23 Jan 2020

Seven Day Leaderboard

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Here's what I've been pulling together over the last few days. It's a set of leaderboards based on the fastest portions of the GPS data from your training log.


If you've got some unexpectedly fast times, click 'Your fastest efforts' at the bottom of each table, which takes you to the benchmarks page. From here, you can use the 'Remove' links to kill off any unwarranted world records due to a bad GPS signal, or caused by that time you forgot to stop your watch before driving home. I've also been crushing various people who have logged skiing as running. There are some tell-tale straight bits, which I think is when they're riding the ski lifts. Oh, and they're in the Alps or sutin.

To protect the server, the tables are automatically refreshed once every six hours. There's a little note on each table that shows you when it was last built - so any tidying up you do will not be reflected until the table is remade.

If you're *NOT* listed, it may well be because your share settings are too restrictive. There's a note just above the tables that explains what you need to do.

I'm not doing a lot of organised racing, but I had fun this morning when I realised that my 10k time in this table was looking very beatable. I hope you'll have fun with it too.
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  • I've got some logs which are properly marked as "Cross Training - Skiing" but they are still showing as my fastest km etc. I can / will just click to remove, but wondered if there was a gremlin causing those to be included in the first place?
    1:49pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • But I likey likey the concept / execution!!
    1:49pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I'm confused - probably just me - It tells me my fastest mile was 4:42 on 5th September 2018 - but in the training log that runs shows as an average of 10 minutes per mile. If I tell it to remove the 4:42 will it remove the record of that run in my training log - which looks fine?
    Elsie Too
    1:57pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Marvellous! Nice to have recorded my fastest ever 1km (albeit downhill :-) ) on the day that you launch this feature.
    2:01pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I think there may be something wrong here. I started deleting the 1m times that were too fast but there are a lot of them.
    2:07pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @mikep - click on the date for the entry and it will take you to the specific training log that has caused the calc.
    2:09pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @elsie - removing the 4:42 will not delete the associated training entry. In fact, it doesn't seem to be associated with the existing training entry from 5th Sep 2018 at all - so it was maybe a training entry that you'd deleted some time ago because it was wrong. I will see if I can weed these entries out of the database.
    2:21pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @larkim - if you can let me know some example ID's for your skiing entries, I will see what I can sort.
    2:22pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I like it. I had to remove a 23 seconds 400m record, though. I don't think I have ever broken 30 seconds for the distance.
    2:26pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @fetcheveryone - this entry 16130131 has been picked up for my fastest 400m for example.
    2:31pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Turns out I've done a reasonable job of cleaning the data that goes into making this new table, but when you visit 'Your fastest efforts', the older stuff isn't quite so consistent. I've added something to the "delete training" page that will tidy up its associated benchmarks, so if you're able to tidy up your list, it *should* stop happening.
    2:38pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Hmm, gremlins.... my fastest mile for running is showing as an implausible 4:25; when I click on the acitivity date, though, it takes me to a ride. My second fastest is showing as 5:17, but the activity was a 45-mile ultra (12268659) where I definitely did not run that fast at any point!
    2:39pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I am working backwards to amend the miscategorised entries.
    2:47pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Easy enough for me to tidy my bits. I might be wrong, but I don't remember the "benchmarks" page having details for 400m and 800m before, which is why I had erroneous data in there that I didn't know about.
    2:59pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @ishep - regarding the ultra (12268659), one of your mile splits in the notes is 3:01 - and looking at the trace, my guess is that there's some kind of lost signal - it jumps in a very straight line, between mile 6 and 7.
    3:01pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @larkim - I haven't touched the benchmarks page for several weeks.
    3:02pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Doesn't the new top line of 400m 800m 1km etc etc come with this new stuff then? Perhaps I'm just remembering an older layout from when I last viewed it about 6 months ago.
    3:03pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I've corrected any mis-categorising in the most recent million entries in the training log. Working my way back through them all.
    3:03pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I think I updated it in mid-October, to push the GPS benchmarks up above the basic ones.
    3:05pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • @fetch Ah, ok - thanks, I missed that!
    3:48pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • It's found me! I think this is a piece of information I shall allow to exist outside my line of vision.
    3:51pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • I take it that parkruns are not in the 5k league? I have about 30 runs faster than my 5k time.
    4:46pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • And now i've read the weekly bit. Is this the senior moments page??
    4:47pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Nice idea. I doubt I’ll be up there.
    7:26pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Great work!
    10:56pm, 23rd Jan 2020
  • Fixed a few, caused in one case by Garmin still on while driving away from a run session and one where Garmin went haywire and had me flying over a canal.

    Question - the forever bests don't seem to go back before about 2015 and my bests were 2013 generally. Wondering what might be cause of that? :-) G
    4:48pm, 24th Jan 2020
  • I wondered that, I thought that I had done better bests pre 2010 but thought I must have misremembered
    Elsie Too
    5:52pm, 24th Jan 2020

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17 Jan 2020

Let's try that again

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I got a bit of a battering in yesterday's blog update blog :-)

Go try it now - here's a link to your own blog:

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  • Yay :)
    11:05am, 17th Jan 2020
  • Ooh I LIKE it now ( and I know I'm one of the most prolific bloggers)
    11:36am, 17th Jan 2020
  • Hang on, you took away the thing I liked!?!! (tweets viewable)
    Don't think anyone is going to click a link blind.
    paul the builder
    11:48am, 17th Jan 2020
  • ptb - say what now?
    12:04pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I'm sorry your changes weren't appreciated, I thought the scrollable list was great.
    I like the "click here to watch for new comments" button - has that been there long?
    12:19pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • It's no bother - it was pretty clear that the previous iteration wasn't working well for everyone. Getting negative feedback is part of the process - I usually just need to step back for a couple of hours and think about how I should have done it :-)

    The link under the button arrived yesterday, courtesy of feature request 516 :-)
    12:32pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Ooh that is much better.
    1:00pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Bear with.
    paul the builder
    1:09pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I like it! :)
    1:13pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • At *some* point the tweets over there --- > changed from being just plain text, to fuller 'embedded' versions, showing pictures and whatnot too. Which I said I liked earlier this morning.
    Then it looked like you'd taken it away... and I'm wrong, that's just firewall-y stuff on this PC, testing reveals. Apologies!
    paul the builder
    1:15pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Good change, although it was quite nice to see the titles in case one grabbed your eye.
    2:06pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • That works really nicely for me, thanks. With my low volume (1 per month approx.?) showing the titles without having to go down to month would be good, but understand it would be a pain for the blogadaws. Good rapid response that man! :-) G
    2:20pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I like it, I like seeing the blog titles and the full-featured Twitter feed
    3:30pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • It's a good quick way of developing & enhancing - as long as you're ready and happy to tweak as you go. You could have sat planning and designing it for a week - instead, put a quick effort in and you get nearly instant feedback.
    And a few hours later and a few tweaks and it's getting great feedback.
    And even sneaked a search in.

    Thanks - good job, well done!
    3:43pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I like the search - because it takes you to a new page it isn't obvious that you are still searching only the same person's blog posts - though I can see that you are. Maybe just add some text to state that you are searching {insert user name here}'s blogs?
    Elsie Too
    4:28pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Interesting - if you search your blogs for "Howfar?" you only find one of the 2 blogs that you have written this month with his username in the title...
    Elsie Too
    4:29pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I think that implies that it is searching the blog content and not the title...
    Elsie Too
    4:30pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Much betterer cheers :-)
    5:15pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I thought the previous amendment was okay but the new change is even better. Thanks, Fetch.
    6:07pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • That’s the thing with honest feedback ;-) this looks good now though :-)
    8:42pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • (Ps click here button is great)
    8:42pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • I really like this. Thank you!
    9:47pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • Oh I like this a lot. I can't have had much work on in 2009 as I wrote twice as many blogs as my next most blogged year and six times as many as I seem to have written in recent years!
    11:28pm, 17th Jan 2020
  • This is much better! Thanks for listening (even though I didn't say anything on your last blog ;-) )
    3:10pm, 18th Jan 2020
  • I think (if there's room) it would be good to have also the date beside the blog title in that side-list. Helps, as a reader, to see if you missed one, or a few, or loads.
    paul the builder
    12:05pm, 20th Jan 2020

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16 Jan 2020

Some minor blog amendments

4:18pm | 341 views | 24 Comments
I've tried to simplify the Previous Entries box (on the right on desktop, under the blog on mobile), to make it a bit easier for you to look at old blogs. Instead of having to open up years and months, you can now just scroll through the entire list of blog titles.

