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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
28 Sep 2018

Fix It Friday

2:26pm | 1967 views | 22 Comments
Here's the list of fixes for this week:

1) Tutorial: on mobile view, I've removed the quick links and moved the ad below the content so there's less scrolling.

2) A single bad reading in my cadence data was squishing the rest of the data down to the bottom of the graph. For example, typically my cadence is 160-175, but I got one single reading of about 360, which messed the graph up. Should be much better now.

3) The unplanned downtime overnight earlier this week was caused by a database query that was going a bit wrong and trying to retrieve a shedload of data. Background amendments to make sure that particular query doesn't do that again.

4) I usually manage to get some sort of plug for voluntary subscriptions, so here it is. But just to be clear, if you're already subscribing, this isn't a request to increase that amount. But if you regularly tick ask me next month, then maybe this is the month that you can find some time and the price of a pint to support the site with a regular donation. I'll just leave this here: fetcheveryone.com/invite.php Anyway... on Wednesday we upgraded our server, increasing the processor speed, quadrupling the amount of RAM, and leaving a mysterious brown jiffy bag with the hamsters.

5) I made some updates to the Race Finder:

i) The links to add a listing or to report an error are more prominent in the header.
ii) Ditched the duplicate social media buttons (but do still tell your friends).
iii) Ditched the special events URL that no-one was using.
iv) Moved Location above event name, as it's generally a more useful thing to search on.
v) Given 'Search Radius' its own row, just for neatness.
vi) Made the 'Find' button green so it stands out a bit more.
vii) Moved the other chunks of content (the two ads, and currently Doctor K's parkrun) to the left and right, a bit less invasive on the main purpose of the page.
viii) Deprioritised the parkrun listings - still there, but will not appear above main results on mobile.
ix) Added a little summary bar above the map.
x) Limited the overall results to 100 races (that's enough, surely).
xi) Removed the race date column from the results, and converted it into a row separator instead.
xii) Changed 13.1miles to read 'Half', and 26.2miles to read 'Marathon'.
xiii) Added a 'refine results' button (mobile only) to help the user jump back up to the form fields.
xiv) Reinstated the missing rollover effect (bg turns red) when mousing over listings.
xv) Resulting matched listings are now a good deal higher on the page.
xvi) When you search a location, it no longer stores these in the 'manage your locations' page. This felt like a pointless feature.
xvii) Probably fixed a few bugs.
xviii) Probably created a few more.
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  • a busy few days then
    2:41pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • That’s quite a list! Thanks for all your hard work.
    2:43pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Thank you heart
    2:47pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Is meant to be the same (nearly) as < b > (bold) ?
    Seems the pic is also missing?

    But good work - and should we notice the new processor with go faster stripes?
    Or is more or younger & faster hamsters?
    2:47pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • this text editor doesn't seem to like < strong > or < b > without spaces?
    2:48pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Nice, well done!
    2:49pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Forgot to make the image public, soz.
    2:52pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • tick - can see it now :-)
    2:54pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • rookie error :-)
    2:59pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Good work. So we can now only add this weeks parkrun to our portfolio? Personally, I think I prefer the date as a column rather than a separator.
    3:23pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • 5) xix) There's a "This event is listed on these dates" dropdown on all parkrun listings.
    3:30pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Nice update. Thanks!

    You also did some badge fixes too I reckon. And added some.
    3:51pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • :-)
    4:06pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • good work!
    4:22pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • I'm reminded of Q in Bond, "all the usual refinements" - looks great! I won't ask where the stinger missiles are.
    5:16pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • In the review bit of the race listings could be have an N/A button? I put club only races in so that I can count them in my standard - but there is no real point reviewing them - it would mean you could get rid of the annoying red signs in the portfolio? Erm, otherwise all good as always x
    5:36pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Top work matey. Thanks. :-) G
    5:38pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • You've been busy!
    5:39pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • I’m a little concerned for the welfare of those hamsters 🐹
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    5:42pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • The race listing email looks much nicer now too :-)
    7:08pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • +1 for Autumnleaves comment.
    9:02pm, 28th Sep 2018
  • Thanks Fetch :)
    10:04pm, 28th Sep 2018

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26 Sep 2018

Server Downtime 2.30pm 26th September

12:20pm | 293 views | 7 Comments
Our server will be down for about 10 minutes at 2.30pm today (26th Sep) for a machine upgrade. Details here: fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=60554
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  • Wrong response: Noooooooooo! Ten whole minutes, I can't cope.
    Right response: That's ok, boss! Thanks for the alert.
    12:51pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • Hmmmm , has this been approved by Change Management ? Been tested ? What's the backout plan ? Have you taken full backups of all the data ?
    1:13pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • That's good. Give the hamsters a break.
    1:15pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • blimey ive only got 13 minutes to check everything.....
    2:17pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • I just checked my training log, all 10 years of it, it's all there :-)
    Wriggling Snake
    4:36pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • did I miss something?
    5:23pm, 26th Sep 2018
  • mine seems to be still there
    8:09am, 27th Sep 2018

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24 Sep 2018

Never Again

5:02pm | 667 views | Draycote Water 20 | 27 Comments
There was a thread last week from a new user asking for advice on moving from half to full marathon - and many of the comments were cautionary stories about respect for the distance. A marathon appears to bend mathematics in such a way that 26.2 is greater than two 13.1's.

Never Again is the immortal phrase that people often utter upon finishing a marathon, especially their first. The experience of a self-inflicted 26.2 miles is supposedly sufficiently traumatic to put you off for life. It's a feeling that doesn't always last, of course, when you've celebrated and reflected on what a great achievement it really is; and had a bit of time to think about how you might improve your training next time.

But the reality for me at least is that 'Never Again' is a bedfellow that accompanies all those marathon training miles, long before you reach the start line.

It's not just running 26.2 miles. It's running 20's, and before that, it's running 18's, and before that, it's 16's. It's the increasing amount of planning that comes before all of those; and the doubt that goes with them. And it's the recovery that follows. Run a 5k, and you know you can just put your foot down all the way round, hold on for dear life, and an hour later, you're a bit sweaty and enjoying a cake. But as the distances increase - 15, 20, 26.2, beyond - everything that can go wrong is put under an increasingly mean microscope. Pre-run fuelling, hydration and rest; on-the-day fuelling, pacing strategy, kit choices, weather, nipples, guts, and muscles and moving parts that decide they've had enough - each one enough to step in and ruin your day.

And even if everything goes reasonably well, you can still find yourself in a dribbling heap at the end of the run, and no use to anyone. Not being able to do the things you normally enjoy on the weekend, like being able to focus your eyes on your wife; or making dubious linesman decisions on behalf of your son's football team; standing up and sitting down without making (more) noise (than usual). Not being able to run the following day.

Never Again is a tale of something that slowly takes over, but also a reminder of all the things you love. It's an emotional outpouring of all those things that have had to take a back seat. Of couse, it's the love of those things that gets you through - humming songs to yourself that your kids have taught you*, or looking forward to seeing the face of the best friend who will scrape you up, buy you an enormous drink and make sure you get home safe.

But it's also a reminder to seize the moment. Never Again might be true. This might be your last run, last event, last moment. Each step you take defeats it, and delivers another moment to be cherished - so shout it out loud.


Pic: Thanks Silvershadow.

*"Look at my dog, my dog is amazing, give him a lick he, tastes just like raisins".
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  • Great blog
    5:09pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Truth.
    5:15pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • *Puts fingers in ears and goes la la la * doing a marathon next year will be fine of course I want to, the training will be no problem......
    5:26pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • *horse
    5:27pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • A lot of that rings very true. Well done. You've made it this far :-)
    5:54pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • ‘Hands Up!’
    Watford Wobble
    6:00pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Totally that star
    I was having that discussion with my daughter yesterday. Training for a half marathon is compatible with having a life, your training runs don't need a lot of thought, preparation or recovery, and if you miss chunks of the training you can still wing the race and even enjoy it. Training for a marathon is a whole clinic of pains in the neck and even if you train well the race can still turn on you.
    6:12pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • "I can handle it". "If so-and-so can train for a Marathon, so can I". "What have I got myself into?" *other words are available.*
    6:31pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Sounds like you're ready for an ultramarathon to me ;-)
    6:59pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • So true ! I often think if ever I wanted to do a full Ironman it would have to replace a full time job.

    Well done Fetch.
    One Pace Carl
    7:05pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • One can't say you don't know what you're doing or what you've let yourself in for ;-)
    7:47pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • So true.

    *Regrets signing up for that marathon next year*
    8:01pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Applauds the comment from _andy. Entries for the Highland Fling open in less than a week. Go on, go on, go on. Seriously, how hard can it be?
    8:50pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • All sounds very familiar, and I am pretty certain I've put myself off marathons after four (I think).... and yet, I'll happily plod out off-road 45-milers with no more training than a weekly parkrun; in fact, I'm doing another one on Saturday. Weird.
    9:24pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • "Never again" is also exactly what one says in the first few days after childbirth.

