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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone
30 Nov 2018

Hoodies + other spares

8:57am | 588 views | 6 Comments
I've found 9 spare hoodies in the stock cupboard :-)

Hoodies - £30 (normally £35)
4 small grey
2 large grey
2 small red
1 XS red

Male Vests - £26
2 medium red
1 large red
6 large black

Male Shirts - £26
2 large red
1 large black

Female Shirts - £26
2 size 14 red
1 size 14 black

Fetch Buffs - £10 (normally £15)
12 in stock

Swimming Caps - £8.50
About 20 in stock

If you want something, leave a comment saying exactly what you want, and I'll fmail you with payment instructions. I will update the availability if and when any takers arise :-)
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  • I just searched for shop and discovered that you removed it in Nov 2017. I'm clearly not a regular shopper. I was wondering what the grey hoodies looked like? I'm usually a medium but can sometimes for a small. Fanks! :-) G
    9:06am, 30th Nov 2018
  • This is what they look like (except with a white Fetch logo across the chest):
    9:07am, 30th Nov 2018
  • fetcheveryone
    9:09am, 30th Nov 2018
  • 🎵 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎶 :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    9:17am, 30th Nov 2018
  • Thanks Fetch. Fabby looking. Sounds like I'm a medium though. :-) G
    9:23am, 30th Nov 2018
  • Is that because you can predict the future, :)G?
    9:29am, 30th Nov 2018

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28 Nov 2018

Spare Fetch Kit

10:48am | 289 views | 7 Comments
In case anyone wants a rummage, here's the current stock list for Fetch kit.

Male Vests - £26
2 medium red
1 large red
6 large black

Male Shirts - £26
2 large red
1 large black

Female Shirts - £26
2 size 14 red
1 size 14 black

Fetch Buffs - £10 (normally £15)
14 in stock

Swimming Caps - £8.50
About 20 in stock

If you want something, leave a comment saying exactly what you want, and I'll fmail you with payment instructions. I will update the availability if and when any takers arise :-)
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  • Can I have the female 12 shirt and a buff please? Ta x
    10:59am, 28th Nov 2018
  • Oh, and also a male vest, medium. That's a Christmas present sorted :)
    11:02am, 28th Nov 2018
  • Which colour/design buffs are they?
    11:08am, 28th Nov 2018
  • Updated stock to include Paula's requests. Flanker, I'll fmail you, but it's this one:

    11:18am, 28th Nov 2018
  • I'll have a buff please. I do like that one :-)
    11:28am, 28th Nov 2018
  • I'll have a buff please.
    11:32am, 28th Nov 2018
  • All updated to include Corona and LindsD's requests :-)
    11:42am, 28th Nov 2018

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26 Nov 2018

Festive Fetch Calendar 2018

3:45pm | 388 views | 22 Comments
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  • Whoop indeed.
    3:47pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Oooooo. Five more sleeps...
    3:49pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Ads on the page even if you have them turned off in the settings? Not a big thing just thought I would point it out in case its an error. Anyway.. whoop!
    3:54pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Yeah, I hope no-one minds that - we did it last year too. It makes us a bit of extra ad revenue on some very popular (and fun) pages.
    3:55pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • fine by me!
    3:56pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Will there be a catch up session since I’ll be without WiFi over the weekend while moving house?
    3:59pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • We will have an amnesty day, but I'm not saying what day :-)
    4:00pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Yeah! Better than chocolate.... :-)
    4:04pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • bunting
    4:26pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Re the ads - I'll let you off this time :-)
    4:29pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Yeah!
    4:45pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • The best part of Christmas!
    5:07pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Cooooooooooooooooooool :)
    5:21pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Yay the Xmas spirit shall begin :-)
    5:23pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Oh, is it nearly Christmas? :-o
    6:11pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Brilliant!!! :)
    6:48pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Are we there yet?
    7:32pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Ho ho ho :-)
    7:57pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Yay! :-)
    8:46pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Soooo excited :)
    10:12pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Best advent calendar around - even if it did just tell me off for trying to prise open one of the little windows.... ;-)
    10:57pm, 26th Nov 2018
  • Can I make a suggestion? A more "salesy" landing page for the share URL? Something to say "...thanks for paying us a visit at this Festive time. The Advent Calendar has loads of great prizes blah, blah. The brilliant training log, chat forums and loads of other features are here all year round, so sign up here..." etc. Otherwise they just land on the calendar. Or am I missing something?

    And Yay! to forthcoming Calendar nonsense, of course! :-) G
    8:34am, 27th Nov 2018

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20 Nov 2018


3:18pm | 473 views | 12 Comments
I've updated the bit of code where you update your avatar. Hopefully it'll spell an end to all those avatars with truncated heads :-)

To try it, go to your userprofile and click your existing avatar:


You should be able to zoom, rotate and crop your image.

Let me know how you get on if you give it a go.
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  • Um... no. It offers me the chance to browse and upload, but not to edit an existing avatar,
    3:27pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • That's right - it doesn't edit your existing one, but if you upload the original image, you should be able to prep it to your liking.
    3:28pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • When is snow coming to Fetch snow ? Is it Dec 1? Obviously the Beast from the North East is bringing real snow to us before that (like now!) but until it snows in Fetch, it doesn't count.

