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26 Jan 2021

Backup dog

This is gonna have to be a really quick blog, but I've got something for you to play with:

It's a little update to the pace vs heart rate graph that I was nurdling around in my blog on Jan 18th.

It lets you tidy up your data - you can:

1) exclude the first X miles of your training runs (because your HR is still coming up)
2) exclude beyond Y miles of your training runs (to help eliminate HR drift)
3) exclude all HR data below and above a given HR.
4) exclude all segments of your runs where your HR varies by more than a given amount (to help eliminate dirty data caused by hills, stops, signal etc).

I've only just added that stuff, so it's probably a bit buggy - but have a play :-) See what sorts of values will help you get a strong correlation.

For those of you who aren't interested in that sort of thing, here's a pic of my new Raspberry Pico - I'm going to use it to water Lance (more on him later this week).

And if that's still too nerdy, here's a pic of Stephen with his ears at the apex:

Time for me to go and cook dinner. Salmon ramen :-)
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  • Go Stephen!
    5:36pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • Update with pic of the food later?
    TBR (TheBeardRunner)
    5:39pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • Fabulous dog pic!
    5:41pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • Most of the blog went over my head but I love the picture of Stephen!
    5:42pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • I like that the raspberry pi is on square paper
    5:45pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • Just had a play. Top end was 15 x 100m segments where I ran 7:30 min/mile pace with HR at 163. If only I could glue them all together during one run ;-)
    5:53pm, 26th Jan 2021
  • Can’t believe it doesn’t count what it calls a mad pace at sub4mm. It clearly hasn’t seen me when I need to poop mid run.
    6:14pm, 26th Jan 2021

25 Jan 2021

The best GPS watches in the world... volume 1

Back on Jan 14th, I started recording the model numbers of the GPS devices that you lot use. I thought it'd be cool to see which devices were the most popular; plus it's handy to know whether the older devices are still in play, as they tend to be a bit more buggy; and I can put some affiliate links next to each of the popular models, and hopefully generate a few queenheads for the site in the process.

Just over 4000 users later, I've managed to pull together a page that shows you the top 12 models. Not all that surprisingly, they are all Garmin. The nearest non-Garmin to the list is all-the-Suuntos-put-together, with 107 users. COROS has 7. If only they would let me access their API. *sigh*

Where a watch has multiple variants, I have combined them into one. For example, the Forerunner 245 has a music and a non-music version; and the Fenix and Vivoactive come in small and large, and with other features enabled or not.

The Wiggle link is currently a generic one EDIT Fixed now. Where available, it now takes you to the specific product. And for some of the older products, I've linked through to listings that look as though they might disappear as soon as the stock runs out. But the majority of links for more recent stuff should work ok. I've included the year of release next to each watch, which should help.

So here's the list:

It's interesting that a 5yo watch is still doing the business - and it'll be interesting to see whether newer watches can rise up the table as they gain a foothold (or come down in price).

The link is also accessible under the 'Shop' link in the menu. If you get a chance to share it, great - but I am trying not to be the sort of person who asks you to share stuff. You know. That guy. The boy who cried share. Or at least I'm trying save that for super important stuff. So do what you like with it ;-) Have a nice day.
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  • Was pointed at this earlier - just wondered if there was a case to put the "volume" to one side (for affiliation link purposes!) and focus on the newer watches? Most people will probably want to buy the newer ones with some confidence that a few (growing) number of Fetchies are using it, maybe?
    3:58pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • Wow. No surprise Garmin dominate, but I am surprised it is by that much.
    Where does the Apple Watch figure? In fact, how would you link it to Fetch? 🤔 I ask because quite a few people I know (not Fetchies) have them and at least run regularly.
    3:59pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • My Fenix 3 is still going strong. It's on its fourth strap now but Garmin straps are a bit rubbish and wear out after a year or so.
    4:09pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • @larkim - just showing the latest ones feels like a step too far :-) The rise and fall of the older models is kind of interesting to watch, hopefully. Plus I found everything from the list on Amazon, so they are all still around, even if the oldest and least popular ones are only showing up as 'renewed'.

    @roberton - I think data from the Apple watch goes into their Health app - and the only route to extract it from there is via an app - so that's a bit of a barrier right now. There are a few apps that suck data from Health and spit it to various sites - but I can't see any obvious common ones in the list.
    4:12pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • Go go go Garmin 235! We are the koolest kidz!
    4:12pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • I believe FR230 is no long produced (although their might be stock) and so I'd combine this with the 235 (which is the same watch but just with HR)
    4:37pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • This is the kind of added value that I love about you! :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    4:40pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • that ^
    5:04pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • This is pretty cool!
    6:09pm, 25th Jan 2021
  • Thanks for this useful info. I have a 235 at the moment but it’s just over four years old and the battery doesn’t seem to hold it’s charge as well. I’m thinking about replacing it.
    9:47pm, 25th Jan 2021

24 Jan 2021

Pick it...

Pick it, lick it, roll it, flick it. Please tell me I'm not the only person who knows this recipe :-)

This was the point, as we drove back into Bedford, 12 hours after leaving, when the hysteria finally kicked in.

Up at 6 this morning, with creaking eyes. One dog went to see the neighbours, the other to my mother-in-law. Katie heated the soup that she'd made yesterday, and I scraped the ice off the car. The soup went into a big flask, and off we went to the Isle of Wight. Not for a holiday, or a picnic - we were heading down to see Katie's dad.

The M1 and M25 were beautifully deserted, and it looked like we were going to reach the ferry terminal in Portsmouth in record time. Then the snow came, just outside Guildford - first gradually, then with some of the biggest flakes I've seen.

For the next hour, we chugged along the A3 at about 20-25mph, trying not to slide, and wondering whether things would get so bad that we'd have to pull over and live in the car until the spring. Luckily, most of the drivers were equally cautious - only a few dickheads attempting the fast lane.

Eventually, the falling snow became slushier, and the road got a little easier to navigate. By the time we rolled into Portsmouth, there was no sign that it had ever snowed.

After a bit of time with K's dad, we left him to rest, and got out for a cheeky 20 minute walk along the sea front. It was a little chilly, but absolutely gorgeous.

After another bit of visiting time, we headed for home on the 4pm ferry, which included a chance to eat our soup as we queued to board. A hot meal out of nowhere is a magnificent spirit lifter. Also pleased to report that they are doing a better job of encouraging mask wearing on the ferry than on any of our previous trips. A cautious trip back up the motorway(s!), and coffee and walnut cake for dinner.

