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Great North Run

Sun October 1 2006 Listed by knoxy
247 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
#runningman 🏃 Unaffiliated 1:36:13 2:07:15 2:00:00 2:07:15 45.88
(Mama) Pigeon What a wonderful day! I really enjoyed the whole experience. Anstey Amblers and Runners 1:52:47 2:22:35 2:30:00 2:25:18 44.87
154 Rob Started at the back and did much more than 13.1 miles as you have to zig-zag around fancy-dressers & unfit people.  A mass run isn't the place to work on PBs ...its gotty be seen as a festival day.  Go for a good time  and enjoy the day out! Tyne Bridge Harriers 1:22:47 1:37:19 1:37:19 60.01
2lesstoenails Unaffiliated 1:38:27 1:40:00 1:40:00 61.42
5hep First sub 2hrs Half!! Farnham Runners 1:47:51 1:50:21 1:57:00 51.31
9Dart Not sure how to call this one. Training says sub90 is possible; weaving in and around thousands of other runners suggests possibly not!? Best just to enjoy it and see what happens on the day? UPDATE - really chuffed!! After being up since 6am, walking to baggage busses, waiting at start for around 2hrs & being packed into starting zone with several thousand others I was slightly apprehensive having been on feet for so long! First 4-5miles were dodging & weaving (and an impromptu roadside toilet stop a la Radcliffe!), evidenced by being 45secs off PB pace by first mile and 2mins off it by mile 2. Managed to claw it back and was running at 7m6s/mile at 5miles, and by 10miles had pegged it down to 7m/miles. Thought about going hell for leather at this point having taken on board necessary water, lucozade during the course and carb gelled it at 9miles, but by 11miles realised the sub20min 5k needed to take me under 90mins wasn't going to happen. Focussed on keeping the pace steady so had enough to Unaffiliated 1:29:38 1:30:10 1:35:00 1:31:27 63.84
Alex B Fareham Crusaders 1:38:26 1:45:51 1:45:51 55.43
altyfc Unaffiliated 1:39:27 0 0.00
Ando 73 10 miles: 1.24.46 Unaffiliated 1:29:35 1:51:05 1:51:05 52.62
B I wasn't actually racing this one - just using it as a long training run - sio I was pretty happy with this time. (Especialy as I stopped for a leisurely loo stop!) Heathfield RRC 1:29:28 1:35:31 1:35:31 70.20
B Rubble Great race but I was terribly prepared.  Sore throat, upset stomach and 2hrs sleep. Would have pulled out if I hadn't travelled so far to get there. But the race had a great atmosphere, friendly people and fantastic supporters. Bit of dodging around but the number of people make this the race that it is. Dursley Running Club 1:25:12 1:31:56 1:35:00 1:36:12 62.84
Bazza Ran all way with our big un, he had done no training and had a heavy cold so needed to make sure he got round in one piece.
Took around 20 mins off last years time, maybe sub 2 hours next year. Unaffiliated 1:43:41 1:54:10 2:15:55 42.96
BEAGLE79 Unaffiliated 1:44:00 1:45:00 1:45:00 1:45:00 55.60
Beccals Unaffiliated 1:43:12 1:54:12 1:55:00 1:54:12 57.49
Becfleck Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers RC 1:50:08 2:13:42 2:19:40 46.68
beders hamstring went before the 2 mile mark, jog hobbled the next 3 miles then gradually managed to speed up to finish just outside 2 hours. Actually felt more satisfaction from this one than any of my other GNR's, will be aiming for a lot better time next year. Ilkley Harriers AC 1:42:38 1:43:38 2:04:48 51.76
Beejay Southwell RC 1:30:54 1:59:17 2:01:30 48.63
BenDy Bishops Stortford RC 1:44:01 1:45:15 1:55:00 1:47:53 54.12
Bettsy A great weekend as usual, but they've really got to do something about the start. Perhaps have one carriageway for club runners, the other for fun runners ? Norwich Road Runners 1:18:26 1:20:50 1:30:36 64.62
Beware Of The Fish Datchet Dashers 1:25:15 1:41:48 1:42:12 60.10
Big Hag In training I was knocking 13.1 miles out in 1hr 47mins. Really struggles with the last 3 miles. This was my 1st half marathon since 1983 which I ran when I was 12. Aycliffe Running Club 1:42:46 1:59:56 1:50:00 1:59:56 49.26
bigal best time so far ,really hot Blackhill Bounders 1:33:47 1:39:43 1:40:00 1:39:43 58.84
BigG Managed to get through the crowds quite easily and despite not feeling too good in the couple of days before the race I had a great race and knocked 1 min 30 secs off my PB.
Great atmosphere which more than made up for the scenery Newcastle, Gateshead and South Shields have to offer. North Yorks Moors AC 1:17:26 1:17:26 1:18:00 1:17:26 75.40
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:40:32 1:45:05 1:53:35 57.86
bigO Enjoyed my first GNR, bit dissapointed with the time, felt confident of going under 1.15 but cest la vie... Def back for next year - try and make all my toilet stops BEFORE  the race next time...
not sure if actual time thing worked - managed 1.17.52