Easier? :-)
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  • Somewhat... However, if there are years and years of entries and you want to look at, say 2012, you scroll down to find it but as soon as you click on an entry, the slider is back at the top at Jan 2020
    4:27pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • like it but agree with mcG
    4:48pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • I was scrolling through the list over there -> thinking, "These titles don't belong to *my* blog." Then I realised ... muppet
    4:52pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • I agree too - and I miss the profile & Twitter feed stuff being nearby
    4:55pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Might help if it was a bit less 'grey' thinking about it: maybe have the shading around month names in red? At the minute, it's a bit of an amorphous grey scroll.
    5:05pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Oh crikey!
    5:08pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • A stunning reminder that Change Is Not Good :-)
    5:12pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • I like it but then I like simple things. It’s good
    5:29pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Sharkie and McGoohan will be scrolling all day :-)
    Fenland Flier
    5:44pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Perhaps I should de-clutter my blogs! :-)
    5:53pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • I like it.
    6:38pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • It's not obvious that it's a scrollable list - should the slider appear on mouse over?
    6:39pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Not great on phone. I was happier with it before
    6:41pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Ah that's better with the red month headings
    6:43pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Specific issues would be more useful, if possible.
    6:45pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Red month headings help. Could the type size could be smaller? Being a point size or four bigger than the entry opposite makes the list very dominant. Also perhaps just '16 Jan' rather than the day of week and the ths and nds? Admittedly that would duplicate the month, but would look neater.
    8:12pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Brill
    8:22pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Looks better now - thanks Fetch :)
    8:31pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Not keen. It looks like everyone has no other blog entries. Those lists - so long! And (tablet, Android) I have no red month headings.

    And I don't like "add to faves".
    9:24pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Much better with type smaller, and no ths and nds! Thanks!
    11:02pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Oh. I don’t like it. I can’t easily pick a year. It’s a big scrollathon. Sorry :-/
    1:54am, 17th Jan 2020
  • Could you make it collapsible by year so that you can shorten the list if you know that you want something from 3 years ago?

    On mobile it's not friendly because there is no read to help identify the months.
    Elsie Too
    8:12am, 17th Jan 2020
  • Like the tweets reformatting. nice one. :-)
    paul the builder
    8:33am, 17th Jan 2020
  • Sorry fetch, I don't like it either, it crashes my phone chrome app because there are just so many previous blogs. It was better before.
    10:47am, 17th Jan 2020

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15 Jan 2020

Try the new Forum Search Prototype

3:31pm | 355 views | 27 Comments
Here's a prototype for a better forum search:


It really is just the basics at the moment - but once I've got it working as well as can be, I will integrate it into the main search function. For now, the only link to it is here in this blog.

Have a think about the sort of things you (or an imaginary user on a quest for something) might want to find in our forum, and try searching for them.

Leave me a comment to let me know how you get on. Did the returned threads look useful?

I'm also logging all the search terms that get used, so that'll be interesting in itself :-)

Swimming this morning. 64 lengths = 0.9999 miles :-) A bit slower than last week's 40+20 lengths, but it was all in one go, and I also paused occasionally to let Katie the Magic Fish go past me :-)
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  • I did a search for "Round Sheffield Run", knowing that there is a thread called exactly that. It didn't feature in any of the results:

    3:50pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • For a result thread that has multiple pages, just seems to take you to the last page, which for me was not the page that had the search word - if there are hundreds of pages in the thread then not too helpful. Taking you to first occurrence would be better ( with resultant word highlighted, so you can see immediately which post in the page has the word ), but even better would be take to first occurrence and a prev/next set of buttons to navigate multiple page matches within a thread.

    If you put in 2 words, I thought it might search for occurrences of those 2 words together, but I think it returns threads with just either one of the words. Tried quotes around the 2 words but didn't work. Not sure if you plan to enhance it to work with 2+ words in some way, or just single words.
    K5 Gus
    4:00pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • It would be handy if the searched term could be highlighted in some way, or maybe an abstract/excerpt of the post with the thread could be shown on the returned page. Alternatively, clicking on the thread could take you to the page with the searched term on it - tricky I'm sure for common words, but nobody said it would be easy...
    4:04pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • Agree with K5 Gus's suggestions - some form of logical operator in the way that Google searches, so phrases "Hello world" or Hello -world. Searching across time periods is sometimes helpful too.

    Is there any way the design of the site or its visibility to engines such as Google could be tweaked so that a Google search would actually work (from within the site). ISTR that the Guardian uses this on its website - would take the strain off your coding powers. It looks to me like they just embed a link to google.co.uk and let Google crawl / index / return results for them.
    4:19pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • Just to expand on the above, because forum URLs are unique to the page I don't think it is possible with Google's custom search to search just one individual thread (that is my most commonly thought through "missing" on the FE searching). It would be nice to be able to search the 3:15 training thread, for posts by XZY in the period 01/01/13 to 01/04/13 for example.
    4:26pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • I was going to say exactly what Gus said.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    4:37pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • You can get Google to search our forum, with all its massive computing power. Just add site:Fetcheveryone.com to your search phrase.
    4:45pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • You can, yes. But it does it badly. For example, it doesn't allow for a specific thread to be searched, and the results it returns with date parameters will include more recent updates (e.g. I tried searching on the sub 3:15 thread for posts with my username in between the dawn of time and May 2013. It returned a result from around that time, but the only reference to my username was in the sidebar).

    But anyway, you could just add a google search box onto your website which is constrained to this site. Free google searching within your site (as I noted the guardian does for its own site).
    4:51pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • Confirming that in my experience, Google with site:fetchxxx fails miserably.
    Search fetaure is godd, but my 'requests' would be (largely as above)
    - search within a specific thread or across threads
    - optional time span
    - multiple words - either in "" for exact match, or + - to force or exclude
    - for search across threads - link to the first occurence and then allow easy repeat search within that thread
    - for search within a thread, show all occurences in the results (page by page) with links to the page

    Good luck - and good first start !
    5:10pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • The use case I had in mind whilst putting this together is that of a new/inexperienced user who wants help with training for a marathon, and might therefore search for 'marathon training'. Of the threads that are returned, the top ten all have hundreds of instances of both words - so highlighting all instances or even the first instance isn't necessarily helpful to our imaginary user.

    I get the feeling from the level of detail being suggested in the comments that what might work best for you all is a thread-specific search (which is computationally more achievable for our solo server), rather than something which attempts to cover the entire forum. I'm imagining the thought process that goes "XYZ claimed to see an upside to Brexit on the politics thread. It had something to do with mackerel" - and this being a key word that you could apply to that specific thread. Yes, you won't always know which thread, but I think it would cover a few bases.

    @Sigh - the algorithm is looking for those words within the thread. I'd made the assumption that anything in the thread title would also be mentioned multiple times in the content. I will see if I can tinker with it to include the titles.
    6:47pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • I searched for 'hydration packs' and it returned lots of links to threads. I haven't time to check them, but if I was looking for information, the titles of quite a few of the threads would have me clicking on them for further information. Looks promising :-)
    7:09pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • I searched 'Katie the magic fish' and it brought up 261 matching threads! 😲😂
    8:48pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • Fetchpoint brought back just what I was hoping for :-)
    9:28pm, 15th Jan 2020
  • I searched for "press" as in press ups, and there were a lot of forums with "press" in the name brought up. But lower down the search list there was some that I couldn't see the connection to the word I searched for. Even when reading through some fo the forum (but have to say I didn't read all the pages) I couldn't see why it had been brought up.
    Dave W
    7:31am, 16th Jan 2020
  • I think you're right about those two usecases being different. Personally, I'd approach the first one by curating some content specifically for them - point them in directions of good threads, blogs, articles, wikis etc on the site, rather than searches.

