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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
24 Nov 2017

Serpents, hamstrings and inversions

12:42pm | 1103 views | 5 Comments
I'm sending out a promo email on behalf of our lovely friends at Freedom Racing to tell folks about the Serpent Ultra races. If you fancy a nosey at their website, I'm sure they'd be very happy to see you :-)

Here's some starter info: fetcheveryone.com/eblasts/serpent/index.php

Hamstring update I've been doing my stretches (see further down blog), and have started my strengthening exercises too. Hamstring raises, three sets of five, four times a day. Lie on your back on the floor with your heels on the sofa / low thing. Stabilise your core, then lift your bum up into the air until you're doing a sort of plank. Control up, control down. When doing it with two legs is comfortable, try going up with two legs, then lifting one leg off the sofa, so that the other hamstring is doing all the work. Build up from there. No

When I first tried the single leg, my good leg managed pretty well, but when I tried asking my poorly hamstring to take the weight, it very quickly told me where to go. But 24hrs on now, and it's coping ok with the single leg raises.

Feeling optimistic :)

Training prototype news I've adjusted the graphs so that the heights of the columns (or the line, if that's your thing) are higher when you go faster. Let's see whether that flushes any of the "OK"ers or "Poor"ers out :-) Here's that poll: fetcheveryone.com/polls-view.php?id=6179
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  • oh dear - I was hoping they wouldn't persuade you to do that! A bar chart having higher bars for longer times makes more sense to me! never mind, it's still awesome :)
    1:10pm, 24th Nov 2017
  • Join in next time :-)
    1:17pm, 24th Nov 2017
  • thats better
    3:57pm, 24th Nov 2017
  • I just did a very hilly run, I wonder if separate graphs for ascent and descent might make that side of the elevation part a little tidier, perhaps even a toggle as 1% elevation looks a bit granular....

    Wriggling Snake
    5:25pm, 24th Nov 2017
  • not overly worried though :-)
    Wriggling Snake
    5:26pm, 24th Nov 2017

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22 Nov 2017

A special anniversary approaches...

7:08pm | 416 views | 16 Comments
Have a read. Say you'll do it :-)

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  • OK, let's think. *How to reenact dropping a golden ring into a volcano.*
    7:25pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • You've got this.
    7:26pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • I'll give it a go.......
    7:48pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • I'll be Sam to McG's Frodo. Anyone got an eagle?
    7:55pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • 9 1/2 weeks?
    8:07pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Carry on up the Khyber could cause problems.
    Wriggling Snake
    8:53pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • One of my favourite films is Went the Day Well. I shall be Thora Hird shooting German invaders, shall I?
    9:21pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • A Touch of Class?
    10:53pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Where can I order a gold chest, two dozen Nazi soldiers and some ghosts?

    Hmm, I'll have to think of something else.
    Valyrian Plastic
    11:32pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • VP - you could just focus on the bit where they're tied to the lamp-post and trying not to look.
    6:53am, 23rd Nov 2017
  • Sounds doable. If I can convince Mum to be Marion.
    Valyrian Plastic
    8:20am, 23rd Nov 2017
  • I've been pondering and it just came to me :) That first step is a doozy from Groundhog Day.
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    8:25am, 23rd Nov 2017
  • in the initial summary RED BARRING also put the total amount of altitude accumulated !!! it would be good
    11:49am, 23rd Nov 2017
  • I just need four horses, assorted guns and rifles, the Grand Canyon or similar... and three friends. Damn, three friends - that's hard.
    12:34pm, 23rd Nov 2017
  • VP's already got a head start of course as we have photographic evidence of him being Ryan Gosling's stunt double
    12:51pm, 23rd Nov 2017
  • lol McG
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    6:07pm, 23rd Nov 2017

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22 Nov 2017

Hamstring and prototype updates

1:49pm | 123 views | 8 Comments
Thanks to everyone who sent healing powers to my leg. After some icing yesterday, Katie did some treatment on it today. My hamstrings are not exactly flexible at the best of times, but I can't remember the last time I was off running with an injury - so I guess I'm pretty lucky. As well as some treatment, I've also got some stretches to do, and I invite you all to pester me relentlessly about the strengthening exercises that we'll be looking at tomorrow.

Hamstring stretches (legal disclaimer: Katie probably said something entirely different, and I've just changed them to suit my brain - so these recollections don't represent her professional advice):

1) Dynamic. Put bad leg up on chair, lean forward so tummy is on top of quads and wrap arms around the thigh. Rock back onto floor leg, and forward again, to feel the stretch in bad hamstring. 5-6 times, every hour, don't push the stretch into pain.

2). Static. Sit with tailbone on edge of lowered physio couch. Put bad leg out in front, knee straight, with foot relaxed. Good leg bent at the knee. Using good leg as a support, bend forward, keeping bad leg straight. Feel the stretch in bad hamstring, but don't push into pain. Hold for a bit, and if the stretch eases, gently try going a little further. Once every hour.

I'm feeling a bit better following some treatment, and hope I can get back running soon. We've not discussed that yet. *ulp*.

Back to the training log update... since my last blog I've been working on making the page look a bit nicer on mobile. The ideal thing for mobile-friendliness and developer sanity is that the *same* page works just as well on both big and small devices. Graphs, layouts and tables should compact down nicely. If you're on a desktop, you can see how it works by grabbing the side of your browser window and squishing down the width.

As in previous blogs, I'm looking for your comments on issues you've found, and your up-to-date feelings in the poll: fetcheveryone.com/polls-view.php?id=6179

Current poll (excluding those with no opinion):

Awesome 46%
Good 38%
Ok 12%
Poor 4%
Awful 0% :-)

If you're anything less than Awesome, I want to know why :-)
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  • Oddly enough I was asking about hamstring stretches at Pilates yesterday. Not injured, just congenitally tight, or short, or something.
    2:04pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • You're lucky to have a handy physio couch, what do the rest of the hoi-poloi use! ;-)

    I finally had a look at the new log thing yesterday, on my laptop, and was a bit frustrated with the link where you go left to right and it goes round your route as they're not quite on the same page. Lots of paging up and down for me.
    2:19pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • A chair I guess :-)

    What size is your screen AR?
    2:27pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Er.... laptop size? I can't remember, but not one of those giant ones. I do have a full keyboard with a separate number block.
    6:36pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Oh, I can see Pavilion g6, and it's an HP.
    6:37pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Please, please, please respect the laps recorded on the watch in the splits section. Otherwise that section is wasted space for me.
    9:02pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • I'm looking at how I can develop that functionality. It's not a given, because the splits your watch records are not necessarily reproducable from the trace.
    7:28am, 23rd Nov 2017
  • At the risk of repeating myself, +1 for marked laps. Also the more I look at the new log the more I am disliking the charts, bar or line. I want to see pace v time or pace v distance as we currently do. Sorry.
    4:20pm, 23rd Nov 2017

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21 Nov 2017

Training Log Prototype - Today's Improvements

4:11pm | 274 views | 14 Comments
Having spent a few days focusing on the christmas calendar, I wanted to get back to the training log prototype today. I've made a few bits of progress.

*When viewing a swim, a few of the graphs were broken. I've fixed these now. There's still a "strokes per length" graph marooned at the bottom of the page - but I reckon I can integrate this with the cadence graph at some point. Feels like the right place to put it.

*For bikers, the tooltips on the multi-coloured column graph now show mph/kph for everything, rather than mins/mile etc.

*The elevation profile - if your max and min are within about 10 metres of each other, your elevation profile no longer looks like you've eloped with the von Trapp family. This should have no impact on routes with proper hills ;-)

*If you plot a route to accompany your training entry, rather than importing it direct from the GPS, the map should now be working properly. Soz.

*The coloured line on the map is now a wee bit thinner.

*I've added the power graph in now, along with a corresponding power distribution graph.

