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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
15 Feb 2019

Fix It Friday

1:29pm | 210 views | 12 Comments
Another week, and yet more adjustments, fixes and unbotches to report :-)

1) Monthly Summary. There have been some minor bug fixes to this, but I've also been working on the mobile view. The right-hand image is what it looks like now. As always, it's about saving your poor scrolling thumb from having to do excess work, whilst making sure that the content doesn't get too squished up on small screens. So you'll hopefully notice some tidying up at the top; smaller black boxes; unsquishing of the dates under the columns; and as a result, more info available without the need to scroll.

1b) A few people have asked about how to access this page outside of my blogs :-) I'm working on that - I want to make it fit in nicely somewhere, but for now, here's that link again: fetcheveryone.com/month

2) I've been trying to make some progress with getting automatic data transfer from Suunto watches. This week I put in an application for the Suunto Partner programme. I've no idea whether it'll be successful, but if it is, we'll get something similar to the Garmin import, or failing that, something like the TomTom / Fitbit import. Either way, it'll be a step up from what we have right now.

3) I've also been playing email tennis with Fitbit over a couple of issues. The first is swimming data from the Ionic (there doesn't seem to be any); and the second is a weird one. If I manually export a run from the Fitbit website, it contains HR data. However, if I grab it using the automated method, it doesn't appear to do so. I will hopefully get some useful responses on those soon.

4) Cross Training shortcodes. Walking as a loggable activity has taken off in the last year or so. Previously, all our cross-training categories appear in the training log as 'CT' - but now, thanks to a suggestion, Walking=W, Nordic Walking = Nw, Hiking = Hk.

5) Weight page. I've been working on this today to (a) make it less sumsy for those using lbs - no more having to work out that 12st10 = 178lbs before entering it. And (b), I've also made the mobile view a bit friendlier.

And that's it for this week. It feels like I've done more than that :-)

STAR OF THE WEEK: (ooh, is that a thing?) chunkywizard, for reporting various bugs as separate feedbacks. As a rule, I tend not to reply to a feedback until I can answer all of it, so if you send me something that says "What's 2+2, oh and can you define pi?", you'll wait a lot longer for that '4' than if you send that as two separate queries. Here's the feedback link: fetcheveryone.com/feedback.php

Have a great weekend. Have you listened to the podcast yet? fetcheveryone.com/podcast
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  • Thanks as ever :)
    1:32pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • :-) Thanks for the star and also for answering the question I just sent about how to find the page in the menu!
    1:35pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • What if I have a really big week on pizza - the new weight input 'only' goes up to 32 stone...!? Happy Friday :-)
    1:44pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Is it just me, or do the weight graphs not work? I've got a target set of 75kg, and current weight is around 73, but has historically been over that. If I view the 120 monthgraph I can see a nice line etc, but if I switch to more recent view I get nothing at all - just the two axises / axes I don't have any readings to input for fat / water / muscle.

    It seems that the dynamic scaling on the LHS doesn't appear to grab any data until I go back to a 24 month view, and even then it shows an insufficient calc. Probably should add this into feedback, but maybe I'll crowdsource an answer to something idiotic that I've overlooked!
    1:55pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Share the pizza and I’ll see what I can do.
    1:56pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Nice. Your pic above isn't there.
    3:04pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Now it is :-)
    3:18pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Aha, debugged my problem somewhat. My "target" is 75kg, but I've got 2-3kg under that in recent years. If I remove the target and set one which is lower then it dynamically reshapes the graph appropriately, but if my target is too high (as it seems 75kg in relation to current weight at 73kg appears to be) then the graph doesn't get drawn properly.
    3:22pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Thanks for fixing it so we can log in stones and pounds 👍
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    6:20pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • On point 4) I've kept failing to ask for Walk-jog (it's not a run walk :-) ), so I'll ask now please. Will they get their own colour? If not, and maybe even if so, they might be classified as W, WN, WH … and WJ? (I used capitals as, bar parkrun (pr), I think all other codes are in capitals?) I look forward to then coming in (will existing entries be automatically recoded?).
    6:48pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • As I know you're busy .... 3.14159265358979323846
    7:55pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • the weight graph doesnt work for me really. My scales operate in half/quarters of a lb. fetch seems to have 0.3, 0.5, 0.7. 09 and rounds up. Could we have for examp,e 140lb, 140.25, 140.5, 140.75 and no rounding pleeeeeease
    8:03pm, 15th Feb 2019

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12 Feb 2019

Naming and faming :-)

11:16am | 431 views | 3 Comments
This week's collection of awesome people who have set up voluntary monthly donations (or made one-off contributions) reads as follows:

John Bach

They each get a lovely gold background on their user profiles, the option to turn off the ads (you'll find it under Profile > Settings folks), and hopefully a nice warm glow to see them through the winter months.

