
Bit of a rubbish one
Hot Re-fills
Coding Grinch
An august prediction
Some Running Goals for Q1
Wipe-clean dog
Breaking it down
Snakes and Ladders
Bigger Ponds
Drink Your Weak Lemon Drink
All in All
Panning the pancake
Does JK Rowling own a dog?
Back to the kitchen table
Steve Davis shoes
Pigs on a water slide
19 books :-)
2013 (29)
December (3)
Engine Management Light
Hannibal Vector
November (3)
Speed skating
Cool Hand Grandpa
October (3)
Minecraft Cake
Random dump
September (2)
Blog by Email!
Catchup blah
August (3)
Big Green Caterpillar
Questions answered - final CLS blog
Last Days at Club La Santa
July (10)
A nice morning of swimming and tennis
Please Read: Questions for a sports coach
Hitting the straps
First Impressions at Club La Santa
Mile High Blog
Clocking off
For the second week running...
Another Club La Santa catchup
The Floor In The Plan
June (3)
Club La Santa
Bulk Uploading, and win a book
FERC Charities 2011-2012
March (1)
Bath Weekend
January (1)
Meet Steve
2012 (39)
December (2)
Tired Now Boss
Bath - Week 14 + Foodbank
November (3)
White Level Reading
Bath - Week 15
Bath - Week 16
October (2)
C'mon Dave
July (1)
RIP Arnie
June (2)
Rub some bacon on it
18 weeks
May (9)
Techy not tetchy
Time for a techy blog
Time to walk the dog
Stevington 12k
Properly coldy
Still a bit coldy
New blog design live
A bit coldy
Blogs Redesign
April (2)
March (8)
A long run up
Running Tick
Sport Relief Mile
Back once again
Swimming sweetcorn and other vegetables
Joy Rides, Sticks and Medals
Training Tip
February (9)
Katie, ICT, and some more MySQL
May The Ground Force Be With You
Well done Batman.
Optimisation Crossword
Snow Days
Gallery, and parkrun
January (1)
There Are Some Really Sexy Girls On Fetch

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