    Foghorn Leghorn hasn't changed in 10 years and he ain't changing now! :-) G
    3:39pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • If I changed my avatar I wouldn't have a clue who I was. I struggle at the best of times!
    4:36pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • Sorry to hijack this blog, but seeing as :-) G has brought it up, when the Fetch snow arrives will it be possible for individuals to turn it off? The falling snow imagery causes me great visual disturbance leading to an "upset brain" and feeling quite unwell so I can't stay on any "falling snow" pages, and even then it can be too late.

    I know I'm only one of probably an extremely small number of Fetchies who would be affected in this way, but it would be great if I could turn it off.
    4:36pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • That's good, I am not sure I want to zoom in and have closer look at my head though.
    Wriggling Snake
    4:46pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • ive tried uploading my original image and still it chops my head off :(......and please sort Flatlanders request out as we hate him hibernating during december :)
    5:25pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • It actually doesn’t - I think your browser has cached the old version. And yes, I will.
    5:28pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • Thanks, you are right. Now it's changed
    10:37pm, 20th Nov 2018
  • Ah yes, and +1 for Flatlander's "option for no-snow" of course. Sorry, wasn't trying to encourage anything that would cause visual dissonance. Maybe make it one of the "skin" themes - "plain / no-snow" ? :-) G
    8:36am, 27th Nov 2018
  • Did you say who won???
    1:40pm, 27th Nov 2018
  • Er... who won what?
    1:42pm, 27th Nov 2018

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19 Nov 2018

Book Giveaway - Can We Run With You, Grandfather?

2:07pm | 272 views | 11 Comments
If you'd like to win a copy of Can We Run With You, Grandfather? by Doug Richards, please go here:


The author takes us with him as he aims to complete his goal of running in seven different continents, before he starts his seventh decade. I'm in my fourth decade, and I've only done two (the Isle of Wight is one, right?)

I'll pick a winner next Monday. May the odds be ever in your favour.
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  • Interesting challenge! I've managed three and am just at the very start of my sixth decade (that's a very scary thing to write).
    2:13pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • I saw the URL and wondered what cwrwyg was Welsh for.
    2:24pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • This is fab. I've done four.
    3:43pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • Yet to do - and may never do - South America (unless Caribbean counts), Africa or Antarctica. Have ticked off the rest.
    Have circumnavigated IoW - obvs not all in one go, and some of it in car. But continents are big.

    And *dare I say it* - you may need to count your decades again Fetch. I think, in a mature moment, you may have forgotten one. [or your Fetch profile is misleading]
    5:56pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • Great idea! I've done parkruns in three (and gone for a gentle jog in a fourth) and still just about in my sixth decade.
    6:21pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • Too late for me, I'm already in my 7th. ;-)
    7:57pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • What will he do when he turns 80?
    9:53pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • The moon?
    11:11pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • Who won??
    1:41pm, 27th Nov 2018
  • Oh right :-) Pothunter won :-)
    1:43pm, 27th Nov 2018
  • Haha

    2:59pm, 27th Nov 2018

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16 Nov 2018

Fix It Friday

12:12pm | 453 views | 16 Comments
I'd like to start by saying that my IT band issues are fixed, but instead I'm still resting it. I ran on Tuesday, and it started aching before I'd got to two miles, and was getting sore by the time I completed three miles (luckily that was all I had planned).

But on the plus side, I think I've finally got all 24 prizes lined up for the Festive Fetch Calendar :-) The headlines are that the total cost of the prizes if you were to go out and buy them would be nearly four grand - so I think it's gonna be quite lively :-) And the prizes also reflect our broadening use amongst cyclists, swimmers and walkers. And even people who just like eating. So that's pretty much everyone. Exciting!

I've been reading an excellent book called "Don't Make Me Think (Revisited)" by Steve Krug amzn.to which is all about usability. You don't need to be "technical" to follow it - a lot is common sense views on how to make something usable. It focuses a lot on web pages, of course. Stuff like "don't overdo text because people skim", and "make sure it's clear when something's clickable". It's really helpful to let me see the pages of Fetch from the point of view of someone who doesn't know anything about it. There's also an interesting bit about usability testing, where it says that sometimes, all you need to do is *witness* someone using your site, to start seeing where the problems lie. This reminds me of something I heard about (I think) Mick Jagger. He'd play his new songs to his friends, and wouldn't need to ask what they thought, because he'd be listening through their ears. Not literally, obvs.

Here's a list of this week's de-assing :-)

1) Squished the forum header a little bit. On mobile, the different categories are hidden (you can still see them if you rotate your phone into landscape mode - in fact, you should try landscape mode on other pages too, let me know what you think). And the "New discussion" link, which was previously hidden amongst all the other links, is now in a nice green button.

2) Our recent "your fastest time on this route" feature. If you upload the same run twice, then delete one, there'd still be a 'ghost' entry left on the fastest routes table. Thanks to Wriggling Snake for spotting that one. I've closed that loophole for now - but if any of you notice any routes with a date of Jan 1st 1970, give me a shout for a clean up. FYI Jan 1st 1970 is one of those default operating system dates, and not special in itself.

3) A few minor updates to injury listings - displaying category when viewing an injury, and mouseover tooltips for the different severity categories. Just for HappyG(rrr).