*In case you missed it (and this isn't really relevant to this project), Zwift FIT files now import as Biking > Zwift, and don't count towards FP/Conq scores.

If you've not voted in the poll for the new training log yet, please do so -

and even if you have, feel free to update your score: fetcheveryone.com/polls-view.php?id=6179

If you're anything other than an Awesome, and if you've not left a comment yet, please do so. I want to make this as good as possible - and if it's not floating your boat, I'm keen to know why. When I stop getting comments, I might have to resort to putting it live - that usually gets people's attention ;-)

In other news, I twanged my hamstring this morning, one mile into my run. Walked home swearing. Ice pack on right now. Hoping Katie's magic hands can cure me.
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  • sorry to hear about your leg
    4:21pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • I really, really, really like the map and how each section is highlighted by the pace segments below, not so worried about the ascent, over a long hilly route it's pretty much information overload. One think I would like is that all the tabs are closed (except the map) as you open the log, and then you can have a peak, but that is possibly niche, but perhaps settable.

    I have always found the direction/pace thing a bit of an anomaly, the hills and slopes are where they are I can't change them where I live, and at our track the home straight goes directly into the prevailing wind!

    Borg, one man's borg is another's T200, very subjective, I don't know how you can use it.

    Basically good though, feels better to look at.
    Wriggling Snake
    4:35pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • WS - if you remember to close them again, they'll remember for next time. And that's why I've shovelled the wind thing and the borg thing towards the bottom :-)
    4:37pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • Hope your hamstring's okay.

    I'd prefer the cadence to be in spm and show values as (eg) 170spm, rather than an rpm figure which I'm not used to.

    I'd also like a vertical scale of bpm in the Heart Rate data.

    But - I can get both of these from the raw Garmin data, so it's not a big deal if it's not shown here. Just nice to haves.
    7:29pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • Just uploaded a turbo session, and most of the graphs are blank in the new style training log, but populated in the 'old' style. Is it currently ignoring speed/cadence data?
    8:12pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • No. I'll take a look when I can.
    8:16pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • Should be there now.
    8:26pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • And it is, it's very shiny :)
    8:28pm, 21st Nov 2017
  • The pace graph with modifiable pace zones (red to blue) is my favourite graph overall and it is missing from the new view. Any reason you are dropping it?
    12:25am, 22nd Nov 2017
  • It is currently in column form - click the rainbow to adjust your zones. I am thinking about offering the same as a line graph.
    7:36am, 22nd Nov 2017
  • Would be nice to see stride length calc'd on there too actually - given that pace = cadence x stride length. Either in the table (though real estate is getting tight there) or as part of the cadence header as the average across the whole run.

    Elevation graphs are still waaay too dramatic with the scales being generated dynamically. If it was me (!) I'd have the elevation graph scales limited to, say, 0-250m, 0-500m, 0-750m etc. i.e. allow some dynamism so that Norfolk based runners don't always see one very flat line at the bottom of a scale which allows for Himalayan efforts, but also doesn't over-state things for people in more "normal" areas where one day a run might be pan flat, but the other have a 100m hill in it for example - those two runs really should have the same scale (IMHO!)

    HR beats per mile average is too dull a graph to be meaningful I think - tieing that (as in the current display) to the chunks displayed in the main data table would work much better (and I still think that same logic should apply to cadence and HR bpm graphs too, but appreciate that that is a personal preference thing!)

    I'd also locate the Notes below the map and the main data table as most of the time it is showing nothing more than a text presentation of the interesting stuff below it.

    Nearly "awesome" ;-)
    9:52am, 22nd Nov 2017
  • @larkim:

    *stride length is one I'd thought about including somewhere. I've put it in my list of things to think about.

    *I've tried enforcing a larger max-min on the elevation graphs before - but for every person that's happy, there's another person who says that I've squashed their hills. I'd hoped that including the range data and the grade distribution would be sufficient to help people understand what they're seeing.

    *HR beats/mile - I was considering adding in a second line showing some sort of rolling average. Individual readings are too spiky to be friendly, IMO.

    *Notes is above the map not below, because I wanted to put as little as I could between the map and the graphs. Hovering/touching the graphs triggers stuff on the map, so even having a closed notes bar between the two would make it a little harder to keep everything in view. Although you might not amend it, for some folks it gets used a heck of a lot - often representing everything the user needs to know about how that run went.
    10:04am, 22nd Nov 2017
  • I'm fairly liking it. But having logged a walk - everything is grey, as I can only set my slowest pace to 9:19 kph (it uses the running pace sliders, apparently). In the old version the slow paces would confuse it and the boxes would be zero, but could then be set to whatever I want. Another set of sliders for cross training would fix the problem (although I realise it would be irrelevant for many forms of xt). I also liked the line graph for pace and would like to have it back.

    Hope the leg is better today.
    12:12pm, 22nd Nov 2017
  • *HR beats/mile - I agree that individual readings are too spiky - but isn't that exactly what the revised graph is actually showing at the moment (one of the graphs I'd personally prefer to be smoothable as it currently is on the existing logs)

    Other points fair enough!

    +1 for those asking about your leg and hoping for a swift restoration!
    1:12pm, 22nd Nov 2017

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20 Nov 2017

Red Venom sale

11:08am | 238 views | 2 Comments
Our lovely friends at Red Venom have supported our Member of the Month award for the last few years - so when they asked if I would share the link to their Black Friday / Cyber Monday / Oooh-go-on-then Sunday sale, I said yes of course.

So here it is: redvenom.co.uk - go take a look at their offerings :-)

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  • What is Black Friday?
    Wriggling Snake
    2:01pm, 20th Nov 2017
  • Site seems to be done...
    10:27pm, 20th Nov 2017

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20 Nov 2017

For what it's worth...

8:58am | 104 views
it's the weekly vLog - setting a new record for hurriedness and a lack of professionalism:

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15 Nov 2017

Training Log Prototype - Update #2

4:33pm | 545 views | 14 Comments
Recap of this afternoon's updates following feedback on earlier blog:

1) Split columns now show pace rather than time. More useful to see your mile pace for a quarter mile split than your quarter mile pace, huh? Makes sense.

2) Dropdown box added alongside magnifying glasses, to give you some quick options for generating the splits.

To get an idea of where we are with things, I've done a poll - vote here:

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  • Love it! Apologies if this has already been asked; were you going to add in a feature to insert photos from the gallery somewhere? Thought I read that in the earlier development plans, but may have imagined it.
    7:54pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Not sure the splits are working as they should when you use Kms. My intervals this evening show 100m splits! I used manual laps for the session so I’d just like to see the marked laps here.
    9:57pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Liking it all, especially Open Street Map and all the colours. Can the splits drop down under the map include common metric values too? Not sure why I would want to split by .0625 miles or 10 miles? Perhaps the overall stats could then change to the same units? Could this be remembered for each run so if I share it on FB it keeps the same units and splits?
    10:39pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • +1 for switching between marked laps and splits.
    7:52am, 16th Nov 2017
  • The elevation graph is still a bit over exaggerated! I ran laps of a football field with an elevation range of 2m yet my graph looks like the Himalayas and the grade is given as only 23% flat. It was most definitely all flat.
    I love the colours on it though.
    Personal preference, but I liked my pace graph as a wiggly line rather than a bar chart. Am I just missing a toggle?
    10:45am, 16th Nov 2017
  • Actually I think I prefer the line graph (with variable smoothing) as well. In the early photoshop mock-ups, wasn't that laid over the top of the bar chart?
    11:02am, 16th Nov 2017
  • The running & cycling views are great - I think the swim one needs a bit more work the graph at the top of the screen has limited information - Good work though Fetch :)
    9:14am, 17th Nov 2017
  • Yep, the swimming stuff still needs to be integrated.
    9:26am, 17th Nov 2017
  • +1 for reducing exaggeration of elevation in the graph - i.e. maintain some proportionality between runs while still scaling to a certain extent relative to min/max elevation over the run.
    11:28pm, 17th Nov 2017
  • Hi Fetch, I noticed, Pace by heart rate doesn’t adhere to the choice of Kms (it still shows in miles). Also 200m splits on a parkrun just isn’t right. Please go back to 1km splits please.
    11:13am, 18th Nov 2017
  • Looks really good and visual presentation very clear. I agree about reducing the extremeness of elevation.