If you'd like to support us, here's the info:


And if you'd like to know why we need your help, have a read of this:


Have a decent day!
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  • 👏
    11:20am, 12th Feb 2019
  • Great to see this model of funding working so well.

    I wonder how many regular* users are subscribers?

    *no idea how you quantify this!
    12:37pm, 12th Feb 2019
  • toast just because that's what I thought Roberton's icon was. :-) G
    2:35pm, 12th Feb 2019

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08 Feb 2019

Fix It Friday - Monthly Summary

1:52pm | 526 views | 17 Comments
This week I've been focusing the majority of my coding efforts on the monthly summary page, working on your feedback from my previous blog. Take a look at it here:



You might not notice major differences if you looked at the page yesterday, but I've been working behind the scenes. The page is pulled together from a variety of sources, and I wanted to make sure that if it becomes a popular feature, it doesn't cause problems for the server.

When you first view the page, the summary data gets pulled together, and then stored in a cache. This means that it's really quick and non-server-intensive to get it next time. It also means that I can grab the cached data to generate a corresponding infographic image for you to share on social media. It also opens the door for larkim's request to summarise longer chunks of time.

There are a few more updates to come:

1) Adding cross-training data
2) Adding monthly target progress indicator
3) Adding indicators to show if a race was SB, PB etc.
4) Adjusting the heights of the columns (biking is currently very tall, and swimming is very short).
5) Include kit usage
6) Date numbers are a bit squished on mobile

and of course, I'm keen to turn those black boxes at the top into something a bit more infographic-al. If you've seen a nice infographic that summarises a persons exercise, and want to send me a screenshot for reference, it's ian@... you know the rest.

StuH asked about whether this will be integrated in somewhere - and yes, that's definitely the plan. I really needed to get the caching sorted first, so we're a step closer.

Keep the feedback coming in, and have a great weekend :-)
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  • It's looking really good!
    Maybe another for the list; my HR settings are correct, (RHR = 46, MHR = 184), but whereas this generates a good 'zoning' in Garmin (see image
    ), for the same period on Fetch I have 5% "Green" and 94% "Grey", which doesn't tell me a lot. I appreciate this may be down to how you receive the data from Garmin. It would be nice to be able to set our own HR Zones.
    2:19pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • I didn't expect it to share the image! Oh well :-)
    2:19pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • The zones I currently use are 70%WHR and 85%WHR - so in your case, 46+0.7(184-46), and 46+0.85(184-46)
    2:22pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • This looks really good Ian!

    Just thinking as I look at it perhaps the number of runs for each category i.e. did 2 tempo sessions over x miles 3 long runs etc etc....
    2:23pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • Really impressed by this, Ian. Think there's enough info there, without overdoing it...at least for an average user like me!
    3:26pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • On a mobile view is it possible to make those black boxes smaller, so that more can be seen on a mobile screen.