4) I overhauled the kitbag (that's the tool you use to track the mileage on your trainers). There's more info on that if you look at my earlier blogs this week - or you can just head hear to take a look: fetcheveryone.com/kit.php How can we improve this feature?

5) eL Bee! noticed that his long cycle rides were not showing in full on the map. This is a problem that tends to affect long rides more, as they often involve some watch start-stop shenanigans, and cake. I was using "total elapsed time" from the FIT file as a way of ring-fencing the actual activity, but it seems this was actually truncating part of the route. If any of you have noticed a truncated cycle ride, I'd be interested to see what happens with future uploads. Not a retrospective fix unfortunately.

6) Club pages were missing results. K5 Gus spotted this one, and tbh I'm not sure how long it was like that. Clearly a well-used feature ;-) Anyway... now you can see them again. If you haven't added your club to your userprofile yet, go find it here: fetcheveryone.com/clubs.php

7) Those of you who don't subscribe will have noticed a few extra ads encroaching on site space over the last week or two. I don't enjoy squeezing them in, but if you're using the site for free, then it's an unfortunate necessity to help pay for running costs. Make a small monthly or annual donation here and I can switch them off for you: fetcheveryone.com/invite.php

That's it for this week. I hope you all have a great weekend. I may well be RD at Bedford parkrun tomorrow, then it's Wales vs Tonga in the afternoon, hoping we get three out of three before we tackle SA next week :-) Hopefully I'll sneak a run in too, and hope for a wee bit of improvement.

As always... leave a comment if you want to report any issues, or suggest any improvements. I don't always see your suggestions and comments when they happen round the site, so posting something here is a good way to get in front of my eyeballs :-) All comments about an Android app taken as read B-)
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  • Enjoy your weekend, Ian.
    12:18pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Yay me! Hope your ITB sorts itself out.
    Wriggling Snake
    12:22pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • I hadn't noticed my long cycle rides being truncated, but then I rarely stop for cake :-( One thing I have noticed is that the kilometre/mile markers always stop at 112 (e.g. fetcheveryone.com/t-15042170 ). That's not a major problem though!

    A nice list of fixes this week.
    12:23pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Every now and then I add an extra batch of mile markers - I think I made it to 112 before I got tired last time :-) You'd get more value if you switch to miles :-)
    12:25pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Glad the IT band is fixed.

    The site remains awesome :-)
    Hope the rugby goes Wales' way.
    12:25pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Unfortunately not yet Sigh. But I did finally get to speak to Stockport Harriers this week... more on that as soon as I have it :-)
    12:27pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Don't be overdoing that running thing just yet ;)
    12:34pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Re-read the start - hope it's fixed soon then. Perils of multi-tasking whilst on a conf call ;-)
    12:36pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Does that mean you’ve fixed the app? :)
    Angus Clydesdale
    1:00pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • I think I already said thanks on Fmail Feedback, but... Thanks! And good work as ever. And happy Friday and happy weekend and good luck against Tonga (I was surprised how soundly we beat Fiji tbh as the pac island teams can be pretty awesome). Bestest. :-) G
    1:54pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Thanks. I like the revised phone view.
    3:17pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Nice job 😀
    eL Bee!
    6:11pm, 16th Nov 2018
  • Hi Fetch. I might not be doing this correctly but I can't enable the Race Finder to find out what overseas marathons there are in a particular month next year. The 'distance from' box doesn't seem to accept anything more than 200 miles, unlike the other boxes that can all be cleared. Hence I can't search more than 200 miles away from a postcode.
    11:50am, 19th Nov 2018
  • How 'bout you put 'Paris', or 'New York' or something like that in the search box? I put the limit on there because of a few unfortunate p***-takers who were trying to pull an entire result set from our database :-/
    12:47pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • 50 mile ride with a prolonged café stop today.
    All looks good on the upload and the map isn't truncated! Top tweaking! :)
    eL Bee!
    4:06pm, 19th Nov 2018
  • Thanks for the explanation Fetch. That was sort of what I did to get round it, but I still might have missed some other possible races. Anyway I found Barcelona, have entered that so happy now.
    9:37am, 20th Nov 2018

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15 Nov 2018

Bedford Harriers Half - place offered

10:30am | 226 views | 2 Comments
My left IT band is still tugging away and causing irritation on my left knee - so much so that it's been aching after about two miles of any sort of run... and so I've decided that it'd be a bit silly of me to attempt a half marathon on December 2nd.

Therefore, I've got a place to give away. I don't want any cash for it, but any donation to the site coffers are welcome.

It's a great race (I've done it seven times now). They still have places up for sale in any case, so you could take a friend:


Let me know if you'd like my place :-)

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  • Can I ask a question? Do you think this is a result of marathon training or perhaps the race itself? I often see people go down with injuries in the weeks after a marathon.
    Wriggling Snake
    10:32am, 15th Nov 2018
  • I tweaked my hamstring on an easy 12 miler (I'd already done a 20 by this point) in early September, which set me back a bit. I got through a second 20 miler in late September, and whilst the hamstring was a little sore after that, the left IT band was also painful. I got through to about 20 miles in the marathon, but after that point, the IT band was causing a lot of painful knee issues.
    10:34am, 15th Nov 2018

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13 Nov 2018

Updated Kit Bag

4:36pm | 427 views | 12 Comments
I probably did these the wrong way round, but I was keen to get yesterday's article on popular shoes out there. Here it is again if you'd like to read it: fetcheveryone.com/cms-125

But what it mainly did, was to focus my attention on our Kit Bag, which is where all the data came from. For those asking, the data I looked at when generating my stats was the number of pairs of shoes with a 'born on' date in 2018. So mileage didn't factor, and it will always have slight inaccuracies when people buy shoes three years in advance (!) but also those accidental pairs racking up default mileage will not have thrown any stats out. It's just a bit of fun anyway.