    Also would be useful to be able to adjust coloured pace bands by typing in the number instead of just using the sliders (I struggled to be accurate).
    10:06am, 20th Nov 2017
  • Carolyn - you can also use the left and right arrow keys I think, once you've highlighted the slider you want to change.
    10:11am, 20th Nov 2017
  • All very nice except...why is my cadence half that reported on other running sites?
    4:14pm, 20th Nov 2017
  • I have to say that the new format really comes into its own if you're doing a run with quite a bit of variable pace, those fast and slow bits stand out on the coloured thread (my fartlek session from tonight, for instance: fetcheveryone.com/t-14637545 ).

    I notice though, and I think Chunkywizard might've highlighted this before, that the splits on the graph are all kinds of wrong for us using those new-fangled kilometres: fetcheveryone.com/gallery-showphoto.php?id=93839
    7:29pm, 6th Feb 2018

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15 Nov 2017

Training Log Prototype - Update

12:14pm | 156 views | 21 Comments
I've been plodding through some updates to the prototype:

1) the toggles on the left of the map (for switching to OSM, gridlines, and FP markers) now have little tooltips when your mouse is over them

2) the 'colour sliders' that allow you to set your pace thresholds now respect people who have chosen kilometres

3) the colours on the 'grade distribution' graph (to the right of the elevation profile) now match up with the colours in the elevation profile.

4) the splits table now does a better job of supporting those who view in kilometres

5) issues with traffic lights in FP markers not showing correct ownership has been fixed

6) messy text overlay on HR graph has been moved into summary bar. Pretty.

7) when you choose 'BPM' to see the distribution of your heart rate, the x-axis labels are now more readable.

8) the default when you first view a training entry is to show approximately 25 split columns. This hopefully offers a good balance, and gives a better view of an interval session (but I am not stopping there - I know it's a bit sub-standard for runs where your pace is not consistent).

9) the summary bar now has average speed in mph for biking instead of mins/mile, and time per 100m for swimming.

I still have a big old list of things to look at, so this is by no means the finished article (not least because it looks like a pig's backside on mobile). But please take a look, and leave your views, comments, bugs and confusions below, even if it's something you've said before. If you're reporting something that doesn't look right, please include a URL so that I can see what you're looking at.
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  • I prefer the new log to the old one, so please keep going Mr Fetch :-)
    12:28pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Yes, I’m liking the new one too. Thanks for your hard work.
    Eynsham Red
    1:15pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Not convinced by the default splitting of the graph into 25 chunks to be honest. Personally I'd strongly want to have the first view as bog standard mile or km splits (depending on user preference - though those who use kms should be shot of course). And then have some control over the magnifying glass so that instead of having to cycle through each subset of the distances, they can be picked out specifically. I know that if I want I can amend the URL to give me a "chunk" I like to see (so for example, though I do like to view in miles, for longer runs such as a marathon it can be useful to think about 5km splits - I can't toggle to that view using the magnifying glass button, I have to extend the URL to split by 5000). Maybe I was just overly keen on the old "split breaker tool" but I thought that functionality was one of the best things about the current logs, and I'll be sorry to see that go and replaced with a less effective alternative, much as I do positively like the aesthetics of the new log.
    1:24pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • I'm still struggling a bit with the split columns, compared to the old Pace Graph. So now the distance of the run is split into approx 25 ( have you changed this, mine showing 35 ?? ) and it shows the time for each 1/25th above the column. That time is pretty meaningless to me ( unless my run was 25, or is it 35, miles long ;-)) - telling me I've taken 2:17 to run 1/25th of my 7 mile run is just too complex for my brain to work out what that means. Can you not show pace rather than time taken ? Then to get it reasonably meaningful, need to zoom in and create more columns, then there's not enough width above the column to show the pace or time, so would be better to have the number on the y-axis, with the dotted lines across, just like the current Pace Graph. Sorry, not trying to be negative but just feel this is a backward step when the current Graph tells me evrything I want to know instantly
    Thanks for fixing the HR x-axis for BPM
    K5 Gus
    1:27pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • I've amended the split columns - instead of showing (a) the time taken for that split or (b) the distance travelled in that split; they now show the mins/mile pace for that split in both cases. Very good point.
    2:06pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • I prefer cycling and at a glance I LOVE the new 'grade' thingy for hills showing how steep and for how long, and also I LOVE seeing the moving time, and the greyed out stationary time. I like the splits section much better, although this could be a big section for longer rides.
    2:23pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • @megster - thank you. The page will automatically adjust the default split sizes based on the length of the activity. So a 100 mile ride might be broken down into 5 or 10 mile chunks, for example; whereas a 3 mile run might be shown in quarter mile chunks.

    @K5 Gus - see the amended columns, now with mins/mile pace.

    @larkim - I've added a dropdown box alongside the magnifying glasses that should give you a quicker way to get to the level of detail you'd like, and it contains some nice round numbers.

    @Eynsham Red - :-)

    @Adorescience - :-)
    2:35pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • That's a lot better having pace above the columns - thanks. Don't see the drop down beside the magnifying glass yet, maybe I've still got an old version cached - will check later.
    Has the beats per mile orange line on the HR graph been smoothed compared to the old one ? eg on todays run on the live version I can see the bpm line go up as I ran up a hill, at just over 3 miles, then drop again, then rises again in last 2 or 3 miles, but on new version it's more or less flat throughout the whole run. Think maybe the scale on the y-axis for bpm is not right ?
    K5 Gus
    3:03pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • My bad - I'd not set it properly live.

    The beats/mile is an overall average for the run. I was envisaging it showing a gradual increase, as fatigue and dehydration sets in. But let me look at your hilly run and have a think.
    3:06pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Ahh, hadn't realised it was now showing overall average, rather than instant. As we are losing the split breaker that would mean we would have now feedback on how the bpm varied throught the run, I look at the mile splits in the split breaker at the moment to see that.
    Got the drop down now thanks - would it be possible to include all the options that are in the current split breaker, ie a mixture of miles and kms ? Although I work in miles, for a 5k or 10k race I'll often analyse my splits afterwards in kms
    K5 Gus
    3:23pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Thumbs up for the drop down! Makes toggling through much easier. I can change the URL to /km/0.5 or /km/5 to get km splits if I want to dive into the new fangled metric stuff too (I can understand limiting the drop down to metric or imperial as otherwise it gets too long I presume).
    3:25pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • @K5Gus - actually you can see the beats/mile stats in the tooltip for each column, and also in the splits table (let me know if it's not visible). Assuming you meant beats/mile rather than beats/minute :-) I can probably throw in a few common metric splits.
    3:29pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • @larkim :-)
    3:29pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Ahh yes, tooltips gives me that - sorry
    And yes can change the url for kms ( although may not be obvious for newbies or those that don't read the blog ). Tiny point - the url has "miles" plural but "km" single. Not sure if that was deliberate or not - confused me for a bit when "kms" wouldn't work ;-)
    K5 Gus
    3:45pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Not sure I'm interpreting it properly but switching the split columns between time and distance seem to switch the x-axis, ie. a short bar is slow on one view but fast on the other.
    Personally, I'd like to lose the white space between the columns, Also I think the coloured trace on the map would look better if it was disconnected from the columns split, i.e. showed a more detailed variation in pace.
    Where can we change the HR thresholds?
    The elevation/grade graph is great.
    p.s. I think km is plural or single.
    5:07pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • Couple of things for us cyclists...
    Can it please default to speed and average/overall speed please. min/mile is a bit chocolate teapot like.
    Also HR/pace - largely irrelevant as fastest paces will be downhill and likely to have a lowish HR on an average ride
    The testers may like it, but it would be nice to toggle perhaps to something different like HR/Gradient
    eL Bee!
    7:21pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • @eL Bee - which bit to default to speed and average/overall speed? It already shows mph in the header. There's a lot of stuff on the page :-)
    7:23pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • (That said, I have just adjusted the split graph to show mph, and have made a note to go through the page and convert all the cycling to mph/kmph)
    7:36pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • (pops to have a look)
    eL Bee!
    7:44pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • On the splits graph it would make more visual sense for the slower speeds to be small and the faster ones large, and the overall pace line is still in min/mile. So it drops when your overall average speed increases
    eL Bee!
    7:49pm, 15th Nov 2017
  • The way the split graph displays at the moment, however, means it almost mimics an elevation graph 😂
    eL Bee!
    7:54pm, 15th Nov 2017