    I want to share the hell out of my monthly stats at the same time advertising the fetch summary page, smaller boxes would make it look prettier to non-fetchies!!
    3:59pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • Bob - I'll do some work on the mobile view. This page should be much more shareable in the next few days.
    4:02pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • looking really nice. I have to go through it in a bit more details but the thing I spotted was pace distribution was in min/miles whereas, it would be nice it it mirrored your preference on units (ie I'd like it in min/km). Also it would be good to get HR distribution in %MHR, and %HRR so I don't have to get the calculator out!
    5:00pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • Is the B/mi live? It's about 166 in the summary and my lowest run in the log was 1221. I don't record a heart rate in swimming so I don't know where it gets that from. Looks good as a layout. I'm happy if the data is right :)
    Cog Noscensme AHA
    5:09pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • I meant 1166
    Cog Noscensme AHA
    5:09pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • It may be being dragged down by any entries where HR wasn’t present; or perhaps it’s combining multiple sports. Will investigate it when I’m back at the keys :-)
    5:36pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • just to follow up on the min/mile comment above, I see if I click the link then I can set the paces in min/km, so my request is actually it it was be displayed in min/km on the training month page as well.
    6:02pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • Lovely stuff!!
    8:35pm, 8th Feb 2019
  • I had an idea today- on the mileage table there is a line to tell you where the annual break even point is (is progress towards red heart). Could you add the same for monthly progress towards black heart?
    4:00pm, 9th Feb 2019
  • And I read to the bottom of the post and find it's done... Numptyitis, sorry!
    4:01pm, 9th Feb 2019
  • Fetch, where do we find this page in the normal menu?
    7:33am, 14th Feb 2019
  • And another question/feature request. I love the cups for the fastest X distance for the month, is there anyway to find out the actual times these were? Ie I did my fastest 5K on the 9th as part of a 10L tempo, what was it? Also I did my faster 10M on the 1st again, what was the time?
    7:37am, 14th Feb 2019

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06 Feb 2019

Training Month Summary

3:36pm | 572 views | 37 Comments
I've been making some updates to the new page I'm building that will summarise any given month of your training. Have a look see at how your February is shaping up:


I'll talk you through it:

1) At the top you've got the month name, and two links to previous and next month. The sharper of you will notice that you can amend the URL to quickly jump to a specific month and year.

2) If you do multi-sport training, there are tabs for run, swim and bike, and a fourth tab for races, if you've done some.

3) There are a whole bunch of black boxes (you may not have all of these):
a) Total mileage for the month
b) Total time spent running
c) Average pace
d) Month rank i.e. if this is your highest mileage month ever, it would be rank 1.
e) February rank i.e. how does it compare to your other February efforts.
f) Total ascent
g) Average cadence
h) Average heart rate
i) Average power
j) Beats per mile across the entire month.
k) Best 400m, 800m, 1k, mile, 5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, half and mara.

4) Pace distribution, showing the percentage of time you spent in each of your colour bands. Don't understand how the colour bands work? I normally set the red one to my 5k eyeballs-on-stalks pace, and the blue one to my long run pace, with a few bands in between. Keep your long runs blue and grey; keep your speedwork red and orange; and stay out of the middle bit :-)

5) Then you get a bar chart showing your runs throughout the month, also colour coded according to your pace.

6) Then you'll see a simple list of all your training entries for that month, and some little yellow trophy icons showing the ones where you recorded your fastest 400, 800, 5k etc.

I also plan to turn this entire page into some sort of nice infographic image that will be shareable on social media - so the fools that shop elsewhere can see what we have to offer :-)

If you're interested in seeing another piece of summary data added to this page, or if you're seeing unusual stuff that might be relating to your specific data, leave a comment below (I plan to add some more detailed HR stats).

Toot toot!

