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18 Aug 2017

A Fetch vLog! With prizes!

7:27pm | 276 views | 4 Comments
Please go visit it *on* YouTube and give it a like :-)
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  • Not sure I can watch it twice doing belly laughs 😂 😂
    8:28pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • Katie is a superstar!
    Alice the Camel
    8:29am, 19th Aug 2017
  • Liked the Yakety Sax ! More please.
    11:02am, 19th Aug 2017
  • Yes the accompanying music was priceless!:-) Well done Katie.
    2:37pm, 19th Aug 2017

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18 Aug 2017

Quick search location for sharing

12:43pm | 172 views | 7 Comments
Here's one you might like.

When you search our race finder, you'll see a little location URL just underneath the search boxes:

If you click it, it'll go into your clipboard, so you can send it to your friends. In theory, you can share any location - and the resultant URL will show all future races within 20 miles of that location.

I'd like it a lot if you did some sharing :-)
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  • My main location was my postcode rather than the name of a town - the race finder works ok with postcode, but the postcode is not showing in the location URL.

    Are we not meant to use postcode as our main location ?
    K5 Gus
    1:04pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • In theory the postcode should be working. Can you check whether it's still not showing?
    1:12pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • Nope, still not showing, url is just Link (roll over me to see where I go)
    K5 Gus
    1:15pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • Same happening on PC (Windows 10 with Chrome), and phone (Android)
    K5 Gus
    1:21pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • Sorry, sorry, sorry - user error, ignore all the above. *blush*
    K5 Gus
    1:27pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • seems to work fine - for page one of the results. Page 2 onwards look odd though
    Link (roll over me to see where I go)
    2:45pm, 18th Aug 2017
  • While looking at this I noticed some odd behaviour with the Event Type filter, if I select run only it shows 0 events and then if I put it back to Any it shows everything except Run only events.
    5:45pm, 18th Aug 2017

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17 Aug 2017

New WAVA graph

4:34pm | 194 views | 13 Comments
Over the last couple of days, I've been updating the graphs around the site to move from Chart Director (you'll have seen a yellow licensing bar under some graphs), to Highcharts, which is loads better, and more interactive.

One of the graphs I converted was this one:

It shows your WAVA scores over the course of your racing history. I posted a screenshot of it on FB yesterday, and StuHolmes suggested that it would be better if it showed those races where you'd attempted a PB. So now it does - see those red dots? Looks like my PB attempts require quite a bit of a run-up these days :-)

You can get to this graph via the link in your Race Portfolio, or you can see it here:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

I've also combined it with another WAVA table, that shows all your best WAVA performances, and what you'd currently need to produce the equivalent.

This little feedback loop, from me, to you, and back... is in my opinion, one of the things that makes the site work. You care. I care. And because of that, we make it work. It's better than gold.

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  • It's brilliant, is that. Thank you Fetch *mwah*

    Only wish I could scale a few peaks again!
    4:37pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • Raar indeedy Star
    4:37pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • That's well cool :-) :-) :-) Thanks!
    4:39pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • I really like that! :-)
    4:52pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • Clever stuff. Could the label say "name of race" rather than "PB Attempt"? If you're going to paste on Facebook how super cleverly responsive you are to user suggestions... ;-) Well done btw. :-) G
    4:53pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • 👍🏾
    Doc Moye
    5:20pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • Cool! :-)
    7:28pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • That's v cool, and esp the red dots (although my graph looks very odd because I set loads of really good times 30 years ago and then didn't do a helluva lot of running until the last 6 or 7 years!)
    8:26pm, 17th Aug 2017
  • Nice work Fetch - a big improvement on the old graph. I've noticed one small bug: in the table below the graph, all my track races are showing as kilometres rather than metres (I'm pretty sure I've never run 5000km in 19 minutes - I think I would remember!)
    Silent Runner
    9:24am, 18th Aug 2017
  • That's brilliant, thank you Fetch! Just one other thing though, in the table it used to only show best WAVA performance at each distance, my table now shows every race.
    10:57am, 18th Aug 2017
  • Stu - it actually used to show your fastest times, not your bestest WAVA's :-)
    11:03am, 18th Aug 2017
  • Oh OK. I think what I'm trying to say is it used to only show one result for each distance, now it includes every race I have ever ran?
    11:58am, 18th Aug 2017
  • I do like a graph. The table and the PBs on the main profile page include "Not in PB listings" races which is wrong.
    12:07pm, 18th Aug 2017

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14 Aug 2017

Weird FIT file thing

2:12pm | 305 views | 13 Comments
Thanks to everyone who filled in the survey for the lady in my previous blog. If you've not done it already, scroll down. Thanks :-)

What follows is a coding blog, so feel free to skip it - but I'm hoping someone will have some useful suggestions...