    I think for persistent users the second usecase is what I'd like to see - "I know this content is in here somewhere, I think it was on this thread around about this time". Just thinking about other forums I use (where often they use off the shelf forum products) there's typically a "search this thread" and there's nearly always the ability to search for a specific user's posts and a specific time period. The results mostly return each individual post (or a link to it), sortable by date or by some calculated "best match" with keywords highlighted. Whilst I love the forums here, I've often wondered whether you've considered porting the self-built forum across to one of those off the shelf platforms (which I believe can be obtained for free in some cases like myBB) so that you don't have to build from the ground up, or you can take a leap to "forum 2.0" if you've reached the end of the development opportunity for your custom built forum.
    8:36am, 16th Jan 2020
  • Not sure how much use it would be for what I'm interested in, which is finding particular things that I vaguely recall being discussed before, but now can't find. For that, the use case is more like others have described above - take me to a specific comment/page where the words appear, but the search would still have to be across all threads. Being able to specify key words in title, name of poster, date range etc. would also be useful. But nice to see you working on some Search capabilities. Will follow with interest! :-) G
    9:40am, 16th Jan 2020
  • I can't see me using third party forum software larks, sorry. Use of our forum is increasing, so it feels like it's working reasonably well; our proprietary code makes it so much easier to avoid spambots (who would be all over us if I mishandled a single patch of widely-used software - they are constantly probing our server for the admin pages and security flaws of half a dozen such off-the-shelf packages); the integration and maintenance would not be trivial IMHO - certainly not proportional to the benefits of doing so; and I think I'd feel hamstrung by it. But I will add a thread-level search :-)

    Perhaps it's easiest to think of the new prototype not as an all-singing, all-dancing search, but as a step up from the current one that you can access by clicking 'Search' at the top of the page and choosing 'Search Threads'. It just uses thread titles, whereas this new prototype takes into account the keywords pulled from the content; the number of watchers; and the recency of the last post.
    9:44am, 16th Jan 2020
  • I can fully understand why you wouldn't want off the shelf; I've seen enough forums rendered useless due to spam etc! And I can hardly claim that I don't like the way the forum works given how much I use it! Some of the feature suggestions on the polling page would definitely make it better, and most are informed by the fact that other forums offer those features, but it is a pretty damned impressive and reliable forum to have been custom built!! So I hope you don't take my comments as a criticism!

    Look forward to the thread level search!!
    11:28am, 16th Jan 2020
  • Thanks for starting :-)

    Similar thoughts as lark and G(rrr) above - I would like to be able to find something from the mists of time, within a thread or a blog. I generally don't know the thread title (or maybe I do, but it's a giant thread), nor the blog title.

    Things I can think of that I would like to have found recently:
    - GlennR blog about Jordan Peterson book
    - thread where Stander chucked a cigarette butt out of a car window

    [attempts using prototype search]

    No success. I notice that adding more terms increases (rather than refines) the number of results, which isn't normally how search works.
    paul the builder
    11:39am, 16th Jan 2020
  • How about a layered search - enter search term > return threads, then have a search thread/open thread from there?
    11:54am, 16th Jan 2020
  • Interesting. I searched for gravy (obviously) and it came up with 20 different deathmatch threads.
    12:45pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Here is a test to find flibbertigibbet in this blog/comment
    Wriggling Snake
    12:58pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Hold on I meant forum.....
    Wriggling Snake
    12:58pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Nope....didn't find it or any.
    Wriggling Snake
    1:01pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • It was easier to find things like 'marathon training' threads when you could search under the forum training heading - please restore those.
    Little Miss Happy
    6:25pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • Only when the threads were under the right heading :-/
    6:33pm, 16th Jan 2020
  • I put in Prague lots of times for you :-) just to prove if you put “is it Prague” it will give you responses based on is and it so it’s helpful to be able to use commas to narrow the search to phrases ;-)
    8:36pm, 16th Jan 2020

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14 Jan 2020

Pop Will Eat Himself

12:18pm | 542 views | 36 Comments
I think I managed to get up to 13st1 at Christmas. Having been close to 12st a couple of years ago, I was starting to feel like things were getting a bit out of hand.

Around Christmas, we pretty much had a drink most nights, even though at no point did I have more than three. But it was all adding up, and coupled with the tendency to snack at will, I think that's how I managed to go above 13st for the first time in a long time.

Before I started running, I remember being 13st10, so finding my way down into the 12's back in the early days of running was a real confidence booster.

A few days before New Year, Katie announced that she wanted some time off alcohol, and to try to eat a bit better. And I jumped on the chance. I decided to drop crisps, chocolate and most of my alcohol intake. I'm pretty sure I'm an all-or-nothing person when it comes to all three. It's easier not to start than it is to know when to stop.

I knew that I was going to Wales, and wanted to enjoy a pint with my dad, so I kept that as something to look forward to (I ended up having two pints and two cans). My only other drink was a Jack Daniels and ginger ale (aka 'Jack Weasley') when we had a power cut on the weekend - Katie's youngest came downstairs from his wifi cocoon, and we sat round with torches and candles and chatted.

I've stayed off the crisps entirely, and the only chocolate I've had was three maltesers that my boy force fed me. He thinks this sort of thing will be funny - and in all fairness, he DID find it pretty funny ;-)

There have been times when I've found myself feeling pretty hungry between meals, but I've tried to either have a piece of fruit, or some cashew nuts, or just wait it out. I think I'm getting used to waiting it out now, and getting less hunger pangs.

It was official weigh-in day today, and I was pleased to see that I'm now 12st9.5 :-)

Big weekend ahead, as I'll be with the boy - and it's easier to reach for the snack cupboard, but I've tried to plan ahead and find some good snacks that I can choose instead. I think I've missed having a little drink more than I've missed the crisps and chocolate - but seeing my progress today has given me a bit of reassurance that it's not all for nothing.

And now I've told you lot, I know I'll have to behave :-) Another two weeks, and then I'll review where I'm at. Big hugs to everyone who is aiming to improve their eating habits!

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  • Well done. I've cut out alcohol completely but my eating habits remain the same, as does my weight. I snack a lot, especially at work.
    12:21pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Changing eating habits isn't easy, well done and good luck going forward.
    Fenland Flier
    12:23pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • (Great title, too)
    12:24pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Crisps are my downfall. They are not allowed in the house. Alcohol I control all year, even Christmas, christmas is really an extra Sunday Roast, I may have a beer or two more, to the extent I do not put weight on...what also helps is we deliberately have a few days hiking in and around the holiday. Sitting about is banned.
    Wriggling Snake
    12:26pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Well done star
    12:28pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • oh, AND, you could big this up fetch-wide....
    Wriggling Snake
    12:28pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Great start! I find the hunger between meals thing (and, for that matter, the fancying a beer in the evening) is staved off surprisingly well by having a pint of water. Happy side effect is increasing my water intake, which is something I need to do anyway
    12:29pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • yellowsaber :-)
    I'm in a very similar boat. Having lost a lot of weight over 2019, the Christmas indulgence has put some of it back on. Haven't had any alcohol since NYE and back on my intermittent fasting routine.
    12:30pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Nice work! I'm with you on finding it easier to not start than to start then stop. I've done this (not started) successfully with alcohol, but crisps and biscuits remain a challenge. I've resolved not to have them in the house any more - which just leaves the office snack table to contend with
    Love Lettuce
    12:34pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • You've made a great start with a terrific plan ahead. Well done!
    12:42pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Well done. Unfortunately we're still working our way through the huge amounts of chocolate and wine that somehow made their way into the house over Christmas. Well, it would be rude not to.
    12:43pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • @minardi - I'm relying on The Boy to deal with the remaining chocolate and crisps :-)
    12:53pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Can you send him here when he's cleared your place please?
    12:54pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Yep, behave or you'll end up like I was!
    12:55pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Good work Fetch! I really need to lose a bit off my middle too, Mrs SB is doing a dry January so that helps me stop reaching for the gin. As my mileage increases I'm hoping that the combination will see progress on the scales, especially now that the Christmas biscuits have finally gone!
    12:55pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • @SB - I'm also aiming to increase my miles. In my case, this usually leads me to believe that I am invincible and can eat whatever I want :-) so I'll have to be careful with that.
    12:57pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • yellowsaber
    Impressed! Now is the time to do it, before your marathon training mileage really ramps up.
    1:18pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • I’m in! :) Lost 3 kilos over December, including Christmas. Need to keep it off and more. Currently 103 kilos but need to be much much closer to 80.

