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Ian Williams aka Fetch
10 Dec 2019

Thursday's Challenge

12:52pm | 373 views | 9 Comments
Just to give you a bit of thinking time, Thursday is Fetch Independence Day. If you want to know what it's all about, have a read of my blog from last year - it pretty much sums it up: fetcheveryone.com/blog/3/2018/12#blog387839

Anyway... every year we do a daft picture, recreating (with a good dose of leeway) one of our favourite movie scenes. We'd love it if you'd get involved and post a pic on the day, and you'll get extra tickets in the hat for a very special prize that will go down a treat with all serious runners such as yourselves.

We've stuck pretty closely to Star Wars - here's what we did in 2018 and 2017:



And here are some of my favourites from last year...

Valyrian Plastic as Harold Lloyd

Jigs and Mrs Jigs as Leon and Matilda

McGoohan does pretty much anyone from Alien (I think)

DocMoye gets Brassed Off

Thanks, Fetchies :-)
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  • Love those heart
    1:03pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • Your last year's blog made me cry. Again. Thurs looks mad so I'm giving myself permission to not do the challenge but I'll look forward to seeing everyone else's and will celebrate FID with everyone heart
    1:05pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • guess i cant reuse the same one now its been put up for all to see
    1:05pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • Strong with the force are we .... it was The Rise Of Fetcheveryone for sure.
    1:10pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • Ace. I missed the Brassed Off one last year. Love it. :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:07pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • Mr and Mrs J look ace
    Ding Derby merrily on Tup
    4:53pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • These are great 👍 will have to try and be creative! 😁
    5:10pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • I've been looking forward to this :)
    Valyrian Partridge
    10:31pm, 10th Dec 2019
  • That was indeed my very best attempt at John Hurt
    8:46am, 11th Dec 2019

Keep me in the loop!

07 Dec 2019

Which GPS?

11:40am | 894 views | 77 Comments
If you're purchasing anything on Amazon, it helps us a little bit if you use the Amazon link in the footer. They didn't like it when I used their generic Amazon link, hence I've just picked a Fitbit at random.

The commission is a few percent better if I can publish links to specific products, because (I guess) in Amazon's eyes, I am helping people find their way to those products. Ooh, gosh, does that make me an influencer? I really hope not :-)

In a blatant and honest attempt to harvest some Amazon commission, I'd like to put together a page with links to all the most popular GPS watches. And it might even prove useful, if it could allow people to ask questions about features, or provide reviews, pitfalls etc.

So if you wouldn't mind, please could you leave a comment stating the make and model of GPS watch (if you have one), and perhaps the one you've got your eye on. I'll use this info to make a starter page, listing the most popular ones.

Thanks :-)

EDIT I've made a start here: fetcheveryone.com/gps.php
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  • Great idea Fetch. I got a Forerunner 735XT for my birthday on Tuesday. (What I really wanted was the Happy Birthday badge ;-) ) If money was no object I'd be tempted by a Fenix
    Love Sprouts
    11:44am, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've got a Garmin Forerunner 35 which does me very nicely thankyou.
    11:46am, 7th Dec 2019
  • I’ve got a 910XT which looks a bit like a wrist version of an ASBO young offender but has a 20 hour battery, does triathlon, and can be now purchased for a knock down price. Mine is 5 years old and still going strong
    11:46am, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've got a Fenix 5s - got the s version as it fits my skinny wrists better than the bigger 5 or humungous 5x.
    The Fenix 6/6s/6x is out now which does all sort of fancy things which I don't really need, but of course I want !!
    K5 Gus
    11:51am, 7th Dec 2019
  • Fenix 5 is amazing
    11:54am, 7th Dec 2019
  • I got a 735XT 10 days ago (replacing a 610), a bargain from wiggle, but a day too early for the even better bargain from amazon. Sorry for the loss of your influencer fee.

    I am about to buy some oven mate and an oven scraper from amazon though ...

    Aiming to do battle with the oven before Xmas guests arrive.
    11:55am, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've got a lowly Fenix 3 (pre optical hrm) and won't buy another until the battery dies on this one.