I've noticed an issue with a FIT file that I've been sent.

Typically, all GPS files have a list somewhere in them that looks a bit like this (I call it 'the trace'-):


(Side point: More commonly, the time doesn't go 1,2,3 - but normally is the full time and date, or else is written as the number of seconds since some arbitrary starting point. Often this is the number of seconds since Jan 1st 1970 - which is currently 1502715718)

Everything you see when you look at the detailed view of a run stems from this data - the route on the map; the pace graphs; the splits; all the analysis; everything.

A few people recently have reported that they are getting a truncated version of their run e.g. they've run 4 miles, but the route only shows 3 miles, and there are some splits missing, etc.

I looked at a FIT file that I'd been sent, and there's a weird thing that happens in the trace. After 20 minutes of skipping happily along a few seconds at a time, the time in the trace suddenly jumps by 83283 seconds (23 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds). That's not a pause for wee, or cake, or even a sleep. And it coincides with the point at which the Fetch server goes 'nope', and stops importing the rest of the file.

There's a possibility that I could code around it (ignoring huge leaps, for example), but I'm more interested in why it's happening. Because for one thing, it's making my graphs and analysis look stupid.

Any thoughts?
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  • StuHolmes
    2:47pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • It could well be. At the moment I only have one example file, but I've been promised a few more.
    2:52pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • This happened once to me the other week - I deleted the truncated version and tried again and it worked fine the second time. That's probably no help to you though!
    3:11pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • I got a couple of possibilities
    1. It's caused by breaks in the space-time continuum
    2. It's stuff that happens when a tiny device on your wrist tries to talk to a bunch of satellites over 20,000 miles away. I'm impressed that GPSs are as accurate as they are - but occasionally stuff happens.
    4:29pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • You'd think they'd get the time right though :-)
    4:47pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • Nice bit of error handling by Strava.... translates as "If you see the error message, here's some stuff you can try at home - we're not going to mess with your data once you've uploaded it"! I particularly like "You may also want to contact Garmin support and request that they address the underlying issue and prevent this from happening in the future." Very droll.
    I much prefer your approach. Unfortunately the best I could offer would be a kludge which looked at the first field in the first and last lines, counted the number of line entries and then decided if it was sensible. Then maybe overwrite the first field in any offending lines. Or something.
    4:49pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • Does it possibly coincide with a 52 minute pause in this case? Need to get a few more examples. seems unlikely.
    7:52pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • 52 minutes?
    8:25pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • I've had various examples where my run or bike ride is imported automatically from Garmin but the last portion truncated. The total time and miles is correct but the splits, route trace and fetchpoint all truncates - missing the last bit. I corrected one last week by manually uploading a gpx file as I'd left a fetchpoint bug until the end to squash, only to find it didn't register from the auto upload!
    10:57pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • Clare - could you email me a couple? (ian@...)
    11:06pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • Clare - FIT files if you can pls.
    11:07pm, 14th Aug 2017
  • Any consistency in the watches which are generating the FIT files? It's not something I've noticed happening so beyond that I'm not much help!
    9:21am, 15th Aug 2017
  • oh, I promised some of mine didn't I? I'll see if I can get a couple. I *think* it's tending to happen at a point when I pause the garmin, but not every time I pause it, often just the last one of the ride/run.
    2:56pm, 15th Aug 2017

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12 Aug 2017

Back from me 'olidays :-)

2:43pm | 622 views | 58 Comments
You might have noticed that I've been a bit quiet for the last week or so - me and Katie took two of our boys (one each) to Club La Santa for the week. There's a blog to follow about that soon. I hope you've all been ok :-)

Meanwhile, a nice lady doing an MSc at the University of Portsmouth has asked for our help with a survey. It's been ethics approved by the university; is totally anonymous; takes less than five minutes; and we'll get to see the results when she's compiled it all.

The research looks at what we do as runners when we think we might have an injury. It's hoped that the results will help to improve communication about the risks of injury and therefore might help at least a few people not experience worsening of an avoidable injury or being put at risk in the first place.