Oh, and don't forget to listen to our podcast! We'd like to get your questions too - record yourself on your phone and email it to podcast@fetcheveryone.com - only one received so far :-)
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  • Ooh, nice! My average pace appears to be 0 though, and I like to think I move slightly faster than that :)
    3:40pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • I like that quite a lot, perhaps the pace distribution needs a key for those that haven't used it.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:43pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • HR zones? Looks good though. And the poor relation to run, bike and swim ... cross training (aerobic or stretch, strength and conditioning etc.) pls. Just number of sessions and time? Fanks! :-) G
    3:44pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Ooh! The Biking tab reckons I'm up for a 1:23:43 Marathon.
    I'll take that!!!
    eL Bee!
    3:48pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • oh, yes good idea HappyG, for cross training time. I also saw that if you do more than one run in a day it all just gets mashed into one column, no real problem, just foxed me for a sec. The month ranking thing is useful for me because I keep going back and looking at my highest ever mileages and what that meant in races, not always good.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:49pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Nice. The link back to the blog isn’t quite right though...
    3:50pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Joking aside, I think once you've ironed out the anomalies, it'll be rather good!
    eL Bee!
    3:50pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Nice - like that a lot :-)
    On the Races tab, could you maybe add the day of the month each race was on, say at the start of the line, eg "12th Blah blah Half Marathon" ? Would help for when you jump back to the Running ( or Cycling ) tab and see which days you did your best 1km or 5 miles, etc
    K5 Gus
    3:57pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Lord Fetch, this is great. Please, leave it as it is. Don't let other Fetchies persuade you into tinkering with it. The information is well laid out. It's nice & easy to understand for those of us who don't like being bombarded with masses of information, which half the time I haven't got a clue about anyway.
    4:04pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Can we have HR Zones as well as pace bands please @fetcheveryone (and a link to be able to change the zone/bands please)
    Can someone tell me where to change my pace bands please?
    4:09pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Thumbs up from me. Thinking laterally, a similar presentation for a custom range would be nice, for example reviewing progress towards key races. I know the existing training analysis stuff does that, but this revised presentation etc is better than the old training analysis. Might need to be constrained to only showing max 90 days or similar to avoid it being too intensive though!
    4:10pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Bob and HappyG - see third from last para regarding HR stats. And Bob - visit any of your training entries, and look for a little icon just above the multi-coloured column graph that looks like an ironed rainbow. It takes you through to this page: fetcheveryone.com/training-colours.php
    4:11pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • I like the trophies. 😀
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    4:15pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Nice. I like. What about monthly targets and how we are doing towards these as we have for the year? Oh any maybe a nice little trophy for the months we hit the target? :)
    4:17pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Oh yes, +1 for cross training, I’d like to see my walks as well as my runs
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    4:18pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • No-one's asked for it, but I've added a 'Badges' tab, if you've earned any badges in that specific month. Just for fun.
    4:24pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • What a fantastic report!

    One anomaly to report, and one suggestion:

    First, the anomaly: for January it's saying my best 5 miles were 52:29, but in fact I did a 5 mile race in 46:16 (the training entry does list it as 8.05 km, i.e. 5 miles) - might be a rounding off issue?

    Secondly, the suggestion: the races tab would be better if it also had two extra columns: one for the race distance, and one showing whether the result was a SB or PB. This information is already on here so I would hope it's not too difficult to add.
    4:51pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Heart Rate distribution added... lots of other great comments folks, thanks. I'll be going through them and doing what I can. And to 12barDavid - it's always my goal to make info usable and understandable - so I hope I can carry that on whilst incorporating other changes.
    5:13pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • + how do I amend my HR distribution settings please? Can't find it!
    5:16pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Sigh - try here: fetcheveryone.com/user-settings.php (and don't forget to scroll to the bottom and hit 'Update'). I took a look at your 5 miler - and unfortunately your GPS trace records 8041.37 metres and not the 8046.72 you'd need for the system to pick up a five mile time. It doesn't mean your race is short, but it's annoying for sure. I have similar issues with my January 5k time :-)
    5:19pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Ahh, so it's like "Garmin PB's", makes sense now. Thanks for the link!
    6:02pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Top job, like a lot!
    6:13pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Lots to like here. Is it possible to link the 'Best 5k' to a section of the route from the training entry? Assuming it's a contiguous 5k section.....
    6:31pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • I like it.
    7:19pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Liking the look of that summary :-)
    7:52pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • I like it
    7:58pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • I like it, On the cycling tab the training columns get very tall with 60+ mile rides. And also marathon distances dont make sense for cycling - what about 10, 25, 50 and 100 Miles and km?
    9:02pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Nice work, thank you!
    9:26pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • This is fab. Thank you!
    9:58pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • This looks good. Really good. And I do think the social media sharing thing is a good thing to get right too.

    Not a suggestion for this page, but for the site: a more prominent link for setting pace bands.
    When you mentioned this in the FERC thread yesterday I checked out the new month page, marvelled at the promise it held, and then clicked on *every* *flipping* *page* on the *whole* *of* *FE* looking for where I could set the pace bands that it used :-)

    I was probably being dim but a link to "training colours" could be under "training" perhaps?
    10:18pm, 6th Feb 2019
  • Very impressive! Clean and informative. :-)

    Would it be possible to show HR zones in a column graph too? Maybe by splitting each column and including the HR zone info (green, grey, red)? As long as it doesn't look too cluttered/confusing, that is. greensaber redsaber
    4:31am, 7th Feb 2019
  • I'd like to see how my monthly mileage has been spread over the numerous pairs of running shoes I use - not sure if others would ? If so, could you pull that data from Kit ?