    Can you not harvest (at least Garmin models) from the data import?
    11:56am, 7th Dec 2019
  • Vivoactive 3 - does some things well, but doesn't do some of the basics properly (like measuring distance in hilly areas!!!)
    11:57am, 7th Dec 2019
  • C9 has a Fitbit verso :-) MrS one of them Apple Watch things and I’ve got a Garmin 235 which is lovely but I’d love a Fenix if anyone is offering. You influence me to get out and about and to share my love of running, that’s good surely ;-) ?
    12:01pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235 :)
    12:08pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 230
    12:09pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have a Forerunner 735xt, a Forerunner 35 (which I use most because it recognises walking as A Thing) and an Edge 820 for cycling. I'm in the market for another 735xt for eL Bee! if the price comes back down to what it was on Black Friday.
    Raptors Claws are Coming to Town
    12:14pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Forerunner 230 for me too.
    12:17pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    Big Steve
    12:26pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • V'rap - still £185 on wiggle, less £10 'first time' user. Or £155 on Amazon. (watch only)
    And (probably) influencer fees for Fetch with the link at the very bottom ...
    12:26pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    12:30pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Oumaumau- I did try that a while back, but the model numbers that the FIT files were spitting out didn’t seem to correlate to model names in the FIT SDK.
    12:31pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have a Garmin Forerunner 35 (Lime, because it was cheaper). I like it.
    12:32pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have Garmin Forerunner 935.
    12:36pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    Hark the Herald Angels ♪♫ Synge
    12:41pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I’ve got a Garmin 220 but have my eye on the 245 music. Looking to buy for Christmas or shortly after.
    I saw mummy kissing Pothunter
    12:42pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Forerunner 935 - pure loveliness
    Homer! The Herald Angels Sing
    12:48pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I plan to upgrade my Forerunner 235 to a 245 next year; the 235 was launched in the Autumn of 2015, I got mine in Feb 2017. The 245 replaced it this Spring.

    For true impartiality, maybe include your link to it on Wiggle as well? The 245 has two main options, with or without Music.

    245 without music at Wiggle (RRP £250, currently £220): wiggle.co.uk

    same at Amazon is £210 + shipping - not actually sold by Amazon but by "BASEo Romford" :-( amazon.co.uk

    245 with music at Wiggle (RRP £300, currently £270): wiggle.co.uk

    same at Amazon is dispatched from a US-based seller at is a whopping £558.51 + £13.36 Shipping :-O amazon.co.uk
    Auld Lang Sigh
    12:50pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have Garmin Forerunner 245 Music and my Hubby Garmin Forerunner 735 XT
    Yvonne H
    12:50pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Fenix 5 here.
    12:56pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 645 Music, and so still got a 910xt lying around in case I ever get round to doing a tri again.
    12:57pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    1:02pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin forerunner 35
    Wriggling Snake
    1:09pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • 735xt This is a triath watch and was discounted to half price. Fenix 5x ideal for wsw as the maps/courses are very good. It is otherwise robust, heavy and stupidly expensive.
    Hercule Grytpype-Thynne
    1:23pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • You might struggle with selling the 735 (did I mention I need to replace my Tom Tom). 1-2 month dispatch date 🙁
    1:36pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have a Fenix 2 a few years old but still going strong
    1:39pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • TomTom ☹️
    1:53pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • It's a shame they pulled out. I thought they were pretty nice.
    1:56pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I have a 735xt. I’ve been using it for 3 years. Best Garmin I’ve had.
    1:56pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I imagine that with a few data analysis algorithms, you could do quite well at showing targeted relevant links.
    E.g. if someone only logs running using an old device, maybe promote the Garmin FR245, and then if they start logging some bike rides using the same watch you could begin showing them links to the Garmin Edge series bike devices.
    If someone starts logging runs, rides and swims (and especially if they’re logging brick sessions) on an old device like the Garmin FR235, start showing them links to the Garmin 945 and Fenix series, etc.
    If someone logs cycling in spring, summer, autumn and then none in the winter, maybe show them some smart connected turbo-trainers.
    2:01pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garming Forerunner 25, un-adventurously thinking of a Garmin foreruFer 35
    mr d
    2:02pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • 230 and 235
    2:03pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I used to use the Garmin Forerunner 235, but have upgraded to the Garmin Fenix 6. Also have a Garmin Edge 1000 for cycling.
    2:05pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Thanks for that info, um :) eL Bee! is currently ordering his Welcome Back to Running present.
    Raptors Claws are Coming to Town
    2:16pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Vivoactive 3. Great all-rounder, especially the garmin pay for emergency drinks or transport. Looking to upgrade to the Vivoactive 4 music.
    2:18pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 935. I "upgraded" from a 920XT because I wanted optical HR. The 935 optical HR is hit and miss on me and must be due to a thin wrist as it works well on almost everyone else. And so, Santa, I've been very good and I'd like a 945 with the updated HR to see if works on me. But, Garmin already have more of my money than I'd like and so that's not going to happen unless someone wants a cared for 935 and/or 920XT for Christmas at a fair price. Not that I'm advertising but they still have boxes for the authentic present like appearance. There are also two 305s in the watch biscuit tin that could do with going to good homes. Perhaps then the 945 could be mine to discover that my wrist is too thin for that too. The multi-sport functions on the 935 and 920 are excellent; particularly for those of us who can't count swimming strokes and lengths at the same time.
    2:22pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I'm yet another Garmin Forerunner 235.