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14 Nov 2017

Big Fetch Mile - venue hunt

2:13pm | 269 views | 4 Comments
The votes have started coming in from people saying "I want a Big Fetch Mile near me" :-) Looks like Glasgow is edging out Edinburgh, and Leeds is leading Sheffield. Surprisingly few votes in from Oxford (the Iffley track is £190 for two hours btw - that's more expensive by far than any track we've hired so far this year). In case you haven't staked your claim yet, you can do so here: fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile

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  • Shame about the lack of votes for Oxford and the price of hiring Iffley Rd. I know that it’s my local track, but despite that, it would be pretty special to do a mile on such an iconic track.
    Eynsham Red
    3:18pm, 14th Nov 2017
  • Not really in the spirit of the BFM, but have you considered a fetch wave at the Westminster mile? I seem to remember Sweatshop run group having their own wave start when I did it a few years ago?
    5:19pm, 14th Nov 2017
  • I suppose Iffley Rd knows it can charge that sort of money because of its place in Mile history :-(
    5:59pm, 14th Nov 2017
  • And Cardiff over Tenby by the looks of Wales 🙂
    6:02pm, 14th Nov 2017

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13 Nov 2017

RT for a Garmin

3:24pm | 420 views | 18 Comments
Let's see if we can persuade Garmin to put forward a GPS for our Festive Fetch Calendar. Here's my tweet - RT it to show Garmin we're worth connecting with:

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  • done
    3:40pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • done 2!
    3:46pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Showing my age - read this as "Radio Times for a Garmin" - which made no sense either :-(
    3:57pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • As a previous winner, consider it re-tweeted :-)
    4:01pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • good idea
    4:04pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Thanks Doc - you can take all the credit for it :-)
    4:22pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • done. That's my first tweet in about 10 years!
    4:47pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done :)
    4:48pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done!
    4:53pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done.
    5:01pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done ( a couple of hours ago - saw your tweet) - also my first tweet for a few years...
    5:10pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done, Ta
    5:17pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Unfortunately I don't tweet but good luck
    Lip Gloss
    5:55pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done.
    6:09pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done ✅
    7:47pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done :-)
    8:12pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done :-)
    9:01pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Done even though I cba with Twitter
    9:24pm, 13th Nov 2017

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13 Nov 2017

Training Log Prototype - To Be Fixed

2:57pm | 28 views | 3 Comments
Here's a list of the stuff I've scrabbled together from the comments in the blog. If I've missed you out, please feel free to pipe up again - it's not personal. Feel free to add more stuff. It's all been really useful - I'll start chiseling away / thinking about this lot.

#when it's a route not a trace, it all goes to sh*t.
#map not showing when logged out. Permissions? (Sigh (Simon Clarke))
#Can't close Fetchpoint icon popups (flanker)
#No circle around Fetchpoint markers (Oranj)
#Clicking on time icon produced blank (FDNB)
#HR graph - x-axis not readable for BPM setting
#move text overlay from HR graph into black bar
#respecting / changing HR zones
#HR graph - ordering on distribution graph (larkim)
#notes takes up too much space?
#graphs are 'jaggy' - larkim
#K5 Gus - out-and-back question (polyline drawn in order?)
#K5 Gus - prefers notes alongside map
#Predictions - update distances for swimming. Include standard tri distances (20k,40k, 56M 112M) (Sweetie)
#Summary bar to have average speed for biking (Sweetie)
#traffic lights showing red
#moving map doesn't redraw Fetchpoint markers
#is max speed available in splits data? (Zehnderboy)
#elevation graph - too busy for flat routes
#(Oranj) - reorder sliders, fastest at top?
#lag when using magnifying glass (larkim)
#interval session not highlighting efforts (AL and LD)
#average grade (Zehnderboy)
#partial split pace is wrong in tooltip 14352719
#explain orange line (Zehnderboy)
#cadence just showing one leg (Zehnderboy)
#pace sliders don't work on iPad
#pace by heart rate graph not unit-sensitive
#cycling zones to be in mph/kmph not mins/mile
#expand/collapse arrows to change to indicate status
#colour for cadence graph?
#more zones for HR? Five?
#remember map preference
#explore other OSM tile options
#include route name where attributed

#Mouseovers for toggles on map (flanker) DONE (and for rainbow, magnifiers)
#colour sliders to respect kilometres DONE
#colours on grade distribution not matching graph DONE
#FergusG - splits table not showing km DONE
#(Oranj) -route is grey despite sliders being correct? (kms?) DONE
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  • A little bit wary of adding more to your list ...
    But did you see/miss or already covered my notes from Saturday?
    Just seen an odd case on the new training log. See my activity 14364027.
    I pressed start on my Garmin - which normally triggers sat finding. This time it went straight to time, so I stopped it, finished getting ready, then atually started about 5 mins later.
    The old style split shows only the running time, the new split histogram shows total elapsed time whereas the split summary shows 5 mins less.
    Also - I think in miles - so I'd like all miles ... is the measurement able to be selected by user?

    And thanks - like the new map, although lines are a bit thick and out and back on the same route covers up the out bit.

    Also - new - any chance of total time by pace zone, not just the mile split? (or is it there & I haven't seen it?)

    Thanks again
    3:10pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • There's the TomTom import not remembering that it's imported in Fetch too *ducks in case Fetch throws something at me*
    3:42pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Just looked at the prototype version for my run this morning and I like it, a lot :)
    8:54am, 15th Nov 2017

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13 Nov 2017


2:07pm | 68 views | 5 Comments
To make it easier to remember/find our Amazon link (which is in the footer of every page), you can just go to fetcheveryone.com/amazon - and it should take you there. Follow our link and we get a small commission on everything you buy. You're awesome :-)

Here's a clicky version:

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  • just Christmas shopped on your link *takes bow*
    2:19pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Nice :-)
    2:19pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • thanks
    2:46pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Nice and Easy :)
    6:52pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • I used it at the weekend, only a small thing but every little helps.
    7:48pm, 13th Nov 2017

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12 Nov 2017

The Weekly vLog (by me)

1:18pm | 305 views | 6 Comments
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  • The periodic table is up there with the LT Underground map for superbly simple communication. Watch those tootsies!
    1:26pm, 12th Nov 2017
  • Loving the forward slash hand signals :)
    2:14pm, 12th Nov 2017
  • loving the prototype training page, the ability to switch back and forth from fetchpoint map is especially awesome
    2:47pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Great running!
    4:51pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • by the way, did you know that commenting on a blog stops the video running? Don't know if there is a way around that.
    4:54pm, 13th Nov 2017
  • Liking the colours on the map, gives so much more feedback on my run.
    7:17pm, 16th Nov 2017

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10 Nov 2017

Thanks :-)

10:57am | 435 views | 24 Comments
I've got a list of 29 different issues to look at, thanks to all your feedback on the new training log prototype. Thank you! I've added a "Last update" timestamp on the link that lives on the existing view - so that you can keep an eye out for new changes. I'll also blog the details here. Keep the comments coming.