    I realise some people use Kit for stuff other than shoes, but if they're tracking it then they must be interested in it so not asking you to pull out just shoes, just a list all Kit used that month and how many miles per piece of kit.
    K5 Gus
    6:29am, 7th Feb 2019
  • K5, there are no totals for Kit, but under the regular training log you can show 'kit'. It's on the Entries tab, and then on the Date column you can choose 'kit'. And also not a monthly total for the kit, but under Kit itself, there are the overall totals (but maybe you already know that): fetcheveryone.com/kit.php
    7:47am, 7th Feb 2019
  • Yeh thanks JCB, I know all that :-), always think the Kit info is a bit limited, eg I'd like to be able to click on a piece of Kit and it lists all activities that used that kit - but that's not for this page. Thought a monthly summary would be a good start
    K5 Gus
    8:56am, 7th Feb 2019
  • Thanks Fetch. Training colours only does paces, doesn't it, not HR zones? Are they auto calculated e.g. 70% 80% etc? Or can I adjust these? Could a link be added for "change these thresholds" against each (just to make it more intuitive to navigate to?) And +1 for a "legend" for each of those bars, to indicate the pace and HR boundaries of each block of colour. Thanks! Agile? Whoosh! bolt :-) G
    10:25am, 7th Feb 2019
  • Boom! The man's a genius!

    Pace Distribution Adjust your bands
    3:53pm, 7th Feb 2019
  • Oh HR, nice. Will be able to switch the daily bar chart between pace and HR zones too maybe?

    Is this blog the only link to the summary at the moment? I couldn't find it in the menus.
    9:05am, 8th Feb 2019

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05 Feb 2019

Podcast Q&A

3:51pm | 331 views | 14 Comments
Now that hopefully most of you have made it back online, here's a wee challenge for you.

By now you're probably well aware that we have a podcast. Wait, you're not? Catch up on the first five episodes here:

iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Spotify: open.spotify.com
Buzzsprout: fetcheveryone.buzzsprout.com

Anyway... we'd love to get more voices on the podcast. I totally understand that recording yourself doing 'a piece' might be a bit daunting - but how about just a question?

Get the voice recording app on your phone (on iPhone it's called 'Voice Memos', and on Android it's probably called Voicy McVoiceface or something similar), sit somewhere quiet and record your question. Then just click the share button to send it via email to podcast@fetcheveryone.com - and we'll put you in the show and try to answer your question.

G'wan. Say you will.
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  • Still not listened to the podcasts ... Never listened to a podcast, I need someone to sell this idea to me. What am I missing ?
    4:32pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • It's just me and Katie talking :-)
    4:34pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I'd be very croaky at the moment muppet but hope to record something at the Fetch meet in a couple of weeks, if we can manage it!
    4:37pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • DocM: podcasts are just something you can listen to when you're doing other stuff on your own, walking dogs, running, tescos etc Some of the podcasts I listen to are comedy, some are interesting, some a bit of both....the fetcheveryone podcast is me and Ian talking about the site, and various fetchies have contributed. It's just gentle listening...:-)
    4:37pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • It's good for the car, for running, for ironing, when you are cooking. Etc.
    5:59pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I don't like them as a rule, except as radio catch-up, but I like the FE one :)
    6:00pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I'm addicted to podcasts. I listen to so many, especially when running and travelling. Actually it's all I do, except mess around on Fetch :-)
    6:03pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Podcasts is 80% of what I listen to when commuting in the car or running.
    6:19pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Podcasts are the best thing ever!
    The Mighty Fleecy
    6:22pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • ..... unless your hearing is compromised.
    7:47pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • 10 comments later, we have had our first question :-)
    8:14pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Going to give this a listen on the way to work tomorrow. Can't find episode 1 on Spotify. Did it not make it or am I missing something? (probably!)
    8:48pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I think for some reason Spotify missed it out. Buzzsprout is where the files are actually hosted, so if you can't find an episode anywhere else, it's the place to look. But episode 1 was more of a pilot really.
    8:49pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I have to listen to podcasts now because MrsHL says I get too angry and sweary at the radio. They're radio but nice.
    10:08pm, 5th Feb 2019

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05 Feb 2019

If you can't read this, don't panic.