    I love it but then it's my first GPS watch and after so many years of using a phone it's soooo good to have one :-)
    2:27pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Vivoactive 3 for me
    Yorkshire Pie
    2:38pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Forerunner 230 at the moment , considering a 45S as I’ve got dinky wrists.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    3:10pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Oldest model Garmin Vivoactive for me - going strong, and now going cheap on places like EBay, and tbh if my one broke I’d be buying a second hand one as there’s nothing it doesn’t do that i would want from a newer or higher spec watch.
    3:14pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've got a 235. Not in the market for a new one at the moment but if I was it would be a 245 for the Garmin Pay.
    3:15pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Hey chief, I have a Shinto Ambit 3 Sport with no plans to change it yet. I did buy some security cameras from Amazon this week and used your link. I hope you get something for your trouble.
    4:13pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 920XT, Edge 520 and 1000, Forerunner 60, Garmin Swim (the first version, now 7 years old)
    4:17pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I’ve got a 945 but for garmins the best sellers of the new watches would be the FR245 and Vivoactive4. The FR45 is also a good low cost option
    4:40pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Stop encouraging people to buy pointless crap!
    4:56pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • :-0
    5:01pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    5:20pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 35. My first and only GPS watch. Basic bur suits my needs and is reliable.
    Eynsham the Red knows rain dear.
    5:23pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 310XT which was my Christmas present in 2012 (before that I had a stopwatch, a map, and a bit of string). I have recently bought a 910xt from a clubmate because the 310 is being a bit... inventive with its pace and distances.

    I didn't want anything with a touchscreen. That's basically anything else.
    6:34pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 235
    6:42pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin forerunner 235, bit damaged following my recent fall so being upgraded to the 245 for my Christmas present (if I am lucky)
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    7:29pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 235, does the job for me!
    7:58pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've a Garmin Forerunner 225 which does the job. Not as all-singing as the 235 but perfectly adequate.
    Let it snow Daisy
    8:37pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • A Forerunner 620
    Wintryfree Wonderland
    9:14pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin forerunner 235,only upgraded this year as they're now coming down in price since the new models came out
    9:19pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Forerunner 35, infinitely better than the Suunto Amit 2 it replaced!
    9:31pm, 7th Dec 2019
  • I've got an original square Vivoactive (3 years old I think) and am looking at the Vivoactive 4s wondering if it's worth the switch.
    12:38am, 8th Dec 2019
  • Forerunner 235
    7:49am, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 910
    9:00am, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin forerunner 235
    10:15am, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin fenix 5s
    Wine Legs
    11:05am, 8th Dec 2019
  • Polar M430. Fairly basic but fast and reliable GPS and accurate(for me)wrist HRM
    12:22pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin forerunner 245 (with music) I don’t really use the music function, but it came in white so preferred it to the just the normal 245. I got it as it’s a smaller watch and worked out the cheapest that had all the run features on it.
    cheshire lady
    12:31pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 230 for the day-to-day stuff, Fenix 3 for navigation. Both old, I’ll update to the latest model in each series when they need replacing.
    12:34pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Fenix 6x
    1:52pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Recently upgraded to Garmin 235, 2x runs recorded and happy so far. My 220 did me very well for about 4 years, if I get that again I'll be a very happy boy. Hope the influencer role is still going strong then
    2:44pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Garmin 310XT GPS - old fashioned, big and clunky but does everything i want, i can read it easily and you can get them for under £100
    4:43pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • Fenix 5x plus
    5:02pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • I'm currently using a Tomtom runner, that I got in a £20 job-lot of non-sports watches of eBay.
    It won't sync with my Android Blackberry, so I have to keep an old iPhone around for syncing it.

    I might be tempted by a Garmin 45 in the near future, or a 245 if the price gets below £150.
    5:28pm, 8th Dec 2019
  • I still have a Garmin Forerunner 220 which I've been using since 2015 when my old 205 died in the rain. It doesn't have a built in HRM and records everything as a run (no cycle or swim modes). However, it does what I need it to.

    It keeps a good accurate record of distance (at least it beeps a mile at the same point as everyone else's GPS), keeps a record of the time, and will display the basics of what that means.

    It will do more than that, but most of that to me is "play stuff". How far and how fast is what counts - and my old 220 still does that.
    8:47am, 9th Dec 2019
  • Love my Suunto Ambit 3, no need to mess around with the crappy Garmin software, great battery life and now syncs straight to fetch
    Mulled blindcider
    9:59am, 9th Dec 2019
  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 here - great all day watch, but works well for runners too (as that is my first requirement!) And you can do contactless payments with it!

    You can/should do same with trainers, jackets all the other kit. They're mostly on Amazon as well as in your local running shop. We tried to do shoe and kit reviews before but it always fell off a bit. But if you promoted it for the Amazon links it would probably go better. :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    11:47am, 9th Dec 2019

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02 Dec 2019

Fetch Shop (of sorts)

8:12am | 873 views | 25 Comments
NB The listed stock is up to date, as of 7.40am on December 11th

A few people have been asking recently where the Fetch Shop has gone. The answer is that because I tend to buy kit in batches, most of which has been pre-ordered, I try to end up with as little spare stock as possible. And therefore a permanent Fetch Shop would be a bit understocked. But I would be delighted to sell any of our remaining items to help clear our cupboard.