Wharfedale Harriers 1:13:28 1:17:31 1:15:00 1:17:52 74.98
Billywhizz2b Unaffiliated 1:33:45 1:54:11 1:54:11 51.13
biru Started really far back in the field.... much of the race was a bit like an obstacle course, but what a fantastic atmosphere. The spectators, band, drummers, red arrows etc really get you going! Felt great until about the last mile of the race when I hit the wall!! Edinburgh Athletic Club 1:16:06 1:20:07 1:25:00 1:25:09 68.57
Brad22 Hoad Hill Harriers 1:24:42 1:24:42 1:37:31 65.67
Bramble FERC 1:42:39 1:58:44 1:58:44 54.91
breezey Unaffiliated 2:06:43 2:46:24 2:46:24 36.91
Bubbles Unaffiliated 1:45:00 1:48:43 1:54:50 56.78
Bul Clapham Chasers 1:12:36 1:21:24 1:23:38 69.82
bundleboy Unaffiliated 1:43:35 1:53:05 1:53:05 51.63
cathrobinson Really enjoyed it, but there was really heavy people traffic as I started from the back, so never got into a rhythm.  The organisation is excellent, so I think it's a great first HM to do!  Looking forward to beating this PB! Unaffiliated 2:37:33 2:37:33 2:30:00 2:37:33 41.80
Caution contains mild peril Blackhill Bounders, Derwent Valley Trail Runners 1:43:17 2:26:53 2:26:53 39.75
Chazzee Serpentine RC, Westbury Harriers 1:23:18 1:29:00 1:55:00 50.77
CheekyP Gade Valley Harriers 1:25:01 1:40:00 1:45:00 55.60
Cheese Unaffiliated 1:45:01 1:45:01 1:56:11 58.06
chelsian Unaffiliated 2:08:31 2:12:00 2:13:00 43.95
ChrisDig Poor run - travelled up in morning setting off very early - payed price for 2 hours sleep - fantastic atmosphere and day though. Unaffiliated 1:27:17 1:39:41 1:35:00 1:39:41 59.54
Chunky Monkey Unaffiliated 1:42:30 1:45:36 1:56:10 50.66
comanda Nidd Valley Road Runners 1:47:30 2:10:00 2:15:00 2:10:00 52.23
Corky 23 Cheltenham & County Harriers 1:28:42 1:44:00 1:44:00 56.14
Cormorant It is a great race, if a bit like trying to run in Harrod's sale - you're weaving in, out and away all the time - and with an eccentric baggage system. Great support - is it true some Geordie said as 50,000 people ran past him 'There must be a job in South Shields'? It was fantastic to catch sight of the sea and know that you were near the finish; it was less fantastic trying to get back  - it took longer being driven back from South Shields to Newcastle than it had to run from Newcastle to South Shields. I felt OK, though I hadn't really trained properly and felt the pens had more or less worked. I'd love to do this event again. Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:35:24 1:35:24 1:45:00 1:44:41 61.70
Coulson Elswick Harriers 1:33:42 1:59:18 1:59:18 48.94
craigj Norfolk Harriers Running Club 1:37:36 1:52:14 1:52:14 52.02
curlyrunner Blackhill Bounders 1:56:16 1:57:00 1:57:00 55.73
dabba Unaffiliated 2:15:36 2:42:25 2:42:25 38.76
Dandelion Unaffiliated 2:27:30 2:27:30 2:27:30 48.04
Dave B Unaffiliated 1:27:05 1:49:10 1:49:10 53.48
Dave29 Bishops Stortford RC 1:40:36 2:03:57 2:08:24 45.48
DaveG Birkenhead Athletic Club, Strathearn Harriers 1:38:25 2:04:37 2:04:37 46.85
DAVEWALLSEND good steady run stayed in the comfort zone for the whole distance and felt stronger at the end as a result. Unaffiliated 1:22:38 1:22:38 1:22:38 73.72
Deb Hermitage Harriers RC 2:23:05 2:23:05 0.00
deevicpark Unaffiliated 2:17:00 2:19:00 2:19:00 46.91
derooster Horsforth Harriers 1:32:18 1:56:03 2:00:00 1:56:03 50.31
Didds Bexhill Runners 1:40:56 1:46:20 1:46:20 56.46
Dingus i got a PB !!! Asco Jogworks 1:48:12 1:48:12 2:15 2:02:08 49.50
dizzi Dulwich Park Runners 1:52:53 1:56:52 1:55:00 1:56:52 56.35
dizzie1981 Elvet Striders 1:53:37 2:23:00 2:23:00 45.59
dja75 Vegetarian Cycling & AC, VEGAN RUNNERS UK, Tyne Bridge Harriers 1:28:33 1:43:56 1:43:56 56.17
Drew76 Stubbington Green Runners 1:41:58 2:09:00 2:14:00 43.57
Durbat Fantastic atmosphere but how hot was it!!!! Killamarsh Kestrels RC, Tickhill Velo 1:46:51 1:47:11 1:45:00 1:57:01 53.36
E Bedford Harriers AC 1:57:39 2:06:03 2:06:03 56.22
Elkcib Redway Runners, Fitmk 1:26:51 2:03:46 2:03:46 47.17
ellew My best race ever. I ran all the way, didn't stop and never felt so strong. Thanks Zoe for my introduction to carbo gels!! Didn't hit 2hr target but didn't cross the start line for 33 mins which meant I was constantly dodging and weaving,so now think 2hrs is definitely possible.  11 mins faster than last half-marathon. Support from the crowds was fantastic - having my name on my vest made such a difference.  Loved the atmosphere and loved running with 4 fellow fetchies for the first bit of the race. Must start nearer the front next time. Unaffiliated 1:54:50 2:05:30 2:05:30 52.01