See you tomorrow :-)
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  • Well done. Looks glorious too!
    I'm a bit jealous, not having made it to the island to see Mum since last September.
    Looking at the ships waiting to come in... Were you in Sandown/ Shanklin neck of the woods?
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    10:22pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • 3M - yes, just near the zoo.
    10:26pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • Lovely picture - and yes, I know what the first sentence refers to!
    10:27pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • A long day and a lot of travelling. It's good to see you both smiling. (())
    Fenland Flier
    10:34pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • Wasn’t that a Daft Punk ‘B’ side?
    10:36pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • Well done. That's a tough day. It's a lovely pic. I could have waved. I'm v close to the A3 atm.
    10:43pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • That was a long day! Cake for dinner sounds perfect x
    11:01pm, 24th Jan 2021
  • I’m hoping your recipe and Katie’s soup recipe are two very different things. I’m glad you made it there and back in one piece.
    12:11am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Glad you made it there and back safe xx
    6:03am, 25th Jan 2021
  • That’s a long & emotional day xx. But I have no idea what the beginning is talking about!
    6:44am, 25th Jan 2021
  • I know it. I also mentioned the same big flakes in by blog. I’m glad you got there and back safely.
    6:52am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Glad you had a safe journey x
    7:43am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Long day for sure but lovely smiling faces xx
    7:49am, 25th Jan 2021
  • I won’t tell you the phrase I was supposed to say for the wasn’t “cheese”.
    7:55am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Glad you had a successful visit to the IOW.
    8:18am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Wow - that was a long day in the snow & ice. We did home, A36, M27, M3 to Frimley (in the wedge between the M3, M25 & A3) once and that was enough. In a big car, but no soup.
    Did take sand and a shovel 'in case', but not needed.
    8:28am, 25th Jan 2021
  • I know that journey well - I grew up just north of Portsmouth. Good idea to take the soup!
    8:55am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Minger! (the rhyme). Lovely trip. Winter tyres are the answer, by the way. I was in much deeper snow yesterday (and for the last few weeks up here) in a silly car (BMW!) and no sliding at all. You can keep them on all year (increased wear might cost you a bit extra with an earlier change) but complete confidence in winter. Better to swap them, but that means keeping spare wheels (or a garage to swap the tyres - which isn't always possible). Anyhoo, glad you were safe in journey in the end. And that you had a nice dad visit. :-) G
    9:08am, 25th Jan 2021
  • 😀 lovely photo. Good driving. Precious times xx
    10:52am, 25th Jan 2021
  • Well done for getting there n back safely , good that you were able to make the trip xx
    11:49am, 25th Jan 2021

23 Jan 2021

People who liked...

I listen to music quite a bit whilst I work. I am within touching distance of the washing machine and tumble dryer, I share the room with the dogs when they are wet, and if anyone is going in our out, it's where they come to get their shoes. Sometimes the headphones are just nice to keep my ears warm.

A lot of the time, I like electronic stuff - not many lyrics, just beats. It's great for coding - it feels like it helps me focus. The exception is probably albums that I know so well that I'm not really listening to the lyrics. This week I've had an album week, and having just discovered the history button on Apple Music, I've grabbed my favourites from the week - here they are, along with some stand out songs.

World Party - Bang!
(Super talented man - one of the first albums I bought that felt like I'd discovered something)

The B52's - Cosmic Thing
(Lovely throwback to late school days. I love how much joy there is in their music)

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography
(whole album is great, but this is like Chemical Brothers DNA)

Orbital - Orbital 2
All of it :-) Thanks HowFar? for reigniting my interest.

REM - Out Of Time
GCSE years :-)

Radiohead - OK Computer
(aka the night stages of RNR)

Honey Claws - Honey Claws
(I found this via Breaking Bad)

The Prodigy - Experience
MFTJG got me into the Prodigy, but this is currently my favourite album.

The Be Good Tanyas - Chinatown
Beautifully sad. Introduced to me by a colleague from Kentucky in my previous job.

People who liked these, also liked? :-)
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  • Some fine choices! I also have the World Party album, I also liked the hidden track "Kuwait City" on that album. I saw REM live on the "Green" Tour in '89, and I have all their albums from Murmur up to Accelerate on my phone.
    7:06pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Leftfield - leftism
    Roni Size Reprazent

    I love the chemical brothers too
    7:09pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Experience and "the brown album" are two of my favourites. :)
    7:17pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • plus what Dave said.
    7:17pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • I have everything Leftfield have done, plus two Roni Size albums :-)
    7:19pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Some good stuff there
    7:19pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Listened to the B52s and the Be Good Tanyas yesterday, as it happens.
    7:59pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • I have the the Be Good Tanyas and The Prodigy Experience. From the former, Hem and Laura Cantrell. From the B52s, at a tangent, Suzanne Ciani? Bit new-agey for me, but friends with the Bs and another strand of the NY starving artists in lofts scene. As is Philip Glass. On the new electronica/classical/music for coders vibe, you maybe have Max Richter/ Olafur Arnalds/Jóhann Jóhannsson/ A Winged Victory For The Sullen already - if not, here's a possible entry point
    8:21pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • I had never heard of The Be Good Tanyas, but I really liked it. It reminded me a bit of Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs.
    9:38pm, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Groove Armada, and Red snapper used to be favourites of mine too.
    9:46pm, 23rd Jan 2021

22 Jan 2021

Obscure bugs

Today I've been working on reducing my feedback inbox. I started the day with 34 bits of feedback. A few got sorted straight away e.g. "My run didn't upload yesterday" = "Sorry, here's the info on how to grab it"; "My password isn't working" = "I've reset it for you".

The problem with fixing the easy ones is that the tougher ones get super tough, like mutant cockroaches. I had four that date back to October - and my goal for the day was just to squish those. I don't like ignoring stuff - but also I can't just write it off - so it sits there until I've gathered the necessary gumption.

They were pretty obscure in the end. I was going to regale you with the details, but you’ll have to settle for my favourite John Hegley poem instead. It’s called ‘Love Poem by my dog’:

I saw you in the park
I wanted to be your friend
I tunnelled my snout
up your non-barking end.
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  • I hope you have cleared your sinuses now
    10:40pm, 22nd Jan 2021
  • C9 has a “tell your dog I said hi” sticker on her computer which I suspect is set copying life
    11:25pm, 22nd Jan 2021
  • *art*
    11:25pm, 22nd Jan 2021
  • Wow. That is an image.
    12:36am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Good luck, it'll feel amazing once done 😁
    5:53am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • That's brilliant :)
    6:53am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Great poem!
    7:59am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Haha , love the poem :-)
    8:47am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • I was having breakfast.
    Ocelot Spleens
    9:43am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Love that poem
    10:24am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • Fab poem :)
    11:47am, 23rd Jan 2021

21 Jan 2021

Zen & The Art of Heart Rate Training

My run on Tuesday was a bit rubbish, as per my blog from that day.