    Yet a few years later, what are you doing again?...
    9:40pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • You're not selling it. ....
    10:13pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Thanks Fetch you have just reminded me why I said never again both in childbirth and a marathon. Too old for the first and too unfit for the latter :-)
    Lip Gloss
    10:36pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Thanks Fetch you have just reminded me why I said never again both in childbirth and a marathon. Too old for the first and too unfit for the latter :-)
    Lip Gloss
    10:37pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Bravo. Top bloggage. Never again also because we achieved something we didn’t think we could and then it gives way to it’s little sister ‘well, if I did that’. X
    11:15pm, 24th Sep 2018
  • Mine was "Just This Mile", a variation on the theme. When it's going badly and hurting, "I'm only doing this one, I only have to get to the end of this one." But when everything is peachy, remember you could so easily lose it, not everyone can run, "Enjoy this bit, this mile is great, haven't I done well."

    Just FYI, I think as you train longer, and bigger, the threshold of where "you can just do X miles and still chat after and have cake" gets longer. For you it's 5K or maybe 10K. But remember, for many, thrashing a hard 5K would leave them a blubbering wreck and unable to function for most of the day. Possibly sore for days after. But you are a well trained, experience runner. So 5K or 10K is a skoosh. 20 plus miles isn't. But when I was at my best, 13.1 race in the morning and shopping in the afternoon was doable. Or a 12 mile hard training run, and could still function later, possibly a second run in the day or gym later. (Couldn't do that now).

    So maybe another way to look at it is, Never Again... Do I Want This To Feel So Hard, So I'm Going To Train Myself To The Next Level, So This Sh*t Feels Easy! Enjoy! :-) G
    8:04am, 25th Sep 2018
  • Mile 20 being the fastest is a good sign, great work! On the ultra theme - I think cruising through a fifty miler is actually a more enjoyable overall experience than pushing for your very best marathon time...
    8:27am, 25th Sep 2018
  • in the midst of it now. so true
    8:54am, 25th Sep 2018
  • Yep! Never is along time!
    9:00am, 25th Sep 2018
  • I should have entered and trained for a marathon 3 years into my running when I didn't really understand how much it requires, not just in training but in organising your life around it. You certainly need people around you who support and understand the necessity for the hours on the road, demand for easy consumable calories and flaking out on the sofa. I never say never, but I'd like a few more factors to be in place before I attempt one. You sound like you're on track for a good run.
    The Scribbler
    12:21pm, 25th Sep 2018
  • those LRs should get easier across the training program, I suppose that's why the 'perceived wisdom' is that one should do 5* in the lead up to any mara. What's even better is that the fitness is retained so that when you sign up for your next marathon in the spring the 1st 20 back might (will) feel awful but the next few will quickly start to feel better. Then you can move on to some longer runs :-)
    Windsor Wool
    3:32pm, 25th Sep 2018
  • Top effort sir. Also agree with Happy, pushing yourself to the next level will always feel tough, but once you are there it's far more enjoyable. Plus don't overthink things - there's far too much crap written about training plans, pre-run strategy, fuelling, in-run strategy, post-run strategy, etc etc. It all just adds more stress and lessens the enjoyment, and while it might be relevant for the elites trying to squeeze out the fast 0.1% of performance, for most of us, where we still have 50% of our potential just waiting on doing the basics better, it's total overkill.
    12:53am, 26th Sep 2018
  • I had a totally different experience and for me 'Never Again' means 'Never Again'. By the time I got to the start line my training had ruined running for me. I knew at the start line this was a one time deal. That was 2011 and I'm really not sure I've ever got back into running as much as I was...........
    But I would also say to everyone - do it, you might like it :-)
    11:16am, 26th Sep 2018

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21 Sep 2018

Fix It Friday!

11:34am | 498 views | 17 Comments
Hello everybody :-)

Time to round up all the little code fixes and amendments I've put in place this week.

1) I've been updating my algorithm that blocks spam sign ups, and have been keeping a close eye on how well it's been working. Spam programs try to mimic humans in various ways, from the type of data they sign up with (for example, usernames are usually randomly generated from lists of sane-sounding words combined with numbers e.g. Bob123ABC) to the speed at which they access pages. If they tried to do it lightning quick, it would clearly be unhuman, and easier to block, so random pauses are inserted to make it look more like a real person. It's a real-life example of trying to pass the Turing test - and therefore quite fascinating. I have found some patterns that the spambots exhibit though, and have successfully made quite a few spam fritters this week :-)

2) A few people have been in touch because they'd made a donation some time ago, and were suddenly getting ads again. In all cases, this was because the amount of ad-free time I'd given them as a thank you had run out. But it was a bit of a jolt to see the ads return with no warning - so there's now a little notification if you've made an annual donation and it's run out. If you don't support the site, please consider setting up a donation of a couple of quid a month - it means I can spend just a bit more of my time working on the site, and a bit less time trying to drum up advertising deals. Here's the donation info: fetcheveryone.com/invite.php

3) We had a database problem about a week ago that wasn't picked up by our monitoring system, so the site was out of commission from about midnight until about 6am when I woke up to find my Twitter was on fire. I've put stuff in place to capture this error now, so we should avoid this sort of outage.

4) Reinstated the category selector (Run/Bike/Swim/Other) to the GPX importer. By the way, if you're looking to get your files into Fetch, TCX or FIT are better options if they're available, as they tend to include more detail.

5) Sometimes, errors are specific to the type of browser you're using to view the site. Safari (38%) and Chrome (38%) are the most popular choices for Fetchies, followed by Firefox (6.25%) and IE (6.25%), with a further 26 other browsers sharing the remaining 11.5%. Thanks to a report from Jason W, I discovered an issue with the edit and delete training buttons on the training activity list that was affecting Safari and Firefox users. If you find a faulty button, or a link that doesn't go where you expect, there's a chance it's browser-related, so if you get a chance to check it and report it, do it :-)

6) Sinj999 noticed that the kilometres and miles were mucked up on our indoor rowing league table. Yes, we DO have one of those: fetcheveryone.com/league-rowing.php

7) Some badges were notifying the recipient every time they'd earned it - e.g. the Toast of a Monkey badge. Sorted.

8) How did your race go? You'll probably have received this rather long-winded fmail on a Monday if you've ever failed to enter a race time into a weekend race. I felt like this was better suited to a notification - click it and it'll take you through to the screen where you can enter your race time. These notifications aren't generated until the day after your event, so if you're on the ball, you'll probably never even see them.

9) Paul The Builder spotted a shocking oversight. If you look at one of our race listings (e.g. Abingdon fetcheveryone.com/viewracedetails.php?id=1968917 - did I mention I was doing a marathon? B-) ), you can sort the participants by their personal best, season's best, predicted time, etc. Amazingly, until this week, that wasn't working properly. Scenes!

10) It's a bit of disconnected thinking in our sign up process, but it's possible to click "Yeah, send me your monthly Race Guide", but not tell the site what part of the world you live in. Our guide is entirely based on knowing this information (doesn't have to be 100% accurate to reveal your home, just plonking a dot somewhere nearby is plenty to allow the race guide to find events that are near that spot). Until I can work it into the sign up process a bit more seamlessly, there's a notification that pops up every so often for people who've asked for the guide but need to provide a location.

11) I'm pleased to report that alpenrose finally got her Routemaster badge for getting her route featured as our Route of the Day :-)

That's it for this week. If this website is Bear Grylls' The Island, and I'm one of the hopeless oafs they strand on it, then your feedbacks, bug reports and suggestions are the fish the production team put into the nets; the mangos with the Tesco labels still on them; and the drugged-up caiman that wonders what it signed up for in the first place.

Have an AMAZING weekend. I've got to run 20 miles in p*ssing rain at Draycote Water this Sunday. I hope you have better luck.
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  • I'd rather be running than supporting this Sunday so you already have better luck than me. :-P
    11:40am, 21st Sep 2018
  • Well done AR. 'Twitter on Fire' a KoL song.
    Wriggling Snake
    11:59am, 21st Sep 2018
  • Good luck for Sunday!
    12:11pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Hope Sunday goes well, rain or no rain.
    12:40pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • I read this without drawing breath... feel a bit light headed now. :)
    12:41pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Where did all the carriage returns go? (It might just be me but they've disappeared right across the site, in Chrome and FireFox, e.g. in the explanation text in the sidebar here: fetcheveryone.com/viewtopic.php?id=60346 )
    12:42pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Ah, they're back. Must've been a glitch.

    Carry on...
    12:42pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • @Oranj - yes, it's all controlled by one function, which means that if I screw it up, I screw it up everywhere. Should be better now.

    12:42pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • :-)
    12:44pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • thanks :)
    enjoy the run on sunday
    12:51pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • I love it how wives and husbands communicate with their other half through comments on their Fetch blog. Even comments on THE Fetch blog!

    Top fixing. The 20 mile long run is *never* good. Even when it's at its best, it's pain and hardship and that's just a fact. You're not meant to enjoy it. You're meant to endure it and then thrive on its health and fitness imbuing qualities. And of course dine out on how wonderful you are for surviving and thriving.

    I went for a walk in my lunch time. I think I should go to the Mundane Thread.