It's been a good week for my running :-)

On Tuesday, I did my five mile threshold run. I've sort of tricked myself into doing these - I started doing progressive runs back at the end of August - just trying to make each mile a little faster than the last - starting fairly gently at about 9mm, and getting some sub-8 miles towards the end. Then I started making the earlier miles a bit faster too, and now I'm doing the whole run at sub-8, and averaged 7:42 for Tuesday's run. *blows own trumpet* fetcheveryone.com/training/14350901

On Thursday morning it was time for my new 'longest run since London 2015', having managed to set the record the previous week with a 14 miler. I ran the first 8 with Katie, which was a lot of help, and then set off on my own. I was hoping for a 15, and struggled a bit at about 10 miles when I realised the loop I'd planned would need me to go a bit further than 15 - but once I'd done the windy bit, and was pointed back in the direction of home, I felt like I got into some kind of zone. Playlist included Supergrass (first half of I Should Coco), some early Manics (Generation Terrorists), a few episodes of The Archers (come on Lilian, work it out ffs), and a bit of Skrillex to get me over the finish line. I'm pretty pleased that I've thus far managed to keep hold of the pace and even increase it towards the end of the run - and I'm hoping this bodes well. fetcheveryone.com/training/14358344

Long / hard runs are a bit of a digestion challenge for me. If I get home and start mainlining toast, or anything in fact, my stomach just goes NO. None shall pass. This typically results in about eight hours of cramping uncomfortable horrible pain during which I am no good to anyone. I think it's down to dehydration, but I will happily run for two hours in this weather without feeling remotely thirsty. Luckily, I've got a glorious solution - chocolate milk. Calories, protein, fluid, chocolate - all the major food groups, and my stomach seems more than happy to welcome it.

But this week's issue was neither distance nor digestion (but you might want to skip the following paragraph if you're squeamish).

I was potching* about on the landing getting ready for a shower, when I swung my foot forward right into the corner of a wicker basket that we keep random crap in. My nails are in a pretty shocking state. They are mostly hoof in fact. And I think that the nail went north, and my toe went south, and I ended up in a squealing pile on the floor, clutching my toe. I'd hit the nail so hard that there was blood beading out from underneath, and I'm still too scared to see how keen the nail is on being attached to the toe. It was swollen and throbby, and even woke me up in the night when it came into contact with the bed frame :-/ But it's not feeling so bad today :-)

Next week, we're planning on getting over to Wootton to run the Bedford Harriers Half Marathon route, for the purposes of a hiller long run, and to re-familiarise ourselves with the course (three-and-a-bit weeks 'til race day).

Right then. Time to tackle those training log issues.

Stay solid, stewface.

*is this word used outside of the Rhymney Valley, or indeed my family?
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  • I tried ChrisHB's idea of a pint of milk when walking, and it worked well, then when a shop had no ordinary milk, graduated to flavoured milk. I agree it has all the major food groups but mine includes fruit/veg because I drink strawberry flavour. ;-) Hope the toe improves - sounds painful.
    11:05am, 10th Nov 2017
  • Bring me your foot, I love sorting out nails ninja
    11:05am, 10th Nov 2017
  • Potching..... you made that one up
    11:06am, 10th Nov 2017
  • I can send you a pic - but my toenails are all painted blue at the moment, thanks to the boy. It's carnage down there.
    11:07am, 10th Nov 2017
  • Ow, toenail story made me wince , x
    11:08am, 10th Nov 2017
  • What a lovely upbeat blog, apart from the toe incident - hope it's healed soon.
    11:10am, 10th Nov 2017
  • Nah, pics are no use, I can't operate on a picture ;)
    11:31am, 10th Nov 2017
  • A great recovery drink I used to make was milk, yoghurt, frozen raspberries/blackberries/random berries, a banana and some honey all whizzed together. Tastes amazing and easy to tolerate after a long run :)
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    11:37am, 10th Nov 2017
  • You can be dehydrated before feeling thirsty. So drink anyway. Picture anyway. All real men paint their toenails has nobody told you that.
    Wriggling Snake
    11:40am, 10th Nov 2017
  • Fetch, I have heard “potching” from many Cardiffians, though more often from people of Valleys origins. One of many, many words and phrases this baffled Londoner had to seek an explanation of once I started working here.
    12:10pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • I've never heard 'potching' before, but I like it.
    Wine Legs
    12:42pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • fetcheveryone
    12:44pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • Clippers. Foot care is important for runners. Not even joking here! Loving the 7:42 ave - seriously impressive. I spy PBs... :-) G
    1:37pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • Ouch! Good running, though :)
    1:46pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • “Don’t bleed on the carpet!!” Thanks for omitting my caring approach. :-)
    1:50pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • Chocolate milk is the recovery intake of our choice, really hits the spot, as for eating following a long run usually only manage a bircher muesli type foodstuff, never fancy anything more solid.
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    4:38pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • oh, and sympathies for the poorly foot/nail *ouch*
    Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)
    4:39pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • May the Force be with you padawan
    4:52pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • Potching is indeed used in the Taff valley (and in my house in Gloucestershire ;-))
    8:15pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • You could put in a “longest run since...” metric :)
    10:24pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • Hi Ian - prototye comments ...
    Just seen an odd case on the new training log. See my activity 14364027.
    I pressed start on my Garmin - which normally triggers sat finding. This time it went straight to time, so I stopped it, finished getting ready, then atually started about 5 mins later.
    The old style split shows only the running time, the new split histogram shows total elapsed time whereas the split summary shows 5 mins less.
    Also - I think in miles - so I'd like all miles ... is the measurement able to be selected by user?

    And thanks - like the new map, although lines are a bit thick and out and back on the same route covers up the out bit.
    1:13pm, 11th Nov 2017
  • It's really good fetch and a big improvement. My only points are that the pace sliders don't work on the iPad very well (no slide) and the pace by heart rate graph is in miles not k (I have k in my settings)
    7:13pm, 11th Nov 2017
  • Potching also used in Blaenau Gwent - as well as coopie (sp?) down for squatting...
    7:36pm, 11th Nov 2017
  • Wot are yr tips for warming down after running ?
    1:50pm, 12th Nov 2017

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08 Nov 2017

New Training Log Prototype - Available Now

2:14pm | 935 views | 35 Comments
It's time to give you lot the chance to try the new training log prototype. I'm gonna run it as a link alongside the existing one for at least a couple of weeks, as I want to give everyone the opportunity to have a say on it - plus I want it to be absolutely kick-ass, so I want your feedback on *everything*. Likes, dislikes, confusing bits, bugs, oddities on certain runs/swims/bikes - I want to get this thing singing.

When you view one of your training entries, you'll see a little link at the top of the page inviting you to view the new prototype. PLEASE NOTE that it's not optimised for mobile layout yet - that's a job in itself!

Here are some things to look out for.

The header has been tidied up (it looks awful on mobile just now btw). Each sport has a dedicated background image (feet for running, cogs for biking, fish for swimming, random crap for cross-training). The summary information should contain all the pertinent available information (so for example, if you're recording cadence, the average will appear in this summary).

These toggles on the left-hand-side of the map allow you to (i) switch between Google Maps and the rather colourful and lovely OpenStreetMap; (ii) turn Conquercise boundaries on and off; (iii) overlay the latest markers from Fetchpoint.

The map is now colour-coded, so you can see where you achieved certain pace thresholds on your run.

Just below the map, you'll see colour-coded columns. Put your mouse over one and it'll show you which part of the route it corresponds to, and will give you a nice detailed tooltip.