I set out this morning determined to have a better run. I ditched the long sleeve, and went back to my short sleeve black Fetch t-shirt, which is one of my favourites (the one that looks a bit like the Wales away kit from around that time).

From the start, I concentrated on running relaxed. For me, this starts with the breathing - and more specifically, the breathing out. If I'm going at it, I breathe out for two steps, and in for two. When I am trying to relax, I make an effort to do a longer out breath. There were times during the run where I was breathing out for five steps (and probably in for three). The out breath thing is something that Katie showed me, and it's obviously stuck. It's pretty simple - if you get your lungs nice and empty, the air will come in no matter what. She explained it to me at a time when my asthma was a bit more of a problem than it seems to be at the moment* - and it's been really helpful.

When you're focused on heart rate, the obvious thing that lowers it is to slow down. But today I just tried to imagine that my legs were less tense, that even though the muscles were contracting and relaxing, they were doing it in a calm way. Flow. One repeating motion that feels as simple and natural as a pulse. Fnar. I said pulse.

The lovely universe-connecting bit came when the sun came out. It's been pretty windy here, but it was behind me at just the right time - and the lovely warm glow on my face felt absolutely astounding. I was literally astounded. Grinning. Probably the wrong time of year for vitamin D, but that warmth though. Lovely. Have I got that across?

Yeah, there was some into-the-wind stuff too, and some muttering at people who weren't being courteous on the path. But all in all, I'd like to think that I got the payback today for the shit run on Tuesday. My Garmin (Mr Shiny) agreed. I have been upgraded again from 'Unproductive' to 'Productive', and I've got that lost VO2max point back. The flattery button is smiling too.

Ease it back. Breathe out before you breathe in. You're surfing on the very front of a train called Now, and you are the boss.

*I had a blue inhaler from about 2007, and I used to use it religiously before each run - two puffs. I stopped using it about three years ago when I left it in the parkrun director's bag by accident. I currently use it about once or twice a year, usually triggered by hayfever.
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  • Yes! Imagined relaxation! That's what I do - imagine I'm good and I'm doing everything right... kinda works :)
    ishep 🇪🇺
    6:09pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • I tell the boys and girls to relax from the hairline down. Imagine you have jowls and then imagine them slapping as you run. If you feel your shoulders rise, let them drop again. Let your arms swing freely and your legs will move in response. Don't clench your fists. Think light thoughts. Float.

    It's easier to do on a mild, sunny day when you're not fighting wind and rain but if you just let the weather do what it's doing and just think about your next stride and making sure that it's the prettiest, lightest step you can take then things become a lot easier.
    6:15pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • I love this
    9:06pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • That breathing out thing is a classic asthmatic drill. I had asthma all through my childhood but I have largely learnt to tame it by remembering to breathe out and not gasp.

    Swimming helps, because you have to force your breath out against the water (not that there's been much swimming to be had around here lately, and I suspect that's why I've slipped back a bit in my running over the last 12 months).
    9:10pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Nice. Love it when the "flow" feeling comes. :-) G
    10:20pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Enjoyed that
    8:20am, 22nd Jan 2021
  • Running easy in Z1 or Z2 HR, I have been trying since the start of December to stay in the easy zone, finally at the weekend I managed to keep my 13 mile run under 150 HR, takes a lot of discipline to execute but with perseverance does get there. incidentally it did feel easy and one of my most enjoyable runs for a while. Easy to get caught in the Z3 trap.

    looking forward to short sleeve runs with the sun on my back, only 3 months to wait. your run sounded awesome!
    9:07am, 22nd Jan 2021
  • Lovely blog, thanks Fetch. Yes I try to focus on the out breath as well.
    8:05am, 23rd Jan 2021
  • You rang m'lud?
    1:35pm, 25th Jan 2021

21 Jan 2021

FIT file import - temporary issue

I may as well get a daily blog out of it ;-)

We upgraded the server operating system overnight, but the last wee beastie is clinging to the hull of the good ship Fetch.

FIT files (basically the majority of training data that Garmin send us) are not being imported at present. I am hoping to solve this pretty soon.

If your training has not come across today, Garmin will resend it to us six hours after the initial attempt. So if you'd be so kind, please be patient, and I will hopefully get things sorted soon.

*bing bong*

The importing issue has been resolved. There were 515 pieces of training that did not get imported during the problem period. If your training has not arrived in your log by 3pm UK time, please get in touch. If you're keen to see how you did today, you can manually import your training from Garmin - details here: - but you will still get a duplicate entry when the automatic system resends your data - so you will need to delete that :-)

*bing bong*

There's a not-unrelated problem with importing from other watches (Suunto, Fitbit etc). I hope to resolve this within the next 10 mins.

Ok, gimme half an hour :-)

Importing from other watches (Suunto, Fitbit, Polar etc) should now be back in business. You may need to visit the relevant watch page, in order to import today's training, as these companies do not have a retry failsafe.
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  • well that explains! Thanks boss!
    8:54am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Glad it wasn’t just me then! Thanks for the head up!
    8:54am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Aha! Thank goodness I paid attention to the notifications that led me here before I spent an hour refreshing pages endlessly ;-)
    8:55am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Is there a badge for being patient?
    9:12am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Yeah, wait there and don't ask ;-)
    9:13am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Not sure if it's the same issue - but clicking the Fitbit link on the training page ( just brings up the standard header, but the rest of the page is blank. Intended in a "just letting you know in case it's helpful" sense rather than "I demand this be fixed immediately" sense :-)
    9:14am, 21st Jan 2021
  • ^ that would be awesome :-) Thanks for the heads up fetch and changing the training page to send me here!
    9:14am, 21st Jan 2021
  • @EdJ - thank you, that's my next thing to sort out then :-)
    9:21am, 21st Jan 2021
  • that explains it- just added mine manually :) thanks for saying - much more transparent than other site when they have a problem.
    9:25am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Ooh, does this mean you can resolve my fetchpoint bug bonus 😁
    TBR (TheBeardRunner)
    9:27am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Phew. Was beginning to worry I'd dreamt my run 🏃‍♂️
    The Terminator
    9:35am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Update - Fitbit, Suunto etc should be working again.
    9:58am, 21st Jan 2021
  • thanks Fetch :)
    10:14am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Top work. Ding dong. Err, bing bong I mean. :-) G
    10:41am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Saw someone in Grassington today fixing the guttering at the old people's home. Had the name "Ian Williams" on the back of his high viz tabard. Couldn't see his face because he had his back to me.