    Angus Clydesdale
    1:26pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Good start. I need to get back into the habit of eating better after Christmas - just haven't really got started again and with a drawer of festive snacks and chocolates in the kitchen still...
    Vancouver Jogger
    1:36pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • I can't stop with the Christmas 'attitude' of snacking and cheeky drinking. Being back at work has helped though (being 20+ miles from the kitchen helps)
    Albert O Balsam
    1:44pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Well done! A stone isn't really all that much but in my case made a big difference to my speed and energy up the hills. I had tried giving up sweets, etc., but all that meant was that I had a massive dinner every night instead. I shifted it eventually by recording everything I ate for 6 weeks. I'm using the app again now, mainly to watch what I ate over Christmas and lose the extra couple of pounds (done) and keep it off.

    I still eat sweets and treats but much fewer - 2 lindor balls instead of half a dozen; 2 biscuits instead of the packet :)
    1:47pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • @ITG - I'm not being hard on myself if I have bigger meals at the moment. I figure that the food I eat at meals is going to be healthier than any short notice snack I grab from the cupboard. I can look at portion sizes later :-)
    1:49pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • I know a great forum for those cutting down or cutting out alcohol, you know? It's on this really great community website, for runners, swimmers, bikers and everyone else... fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=18416

    Well done on weight loss. Never easy. :-) G
    2:03pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • good plans. you know that hunger feeling? you have to learn to love the feeling, just like learning to love the tired leg feeling after a good run. everytime you feel it it is another step towards your goal
    2:42pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Ian - I find I 'naturally' put on weight in the winter (typically 81-84kg) and am less heavy (78-80kg) in summer.
    I've stopped worrying about it, assuming it's a natural thing. Probably fairly constant input (plus xmas binge of drink, choc, snacks, cakes, cheese) and seasonal output, ie I suspect winter running is gentler, well wrapped & less sweaty, whereas summer is faster, sweatier, probably more miles and more time spent running & walking.
    2:51pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Good luck with it. I have 8lb to lose but really struggling to get started....
    2:58pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Making any kind of change like this is super hard, well done for trying, many don't even bother or give up easily. Everything in moderation, eat well, move as much as you can and enjoy life :)
    3:05pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Good luck and good start, may the force be with you.
    3:34pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • yellowsaber welcome Jedi Master Fetch lighter will you be :-)
    3:48pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • That's a great start to the weight loss campaign. I'm trying to lose a few pounds by generally eating a bit more healthily too. Am cutting down on alcohol and chocolate - crisps don't tend to feature that much anyway.
    3:49pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • In my head, I'm eating sensibly. In my mouth, not so. Funny how my brain can interfere with my body when I'm running, and make me take unnecessary walking breaks, but it says not a word when I consume unnecessary biscuits ;-) Good work though Fetch :-)
    3:55pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Use kg, they are actual units, and make sesnse. You get a continuous measure of progress (or not), and they relate to the units everything else is in e.g. calories! Pounds and stones are 50 years past their best before date, and that's being generous!
    5:31pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • I'm up voting DocM for treating a little bit of hunger feeling as something like muscle tiredness!
    And I'm up voting boyband to say you should use kg if you want to compare weights :-)
    5:56pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • The bit about running more makes you think you are invincible I do recognise :-) But it helps a lot, and I like to embrace the idea that running means I can reward myself a bit!

    Some of my "things" for this are:
    - think about how many good things I'm eating, more than bad things. So I do a variant of the 5-a-day thing which I officiously track
    - don't worry about how much I eat in main meals, within reason (as Fetch says, healthier than most snacks!)
    - don't buy lots of cheap treats (biscuits in my case) and when I have some, eat them as a deliberate act. E.g. I'm going to take 10 minutes to drink a nice cup of tea, with two biscuits, and enjoy them. Mindful snacking
    6:00pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Good weight loss, well done! 😊👍
    10:36pm, 14th Jan 2020
  • Nuts as snacks, especially mid-morning may help you control overall calorie intake. Also, most whole nuts have lower actual calorie content than on the back of the packet, almonds and walnuts ~20% less, cashews ~15% less and pistachios ~5% less. FM me for the evidence if you're interested.
    8:38am, 15th Jan 2020

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13 Jan 2020

A card from HowFar?

6:35pm | 358 views | 26 Comments
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  • 1step2far
    6:42pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • That's lovely heart
    6:43pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Wonderful!
    6:52pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • :)
    6:52pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • heart
    6:52pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • ❤️❤️
    6:52pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • perfect heart
    6:58pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • 💖
    7:02pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • HowLovely. ♥️
    7:21pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • heart
    Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
    7:23pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • heart
    7:42pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Sentiments that we all agree
    7:42pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • with !!
    7:43pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Brill
    7:56pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Well said Howfar? (Statement)
    Elsie Too
    8:07pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Lovely gesture from HF.
    8:32pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • Lovely
    8:43pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • heart
    8:48pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • heart
    RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧
    9:10pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • ❤❤❤
    9:48pm, 13th Jan 2020
  • That's fabulous. Fetcheveryone is an oasis of love and friendship in an often nasty and spiteful internet. This is down to your skillful and careful stewardship heart (and Howfar? Is a top Fetchie)
    7:20am, 14th Jan 2020
  • heart and agree with the statement whole heartedly
    Lip Gloss
    7:20am, 14th Jan 2020
  • heart
    7:21am, 14th Jan 2020
  • That's wonderful heart
    9:11am, 14th Jan 2020
  • That is indeed lovely. I shall be buying one - it's a wonderful idea...
    10:16am, 14th Jan 2020
  • :-)
    11:18am, 14th Jan 2020

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11 Jan 2020

Thank you HowFar? (Statement, not a question)

9:18am | 389 views | 29 Comments

We got a surprise parcel this morning, all the way from Belfast. Inside was a lovely card that gave me and Katie leaky eyes, and five awesome bobble hats. I am sitting up in bed with mine on, and Katie is doing the same.

‪They come from “We Are OutsideIn”, and it’s their mission to tackle homelessness. The idea is that you buy one to wear, and one to share with a homeless person. You can see more on their website: weareoi.com‬

In the mean time, we have two toasty heads, and three hats to donate. Why three? Well, HowFar? gave us his second hat to donate too. We will take a trip to the town centre and see what we can do.

Thank you HowFar? :-) It’s another reminder of how lucky I am to be part of this wonderful community, and of all the things I have to be grateful for. Thank you everybody for making it happen.
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  • What a great idea ...and looking good the pair of you 😊
    9:19am, 11th Jan 2020
  • These are splendid :-D decorate
    9:23am, 11th Jan 2020
  • Such a lovely idea :-)
    9:24am, 11th Jan 2020
  • How lovely.
    9:31am, 11th Jan 2020
  • That is lovely
    Elsie Too
    9:51am, 11th Jan 2020
  • That is a great idea!
    10:09am, 11th Jan 2020
  • That’s fab.
    10:20am, 11th Jan 2020
  • :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    10:24am, 11th Jan 2020
  • Love this
    10:32am, 11th Jan 2020
  • Fabulous! (The url has a rogue comma at the end of it)
    10:33am, 11th Jan 2020
  • I bloody love that, all of it. heart
    10:39am, 11th Jan 2020
  • heart
    10:56am, 11th Jan 2020
  • heart
    11:07am, 11th Jan 2020
  • heart awesome hammersaber
    11:08am, 11th Jan 2020
  • :-)
    11:39am, 11th Jan 2020
  • Lovely idea😀.
    11:46am, 11th Jan 2020
  • Very nice :)
    12:01pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • He is a bewty x
    12:31pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • Wonderful.
    12:43pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • What a most fabulous idea. :)
    1:23pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • Wow :-)
    1:47pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • heart :-)
    Fenland Flier
    2:23pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • How wonderful.
    3:23pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • You both look absolutely splendid. And that is a great idea. HowFar? is top :-)
    3:30pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • A-one! That's a proper titfer and make no mistake.
    3:55pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • :) Excellent!
    4:36pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • Cute hats and isn’t HowFar sweet? :)
    Dr PhFleecyD
    4:50pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • I have just got home after a day by the river and this has really made me smile. I’m delighted you like the hats and the concept. I’m sure you’ll find three excellent heads for the other hats.
    6:05pm, 11th Jan 2020
  • That's just so Fetch heart
    10:40pm, 11th Jan 2020

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09 Jan 2020

Take the red pill

6:55pm | 386 views | 15 Comments
Mainly because I like the cutesy pill-shaped graphic, I thought I'd highlight one of today's new features (#421) on this page: fetcheveryone.com/training-analysis-consecutive.php

The little capsules show your longest streak and your longest rest during the given year. Thanks to Chrisity for putting this idea forward. I've discovered that my longest running streak is six days (back in 2010), and my longest break is 17 days (which I've done multiple times, weirdly enough).