Anyway... on to the point... I looked at the Kit Bag itself, and it was pretty awful. I know we like stats, but I'd also like to make our site usable, and not frightening. Here's how it looked on desktop:

Wow, what an overwhelming messy grid!

And even worse, here's how the mobile site was doing:

Terrible! You have to scroll before you get to see anything, and it was so bad you had to scroll horizontally too. It's one of those pages that needed a real makeover so that noobs didn't take one look and go "riiiiiight", and head off someplace else.

Here's how it's looking now on desktop:

1) The form for adding new kit has been tidied up behind a nice green 'Add New Kit' button.
2) The wordy intro text has been trimmed down from an excessive 100 words down to a more reasonable 36 - hopefully without losing any friendliness or meaning.
3) All the config options have been tidied away behind an 'Edit' button.
4) Default choices are now shown as little boxes under the shoe name e.g. 'Run Default'.
5) Likewise, if you set an alarm for your shoe, it shows up with a little alarm bell icon.
6) Dropped the 'time' stats. They are still being recorded if it turns out it ruins anyone's Christmas, but I felt like it was overkill to display them.

And here it is on mobile:

6) You can now (hopefully) see exactly what this page does, without having to scroll down (or even across, FFS). The top two bits of kit are showing, so you can see that it's a list.

And for Sigh and StuH (and anyone else) who wanted to add a starting mileage to their shoes, I can add that in the database for you if you give me a shout via feedback.

Visit your kitbag here: fetcheveryone.com/kit.php

Let me know what you think in the comments :-)
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  • Oh yes. Very nice. Thank you.
    5:14pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • ive never used the kit bag so ill have to go and investigate, how very exciting
    5:25pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • and now im inevitably going to buy some more shoes.....
    5:30pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • Shame to lose the time data - shows which are your fastest shoes.. ;)
    5:35pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • I never knew you could set an alarm! I find the shoe mileage really interesting actually
    The Mighty Fleecy
    5:58pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • Excellent! I'll be contacting you later, thanks!
    6:09pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • The mobile version looks great now thanks.
    7:25pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • Looking much better on my phone now.

    Suggestion... Could you make it so that when you click on somewhere - e.g. the little coloured field that shows the mileage for an item of kit, it takes you to a list of activities that you used that kit for?
    (Or is there already a way to do that but I’ve just not found it?)
    7:32pm, 13th Nov 2018
  • I'm probably unique to this, but the only thing I used the kit for was to track the amount of time for my heart rate battery. I like the tidying up though.
    1:14am, 14th Nov 2018
  • Thank you for this. I really value the kit bag as a means of tracking trainer mileage - so this is much appreciated.
    10:08am, 14th Nov 2018
  • Oh I like that, may actually use it now and not have shoes that have 5000 miles on the site that are 4 years old!
    12:46pm, 14th Nov 2018
  • Great new look. Shows the main details clearly
    2:07pm, 14th Nov 2018

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12 Nov 2018

Family Fortunes :-)

4:43pm | 373 views | 12 Comments
We asked 90,000 Fetchies to tell us what shoes they run in. Can you name the top ten brands? Leave a comment with your guesses (see if you can do them in order of popularity too), then check here for the answers (along with the top 50 shoe models):


I had fun making that :-) Thanks to everyone who helped me with the Adidas models.

In other news, left IT band still hasn't totally settled, but it's had a bit of rest over the weekend (aside from some linesman sprints), and I'll give it another try out tomorrow, followed by the Precision Elbow Of Katie :-)
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  • I'd love to start tracking my shoes on here, but what would really help is if I could add a starting mileage - otherwise I've got to go back and edit every entry to date just to duplicate shoe data that I already have on Garmin Connect :-(
    4:45pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • ^+1
    5:01pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • Nike, Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Adidas, Saucony, Mizuno, Inov-8, Salomon, Karrimor. At a guess :-)