    Happy Friday, lots of love from all the Happy(rrr)s :-) G heart
    1:03pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • I have to run 10 miles then drive up and watch you run the last 10 miles 😀
    1:40pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • I'll try not to be too envious of you on Sunday.
    3:17pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Nice work and thanks.
    4:24pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Happy running on Sunday. Just repeat "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger".
    And focusing on the getting stronger bit...
    11:40pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • Have fun tomorrow!
    Good debugging!
    10:26pm, 22nd Sep 2018
  • Thanks for my badge. :) I hope you enjoyed your run yesterday.
    9:43am, 24th Sep 2018

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19 Sep 2018

Handling your weirdness

2:41pm | 488 views | 30 Comments
When you type text into a forum, blog, or just about any place on the site, there's quite a bit of potching about that happens before it gets displayed back to you and the other users. Here are some examples of things that you can include in your text that aren't "normal" text:

Links to pages on Fetch
Links to pages on third party websites
Links to Youtube videos
Smileys, such as : - ) and : - P
Other icons, like (star)heart(star) or (star)toast(star)
Embedded images, e.g. (squarebracket)IMAGE 91465(squarebracket)
Words from our glossary
Bold, underline or italic tags
Random crap

I've noticed a few issues recently. For example, if you look at the excellent McGoohan's blog from September 13th, you'll notice that the URL's below the rubber duck are all mashed up: fetcheveryone.com/blog/137/2018/9#blog384834

I also had feedback from a mobile user who said that "Link (Rollover me to see where I go)" was not all that easy on mobile screens.

And what's more, I also have plans to allow more stuff to be embedded e.g. polls; and have longer term plans to allow you to mention other users in your comments, and have them receive a notification.

Because of all this, I needed to update the function that handles your text input. And rather than just put it live at about 5 o'clock one day, and spend the rest of the evening watching you all breaking it ;-) I thought I'd put up a test page where you could actively try to break it.

Here it is:


Try putting some stuff in there - URL's, smileys, icons, images, youtube vids, glossary terms (like intervals, feedback, Prague, etc), and a few HTML tags if you're that sort of person. None of it is being saved, so you can write poo bum willy for all I care - but if you hit on a problem, please let me know what you've typed, so I can recreate it here.

Ta :-)
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  • Ooh ta. My links got mashed I think because the website was .online
    2:54pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • I wondered why those links were weird.
    2:56pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • And now... that works in the new text-masher
    2:56pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • I've always been confused why some html mark-up works and some doesn't. Is there a guide somewhere that tells me which I can use? I keep writing blogs with Titles and having to go back and amend them to be bold.
    3:01pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • The two broken links from my MOM interview work in the test page, so looks good to me!
    3:04pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • @g1nger - b, u and i tags work - that's about it.
    3:09pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Fetch glossary? Is this it - or is there soemthing more recent?

    Similarly *words* - is this the latest/best list? fetcheveryone.com/groups-view.php?id=878
    3:28pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • @um - the first article contains many of the terms referred to in the glossary - but the actual glossary is a built-in feature that underlines words (and you can click on them) - like intervals for example (it might not do it in this comment).
    3:30pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • It did :-)
    3:31pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • The second is the best known list of all the *word* icons - but I've never published the full list - it's all come about through detective work :-)
    3:31pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Looks like 'P90&apos ;-) (for blah blah blah 'P90') is fixed
    3:32pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • in the test model - not here
    3:33pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Back to glossary -
    Intervals and Feedback and Prague and Toast of a Monkey
    just returns the same for me (upper or lower case). Should it?
    3:38pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Looks like you had the glossary turned off - how about now?
    3:40pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Yes - underlined & hot linking now - thanks
    3:49pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • * muppet * still works so I am happy 😍
    3:50pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • muppet
    3:52pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • and of course (star)star(star) you star star you! As long as :-) works then I'm :-)
    as Pharrell might say... :-) G
    3:55pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • We are going to be able mention people? Woot!
    4:32pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Are we ever going to be able to edit posts though? (sorry I appreciate this is not what your blog was about!)
    4:45pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Any chance of supporting Markdown? That'd pretty much give people all the formatting they need for blogs in a very easy-to-write manner that doesn't involve the confusion of pseudo-html, and I'd assume there are a number of libraries you can drop in for it to save work.
    5:24pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Oh, meant to say, I couldn't break it :)
    5:24pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • How do you turn the glossary on an off?
    5:30pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • S'ok found it in the forum settings - it was on apparently, but I turned it off and on again and now it works

    I can't break it either
    5:36pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Editing posts would remove all the in jokes about silly typos. Like the waving fish that we do at stations on the mundane thread. Fixing typos would suck.
    The Mighty Fleecy
    8:23pm, 19th Sep 2018
  • Slightly disappointed there wasn't an Easter egg for actually typing poo bum willy!

    Link wasn't recognised unless I included http:// ... And then, when it was, it only displayed the domain name and hid the rest, which could be misleading. I'd suggest (click to preview) rather than (Rollover to see where I go), which could bring up a popup with the full URL and Go and Cancel buttons, which should work ok on mobiles
    6:06pm, 20th Sep 2018
  • Not sure if this is related but typing two consecutive spaces now appears to insert a line break. WHen I learned to type sentences were "supposed" to start with two blan spaces rahter than just one, so its a habit of mine and I've noticed some posts (e.g. check 3:15 thread) seem to be breaking over lines where I hadn't formatted as such. Interested to see if it happens here too.
    12:18pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • And indeed it does!
    12:19pm, 21st Sep 2018
  • My last few blogs have stopped converting : - ), : - p, ; - ) etc. to smiley icons, even though the icons were there when I posted the blogs.
    In people's comments, the icons appear intermittently, sometimes there, sometimes staying as text.

    Happens in Firefox, Edge and Chrome on Windows 10.
    When I used your testformatter link, the icons appear.

    Hope your Draycote Water 20 went well today. Appropriate name given the heavy rain ;-).
    12:53pm, 23rd Sep 2018
  • I've just written a new blog and not putting a punctuation mark after a smiley allows the icon to appear :-) :-).
    2:04pm, 23rd Sep 2018

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18 Sep 2018

Cards ordered :-)

2:14pm | 306 views | 10 Comments
I've made some amendments to the card design that I put up a few days ago.

The front now says:

'Scuse Me...

and the back says:

Fetcheveryone is a free website for runners, cyclists and swimmers. There’s an awesome training log with no locked away features, huge event listings, friendly chat, and above all, most of the people who use it are fairly nice*.

The URL is now fetcheveryone.com/hello (note to self - make sure that page is there before I send out any cards), and the disclaimer now says:

*Fetcheveryone Ltd takes no responsibility if the person handing you this is just trying to get your number. Smile and back away. By continuing to blink you accept these terms.

A thousand cards on recycled paper (I'm not a monster) was £40inc postage, and I've taken the plunge and ordered them. With any luck, they should be here in time to distribute a few at Draycote this Sunday :-)

My hope is that at least some of these cards will be handed over to potential new users by enthusiastic Fetchies - I reckon it's nice to have a small tangible thing (fnar) to give someone to remind them to look up the site. If they work out, I also like the idea of doing more variations.

All suggestions for other cost-effective ways of getting our name out there, leave a comment :-)
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  • If you can get some down to me for the mini fetch fest on 13 th we can hand a few out in the pub after parkrun.
    2:24pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • Sounds good!
    2:26pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • can you send some out when you send out the new vests pls?
    2:39pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • Would a small pile on parkrun tables be helpful, or looking for the personal stalky touch?

    Less frivolous question - how many "active" users are there on the site (define as you will)? Wondering how much difference an extra 10 /100 /1000 users might make...
    2:40pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • @RB - I can post some to you, no probs.

    @Minardi - that's my plan - I'll stick a little batch in with each order.

    @Dooogs - that might work - try it and see? In an average month, we get about 30,000 'unique' visitors, and just over a tenth of those are registered users. For every person signing up or joining in, there may also be someone else signing out or stepping back - so I think it's really important to keep spreading the word about our community.
    3:02pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • *like*. I think it gives a far better message. Most people will come for the benefit of the tools. Little do they realise they'll achieve weirdness before long *mwahh*
    4:26pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • nice improvements
    5:02pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • Are they standard postcard size? (Wondering whether they could be added to Christmas cards).
    7:46pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • Ah - business card size - just seen your 16th September blog. Will easily go in with a Christmas card, even a little one.
    7:48pm, 18th Sep 2018
  • I have an informal trail race happening on 21 October starting and finishing at a pub. I'd be happy to have a few (no more than 50 I'd guess) to leave on the bar for when the runners have their post run pint.
    7:24pm, 19th Sep 2018

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16 Sep 2018

Just wondering...

1:52pm | 523 views | 32 Comments
Two wonderings...

1) How would you feel if someone gave you this?

2) How would you feel about giving something like this to a potential new Fetchie?

NB the link doesn't work yet :-)
NB2 It's two sides of a business-card - so small enough to keep a few in your pocket/wallet/purse.

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  • Love it :) - visions of stopping anyone I see running locally to hand them a card and then wonders if I would?
    1:56pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Pile needed for Fetchpoint 2019
    1:57pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I like this and I'd be willing to hand them out.
    1:58pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Fine on both counts. As a business card, it would be good if there were a series of say 6 different ones, makes them collectable and raises the profile.
    2:00pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Perfect although most would actually say I’m a weirdo 🙃
    2:00pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Brilliant but agree with runner bean... I am weird! 😂
    2:03pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Not sure I'd actually give them out ..... I do often tell other runners about fetch but not sure I'd actually give them a card. But that might be just me ( I have business cards for hearing dogs and never given those out as it's never seemed appropriate). But if someone was a coach or physio or making up.goody bags I could see them being used.
    2:11pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • But they might find out who I am #weirdo
    Lizzie W
    2:14pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Love it.
    2:15pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I like it, but I feel like people are moving away from card/cards. I guess it might help people to remember the name.
    2:15pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Serious, and funny. Great! If someone gave me one I might check it out (I actually checked out fetcheveyone because of a Marathon Talk interview). I'd also hand them out... I've been too chicken to broach the subject with anyone yet... they might start taking my gems! But then I might also get some traffic lights. Dilemmas, dilemmas.
    2:30pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I agree on the idea of multiple designs to collect.
    I could indeed see myself handing a few out.
    2:44pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Do it!
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:50pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I would suggest changing the 'mostly' to 'sometimes'.
    And maybe, plain simple capitals on the first side, under the second line ..