The bigger and more diverse the group of people responding the better the quality of the results. You need to be a UK-based adult, running at least six miles per week - so I think that's most of you :-)

Here's the link: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Leave me a comment if you've done it, and share this if you can.


Right, back to it :-)
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  • Done
    2:49pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done!
    2:54pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Did it when she first posted - and bumped it. Presume it's 'that' one. :-)
    3:00pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    3:06pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Sharkie - yep, I think so.

    Thanks all :-)
    3:07pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • done
    3:08pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    3:09pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • done.
    3:10pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • What do we do if we would be running the mileage but are currently benched due to illness and/or injury?
    3:11pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done - would have liked option to self massage during the run in Qu5.
    3:14pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done x
    3:20pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Not done, but am going to do right now, in fact if I stopped typing I could already be doing it....
    3:25pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done!
    3:41pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    3:56pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    Doc Moye
    4:05pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done :-)
    4:24pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    4:33pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    4:37pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done. What on earth is that antibiotic? Never heard of it.
    4:44pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • completed
    4:57pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Did it
    4:57pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    5:11pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done it. Interesting subject. It would never have occurred to me that the tightness might be related to medication.
    5:26pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    5:29pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    Fierce and Fearless Fleecy
    6:12pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • done it
    6:16pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    6:37pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    Zen Jetman Plurp
    6:40pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • My frendnhas been at CLS this week with his teen daughter. I winder if you met? :-)
    6:58pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Did the survey before
    6:59pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Interesting perspective. Completed the survey and keen to see the results. Other than tiredness I'd not thought of side-effects of meds in regard to exercise, which feels naïve now!
    7:11pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • I think I did the survey previously when it was on a thread or something? It all looked very familiar anyway so I didn't complete it again :-)
    7:13pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    Wriggling Snake
    7:50pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • done
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    7:55pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    8:15pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    8:25pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    8:33pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done!:-)
    8:39pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • I did it before.
    9:26pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done
    9:53pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • I did it when it was first posted.
    9:54pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Huge thanks to everyone who's completed it and to Ian for the feature in your blog. Am now about a third of the way to my target response rate, so if you haven't done it yet, please do so - it will make a difference!

    I'll be keeping it open for a bit longer to try to make the numbers, after which I'll provide a bit more info about the subject matter, and then the results once its analysed.

    With your help it should break a bit of new ground - so much appreciated :-)
    10:18pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Done (and nice Fetch username by the way...)
    11:14pm, 12th Aug 2017
  • Yours is pretty good too ;-)
    7:38am, 13th Aug 2017
  • done - hope you had a good week ?
    10:30am, 13th Aug 2017
  • Tried completing it but everytime I tried to go to next after the injury scenario it kept saying I hadnt answered all the questions and kept removing 2 of my answers ???

    Hope you had a good holiday.
    10:58am, 13th Aug 2017
  • Tried it again and it worked!!
    11:01am, 13th Aug 2017
  • Thanks for persisting, Cotty67...
    11:31am, 13th Aug 2017
  • Done
    6:07pm, 13th Aug 2017
  • Done
    8:42pm, 13th Aug 2017
  • Done :-)
    8:51pm, 13th Aug 2017
  • Done - always nice to help someone at the alma mater
    8:57am, 14th Aug 2017
  • Done. Interesting questions. I'm inferring that muscle tightness can be a side effect of either antibiotics, paracetamol or both. If so, I've never heard that. I am now off to google. Also never heard of a place to report side effects of use of drugs. Hope you enjoyed your hols. I dream of hols (my own fault - don't have any sympathy. What, you didn't?! Pah! chaffinch :-) G
    9:31am, 14th Aug 2017
  • Done :-)
    11:57am, 14th Aug 2017
  • Done
    12:04am, 15th Aug 2017
  • Done
    Daz Love
    8:57am, 15th Aug 2017
  • Done.
    9:25am, 15th Aug 2017
  • Done
    9:41am, 15th Aug 2017

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02 Aug 2017

Linking race results to training log entries

9:23am | 608 views | 15 Comments
If you look at a race e.g. Link (roll over me to see where I go) you'll notice a couple of little changes.