    There used to be a "starting mileage" option in 2007 though it quite possibly has disappeared over the years somewhere. There used to be aggregated shoe mileage graphs as well.
    5:05pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • I will work harder :-P
    5:09pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • I’m surprised Hoka made it into the top 10. I thought they were just for ultra runners who liked pretending to be clowns
    5:28pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • My shoes are middle of the pack .....it's a good place to be.
    6:53pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • Brooks are the perennial runners-up are they? Maybe I should look at Asics - all those Fetchies can't be wrong :-)
    7:34pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • Are these stats based just on ownership, or mileage logged, ie if I have a pair of shoes I hate and never use do they get equal weighting with a pair I love and have logged 100's of mile in ? Also, I assume just active shoes and not retired ones ?
    K5 Gus
    9:40pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • I think I haven't changed my prefs so I'm logging hundreds of ASICS miles that should be going to New Balance!
    8:10am, 13th Nov 2018
  • Brooks are the only ones I'm aware of that do a wide fitting otherwise I'm sure I'd try out different brands.
    9:34am, 13th Nov 2018
  • Is that just owned, or including retired? Or is it mileage (as others have asked)? If it's just when it is first logged on Fetch, just to let you know, I buy now, start using next year (or up to 3 or 4 years later, in extremis!) in case that matters in your stats. If you wanted us to do that accurately, options to record: when bought, how much paid, where bought (incl online / high street or actual name of retailer if you'd rather), key driver (e.g. price, on sale, peer recommendation, fitted in shop) etc. would all be VERY interesting (a bit to us, but especially to advertisers - nudge!) :-) G
    11:25am, 13th Nov 2018
  • Oh, and add in: purpose (train, race, not run at all e.g. gym); intended terrain (trail, fell, snow, road, track etc.); actual terrain (they were rubbish on trail, so I kept them for parkrun etc.) etc. :-) G
    11:27am, 13th Nov 2018

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12 Nov 2018

Any adidas experts out there?

10:05am | 206 views | 9 Comments
I'm trying to compile a list of the most popular shoe models from 2018, based on your data. I've pretty much cracked all the other brands, but am struggling with the naming convention used by adidas. It seems to the untrained eye that the model name is a random collection of several words (like 'adizero', 'boost', 'response', 'ultra', 'supernova' etc). Some of these words might represent technologies that the shoe includes :-) whilst others might be actual distinct models. Any help or best guesses at reducing the following list into actual models would be very helpful:

adios boost
adios cumby
adistar boost
adizero adios
adizero adios boost
adizero boost
adizero boston
adizero boston boost
adizero cadence
adizero prime
adizero rc
adizero sub2
adizero tempo
aero bounce
boston boost
energy boost
glide boost
prime boost
pure boost
questar ride
response boost
response light
solar drive
solar glide
supernova aktiv
supernova boost
supernova glide
supernova glide boost
supernova sequence
supernova sequence boost
supernova st
takumi ren
ultra boost
ultra boost boston
ultra boost parley
ultra boost pearl
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  • makes me think that trainer data of “my new blue ASICS” is not useful data for your research......
    10:08am, 12th Nov 2018
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNua1lFDuDI
    10:17am, 12th Nov 2018
  • I think I'll make it up :-)
    10:22am, 12th Nov 2018
  • white, red and blue?
    11:35am, 12th Nov 2018
  • Not an expert by any means, but I have a few. My advice would be to throwaway (or ignore) the word Adizero - what comes after it is the shoe, and boston, pro (which you don't have in your list :-o) and adios are definitely different shoes.
    Also I reckon the word boost could be done without - I think that just means a different type of foam in basically the same shoe (boston vs boston boost)
    paul the builder
    12:36pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • I've got an adidas ultraboost X shoe. It's purple. Other than that I can't help!
    Elsie Too
    1:21pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • Just the one, Elsie?

    I *had* some Adizeroes but eldest decided he liked them and I never saw em again. I think they had a suffix like Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff or something.
    4:41pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • All Day I Dream About Super-complicated-naming-conventions
    4:42pm, 12th Nov 2018
  • Adidas are a nightmare company for naming, unlike Brooks which just increment their models by one, e.g. Ghost 9, 10, 11. For the same shoe bloodline they completely change the name e.g. Glide Boost became the Supernova Boost, and likewise the Sequence Boost became the Supernova ST Boost.
    9:51pm, 12th Nov 2018

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09 Nov 2018

No Fixes Today - just two challenges

1:36pm | 487 views | 11 Comments
We're extremely light on fixes and updates this week, as I've been putting most of my efforts into getting the prizes sorted out for next month's Festive Fetch Calendar :-) It's quite hairy getting to November 1st and still having 10 doors to fill. But it's been a great week in that respect - I've now got 23 out of 24 doors sorted, and the stuff that's come in this week has been really awesome. A very rough estimate suggests that we've got over three grand's worth of goodies to hand out :-)

The prizes are very shiny, and I hope you'll all enter every single one - but the accompanying challenges are also one of the nicest traditions on Fetch. I know sometimes the blogging challenges can flood our blog pages, so I'll try not to do *too* many of those, but that does depend on coming up with some exciting options. Leave a comment if you've got an idea for a challenge.

There are two that will definitely be appearing, and I wanted to give you plenty of notice.

The first is our foodbank collection. We're aiming to do this on December 15th - I'm RD at Bedford parkrun that day, so we're getting our parkrunners involved. It'd be great if you can think about what you can do on that day - maybe you could have a word with your parkrun too. Google your local foodbank, and find out the sort of things they need. Ours has a surplus of beans, pasta and porridge, but there are other things that they're really short of.

The second is our movie scene recreation. On 12th December 2016 I got the call from Hearst to say they were no longer wanting to back Fetcheveryone financially, and therefore I was also surplus to requirements. On the plus side, I got my site back. It was a huge shock, although I'd spent 9.5 years thinking it was inevitable. But two hours after getting the call, I tweeted "Chewie, we're home". [Just typing that now has me welling up]. There's only one job for me, and that's looking after this website, and all of you. We made the decision that I would appeal to you all for a wee bit of financial help each, and the donations have shown just how many kind people there are out there.

