Who Squares Wins!

Play an opponent anywhere in the world! Battle for control of each square in your grid. The player with the most squares wins the match and moves up the rankings.

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Game Guide

Who Squares Wins is all about taking control of the squares in your grid.

Getting Started

When you sign up to play, you choose a home point. This doesn't have to be your home - it's best if you choose a point that represents the epicentre of all the running, cycling and swimming that you do.

We generate a grid of 225 squares with your home point at the centre. The sides of the grid are approximately one mile from the centre, so your playing area is about four square miles.

All you have to do then is log your training (with a GPS watch/device) on Fetch as normal. The game handles the rest.

How To Play

Each time you visit a square, you can score points in it.

Your opponent (somewhere else in the world) will also be trying to score points in their own squares. The person with the most points in a given square "owns" that square.

The main score in your game simply shows the number of squares that each player owns. The player who owns the most squares will win the match.

Matches start at midday each Monday, and run for exactly one week. Each win pushes you up the rankings, so your opponent will always be a similar standard.


The multiplayer game is currently available to the 128 top-ranked players. The gameplay is very similar - but the goal is to do enough to stay in the top half of the table. Each Monday at midday, the bottom half of the field is cut - so a multiplayer match runs for seven weeks.

If you're outside the 128, there's still hope. If one of the top 128 is on a break, player 129 is included, and so on.


The points you score when visiting a square depend on the type of activity. Running and walking each score 2 points; cycling scores 1 point; and swimming scores 4 points. You can only make one scoring visit per day to a square for each activity. So if you run, walk, ride and swim through a square, you can earn a maximum of nine points per day.

You cannot backdate your activities. So if you run on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - but only upload your training on Thursday, these runs will be treated as though they all happened on Thursday. So sync regularly!

Your opponent cannot see your map. Only you can.

If you need a week off, there's a button in settings to allow you to do just that.

You can change your home point in settings too, but only once per match. It can be useful to fine-tune your location to help you maximise the number of squares you can reach.

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