    Was it you?
    Dave W
    11:57am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Yes. That’s why the site went down - I’ve been focusing too much on my guttering business. Busy time of year for it.
    12:06pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Thanks for heads up Mr Fetch
    12:10pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Thanks for giving me a justification to delay my run, drinking coffee, looking out of the window waiting for rain to stop :)
    SteveC NordRunner
    12:12pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Thanks Lord Fetch
    12:30pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Thanks! My watch has stopped talking to my phone so I've been importing my files manually via the cable.
    1:24pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • My guttering overflows. Can I book you in for tomorrow?
    (no need for you to do anything here, my run loaded fine ;-) )
    2:47pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • This afternoon's walk/run has uploaded, but not this morning's cycle ride. I can feel a feature request coming on.
    Bright Strider
    3:07pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • my morning run has yet to appear Ian, sorry :-(
    Windsor Wool
    3:10pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • You may well need to use the manual file grab (link in the blog) for now.
    3:17pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • That'll be fine. Thanks for the go ahead.
    Bright Strider
    3:20pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • coolio, thanks!
    Windsor Wool
    3:27pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • Mine (Garmin - morning treadmill run) hasn't imported yet :-( I've manually added it but you did say to let you know if it hasn't appeared.
    7:54pm, 21st Jan 2021
  • My 7am run hasn't appeared either 😭
    8:39pm, 21st Jan 2021

20 Jan 2021

Keep the change, ya filthy animal

When older actors returned to movies to give their character one more run out, it always felt like they were trying to hold back time. They'd be trying to do the same stunts, or to stay relevant to an audience that had moved on a little. But recently, I've noticed more of an acceptance of that aging - and instead the actor just plays an older version of their character, and the whole world that has been created for that movie gets a lot richer in the process.

The obvious ones that spring to mind for me are Luke, Leia and Han - and (with my massive Star Wars bias) I totally loved and enjoyed their more mature editions. More recently, thanks to a free seven day trial of Sky Cinema, we watched the latest Terminator movie - and both Arnie and Linda Hamilton absolutely crushed it (that's not a spoiler, although like in any Terminator film, they usually try crushing it) as their older selves. Older Spock comes back in the recent Star Trek movies (the original franchise of those movies is an excellent example of an attempt to hold back time as the corsets got tighter). Bill and Ted have returned to a world where phone boxes only have defibrillators. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back being Bad Boys. Harrison Ford is at it again with the announcement of a new Indiana Jones movie.

So I'm just wondering... is this a new trend? Tapping into our nostalgia whilst ensuring that each well-loved story barrel is well and truly scraped clean? Or can you offer up older examples where an actor returns perhaps decades later to reprise the same role? And which well-loved movie would you like to be rebooted starring the same actor(s)? Personally, I'd like to see a new version of Home Alone with a middle-aged Macaulay Culkin.

A bit of forum news. The 'About This Thread' box is now truncated if it's more than about 300 pixels high - but there's a 'Show Full Description...' button at the bottom to see the whole thing. The idea behind this is that the stuff below it can get really lost if it's massive. I've had one or two people say "Down with this sort of thing", and so if you really don't like it, go to the forum, and click the settings button, and you can turn 'Always Expand Thread Descriptions' on. Your shout.

Down below the thread description is the stuff I wanted to highlight. Thread descriptions these days tend to have a bunch of links in them. Sometimes these link through to site features, but they can also link to third party sites. I've given these links a separate box called 'Useful Links'. If you're the person who manages a thread, you can insert all your links here, and this will hopefully make the description a bit more succinct.

And below the Useful Links is the new Related Threads box. If you read my blog, you probably know the taggers have been working hard to make this work - and by and large, the threads it's offering up are better than they used to be. That's the hope anyway.
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  • Thanks for the "Always expand" option. I curate a couple of fairly long thread descriptions and it's good to be able to see them in full as the standard view.
    ♪♫ Synge ♪♫
    10:46pm, 20th Jan 2021
  • I'd like to see Sid James in Carry on President.
    Ocelot Spleens
    10:48pm, 20th Jan 2021
  • Rick Moranis in Honey I educated the kids.
    Ocelot Spleens
    10:53pm, 20th Jan 2021
  • I love what the taggers have achieved and I love the external links. Thank you and your volunteers
    10:57pm, 20th Jan 2021
  • I’m sure there must be older examples than Paul Newman reprising the role of Fast Eddie in The Colour Of Money, 25 years years after The Hustler...but I’m struggling to think of any at the moment.
    10:59pm, 20th Jan 2021
  • The new Home Alone you wish for, with Kevin 1.0, is actually in the works! I believe it would've been released Christmas 2020, were it not for COVID.
    6:12am, 21st Jan 2021
  • You want to try Cobra Kai on Netflix. Almost the entire casts of Karate Kid 1,2 and 3 are in it. It's brill :-) Wax on , wax off
    6:58am, 21st Jan 2021
  • I'd say Matt Damon in last Jason Bourne was miling it a bit. All the Bonds. No acknowledgement of age or paunch? Except Daniel Craig, some fun references to his ageing. Loads of great improvements. Thanks. :-) G
    7:34am, 21st Jan 2021
  • Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Zimmer Frame?
    9:34am, 21st Jan 2021
  • I recall Mary Jane Smith being in a new Doctor Who. Good work with threads, Fetch!
    1:48pm, 21st Jan 2021

19 Jan 2021

The honeymoon is over

It was windy out, and the last few days had been cold, so I wore my thicker long sleeve top today. I regretted it, because I was cooking like a boil in the bag turkey. And although the first few miles were great, when I turned for home, the wind hit me in the face and made the running tougher. Do you ever get that feeling that the wind is disrupting your breathing? That's definitely a thing for me.