NB you can find the page by going to Train > Summary & Analysis :-)

Other little improvements today:

#438 - on the home page, the entire 'View Log' button is now clickable, not just the words [although I felt this was more of a bug than a request for a new thing]

#433 & #461 - I've added a filter, so the default view of the feature requests now just shows the open ones.

#396 - if you hit 'Enter' upon entering the subject field when writing an fmail, the system now saves your blushes by not sending it until you've written the actual message.

#425 - in the calendar view of the training log, you can click an empty day, and it'll take you to the 'Add Training' page.

I've also done some random messing about with user profiles, bringing the 'Follow', 'Add to Buddies' and 'Send Fmail' links together - and nudging the links on your *own* user profile to a slightly more prominent position.

I did my longest run today since I twanged my calf in November :-) Cautious increases during January, and I might yet get to Newport Marathon in April.

We are also hoping to go see Jojo Rabbit on the weekend :-)

Baby steps :-)
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  • Love the site changes, thanks. Hope your training continues to go well so you can get to Newport. :)
    7:02pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Good to see you getting your distances up again, onwards and...further :-)
    7:09pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Been busy you have ...rest now you must
    7:17pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • ^ listen to the Jedi, lots of good work and features today :)

    - my graphic tells me I once did an 8-day streak, I need to look back at that an see how I did it...
    7:20pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • - and thanks to the graphic I now know that two were wrongly categorised walks!
    7:28pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Wow, busy, busy - thanks for all the improvements.
    A small point ( or maybe question ) regards the creaks/streaks - as you'll know there's a creaks and streaks graph on the Train page for the time period in your Graphs Settings, in that the creaks are on the left and streaks on the right, whereas on this new page it's the other way around which confused me initially. Is it worth standardising the 2 graphs to one way ( whichever way you think is best ) ?
    K5 Gus
    8:18pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Love it. Great work, Fetch.
    8:20pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • You have been busy! Keep up the good work
    8:42pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • I like this a lot :)
    8:46pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Doing great stuff, as always. Thanks
    9:02pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Thank you
    9:47pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Ta
    10:05pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Ta boss.
    10:20pm, 9th Jan 2020
  • Well done! 👏
    1:31am, 10th Jan 2020
  • Good work that man! I need to put in a Feature request for the Consecutive page because the toggle between Run-Only and Everything confuses me. I thought it was telling me it *was* Run-only, when it's a button to change *to* Run-only! And I'll put in a separate Feature Request for Run, Swim, Bike, Cross Train to all be switch on/off able. And a tick box or option to "Ignore X-train - Rest" and X-train - Bugger All in count. Because I use them for notes about folk visiting, giving blood etc. They're not training! :-) G
    8:31am, 10th Jan 2020

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07 Jan 2020

Climb every mountain

2:40pm | 370 views | 16 Comments
Feature Request 436 asked for a list ranking your highest mileage months. And lots of you voted for it (perhaps because it was near the top of the list when the challenge in the advent calendar was to vote for and against features).

Anyway... it was top of the list, and fairly simple to do, so here it is:


There's a permanent link to it under Train > Summary & Analysis. My highest mileage month was 130.59 miles, back in July 2007. Giddy times. In 2019, my top month made it to 35th place. I hope to get a bit higher this year, calves allowing.

Now that Christmas is out of the way, I'm aiming to rattle through more of these requests, so make sure you get your votes in, to make sure your hopefuls are under my nose :-)

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  • I think I might have logged some walking as running during my highest ever month :-o
    2:42pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • I really like this feature. Thank you.
    2:49pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Nice! Interesting to see me highest ever monthly total wasn't in my highest ever annual mileage year.
    2:54pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • I like that :) - I will go back to my highest month to see how I managed to do it in a February
    3:00pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Thanks Fetch, I like numbers and was going to do this a while back so you have saved me a job, I just need to get back to running now ;-)
    Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
    3:16pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • I like this. Interesting to see how long ago my top 10s were, but exciting that my marathon training plan this year will mean that Feb, March, April and May 2020 will all be top 10 months. Something to look forward to!
    Love Lettuce
    3:23pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Now depressed that my top 23 months were in 2003, 2004 and 2011.
    Best 2019 month is at #35


    Thanks Fetch ;-)
    4:18pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • I discovered I've had four 200 mile months, not one as I thought
    4:43pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Ah yes. Highest mileage closely followed by long running injury. Be careful with your progression out there people ;-)
    5:25pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Fab, but there’s no walking total. :)
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    5:40pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • really like that new feature
    5:49pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Love it, they were all ages ago so something to aim for (once this bloomin cold and cough has done one)
    Elsie Too
    6:07pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Nice new feature. Thanks
    6:58pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Quite interesting to see - even though I see them all the time, having it explicitly ranked brings it home.

    One to discuss, for feature requests, have you considered a 'bounty' feature? So if there is something someone desperately wants, and they're prepared to put money behind getting it done (whether token amounts, or real amounts), then they can support the site, and make it better for all? It wouldn't come up very often, but might be a way of diversifying revenue, and also letting people draw attention to any features they desperately want (after all a vote doesn't capture strength of feeling)
    8:01pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • Great feature. Shame that my highest month in 2019 still only ranks at 55 :-(
    8:10pm, 7th Jan 2020
  • A featured feature :-)

    Thanks Fetch.
    9:17pm, 8th Jan 2020

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19 Dec 2019

The Christmas Poem

9:37am | 1859 views | 17 Comments
If you've been following the calendar challenges, or if you're a fan of our podcast, you'll know we are trying to put together a rendition of 'The Night Before Christmas'.

The idea is that each Fetchie records a line from the poem, and I'll stitch them all together and put them in our Christmas podcast (out on Monday, no pressure).

We have just about all the lines we need for a complete version of the podcast, BUT we also have 19 duplicates! The poem is 56 lines long, so we thought it might be good to do a second version of the poem. Katie and I *could* fill in the missing lines, but it'd be great to have some more Fetch contributions.

Here are the lines we need to build the second edition:

3) The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
4) In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;
5) The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
7) And Mama in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,
8) Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap-
9) When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
10) I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
11) Away to the window I flew like a flash,
13) The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow,
15) When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
16) But a minature sleigh, and eight tiny rein-deer,
17) With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
18) I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
19) More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
20) And he whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name:
21) “Now! Dasher, now! Dancer, now! Prancer, and Vixen,
23) “To the top of the porch! to the top of the wall!
24) “Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”
25) As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly,
27) So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
28) With the sleigh full of Toys - and St. Nicholas too:
31) As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
32) Down the chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound:
33) He was dress’d all in fur, from his head to his foot,
34) And his clothes were all tarnish’d with ashes and soot;
35) A bundle of toys was flung on his back,
36) And he look’d like a peddler just opening his pack:
39) His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
40) And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow;
41) The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
43) He had a broad face, and a little round belly
44) That shook when he laugh’d, like a bowl full of jelly:
46) And I laugh’d when I saw him in spite of myself;
48) Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.
49) He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
53) He sprung to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
54) And away they all flew, like the down of a thistle:

If you've not already submitted a contribution, it'd be fab-u-lous if you could. To minimise any more duplicates, please:

1) check the comments to see which lines have already been bagged.
2) quickly leave a comment saying which line number you'll record.
3) check the comments again to make sure someone else didn't get in first.
4) using something like the built-in Voice Memos app on iPhone, or similar on Android:
4a) find somewhere vaguely quiet
4b) record your line, then after a pause of a few seconds...
4c) add a wee Christmas greeting e.g. "Merry Christmas from Zippy Bob"

5) forward your clip to podcast@fetcheveryone.com

Thank you Fetchies. Crossing my fingers :-) Katie is talking about a full production of A Christmas Carol for next year ;-)
Click here to suggest this blog for today's highlights.