The following is *everything* we have left. If you would like something, leave a comment (or send me a feedback if it's a surprise) saying what you want. I will drop you an fmail explaining how to pay (bank transfer or Paypal) and asking for your delivery address. I will also keep this list up-to-date if any items get sold.

NB Some of our batches have labelled the ladies stuff with letters, other batches use the numbering system. Soz.

1 Normal Red Vest
3 'Standing on the shoulders of Fetchies' black shirts

1 Normal Red Vest

LADIES 10 (£26)
2 Black 15th Anniversary Vests
1 Red 15th Anniversary Vest

LADIES 12 (£26)
3 Red 15th Anniversary Vests
2 Red 15th Anniversary Shirts
1 Black 15th Anniversary Shirt

LADIES 14 (£26)
1 Red 15th Anniversary Vest
1 Red 15th Anniversary Shirt

LADIES 16 (£26)
1 Red 15th Anniversary Shirt

LADIES 2XL (£26)
1 Normal Red Vest

MENS XS (£26)
1 Black 15th Anniversary Vest

1 Red 15th Anniversary Vest
2 Normal Red Vests

4 Normal Black Vests
2 Red 15th Anniversary Shirt
2 Black 15th Anniversary Vest
1 Red 15th Anniversary Vest

4 Grey Small Hoodies (£30)
10+ Fetch Swimming Caps (£8.50)

What to do: If you would like something, leave a comment (or send me a feedback if it's a surprise) saying what you want. I will drop you an fmail explaining how to pay (bank transfer or Paypal) and asking for your delivery address. I will also keep this list up-to-date if any items get sold.

Thank you!
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  • Could I have a fetch buff please. I've temporarily misplaced my old one!
    8:20am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Sure Garfield - I will send you an fmail with details.
    8:29am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Can I have a buff and a swimming cap please! :-)
    Love Sprouts
    8:33am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Ooh - can I order a buff please if there is still one available?
    Hark the Herald Angels ♪♫ Synge
    8:40am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Can I have the xs hoodie please. Mines getting a bit worn out
    9:11am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • A large duvet please
    9:42am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • :-)
    9:43am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Could I have another swimhat please? (Nothing wrong with the last one; it vanished into someone else's bag at Box End)
    Hark the Heleg-Advent Angels Sing
    11:48am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Of course Helegant - shall I send it to your next river swim with K?
    11:52am, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Re this thread...
    Could we please have a Fetch visor, like a cap but without the bit that covers your head. It could have Fetcheveryone around the bit that goes round your head making fetchies easier to spot 😉
    1:06pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • By the way, how does the size of the xs men's anniversary vest compare to women's sizes?
    1:10pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • ^^ Yes please.
    Hark the Heleg-Advent Angels Sing
    1:12pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Ooh yes please to a visor!
    Let it snow Daisy
    4:03pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • I’d be keen on a buff but I presume the single one listed is spoken for already.
    6:27pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • Halfpint - no, it’s still available. I will fmail you and take it off the list.
    6:30pm, 2nd Dec 2019
  • I’d like a buff and men’s large black anniversary shirt please
    12:50pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • Are the 15th anniversary vests/shirts the ones with the chevrons?
    1:06pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • Dunc - fmail coming your way.
    Pegg - yes, they are these:
    1:12pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • Fetch can I have one of the mens large aniversary shirts please? :-)
    2:23pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • 1step - fmail coming your way...
    2:24pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • Helegant and LazyDaisy (and everyone else 😉) can I draw your attention to number 448 in the site suggestions. Fetch told me to put it there and said if there was enough interest he would think about having them made.
    4:08pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • +1 for a buff
    10:03pm, 3rd Dec 2019
  • can i have one large mens black fetch shirtz.
    12:20pm, 4th Dec 2019
  • Do you still have the ladies size 14 red shirt?
    Mistletoe Meeps
    4:36pm, 6th Dec 2019
  • Any medium mens' tops - preferably shirt rather than vests, but could use either?
    11:06pm, 10th Dec 2019

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29 Nov 2019

The zeroth challenge

10:26am | 494 views | 21 Comments
In case you've missed my subtle hints, The Festive Fetch Calendar (Daily Prizes From December 1st) starts on Sunday :-)

For those of you who don't like the Christmas background to the site, or are just not ready for it yet, you can turn it off. In the page footer, look for the little dropdown that says 'Christmas', and choose a different skin from the options available. I don't mind :-)

There will be no snow on pages until at least the 12th; and you will only see it if you have the Christmas skin enabled.

I *might* have a gap to fill. Shout out your creative suggestions for companies I can approach to plug the gap that I may or may not have. And don't panic, the pasties are already confirmed.