And so the following December 12th, we decided to dress up as Han and Chewie to celebrate a year of still being here, and invited you all to post your movie scene recreations. Here we are:

and some of you lot joined in - I've collected as many as I could find here:


(Did I miss one? Please let me know, I want to get them all on there).

This year I'm hoping that more of you will join in. We've got our idea sorted, and will do our best to make you all smile. It's not about doing something spectacular, it's about getting into the spirit of things. I hope you can. Thanks :-)
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  • VP got all properly dressed up for that: proper devotion to duty. I just covered myself in face cream. Like a normal day.
    2:01pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • You missed my two - Raffo sat on a lawnmower and me dancing round a mini Stonehenge
    3:16pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • Added :-)
    3:29pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • Mmm... Will try and join in this time with the movie thing. :)
    5:33pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • Captions might’ve been helpful... lol!
    5:59pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • Made me proper laugh 😂
    7:49pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • Liotta, DeNiro & Pesci: GoodFetchies
    8:00pm, 9th Nov 2018
  • We're sorting foodbank collections at parkrun on 1st and 8th December, I'm doing the supermarket stand on 29th and 30th November, I'm also sorting the extra Christmas hampers, so,I might just pass on the 15th!
    7:35am, 10th Nov 2018
  • I didn't do that, I didn't understand it. I still don't understand it.
    12:19pm, 10th Nov 2018
  • I've spoken to Witney parkrun core team and they are on board with the food bank collection for Dec 15th.
    Mrs ER says that she will come along and help which is great seeing as I normally leave her in bed on parkrun mornings, as I leave early for car park marshalling. It will also be our 39th wedding anniversary that day.
    Eynsham Red
    12:55pm, 10th Nov 2018
  • Brilliant :-)
    1:02pm, 10th Nov 2018

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05 Nov 2018

Big Fetch Mile Cardiff

4:49pm | 458 views | 6 Comments
Our fifth Big Fetch Mile of the year saw us return to the National Indoor Athletics Centre in Cardiff. We had such a lovely crowd last year, and my mam made so many nice cakes, it was hard to resist a return visit.

Katie and I travelled down on Friday evening, arriving in time for a lovely family meal. The following morning, we snuck in a visit to Penallta parkrun, and after running with Katie for the first couple of miles, I took advantage of the gentle downhill on the final kilometre to see what speed feels like after marathon training; and to see how my knee was getting on. The latter is not quite there, but seems to be improving slowly.

We made our way to Cardiff early, because Wales were playing Scotland at the same time as the mile. We've been to a few internationals in recent years, and the city centre and public transport is always a bit of a mess :-) But luckily we didn't run into any serious traffic and got there in time to grab a coffee, and to meet our first new Fetchies, Evangel and GrandmaS :-)

Slowly but surely, more folks arrived - but we were a bit nervous as 2pm approached, as our numbers were a wee bit down on last year. I wondered whether the traffic had gotten bad, or whether the fact that we invited people to sign up so far in advance that they'd forgotten about it. But a few cheery last minute arrivals gave me a bit of a confidence boost, and we got underway.

We've pretty much got our system working well now - and the wonderful Jigs was on hand to help with lap counting, bell ringing and general awesomeness. The clapper fell out of our bell at the first ding, but luckily Sweetie had a cowbell in her car. [It's currently sitting on my desk though - somehow we managed to come home with it - doh!].

There were a bunch of runners who totally smashed their predictions - this seems to be more of a thing when people haven't raced a mile before - but it's still nice to see their faces when they see just how quick they've gone.

The quicks are impressive too. We all enjoyed watching long-plaited Emily take a chunk out of her time from last year - she's one to watch for the future!

After the main races came the team photo, and the relay. We brainstormed ideas the night before, and decided that ten dried peas would make a challenging baton - with time penalties for any dropped. It's really good watching everyone laughing at themselves and each other as they struggle with the changeovers - and I like dealing with all the queries about tactics.

And all too quickly, it was time for me to sample some cake, have a few chats, hugs and handshakes. Murphey was another new-to-me Fetchie, who thought his user ID was in the thousands. Turns out he's 277. One for the stickerbook :-)

We made it home to chilli cooked by my big sis, and a recording of the Wales match, which I'd managed to avoid hearing anything about during the mile - so that was a nice way to round off the evening.

We've been talking a lot about Fetch Miles for next year. The current thinking is that we may not do so many, but would like to make them bigger. So we're aiming at making Manchester our next one, because we've promised - and hoping to get as big an attendance as we possibly can. More news soon, I promise.

Cardiff Results:

Cardiff Pictures:
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  • You wiz lucky boyo. ;-) Not a classic but a great scrap. And some good individual performances from Scotland but didn't quite come off. Wales were solid and disciplined and committed. Expect nothing less. Oh, good running stuff too, obv! :-) G
    5:01pm, 5th Nov 2018
  • Another very enjoyable afternoon, and my journey home didn't include Millwall supporters this time - bonus!
    5:34pm, 5th Nov 2018
  • Sounds like another awesome fetch festival. So hope to get to one soon ....
    5:34pm, 5th Nov 2018
  • Good stuff :-). Although it's nice to get away somewhere, I wonder if it would be more practical for you to generally organise miles which are within staying at home distance from you?* (Even though that would be useless for me ;-) But hey, we should be arranging our own. Thank you again for doing Glasgow.)

