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20 Oct 2017

Festive Fetch Calendar :-O

12:59pm | 351 views | 9 Comments
This week I've been busily getting in touch with lots of companies big and small to get hold of some goodies for our FOURTH Festive Fetch Calendar. Highlights so far include a Fitbit Blaze, and a TomTom Runner 3. It's gonna be fun!

Fitbit asked me whether I could point you at their Facebook competitiony thing that they are running at the moment; and having just offered us a very shiny watch, of course I said yes. Please go for a look at their page: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Please also spare a minutes to vote for us in the Running Awards: Link (roll over me to see where I go) - thank you!

And here's the Weekly vLog, where you'll be able to say "already done it, Fetch" at the relevant moment.

Have a great weekend!
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  • fetch:
    1.You were watching me wearing a dress? :-O
    2. You look tired. Early night tonight.
    3. If you watch strictly you will see how to point at numbers on screens correctly.
    4. Please like the video I really want to get him doing Yoga.
    1:45pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • Sorry, were you saying something about a half marathon? I got a bit distracted at that point for some reason.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    1:49pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • envotenated bigly
    2:17pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • voted for awards and liked for yoga!!
    5:15pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • Have voted. :-)
    7:03pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • Voted and liked.
    Watford Wobble
    11:02pm, 20th Oct 2017
  • All done ✅
    7:03pm, 21st Oct 2017
  • Great vlog good work Fetch. Another vote for yoga ;-)
    Fenland (Fenners) Runner
    8:09pm, 21st Oct 2017
  • I do enjoy these vlogs :-)
    9:09pm, 21st Oct 2017

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18 Oct 2017

Calling Parkers everywhere!

9:40am | 388 views | 10 Comments
A donation turned up in the bank account today from someone with the surname Parker - but no reference. And I can't work out who it's from. So if you're a Parker, and this is you, get in touch.

What's that you say? How do I make voluntary donations to support this website? It just so happens, here's the link: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Toodles :-)
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  • Could be Spiderman?
    9:45am, 18th Oct 2017
  • :-)
    9:46am, 18th Oct 2017
  • Could be on behalf of Lady Penelope?
    9:52am, 18th Oct 2017
  • Well Parker did get the Halifax monthly draw award recently
    11:16am, 18th Oct 2017
  • That's a pen-name ;-)
    12:12pm, 18th Oct 2017
  • Yus m'lady
    12:22pm, 18th Oct 2017
  • someone being nosey?
    3:30pm, 18th Oct 2017
  • A friend has a Chihuahua called Parker. Could be him ;-)
    11:45pm, 18th Oct 2017
  • What about a parka?
    8:01am, 19th Oct 2017
  • i'll have it if you can't find any other use for it...
    6:22pm, 19th Oct 2017

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15 Oct 2017

In which I decorate a cake.

8:35am | 614 views | 6 Comments
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  • So the problem with the liking is we are lazy. ! If I watch the vlog on Fetch i don't have the chance to click like.... so I have to go to you tube to like it
    Doc Moye
    1:06pm, 15th Oct 2017
  • ( it's an iPhone thing that it doesn't go to you tube when it's embedded says son)
    Doc Moye
    1:07pm, 15th Oct 2017
  • The *only* problem with that, is that you may not get to see me do yoga Raspberry!
    9:19am, 16th Oct 2017
  • You are a master magician, I didn't spot at which point you removed your wedding ring! ;-)
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    4:53pm, 16th Oct 2017
  • Another vote for the yoga. :-)
    7:59pm, 16th Oct 2017
  • I want cake now!
    8:35pm, 18th Oct 2017

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13 Oct 2017

Regent's Park Fetchie Discount

5:05pm | 188 views | 3 Comments
Regent's Park 10k, which supports the After Adoption charity is offering 10% off race entry to Fetchies, using FETCH10. They are one of our lovely advertisers, and therefore I'd be delighted if you could give them a clickthrough. Here's the link:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

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  • Who's the bloke sharing Trump's makeup artist?
    5:39pm, 13th Oct 2017
  • You've not seen the Hunger Games films?
    6:57pm, 13th Oct 2017
  • No, but I have entered the race. :-)
    7:15pm, 15th Oct 2017

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11 Oct 2017

Elevation in colour

3:51pm | 319 views | 15 Comments

Piece of p*ss :-)
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  • now, I like it :-)
    4:04pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Yay! ;-)
    4:06pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Pretty :-)
    4:25pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Any chance of a height/elevation scale? (or is it there and I just don't know how to turn it on?)
    Colours look good ...
    4:26pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • um - There's a dotted line that intersects the peak of the run - in this case 114m, about 9 miles in; and in the bottom left-hand corner, there's a figure showing the lowest point.
    4:29pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • nice :-)
    5:44pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • I like it. When will it go live?
    6:22pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Pothunter, my thoughts exactly! All of this lovely new stuff we are being teased with, when can we play?
    6:38pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • I'll be making it available as a "try the new version" link just as soon as I can. There's still quite a lot to sort out. It's an overhaul rather than an increment.
    6:42pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Thanks - I see the high and low lines now - that's great.
    6:53pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • That looks ****ing awesome!
    7:36pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Ooooo - very nice!:-)
    8:07pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Nice one :-)
    8:49am, 12th Oct 2017
  • Nice. Can we drag along the route, pace and elevation at the same time please? Used to work like that, I seem to recall? And/or overlays (to be able to see pace against elevation, you see?) See Garmin, Strava, Sport Tracks sites etc. :-) G
    9:35am, 12th Oct 2017
  • Can we have it as an overlay of the route on the map with the graph in 3D, like they do for the cycling on TV ? :D
    8:06pm, 12th Oct 2017

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11 Oct 2017

"I didn't come here to walk to Sparta!"