It was a bit of a battle, but I got it done. And then my shiny lovely new Garmin knocked a point off my VO2max, and told me my training status was "unproductive". Well frick you, Mr Shiny. All you had to do was sit on my wrist whilst I did all the hard work. Sitting there, being all deterministic, following your programming. Using the electricity that, let's not forget, I damn well fed you in the first place. Maybe it's because you were hidden up my sleeve, and perhaps you didn't notice the wind. Little git. One should be allowed a bonus fitness point if you swear at your watch creatively enough.

In all seriousness, I think it saw my heart rate suddenly quite a bit higher for the same pace, and came to the conclusion that I'd become less fit. I'll be interested to see if my next non-windy, non-too-hot run can convince it otherwise.

It *does* have a flattery button though, which is good for making you feel better. It predicts 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon times that I'd take right now in a heartbeat. All watches should have a flattery button. Go on, tell me I'm good :-)

It was also weigh-in day today. On NYD, I had crept up to 13st1, which is the heaviest I've been for as long as I can remember. I've been aiming for no alcohol, no crisps and no chocolate. Largely that's been a success - easier to report my failings:

4th Jan
A cube of flapjack forced into my mouth by The Boy. He thought it would be funny. And it was. Probably more for him than me, but heck, I've encouraged him all his life. Do you remember how Inspector Clouseau encouraged his assistant Cato to attack him randomly, to help the inspector stay alert? That. But without the racial stereotyping, thankfully.

5th Jan
One Twirl, for my journey back from seeing The Boy. My time with him puts me in contact with more chocolate, crisps (and alcohol, although I can't blame that or any of it on the boy!). I was pleased that I'd batted out the time without cracking, so I gave myself a reward for the car, safe in the knowledge that I couldn't immediately reach for another one. Those multipack Twirls are tiny (just looked it up - 17 grams!) I remember when I couldn't eat most mainstream chocolate bars sideways.

Aside from that, things have been good. I might have squeezed the golden syrup bottle over my porridge a little harder (not a euphemism) these last few weeks - but I'm pleased to be feeling better about my eating and drinking. If you're looking to stop or at least get control over your alcohol intake, then I ****highly**** recommend the TBOGUA thread. I check in most days, to confirm that I'm planning not to drink any alcohol for that day - and there's always lots of encouragement. Some of that solidarity has helped me with the snacking as well, I am sure. Here's the thread - pop in:

So (sorry Sharkie) the weigh-in. Here you go, with toenails redacted for those with sensitive stomachs:

That's 5.5lbs in 19 days, and feeling good for it. I will now tell my Garmin *exactly* what it can do with a lifetime supply of chocolate.
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  • LOL at toe-nail redaction :) Great weightloss - well done!
    2:36pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • The toenail redaction had me properly lol :-) thank you :-)
    2:38pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • That's great progress on weight. Well done. Thanks for TBOGUA thread advertising. Thanks! :-) G
    2:39pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I love the rant at your watch :-)
    Elsie Too
    2:41pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Well done. And yes, thanks for the mention.
    2:41pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Impressive. I should probably follow your examples. (Mt toenails are a mess!)
    I lost weight over Christmas, am steadily gaining it back as we eat up the Christmas loot before it goes out of date*. (*Lying!)
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    2:41pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I've cut out alcohol this month to help with my wife's decision to have a dry January. However I have had a can of cider with a work colleague because he gave me one for doing him a favour and it would have been rude not to.
    Fenland Flier
    2:42pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I was actually wondering if you’d taped yourself to the scales and was attempting something silly like jumping around the office. Well done on the weight loss and the wind is your friend ... sometimes.
    2:44pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • :-)
    2:47pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Well done on the weight loss. If it's any consolation, I've run Personal Bests and been told my my Garmin that it was "unproductive" :-)
    2:51pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Well done. I'm back on the scales after a few weeks off - logging on Mondays when FE reminds me :) I didn't get caught out by the warmth this morning - the weather forecast on my phone said 10*C - I don't think it was quite that hot - but I wasn't prepared for the wind! Did an out and back - didn't notice it at all on the way out!
    2:51pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Great weight loss and I have toenails which require to be redacted also!
    2:53pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I record my activities as trail running rather than running and it seems to confuse it sufficiently not to give me fitness updates.
    2:55pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Here's the full rainbow of available colours from Garmin over the last 6 months:

    Yellow = maintaining
    Green = productive
    Orange = unproductive (and a subconscious attack on that other site ;-) )
    Blue/Purple = peaking
    Grey/Black = Detraining :-O HOW DARE THEY!!! :-)
    3:02pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I’m glad my Garmin is old and not sophisticated at all (like it’s owner!😜😂) so it doesn’t tell me how rubbish my running is!

    Good weight loss btw.
    3:03pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Nice weight loss, at that rate you should disappear in about 2 years.
    3:37pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • 😀😀
    3:56pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • That is excellent weight loss for the time, steady. Thanks for covering the toes, could have given someone a nasty surprise!
    3:58pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Ooh, hands up who remembers the ugly feet competition on RW forum. I could beat these, easy-peasy.
    oi you
    4:24pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • You haven't seen what's under the black stripes :-)
    4:29pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I got a new Garmin 245 for Christmas and its various forms of flattery are great. It too gives me predicted times that I'd dream of and based on the VO2 Max it says I am simply excellent 😀
    4:48pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I think life needs a flattery button sometimes
    5:59pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I thought Garmin VO2 max was supposed to be able to account for the wind? I turned off Garmin training status as it doesn't know much about training IMO. It bases it all on what your VO2 max is doing but if you're in heavy training you'll be running tired quite so VO2 max is unlikely to be at peak until either you taper or adapt so the unproductive message is just annoying.

    To be clear, you can still see training load and Vo2 max with training status off, it just doesn't remark on your training.
    6:33pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I thought you had chosen black nail varnish and smudge it lol. Good work, well done :-)
    Lip Gloss
    8:25pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • I like the idea of a flattery button on every watch.
    8:32pm, 19th Jan 2021
  • Nice work on the weight loss. And yes, a Flattery button would be great.
    8:42pm, 19th Jan 2021

18 Jan 2021

Dirty data

I've been reading the Firstbeat white paper on estimating VO2max - you can see it here:

They don't appear to offer up any equations, but they do explain some of their methodology. The basis of their calculation is a heart rate vs speed graph, which allows them to estimate the runner's speed at max HR, and from there, the VO2max.

Page 3 of the paper shows some of the bad data that they attempt to trim out. This is stuff like pausing at traffic lights, bad GPS signal affecting pace, and jumpy HR data from a bad connection.

I thought it would be interesting to look at my data, and see if I could clean it up programmatically. In my blog on 8th Jan, I tried doing so manually, noticing that the first mile or so of my runs weren't representative of the rest, in terms of pace vs heart rate.