EmilyJ Wallsend Harriers AC 1:41:28 1:59:49 1:59:49 54.42
Emmie-Lou Hermitage Harriers RC 2:31:17 2:40:00 2:40:00 41.06
emuslushy Unaffiliated 2:19:01 3:13:56 3:13:56 33.62
FaeryImp Unaffiliated 2:11:16 2:23:04 2:23:04 47.46
Fat Boy Felt I was in shape to run around 76 / 77 mins so to run 81 I'm disapointed.  Felt fine over the opening few miles but fell to pieces at 8 miles and struggled over the final 5.  Finished 185th overall.  Carnegie Harriers 1:12:31 1:19:20 1:21:27 72.87
Fat Man Runs What more can you say about the GNR - best mass participation event there is - better than London. Unaffiliated 1:48:32 1:48:32 2:16:51 42.71
Fats Elvet Striders 1:52:58 2:17:00 2:17:00 48.24
Feathersmcgraw Unaffiliated 1:26:07 1:26:38 1:27:24 66.81
Firestarter Hermitage Harriers RC 1:26:36 1:30:35 1:41:45 60.86
Fitguy Unaffiliated 1:33:02 1:39:29 1:39:29 70.38
Forest Faerie Thetford AC 1:43:35 2:08:53 2:08:53 52.02
GASH Enjoyed the biggest half marathon and was lucky enough to get a decent start to avoid the crowd. Quite disappointed with the goody bag. Really sad news about the fatality! Unaffiliated 1:35:43 1:35:43 1:35:43 61.00
GAZGIB As last year the sun came out and took its toll on me and others. After the year I've had with injury I was looking for 2 hours but was happy to treat it as a training run for New York and came in at 2:09. Although its dissapointing to be a massive half an hour off my best it was nice to finish feeling fresh and have no aches or pains. Was sorry to hear about the fatality but runners should remeber that the UK daily death rate is 1.37 per 50,000. SO KEEP ON RUNNING. Bracknell Forest Runners 1:35:38 1:41:17 2:00:00 2:09:01 45.48
Gee-Rizzle Unaffiliated 1:21:59 1:32:16 1:32:16 63.28
Geococcyx Unaffiliated 1:32:17 1:43:30 1:45:52 55.59
georgenick Only able to walk round - with Son in law & brother in law. 9 months after more major surgery & 6 weeks after less serious abdominal hernia repair - even more grateful just to be there. Elvet Striders 1:37:51 3:36:30 3:36:30 32.34
GettingThere Bedford Harriers AC 1:33:33 1:41:20 2:01:01 49.31
Gez Sunderland Strollers 1:31:44 1:48:01 1:48:01 54.05
Ghilington Super Doggy No.1 Unaffiliated 1:53:16 2:17:08 2:30:00 2:17:08 0.00
Gibster Stainland Lions RC 1:42:59 1:52:45 1:55:00 1:52:45 54.47
gilbank Pickering Running Club 1:29:15 1:35:17 1:35:17 61.34
GlenTec My last of five. Taking a year away from this race Unaffiliated 2:29:58 2:29:58 2:32:30 39.95
Goiridh Unaffiliated 1:36:15 1:43:58 1:45:00 1:52:10 52.06
Gonzales Elswick Harriers 1:56:03 2:25:59 2:25:59 44.66
gosbag Very Crowded Now New Marske Harriers AC 1:27:47 1:29:34 1:31:34 68.76
gray Arriving late - not advisable as you have to start from the back - the leaders had passed halfway before I got to the start line! However, this meant I was running along the front at S/S with the Red Arrows performing overhead, so it was well worth the wait. I see Motty beat me again by a matter of seconds but there's always next year..... Suggestions on how to make a quickish getaway after the race would be most welcome.....once again, however, a great weekend..... Cranleigh Tortoise & Hare Runners 1:50:59 1:57:16 2:00:00 2:22:40 44.51
Greenstuff good race up to 10 mile when i got cramp in legs,well done to r kid bazza who ran with me all the way ... cheers bro... see what we can do next year eh? Unaffiliated 1:57:31 1:57:31 2:15:25 43.63
Grey Badger A great event but i had a terrible run. Suffering from the flu for the last 2 days and had a start number of 23246(i put 1hr 25m on my entry) so it was just imposssible to get moving, even by mile 6 and 7 i was still trying to dodge round runners in front of me. The crowds were wonderfull and the wife saw me on tv so not all bad. Northumberland Fell Runners 1:22:00 1:22:00 1:28:00 1:28:52 71.45
GVC Unaffiliated 1:57:28 2:33:43 2:33:43 40.29
handyfeet Heaton Harriers & AC 1:24:57 1:46:49 1:46:49 55.86
hatstand Unaffiliated 1:34:10 1:47:51 1:45:00 1:47:51 54.13
Hev Unaffiliated 2:13:00 2:33:03 2:40:00 2:33:03 42.60
Hollywoof! Hollywood's GNR report...