1) the PB and SB 'trophies' have been removed, but instead there's a gold and silver colour coding to those results that qualify. I wanted the extra space :-)

2) there's a 'clipboard' icon next to some of the runners. This is a link to the corresponding entry in the training log :-) It looks for a training entry on the same day that's within 5% of the race distance, so we should avoid warm ups etc in most cases. It's also quite interesting to look at the variation in GPS measurements of the same course!

Good addition? Help with our crowd-sourcing effort to add prices to our race listings:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Pip pip :-)
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  • That's brilliant. Can't figure out why no clipboard for my Brighton marathon though.
    9:31am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Loving the changes, really useful. The clipboard is a great addition but the icon isn't really needed. Why not have a link to the training entry from the time, rather than use an icon? At the moment if you click on the time it takes you to your profile and this link is available by clicking the name on the left already.
    9:39am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • I've just added a couple of prices (very easy to do). A couple more complications to consider - on the day entries (typically £2 more if available) and prices if you enter a series of events e.g Bath 10k series.
    I've added the price for individual races as that's what you would see on the Fetch listings and you'd have to go to the site to enter and find out about possible discounts etc.
    The Scribbler
    9:41am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Good addition. And you've just answered the question I posed on crowd source thread about how you matched it. So what might you do with this link? Obviously beneficial for user to navigate (does it link back as well? Will there show a link in the training log to This Was XX Race?) Coolio! :-) G
    9:41am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Excellent :-)
    9:42am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Stu - if your training entry differed by more than 5% in distance, that might explain it.

    CW - that's a good suggestion, although I was keen to make it stand out as a new feature.

    TS - yep, there are all manner of pricing structures, but I guess a level playing field is to use the current price for a single race.

    HG(r) - I imagine I'll sort out the reverse link at some point, it wasn't too tricky. By linking races (2017 to 2016, and so on); and by linking training entries to races, we have the opportunity to make routes automatically appear for a larger number of races.
    9:50am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Yes, always wondered why there wasn't a link, to be honest :-) Still nice to be able to use official times/distances in the race results.
    10:07am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Lots of good things you could do there stat wise - distribution of performances (have you seen what runbritain does with "difficulty" weighting for races?), hardest mile, On top of what you can already probably do of fastest 5K routes, best half marathon for a PB etc. Good work. :-) G
    10:08am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Wow, that's great. Shame so many people keep their training logs completely private (why do they do that, I can understand the GPS trace for some privacy concerns, but not pacing etc etc??). Creating the opposite link from training into race would be good too, with some ability for users to correct the auto-link that you've populated too - though I've not spotted any errors on my logs so far!
    11:21am, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Yes! A really useful link, thank you, save me cross-referencing handraulically 😍
    And because I always want more - any scope for including bike events.... pretty please 😍
    12:17pm, 2nd Aug 2017
  • I was thinking that it didn't work for parkruns :-( and then I realised that's because I always run to/from Corby and that's also 3.1m :-) any chance your logic could look in the training category and pick out "race" as a second filter after distance?

    I love it, thanks xx
    Fizz :-)
    12:35pm, 2nd Aug 2017
  • On the row that is yourself, the foreground text switches to white, which is fine for the red, okayish for the grey, but not very readable on the yellow background.
    Also, could I suggest you add some kind of tool-tip to tell people what the clipboard icon means. Unless you're watching the browser status bar as you hover over the link, there's very little to suggest that clicking the clipboard will do something different than clicking the rest of the row.
    9:34pm, 2nd Aug 2017
  • The linking seems to work well, though - all my entries are linked correctly. Big Fetch Mile day is a good test that it's working, with the parkrun, 1 mile, and 400m on the same day all linked to the correct entries. :-)
    9:39pm, 2nd Aug 2017
  • Looking good. Just a thing, I've doing a few race prices when I've got time, and there isn't a way to indicate that one is free. I've put it in the notes (Rousay Lap Half Marathon). Trouble is, every race I click on looks too tempting!!
    4:00pm, 3rd Aug 2017
  • This is amazing news - I've often thought that race/training auto-linking should be a thing! Now I just need a race to try it on...
    1:31pm, 9th Aug 2017

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31 Jul 2017

Race Pricing - crowdsourcing

5:34pm | 430 views | 21 Comments
I've just added some new fields to the race database to record the cost of entering that race. There are two fields - one for affiliated, and one for unaffiliated. I know there are potentially lots of permutations - like concessions for people over a certain age; early bird prices; etc. But I think that a record of the current price is a good indicator of where any given race is pitched.