There's also a summary of your training session as percentages in each category. These are calculated by breaking your route into 100m segments, and working out how many were in each colour category. The idea is for this to replace the 'Pace Bands' graph, as the pace bands in that were at the mercy of the raw watch data. That bell-curve you used to see was more of a reflection on the accuracy of that raw data, rather than an accurate assessment.

The split table is colour-coded (see the bars on the left?) to match the columns, and you can also put your mouse on a row to see where it is on the map. The splits also manage to successfully highlight and ignore pause time, and they include elevation stats, cadence bounds, and as much info as possible.

The magnifier buttons allow you to increase or decrease the number of columns on the splits graph (and in the splits table below), so you can drill into your training in as much detail as you like. The default x-axis is distance, but you can switch this to a time-based axis by clicking the clock button. Click it again, and it'll revert to distance. The rainbow button takes you to a page where you can adjust the colour thresholds for the columns.

You can also play with the URL, to break down your training entry quickly. You can use seconds, minutes, metres, km or miles; followed by a number. In the example image, I've just magnified twice, which has resulted in quarter mile splits.

Here's the page where you can adjust your colour boundaries. To help avoid mistakes, if you drag the slowest band (the blue one) to the left of a faster band, it will drag all the other sliders with it.

The heart rate graph includes some summary data showing the time spent in each threshold. I think I might move this information into the summary bar, like I've done for the pace summary. I've also adjusted the way I calculate beats per mile - this is now an overall figure - so it's smoother, but still illustrates when the figure falls during longer runs.

The Benchmarks (times you actually achieved during the run/ride) boxes now include WAVA information, just because I thought it might be interesting. There's also a graph alongside the predictions. I'm not satisfied with these yet - I think I might amalgamate them into one section.

The elevation graph makes much better use of space, with the lowest point anchored to the bottom of the graph, and the highest point marked by a dotted line. The summary data in the dark bar also includes the range (max-min) figure to help offer some perspective. The main graph is also coloured, to highlight the steepest grades along the route; and there's also a distribution graph on the right that let's you see exactly how much of the route is steep.

And I haven't bothered with a picture for this one, but I've added it into the blog as it seems like it's not obvious. If there's a section of the log that you don't like, click the dark bar and it'll fold down so you don't have to see it. The site remembers your choices.

That's all I have for now. Please try out the new features, and leave me some feedback. And please remember that a good bug report allows me to reproduce the error so that I stand a chance of fixing it. A useless bug report just goes "waaah, it's not working, put it back to how it was, you b*stard".

Keep it solid, stewface.
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  • Looks good. Recognising that the idea is also to draw folks to the site, I've copied the URL of a recent run then clicked the link whilst logged out (as a non-Fetchie would see it) - and it doesn't display the map of the run. Is this intentional? Would be better if the map were shown if poss.
    2:31pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • This might be down to your share settings. Check here: fetcheveryone.com/user-settings-visibility.php
    2:33pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • right then... Cards on the table up front - I'm not a regular user of the training log. But on that basis some initial thoughts.

    1. The Wind Rose takes up far too much space for the value it adds (I'd question whether anyone uses it all and whether it's worth keeping?)

    2. I don't 'get' the HR graph. It seems to lack information, some of the display is corrupt, again use up a lot of screen real estate to show not a lot of info (maybe mine isn't working?. It looks like this on Safari on a Mac.

    (not sure the link will work but sure you can find it))

    3. Don't like the look of the 'detail/summary' double graphs. Feels messy as they seem to just merge into each other. Might work better with some sort of spacing or border?
    2:36pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • @flanker: 1) click the black bar to close it if you don't like it. 2) yes, that's definitely not working. 3) I might add a little border.
    2:38pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • clicked submit too early..

    4. If I click of a Fetchpoint icon on the map it bring up the usual pop-up, but doesn't then let me close it.

    5. Mouse-over hints for the icons on the map may be a nice touch?

    6. Love the fact that you can now have OpenStreetMap maps. That's almost enough to get me to use the log regularly :)
    2:40pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • 4) k, 5) k, 6) you've stumbled across the reasoning for the ENTIRE thing :-) Oh, and it says so in the name of the website :-)
    2:42pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • :-D
    2:43pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • I love it :-) Especially much easier to read cadence and elevation graphs (I thought HR one was OK), and like you can click through to conquercise and fetchpoint maps.
    2:43pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • On the HR graph, on the bar chart on the right, the x-axis values are not readable when you choose BPM ( ok if in WHR, MHR ) - they figures are being displayed at an angle of 45%, and losing the start of the number, eg if 160 then can't see the 1, see half the 6
    K5 Gus
    2:44pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Likes -

    - colour coding

    - OSM use
    - general layout approach
    Not so sure -

    - lag when using magnifying glass as it needs to reload whole page (the "old way" where each 0.1m split was pre-loaded so clicking only loaded that section was nice)
    - text overlay on top of left of HR graph is ugly, HR histogram on right hand side has crazy ordering of base axis (e.g. 40,85, 90, 65, 42, 25, 5, 20, 75) - though I think this is the same with existing graphs
    - elevation graph I'd like to have a consistent values axis - otherwise a pan flat route with a few 5m bumps almost looks as visually hilly as a 100m hill
    - notes section takes up too much space (lots of wasted space on right hand side if the notes section just includes lap splits from the watch) - could easily sit beside the wind rose for example
    - overall graphs are more "jaggy". One of the things I've always loved about fetch graphs is that you can choose the scaling / sampling rate which allows unnecessary noise to be filtered from the graphs. I'd really, really like that to be retained.

    I'll play some more, and feed back as appropriate!
    2:47pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • For the colour coding of the sections of the map - if you do an out and back, then am I right in saying the colour shown is for the return journey, not the outward journey ? If you zoom in really close you can just about see the outward colour behind, but not at normal zoom levels. Wasn't sure if you'd considered out and backs when deciding on having colours

    I really like at the moment seeing my comments beside the map when I click into an activity, now have to scroll down to see comments, and can't get comments and map on same screen, even when collapsing the sections inbetween
    K5 Gus
    3:04pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • I'm seeing seeing some miles-verus-km weirdness in the splits section.

    e.g. fetcheveryone.com/training/14295338/km/1 shows a mile-pace instead of km-pace.

    Split, Time, KM, Mins/km
    1, 4:27, 1.00, 7:09
    3:04pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • I like after a quick look but no time to explore further.
    Fenland Flier
    3:07pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Generally, I absolutely love it! A couple of potential tweaks:
    1) Benchmarks and predictions; for swimming you have updated the benchmark list to reflect swimming distances (which is fab)– but could you do the same for predictions? For biking could you include the standard tri distances 20k, 40k, 56 miles and 112 miles?
    2) I love the summary bar above the map but for biking it would also be hugely helpful to have average speed as well as mins/km
    3:27pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Good work.

    I shall have more of a poke tomorrow (date night tonight :) ) but a couple of initial observations;

    1) On the Fetchpoint layer, my traffic lights are red as well as those belonging to others.

    2) Still Fetchpoint, on moving the map the layer doesn't redraw. You have to turn it off and on again.