I like to throw in some new challenges each year. There's a new one called Turbo Shandy. But I'd love a few more. Please come up with some in the comments, to help me out.
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  • Ho ho ho!
    10:31am, 29th Nov 2019
  • Try notch for a gift. New company doing fab bracelet - I have one
    10:40am, 29th Nov 2019
  • It is a bit niche, but could you work out a WSW most convoluted route within your grid prize?
    Wriggling Snake
    10:43am, 29th Nov 2019
  • "Turbo Shandy" sounds like something Terry Christian would make the half-pissed audience do on The Word in the 90s.
    11:04am, 29th Nov 2019
  • Err, is it Christmas by any chance?! I thought you weren't allowed to do this until midnight on Sunday?! According to FB memes, every time a person puts up their Christmas tree before Dec 1 an elf drowns a baby reindeer. And you've put up loads of little Christmas trees on the top of my browser. Baby reindeer slaughter! :-O

    Good luck with the Fetch Festive Advent Calendar and well done on all your hard work pulling it together. It's Chrrrriiiiissssssstttttmmmmaaaaaassssss! :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    11:32am, 29th Nov 2019
  • Active Root for prizes?
    11:51am, 29th Nov 2019
  • thank you for all the work that goes into the calendar. As for prizes - Go Outdoors? Is there a national chain of escape rooms?
    12:00pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • Ooh, I like the festive skin. But ... badges :)
    Lakeland Gingerbread for a prize? Or Kendal Mint Co, who seem to be trying to establish a place in the sport energy product world? Or I can knit a hat and gloves in Fetch colours :)
    Raptors Claws are Coming to Town
    12:23pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • I had the same thought process as V'rap. Prizes - Ealing Half?
    1:02pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • You could try Derby Runner - each year they give £50 in vouchers to local clubs for Xmas. They have an online shop with special bargains derbyrunner.co.uk and have a stall at many races (including North Midlands XC) and may well have a stall at the National XC at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.
    1:17pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • Any PTs or coaches on the site who may be willing to gift a training plan?
    3:17pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • Boab, Fetchie of this parish, is sponsored by Active Root, if you want to name drop if you are trying them as per DQ's suggestion. :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    3:21pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • Ah yes, Active Root, good call, an endurance cyclist mate uses them.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:23pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • oh, here's another https://curranz.com/pages/for-sport, another mate (Iron Man type), uses them.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:25pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • Skin turned off inside 3 seconds - HUMBUGS ARE ON ME !!!!!!!!!!!

    HO HO NO :¬)
    3:45pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • I like Vrap’s ideas. :)
    5:03pm, 29th Nov 2019
  • I’d still like a book emoji :-) I know everyone has their fancy phone emojis these days but the prize of designing an emoji or a badge is still appealing
    12:24am, 30th Nov 2019
  • Oh, it's the festive skin! I thought it was something to do with Black Friday 😂
    9:23am, 30th Nov 2019
  • Also maybe a voucher from that place that turns running shirts into bedspreads would be neat
    10:28am, 30th Nov 2019
  • I've got a half eaten bar of Kendal Mint cake from 1984. How about that as a prize?
    Cog Noscensme AHA
    7:12pm, 30th Nov 2019
  • Race voucher from Nice Work if you still have a gap?
    10:54am, 2nd Dec 2019

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29 Nov 2019

Polar users - auto import

8:37am | 62 views
Following my blog from a couple of days ago, if you've authorised us to import your Polar data, it will now come in automatically.

If you're a Polar user and want to import your data to Fetch, go here:


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26 Nov 2019

Calling all Polar users

6:05pm | 233 views | 4 Comments
The nice folks at Polar sent me a second-hand Polar Vantage M so I could test out their new API. I've been playing with it this afternoon, and managed to get it to the point where it will produce a list of your activities, allowing you to import them by pressing a button.

Go here to set yourself up:


I hope to make this process automatic eventually i.e. as soon as you've finished a run, it will appear within minutes on Fetch; but I'm waiting to hear back from them regarding a query.
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20 Nov 2019

Mobile Optimisation

7:14pm | 324 views | 10 Comments
Yesterday's blog about the Android app generated lots of interesting comments - thank you. I would be most interested in finding out wherever HappyG gets reconditioned Samsung A10's for a tenner, because that sounds like an absolute bargain.

I've been hovering over the 'Reserve' button on a new A10 from Argos (£139), but I think I'll hold back for a week or two (it takes me a long time to commit to spending any money that the site generates), watch some YouTube tutorials (there's even one in Hindi!), and have a play round with the emulator (although I'd quickly get to the point where I need to pump in some real-world GPS data).

Android have a much friendlier approach to app developers it seems. An Apple Developer license is £79 per year, whereas to become an Android Developer, it's a one-off £25.