    2:52pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Awaiting postal delivery, in fact don't send my new t-shirt until you can send some of those cards to save postage costs. :-)
    Fenland Flier
    3:02pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I’m with FF! Can you put a ‘you were given this by minardi* - look them up at fetch’ *obviously leave a space to fill out your fetch name because it would be daft with minardi on them all 😳
    3:17pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I agree with DocMoye. I think it would have to be someone I knew fairly well that I would give one to (rather than say just someone I got chatting to at parkrun or a race). If I found one in a goody bag after a race I probably would look up the site (if I wasn't here already!) If someone at parkrun (who I'd never spoken to before) gave me such a card I would think they were a weirdo and tear it up :-)
    3:23pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Excellent. I would remove the sentence about breathing and accepting the terms. It just doesn’t come across right to me.
    3:32pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • no. not for me.
    3:32pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I would give them out at races, since I wear fetch kit it sometimes comes up and the card explains it better than I could!
    The Mighty Fleecy
    3:47pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • There must be a fair number of race directors or people involved in organising races who already use the site. Maybe they could arrange to hand these out at the race or in a goodie bag? In return for perhaps advertising the race on Fetch?
    5:21pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Look great, but I'm not sure I would hand them out. Sticking them in goodie bags sounds a great idea, or leaving a small pile in running shops or on the scanning table at parkrun.
    5:47pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Love it!
    8:19pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • *looks horrified* business cards would get very hot and sweaty if I carried them to races.

    But it works as a flyer. Maybe around November? For people who love running, tracking and analysing the running they’ve done and talking about the running they one day hope to do :-) with an awesome Christmas advent calendar with running prizes every day
    10:12pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • Leaving a pile lying around in the bar after a club training sessions or a race might be more effective, and less intimidating for either party.
    11:15pm, 16th Sep 2018
  • I could not pass that to anyone under any circumstances whatsoever. Flyer, but remove the word weirdo.
    Wriggling Snake
    8:48am, 17th Sep 2018
  • More than happy to give out and display at places. Like the idea of runners, cyclists ans swimmers and also a space for my name
    11:19am, 17th Sep 2018
  • I'm happy to try and support the site and spread the word but I'm afraid that the weird / weirdo angle just doesn't work for me. Why would people think that users of the site are weird in the 1st place, or that to approach someone with some info makes them a weirdo?
    Windsor Wool
    11:31am, 17th Sep 2018
  • @WW - the weirdness angle probably stems from the feeling of awkwardness I've always felt about speaking up about the site when I hear someone's a runner. The design of the whole card is also intended to reflect the humour that I hope is present in light touches throughout the site, and gives potential new users an idea of where to set their expectations.
    11:57am, 17th Sep 2018
  • I agree Ian that there is are sprinklings of quirkiness around the site that make it a little different. Not everyone will / can fit in to that though and you should never forget that under-pinning everything here is a site for amateur athletic enthusiasts with some seriously powerful tools: training log, route planner, analysis tools, race register, etc. While the blend might make it an excellent product overall, I think that focusing on the 'weird' is the wrong thing to do. Hope that helps context my comment.
    Windsor Wool
    1:24pm, 17th Sep 2018
  • I think WW has a valid point. Whilst some of us are happy to indulge in weird acts ( like an impromptu waltz at the tough end of a race ) you have to choose who you share this with carefully. There are probably many more site users who would rather not be described as wierd than ones who are quite happy with the label.
    1:31pm, 17th Sep 2018
  • Fascinating aversion to weirdiness in some of these comments! :D
    5:57pm, 20th Sep 2018

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14 Sep 2018

Fix It Friday :-)

1:59pm | 444 views | 14 Comments
A mixed bag this week - I don't think I've changed anything particularly major for you if you're a regular user, but instead I've been looking at new users. It's only a scratch on the surface really, but it's hopefully a good kind of scratch :-) As we collect new users, I'll be able to see what percentage of them stick around after registering; and hopefully those that do will increase.

1) Made the forum and blogs links on the home page more prominent. In theory, Google Analytics should give me some insights into where people are clicking when they view the home page - but I'm not getting much joy out of it. Any GA experts out there? One good metric is our 'bounce rate'. A bounce is where someone arrives on a page, then leaves without clicking anything on that page. It usually implies "this is NOT the page I want". Happily, this is running at just under 11% - so we're doing *something* right :-)

2) I've also scaled back the GDPR message when a new user registers, with thanks to Sigh for pointing that out. It hadn't been updated since May, so it was full of "from May 25th, the world as we know it will end" sort of thing. Relaxed that a bit :-)

3) Next up, as a new user you arrive at the email consent form, and previously, if you clicked 'Done' with no boxes ticked, it would just stare at you. I can see how that might get your back up if you were a new user. There was a little note next to the button advising the user to "navigate away" if they didn't want to tick any of the boxes, but it was cringingly awkward.

4) When you clicked done on the consent form, you'd get dropped on a "thanks for doing that" page, and from then on, you're expected to know everything you need to know. It's a bit of a miracle that people had been persevering after that, really. So instead, you get dropped onto page one of the tutorial. I agree with some of the comments that it's playing things a bit straight, and I aim to beef it up with a few mother-in-law gags and some pics - but I'm curious to see what impact it has on the behaviour and [cringe] engagement of new users. Speaking of which, there's another awful thing called 'onboarding', which kind of means the same thing as engaging, and also makes me want to stick forks in my eyes. Anyway... have a look at the tutorial if you haven't already: fetcheveryone.com/tutorial.php

4) MOTM headers. Helegant was an extremely worthy winner of this month's award, but when working through all the consent and tutorial screens, it was distracting to see her smiling away at the top of the screen with the 'ask question

no thanks' options. Worse still, clicking 'no thanks' would take new users back to the home page, and I've lost my chance to 'onboard' them (and now that term makes me think of Frank Spencer on rollerskates chasing a bus). And so I've adjusted things, so that new users don't get any distracting bars at the top of the screen, except for the one they see when they temporarily exit the tutorial. Those MOTM messages will be replaced by notifications at the relevant times of the month.

5) As part of looking at new users, I also found quite a few spambot accounts - so part of what I did was to look at the sort of things new users do, to see if I could automatically trap them and redirect them to $trava or something ;-) It must be a common problem for lots of websites - these bots trawl the internet looking for pages that look like 'register here' and attempt to spew their content into any potential host, like data vomiting mosquitoes. Our little IQ test on the sign up screen traps a few; I've also collected some common domain names that get used; but there are still some that get through. One common tactic they use is to stick a URL into their user profile description. The purpose of this is either (a) to trap unsuspecting users into clicking it, or (b) to game search engines into raising the profile of the destination websites, or possibly (c) something I've not thought of yet. But this week alone, I've caught several who have signed up, then gone immediately to edit their user profile. It's fun trying to outwit them.

In other fixes:

6) Mandymoo's route of the day route saw her travel all the way from the coast of Africa to the UK, before taking a 3.5 mile walk through Whitfield Wood. This is what happens, Mr Fetch, when you don't filter 0,0 out of a set of latitudes and longitudes.

7) We were still pointing people at the RVFE5 code in the "Ask Helegant a MOTM question" banner. It should be updated to RVFE10 for 10% off Red Venom goodies.

8) There's a bit of code that transforms stuff you type, e.g. by wrapping URLs in the relevant tags; swapping image codes for their corresponding images; adding bold, underline and italic tags; inserting smilies; and so on. I want to do some work on this to improve a couple of things and fix a few bugs so my task this week (which was hopefully invisible) was to establish all the different parts of the site that use that function and ensure they were all using it in the same way. Now that I've tidied that up, look for some improvements in the coming weeks.

9) Toast of a monkey. Yes, I know some of you have no clue what this is about. It's one of those long-ago but still-remembered thread conversations about a bad hotel review. It makes me smile when I see it, and it's nice to see people talking about it again. As to how to unlock the badge... well, that's a bit of a mystery - but keep asking :-)

And that's it for this week. I think I'll spend another week looking at the new user stuff - but do please keep posting your comments and bug reports. I've got some cool bug tracking software (it's called Mantis, if you're interested), and everything I see, I stick in there. And if you want to make sure I've seen something, you can either leave a comment here, or send me a feedback (just click the 'Help' icon at the top of the screen).

