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a nice little place to put all of Lord Fetchs hidden smilie codes:

Q what is a smiley code?
A A special icon/link on a forum post

Q Link?
A Yes, link. One codeword doesn't give a picture, but a link to a charity website.

Q how do I include one?
A by typing *codeword* without spaces or by using the classic smilies (no spaces between characters)

Q what are the magic codewords / smilies?
A there are lots. At time of writing these are the known ones
: - ) :-)
: - ( :-(
; - ) ;-)
: - p :-p
: - O :-O
cake cake
champagne champagne
duck duck
gorilla gorilla
kingkong kingkong
heart heart
choc choc
cabbage *cabbage*
blackheart blackheart
medal medal
pig pig
panda panda
star star
sprout sprout
snow snow
moon moon
bolt bolt
muppet muppet
dino dino
slowdownyoumovetoofast slowdownyoumovetoofast
chaffinch chaffinch
blueshoes blueshoes
death death
dolphin dolphin
run run
decorate decorate
cow cow
snowman snowman
swim swim
tux tux
idea idea
horse horse
bighug bighug
crab crab
pint pint
postracesnack postracesnack
koala koala

Q Are there any more?
A Almost certainly. Lord Fetch creates them from time to time for people to stumble across and sometimes gives away 'credits' to add your own as a prize. Look through the members comments below for any new ones found

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