    *And Aberdeen, granite pearl of the North-East.
    5:44pm, 5th Nov 2018
  • Is the bell the same one we had at Abingdon Fetchpoint? It had several running repairs then so I’m not surprised if the clapper fell out because it’s a bit clapped out! 😀
    Eynsham Red
    6:02pm, 5th Nov 2018
  • Sounds fab.
    8:10pm, 5th Nov 2018

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02 Nov 2018

Fix It Friday

9:33am | 520 views | 15 Comments
A quick one this week, as we're due to drive to Wales later on this morning.

1) After a chat with run free, I've added a new category to the 'Race Review' to allow you all to vote on how plastic-sensible events are. We discussed the possibility of measuring litter at races (discarded gel wrappers, grrr!), but agreed that front runners and tail runners would have completely different perspectives. Anyway... of the two big races last weekend, Snowdonia scored 3.83 out of 5, and Beachy scored 3.43. It'll be interesting to see how this pans out. You are welcome to retrospectively review any of your races here: fetcheveryone.com/raceportfolio.php

2) I've fixed a few small bugs with the Fitbit import, and added it as an option when you click 'Add Training' at the top of the page (desktop), and in various other places around the site where adding training is an option. Set up your Fitbit: fetcheveryone.com/fitbit.php

3) If you're sending fmail, there's an auto-complete feature for the recipient nickname. Start typing the nickname, and when you're three letters in, it will start giving you options, which will narrow down as you add letters. I've also tried ordering the names in such a way that the most prominent Fetchies tend to be closer to the top of the list. Try it: fetcheveryone.com/msg_compose.php

4) Likewise, I've tried to simplify the nomination process for Member of the Month, by allowing you to type the nickname, rather than hunting down the user profile and looking for the link. As we're very early in the month, there are no November nominees yet, but if you'd like to try nominating someone, here's the page: fetcheveryone.com/member-of-the-month-nominees.php

4b) RedVenom have upped their offering, with an exclusive 20% discount code FETCH20 - and they'll also make a contribution to Fetch from every order using that code - so please take a look at their stuff. This link will take you to their website: fetcheveryone.com/redvenom-redirect.php

5) If you want to include a poll in your forum thread, blog, or pretty much anywhere, you can now embed them, just like you do with images. Find or create your poll by going to Forum > Polls, and then look for the little square bracketed code e.g. [ POLL 1234 ] - then paste that wherever you want the poll to appear. People can vote wherever the poll appears. Have a controversial example:

6) And finally... on Tuesday evening I accidentally added some ads to the site that were appearing for all users. I've fixed that now. If you're a voluntary subscriber, you can turn the ads off. And if you're not, please consider it. I really don't like having to push ads on the site, but if you're using it for free, that's the trade-off unfortunately. Imagine you're buying me a coffee or a shot of absinthe once a month, and it all goes away ;-) Here's the link: fetcheveryone.com/invite.php

As always, suggest your fixes for the coming week... :-)
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  • All this & managing 'the shop' & prep for Cardiff & canoeing - thanks !

    Fully recovered after Abingdon?
    9:41am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Nah - still got IT band issues on my left knee :-/ But I managed a couple of gentle runs this week.
    9:44am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Noticed 3) and 4) this week - really like :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    9:48am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • The red venom link takes me to a page in Fetcheverone telling me, quite correctly, that it isn't the page l'm looking for. Have a good time in Wales.
    9:52am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Darn - I went with an underscore but it should have been a hyphen. Thanks for spotting that HowFar? - it should be fixed now.
    9:53am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Since you did something the other week with spaces and links, I find the extra spaces on the training log a bit of a nuisance. When you click on an item, the spaces disappear and you have to click again.
    Just one for your list - have a good time in Cardiff. :)
    9:56am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Absinthe latte - that's one of Costa's Christmas specials, now available
    9:59am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Mmm, now there's a bit of fuzzy festiveness :-)
    10:00am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Could there be a + button so you can see all the comment you have made on someone’s training, for example, please? And the chance to edit when you’ve lost the thread and written a nonsense comment which you can only see in its entirety once you’ve posted. Not urgent obvs
    10:12am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • can you stick 'warmup' and warmdown' next to each other in the training description please , save me scrolling down :-P Im lazy :) cheers Sir.
    Jock Itch
    10:59am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Other beverages are available. ;)
    11:39am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Quick but quality.

    Say hi to mama and papa fetch for me. Sorry I can't make it ( used up my exit passes for this year )
    1:44pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • liking the fmail username add-on, nice. Also polls :-)
    6:52pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • I likes Serendippily's request. Ta
    Fenland Flier
    7:05pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Some good stuff this week. Which makes my next question even harder. But it needs to be asked:
    How are you getting on with the FetchApp?
    Angus Clydesdale
    7:22pm, 2nd Nov 2018

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01 Nov 2018

Festive Fetch Calendar 2018

3:04pm | 386 views | 49 Comments
There's one month to go until our calendar kicks off. And I'm making steady progress with collecting prizes. What would be super-useful is to hear your suggestions for different companies, products etc that I could speak to. Don't assume that I've already thought of it :-) Leave me a comment with some suggestions.
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  • belle lingerie
    3:12pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Trespass have useful outdoor things. What about the on going success of the book threads.....
    Wriggling Snake
    3:20pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • How about Active Root? It's my new favourite sports drink
    3:20pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Inov-8 are my fave shoe manufacturer. And also do lots of other great things. Injinji socks are fun. Alpkit for head torches and great outdoor gear. One of the Sports Tour companies for a really big prize (or even just a money off voucher)?