  • ok ill do line number 3 ....
    9:46am, 19th Dec 2019
  • (although ive already done one??? do you mind another?)
    9:46am, 19th Dec 2019
  • There's not been a stampede, so go ahead :-)
    9:51am, 19th Dec 2019
  • I'm doing 21 but I'll do 10 as well if there isn't someone already lined up for it?
    10:14am, 19th Dec 2019
  • Go for it Baroness :-)
    10:24am, 19th Dec 2019
  • How about I do 35 and 36?
    11:45am, 19th Dec 2019
  • Line 4 for me - the one I was originally requested to do! I thought we were all doing the same line, didn’t realise you’d sent different instructions to different people. It makes much more sense now :-)
    Alice the Camel
    12:13pm, 19th Dec 2019
  • ...just checked, supposed to be doing Line 5 so I’ll do both.
    Alice the Camel
    12:15pm, 19th Dec 2019
  • Line 7 on it’s way
    7:16pm, 19th Dec 2019
  • I'll do 9 and 10
    7:48am, 20th Dec 2019
  • I've just done 4, 15, 34, 43 and 44.
    Daddy Shark
    11:09pm, 21st Dec 2019
  • Mummy Shark has just done 15 and 16
    Daddy Shark
    11:20pm, 21st Dec 2019
  • I’ll do 8
    9:34am, 22nd Dec 2019
  • And 11 and 13
    9:34am, 22nd Dec 2019
  • Done 40
    10:21am, 22nd Dec 2019
  • Line 21 on its way
    The Scribbler
    10:57am, 22nd Dec 2019
  • 17 18 and 19 done as a family effort
    5:32pm, 22nd Dec 2019