    3) The HR zones (red/green) don't match the current values and I can't see that they can be changed?
    3:42pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Love the openstreetmap and conquersize options and the colours. The notes box is redundant now (for me anyway) as it just duplicates the splits in the box above. Actually two duplicates as I have the splits in a column then on a row below. Ok, I know I can close that box.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    6:38pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Clicking on the little time icon didn’t work - I just get a blank space where the graph should be.
    Fragile Do Not Bend
    6:43pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Hmm - on an interval session that is run over the same route you don't actually get a very good reflection of how you paced the intervals? It looks as if it has taken the mile split time as the guide - which is an average including the rests?
    fetcheveryone.com/training/14353131 is a bit disheartening as a result! The graph line in the current version gives an indication of where the harder bits were.
    7:20pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Try zooming in a bit.
    7:23pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • Re AL's comment, I did zoom in on my track session this week, but the old-style pace line was still much more helpful (we were mainly doing very short sprints and I couldn't get the splits short enough.)
    8:10pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • That helps a bit (I have to get it down to 200m splits) - but then I end up with a load of columns. It's maybe the type of session - a mile or so of easier running either side of the efforts? It still doesn't look nearly as hard as it felt!! ;)
    8:22pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • As per Fergus, I see the splits in Miles but everything in Kms (which is what I like). Can you change the splits to Kms as well please?
    9:21pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • For some reason the map is completely blank for me. Have tried on Mac and Windows PC. Possibly because I use the Fetch mapping tool, or import a GPX, rather than import straight from Garmin. Have put screen shot in gallery.
    9:56pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • I haven't checked it out yet but would it be a good idea to have a thread to put comments in as this will quickly disappear?
    10:45pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • first, thanks for the upgrade Fetch, looks to be a great look and feel improvement, especially the change to elevation - observations so far

    i) colour coding works well for circular routes, repeats, like intervals and repeated parts like an out and back are difficult to tell apart
    ii) Magnifier to see splits is too clunky and reloads the whole page, previous option of choosing defined splits was much better
    iii) Is Max speed available in splits data?
    iv) Route grade% looks good, rather than showing %flat - how about average grade?
    v) Wind rose is too big, I use it a little, but it only applies if doing a circular route
    vi) Noticed that split pace splits on partial laps i.e. my run 14352719 has a split of 1:07 at average 7:46/mile, split graph states split pace 1:07/mile
    vii) Time vs Distance % - could you develop a click to see where on the route these % relate to
    viii) I may be missing something obvious but what does the orange line on HR graph signify?
    ix) Cadence is still showing just one leg i.e. half actual cadence, will this be corrected to show both?
    11:47pm, 8th Nov 2017
  • I like it, particularly the new route pic. Thanks, Fetch
    8:15am, 9th Nov 2017
  • Just back on elevation - the graph is way too "busy" for very flat routes. e.g. fetcheveryone.com/training/14164881 is 20 miles along a canal towpath - the use of the full scale dynamically adjusted to the highest and lowest part of the run means this looks far lumpier than it is (even accepting that google maps topography data doesn't help in creating small lumps which aren't really there and wouldn't show up if I had a barometric altimeter in the watch).
    8:31am, 9th Nov 2017
  • +1 for Fergus/Chunkywizard comment on splits - mine are in miles but I'm a KM sorta person.
    9:10am, 9th Nov 2017
  • My route is grey throughout (although I seem to have the pace sliders set correctly). I tried playing around with stuff, but didn't get any colours.

    It would seem to make more sense to have the fastest pace slider at the top.

    As a km user, the splits bar is still all in miles (apart from beats/km, I think)

    Clicking on Fetchpoint icons doesn't bring up a little exclusion circle (I wonder - with the new fat line, is the exclusion zone still the same size?)

    @Zehnderboy the orange line is beats/mile (or beats/km)
    9:41am, 9th Nov 2017
  • Really like it - thanks for the updates :-)
    10:25am, 9th Nov 2017
  • I may be missing something , but after playing about lots, I can't see anything that gives the same immediate info as the current Pace graph. Yesterday I did an interval session ( t-14358870 ) and on entering the current layout I can immediately see my pace peaking and troughing over the 10 intervals, on 8 of the 10 intervals getting faster than 6 min/mile and on most of the recoveries dropping to around 10 min/mile. Is similar info easily available in the new system, I can't see it even when playing with the + and - buttons.
    K5 Gus
    9:48pm, 10th Nov 2017
  • First impression is very positive.
    Thoughts so far:
    - Colour on the elevation graph seems not to be linked to the bar graph on the right hand side. Today's parkrun is showing unexpected amounts of red on the graph.
    - It might be nice to have an option (checkbox?) to enable distinguishing between uphill and downhill gradients in the colouring of the elevation graph - perhaps going from green to blue/purple on the downhill.
    - Would be nice to have the option to switch the Time vs Dist Graph and the Splits section below it between its current mode and showing the splits recorded using the lap button on our watch when doing something like intervals (e.g. see my run from 1st Nov).
    - Adjustment of the pace zones for Cycling would make more sense to me if it was in mph rather than mins/mile.
    - The little expand/collapse arrows should have some kind of visual change to indicate when they are expanded or collapsed.
    - Maybe you could colour the Cadence graph in a similar way to the elevation graph - perhaps with four zones.
    - On the subject of zones, I'm used to having five heart rate zones set up on the watch, so it always seems strange to only have three displayed on the graphs here.
    12:23pm, 11th Nov 2017
  • Also:
    - It would be nice to have it remember the user's preference of map - Google vs OpenStreetMap
    Have you explored any of the other OpenStreetMap renderings that are available (or can be rendered yourself if you have sufficient storage to self-host the tiles) - for example ones with contour lines included, or with the Sustrans cycle network highlighted more prominently (and national cycle route number labels included)?
    12:46pm, 11th Nov 2017
  • Would it be possible to include Route Name ( if activity was linked to a route ) somewhere ? eg in the header, under all the numbers there is lots of unused space. I never understood why route wasn't shown before, currently the only way to see what route an activity is linked to is by going to the list of activities and changing the drop down to Route, but other things you choose in the drop down, eg Kit, also show in the activity view itself.
    If you do decide to include it somewhere, can it also be clickable to take you to the Route details please.
    K5 Gus
    2:02pm, 12th Nov 2017
  • Can we have a power chart for us bikeists? we have HR and cadence, but no power :(
    7:37pm, 12th Nov 2017

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07 Nov 2017

Thanks for following

1:14pm | 346 views | 18 Comments
Today I got a direct message via Twitter from a white goods manufacturer, telling me that on this occasion, they were willing to repair our tumbler for free (it having failed on us for the second time in its brief 14 month lifespan). This wasn't the response I initially got when I called their helpline.

It's not the first time this has happened. I used Twitter to tell our kettle manufacturer that the kettle was piddling itself every time we pour it. They sent us a new one. The new one does exactly the same thing by the way, it must be a design flaw.

The phone company screwed up the installation, and left us with an out-of-the-blue bill for about six months line rental in one hit. Speaking to the call-centre resulted in me being shouted at by a man who said it was definitely not their fault, and that I should be more careful to ensure I was being charged enough. Reflecting on my disappointment via Twitter resulting in them getting in touch and halving the bill.

A few years previously, we were told that we couldn't have our deposit back on a hire car we didn't ever get the keys for. There was nothing obvious that said we needed to provide a credit card when we collected it - but they wouldn't let us have it without one. An email to the car company was met with a rebuttal, but a tweet expressing my disappointment was met with an offer of a refund.