Hotel on Saturday night was interesting... classy kind of joint... remind me to check next time I book a hotel that it doesn't run a needle exchange.

Race on Sunday was rather well organised :-) 10 minute delay to the start wasn't a nice surprise when we were already trapped inside the assembly barriers... could see a few peeps were desparate for a pee but there was no way out. Being in red start was nice for me - just 35 seconds from the gun to me crossing the start line was a nice surprise. Shiraz back in the second green pen had somewhat more of a battle though...

First mile felt slow but was still sub-8 - the organisers did put a few charity and celeb runners up in front of everyone else which was a tad daft really.

Stuffed up the photo opportunity on the Tyne bridge - sadly I was about a minute and a half ahead of the red arrows... I maybe should of hung around to get in the picture with them...

Then the race was more up and down than I'd really expected... and the weather was gawgeous - definitely unexpected.

Got through half way in about 47 minutes. Perfect.

Spotted some kids having fun throwing bottles of water at peeps just after one of the water stations... got myself a full 500ml bottle... got within 50 cm of one of them... and supersoaked the little lovely's face... really really satisfying :o) (but probably makes me a big bully)

Just before eight miles, K9 sped up alongside me, said hello, then only 7 days after her Berlin marathon she zoomed off ahead - I briefly tried to catch her, but there was no way I was keeping up and she was off. Sorry I couldn't make more conversation! (And more of a race of it too!)

Between 9 and 10 miles my right knee went. I kind of knew it was coming. Had deliberately taken two weeks off to give it a chance, but clearly Almere is still with me... Shame as I went through mile 10 in 1:12:07 which meant I was in the hunt for a PB... Miles 11 and 12 were hard - had plenty in my lungs and heart but every right leg landing was painful. Tried all sorts of compensation strategies with my left leg but I think they generally made it worse... Knew from Almere and from recent training runs that stopping and walking would mean I wouldn't be able to restart... Sorely tempted by the Hash Harriers refereshment station - offering Unaffiliated 1:33:30 1:35:02 1:35:39 61.20
horsehay I  really enjoyed this race, i know everyone was packed in like sardines, but everyone was polite and the atmosphere was wonderful. Telford Harriers 2:13:31 2:13:31 2:18:05 48.85
Hourglass First half marathon - blimey, onwards and upwards!!! Unaffiliated 2:30:53 2:36:09 2:36:09 42.17
Hubrun Shelton Striders 1:29:06 1:43:08 1:43:08 57.29
HulaGirl Unaffiliated 2:03:36 2:16:59 2:16:59 47.60
ibarwick Unaffiliated 2:09:02 2:12:00 2:00:00 2:12:00 44.23
Inertia Unaffiliated 1:45:51 1:45:51 1:50:00 1:45:51 56.37
IrishMike Canterbury Harriers 1:17:07 1:56:00 1:56:00 50.33
Is@@c Stockport Harriers & AC 1:26:48 1:30:57 1:30:00 1:33:23 64.73
J66 injured ran round with mate who was injured too,had time to realy enjoy the atmosphere. Unaffiliated 1:28:24 1:39:02 1:47:45 55.72
j77ben Clapham Chasers 1:17:58 1:38:03 1:38:03 59.54
james6161 Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC 1:31:00 1:38:00 1:41:57 61.25
jams Unaffiliated 1:47:35 2:02:50 2:02:50 47.53
JAnders Telford Harriers 1:16:41 1:22:20 1:24:06 69.42
Jenko Unaffiliated 2:00:26 2:25:42 2:28:39 39.93
Jenson Felt like horse manure. I take back what I was saying about it not being very hilly (which it isn't really) but it just seemed like stupidly hard work. Ha. As a 'fun runner' I was expecting shits and giggles!! ; )
Coloured starts = great idea
being penned in with no chance to have a wee = bad idea

Had a 4 min wait (how can it take people sooo long) for first portaloos and was chasing to pick up time from then on.
Love the red arrows (my geekness grows). Seriously querying if Cumbrian HM is a good idea. Then again, my stupidity knows no bounds. 
esk vally fell club 1:44:46 1:51:57 1:51:57 58.30
Jim Royle Unaffiliated 1:34:58 1:42:07 1:47:30 57.13
Jocky happy to get under 1 30 as had run club half marathon the week before, and not trained much in between. Pleased to get in red start, which meant getting over line very quickly. First mile was still slow with crowds, but soon got going. Flagged a couple of times in second half, but managed to pick up pace in last 2 miles. Enjoyed race, will definately do it again. Swinton Running Club 1:25:32 1:25:32 1:33:00 1:29:45 67.87
jodders Unaffiliated 2:06:22 2:17:32 2:17:32 42.66
JoH Elvet Striders 1:44:00 2:25:00 2:25:00 44.97
Johnny Baublesbonbon Very pleased with my new PB, which is a lot faster than I've ever done. But those pesky 9 seconds. Must take a stopwatch next time.... Unaffiliated 1:51:02 1:57:32 2:00:00 2:00:09 52.85
johnnyboy Harmeny AC 1:38:50 1:46:02 1:57:00 55.21
jonah Stockport Harriers & AC 1:21:43 1:24:00 1:27:02 70.57
joolzs Eccleshill Road Runners 1:53:28 2:41:42 2:41:42 43.00
JPS Great Run Unaffiliated 2:13:12 2:13:12 2:15:00 2:13:12 44.80
Just1 Unaffiliated 1:42:27 1:55:17 1:45:00 1:55:17 50.65
K9 Heaton Harriers & AC 1:33:08 1:36:30 1:36:30 68.24
Karate Chop Slower than predicted but much more rewarding. It was the race of my life. I ran all the way round without stopping or having to walk. Im very proud of myself indeed. Started off with ellew, hev, ZoeW and with a kiss from rich1974. 5 Fetchees all in one place. I started at a good pace and kept it up with a very strong confident sprint finish at the end. Once again, the event had a brilliant atmosphere. Newcastle is a very friendly place indeed.  Chorlton Runners 2:10:49 2:57:16 2:30:00 2:57:16 36.78
Karlos23 Unaffiliated 1:41:26 1:56:31 2:10:22 45.15
Kev Scone What a fantastic atmosphere, people told me it was but yoy never really knew what they meant, i do now!

