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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Big Fetch Mile 2018

The Big Fetch Mile is a FREE timed track mile for runners of any standard, followed by as much cake as you can morally justify eating in public. Runners are grouped by their estimated mile times (last year our efforts ranged from 4:53 to 13:46) so you'll run with people of a similar standard. We make no attempt to rank your cake-eating ability.

We'll be visiting the following venues on Saturday afternoons (2pm to 4pm, unless otherwise stated) in 2018, starting in Bedford in February. If you'd like to attend, please click the sign up links (where available) and enter your predicted time:

Location Date Sign Up
International Athletics Stadium
24th February Results
Dell Stadium
14th April Results
Huntershill Sports Hub
June 30th Results
Woking AC athletics track
July 28th Results
National Indoor Athletics Centre
Nov 3rd Click here
Venue TBC
Coming Soon Coming Soon

If we're not coming to your doorstep, sorry about that. We were inspired by folks who travelled a long distance to be with us in 2017 - so if you're willing to make the effort, we might be scheduling next year's events near you.

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  • I've added Cardiff to my portfolio - I know I'll have a 5 mile race the following day so I reserve the right to just jog round and eat cake :-)
  • No problem with that :-)
  • Looking forward to confirmation of Glasgow date, fingers crossed I can make it!
  • Signed up for Guildford - yipee
  • What time of day do they usually take place? Looking to sneak a Parkrun in before Bedford!
  • Unless otherwise advertised, we're aiming at 2-4pm.
  • Waiting for Manchester to be announced
  • Shame Dudley was not the following weekend...... nevermind :-)
  • That's me down to only the first weekend in May free for Glasgow :(
  • I've shared the Bedford mile with our wheelchair racers. I'll come along if any of them sign up.
  • Planning on doing Cardiff. Manc toodate dependant
  • Bedford is now full up :-O
  • Hi are these timed miles for all ages?
  • Kate, I'll answer on Fetch's behalf ( :-O ) Yes! We've had toddlers and tiddlers doing a 100m or 400m or even the full 4 lap mile. We had some of the toddlers / babies playing in the long jump sand pit. I ran one with a buggy (not my baby, was just holding the baby for a much faster lady who was doing a flying mile) and we've definitely had septuagenarian, but others may be able to cite octogenarian or even older. Come one, come all is usually the rallying cry. As long as you like cake...!? :-) G
  • Just an idle thought really. How about one at Iffley Road, Oxford - on the Roger Bannister running track. I'm sure the university wouldn't mind. I'm not nearby but I'm sure there must be lots of Fetchies within a reasonable distance of that venue. How cool would that be.
  • I did have a look at that one Tony, but it was hideously expensive unfortunately.
  • *waiting, waiting waiting*
  • oh shame I'll be back in Iceland when the mile comes to Glasgow... but I'll see some of you in Abingdon or if you add Edinburgh I could join there ... :)
  • Can you come to Spain? :)
  • Yep, looking forward to Manchester. Even attempted mile the other day!
  • Gutted that I still haven't shaken off my hamstring problem and won't be able to join you fabulous Fetchies at Woking on Saturday. Have a great day, everyone!
  • Any thoughts on the Manchester mile yet, there is sport city obvs, probably got a price to match its fame, longford park where trafford Harriers train, Victoria Park Warrington, AL will know this track, it's blue.
  • Also curious about MCR. Wythenshawe or Longford Park would both make good venues. Sportcity too but might be busier?
  • Lots of other near-ish Manchester tracks that might be suitable, depends what you need in terms of other facilities. Providing you don't need a stand, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Ashton-U-Lyne, Bury, Leigh, Altrincham etc. Warrington though would be a good shout for train access from most parts of the country / region.
  • If you're stuck for Manchester venues there's a council one in both Huddersfield and Halifax. Both would be easily accessible for the Leeds side of the Pennines too
  • Fetch mate - the picture on the front of the site to advertise the miles, teddy bears ? Why have a picture done left leg, left arm etc?

    Nobody runs like a teddy do they :0

    Loving your work as always :)
  • Hoping to get to Cardiff Mile but it depends on a few different things
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