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Fix It Friday!
Podcast Ep 3, plus some naming and faming :-)
Fix It Friday
Fetch Chaos
Oooh! Second chance Berlin trip! And new subbers, podcast episode, and Trader.
My week of running
Naming and faming - this week :-)
Naming and faming :-)
2018 (138)
December (8)
A Christmas Message (in podcast form)
Rungeon :-)
Hey, Everyone!
France Trip Vote
Happy Fetch Independence Day
Actual free trip to France (incl. flights)
Sombrero's Lovely Cards
November (14)
Hoodies + other spares
Spare Fetch Kit
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
Book Giveaway - Can We Run With You, Grandfather?
Fix It Friday
Bedford Harriers Half - place offered
Updated Kit Bag
Family Fortunes :-)
Any adidas experts out there?
No Fixes Today - just two challenges
Big Fetch Mile Cardiff
Fix It Friday
Festive Fetch Calendar 2018
October (14)
Hello landlubbers
Embedded polls
Member of the Month
Fix It Friday
Spare Fetch shirts and vests
Fix It Friday
My Fetch Mile
One thing's for sure, we're all gonna be a lot thinner.
Fix It Friday - 'Ave It!
Automatic route matching
Automatic route matching
One last reminder for those cycling jerseys
Fix It Friday - Forensics and User Experience
September (14)
Fix It Friday
Server Downtime 2.30pm 26th September
Never Again
Fix It Friday!
Handling your weirdness
Cards ordered :-)
Just wondering...
Fix It Friday :-)
Try the Fetcheveryone Tutorial
40 days and 40 nights
Fix It Friday
ARION insoles - review part 1
Fetch Shirt - Black Ones, and sizing
Shirts and Vests Pre-Order
August (14)
Fix It Friday
Blog Height squished
Site Outage Last Night
New Mobile Nav
Fix It Friday
New feature - how you doin'? :-)
Sunflower spread
Fix It Friday
A new pre-race mileage graph
Fetch Social: Draycote Water September
Fix It Friday: The Supermarket Analogy
A run with _andy :-)
Suunto 9 Review
Fix it Friday
July (5)
Fix It Friday!
Five Get Wet In Devon
Big Glasgow Weekend - Part 1: Gies A Cwtch
Tom Williams Interview - Final Part
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile Results and Pics
June (17)
Abingdon Week 17 - P&D Booster rockets
Interviewing Tom Williams: Part III
Walking League (and one just for Nellers)
Follow Roads - continued
Week 18 in the bag
Tackling turds
Abingdon Marathon Training: Week 18
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 2
Five Questions (ready for serious answers)
Kick some tyres for me
Interview with Tom Williams - Part 1
Five Questions
Follow Roads saga
Google maps progress, plus Abingdon plans
Training Summary - Infographics
Who Squares Wins - ranking update
May (10)
Training log maps converted
More mapping updates
Who Squares Wins - The Wizard's Hat
De doo doo doo... another one bites the dust...
Invisible changes
Silverstone 10k
Three year throwback
Why your support makes the difference
Some high mileage Fetchies
dryrobe winner
April (14)
Interviewing Tom Williams
Swimming Caps!
New batch of shirts and vests
You make big mistake my friend
Glasgow Big Fetch Mile announced
Two tickets to the Running Awards
Pics from Dudley Big Fetch Mile
Notes for London Marathon Fetchpointers
Results from today's Big Fetch Mile
Who Squares Wins - prototype board
Attention London Marathoners!
New game - coming soon
March (9)
Intervals, Solidarity, Swimming and Fmail
Ready to give the new fmail a try?
More on fmail
New fmail system
Win a dryrobe :-)
For jabberknit...
Updating the Training Home page
Pics from Bedford Big Fetch Mile
Sledgends :-)
February (13)
Buffs On Sale
Big Fetch Mile Bedford
Vlog :-)
Marathon Talk
Important GDPR stuff - PLEASE read
A page of historical importance
Vlog :-)
Road Rash, Marathon Prediction and T-Shirts
This :-)
Capturing the dog
It's BACK!
Enter Wilmslow Half Marathon
An advertisement
January (6)
Local Fetchies - Opt In
Revealed: World's Best Shoes
How I chose the Big Fetch Mile venues
Big Fetch Mile 2018 - Venues & Provisional Dates
Try adding an image to your training entry
Mileage Targets 2018 - Update
2017 (147)
December (12)
Mileage Targets 2018
Thank you
Brownie Recipe :-)
Fetch Hoodies + Buffs SALE Update
Chewie, We're Home
Fetch Hoodies SALE - what's left
Fetch Hoodies! SALE!!! (and Buffs available too)
Chewie, We're Home
Sharing pics
Fetch Jingle Mile Cambridge photos
Glorious Failure: Bedford Harriers Half Marathon
November (20)
Serpents, hamstrings and inversions
A special anniversary approaches...
Hamstring and prototype updates
Training Log Prototype - Today's Improvements
Red Venom sale
For what it's worth...
Training Log Prototype - Update #2
Training Log Prototype - Update
Big Fetch Mile - venue hunt
RT for a Garmin
Training Log Prototype - To Be Fixed
The Weekly vLog (by me)
Thanks :-)
New Training Log Prototype - Available Now
Thanks for following
VLog - footage from the Cardiff Big Fetch Mile
Big Fetch Mile[s] 2018
Win a place in the Surrey Half
I vont to scan your barcode.
October (12)
Big Fetch Weekend :-)
Fetch Mile Results
Festive Fetch Calendar :-O
Calling Parkers everywhere!
In which I decorate a cake.
Regent's Park Fetchie Discount
Elevation in colour
"I didn't come here to walk to Sparta!"
New elevation info
Chicken Ballot-ine, with a side order of beef
New training log headers
Ballot day tomorrow - help needed
September (19)
Weekly vLog - COCONUTS!!!
River Thames Half Marathon
The lollipop update
On failing gracefully
Doctor K Day
Fetch Kit Sale - Updates
Weekly vLog
Fetch Kit Sale
Training Log View Update
Fetcheveryone Weekly? Vlog?
Fetchie Race Discount - Regent's Park 10k
Training Log Tags - Live
Training Log Tags
Weekly vLog - Derby Mile, and a pause to salute the legendary Doctor K
24 hours later
Doctor K donation page
Doctor K
Fetch Weekly vLog
Derby Mile - tomorrow!
August (8)
Race Prices; and an alien earworm
Straight outta Cromford - the Fetch Weekly vLog!
A Fetch vLog! With prizes!
Quick search location for sharing
New WAVA graph
Weird FIT file thing
Back from me 'olidays :-)
Linking race results to training log entries
July (12)
Race Pricing - crowdsourcing
Appdate for Android and iPhone
Fetch Mile - Cardiff?
Race listing omelette
Coding and town planning
Please review your races
A2B winners
Motivational Sounds - the final 10
Two more Big Fetch Miles? :-)
Bedford Fetch Mile Results
June (19)
Big Fetch Mile
Motivational Sounds
Fetch fug - updated design
Fetch fug (available at the Fetch mile)
I've done the naughtiest thing ever.
Donating Blood - my Vlog
Fapp In the App Store :-)
Can I kick it?
This just in...
For Bean
Your app status is Waiting For Review
Fetch Caps
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Fetch App - strong and stable testing
HTTPS is here
Fetch App progress
https access to the site
May (14)
Fetch App
Site down at 11pm
Round and round the garden
Try the new home page layout
Server down tonight @ 11pm
Browser testers wanted
The Big Fetch Mile!!!
Site *NOT* down tonight. [cough]
Bluffer's Competition - Winner
Bedford parkrun timelapse
Return of the cap
April (8)
Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)
Base camp, VMLM
Just for D2
Off to the awards
Hoodies - it's on!
Updated Training Home Page
March (6)
'Train' page
Project Joker
Hoodies and Londons
Hands up, hands UP! Draycote Water 10
Bluffer's Competition
Project Joker
February (12)
Running Awards shortlisted
Route Plotter now with OpenStreetMap
Plan for Bluffer's comp
Update to Route Plotter
First update to the route mapper
For Angus
Virtuous Circles
Competition coming soon
Race Guide Ads
Club La Santa vLog
Fetch Fixtures
January (5)
Word Clouds
Buckets Ready
New Home Page
Do me a favour...
Limited Companies, filing accounts, that sort of thing
2016 (128)
December (11)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Five Years Ago Today
Pantsfest! May the stains be ever in your favour!
Photoshop SOS
Attention: Fitbit users
Bedford Half 2016
Luton Fetchmob: Breaking Point
Vote Fetch!
Breaking news: Paris Marathon
November (21)
How to end a LiveChat.
Define wrong
TomTom Runner 3 Review - Any Questions?
Movember: Project Beard: Day 24: Beardraggled
Festive Fetch Calendar 2016
We're gonna be in the Hudson
Hey Chiefy
I've written summat
Going Postal
A special mention
Training Log Beta
Spare Hoodies
Updates to Training Beta
Movember: Project Beard - Day 8 (The Seven Day Itch)
Vote for Fetch
Training Log Detail View - Some Changes
Aberdeen University Study
Consultation V2
Fetchpoint - October Winners and November Prizes
October (16)
Alien nuggets!
Keeping a tight lid on the biscuit tin
Training Log Beta
100 Running Words
Fetchmob, December 3rd
Where to mob?
Little things
That All-Time Mileage League
The sudoku that keeps on giving.
Sub-25 for 1km :-)
Fetchmob - December 3rd
New Training Log Preview
Fixed the overlap...
Why the new training log isn't ready yet...
September (12)
Doughnut or Donate
Training Log - Sneak Peek
Fetch Shop Sale! Old stuff clearout!
The consultation system...
Garmin support for timezone info
The GMT/BST/Timezone problem
Training Log Consultation...
Training Log - Consultation
Fetch Social Runs
Subscriber shirts, vests and hoodies, and determination.
Fetch Voluntary Subscriptions
August (3)
Ze Gryndylows! My first #OWS :-)
Testing Fetchpoint exclusion zones
Fetchpoint scoring system
July (7)
Conquercise Prize Draw?
Fetch Games: Checkpoints (and what's wrong with them)
More owls...
Your Favourite Fetch Game?
Even More Utmost Than Before...
15 days later...
June (10)
Five days on...
A quick thank you...
What do you think?
If you'd be so kind...
Which watch?
Run Bedford 10k
Import from a TomTom
Attention TomTom users
May (10)
Race Distance poll
An ungainly fish
A five year plan
What Club La Santa can learn from parkrun
Cream Me Up, Scotty
Greetings from Club La Santa
And a quick poll...
Club Charter
A poll about intervals
More owls!
April (11)
Robin Hood and his Merry Dad :-)
Warning: Dull - some screen res stats
Responsive Design Update
For all you marathoners
A Poll
Ditching the forum categories?
Moving to Responsive Design
Sandy 10: Be Kind To Horses
For Adam and Jamie
March (11)
Bacon Smoke!
Benchmarks Update
Bath - Race Report
An annoying eight-year-old.
Let's Cook and Cut and Paste :-)
Let's Cook :-)
RIP Gramma
Book Winners
Dog farming