1:02pm | 165 views | 17 Comments
If you're connected to us via BT internet, you probably can't read this just now. Users on our Facebook and Twitter feeds have told me that they can reach other sites, but not Fetch. And those with non-BT 4G can access the site just fine.

Lollingly, I've tried to sign up to the BT community forum, to post about our issue, and to try to get feedback / a solution. But the 'confirmation of account' email they send when you sign up seems to have gone missing too.

Just one of those days when I thought I was gonna get stuff done... :-)

EDIT: So it looks like a DNS issue. DNS = Domain Name System. It's the thing that converts 'fetcheveryone.com' into the IP address of the server where our site lives. And it *seems* like the bad info is originating from our hosting provider :-/ I've contacted them, but await their fix. Gah.
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  • I read this on Twitter and turned my WiFi off and voila. I can read this. Hope you get it sorted soon!
    The Mighty Fleecy
    1:38pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I seem to be connected with BT 4G
    1:44pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Switched off BT WiFi and here with O2 4G :)
    Have tweeted BT
    1:47pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • BT 4G fine here. But not on work internet.
    2:04pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Vodafone too Fetch, just FYI. They may use a BT interconnect or something? Glad it's not FE that's dead, obv! :-) G
    2:08pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Working fine on Sky broadband :-)
    2:22pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • working fine here and I think it's BT.
    The Pin Lady
    2:26pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Fine here on local non BT wifi.... waves :)
    2:42pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Back on with BT
    3:11pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Back :-)
    3:16pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Er - I'm connected via BT and I'm here (I think)
    3:19pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Actually this is interesting - as I said on twitter I can't get in on my phone - which is currently linked to my wifi. But I am accessing this on my laptop via my work secure network which plugs into my BT router. I'm now going to try to connect directly to BT wifi....
    3:22pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • No, still fine :-)
    3:22pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Vodafone /BT ok for me now - was failing till about 3pm
    3:31pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Back up and running :-)
    Not my first 'DNS' problem - once missed a race with a bad cold...
    3:37pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • Glad you're back. It made my lunch seem very long!
    4:27pm, 5th Feb 2019
  • I can read this and am therefore panicking
    7:57am, 6th Feb 2019

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05 Feb 2019

redsaber The force is strong with these Fetchies!

8:17am | 128 views
The following Fetchies have become one with the force, and either set up a monthly donation, or made a one-off donation in the last week :-)

Exmoor Runner
Queen of Cups

Great, kid. Don't get cocky :-) Thanks everyone!
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  • @gettingdadfit Pop into Fetch for a bit of a boost :-)
    2:35pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • The canal was like a mirror this morning. 25 miles for the week. The cosmic ballet goes on. https://t.co/vFeJCyLt9j
    2:31pm, 15th Feb 2019
  • Thanks Andy - we’re having fun recording them too. And we’re always looking for contributors :-) https://t.co/NqFOYwkSOt
    6:50pm, 14th Feb 2019
  • Have you listened to this week's podcast yet? Here's a link, which in turn has iTunes and Spotify links on it: https://t.co/WGwViV0Ktg
    1:30pm, 14th Feb 2019
  • Thanks for all the nudges :-) https://t.co/FaoeX7Vpsq
    10:05am, 14th Feb 2019
  • @johnfgilmour Thanks John - I'm just back, and uploading :-)
    9:47am, 14th Feb 2019
  • @robert0n Just socking up :-)
    7:48am, 14th Feb 2019
  • @SimonThingyFBPE Making tea, that’s about as close to stretching as I get :-)
    7:07am, 14th Feb 2019
  • @runnerbean38 Dem womp rats be like 😱
    8:47pm, 13th Feb 2019
  • @runnerbean38 First mile’s on you, Beany-One. 🤩
    8:41pm, 13th Feb 2019

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