Should have stuck to race plan may have come in under 2 however i felt so good at 8 (73 mins) carried on pushing 10 (91 mins) found 10-11 very hard but crowd pulled me through the last LONG MILE

Raised over £600 for Alzheimers in memory of my Grandad, tears in my eyes when red arrows flew over at the end as he used to take me to see them as a kid, Cheers matey! Howgill Harriers 1:48:39 1:55:06 2:00:00 2:02:43 47.70
knoxy Unaffiliated 1:52:02 2:02:23 2:02:23 53.28
kopking steve Unaffiliated 1:47:22 2:05:27 2:05:27 46.67
Kwaka Hoping for a pb, (traffic willing) but maybe stretching it a bit.
I think you might lose your credits if you bet. A badly twisted ankle has severly dented my training over the past month. Not confident I can keep any decent pace up.
Nightmare race & preparation. Nothing more too add. Sorry to those who had a bet. Stockport Harriers & AC 1:39:50 1:44:51 1:40:00 1:56:49 53.01
lady_westcliff Yay got a PB! Felt fine up until mile 10 when legs kicked in and the final mile was a killer but hurray I did it and I even beat some people too! :o) Unaffiliated 2:03:12 2:13:53 2:13:53 48.70
Lakes Bedford Harriers AC, Rushden Runners 1:59:27 1:59:58 2:19:20 44.81
LambChop Great day. Really struggled the first 5 miles as so hot, but then the rain came and gave me a second wind. Happy that I achieved sub 2.30 which is what I set out to do. Hermitage Harriers RC 1:55:56 2:22:24 2:30:00 2:29:02 43.80
Lame Duck Unaffiliated 1:25:06 1:37:27 1:37:27 59.92
Lincsfella wow, what a day, bit warm as sun came out for duration of the event but a brill day and not a bad time. UKnetrunner 1:28:14 1:32:50 1:38:52 60.03
Lisrun Walked all the way because of calf injury. Quite pleased with my time ! 100 Marathon Club, Elvet Striders, North East Marathon Club 1:42:36 1:42:36 3:07:14 36.38
loucass Dirty Daps, Muddy Tracks 2:11:45 2:11:45 2:11:45 0.00
Lucky Jim White City (Hull) RRC 1:35:58 1:37:17 1:43:03 66.09
Lump Brilliant!  Enjoyed - bit of a downhill since then! Unaffiliated 2:07:58 2:07:58 2:15:00 2:07:58 50.95
makkem Considering no training since Bristol two weeks ago, well pleased with this time (4 mins quicker). Barnet & District AC, Westbury Harriers 1:19:12 2:03:07 1:50:30 2:03:07 51.14
Marmotte Please with the time given the lack of mileage and long runs due to calf problems and the warmer than expected day. Crowds great as always.  Great day and weekend. Steyning AC 1:37:33 1:43:43 1:40:00 1:43:43 57.53
marshbbad Stourbridge RC 1:44:25 2:23:00 2:23:00 40.83
martymcfly Unaffiliated 1:37:30 1:37:30 1:40:00 1:37:30 59.88
MattyD Unaffiliated 1:46:29 2:09:04 2:09:04 45.36
merlin Unaffiliated 1:51:00 1:51:00 2:00:00 1:51:00 53.69
Metal Martin Thorney Running Club, Thorney RC 1:47:37 2:16:16 2:16:16 44.36
Mick the slug Heaton Harriers & AC 1:48:37 1:50:00 2:01:17 50.64
Middleman North East Marathon Club 1:34:01 1:44:08 1:40:00 1:44:08 56.22
miefd Race Number: 19720 FERC 1:32:48 2:02:41 2:02:41 47.59
Milou Unaffiliated 2:20:19 2:20:19 2:20:19 47.53
Miss Sweden My previous PB in this race wass 02:18 so I was absolutely chuffed with my time today. In fact I finished feeling quite strong and know I could have done even better if I had just been brave enough to push on a little earlier. It was extremely difficult trying to do the last mile along the seafront and I didn't get up the head of steam I was aiming for! North Shields Polytechnic AC 1:55:02 2:09:02 2:10:00 2:09:02 50.66
MissingPhoenix Unaffiliated 1:35:12 1:59:18 2:00:00 1:59:18 48.94
mittuck (I forget the seconds exactly!!!)
Didn't train too well, played a full football match on the Saturday.... Not ideal prep. 
Pleased to have beaten my previous time never-the-less Unaffiliated 1:24:27 1:33:30 1:33:30 62.44
mohawk sop Barnsley Harriers 1:40:15 2:23:10 2:30:00 2:23:10 40.78
mol Unaffiliated 2:07:58 2:24:00 2:24:00 52.75
Monkey_Runner Had miserable race - turned out was anaemic after running in Bermuda (usual - humidity sapped iron!) Unaffiliated 1:47:48 2:00:00 1:50:00 2:00:00 54.57
Monster Feet Unaffiliated 1:44:57 2:20:49 2:20:49 46.30
Mr Sparks Unaffiliated 1:54:26 1:59:59 2:01:11 53.55
Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs) 1.59 so no PB! never mind it was a great run and I enjoyed it Kettering Town Harriers 1:31:50 1:56:13 1:54:00 1:59:03 63.81
nantesteve Unaffiliated 1:44:19 1:57:01 1:57:01 50.30
Narrow Feet Unaffiliated 1:27:06 1:34:45 1:34:45 61.93
neems I am taking a wild guess at my time for this one, being my first half marathon I don't really know what to expect.  I think I may be a little over this though due to the crowds and my inexperience at pacing at such a long distance.  I'm just going to enjoy it though!
Am thrilled to have got so near my target time!!  I enjoyed every second of this, even when it started to hurt like hell between miles 10 and 11.  I think this could be the start of a half-marathon addiction... Unaffiliated 1:44:01 2:16:05 2:15:00 2:16:05 47.91
neve2old Unaffiliated 2:12:26 2:12:26 0.00
Northern Exile My third Great North Run and the only time I've had a ballot entry.  Felt good to be free of the burden of a charity place, particularly after my negative experience with one well-known charity the year before.  Enjoyed the race, but Newcastle is a bit chavvy and I hated all the brats hurling bottles at the runners.  I vowed not to come back in 2007 and sure enough I gave it a miss.  Felt better for it, it might be a big race but it's a bit overrated and a shite course. North Leeds Fell Runners 1:38:25 1:38:30 1:42:00 1:44:38 59.18
northernrunner Blackhill Bounders 1:14:17 1:30:10 1:30:10 64.75
now andyk2708 Found this an easy course, just too many runners. PB potential if you're at the front and get a clear run!!!   Unaffiliated 1:40:17 1:40:17 2:15:00 1:47:29 54.97
oldbirdhead Without a doubt the hardest half marathon course I have ever done...it felt like the whole course was uphill!! Was not very well prepared for this having not been able to train as much and having very little sleep due to 12 week old son teething! 