(Sorry Sharkie)

I've added those fields for the 'Add a race' page, so that in a few months, the majority of our races will have price info. Good huh? I smell some stats coming on. But in the meantime, it'd be great if all our existing listings could catch up.

I've built a page that will spit out ten random future races that don't have an associated price. If everyone could do *a few*, then we can get our listings up to date really quickly. And it's an interesting way to find out about random events :-)

Here's the randomiser:

Link (roll over me to see where I go)

It's currently showing 1859 unpriced races. Race you to zero?
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  • Great idea :-)

    Done a few, will keep dipping in. Interesting variation in extra fees on top of the race price.
    6:27pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • I've just added one for next year, but it's an early bird price which will change later this year. Does that matter?
    6:28pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • happy to help boss. BTW could we add a box or something to tick if entries are closed ?
    Doc Moye
    6:32pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • Started - but could you make it that the race details open in a new tab?
    6:33pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • JK - my hope is that when those prices are no longer available, Fetchies will update them.
    6:33pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • I take it that for foreign stuff we should just put the equivalent amount in pounds at current exchange rate and hope that this does not change too much because of Brexit and all.
    7:12pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • Another request for an "entries closed" box (or a date field to record when they close) please. I got VLM 2018 in my list :-)
    7:26pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • 1825 to go...
    Elsie Too
    7:39pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • I've done the pricing for Lichfield 10k, but then when I went onto another event of mine, its £5.50 in advance or £7.50 on the day; do you want to expand the pricing options to allow for advance/on the day for affiliated & non-affilated?
    8:02pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • Can we add a "highwayman" emoticon as some race fees are daylight robbery
    Son of a Pronator Man
    10:18pm, 31st Jul 2017
  • I've done a few, but I've c*cked up. I put the affiliated and unaffiliated the wrong way round. I've corrected a couple that I could find, but probably a couple are still wrong. Sorry! :-) G
    9:02am, 1st Aug 2017
  • I started with the first race on my list but then when I went back to the list I had a new set of 10! Another option for on the day entries might be good? Also I know I include my club races in the listings so that I can count my mile PB for example - but they are a) free and b) members only
    10:23am, 1st Aug 2017
  • Yes, I do that too AL - there are a few "Fetch 10K - Free!" and "Fetch Hill day out - Not a race!" and things in my race portfolio. Hope those don't screw things up for the race db. :-) G
    10:52am, 1st Aug 2017
  • I've done one. Is it possible to add the link in if it's not been loaded originally?
    2:15pm, 1st Aug 2017
  • Do you mean the link to the race website? Yes, just click the little cog symbol near where the URL should be.
    2:17pm, 1st Aug 2017
  • Did a few but noticed not all the race links work and sometimes the fetch website is affixed before the race website. Another crowd sourcing project?!
    11:19am, 3rd Aug 2017
  • I have noticed several where the cog is showing to update the url but the url is not showing, in those cases I've been adding http:// in front of whatever was already there and it worked. In some cases the URL was for a previous years event, I've been updating those as I come across them too.

    Another problem I've discovered is that it won't accept £0.00 as a price (such as for the great run local series, decathlon series and national trust 10K series) I'm tempted to price them at £0.01 if that works?
    1:43pm, 3rd Aug 2017
  • Isn't it annoying that the entry fees are mostly not shown on the Home page?
    1:49pm, 3rd Aug 2017
  • Yes - and sometimes you have to hunt quite hard to find them at all!!
    1:51pm, 3rd Aug 2017
  • I've given up on quite a few as they want you to sign in.
    1:57pm, 3rd Aug 2017
  • I've just updated the Great Local Run in Glasgow, but had to put in 1p, as it wouldn't accept £0.00. Maybe a "free" button would be an idea (and might be a useful sorting tool for runners on a budget....)
    2:39pm, 15th Aug 2017

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27 Jul 2017

Appdate for Android and iPhone

11:01am | 259 views | 4 Comments
I've made some progress with the Android app (I've been watching lots of YouTube tutorials that have been excellent - the bloke giving them burps occasionally, and is very pleased with himself for having done so). I have built all the different screens (login, create account, choose activity, actual time/distance screen, etc), and am in the process of wiring up all the buttons and text fields to the code that makes it all work. Don't worry, I find it fun :-)