Lots of you said nice things about how the site behaves on mobile now. There are still a few areas that bug me. One example is the 'Plot A Route' page. If you look at this page on mobile, all the buttons at the top of the map look absolutely dreadful: fetcheveryone.com/routes-add.php

I thought it'd be good to collect your examples of mobile niggles. Feature #189 asks for some mobile optimisations, but it'd be good to get some specific examples from all of you. Which pages have buttons/links/nav that are a bit too wee? Which pages have data that gets squished up and amateur-looking? Which pages do you simply avoid until you get back to your desktop? Leave your comments, and hopefully I can use this blog to sort out some quick wins. Ta.
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  • Generally the site looks fine on mobile, but since you ask: there have been two recent requests that the Race Times tab (for want of a better description) on our profiles displays how many of each race distance we've done. Thing is, the site does that already on 'tinternet, but doesn't display it on mobile, whether displayed in portrait or landscape. It's the same with the addition you did on the All Races tab for the distance, it only displays on an internet browser. So, it would be good if this detail could also be viewed on tablets & phones (Apple or Android).
    Auld Lang Sigh
    9:08pm, 20th Nov 2019
  • You can have my A10 mate. Do you know about unlocking? It was on Vodafone, but it's 3 years old and I changed to an A50 6 months ago. It's def out of contract but I don't know how much it costs to unlock. Happy to stick it in a jiffy bag down to you, if any use. It's v small form factor (which I loved cos it fitted better in pocket) but might not be "representative" enough for you.) I'll fmail you further details. :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    9:16am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Sh*t, it's not an A10, that explains it!! I've just switched it on. It's an A3. Much older model! Might not be suitable. Don't know why I thought A10. Soz! muppet :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    9:17am, 21st Nov 2019
  • HappyG - thank you - you have fmail :-)

    Sigh - thank you for being the one person to get involved with my mobile optimisation challenge :-) The 'race count' column was visible if your landscape view was at least 667 pixels wide (iPhone 6 and above). I've adjusted it now so that it's visible on a 568 pixel landscape (iPhone 5 and above). How's that looking?
    9:45am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Thanks Fetch :-) Using my Galaxy S7 - the 'race count' column now displays in landscape mode (but not portrait) - not sure if there's anywhere you can put a little note to tell folks on mobile devices to view it in landscape for that info. No change to the all races (but I didn't expect it as you hadn't mentioned it), if you can apply the same change to that, then perfect.
    Auld Lang Sigh
    9:50am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Try that again :-)
    9:59am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Here's the portrait view:

    Here's the landscape view:

    ...and here's a Garmin mobile view with a handy icon at the bottom, encouraging users to rotate the view:

    Auld Lang Sigh
    9:59am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Will try the all races now
    Auld Lang Sigh
    9:59am, 21st Nov 2019
  • Perfect!

    Auld Lang Sigh
    10:02am, 21st Nov 2019
  • ...as an added bonus you can close out feature request # 426 from Whoever :-)
    Auld Lang Sigh
    10:32am, 21st Nov 2019

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19 Nov 2019

Calling all Android users

4:56pm | 373 views | 24 Comments
It's been nagging away at me for a while that there's no Android equivalent to (very basic) iPhone app. It's something I'd like to put right.

I don't currently have an Android phone, which is a bit of a hindrance when it comes to developing apps for one; but I've been looking round and figure I can get hold of a refurb with a PAYG contract, just so I can install my would-be app and do some testing. It's one of those things that I foolishly imagine I will have time for during December, whilst you're all getting involved in the Festive Fetch Calendar.

I also pulled some mobile stats out, to illustrate how the trends in mobile access are going. Of course, these all relate to site access, rather than an app.

In 2013, 77% of all visits to the site were on desktop (incl. laptop access), with 13% from mobiles, and 10% from tablets.

By 2016, desktop access was at 55%, with 30% from mobiles and 15% from tablets.

So far this year, desktop still holds a slender lead with 46%, from mobiles on 43% and tablets falling back to 11%. But overall there's a definite trend towards more mobile use. For Fetch, this means making sure that our pages display and operate nicely on all sorts of screen sizes; and about making sure that what Fetch offers in general is making the most of the tech at the user's disposal.

Apple iOS accounts for 64% of mobile traffic, with Android taking 35%. Windows phones have less than 1%, and there are even a few users still on Blackberry :-)

Amongst Android users, over half (53%) are on Samsung, followed by Huawei (13%), Sony (5%) and Motorola (4.6%). It makes sense for me to try to get hold of a Samsung then :-)

If you've got an Android, and want to give me some encouragement, please upvote feature 131: fetcheveryone.com/featurevoting?sort=id&keyword=131
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  • Hi Fetch, I've got an old Samsung Galaxy S5 you can have if you like. It's sitting in the dead cable drawer gathering dust at the moment...
    Love Sprouts
    5:01pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I think I have an old Motorola you can have, though not running current version of Android
    5:02pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • What sort of use is made of the iPhone app that exists? I know I wouldn't use any tracking facilities on a Fetch app, and the website now displays nicely on a mobile browser, so I don't really have any need for an Android app, despite being a heavy android user (Motorola).
    5:06pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Yes yes yes!! And my tablet is also Android - so do you need to add all tho OS stats rather than the device type stats to work out how many are Android vs Apple? Otherwise you're comparing apples with, er, oranges..... ;-)

    And in fact, worth looking to see if the number of mobile devices out there is broken down by corporate vs personal usage - our company insists on Apple iOS because it's got more big name/trusted "security" options off the shelf, whereas the actual number of people with Android vs iOS devices for personal use is nearer 50/50 in my area (an IT Team) and also my wider family.