Great atmosphere though Winchester & District AC 1:23:16 1:29:07 1:35:00 1:36:30 60.57
Pegg Aimed for 2hrs 40 and tried to run to the splits on the pace band.  First mile was quicker (9:40) then settled to between 10:15 and 11:15 each mile which was ahead of the targets.  Thought halfway through I could maybe do it in 2hr 30 or thereabouts.  Worried about when it would start to hurt but kept going steadily.  Lost H at 8miles but carried on.  2:21something on the watch 400m from end so sprinted to the finish.  Can't believe I knocked 32 mins off last years time! FERC 2:23:21 2:23:21 2:30:00 2:23:21 45.53
PenW Unaffiliated 2:05:05 2:30:38 2:30:38 43.48
philbo Do not bet no way a PB. update, a slightly better run than last year, cramp at 7 miles which stayed with me all the way,at least i didnt blow up at 9 miles this time ( gels worked ),    So very sorry to hear that a runner has died again. Time should be 02.28.02 but the site wont take it , giving me a time of 2 secs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   hell of a run !!!!!!! Unaffiliated 1:57:38 2:09:17 2:20:00 2:28:02 42.89
Pigpen Striders of Croydon AC 2:13:40 2:37:33 2:37:33 37.36
Pink Shoes Had a fantastic time!  The hills weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be.  Very crowded!  I certainly could not have increased my speed easily as I started right at the back in the charity zones and the roads were way too crowded to pass people easily. Unaffiliated 2:29:10 2:29:10 2:29:10 45.85
Pintsize Bedford Harriers AC 1:45:06 1:50:07 2:20:40 49.88
PLJ Wallsend Harriers AC 1:21:33 1:59:49 1:59:49 48.73
Pllumby Absolutely gutted I missed getting under 2hrs... can't remember much about the finish so I don't know why I didn't notice. Brilliant day and a wonderful atmosphere. Unaffiliated 1:43:14 2:00:01 2:15:00 2:00:01 49.45
PloddinBuddah FERC 2:54:11 2:54:11 2:54:11 33.52
POB1976 FERC 1:54:33 2:58:32 2:58:32 32.70
PrudhoePlodder Unaffiliated 2:06:27 2:06:27 2:15:00 2:13:10 46.50
Punkbilly Otley AC 1:44:23 1:57:27 2:00:00 1:57:27 51.47
racheybabes Realised I wasn't going to get a PB by mile 5 so just enjoyed it from then on!! Unaffiliated 1:39:27 1:39:27 1:42:29 63.62
Raisty Raist Felt fairly comfortable all the way round and didn't really push it. 
will run faster in other halfs so just tried to enjoy the experience. Unaffiliated 1:38:00 1:38:00 1:50:00 1:47:30 54.31
Rapid Snail Unaffiliated 1:38:33 1:40:17 1:40:27 58.41
rdr Unaffiliated 1:25:34 1:37:21 1:40:00 1:37:21 60.13
Rhino Trail Running Association 1:44:00 1:52:12 2:05:05 52.13
richardskillen Kilmarnock Harriers & AC 1:31:33 1:31:33 1:43:22 56.63
RichMallaber Started the race with a kiss from the grafter, then went off for the first few miles with ellew. My first GNR & for some reason I was expected it to open up at some point, it never did, so I must strat further forward next time, as I'm sure I could have gone under 2 hrs. All the same it was a great day & brilliant atmosphere - I'd definatley do it again. Chorlton Runners 1:37:41 2:03:27 2:15:00 2:03:27 47.29
Rick OShay Harvel Hash House Harriers 1:40:08 1:52:00 2:00:00 1:52:00 52.99
Rob After my disappointing run last year I was determined to try and beat 02:00:00.

