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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Member of the Month Nominees - December 2018

The nominees for Member of the Month are shown below. You may nominate as many members as you like. The five most-nominated members will be put forward to a final vote by all Fetchies, which will be announced on the first day of next month.

Nominate someone for this month

Lovely bloke, who's had a really good year. - jlucas

A great Fetchie. Always full of positivity. Well on her way to 100 marathons, she just gets on with the job. - DingdocMerrilyonHigh

Quietly wonderful runner: quality not just quantity, check out her mile WAVA! Gave the 1500ers their very own Funky Monkey. Unsung heroine! - Shark the Herald Angel

This Fetchie puts a lot of time and effort into running parkrun for others. ED at Little Stoke juniors and Thornbury 5km!! - BarefootEm

Metro_Nome's been nominated before but lost out, she's a great fetchie and pulls out some amazing runs even when she's struggled, she always finds that extra 10% to get the job done. - pedroscalls

I'd like to second Metro_Nome - very supportive Fetchie, attends loads of events locally and nationally, and darn good runner in her own right. Shows grit and determination, even when things ain't all going to plan. Go Metro! :-) G - Merry Christmas and Happy NewG(rrr)

Why has Rosehip not won this yet? Most excellent Fetchie, friendly supportive and genuinely lovely. Vote Rosehip. - HellsBells

Agree with HB, RH is an excellent fetchie - FML

Rosehip works so hard and has done the difficult - recovered from injury to run a near pain free St Neots. Onwards and upwards :-) - Snowqueendippily

For the Jingle mile, but also for being a fab supportive Fetchie in general - Rosehip

Abi G
She's an amazing runner who I really admire. - DeadDullRacing

Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble)
For sterling services to the Slow And Proud (SAP) thread as both Race Director and House Artist. Fantastic art works mark the race reminders and WP has continued to direct the thread despite having had a year of serial illness/injuries. - decorum

For coming out early one cold Sunday morning in November, from Reading to the middle of nowhere in Wiltshire, to support me in my first race back from illness, especially as he hasn't been able to run for a while due to injury. - Trin

Enthusiastic 70% WAVA thread manager and all round good person and decent runner. - Raptors Claws are coming to town

halfpint of mulled cider
HP raises her son alone with minimal support, works her socks off, runs and still finds time to say kind things to other fetchies. - Festive ITG

Merry Chris-MazH
Friendly and supportive. RDs at Parkrun and Jogscotland leader. Her racing times are coming down as she goes for PBs. - Ultracat

Maz is a total star. She’s supportive and plays a huge part in her local running community as well as here on Fetch. A great listener and a wise woman. - halfpint of mulled cider

lady alton
She does huge amounts of work in her local running club and for parkrun. A real guru of running. And she often has blue hair. - lozza

Cracking runner - MAD Superman

Always happy, always enjoying life - Mandymoo

Although she's now injured, she has had a great running year. She's always supportive on the forums and blogs, is funny, and writes great poems. And she gave us cake at Hell Down South and now she runs it as part of the 700 thread posse. heart - LindsD

You should vote for Lammo as he inspires us all on the Hotel wire. - g1ngerrevolution

700 Thread mother and all round nice person. Always helpful and polite and no request is to much. - RRR-CAZmas

Watford Wobble
For being an all-round nice bloke but in particular for taking the time to check I was okay when he noticed I hadn't been very active on fetch a short while back. Oh, and for not minding when I made his passenger seat soaking wet... - Goofee

Mrs Jigs has already won this, otherwise I'd be nominating her too. I am bowled away by the enthusiasm, love and energy that these two put into everything they do - and if you've not seen it already, check out their "Chewie, We're Home - fetcheveryone

For being a fabulous Fetchie. For supporting other Fetchies. For not getting too worried when I was holding the gun :-O - Mrs Jigs (Luverlylegs)

Apart from 400 parkruns, RFJ is remembered by all who did the Kent Roadrunner Marathon by running the course in reverse and encouraging every runner taking part.

Despite injuries, he is still persevering and a great example to Fetchies and other runner - Surrey Phil

Being a very supportive friend and giving amazing advice - Happy Christmas Cat

Previous Winners

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August Helegant
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January Old Mum
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