Site header update
February (5)
Book Giveaway
Pi Club
Pi Project Update
Because I'd like to check the blogging badges are working...
January (11)
Snooker Freak
Badges - Another Update
Unlockable Badges - Update
Unlockable Badges
TomTom Runner 2 Review
Gallery updates
Snowball coding and Fetch Unlockables!
Achievement Medals - what do you reckon?
Run The Sum
2015 Book List (and a bit of a review / plan)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
2015 (175)
December (7)
Red Red Wine
A Poll
Gis a job!
Bedford Half
Vote for Fetch
Now you've hopefully got the idea...
November (13)
The Festive Fetch Calendar
Don't get excited or anything...
Slightly Dismal Friday
Pre-order your Fetch Buff now :-)
A message from our sponsor
Dr Fetch will see you now
Only the grumbliest, achiest chocolate... :-)
The Stanford Experiment
Buff Design
Snugs - Review
Love, Commitment, Support
The pre-wedding blog!
Good morning Fetchers, good morning Everyone
October (9)
Monthly Totals
Did you write a blog yesterday?
The First Rule of Web Server Maintenance
The gain line
The zipper challenge!
Sugar daddy
Now in colour!
Competition Time!!!
September (14)
Teach your kids (or yourself) to code
Sticky Training Choices
Goodies: GetMore water and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Shirt size guidelines
This nearly made it...
Subscriber Shirt Design
I've got wood!
New Beginnings
Some more questions answered
Some responses to your comments
Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies
August (8)
24 hours in the south
24 hours in the north
Fetchies Assemble!
Thank you
Better knowledge than riches
Fitbit Urge
The villainous Mr Fetch!
Uncomfortable rear
July (8)
Why don't you play Conquercise?
Another week of strange training
Book Giveaway - Winners
GPS Reviews
Criteria for reviewing a GPS
Auto-bike-detector :-)
Win some bookses :-)
Half Way!
June (13)
Time Lapse Clouds
TomTom Bandit - very QUICK first impressions
My wings are like a shield of steel!
Running plus Cycling update
Stalkers Paradise!
Recommend me a bike :-)
Holy Steamrollers Batman!
Rest day (no such thing)
We will now imitate the flight of a goose :-)
You made me ink! Snorkel safari :-)
Good morning from CLS :-)
May (10)
Club La Santa :-)
The AWESOME Power of Fetchies!
Home Insurance Shaftage :-/
Editing Forum Posts
The Future!
Some London Marathon stats
Walking On The Moon
Hardest parkrun?
New found wisdom
Week 1
April (11)
Marathon vLog
I owe some hugs!
And that concludes the voting from the Danish judges
Adventures in geocaching
Your video clips wanted!
Jelly with no spoons
Random Ultra
Suncream in my eyes - a review of 'Running and Stuff'
Books what I've read this year
Measuring the effect of wind
Wind Roses
March (18)
Watching the tide roll away
A great week of running!
Happy Jigs Wisdom!
Mobile Fetch
I don't do this very often...
Breathless Optimism
20 miles yesterday
This Week's vLog
Decision Trees and the sub-4!
Democracy Street
Mayan Maths
Bath Half (at last)
Still a chicken
Costume Drama in Bath
TomTom importing
Updated 'Train' page
February (29)
An Unexpected Journey
Wind picking up...
An unplanned kit alarm
Race Pace Test
2nd place
Week ends
Barking carrots
Bedroom pizza
Top of the mountain
Blogs get the mobile treatment
Supersonic Katie, and a marathon pace question
Back home
Racing parkrun ;-)
Unblocking the sink
Start in Darkness
Some times I'd like
Mobile Site - Forum Section
All-Time Leaderboards
Sword fighting
PB Attempts
Duct tape and WD40
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Shoe horning
Training vLog Week 13
Big February Project
January (35)
Cake, invalidated
Small sips
LiRF, award shortlist, beginners, books, boy.
Dog Available :-)
New Recipe Section
Another threshold run
New Beginnings
But far more importantly...
Fetch Beginners Programme
Give it a go :-)
Training vLog - Week 11
Threshold Run (a running blog)
Long day, short blog
(Lack of) Pump Action
A thread to follow
This Boy Can
Local Leaderboards for Checkpoints
February 18th
The Travelling Checkpoint Salesman
Acorn Antiques
Bearing Up
Deleted Bridges and Dodgy Lasers
I'm Batman!
Healthy and Appy
Punch O'Clock!
The plan, then.
Ten mile toes
On Parliament
Bold Claims, and a Challenge for 2015
2014 (262)
December (9)
A trip to Wales (vLog)
Christmas Messages from Fetchies
FERC London Marathon Places - Draw
It's gone in my sock...
Festive Fetch Five
This Week's Training
To the Post Office!
Training vLog - Week 4
November (12)
I Am Groot!
Slightly Dismal Friday
Week 3 - in which I nearly drown my wife!
I said yes :-)
Free Daps! aka Test GORE-TEX® footwear this winter!
Training vLog - Week 2
More chances for VMLM entries
Marathon Talk
My first training vLog :-)
Second place?
In :-)
Questionnaire about personality traits amongst runners
October (16)
Adidas API
Horseplay minimiser
Running with the big dog
Flat and Windy
Who'd like to test the Garmin API then?
Advantage Borg
Milk Tray Reps in the Rain
Hatfield 5k, and some other running thoughts
Site layout changes
Vote for Training Plans
Maths help
September (8)
A quick device poll
Garmin Connect API
Cake at the lake :-)
Empowering Women
This Week's Training
Tick :-)
Article help
First outing with the Harriets
August (7)
Book club and Harriers
A treasure trove for bookish types
What I did on my Summer Holidays
Local decoration
The Fisher King
Mojitos and no mosquitos!
July (26)
James Mason
Missing Week
Camping View
Wild Camping
Transalpine Race
In brief
Urgent! Pair of runners wanted!
Fetch Kit Available to Pre-order :-)
Fetch Anniversary Kit - Preview
API and FAK!
That dog has a puffy tail
More books
Reverse Moses
Zombies vs Plants
Shovel required
Catcher in the Rye
My sister the psychologist
Drink your strong limey drink
Keep me in the loop
Bread knives, hedgehogs and the dog in the night time
June (34)
Checkpoints video
Happy boys and giggly imps
Spring loaded
Elbow grease
Fetch 10th Anniversary Kit
Fetch YouTube Tutorial - Race Guide
Finding the Library folder on a Mac
Sonic screwdriver
Live wires
Wiring help needed
Garmin Express Experiment
Scalded sloth
New Forum Layout
Further updates to the blog layout
New blog layout
First woodpecker
Beastin' parkrun
All was well
Marking Territory
The People's Poet Is Dead :-(
Holy Water
Throwing shapes
Life moves pretty fast
Recursion is beautiful
Win an OS Explorer / Landranger map of your choice
Intervals with a Suunto Ambit 2S
Economy done two ways
May (31)
Vorsprung Durch Lego Technic
How do I liberate my boy from his XBox?
Life in the Woods
Intervals with a TomTom
Tree fluff
More camping
Zen and Camping
Not eaten by bears
Bear food
Camping List
Camping Venn Diagrams
Floppy dog
Routes but not Rathbone
Illustrator wanted
The Cosmic Ballet Goes On
Silverstone 10k :-)
Quick one
Superhuman snooker
Chapter 1
April (29)
King Bin
Quiet day on Feedback Mountain
Go directly to parkrun. Do not pass Godzuki.
A day in Wales
The Lost Diadem of Fetchbook
Falling asleep in my dinner
God gave rock and roll to you.
Sugar Mule
Not bad, consid'rin.
Can U Dig It?
A weekend in Wales
Looking forward to Oliver!
Thank you, and more App talk
Pyjamas at both ends.
Thump. Saturday has started.
Sore tum :-/
Zombies aside... first impressions of the new TomTom
TomTom Runner Cardio Press Event
Am I pregnant?
March (31)
Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
Sandy 10
Me on YouTube
New graphs live
Follow the dot
Only the best for the Captain's table
Mrs Diahann Wagner is GOING HORNY
Sport Relief Win
Hot dogs, quick blogs
Toton Sidings
A sign!
Owen Farrell visualisation technique
Booster fails to ignite
Myton Rugby Run (5 Miler)
Rugby before rugby
Sweetcorn antidote
Custard factory
I did some intervals :-)
Speed work?
Many things
A bit cabbagey here.
Angry Wasp
Rainbow's End
Core Dump
Bath Half (in detail)
A quick overview
Down to business in Bath
February (28)
Made it to Bath
Unexpected hugs
I like to go a-wandering
Spring cleaning
Because We're Worth It
I don't know what!
Thanks Jim
Enough now
Clearing the pipes
Crouch, Touch, Pause...
Medication, that's what you need.
Symptom Tour
Hello FBI
Dazed day
Why I'm an optimist
Mobius birds
Snotty knuckles
In this house...
Retch Everyone
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
Angry Birds
Clarkson averse
Good day :-)
January (31)
*bunting* *cake*
Bigger Boys
Pretending to be Saga Norén
Waiting for the AA
Ship shape
Technology takes you further
Love Garden
High Heel Striker
Bit of a rubbish one
Hot Re-fills
Coding Grinch
An august prediction
Some Running Goals for Q1
Wipe-clean dog
Breaking it down
Snakes and Ladders
Bigger Ponds
Drink Your Weak Lemon Drink
All in All
Panning the pancake
Does JK Rowling own a dog?
Back to the kitchen table
Steve Davis shoes
Pigs on a water slide
19 books :-)
2013 (29)
December (3)
Engine Management Light
Hannibal Vector
November (3)
Speed skating
Cool Hand Grandpa
October (3)
Minecraft Cake
Random dump
September (2)
Blog by Email!
Catchup blah
August (3)
Big Green Caterpillar
Questions answered - final CLS blog
Last Days at Club La Santa
July (10)
A nice morning of swimming and tennis
Please Read: Questions for a sports coach
Hitting the straps
First Impressions at Club La Santa
Mile High Blog
Clocking off
For the second week running...
Another Club La Santa catchup
The Floor In The Plan
June (3)
Club La Santa
Bulk Uploading, and win a book
FERC Charities 2011-2012
March (1)
Bath Weekend
January (1)
Meet Steve
2012 (39)
December (2)
Tired Now Boss
Bath - Week 14 + Foodbank
November (3)
White Level Reading
Bath - Week 15
Bath - Week 16
October (2)
C'mon Dave
July (1)
RIP Arnie
June (2)
Rub some bacon on it
18 weeks
May (9)
Techy not tetchy
Time for a techy blog
Time to walk the dog
Stevington 12k
Properly coldy
Still a bit coldy
New blog design live
A bit coldy
Blogs Redesign
April (2)
March (8)
A long run up
Running Tick
Sport Relief Mile
Back once again
Swimming sweetcorn and other vegetables
Joy Rides, Sticks and Medals
Training Tip
February (9)
Katie, ICT, and some more MySQL
May The Ground Force Be With You
Well done Batman.
Optimisation Crossword
Snow Days
Gallery, and parkrun
January (1)
There Are Some Really Sexy Girls On Fetch

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