To begin, I grabbed my training data for the last four weeks (I've had my new watch for a month now, and still loving it! Wheee!). I smushed it all together, and broke each run down into 100 metre splits (you can do this with your own runs - just look for the split options just above the splits graph).

I sorted all the splits into order by heart rate; and for each heart rate, I calculated the average pace.

You can see the results from my data here:

or if you track your heart rate, you can see what your own data looks like here:

In my case, the bulk of my running is done between 120 and 160bpm (the green graph), and there's a tantalising hint of a slope downwards from left to right on the red graph (i.e. the obvious 'heart rate increases as speed increases'). The slope, intercept and r^2 values of a straight line through the data are included, if you like that sort of thing.

That's the data at its dirtiest. At infrequent heart rates (below 120 especially in my case) the average pace is erratic, because there's less data. I reckon that anything down there can be trimmed off.

And (not shown) each of my 100 metre splits has an average heart rate - but I can also see the min and max values. A 100m split that has a significant uphill will have a wider heart range than a consistent 100m on the flat. Likewise, a 100m split with a wait to cross the road will have a wider heart rate range, or failing that, a pace that is inconsistent with the 100m on either side. That's where I'm headed next.

I'll leave this blog here for now, but I will post again tomorrow after I've done some more scrubbing. Leave a comment if you've got any bright ideas :-)

And because I know someone will ask, the answer is 74 :-) That doesn't include me, but I'm going to carry on anyway.
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  • Heart betas was possibly an unintentional pun
    3:47pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • thanks for the answer :-)
    3:48pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Nice; suggest dropping any null values (I think I've got a big tall entry in "null" because I ran without a HRM once or twice!).
    3:54pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • two things, any estimation of Vo2 max using age is crap, everyone is different, I think, when you look at blood samples from real lab max tests there is a very quick uptick right at the end as you reach Lactate turn point, vo2 max is genetically limited (training gets you to push your lactate turnpoint up, rather than increase your vo2 max, and I wish people would not get hung up on it and think about other stuff too like running economy. That's 4 BTW.
    Ocelot Spleens
    3:56pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • OS - I haven't mentioned age.
    Larkim - I've squished the nulls.
    3:59pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • NDWDave - damn, that would have been a great pun for the title :-)
    3:59pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • How about overlaying HR zones onto the graph somehow? If we've filled it in, you've got RHR and MaxHR so could calculate the classic Z1 to Z5 zones. And I suppose anything below Z1 (50% HRR) could be discounted then (for running, anyway).
    4:08pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • I was wondering why my graph didn't slope down to the right (reducing time vs. HR) but it's because I haven't done any speed work! All hilly miles with HR 170 just as likely to be at pace 18 min / mile as 9 min / mile! :-)
    4:10pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Does any of this take into account whether you are going up or down hill?
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    5:35pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Not sure if you're aware but Garmin (aka firstbeat) also ignore certain categories of run. Anything classed as, or derived from, "trail run" isn't used for updates on the basis the terrain affects the data.
    5:39pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • That's only on some watches flanker. But the principle of being able to filter which types of runs this new analysis looks at definitely feels like a good idea.
    6:10pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • I'm intrigued at how the R^2 value is negative.
    6:19pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • All rather interesting! My twopennorth, the Garmin site just delivers a flat VO2Max value for the entire run, but it would be great to be able to select a particular section of a run and ask for the VO2Max to be calculated on that bit (with an error message if you select insufficient data).
    6:32pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Thanks for the tip/reminder about how to adjust our own splits, too!
    MarkyMarkMark (3M)
    7:47pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Sigh - As fetch said in his blog, it delivers a VO2 max for the run but doesn't necessarily use the whole run to calculate that VO2 max.
    8:24pm, 18th Jan 2021
  • Very interesting, no bright ideas but eagerly awaiting yours.
    11:05pm, 18th Jan 2021