It's doubtful that I will get this live before the end of the month, although I will get as close as I can - but please be assured that I am putting the effort in. Responsibility for all aspects of the site means that I am often tied up mending or amending other stuff. Bit of a plug for voluntary subscriptions - the more people that can donate a few quid each month, the less time I have to spend working with advertisers. Here's the link if you're not a subscriber already: Link (roll over me to see where I go)

Those of you with iPhones will hopefully have had the chance to try the iPhone app out now. It seems that we have a bit of an issue with the 'Pause' button at the moment, which is pretty annoying - my apologies for that. I will complete the basic Android app, and take everything I've learned from that and apply it to my next iPhone update.

Longer term, I am imagining that I will switch every month between Android and iPhone development, so that they both take steps forward at a more-or-less equal rate.

If you'd like an occasional fmail about the progress of the apps, join the following group: Link (roll over me to see where I go)
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  • I'm looking forward to the Android app. Good work! :-) G
    11:06am, 27th Jul 2017
  • great work
    Doc Moye
    11:30am, 27th Jul 2017
  • Yay! I could use a decent android app :-)
    8:25pm, 27th Jul 2017
  • Good stuff, Mr Fetch :-)
    11:46am, 31st Jul 2017

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25 Jul 2017


2:02pm | 445 views | 16 Comments
I've been using a blue 'reliever' inhaler before I go running for about 8 years now. Prior to that, I'd noticed that my breathing would get pretty tight, and I'd come back quite wheezy. I'd always been hesitant about taking any kind of medicine for my lungs, because I'd seen my grandpa go downhill to an uncomfortable end with chronic emphysema. Ok, I didn't spend 40 years smoking Woodbines either, but I was still nervous and a bit frightened about where it would lead.

Nowadays I'm fully used to taking a few puffs of my blue inhaler before running - and don't feel as though anything bad has happened - in fact, it's brought a lot of comfort to my running.

As part of having it, I have to go see the asthma nurse annually - and this year there's been a change of policy (at least as far as I know). Because I use the inhaler about 3 times a week, just about every week, the view is that I'm depending on it - so the latest thinking is that I should introduce a 'preventer' inhaler to help boost my lungs to the extent that I won't need the blue inhaler so much.

We left it that I would try to see what would happen if I actually use my blue inhaler LESS - on the basis that I viewed myself as very much on the edge of needing it at all. It's been awkward - I'm so used to using it. The thought of doing effort sessions without it isn't especially appealing, but I've tried to stop using it on recovery runs.

On the whole, I think I've done ok - but today's run was a bit of a slog. It's a 7.75 mile loop I do as my current long run - and I've done it most weeks for the last few months - but today was the first time without my inhaler. My heart rate was consistently at least 10 beats higher than it normally is at my comfortable pace; my breathing felt 'tighter' than it has done for ages; and I felt like I needed a heavy sit down when I finished. There were two caveats to counter that. It's only a week since I've given blood, so my blood may well be less efficient at transporting oxygen around my body; and secondly the atmosphere felt warm and humid.

My plan therefore is to try doing the run again next week, when my blood will have recovered somewhat, and hopefully the weather will be friendlier. But if the experience is similar to today's run, then I think I'll have to accept that I need to do that little bit more to enable my lungs to function at their best. This time round though, I'll also take my inhaler with me, so that if it's clear I need some help, I can get it straight away.