Have a great weekend! It's just started raining here, but I've got my run done. A bit of a sore left hammie, but other than that, the run was awesome :-) The force is strong with you!
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  • Thank you. Spambots are an ongoing nuisance aren't they? I was admin for a different forum and used to delete hundreds of spam users every day before we found a different solution. Tedious. Well done for keeping the numbers down.
    Considering my avatar is a long-defunct wee-me (and I've lost the original) you have done Fetchland a favour by changing the banners. And thank you for the ToaM badge - I smiled too. Now to update my avatar to something with a real picture.
    2:07pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Now I now what GA calls a bounce - but couldn't it also mean that the user has found what they want?
    2:17pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Ta for all your fixes. May your engine run as smooth as butter.
    2:17pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • If they found what they want by looking at our home page, but not actually interacting with it in any way, then yes. But I guess that's unlikely. Unless the question is "what's Fetcheveryone?", or perhaps "Is Fetcheveryone down at the moment?" ;-)

    Helegant - it really is quite a fun challenge, working out how to determine whether a user is human or bot. My very own Turing parlour game :-)
    2:19pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • I've got a sore tummy. You needed to know that. Have a great weekend. Top fixing. And well done remembering that not everyone in the world has been fetched yet. Ridiculous, but true. Happy Friday. :-) G
    3:21pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Lol at ‘data vomiting mosquitoes’ 😄
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    3:26pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Hope you saw my feedback on clubs. The new user I mentioned was put completely off the site trying to add her club to her profile :-(
    3:36pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • TeeBee - I added a clubs page into the tutorial: fetcheveryone.com/tutorial.php?tag=clubs - what do you reckon?
    4:01pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Finding these interesting. Thanks Fetch!
    4:13pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Happy to help :-)
    4:13pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • I wonder how many people click on here looking for dog food? :-)
    9:39pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Yes Fetch that clearly explains the process. :-)
    10:39pm, 14th Sep 2018
  • Anyone would think you have a proper job.
    Wriggling Snake
    11:35am, 15th Sep 2018
  • Hi Fetch... Just a thought whilst you're looking at new people. Is it possible to have the year on the date posted on thread posts? It may take up too much room but thinking toast of the monkey an example of something from a while ago. Also the signs one. I know it makes little difference in the scheme of things I guess.
    6:09pm, 16th Sep 2018

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12 Sep 2018

Try the Fetcheveryone Tutorial

11:25am | 466 views | 11 Comments
I've put together the startings of a Fetch Tutorial. This came from my Fix It Friday blog last week, where I asked people to put themselves in the mind of a new user.

The idea is that new users will be directed here when they sign up (because right now, they just get dumped on a 'thanks for signing up, you mug' page, and left to their own devices. It'll also be available via the 'Help' link at the top of the screen. I've designed it so I can change the order pretty quickly, and add in new pages without too much hassle - so if you think I've missed something major out, then do say.

There's also a feature whereby if you follow one of the links out of the tutorial, a green bar appears at the top of the screen (but only if you're logged in) offering you a quick way to return to the tutorial - but you can just close that down if you've found what you came for.

Imagine you've just signed up...


Let me know what you think :-) Also... should each page have a pic? And... I've probably mixed up my sentence case and my title case. Which would be better?


PS I'm putting the shirt/vest pre-order in at midday.
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  • I like it....
    11:39am, 12th Sep 2018
  • Nice one, Fetch. Clear and friendly, easy to navigate. ....needs some sort of exit/you're done, though!
    11:41am, 12th Sep 2018
  • Very good! :-)
    12:21pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • My feel is that there is too much there for a newbie to take in if you expecting it to be their first port of call. It'd put me off rather than encourage me into the site, especially given it's not visually enticing. I'd say you'd be better with at most a 3 or 4 screen 'onboarding' to pick off the really key concepts and then a very obvious and turn-off-able 'I'm new' link in each section that goes to the tutorial content. If you could make it less 'square boxes and text' I think it'd also help.
    12:22pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • I like it, a good summary of all the main things available on the site, without going into too much detail, with links to go off and get more details when they're ready.
    The only bit I found a little long-winded was the Games page - trying to describe all the main games in a few words is tough ! Maybe just a summary saying lots of games to keep you interested and liven up your training, and a link to the Games homepage where they are described ?
    K5 Gus
    12:43pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • Good stuff. I’m sure it will be a help. The list of topics fills the mobile screen so always have to scroll down. Perhaps better to just have next/prev topic links? Less daunting too as someone else said. Race finder, I’d emphasise that it’s managed by “you” (us, not you) and that’s why it’s the most comprehensive. Forum, this is where you chat to other fetchies. (Ever thought about renaming Forum?). Also, I’d take out the bit about what not to do. Generally add in more of your humour too, it’s a touch formal.
    1:11pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • Nice, but a bit dry! Maybe a picture would help, or some more links, user comments or something more to explore. I wouldn't complicate it too much but give it some more personality/ community feel as that is the best thing about Fetch and it should be highlighted.

    Also for things like race portfolio and training showing the new user there portfolio will just show nothing. perhaps you could link to a 'random' user so they can see what it looks like if used properly (you can use mine if you want!).

    Last quick comment, is at the end of the tutorial, there is no exit button, just a back. It would be nice to have a way to finish.
    1:20pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • I like it. Certainly I like the basic idea, a list of the main areas and a progress bar, the rest is details.

    One quick win:
    - get a badge when you've completed it. Shows how notifications works and gives them a reason to go back to badges :-)

    One improvement that can be made incrementally:
    - adding some graphics to make it look move alive. In fact chunkywizard's first comment is all good.

    One minor but is a "problem" elsewhere on the site too. On desktop when you are in the tutorial, the yellow sub menu is there but blank. Not sure what the solution is, but it annoys me whenever I see it :-)
    1:58pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • Excellent! Really good addition to the site.
    4:43pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • I like the idea, but my gut feeling is that it's quite a wordy big bucket of fish, rather than a teach-them-how-to-fish format that just starts them off exploring for themselves, e.g. explain the two-level menu system and that there are loads of features to discover under various categories, then maybe a couple of bits to point out how community-led the site is, and the cosy, family "business", please-donate-if-you-can nature of things... and I think one of the best ways you can do the latter is to really encourage people to read this blog - your posts and all our comments make it abundantly clear how accessible you are and how much pride you take in your work
    10:43pm, 12th Sep 2018
  • ...that sounded more negative than I had intended :( What I mean to say is that you already have descriptions of the various features on their respective landing pages, and perhaps noobs just need to know how much there is to be discovered and how to set off discovering...
    10:45pm, 12th Sep 2018

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11 Sep 2018

40 days and 40 nights

12:46pm | 412 views | 17 Comments
That's how long it is until Abingdon Marathon :-) *wets pants*.

I think training is going pretty well. I got through my first 20 miler on Sunday morning ( fetcheveryone.com/training/15388864 ) although it wasn't especially pretty. My toenails are like talons at the best of times, and I realised after about 4-5 miles that one of them was machete-ing it's way through the neighbouring toe.

ACTION POINT: Angle grind toe nails about a week before the race, to give the sharp edges a chance to soften off.

I also decided (thanks to a nudge from Katie) that it was time to think about fuelling now that I'm at the top end of my training distance. I took enough jelly babies that I could drop one every couple of miles, and a gel to celebrate reaching 10 miles. For my 18's, my only intake previously has been a bottle of Lucozade Sport (I know) at a shop after 8 miles.

I've always done my long runs without breakfast, so I'm used to that, but I felt as though the JB's, the gel, and the Lucozade (this time at about 11.5 miles) would be enough of a help to get me through the run, energy-wise. I felt as though my body temperature was hotter at points during the run, and I'm wondering whether that might be down to the extra requirements of digestion - any thoughts on that?

The plan was for Katie to cycle out to the 17 mile marker on my route, giving me some water, company and encouragement. I think this coincided with the point at which I started to feel the need to slow down, and I took walks at the end of the 17th and 19th miles. It's just a theory, but I wonder how much I'd been holding myself together with the goal of reaching Katie. It was (and is always) lovely to see her, but with someone except myself to tell how I was feeling, perhaps I lost a grip of things mentally. But it's also true to say that I was also hurting quite a bit physically by that point - feeling tight around my hips, and tired absolutely everywhere. Other mitigating factors include the fact that I'd run five miles the day before, but my previous 18 miler was preceded by two rest days in an overall easier week. So before I start trying to get inside my own head, I need to work out a better fuelling strategy, and offer some respect to my longer runs now:

ACTION POINT: Breakfast a couple of hours before my next 20; a bit more fuel along the way; and stash some water somewhere along the route to avoid having to chug half a litre of Luco.

ACTION POINT: The day before my next 20 has to be a rest day.

Home after the 20 was also not pretty. I lay on the floor for a bit, whilst the dogs licked the salt off my shins, and Katie brought me squash, tea, chocolate milk and a bowl of crisps. I staggered upstairs to bed, feeling like I was going to pass out (I've read that exercising muscles aid the heart by helping to return the blood pumped to them, and when you stop exercising, suddenly your heart has to get used to doing it all by itself again). I'd gotten home at 11.20am, and stayed in bed too achey to anything much more than dribble, until gone 1.30pm. Not ideal, and not especially fair on anyone else.

Recovery was a bit better after that - I got myself showered (still about 5lbs down in weight on where I was the previous day) and dressed and downstairs, and we watched Les Miserables on Netflix, with me eating peanut butter on toast, more squash, and then later a nice bottle of red wine, cwtched up with my bestie.

ACTION POINT: Prepare recovery banquet and suitable musical epic for next 20.

Legs-wise, my left IT band was creaky and stiff for the rest of the day, but I think my body has done a good job of recovering so far. I got out for just shy of five miles this morning, and despite running a bit like C3P0 for the first half mile, I ended feeling pretty good.