Following a 10Km time of around 00:50 I could have posted a much better time had I not had real problems from about mile 8-9 upwards. No matter how much you expect it, it always seems to be mostly uphill for the second half. As always felt I should have done better but at least I improved my PB by about 17 mins and I am at least satisfied. Ripon Runners 1:53:51 1:58:12 2:00:00 1:58:12 49.64
Rob A Great race really enjoyed it apart from being really slow and unfit! I think this should mark a turning point in my lazyness. I've decided it's time to get out there and start logging my times again. I can become a quicker runner! Unaffiliated 1:44:45 1:54:33 2:15:17 43.16
Roxykit Ashford and District RRC 2:44:27 3:18:49 3:18:49 38.68
Rubber Chicken First race, more fun than I expected but a bit crowded.  Quite hot but plenty of support Unaffiliated 1:58:23 1:58:56 1:58:56 49.68
Rubberman Started at the front of greens and had no trouble at start, in fact went off too fast (as usual). Great fun as first attempt for GNR, smashing atmosphere, long queue for Metro after helps you to steady down afterwards. 2 mins of PB for HM so well happy with result. Hermitage Harriers RC 1:31:12 1:37:18 1:35:00 1:37:18 60.72
RUDEDOG Unaffiliated 1:42:15 1:42:34 0.00
RunFatBoyDunn North Shields Polytechnic AC 1:39:38 1:56:01 1:56:01 50.73
Runner Martin Redway Runners 1:38:46 1:44:43 1:51:56 57.21
Runner5 Lincoln & District Runners 2:19:56 2:42:18 2:25:00 2:42:18 38.47
Running Beard Sad news about the fatality - 29 years old accoring to the BBC site.

I knocked 9 mins off my PB so was pleased although disappointed that I faded in the last couple of miles - it took forever to get to the 800 to go on the Coast Road and then that last 800 went on and on and on........... Elvet Striders 1:40:38 1:40:38 1:50:00 1:40:38 61.54
Runningmachine Wadhurst Runners 1:33:13 1:36:55 1:39:09 67.47
RununMan Forgot how great the GNR really is! 16yrs since the last one. Really enjoyed the day. As usual it's always busy and difficult to find space to run in the first few miles but so what, crowds and fellow runners were 'great'. And raised 750quid for charity too. Role on next year. Pleased with time, but oh so close to Sub1.30 ... next time! Birtley AC 1:16:53 1:31:59 1:39:00 1:31:59 65.72
saintjason Sale Harriers Manchester 1:19:14 1:38:52 1:38:52 59.06
sami546 Northbrook AC 1:36:21 1:52:53 1:50:00 1:52:53 57.87
sanddancer A slight improvement over Bristol two weeks previously but my various injuries and consequent lack of training continue to take their toll. 'Sorry' to anyone who bet on me :-( Vale of Aylesbury AC 2:13:40 2:17:00 2:00:00 2:51:03 34.54
Scooba Steve Second time running this, knocked 12 minutes off last year's time and had only ran about 5 times in 2006! FERC 1:53:16 2:22:30 3:00:00 2:22:30 40.97
Scooby Dave Unaffiliated 1:31:01 1:39:47 1:39:47 58.80
Scrumpy Jack Hermitage Harriers RC 2:24:16 2:24:16 2:30:00 0.00
SeasiderSue Unaffiliated 2:17:30 2:18:57 2:18:57 53.36
shoeless Want to go sub 2:45...  much training needs to be done...!  :/  UPDATE:  Never going to happen.  Having had much trouble with ITB over last couple of weeks, training (and morale) has dwindled and this will never be speedy - even for me.  But, hey - I'm just going to enjoy it - I'm going to be so chuffed to complete this distance at all, I rather say 'hang the speed'...  :)

POST RACE:  well well well – I did it!!  My first Half!!  And I feel great!!  well, a bit sore, but great.  Hip blew up at mile ten, but I did first ten miles in 2:10, which is great for me, and although I walked (or should that be hobbled?) the last three miles, I still came in so close to my revised target of 3 hrs.  Happy bunny.  And, more importantly, determined to beast this race next year.  I loved it!!
Unaffiliated 3:02:00 3:02:00 3:00:00 3:02:00 35.82
shorty25 Had a great race apart from being full of cold. Had to stop twice between 4&5m to stertch my calf's as they were very sore. But overall very pleased after a bad couple of races previously. York Knavesmire Harriers 1:43:05 1:43:29 1:45:49 61.62
sister UKnetrunner 1:39:58 1:59:38 2:00:00 1:59:38 58.65
SJS Tynedale Harriers & AC 1:45:01 1:51:01 1:50:00 1:51:01 58.73
Skylonsthelimit Unaffiliated 1:31:48 1:31:48 1:34:00 1:31:48 63.92
Slickchicks York Knavesmire Harriers 1:28:54 1:50:31 1:50:31 52.97
Sloan Unaffiliated 1:48:58 2:12:27 2:12:27 49.90
Slow and Ultra Steady Ipswich JAFFA RC 1:39:10 2:11:16 2:11:16 44.53
spinkle Unaffiliated 3:17:30 3:39:30 3:39:30 29.91
Spotty Dog Newport & District RC, Newport Shropshire Cycling Club 1:45:54 2:13:16 2:44:00 2:13:16 43.81
Suzyspice Just got back from America Unaffiliated 1:48:49 2:10:22 2:10:22 50.51
Teeth Unaffiliated 1:56:00 1:56:00 2:06:00 46.34
The Legendary Chin 429/44,000 Team Green, Tividale Trotters 1:25:30 1:28:36 1:30:16 66.51
The Mighty OFK Quakers RC 1:39:02 1:48:05 2:00:00 1:49:12 57.18
themawse Dreadful back injury, walked most of it. Unaffiliated 2:17:29 2:39:47 2:39:47 36.98
therunningpostie what a fantastic day out. Skegness & District Running Club 1:34:53 2:12:00 2:00:00 2:12:00 49.74
tiger-turnbull had a light hamstring strain from poor hydration in a training run,  too many people running it made it difficult to run a fast race.  good to have another pb Unaffiliated 1:36:39 2:00:39 2:02:00 2:00:39 48.78
tim77 White City (Hull) RRC 1:48:59 2:14:22 2:14:22 43.45
Toks i hope i can run just under 3 hrs, not sure i can beat my reading time but fingers cross, the crowd would get me through!!