    And finally - if there was an Android app, I'd use it far more than my laptop, which I only *have* to use because Garmin Ant+ isn't compatible without too much fiddling with a Samsung phone or tablet!
    5:09pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Apps, pah! I think you have done a good job of optimising the website for mobile, stick to that.

    Actually, I've just remembered that the Fetch app was a bit something else - do many people actually use it? I'm also surprised that mobile usage is so Apple-centric.

    (Sent from a Medion tablet running Android 5.0.)
    5:11pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I also have an old Samsung if you want it.
    Merry Lip Gloss
    5:12pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • im on android (much superior). i did have the app when i was on apple. i agree with Larkim that how you have optimised the site for mobile has made a massive improvement.

    If you need a techy android obsessed student to help/road test during December i can find you a couple (one of whom would love to be able to play WSW but doesnt have a garmin so could only do so if there was an android app!)
    5:22pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Good luck, and I suspect it might take longer than December :-) Android development is, err, interesting, as there is such a variety of sizes and versions of OS in the wild.
    5:30pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Offers of phones from various Fetchies - that's very kind of you all to offer, but I'd like to get hold of something that's reasonably recent, so that it will be comfortable running Android 9. It looks like the S5 is capable, but not without some rigmarole. Another dip into the stats suggest that over two thirds of Android users are more-or-less up-to-date with their OS, so it feels like it makes sense to match it.

    Regarding app vs site - just to clear up any confusion, I know (because I've worked towards it over several years now) that the site has made great leaps in how it behaves on mobile screens. I'm really happy about that :-) Considering how pages perform on a multitude of different screen sizes is part of the process these days. When I first started writing code, it was a similar challenge, fighting the differences between IE and Netscape to deliver a good experience for the user. To me, it makes sense now to be part of that Apple/Android tussle, not just making sure that the site performs well on the browsers of both; but in terms of making increasing use of the extra tools that they bring to the party. I don't for a moment think that the website will be surplus to requirements any time soon, but I don't aim to sit and watch whilst other sites make full use of GPS, accelerometer and bluetooth connected devices.
    5:35pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I look at the site a fair bit on mobile these days - mainly when I'm out running and want to check that I'm not missing any easy WSW squares...
    5:38pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • You're probably well ahead of this already, but if you are looking at doing multi-platform development the frameworks like Ionic, Angular, etc. etc. are worth investigating - they have saved us an absolute shed load of time over the last few years when we need to develop apps that are supported on IoS, Android & PC
    5:44pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Upvoted. I mainly access using my Samsung Galaxy S7 , or Windows 10 laptop / Chrome browser. However, I do have a Nokia N95 from 2007 in the gadget graveyard, with the box & everything :-)
    Auld Lang Sigh
    5:52pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • An Android app would be fab. Looks like I've already voted yes to the feature request in a past life. Who knew.
    6:03pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I bought my last phone from Laptops Direct : currently they have this with Android 9 and decent screen/ RAM/ other specs laptopsdirect.co.uk
    6:03pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • You've probably already downloaded and poked around the Android SDK, but just in case, it does come with an emulator, which will let you get going on development and testing. Also, I wouldn't worry too much about getting a (relatively expensive) Samsung specifically - Android is largely Android.

    I've come close to having a go myself at making an Android app for personal Fetchpoint/WSW use, but I'm doing alright at the mo with Google MyMaps - have mirrored my circle and grid on there, and have a relatively easy workflow to import a snapshot of the Fetchpoint markers and plot an intended route. This all shows up on my phone automatically, along with a nice little blue GPS dot, so I can efficiently smite my opponents. If all this was in a nice app (particularly if it coped well with no coverage while out), that would be a splendid Christmas pressie :)
    I Saw ishep Come Sailing In
    6:07pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I still have the phone I offered you this time last year. But it sounds like it wouldn't be suitable now. Wd defo use an android app.
    6:12pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I'm on android on an hTC sense, but mainly fetch on my iPad, only using my phone rarely
    6:21pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I’m the same as HellsBells. I have a Samsung phone but rarely use it to access the Fetch website. I mainly use my iPad.
    6:48pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Goes to have a look at Google MyMaps....
    7:19pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • I have two Baked Bean tins and a long piece of string, not sure it would reach to Bedford though.
    9:47pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • Omg.... Netscape. I’d even forgotten that existed. I’ve only just used the app recently - it’s simple and clear, just takes an age to locate satellites, or something...
    10:11pm, 19th Nov 2019
  • oooh, Netscape. That's a blast from the past.
    10:22am, 20th Nov 2019
  • Actually the website works really well on my Android phone (Samsung!) I was going to offer you my old Samsung A10 but realise it's probably locked and would cost more to unlock than you just getting a refurb job for 10 quid somewhere). I actually don't like apps because they use up space - e.g. for Bannatynes and Strrroovaar, I just use their website not the app. :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    12:00pm, 20th Nov 2019
  • If your old Samsung is out of contract Happy, the original network should be able to unlock it for you.
    7:34pm, 20th Nov 2019

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18 Nov 2019

Did your ads disappear?