ACTION POINT: Don't lose track of how good running can feel.

With five weeks and five days to go, I would like to fit in a couple more 20 milers - the next will be at Draycote Water on September 23rd (it's a Fetch social - join us, and see how f*cked I am at the end), then one the following weekend before I get into the taper. Looking at my six-month pre-marathon mileage, this will comfortably be my biggest innings so far. Previous highest was 501 miles in the six months before London 2015, and I'm on 513 already, which should be well over 600 by the time I get there.

ACTION POINT: Get there :-)
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  • This is very, very good and should be stickied at the top of your blog until after the marathon star
    Your previous long runs on a bottle of Lucozade Sport part-way through are a Very Good Thing. If you're capable of conditioning yourself to run a marathon taking on only what's available at feed stations on the day, avoiding the need to carry stuff or worry about planning your nutrition, that puts you at an advantage from the start.
    A jelly baby every couple of miles is unlikely to elicit a thermic effect of food response, and if it did it would be so miniscule that it would be eclipsed by the thermic effect of running! Realistically, a jelly baby (15 calories, I believe) every couple of miles won't do anything more than keep your mouth entertained. But that's OK - see above.
    You WILL taper and rest for your marathon. As long as you don't get injured or burned out, being a bit fatigued for your 20-mile training runs isn't a disaster.
    It sounds like you've recovered well :)
    I think you're going to have a storming race.
    12:57pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Sounds good. First 20 milers are never easy. Ever. I've never found it easy. Always hurt at the time, always hurt after. Doing more of them, they get easier and recovery gets better. Simples. I don't eat before long runs either. But I take a small bumbag with jammy sandwich, bar of something, piece of fruit. And a small amount of water usually. Doesn't weight much. Sustains you if you need it. You'll be grand. :-) G
    12:57pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Oh, and everything V'rap said! I don't do gels in training. They're horrid. If you can stomach them in races, take them in races. No reason to inflict them on yourself at any other time! :-) G
    12:59pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Training sounds like it's going really well!
    1:07pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • 40DAYS?! That doesn't sound anywhere near as long as 6 weeks!

    Yes, don't forget the toe-nails! I've returned from a long run and not noticed until someone points out the bloody footprints across the kitchen floor :-O

    I never have breakfast before a long run, sometimes carry a gel in case but rarely use it. I do use them on race day but I believe fasted running is a good thing in training.

    No way my wife would allow my sweaty carcass anywhere near the bed before I am showered, I normally end up lying in a hot bath with a pint of chocolate milk and a electrolyte drink until it is no longer hot and my fingers are prunes!
    1:16pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Agree with the fasted running approach for marathon training. I actively AVOID carb fueling before or during my long runs ... in fact as a minimum I take on no carbs between parkrun (all-out effort) and Sunday's long run. I do carb-load for races and I do take on gels during the marathon ... hence I do practice with gels on a few MP runs to make sure I can tolerate them at race pace. But long runs are an opportunity to train the body to run on fat, and running in a glycogen-depleted state enables that (most of my MP runs are also done carb-starved). I used to fuel for all runs ... but this was the change that had the biggest effect on my marathon running and "wall-avoidance".
    1:34pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • There’s quite a big difference to running 18m and a 20m. I think you’ve nailed the things you need ( a rest day before and better fuelling) but apart from that 20 miles is going to hurt even for us jedis. By the time you’ve tapered and eaten loads of belly jabies on the two days before you’ll be topped up and like a coiled spring ready to go. Remember to believe...
    1:35pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Fetch, you sound like the run wiped you out. Do you reckon you ran it too fast? The 20 milers should be uncomfortable but not so hard you can barely move. Just a thought?
    1:39pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Watching your progress with interest .... My turn next spring...maybe
    1:40pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • It's the pre-race wilderness - "I'm not saying i'm Jesus, that's for other people to say."
    1:42pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • No carbs for over 24 hours pre long run DrDan?? Wow, I thought skipping breakfast was enough of a sacrifice!
    1:45pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • I'd ask the same question DFR asks - if you're targetting 4h00m, is 9:50 pace a bit too fast for a 20 miler to get LSR benefits? P&D would say start at 20% slower (11m/mile) and creep down to 10% slower (about 10:05 pace). There's also the factor than running constantly for 3h15 is going to wipe out most people if they do it close to planned MP. Too much fatigue is bad, it reduces the abilty of training in the next few days to be as effective. Just a word of warning!!
    2:54pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • After a run like that, after your cool down, lying on your back and resting your legs up against a wall does wonders for your immediate well being :-).
    You're getting there.
    3:05pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • I don't like having pacers on ultras as I think the extra person makes it easier to take walk breaks - I think it's something to do with it no longer being fully your decision.
    3:16pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Sounds like the training is going well but I see you've done no intervals yet. There's a lot of good advice above and I'm sure you'll conquer it.
    Fenland Flier
    3:42pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Good work! larkim has covered exactly the point I was going to make :-)
    8:17pm, 11th Sep 2018
  • Well done on getting the job done. I always have breakfast before a 18/20 miler, I now take a couple of bottles of water with me - a good glug every 3 miles. An SIS (lemon&lime) gel 15 mins before the off and then every 5 miles.Try to build up my mental strength by running the last 5 at a faster pace. I always work out the route of my 18/20/22 runs so I run the same last 12 miles - again helps with mental strength. First few runs are about MP+45/60 mins and the last couple MP+25 mins. Good luck with the next LSR.
    3:01pm, 13th Sep 2018

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07 Sep 2018

Fix It Friday

8:29am | 551 views | 21 Comments
Aside from sorting out the shirt and vest order this week (have you pre-ordered yet folks?), I've been thinking about the sort of experience that brand new users get when they arrive on the site. If you've been around the site for a while, you probably have a bit of a better view of things, not least because you've got training data, watched threads, buddies etc to lead you through the experience. You're probably also used to the set up here - i.e. it might not be the most elegant website, but feel free to rummage through the cupboards and you'll find something to play with.

I've spoken to a few new users, and several have talked about just how much there is to take in. So my challenge to you this week, if you can spare ten minutes, is to create a test account for yourself (use yourusername@fetcheveryone.com as your email if you don't have a spare email account, but bear in mind that the sign up verification email will disappear into the ether), and imagine you're hitting the site fresh. What is it that you've come here to achieve? How easy is it to do that, and what are the stumbling blocks? Send me a feedback or leave comments below - I'd really like to know how you get on. Or if you *are* new, just leave a comment :-)

Anyway... on to this week's fixes. Not a huge list, but...

1) I cleaned some flights to Lanzarote out of the Conquercise database :-) In theory, driving, flying and trips on ferries should be filtered out of all of the games, based on speed. I think these were probably older ones. If you see any such rogue entries, let me know.

2) DW~ discovered that the 'PB Attempt' boxes in the race portfolio weren't working on Firefox, and were flaky in other browsers. They should be working much better now.

3) Some of you noticed that files queued for import weren't arriving (this won't have affected the Garmin import, but had an impact on anyone using a TomTom or uploading a ZIP of files). There was a big batch of files from an older Suunto that were causing the queue to frequently pause. I've built a mechanism that will let me put these files into a siding whilst I work on a solution.

4) Race all-time leaderboards weren't showing your age category properly (oumaumau).

5) The 'Clear Notifications' button wasn't unhighlighting the Notifications icon when you clicked it.

6) Daz Love and a couple of others asked for this one. You can populate your training plan with one of our pre-made plans, which is a popular feature. But if you want to use a 20 week plan, and there are only 19 weeks to go until your race, you had no choice but to pick today as a start date, and see the far end of the plan overshoot your race day. But now, instead of picking a start date, you can switch to picking an end date. If the plan is too long, it'll truncate the start.

That's it for this week. Like I said, your challenge for this week is to try looking at the site from the perspective of a new user, and helping me to find those stumbling blocks that put nervous noobs off :-) Feedback link: fetcheveryone.com/feedback.php

Have an awesome weekend. Test match starts today :-)
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  • Ta for fixing CQ & removing the Lanzarote cruiser!
    8:54am, 7th Sep 2018
  • On the front page, "Forum" doesn't look like a link.
    Lizzie W
    8:55am, 7th Sep 2018
  • PS - I noticed today that there's some of the sponsored ads (e.g. the Losely Breakfast Run) on the front page that are for long-gone events. Wonder if the advertiser wants to 'refresh' them or if you can use the 'real estate' for summat else?
    8:56am, 7th Sep 2018
  • @McG - I obviously need to make the year bigger - that's in 2019 :-)

    @Lizzie - thank you. I'll see if I can poke that a bit.
    8:58am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Number 6 is good news, thank you!
    9:11am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Blimey your good!
    Lizzie W
    9:12am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Oh, yes, thanks for 6!
    9:15am, 7th Sep 2018
  • I assume the plan is to have a 'Getting started with Fetch' or 'Finding you way around' page for newbies.
    9:21am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Ah.... the ad on here says June 2019, but if you click through it says 17 June 2018 and "Closing date has passed". I suppose this is an external content problem...
    9:30am, 7th Sep 2018
  • @bigleggy - not so much that, more about making it obvious how it all works.
    9:32am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Thanks Fetch. After my brother saw you at the Bedford half last week he signed up..... I'll see if I can persuade him to give some feedback as a new user.
    9:37am, 7th Sep 2018
  • I often preach about Fetch and have had people say they've joined but they couldn't fathom it out. What i say to them is "pick one thing you want to use it for. forums, miles, kit, races, whatever. The rest will happen organically"
    10:10am, 7th Sep 2018
  • Thanks for #6 - always mean to mention it when it stumps me, then I just work around it and forget!