Over time I've bumped into a few people that sound as though they could probably do with having a chat with their GP about lung function - I guess I'm writing this as much for all those people as for myself. If you recognise the sort of symptoms I've described, or if you've seen them in a wheezy friend, then go get checked out - it can really make a hugely positive difference to your enjoyment of running.
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  • I take a preventer twice daily. I didn't think I had a problem but apparently I did. I have never had an asthma attack and am now used to taking it. Although I do forget on occasions.
    Fenland Flier
    2:44pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I take a preventer twice daily - I carry a blue inhaler on every single run, but thus far have never had to use it whilst running. It's a pain having to carry it, but I'd rather have that back up.
    2:49pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • The practise nurse at my GP's once suggested I did the same with a blue inhaler while I got over a chest infection. I asked her specifically if I would end up dependant on it and she said no. I use one every now and again but it is usually at the start or end of a cold or other minor ailment.
    2:56pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • My son is on a trial which is looking at childhood asthma and they've put him onto a preventer and it has improved his breathing no end.
    3:27pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I've been using a preventer inhaler, of differing varieties, for years and (until the current asthma-induced exercise ban) really found it helped. If I didn't use it, my breathing was definitely more laboured when I ran/cycled. It sounds trite but preventing an asthma attack is easier than treating one. Once your lungs get inflamed it can be quite a chore to bring them back under control.
    3:47pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • What wobbling said. Don't be afraid of prevention it's far better that treating an asthma attack.
    Doc Moye
    4:01pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I used to be really wheezy, to the extent that I couldn't really run. But I seem to have almost grown out of, helped by running I think. I have a symbicort inhaler, combination of a blue and brown one, but only really use it before a 5k or speed session. I don't take an inhaler when I run now.
    5:32pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I had the same advice from my GP - rather than taking the blue before exercise, start using the brown long term. However, I've been remiss - thanks for the reminder!
    5:46pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • Youngest has been on a preventer for about four years now, the frequency of his needing the needing the blue one steadily decreased and bar trying to march him up a mountain today - he carries it mainly for reassurance
    6:02pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I'd say go for the preventative rather than suffering by trying to reduce the blue inhaler. I was taking the preventative brown and still needing the blue for running but now that I have my magic purple puffer which is preventative and long acting reliever I just have one puff of that twice a day and don't feel the need to even carry the blue one now.
    Elsie Too
    8:07pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I've taken a preventer for years - since getting Fostair (pink one) I've had much less wheeze on running - I now sometimes forget to take my blue inhaler with me on some runs (though I'm now limited in max HR by treatment to prevent another arrhythmia)
    9:42pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • Preventer, works a treat. Carry the blue one, never use it, except the occasional puff if I remember before I set out...
    9:51pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • I have two different preventers and salbutamol but I'm a former smoker and I abused my lungs daily for more than 20 years. I have COPD and my lungs react poorly in cold weather which makes winter runs less fun than they should be.

    Like LouLou, I have a Fostair inhaler (two puffs a day) but I also have a Spyriva one (one capsule per day) and the salbutamol. I need the salbutamol before a hard session and I've been needing more than usual this past week or so.
    10:58pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • Slightly different experience to yourself. Through years of asthma reviews I now have a regular routine of using a preventer twice a day but still use blue reliver before run. Have tried changing things/doses but just made breathing worse. Everyone suffers slightly differently with asthma I guess.😀
    9:32am, 26th Jul 2017
  • I use a combi one. Symbicort. I really only take a puff or two before exercise and rarely need it any other time except maybe when I have a bad cold.
    5:55pm, 26th Jul 2017
  • I'm not asthmatic but I regularly get extremely tight-chested during runs, and always have done. I did have a blue inhaler for a while but it didn't seem to make any difference - however, I wasn't using it before running but during the run if I felt bad. I'm going to try it again.
    10:37am, 27th Jul 2017

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24 Jul 2017

Fetch Mile - Cardiff?

4:07pm | 263 views | 17 Comments
If we can get enough people...

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  • Will your dad be there? :-)
    Fizz :-)
    4:14pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • He'd better be.
    4:14pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Not saying no ... :-)
    4:29pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Can I cycle the mile ;-) (not done much running recently)....
    5:17pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • On that note, happy to help with any non-running activities (although I do need to check that date at is feels familiar)
    5:17pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Would love too, but clashes with Snowdonia Marathon sadly
    5:26pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • I could fly there... via Amsterdam or Paris. Crazy!
    The Scribbler
    5:44pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Sadly this clashes with Beachy for me but have a fabulous time :-)
    6:50pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • I am very very tempted...
    7:15pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Hmm, I can get flights to Bristol at a vaguely reasonable price ...
    8:11pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • I'm actually free for this one so hopefully my broken metatarsal has healed enough in time!
    8:43pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Could be interested.
    8:55pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • Would love to do this if there is enough interest.
    11:30pm, 24th Jul 2017
  • I will have a dabble 😃
    11:49am, 25th Jul 2017
  • ooooo. Cardiff is an absolute nightmare to get to from Aberdeen, but SIL is living there now and we would like to visit...
    4:46pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • Cardiff's only 500 miles by road MN, 9 hours in the car ;-).
    8:36pm, 25th Jul 2017
  • Cardiff is not too far from Bristol airport
    8:39pm, 25th Jul 2017

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