2:15pm | 92 views | 5 Comments
If you haven't read it already, you should make a cup of tea and read this amazing account of RunHammyRun's Spartathlon. It made my eyes go all runny, and if you're looking for inspiration on how to dig deep when you're in a hole, this is it:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Hammy for MOTM!
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  • +1^
    2:16pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Thanks, I read it when it was fresh in the blog area!:-) It's fantastic!
    2:28pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Yep, I'd second that, it's incredible.
    5:09pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Thanks for pointing us in the direction, great bloggage *sniff*
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    5:39pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • And thanks for this link. Awesome tale and great race effort, as I commented on his blog. :-) G
    5:51pm, 12th Oct 2017

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11 Oct 2017

New elevation info

11:52am | 136 views | 15 Comments

Here's the elevation section from the coming-soon training log view. Some key things:

1) the title bar at the top shows the range (max-min) of your route. My flat-as-anything routes around Bedford often give me a few dozens of metres of climb, just by adding together lots of tiny variations in the data. Range puts this into perspective.

2) that said, the main graph will now use the available height to display the elevation profile. Less wasted space that way. The minimum altitude will be anchored to the bottom of the graph, and the maximum altitude is shown by a horizontal dotted line close to the top of the graph.

3) this is the one I'm excited about. You know me, I like a good graph, especially one that tells me something interesting. The new graph on the right breaks your run down into grades. In this case (Bedford Half Marathon - in a hillier part of Bedford), the blue bars on the right represent the uphill sections of the race. It shows that about 17% of my run was on a 1% uphill gradient, 12% was on a 2% uphill gradient, 6% was on a 3% uphill, and so on. There's a few bits that reach 7-8%, which is starting to feel quite uncomfortable :-) The dark bars on the left represent the downhills - they are similar, as you might expect for an out-and-back course.

It's easier to see the merit in this graph with another example. Here's a 12 miler training run from last week:

The elevation profile looks fairly busy, but the range gives the game away - the highest and lowest points differ by just 8 metres. And the grade graph on the right confirms it - there's a bit of 1% and 2% action - and even a tiny bit of 3%. But the majority of this run was on a 0% gradient i.e. pancake smooth.

Let me know if you like it, and/or if you have any suggestions to improve it. This will go live as part of the new training log, as soon as I can. Cheers.
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  • Is there space to drop the average pace on those gradient bars too? e.g. 2% up 8:07, 2% down 7:23, 8% up 9:10, 8% down 6:20?

    The impact of graded elevation on pace I find really interesting, particularly as I seem to descend relatively worse compared to many!
    11:57am, 11th Oct 2017
  • I like the look of that. Does the 1% bar mean "1% or more"? (i.e., so it includes all the 2% and 3% slopes too? And so it will always be widest at the bottom and getting narrower?). I don't think there's a better or worse answer to that, it just needs to be clear what it is.
    paul the builder
    11:58am, 11th Oct 2017
  • Oh, and are those %ages a percent of the distance or a percent of the time duration of the run?
    12:00pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • The percentages are based on distance, not time - so this doesn't give us any pace information just now. But in theory it could, although I wonder how vague it might be.

    Ptb - the grade is calculated all along the elevation profile, and rounded to the nearest whole. So 1% means 0.5-1.49%. It doesn't mean "or more", and therefore you might get a top-heavy graph if you only ran on big hills.
    12:06pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Very, very nice.
    12:07pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Like it. Good way of prosenting hilliness
    12:16pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Looking forward to this :-) I find at the moment the flat or near flat stretches I do (generally on the towpath) result in a massively overstated elevation amount. Be interesting to see some ultras on this. And some parkruns.
    12:17pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • I'm not convinced by my Garmin elevation data - given that it thinks there is a gradient on the track...
    12:24pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • 👍🏾
    Doc Moye
    12:34pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Like. Can you add how much elevation we climb for each mile?
    Pompey Paul
    12:43pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • I like it. But what would make it better if the bars were different colours and then the elevation chart coloured to match showing where the steepest parts were. That way, in conjunction with the pace chart, the effect of the ups and downs could be seen. Hope that makes sense!
    1:11pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • westmoors - good idea. Like you see on veloviewer?
    Link (roll over me to see where I go)
    paul the builder
    1:25pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • PP - that'll be the splits table.
    WM - I'm working on being able to highlight where the grade is on the elevation graph, when you touch one of the bars in the grade graph.
    AL - if it's GPS-based elevation, you may as well ignore it. Barometric elevation is supposed to be better, but I've got a watch that does that right now, and it still gets things quite wrong at times. Fetch throws away the data, and gets a sample of points from a Google lookup service.
    Dvorak - ultras might not be great just now. The lookup service I've just mentioned takes a route and generates 512 sample elevations along it - so the longer your route, the more likely that it will miss land features. That's kind of like a separate problem to this one though, as the graphs will show whatever we pump in. I'll get round to sorting that at some point (probably by making multiple requests using chunks of the route).
    1:42pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • Nice. But York parkrun will still be mostly a very boring flat line! (2m elevation in total.....)
    1:52pm, 11th Oct 2017
  • That hill though ;-)
    1:54pm, 11th Oct 2017