so pleased to run under my predicted hrs of 2.50.  loved it very much but there was tooo much of hanging about in the beginning.  would love to do it again but too expensive maybe in the next 5 years!!

great crowd, hi-fiving the children is always my favourite.  not a happy bunny when i wanted to get back to durham, walked around a mile in agony!! FERC 2:35:06 2:41:20 2:50:00 2:48:06 38.96
Tom76 Unaffiliated 2:03:35 2:03:35 2:03:35 47.24
tonyrich Unaffiliated 1:59:24 2:04:44 2:04:44 47.58
TrailingTortoise Unaffiliated 2:02:35 2:33:51 2:20:00 2:33:51 42.38
tramps Ran for ASTHMA UK this year.      
11 min improvement on last year's GNR, but a minute or so outside a half-marathon PB.  Sorry to the 6 people who bet on me.       
Fantastic race. The Tyneside crowds were outstanding.  'High-fived' 100+ kids and received alot of attention for my vivid green wig.       
It was an honour to be part of this event.       

3 mins faster and I would have made it into the top 1000.  Sounds like a challenge for 2007.       

Despite the hanging around, delays, congestion, traffic jams, runners in the wrong pens etc, this is truly a magnificent event.       I didn't even notice the hills or that we were running on a dual carriageway.    

If you don't take it too seriously, are laid back about the logistics and get into the party spirit, then you cannot fail to be overwhelmed by the Great North Run.

Saffron Striders RC 1:30:31 1:36:29 1:33:30 1:37:18 61.00
Treacle So chuffed!  Got way under my target time of 2.30 - wahey!  Felt fab till about 8 miles - was on track for a 2.15 at half way, but those second half hills really start to take their toll!
Second half was about 7 mins slower than the first, but felt really strong at the end and still had a bit in the tank, which was great news for future runs (didn't want to overdo it in my first half mara and risk burning out or not finishing).

Beat both my best friend and hubby, both of whom are in theory faster than me, so well pleased! Unaffiliated 1:57:52 2:22:32 2:30:00 2:22:32 46.20
treeman a lot hillier than I remembered it Unaffiliated 1:58:56 2:23:48 2:10:00 2:23:48 42.04
TriGuy Hermitage Harriers RC 1:43:46 1:52:38 1:52:38 51.89
two_tailed_pasha My first half marathon!!  Stomach ache until 7miles which then eased off and I got into the last half.  Enjoyed it but would have preferred to start a bit nearer the front - couldn't get into the pink pen where I ought to have started...maybe next time?! UKnetrunner 2:51:37 2:51:37 2:51:37 38.03
Uithoorn_runner Unaffiliated 1:55:00 2:25:39 2:25:39 44.76
Vi Ninety Day Challenge Good race until 8 to 9 miles where i spent 5 mins on ambulance after injuring right knee before completing the race.Great day and weekend though. Burton AC 2:14:27 2:20:11 2:15:00 2:37:56 37.07
Vicki: Graceless Whippet Have recovered enough now (after a large sunday lunch and two sleeps) to post about the GNR.  My first half and the atmosphere was bloody fantastic.  Did the first 5k in 22:05 and 10k in 46:13, and was on target for a time of 1:40:00 until I got to mile 10 and my legs wouldn't move any faster than a jog.  

Was overtaken by Batman & Robin at the nook, and then managed to recover somewhat on the climb up to the Marsden Inn to finish in 1:46:26 - very happy with my time and of course it's a new PB.  Many thanx to my friends & family for their support and to Allie (from Inspire) who was cheering me on in the final straight!

I lost 3lbs in weight on the run - taking my total weightloss to 109lbs (though that'll go back up when I get fully re-hydrated).  Had a fantastic day and I'm absolutely going to have to do it all again next year. Jarrow & Hebburn AC 1:42:06 1:46:26 1:46:00 1:46:26 61.68
Weestevie Very slow race - congested. Unaffiliated 1:31:33 1:36:00 1:46:00 58.42
wensleydale I enjoyed it.  It WAS rather warm (20 degrees apparently), but I thought it was well organised and fun.  Apart from the toilet queues. Saddleworth Runners 1:54:05 1:54:05 1:55:00 1:59:43 54.48
Wheabs Wilmslow RC 1:35:23 1:42:23 1:40:00 1:42:23 58.28
Whispering Wasp Unaffiliated 0 0 0.00
WineRunner52 Road Runners Club 1:29:23 1:51:03 1:51:03 60.78
YB Damn ! Blew it big time. Flying at 8 miles, but walking by 10
Very unhappy, and annoyed with myself North East Veterans AC 1:49:04 1:51:57 1:51:57 54.41
Yorky Unaffiliated 1:44:45 1:48:37 1:54:57 52.59
yrag Unaffiliated 1:42:49 1:56:50 2:12:31 44.58
zak n cody Unaffiliated 1:39:43 1:39:43 1:41:11 58.66
zosie Unaffiliated 1:31:08 1:36:47 1:43:53 56.20

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