    While I remember, is there a "knack" for moving sessions around on the plan? I know drag and drop / ctrl drag and drop are available and work about 70% of the time - but quite a lot of the time they just don't seem to want to "drop", even though the mouse is in the right place. Not really deserving of any great deal of attention, but I've just been moving a few things around and it cropped up.
    12:41pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • I think you'll have to 'button' the Featured Blogs, now that you've done the 'Visit our Forum' - it looks a bit strange. And thanks for the leaderboard fix :)
    12:49pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • I get adverts when I go on my mobile, but none on my laptop - are you able to look into that? :-)
    1:06pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • I love Fix It Friday :)
    4:47pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • As a relative newbie I’ve sent you an fmail
    6:55pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • *I* love Fix It Friday :-)
    7:31pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • Oh, 'oumaumau' is the name of a Fetchie - I couldn't work out what the hell Fetch was talking about. Doh!
    9:30pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • As a "new user" the greeting at the top might look a bit weird - can you switch it off until someone has had xx page hits or forum posts?

    Had a look around the home page for the first time in ages and spotted the sign up for emails link - and that reminded me that I haven't had one for a while, despite having all the boxes ticked. Are you still sending them?
    11:03am, 8th Sep 2018
  • Top Man 👍👍👍
    Daz Love
    9:22pm, 8th Sep 2018

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05 Sep 2018

ARION insoles - review part 1

3:27pm | 423 views | 22 Comments
These insoles claim to be able to transform your running technique. They're wired up with what looks like eight different sensors that measure what the soles of your feet are doing whilst you run, with feedback via an app. They are on sale for 259 euros (£232 on today's exchange rate). Here's a link: arion.run

Usual caveat. There's a nice Fetchie called Raemond who asked me if I'd like to try them, as she works with the company that produces them. No-one has paid me to do this, so what follows is my opinion, and certainly not an infomercial. But whenever you want to advertise your product, be sure to choose Fetcheveryone. nerd

I'm going to split this review into two parts. The first bit will be me running with the insoles, and seeing what sort of experience I have; and for the next part, I'll try the 'coached' aspect, which claims to analyse your style and offer feedback and guidance.

Out of the box, they look decent enough - a foot-shaped bit of foam with a flat cable sticking out of the side, leading to a little pod of electronics. I was a bit concerned about how they'd feel when they were inside my shoes - but they go *under* your usual insoles, and so far today I've been wandering round in them, not really aware of their presence at all. And Tom Cruise fans - they add a couple of millimetres to your height!

The little pods clip onto the outsides of your shoes, just below your ankle. First time, I put the insoles in upside down, and couldn't figure out how to fold the clips over, but a bit of logical thinking later, I got them in place.

The charging units are separate to the insole, so you can pop them off and plug them into a little USB thingy to charge them. Having been in the box for a couple of weeks, they glowed an angry red at me when I plugged them in, but now they're pulsing with a gentle orange glow, either charging up, or collaborating with my fridge to overthrow all humans. All ready for tomorrow's run...

The little pods twist off the charger satisfyingly, like little power grapes. I clicked them into place on my shoes, where they lit up. Outside, I started the app, it walked me through remembering my name, switching on Bluetooth (seamless), and plonked me onto a map, ready to go. I wonder whether the pods need to be lit up all the time. I felt like a couple of people were looking at me with a bit of a smile as I plodded along.

The app has a screen where you can watch the impact on your feet in real time. I even tried a little bit of forefoot hopping, just to reassure myself that I wasn't just watching an animated GIF :-) After a few hundred yards of watching myself, I put the phone in my pocket, where it spoke to me with distance/pace stats every kilometre (will see if there's a way to turn that off - yes, there is!). It was about as accurate as any phone-related GPS, giving me 6.87mi compared to 6.79mi from my rock-solid Suunto.

My goal was to run naturally, and to increase the pace gradually over the course of my run. I started out around 9:20/mi, and increased to about 8:40/mi towards the end, with the last half a mile at sub-8/mi pace. I wanted to see whether the app would detect any changes in what I was doing over the course of this variation (plus I like doing this sort of progressive run).

Running with the pods and insoles wasn't a problem. The left-hand pod seemed to rattle a wee bit as I landed, but this could possibly have been the ends of my laces tickling it. Other than that, the whole set up was largely invisible (except for the glowing!).

Home, and time to see what the app had to say!

Firstly, there's a nice animation that shows the pattern of pressure on the soles of your feet for your "average step". There's an orange line on each foot that shows (I think) how the focus of that pressure moves across your foot during your step. In my case, as I expected, it's showing me landing squarely on my heel, and then the pressure transferring to my forefoot before I get airborne again. It's undoubtedly pretty!

Below that, there are some metrics - I'll run through what it says about me:

Footstrike: it tells me I am a heel striker (no surprise there), and has scored me 2%. I'm not sure what that means yet.

Step Length: it says this is 1.05mtrs, and classifies this as 'long'. I am about 1.8mtrs tall, for reference.

Cadence: classified as high, it gives me 171 steps per minute (my Suunto agrees).

Balance: centred! (smug face).

Contact Time: 268ms, and classed as 'moderate'.

Heart Rate: 0bpm (very low). Ok, so I wasn't wearing a HRM :-)

Pace: 5:33/km, classed as 'high' - these things are growing on me :-)

Impulse: 45 (moderate). I have no idea what this means yet. Is it to do with Star Trek?

Stability: 96% (high). I think this is pleasing, but I'm not sure quite what it's measuring.

Flight Time: 83ms (short). Hey, it's a start. The Wright Brothers didn't manage as long when they first started.

And below all that, there's a beta feature for biomechanical load, showing a diagram of a runner with a red bottom and what look like red capris on. I guess this is saying that the load is all on my knees, upper legs and the lowest part of my back.

If you click any of these parameters, you get a screen that shows you how that parameter varied over the course of the run, which has the potential to be a very interesting feature. I was able to see a few interesting points here - like my step length increases a bit during the faster bit at the very end of my run; likewise my cadence does too; my contact time with the ground decreases; and I think my flight time goes up a bit (I guess it must, if I'm spending less time in contact with the ground).

BUT... all these graphs suffer because of scale. For example, here's the graph showing how my flight time varies over the course of the run:

It's really quite tricky to see any sort of variation here, because the graph is squashed into the bottom of the page. My screenshot is 1334 pixels high, and by my reckoning, the graph is only 45 pixels high - just over 3% of the screen space devoted to the real interesting bit :-/ This failing is partially mitigated by another screen with little slider bars that show how all the parameters vary as you slide your finger across a bar representing the duration of your run.

But the app also has more hidden surprises. Some of the parameters have a little icon with two feet - e.g. contact time. It wasn't until I accidentally clicked this (it's quite wee), that I realised I could get independent stats for both feet. In this example, the app tells me that my left foot tends to spend consistently less time in contact with the ground than my right foot. I think this fits in with the idea that we all have a bit of imbalance and dominance going on between our left and right sides.

And that's where I'll leave it for today. In summary, I think the graphs on the app need to take a bit more prominence in order to really show these off to their greatest potential, and there are a few stats that need a bit more explaining / hand-holding in order to be useful. But it's been quite fascinating to see my stats, the hardware seems comfortable and reliable, and I think that the amount of data generated is really impressive and has good potential.

I'll do the next bit of the review next week, so please feel free to add your questions and comments; and I'll try to answer them. Hopefully Raemond will also be along to let us all know what the mystery "Impulse" refers to. TTFN!
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  • Ooooooooo I love these...I NEED these .. I want to impulse too ... 🙃
    3:42pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • I'm afraid I've got a Fetch feature request, not a Arion insoles one. Tag a Fetchie in a la Facebook e.g. if I put [Raemond] like that, it sends a notification to her to say "Raemond, you were tagged in a comment on fetcheveryone's blog. Click here to see it." Which then takes them to... well, here!

    Top insoling. I have no idea what any of that means. Bet if you got the data into Fetch you could display it better, huh? :-) G
    3:52pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • Interesting stuff. As with all such data, informative though it may be, I also want to know what I have to do to improve it; otherwise, it's just data. So it would be good if the product is supported with a guide on how typically to improve (e.g.) balance. I know that to improve my cadence I need to shorten my stride and keep my leg 'cycle' high - but I don't know if in doing that I then shift from mid-foot to heel striking. It's got potential.
    4:09pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • This is hopefully what the coaching aspect could offer Sigh. I will try it out soon (whilst trying not to lose focus on my marathon training).
    4:11pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • Sounds very much like the running dynamics I get from my Garmin HRM-run strap, no idea what any of it means!
    4:12pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • @HappyG(rrr) - I have that on my "to think about" list.
    4:15pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • @StuH - your heart rate strap can tell whether you're heelstriking? :-O
    4:16pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • I don't know! Tells me stride length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, cadence, contact balance, oh and HR too!
    4:25pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • 'quite wee' like @Santababy you mean?
    4:33pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • You shouldn't have mentioned the fridge, there will be repercussions you know. Raemond has quite the array of pointy weapons... ;)
    Sam Jelfs
    4:41pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • I can imagine as a data geek you are loving the extra geekery available with these! Are they mud proof?
    The Mighty Fleecy
    4:57pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • I will attempt to find out :-)
    6:31pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • how thick are they, and how much ground feel do you lose? (although as a heel striker I guess that's not something you'd probably notice)
    6:48pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • 2mm at most. And no, I haven't noticed any difference.
    7:10pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • There is also a web dashboard, by the way - arion.run which should let you see the pretty graphs and such in more bigger, and it has some informations about what the various metrics mean. Sadly impulse is neither Star Treky nor that sickly vanilla body spray that was so popular in the 90s (no, wait, not sadly, that case. It was ghastly stuff), it's to do with loading rate and accumulated force (I'm not the sports scientist here, so I'll let someone else explain the technical stuff).

