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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Who Squares Wins!

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19 Mar
1:41pm, 19 Mar 2019
15104 posts
I haven’t the faintest idea how to play this game but I seem to be winning at the moment so hey..
19 Mar
1:41pm, 19 Mar 2019
15105 posts
What are the cake squares about?
19 Mar
1:42pm, 19 Mar 2019
41421 posts
Even score Jenny, but not zero.
20 Mar
8:02am, 20 Mar 2019
8922 posts
I’m getting a pasting at the hands of PP. Mountain biking and running seems to a have covered most of the grid
20 Mar
1:58pm, 20 Mar 2019
5913 posts
Pompey Paul
*waves to Dave*

WFH this week has meant 3 runs and 2 rides so far, all have been short and local and therefore in grid

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About This Thread

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This game is still in the prototype stage, so it's not quite up to standard yet, but I thought it'd be useful to get your thoughts.

Unfortunately, with apologies to those of you without watches, it's a GPS game ONLY, so you will need some kind of GPS upload, whether that's from a Garmin, app, file or whatevs.

I've entered you all for the game, and generated a set of matches at random. Every Monday at midday, the matches will end and you'll be paired up against someone else. The pairing will be based on the ranking system, so if you've improved your ranking by winning your match, you'll be paired against someone of a similar ranking. Likewise, if you lose, you'll be put up against someone else who lost - at least until the rankings all settle down a bit after a few months.

I've set your home location as per your Fetch profile. You'll be able to change this once I've built that functionality. One of you has a latitude/longitude of 0,0, so unless you do most of your running off the coast of Africa, you're destined to lose for now. Give me a shout if that's you. More updates to the location system soon.

When you follow the link, you'll see a series of matches - one of which will be your match. Click the scores to see the scoring grid and (for your own match) your map. Your opponent will not be able to see your map, just you. Click anywhere on the score grid, and it'll zoom in to that square on the map, so you can check its boundaries.

Two daily points for running, one daily point for biking, and double points if you're the first person through that square that day (based on the time you log the training, not the time you ran/biked it).

Undoubtedly there will be some bugs and questions about game play, so please do shout out if anything seems to be wrong. Please watch [this thread] to share your issues, to avoid reporting the same issue twice.

The number of ranking points you collect for a win is dependent on the initial difference in ranking between you and your opponent. Play someone above you, and you can claim more points with a win. Play someone below you, and you don't get as many points for a win.

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