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This just in...
For Bean
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Fetch Caps
Garmin Communicator Plugin
Fetch App - strong and stable testing
HTTPS is here
Fetch App progress
https access to the site
May (14)
Fetch App
Site down at 11pm
Round and round the garden
Try the new home page layout
Server down tonight @ 11pm
Browser testers wanted
The Big Fetch Mile!!!
Site *NOT* down tonight. [cough]
Bluffer's Competition - Winner
Bedford parkrun timelapse
Return of the cap
April (8)
Fetchpoint (London and Milton Keynes!)
Base camp, VMLM
Just for D2
Off to the awards
Hoodies - it's on!
Updated Training Home Page
March (6)
'Train' page
Project Joker
Hoodies and Londons
Hands up, hands UP! Draycote Water 10
Bluffer's Competition
Project Joker
February (12)
Running Awards shortlisted
Route Plotter now with OpenStreetMap
Plan for Bluffer's comp
Update to Route Plotter
First update to the route mapper
For Angus
Virtuous Circles
Competition coming soon
Race Guide Ads
Club La Santa vLog
Fetch Fixtures
January (5)
Word Clouds
Buckets Ready
New Home Page
Do me a favour...
Limited Companies, filing accounts, that sort of thing
2016 (128)
December (11)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
Five Years Ago Today
Pantsfest! May the stains be ever in your favour!
Photoshop SOS
Attention: Fitbit users
Bedford Half 2016
Luton Fetchmob: Breaking Point
Vote Fetch!
Breaking news: Paris Marathon
November (21)
How to end a LiveChat.
Define wrong
TomTom Runner 3 Review - Any Questions?
Movember: Project Beard: Day 24: Beardraggled
Festive Fetch Calendar 2016
We're gonna be in the Hudson
Hey Chiefy
I've written summat
Going Postal
A special mention
Training Log Beta
Spare Hoodies
Updates to Training Beta
Movember: Project Beard - Day 8 (The Seven Day Itch)
Vote for Fetch
Training Log Detail View - Some Changes
Aberdeen University Study
Consultation V2
Fetchpoint - October Winners and November Prizes
October (16)
Alien nuggets!
Keeping a tight lid on the biscuit tin
Training Log Beta
100 Running Words
Fetchmob, December 3rd
Where to mob?
Little things
That All-Time Mileage League
The sudoku that keeps on giving.
Sub-25 for 1km :-)
Fetchmob - December 3rd
New Training Log Preview
Fixed the overlap...
Why the new training log isn't ready yet...
September (12)
Doughnut or Donate
Training Log - Sneak Peek
Fetch Shop Sale! Old stuff clearout!
The consultation system...
Garmin support for timezone info
The GMT/BST/Timezone problem
Training Log Consultation...
Training Log - Consultation
Fetch Social Runs
Subscriber shirts, vests and hoodies, and determination.
Fetch Voluntary Subscriptions
August (3)
Ze Gryndylows! My first #OWS :-)
Testing Fetchpoint exclusion zones
Fetchpoint scoring system
July (7)
Conquercise Prize Draw?
Fetch Games: Checkpoints (and what's wrong with them)
More owls...
Your Favourite Fetch Game?
Even More Utmost Than Before...
15 days later...
June (10)
Five days on...
A quick thank you...
What do you think?
If you'd be so kind...
Which watch?
Run Bedford 10k
Import from a TomTom
Attention TomTom users
May (10)
Race Distance poll
An ungainly fish
A five year plan
What Club La Santa can learn from parkrun
Cream Me Up, Scotty
Greetings from Club La Santa
And a quick poll...
Club Charter
A poll about intervals
More owls!
April (11)
Robin Hood and his Merry Dad :-)
Warning: Dull - some screen res stats
Responsive Design Update
For all you marathoners
A Poll
Ditching the forum categories?
Moving to Responsive Design
Sandy 10: Be Kind To Horses
For Adam and Jamie
March (11)
Bacon Smoke!
Benchmarks Update
Bath - Race Report
An annoying eight-year-old.
Let's Cook and Cut and Paste :-)
Let's Cook :-)
RIP Gramma
Book Winners
Dog farming
Site header update
February (5)
Book Giveaway
Pi Club
Pi Project Update
Because I'd like to check the blogging badges are working...
January (11)
Snooker Freak
Badges - Another Update
Unlockable Badges - Update
Unlockable Badges
TomTom Runner 2 Review
Gallery updates
Snowball coding and Fetch Unlockables!
Achievement Medals - what do you reckon?
Run The Sum
2015 Book List (and a bit of a review / plan)
Festive Fetch Calendar - Winners
2015 (175)
December (7)
Red Red Wine
A Poll
Gis a job!
Bedford Half
Vote for Fetch
Now you've hopefully got the idea...
November (13)
The Festive Fetch Calendar
Don't get excited or anything...
Slightly Dismal Friday
Pre-order your Fetch Buff now :-)
A message from our sponsor
Dr Fetch will see you now
Only the grumbliest, achiest chocolate... :-)
The Stanford Experiment
Buff Design
Snugs - Review
Love, Commitment, Support
The pre-wedding blog!
Good morning Fetchers, good morning Everyone
October (9)
Monthly Totals
Did you write a blog yesterday?
The First Rule of Web Server Maintenance
The gain line
The zipper challenge!
Sugar daddy
Now in colour!
Competition Time!!!
September (14)
Teach your kids (or yourself) to code
Sticky Training Choices
Goodies: GetMore water and the Alcatel OneTouch Watch
Shirt size guidelines
This nearly made it...
Subscriber Shirt Design
I've got wood!
New Beginnings
Some more questions answered
Some responses to your comments
Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies
August (8)
24 hours in the south
24 hours in the north
Fetchies Assemble!
Thank you
Better knowledge than riches
Fitbit Urge
The villainous Mr Fetch!
Uncomfortable rear
July (8)
Why don't you play Conquercise?
Another week of strange training
Book Giveaway - Winners
GPS Reviews
Criteria for reviewing a GPS
Auto-bike-detector :-)
Win some bookses :-)
Half Way!
June (13)
Time Lapse Clouds
TomTom Bandit - very QUICK first impressions
My wings are like a shield of steel!
Running plus Cycling update
Stalkers Paradise!
Recommend me a bike :-)
Holy Steamrollers Batman!
Rest day (no such thing)
We will now imitate the flight of a goose :-)
You made me ink! Snorkel safari :-)
Good morning from CLS :-)
May (10)
Club La Santa :-)
The AWESOME Power of Fetchies!
Home Insurance Shaftage :-/
Editing Forum Posts
The Future!
Some London Marathon stats
Walking On The Moon
Hardest parkrun?
New found wisdom
Week 1
April (11)
Marathon vLog
I owe some hugs!
And that concludes the voting from the Danish judges
Adventures in geocaching
Your video clips wanted!
Jelly with no spoons
Random Ultra
Suncream in my eyes - a review of 'Running and Stuff'
Books what I've read this year
Measuring the effect of wind
Wind Roses
March (18)
Watching the tide roll away
A great week of running!
Happy Jigs Wisdom!
Mobile Fetch
I don't do this very often...
Breathless Optimism
20 miles yesterday
This Week's vLog
Decision Trees and the sub-4!
Democracy Street
Mayan Maths
Bath Half (at last)
Still a chicken
Costume Drama in Bath
TomTom importing
Updated 'Train' page
February (29)
An Unexpected Journey
Wind picking up...
An unplanned kit alarm
Race Pace Test
2nd place
Week ends
Barking carrots
Bedroom pizza
Top of the mountain
Blogs get the mobile treatment