    The pods should indeed be mud proof, and puddle proof, sweat proof, rain proof... we don't recommend running actually in the sea or fording proper rivers (a small stream might be alright), and really don't put them in the washing machine.

    The foam covering compresses a bit once they're in place as well, so they should make less than 2mm difference over all.

    Wrist or chest based measuring devices have to do some fancy guesswork, basically, to tell you stuff like cadence, stride length, and contact time, extrapolating from the movements that they can measure on the basis of biomechanical models. They're generally close enough for jazz/keen amateur runners. Shoe based things get much closer, since they're measuring closer to the action, but it's the pressure sensing insole that enables real accuracy in footstrike, cadence, contact time, and suchlike.

    The company has no official statement to make about the fridge conspiracy.
    8:59am, 6th Sep 2018
  • I'm liking all this, and am intrigued to know what my readings would be like, but... I'm a (near-)barefoot runner! Currently living/running in Xero Genesis sandals, which rather precludes me from this system, I suspect! :D Could try in my Vivobarefoot shoes, though... Raemond, have you had anyone test them in barely-there shoes? Would it make a difference compared to using them in modern, foamy cushiony shoes?

    Also... +1 for tagging users in comments!
    12:05pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • I can't really give much away, but it's interesting you mention Vivobarefoot...

    The system in its current form will work in almost any shoe - as long there's somewhere to clip the pod and nothing like the post of flip flops or separated toes. At the London marathon expo we put demo systems in a wide variety of shoes, including non-running ones like loafers and canvas deck shoes for people to have a quick test.

    Having less cushioning certainly shouldn't negatively affect the pressure sensing, the only issue could be the shoe clip not being as effective at gripping really thin walled shoes - but that not something we've come across often at all.

    By the way, if anyone wants to know a bit more about the background of the company and what we're trying to achieve there's a load of info on the crowdfunding site Seedrs (also, we're crowdfunding!)
    12:25pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • OK, in fact I *can* say that several members of the team have used ARION in Vivobarefoot shoes and they work really well, clips perfectly secure and everything.

    (I think it was only the canvas deck shoes that we ever had a problem with, tbh, but April was a long time ago now, and the whole marathon expo was a bit of a blur. Apart from meeting Serendipily just at closing time the one day. I remember that bit!)
    1:05pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • Very cool.... this has just reminded me they did put a couple of press releases about their smart shoe (https://www.vivobarefoot.com/uk/blog/january-2018/vivobarefoot-x-sensoria) but doesn't appear to have made it to market... I thought then it seemed a bit daft to build it into a shoe that was going to wear out!
    3:23pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • It'll be interesting to see what they may come up with in the future :pokerface:
    3:26pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • So many lines to read between! ;-)
    4:37pm, 7th Sep 2018
  • The :P was entirely unintentional.
    8:46pm, 7th Sep 2018

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04 Sep 2018

Fetch Shirt - Black Ones, and sizing

2:01pm | 327 views | 32 Comments
Following some requests, I've added a black version of the shirts and vests to the pre-order page:


The black ones are the same design, just with black instead of the red. Get stuck in. If you've already paid for a red, but want to change to a black one, let me know via feedback (or a comment on this blog).

FreshStart was asking about sizing. I've spoken to Ron Hill (the company, not the legend), and they tell me that the lengths of the items vary by 2cm from one size to the next. So if you scroll down a little bit on the pre-order page, I've included a table that shows the approximate length from the top of the shoulder to the front hemline. Vest hemlines seem to be the same front and back; whilst t-shirt hemlines seem to be a few cm longer at the back.

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  • Oooh yes, please. I've ordered a red one but would like to swap to a black :-)
    That way I will have one of each.
    2:06pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Tempting but so much of my kit is black I'm going to stick to red for the vest I think
    2:07pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Sorted Bint :-)
    2:07pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • *fistpump*
    2:08pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Oh what a dilemma!
    Can I change my pre-ordered shirt to black blackheart please!
    2:14pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • No probs Stu :-)
    2:16pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I'd like to change to black please, too. Thanks! :)
    2:19pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Done Linds :-)
    2:24pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Ooh, I already have a newish red one, now I’m going to have to order a black one too aren’t I?
    The Mighty Fleecy
    2:57pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • (You might have noticed) There is a blank in the menu bar, which links to the secret shop (with a sublink to non-existent reviews - although maybe there will be one review there soon?).

    Although it could be a cunning ruse to have people go "what's that blank bit?" [click] :-).
    3:04pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I too have pre-ordered red but would prefer black.
    3:15pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Thanks, Fetch.
    4:03pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Dvorak - it was just because I'd made it yellow, and you're using the Brazil skin.
    G1nger - I've updated your order.
    4:18pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I would like to switch to black. Thanks
    5:19pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Sorted Mike.
    5:21pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I have pre-ordered a red vest for MaltDrinker but he would prefer black please? Might even treat myself to a new black one :)
    5:31pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I've changes his to black :-)
    5:49pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • I’ve preordered Red but would prefer Black please.
    Eynsham Red
    5:56pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Can I change both my XXL shirt and vest to black please?
    6:09pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Cheers Fetch! Just ordered for myself as well :)
    6:09pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • @Eynsham and @Sigh - I've updated your orders.
    8:47pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Thank you!
    9:01pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Have ordered a black vest too - thanks :)
    9:59pm, 4th Sep 2018
  • Think I ordered red but would prefer black please.
    11:03am, 5th Sep 2018
  • I've changed that over for you Steve.
    11:09am, 5th Sep 2018
  • Sorry can I please change to black please?
    11:33am, 5th Sep 2018
  • Thanks Mr F
    11:42am, 5th Sep 2018
  • Mandy - sorted.
    11:46am, 5th Sep 2018
  • I've ordered a large red Tee, but I think I'd prefer a Medium. My current Fetch Tee is a bit flappy, so want something tighter. Could I be a pain and change please. Thank you.
    5:50pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • No probs, I've adjusted that.
    6:31pm, 5th Sep 2018
  • I think I filled in a form to pre-order a T - but I know I didn't get as far as paying for it.
    If you get a random paypal payment from me (which I'm about to send), but no-pre-order it was a medium black T please :)
    4:53pm, 6th Sep 2018
  • Got it, thanks Rosehip.
    5:07pm, 6th Sep 2018

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03 Sep 2018

Shirts and Vests Pre-Order

1:54pm | 280 views | 20 Comments
Thank you for your interest :-)

At the end of this week, I'll be placing an order for a batch of Fetch shirts and vests. So if you want one, now's the time to get your pre-orders in. Here's the info you need:


(EDIT: When you get to the page, there's some sizing info further down)

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  • Done! :-)
    2:17pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Done
    2:25pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Still no cycle top? :(
    Angus Clydesdale
    2:51pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Bring me 99 friends :-)
    2:52pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Is there some guide on what sizes s,m,l etc translate to?
    3:13pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Done :-)
    3:15pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • @McGoohan - yep, just scroll down a bit.
    3:19pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • I've put an order in, but can't do the payment thing until I get home tonight.
    3:27pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Do you have any information about the length of the new vests?
    5:38pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • We have a couple of samples. I’m looking at a size 10 vest, and from the top of the shoulder down to the hemline is 67cm. If you need other sizes, I can check with Ron Hill.
    5:50pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • The XL vest I wore yesterday was a little short. Could you find out the length of large and XL please? I know I’m not the only tall female Fetchie :-)
    6:17pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Will give them a call in the morning.
    6:22pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Super dooper, ta :-)
    6:30pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Brilliant!
    7:29pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Many thanks for organizing this Lord Fetch. You know what I'm like with computers. Ive logged into my bank account & hopefully, electronically transferred the £26 into your bank account. If it ends up into a yak herders account in Outer Mongolia, please don't blame me. Errr, actually, I'll blame the bank, or satellites being out of orbit.
    8:07pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • Done x2 :-)
    8:16pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • I’ll have to wait until I’ve lost weight.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    9:53pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • And you say, wearing one of these vests *guarantees* a PB? Fantastic!
    11:24pm, 3rd Sep 2018
  • I've ordered a shirt and vest in XXL as I don't yet fit back into my XL ones; however, I noticed that the Ron Hill sizes list XXL as 44", which is normally the XL size, so I may end up with two identically sized (in inches) Fetch tops and vests, one XL and one XXL, neither of which fit me (currently a 48" chest).
    9:04am, 4th Sep 2018
  • Off topic I know, but how's the Android app coming along :-)
    10:08am, 4th Sep 2018

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