    What stuff are you going to make us do this year to get free/extra entries?! Cannae wait! :-) G
    3:25pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Russian brides
    3:25pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Non running - An Odeon or Cineworld (or more niche cinema) pass (the Jason Isaacs thread). Seedlip, Erdinger or other non-alco treats from TBOGUA thread. Any of the hundreds of gyms and personal trainers and massage and physios that KatieB might know for those running support services. Etc. :-) G
    3:27pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Pukka Teas or Tea Pigs? Year's supply would be great!
    3:27pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Something plastic-free... bamboo lycra equivalent?
    3:37pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Oh tea! 😁
    Wriggling Snake
    3:42pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • On the film front, as much as most films are pants...how about the Banff mountain film festival people.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:43pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • National Trails for us walkers....they have t shirts mugs etc.
    Wriggling Snake
    3:44pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • On the tea theme, Suki Tea and Bird & Blend are others that might be worth a try.
    3:44pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Sigh
    3:45pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Wriggling Snake
    3:46pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Sherpavan or similar - 5 free luggage transfers for your next walk or something
    3:57pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Second Inov-8, plus sportsshoes (they get a lot of ££ from me)
    For non-running, OS Maps subscriptions, cakes, chocs ?

    Events? eg Endurance, Ultra challenge, other commercial companies (as opposed to charity or running club) events - where the advertising may be worth it to them.
    4:02pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Alpkit! Love their outdoor gear, the dow outdoor swimming and cycling and they're venturing in to the running market.
    4:07pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Swimming people (erm i.e The outdoor swimming society have some merchandise) outdoorswimmingsociety.com

    Hotel Chocolat :)

    What about fetchvoucher? i.e a £10 to spend in the shop?
    4:10pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Naked Running Band, I love mine!
    4:17pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • X-socks, swim wear, medal racks?
    Elsie Too
    4:18pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Non-plastic collapsible drinks bottles to take to races!
    And chocolate.
    4:26pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • superarkets - voucher for shopping. I'm sure for the publicity and getting someone to spend money in store none of them will mind a £25 voucher.

    Also maybe a free download of things like Town of Runners - again publicity for them outweighs the cost of a download from someone who probably wasn't goign to buy it anyway.
    4:39pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Chough’s pasties.
    4:51pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Tea. Chocolate. Dry Robe.
    5:29pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • SPI spibelt or little soft water bottles for belts and pockets
    5:46pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • One of those collapsible plastic cups for ultras and other cup-free races (eg ultramarathonrunningstore.com or ultramarathonrunningstore.com I've not used one yet, so dont know what is best)
    6:17pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Trekkit?
    6:56pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Trekkit?
    7:01pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • medal rack, dry robe (or similar), buff, Mugs
    7:16pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • And, as a callback to your previous blog, a voucher for a days canoeing?
    8:13pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Happy Egg. Sports Direct. Brendan Foster.

    or more sensibly, Ordnance Survey, National Trust, RSPB, SportsShoes.
    8:29pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Tory Party?
    8:34pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • An ex-display kitchen
    8:37pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Tribe bars and snacks wearetribe.co.uk Love these.
    8:48pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • And 2:09 events run by the delightful Mike Gratton
    8:52pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Ability to hide blogs for the month, sorry 🤷‍♀️
    9:09pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Tailwind
    9:10pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • After the fruitless hour I've spent going round the Internet tonight, how about someone who stocks running bras in larger sizes, has them in stock, has something prettier than plain white and doesn't want upwards of fifty quid for one
    9:50pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Ordinance Survey maps/subscription?
    National Trust subscription?
    Muc-off (stuff for cleaning and oiling bikes)
    9:57pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Sturdy by design since they make kit for us vertically challenged ladies
    11:23pm, 1st Nov 2018
  • Hotels? A nights accommodation at a big event eg VMLM, great runs
    6:50am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Agree with doric q, active root is my new favourite sport drink. Achilles heel running shop best running shop in Scotland.
    8:13am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • runderwear, tikiboo
    9:27am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Not sure if wanted - but maybe a local Fetchie guided run? eg I'd happily 'donate' a guided run in the New Forest (could make a prize if we got country coverage?) Or is that a whole different Fetch exercise?
    9:45am, 2nd Nov 2018
  • 33shake, manufacturer of natural alternatives to gels, they also do a nice line in pre- or post- workout shakes.
    12:22pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Have messaged you mate 👍
    The Terminator
    1:40pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • I like that national trust idea especially as they are runners.....
    Wriggling Snake
    6:00pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • I bet you wish you'd never asked...............
    Fenland Flier
    7:05pm, 2nd Nov 2018
  • Saucony shoes
    6:24am, 3rd Nov 2018

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