Supersonic Katie, and a marathon pace question
Back home
Racing parkrun ;-)
Unblocking the sink
Start in Darkness
Some times I'd like
Mobile Site - Forum Section
All-Time Leaderboards
Sword fighting
PB Attempts
Duct tape and WD40
Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants
Shoe horning
Training vLog Week 13
Big February Project
January (35)
Cake, invalidated
Small sips
LiRF, award shortlist, beginners, books, boy.
Dog Available :-)
New Recipe Section
Another threshold run
New Beginnings
But far more importantly...
Fetch Beginners Programme
Give it a go :-)
Training vLog - Week 11
Threshold Run (a running blog)
Long day, short blog
(Lack of) Pump Action
A thread to follow
This Boy Can
Local Leaderboards for Checkpoints
February 18th
The Travelling Checkpoint Salesman
Acorn Antiques
Bearing Up
Deleted Bridges and Dodgy Lasers
I'm Batman!
Healthy and Appy
Punch O'Clock!
The plan, then.
Ten mile toes
On Parliament
Bold Claims, and a Challenge for 2015
2014 (262)
December (9)
A trip to Wales (vLog)
Christmas Messages from Fetchies
FERC London Marathon Places - Draw
It's gone in my sock...
Festive Fetch Five
This Week's Training
To the Post Office!
Training vLog - Week 4
November (12)
I Am Groot!
Slightly Dismal Friday
Week 3 - in which I nearly drown my wife!
I said yes :-)
Free Daps! aka Test GORE-TEX® footwear this winter!
Training vLog - Week 2
More chances for VMLM entries
Marathon Talk
My first training vLog :-)
Second place?
In :-)
Questionnaire about personality traits amongst runners
October (16)
Adidas API
Horseplay minimiser
Running with the big dog
Flat and Windy
Who'd like to test the Garmin API then?
Advantage Borg
Milk Tray Reps in the Rain
Hatfield 5k, and some other running thoughts
Site layout changes
Vote for Training Plans
Maths help
September (8)
A quick device poll
Garmin Connect API
Cake at the lake :-)
Empowering Women
This Week's Training
Tick :-)
Article help
First outing with the Harriets
August (7)
Book club and Harriers
A treasure trove for bookish types
What I did on my Summer Holidays
Local decoration
The Fisher King
Mojitos and no mosquitos!
July (26)
James Mason
Missing Week
Camping View
Wild Camping
Transalpine Race
In brief
Urgent! Pair of runners wanted!
Fetch Kit Available to Pre-order :-)
Fetch Anniversary Kit - Preview
API and FAK!
That dog has a puffy tail
More books
Reverse Moses
Zombies vs Plants
Shovel required
Catcher in the Rye
My sister the psychologist
Drink your strong limey drink
Keep me in the loop
Bread knives, hedgehogs and the dog in the night time
June (34)
Checkpoints video
Happy boys and giggly imps
Spring loaded
Elbow grease
Fetch 10th Anniversary Kit
Fetch YouTube Tutorial - Race Guide
Finding the Library folder on a Mac
Sonic screwdriver
Live wires
Wiring help needed
Garmin Express Experiment
Scalded sloth
New Forum Layout
Further updates to the blog layout
New blog layout
First woodpecker
Beastin' parkrun
All was well
Marking Territory
The People's Poet Is Dead :-(
Holy Water
Throwing shapes
Life moves pretty fast
Recursion is beautiful
Win an OS Explorer / Landranger map of your choice
Intervals with a Suunto Ambit 2S
Economy done two ways
May (31)
Vorsprung Durch Lego Technic
How do I liberate my boy from his XBox?
Life in the Woods
Intervals with a TomTom
Tree fluff
More camping
Zen and Camping
Not eaten by bears
Bear food
Camping List
Camping Venn Diagrams
Floppy dog
Routes but not Rathbone
Illustrator wanted
The Cosmic Ballet Goes On
Silverstone 10k :-)
Quick one
Superhuman snooker
Chapter 1
April (29)
King Bin
Quiet day on Feedback Mountain
Go directly to parkrun. Do not pass Godzuki.
A day in Wales
The Lost Diadem of Fetchbook
Falling asleep in my dinner
God gave rock and roll to you.
Sugar Mule
Not bad, consid'rin.
Can U Dig It?
A weekend in Wales
Looking forward to Oliver!
Thank you, and more App talk
Pyjamas at both ends.
Thump. Saturday has started.
Sore tum :-/
Zombies aside... first impressions of the new TomTom
TomTom Runner Cardio Press Event
Am I pregnant?
March (31)
Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes Cornflakes
Sandy 10
Me on YouTube
New graphs live
Follow the dot
Only the best for the Captain's table
Mrs Diahann Wagner is GOING HORNY
Sport Relief Win
Hot dogs, quick blogs
Toton Sidings
A sign!
Owen Farrell visualisation technique
Booster fails to ignite
Myton Rugby Run (5 Miler)
Rugby before rugby
Sweetcorn antidote
Custard factory
I did some intervals :-)
Speed work?
Many things
A bit cabbagey here.
Angry Wasp
Rainbow's End
Core Dump
Bath Half (in detail)
A quick overview
Down to business in Bath
February (28)
Made it to Bath
Unexpected hugs
I like to go a-wandering
Spring cleaning
Because We're Worth It
I don't know what!
Thanks Jim
Enough now
Clearing the pipes
Crouch, Touch, Pause...
Medication, that's what you need.
Symptom Tour
Hello FBI
Dazed day
Why I'm an optimist
Mobius birds
Snotty knuckles
In this house...
Retch Everyone
Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also
Angry Birds
Clarkson averse
Good day :-)
January (31)
*bunting* *cake*
Bigger Boys
Pretending to be Saga Norén
Waiting for the AA
Ship shape
Technology takes you further
Love Garden
High Heel Striker
Bit of a rubbish one
Hot Re-fills
Coding Grinch
An august prediction
Some Running Goals for Q1
Wipe-clean dog
Breaking it down
Snakes and Ladders
Bigger Ponds
Drink Your Weak Lemon Drink
All in All
Panning the pancake
Does JK Rowling own a dog?
Back to the kitchen table
Steve Davis shoes
Pigs on a water slide
19 books :-)
2013 (29)
December (3)
Engine Management Light
Hannibal Vector
November (3)
Speed skating
Cool Hand Grandpa
October (3)
Minecraft Cake
Random dump
September (2)
Blog by Email!
Catchup blah
August (3)
Big Green Caterpillar
Questions answered - final CLS blog
Last Days at Club La Santa
July (10)
A nice morning of swimming and tennis
Please Read: Questions for a sports coach
Hitting the straps
First Impressions at Club La Santa
Mile High Blog
Clocking off
For the second week running...
Another Club La Santa catchup
The Floor In The Plan
June (3)
Club La Santa
Bulk Uploading, and win a book
FERC Charities 2011-2012
March (1)
Bath Weekend
January (1)
Meet Steve
2012 (39)
December (2)
Tired Now Boss
Bath - Week 14 + Foodbank
November (3)
White Level Reading
Bath - Week 15
Bath - Week 16
October (2)
C'mon Dave
July (1)
RIP Arnie
June (2)
Rub some bacon on it
18 weeks
May (9)
Techy not tetchy
Time for a techy blog
Time to walk the dog
Stevington 12k
Properly coldy
Still a bit coldy
New blog design live
A bit coldy
Blogs Redesign
April (2)
March (8)
A long run up
Running Tick
Sport Relief Mile
Back once again
Swimming sweetcorn and other vegetables
Joy Rides, Sticks and Medals
Training Tip
February (9)
Katie, ICT, and some more MySQL
May The Ground Force Be With You
Well done Batman.
Optimisation Crossword
Snow Days
Gallery, and parkrun
January (1)
There Are Some Really Sexy Girls On Fetch

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