Big Fetch Mile 2018

It's back! Although in fairness, it never really went anywhere, given that it's a non-tangible thing without the power to think for itself. But trust me when I say that it's back, anyway!

The Big Fetch Mile is a FREE timed track mile for runners of any standard, followed by as much cake as you can morally justify eating in public. Runners are grouped by their estimated mile times (last year our efforts ranged from 4:53 to 13:46) so you'll run with people of a similar standard. We make no attempt to rank your cake-eating ability.

We'll be visiting the following venues on Saturday afternoons in 2018, starting in Bedford in February. If you'd like to attend, please click the sign up links (where available) and enter your predicted time:

Location Date Sign Up
International Athletics Stadium
24th February Click Here
Dell Stadium
14th April Click Here
Venue TBC
May Coming Soon
Venue TBC
July 28th Click here
Venue TBC
Aug/Sep Coming Soon
National Indoor Athletics Centre
Nov 3rd Click here

If we're not coming to your doorstep, sorry about that. We were inspired by folks who travelled a long distance to be with us in 2017 - so if you're willing to make the effort, we might be scheduling next year's events near you.

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  • I've added Cardiff to my portfolio - I know I'll have a 5 mile race the following day so I reserve the right to just jog round and eat cake :-)
  • No problem with that :-)
  • Looking forward to confirmation of Glasgow date, fingers crossed I can make it!
  • Signed up for Guildford - yipee
  • What time of day do they usually take place? Looking to sneak a Parkrun in before Bedford!
  • Unless otherwise advertised, we're aiming at 2-4pm.
  • Waiting for Manchester to be announced
  • Shame Dudley was not the following weekend...... nevermind :-)
  • That's me down to only the first weekend in May free for Glasgow :-(
  • I've shared the Bedford mile with our wheelchair racers. I'll come along if any of them sign up.
  • Planning on doing Cardiff. Manc toodate dependant
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