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08 Oct 2017

Chicken Ballot-ine, with a side order of beef

8:14am | 312 views | 5 Comments

It's been an interesting week for runners. 50 likes on this video to see me do yoga.
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  • I think a sub-4 is definitely something you can do, especially with a bit of yoga as part of your training. :-)
    10:54am, 8th Oct 2017
  • Ran London in 2009 and have not entered the ballot since! Hoping to run North Dorset and Dorchester Marathons in May.
    4:08pm, 8th Oct 2017
  • thanks for the chickens :-)
    Doc Moye
    4:48pm, 8th Oct 2017
  • 16. I like the random cow.
    1:46pm, 9th Oct 2017
  • P&D! Lots of talk in the sub 3:15 thread. Don't get put off by the thread title, all are welcome.
    4:45pm, 9th Oct 2017

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03 Oct 2017

New training log headers

5:29pm | 351 views | 15 Comments
I got a bit code-blind by about 4.45 today, so I had some Photoshop time putting together some new headers for the updated training log. As well as having some cute little background stuff going on, they're also 23 pixels shorter in height - putting you one step closer to your all important data.

NB it's not entirely obvious because it's been pixelated a bit when I uploaded it, but the swimming one is fish. Here's a hopefully clearer version of the image: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Also... the data in the top right of each header will be different, depending on what sport it is. This is just to illustrate the look. So swimming might have strokes per length, and biking might have power. Etc.

Let me know what you think :-)
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  • Smart :-)
    5:40pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Ace! Fishy, fishy, fishy fish! Who went wherever I did go. :-)
    Angus Clydesdale
    5:52pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • 👍🏾
    Doc Moye
    5:57pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Looks good to me
    Sigh (Simon Clarke)
    6:17pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Nice :-) Fishy, fishy, fishy fish! Who went wherever I did go.
    6:17pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Looks good
    6:24pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Very nice!
    6:57pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Like it. When will all this go live? ;-)
    8:13pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Nice.
    8:47pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • They look really cool :-)
    9:24pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Kewl.
    11:01pm, 3rd Oct 2017
  • Good :-)
    9:53am, 4th Oct 2017
  • Very nice :-)
    3:35pm, 4th Oct 2017
  • Any chance we could have our units preference set per activity type?
    When I run, I'm usually thinking in km, but when cycling it has to be miles. If I take up swimming then I imagine I'll be thinking in metres, and when it comes to recording walks or hikes as cross training then I'll be thinking in miles again.
    1:23am, 5th Oct 2017
  • 👍👍
    Daz Love
    2:44pm, 8th Oct 2017

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01 Oct 2017

Ballot day tomorrow - help needed

7:51pm | 296 views | 5 Comments
Tomorrow, 386,050 runners will find out how they got on in the London Marathon ballot - and at least 90% of them will be rejected. I also saw a stat that said 58% of the applicants would be first-time marathoners.

I thought it'd be an ideal opportunity to highlight the vast number of spring alternatives, so tomorrow I'll be sending an email out to the Fetch masses, listing the alternatives. There's so much more out there than the events that make it onto the telly.

Can you spare a moment to help make sure we've listed as many spring marathons as possible?

If you can, a good place to start is to do a search on Fetch for spring 2017 marathons, and making sure they have a corresponding 2018 entry. If they don't, look for the 'Copy' link.

Could you spare five minutes to check a few of your local ones?

Thanks if you can :-)
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  • Quite incredible stats !
    7:57pm, 1st Oct 2017
  • Will try to. x
    8:04pm, 1st Oct 2017
  • did a bunch
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    8:26pm, 1st Oct 2017
  • Have just added the inaugural SoTFoR (Stoke on Trent Festival of Running) - 3 events on 15 July, a mara, a half and a 5k :-)
    Sigh (Simon Clarke)
    8:05am, 2nd Oct 2017
  • First time applicant, and VLM reject.
    I would not have even considered entering a marathon until experiencing the VLM 2017 Fetchpoint.
    Maybe, just maybe, I'll still try for a first marathon in 2018, but at the moment I'm more excited about trying to find Half Marathon's for next year in places outside of the UK.
    1:32am, 5th Oct 2017

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