This makes me contemplate several things:

1) Is customer service proportional to the number of followers?
2) If something isn't right, say so. If nothing happens, share it.
3) I am awful at choosing good quality products and services.
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  • I tweeted about non-delivery of some mothers' day flowers and MiL got a huge bouquet delivered the next day and I got a refund. I like Twitter complaining.....
    1:17pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • It's certainly testament to the power of a negative reputation and the lengths to which companies will go to prevent it. Had a similar thing with Travelex once.
    1:26pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I have to say I did think 3) but was thinking unlucky, rather than awful. The bright light of publicity has always been a good way to hold companies or bodies to account. It's just that publicity is only 144 characters away nowadays, so in many ways it's easier to do. Well done! :-) G
    1:26pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • Why is it companies have no commitment to customers? They only respond when you complain publicly. Renewal of a contract or service upgrade also normally results in a 'premium charge', what about a loyalty discount and not give all the best prices to new customers. Grrr it's frustrating.
    Fenland Flier
    1:28pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I think it's the public shaming that makes it effective. I have had similar experiences.
    1:51pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • If it’s on Twitter then it’s out there and public. A call centre: who knows or cares? They probably barely bother to log your call. Twitter is great for this kind of thing, plus finding out how badly the trains are fucked.
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    2:02pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • i tweeted about the size of the toilets on a virgin train and was told which carriage to find the disabled toilet in whilst still on the journey. And virgin broadband....i spent a two days phoning with no response, one tweet and it was fixed.......so how many companies are you tweeting to for Fetch advent prizes?
    2:24pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • Sportsshoes has lost my business over a £18 pair of shoes which had come apart. I sent them the pic, they wanted me to send the shoes themselves in for inspection. They had the record for my order. Twitter did not avail that time.
    2:27pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I think it's really sad that more and more companies seem to prefer to see what they can get away with when a lone customer makes direct contact and will only do the right thing when there's a danger that it will become public knowledge that they didn't.
    2:41pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • Perhaps you could provide a twitter complaint service on behalf us all, Fetch?
    3:10pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I left a polite but disappointed message on the Facebook page of a company who had sold me an inexpensive something that was incorrectly labelled but was more trouble to take back than it was worth. They sent me a generous voucher for the next time I visit them.
    3:21pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • It says people get unfair and biased treatment when using twitter because a company can broadcast that tbhey have done some decent customer service when most of the time they are shite. As per JenL.
    Wriggling Snake
    5:24pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • Maybe just go straight to social media to complain next time. Will save a lot of hassle. Although it shouldn't be that way.
    5:27pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • Why can't they make goods that last or do what they are supposed to do. I know they want us to spend more by buying another.

    It does pay though to tweet
    5:28pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I have used twitter this way also. It works ! :-)
    8:52pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • It is a shame when companies will not respond to email or phone calls but react quickly if you give them a negative comment on twitter. But you have to do what you can.
    9:48pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I'll try this. Expedia owe me £1,000 which they acknowledge, but show no sign of paying.
    10:54pm, 7th Nov 2017
  • I complained to homeserve about 4 missed appointments. Was told by the call centre that they are just phone monkeys. Threatened to go on social media and immediately got the boiler fixed and a full refund of the policy. Similar thing when trying to get away from EE. Grrrr
    6:11am, 8th Nov 2017

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03 Nov 2017

VLog - footage from the Cardiff Big Fetch Mile

3:36pm | 406 views | 8 Comments

Want a Big Fetch Mile near you next year? Register your interest here: fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile
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03 Nov 2017

Big Fetch Mile[s] 2018

12:53pm | 199 views | 38 Comments
We are planning to pick at least six venues for Big Fetch Mile meetups next year. To help me work out where they should be, I've built a page that will capture the locations of all interested parties. I can use the info to pick the best places (and I'll have fun with the maths at the same time).

If you want a Big Fetch Mile near you next year, the link to share with your homies is fetcheveryone.com/bigfetchmile - and here it is, ready for you to click:


If you could leave a cheeky comment on this blog when you're done, I'll hopefully take advantage of getting into the blog highlights too :-)

Word very much up.
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  • Done it. Not in a cheeky comment mood ATM. I’ll work on it!
    Eynsham Red
    12:57pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done!
    12:58pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Interested however I work almost every weekend. Is there any chance for a midweek mile?
    12:59pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • moon
    1:00pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Ooh Bint you clever clogs! (And you Mr. Fetch with your clicking link)
    1:03pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Do you have a spreadsheet?
    1:07pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I've got a spreadsheet of all my spreadsheets.
    1:08pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • 😝 I’m up for any I can get to ( might be more date critical than location dependent )
    1:09pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done!
    1:13pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Alright Treacle? (Is that cheeky enough?)
    1:16pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I did clicking the big green button :D Possible venues near me (north end of Bristol area, just off M4/M5) are the Kip Keino Athletic Stadium in Filton, or the Yate Outdoor Sports Centre. There you go; that's surely half the work done, isn't it? ;)
    1:19pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I'm not very good at on demand cheekiness, so I'll do a practical turn instead. There's been much talk of Guildford Spectrum which i would endorse for the SE. Not particularly near me but reasonably convenient for many SE fetchies.
    1:28pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I'm impressed that you don't put yourself in the blog highlights :) I think I've pleaded a NW one in every way possible - the Warrington track is outdoors (and I would help...) the one at Man City is indoors.
    1:30pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • What if everyone clicks the big green button though? I clicked the put this blog in the highlights button too BTW so hopefully the bloke who runs the site will notice and do that anyway ;-)
    1:32pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Yes. Sport City Manchester...or stockport harriers!
    Wriggling Snake
    1:35pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • That wasn't cheeky was it? What on earth is a homie?
    Wriggling Snake
    1:36pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I've been watching Breaking Bad recently.
    1:37pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done!
    1:43pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • a comment for comments sake.
    1:50pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • If a few folk from here click, will your algorithms pick an ideal location in the Irish Sea? I don't think I could swim a mile, honestly.
    paul the builder
    1:53pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • We'll work out some sort of current-based handicap.
    1:55pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Ooooh. A swim mile! Now there's a thought. :-)
    2:23pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • *wonders if you can hire boxend lake*
    2:25pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Swim a mile, I'm in :)
    2:32pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done, hmm Guildford would work, didn’t realise there was a track there!
    Fierce and Focused Fleecy
    2:46pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done
    Angus Clydesdale
    3:11pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Mile swim, mile swim, mile swim!! :-)
    Angus Clydesdale
    3:12pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • FFS FFF, I knew there was a track in Guildford & I live in Wales!!!! !! 😀😀😀
    There’s a lovely track in Brecon, it’s less than a mile from me. Trouble is I don’t run anymore and it’s awkward to get to, even for the denizens of Brecon.
    Captain Malcolm Reynolds
    3:13pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Another vote for a mile swim! :-)
    3:35pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done but I don't expect one on my doorstep but Peterborough or Lincoln would be good.
    Fenland Flier
    3:38pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Yorkshire please!
    4:23pm, 3rd Nov 2017
    4:46pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I think I'm too far East... but may be a good venue for a mile swim! 😂
    7:44pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Guildford - yes, I know there's a track there.:)
    8:51pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Nunnery Wood track in Worcester - https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/52%C2%B011'10.9%22N+2%C2%B011'19.2%22W/@52.1863623,-2.1908647,423m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d52.1863592!4d-2.1886761?hl=en
    9:58pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • Done. There's a brand new track at Sutcliffe Park (SE9) which would be great :-)
    10:13pm, 3rd Nov 2017
  • I've not ticked the box, because I think a New Zealand tick might mess up your algorithm for pick locations. If you did have a NZ mile I'd come! Or a UK one the coincides with a visit :)
    2:44am, 4th Nov 2017
  • Done!
    8:37am, 4th Nov 2017

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03 Nov 2017

Win a place in the Surrey Half

9:07am | 95 views
One of our lovely advertisers, the Mercer Surrey Half Marathon, is doing a draw for 20 free race places exclusively for Fetchies. All you've got to do is follow this link, then look for the 'Enter Giveaway' button.


Feel free to share that link with anybody you know who might be interested.


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01 Nov 2017

I vont to scan your barcode.

2:48pm | 304 views | 5 Comments
I had to share this. The awesome Mike Heare, RD at Penallta parkrun:


(Pic from the Penallta parkrun Flickr group, (c) Mike Kelly)
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  • :-o
    3:45pm, 1st Nov 2017
  • What does he do on Halloween?
    4:29pm, 1st Nov 2017
  • Very good.
    9:27pm, 1st Nov 2017
  • Does he keep Count?
    10:16pm, 1st Nov 2017
  • A rough Friday night ?
    1:01am, 2nd Nov 2017

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