5:04pm | 281 views | 10 Comments
I've just adjusted the code so that if you're a voluntary subscriber to Fetch, then you won't get any Google Ads. Previously, becoming a subscriber unlocked the option to turn them off - but I wanted to make sure that the folks who support the site get that nicer experience as a default.

I know some of you said that you didn't mind the ads, but if you're supporting the site, then I really want you to be able to focus on the good stuff.

That's it really :-) Thank you for your support :-) Literally none of us would be here without you :-)
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  • Thank you. I perservered with the ads for ages but had to turn them off in the end as they kept covering stuff up.
    5:22pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Thank you :-) I have to say that I have noticed, on the occasions I am logged out, how much more intrusive the ads are than I remember.
    5:43pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Thank you. :)
    7:28pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Thank you. I do really appreciate the add free experience :-)
    Silent Runner
    7:55pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Mucho graçias!
    8:02pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Agree with TeeBee.... they weren't such a problem before I became a supporter, but now I'm used to ad-free, I find them really intrusive if I ever become logged out!
    8:05pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Thank you Fetch, I'm glad not to have the ads there.
    8:55pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Ah, thanks... I kept them on so as to help towards the revenue (plus I never minded looking at those Fabletics ads 😗) but I must admit I recently put in a TamperMonkey script to move them to the bottom of the page because they were becoming a bit much
    I Saw ishep Come Sailing In
    10:27pm, 18th Nov 2019
  • Like ishep, I was happy to keep the Google Ads on if it helped you with revenue. Quite nice not having them though! Thanks. All I wanted for Christmas... (actually, no, I expect to win on the advent calendar this Christmas. :-O Thanks!) :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    9:24am, 19th Nov 2019
  • I read this as “did your abs disappear?” The answer to both questions is yes! :)
    5:05pm, 19th Nov 2019

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14 Nov 2019

Pin that sucker down :-)

1:48pm | 395 views | 22 Comments
Here's another little update. When viewing a piece of training, look out for the 'Pin Map' link, just above the map. Click it, and the whole map will stick to the top of the page. Leaving you free to scroll through the rest of the data without losing sight of the map.

Thanks to larkim for that feature request.

Oh, you don't know about feature requests? For shame. It's a great way to put forward a suggested improvement to the site, and to vote up other suggestions that you want to see happen. And unlike SOME sites, I actually read them AND try my best to make them happen.


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  • Nice. I'd love for you to stop the map moving around the dot, and have the dot move around the map (feature vote # 103, 82 Votes for, 31 Meh, 7 No) :-)
    Auld Lang Sigh
    1:53pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • nice
    2:05pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Fantastic
    2:07pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Ha ha, I'd already said thank you for that in the "Feature feature" thread :-) G
    Merry Christmas & Happy New G(rrr)
    2:07pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • actually I've just tried this and in pins it over the links bar at the top so you have to unpin before doing anything. It would be nice to leave it permanently pinned but have access to be able to get other links.
    2:10pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • cw - the problem with that is that you start to run out of height. As it is, there's not much room below the map on my lappie.
    2:18pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Liking the training log improvements. Very very helpful!
    2:20pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Just tried it - and tend to agree with cw - if it could be 'fixed' just below the menu bar? But it's a big improvement, thanks !
    3:20pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • As I've said to cw - moving it down below the nav would severely restrict the space below the map. As it stands, on my 13" Macbook, the map takes up approximately 2/3rds of the height of the screen.
    3:26pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Really nicely implemented!
    4:00pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • That's quite good.
    Wriggling Snake
    4:14pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • THANK YOU!! Any chance you can apply #103 to routes as well, please? ;-)
    Auld Lang Sigh
    4:29pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • THANK YOU AGAIN! medal :-)
    Auld Lang Sigh
    4:55pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
    Captain Malcolm Reynolds
    5:14pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Just to clarify my last comment, Boomshanka is from The Young Ones en.wiktionary.org
    Captain Malcolm Reynolds
    5:19pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Yeah :-)
    5:22pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Yup. Another goody, thanks 👍
    6:11pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Nice
    mr d
    6:22pm, 14th Nov 2019
  • Great. Like that, and already used it! I'm not too worried that the pinned version aspect ratio is not right and that I can't click on the fetchpoint items. It's still very useful. :-) *saber*
    2:30am, 15th Nov 2019
  • *light saber* ?
    2:30am, 15th Nov 2019
  • I also like that the pinned map is bigger than the regular map, at least on my lappie. *lightsaber*
    2:31am, 15th Nov 2019
  • purplesaber bluesaber redsaber :-)
    2:34am, 15th Nov 2019

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