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Baxters Loch Ness Marathon

Listed by lochness
, Inverness IV3 UK
57 Entrants Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
MrLemon10 The Darkside Running Club
johnnyD Unaffiliated 3:49:00
Maverick69 Unaffiliated 4:29:59 3:59:00
Tickled Pink Running Forever
Chris82 Unaffiliated 3:45:00
marcus-minimus Unaffiliated 2:32:27 2:33:00 2:33:00 81.64
cake muncher Falkland Trail Runners 2:42:41 2:44:42 2:50:35 76.94
Boycie Unaffiliated 2:54:18 2:56:05 2:55:00 2:56:05 70.95
frisp Manx Tri Club 3:05:54 3:12:37 3:03:00 3:15:46 65.93
SilverSlogger Falkirk Victoria Harriers, Polmont Joggers 3:13:41 3:13:41 3:39:30 61.87
m.caldwell Ayr Seaforth AAC 2:57:45 3:17:06 3:17:06 63.95
Son of a Pronator Man Carnegie Harriers 3:08:52 3:19:40 3:15:00 3:19:40 67.44
Bosun Tony FERC 3:19:52 3:19:52 3:35:00 3:19:52 67.96
Chocky Kirkintilloch Olympians 3:22:07 3:27:13 3:28:24 60.49
Debbie Martin-Consani Garscube Harriers 3:31:00 3:31:00
Peteb69 100 Marathon Club, Serpentine RC 2:49:15 3:32:36 3:32:36 59.72
dave_m Stonehaven Running Club 3:23:29 3:34:09 3:35:00 3:34:09 58.40
racheybabes Unaffiliated 3:26:58 3:35:50 3:40:28 61.43
DCB Cheddar Running Club 3:13:29 3:39:30 3:45:00 3:39:30 59.79
helsbels77 Unaffiliated 3:39:59 3:39:59 3:39:59 61.66
z1000jeff Unaffiliated 3:33:38 3:40:23 3:56:00 3:40:23 61.10
julian hoare Unaffiliated 3:29:08 3:41:18 3:30:00 3:41:18 56.51
Haggis 2 Unaffiliated 3:50:11 3:50:11 4:40:00 4:17:07 49.79
Dave_K Unaffiliated 3:51:04 3:51:04 3:45:00 4:14:08 51.21
mortonfan Unaffiliated 3:37:48 3:55:28 3:55:28 56.00
Jo_Rae Ochil Hill Runners 3:26:50 3:57:30 4:01:44 57.12
Gandhi Coltishall Jaguars 3:57:49 3:59:02 3:59:02 63.46
sloth Unaffiliated 3:44:53 3:59:17 4:15:00 4:20:15 49.19
Almostapb St. Albans Striders 3:39:06 4:00:06 4:11:06 53.17
steffthebeff Westerlands Cross Country Club 4:07:50 4:07:50 4:05:00 4:07:50 54.65
Limmynis Unaffiliated 3:57:13 4:08:46 4:30:00 4:08:46 55.84
Tiny Runner Fife AC 2:58:07 4:09:00 4:09:00 54.39
Scott S Unaffiliated 3:35:25 4:09:25 4:21:16 47.87
MikeD_BRR Bellahouston Road Runners 4:11:03 4:11:03 4:11:03 59.27
tricialitt Unaffiliated 3:55:13 4:11:32 4:11:32 58.32
clairad Stonehaven Running Club 4:14:20 4:14:20 4:15:00 4:14:20 53.59
karinsmiles Harmeny AC 4:18:13 4:18:30 4:24:00 61.36
Donstar Unaffiliated 4:19:41 4:19:41 4:30:00 4:19:41 48.30
Loon Dod Stonehaven Running Club 3:26:04 4:21:42 4:36:00 50.99
Ultracat Metro Aberdeen 4:18:27 4:25:15 4:57:41 55.88
kstuart Trail Running Association, FERC 3:58:03 4:26:23 4:30:00 4:32:48 45.80
Selfish Git!!! Greenock Glenpark Harriers 3:21:05 4:27:30 4:27:30 49.91
mackers2 UKnetrunner 3:52:39 4:31:43 5:00:00 4:31:43 49.13
Lintie Stonehaven Running Club 4:25:16 4:36:00 4:36:00 51.51
steptoe Unaffiliated 4:14:40 4:36:53 3:30:00 4:36:53 46.61
Mrs Gandhi Coltishall Jaguars 4:37:10 4:37:10 4:37:10 65.26
Maggie1 Dumfries RC 4:38:01 4:42:02 4:42:02 54.59
mikey_a Unaffiliated 4:58:00 4:58:00 5:00:00 5:03:00 41.23
bigrichpea NiceTri Club 4:15:09 5:05:00 5:05:00 40.96
Lady Alburne Up and Runners, Falkland Trail Runners 4:45:00 5:14:37 5:14:37 43.12
susietwoshoes Dumfries RC 5:17:13 5:17:13 5:17:13 50.41
Coffee Addict Unaffiliated 5:38:44 5:38:44 4:45:00 5:38:44 36.88
Weevil Unaffiliated 5:40:18 5:40:18 5:40:18 37.05
lesleyanne Unaffiliated 5:29:21 6:01:06 6:00:00 6:12:51 47.14
Miserable Bleeder 100 Marathon Club, Wrekin Road Runners 6:01:13 6:01:13 6:01:13 34.73
Noanie Kilbarchan AAC 4:24:50 6:01:14 6:01:14 38.02
Rosemount Raver JogScotland Rosemount, Jogscotland WFT Aberdeen 6:40:39 7:09:47 6:30:00 7:09:47 32.13

This event is listed on these dates:

Really disappointing day for me. Felt really good going into this but just didn't work out. Had to work too hard to set reasonable pace for first few miles so early effort was too high (was already behind going through halfway in 93 minutes). Second half was predictable and slowed down throughout with last couple of miles being really tough and slow-completely blown up. Thought I'd learned this lesson but training had been good and expected more.

Perfect day for running and still a great marathon.
Clocked 4:26:23 at Berlin but fet like i could of gone sub 4:15. Will not be intending to PB here but will posibly look at Abingdon as a shot at a 3rd mara PB in a year.
Bosun Tony
Looking forward to this one. Everyone is saying how good it is, looks a bit hilly mind ! Maybe not one for a PB but going to enjoy the run whatever the time is : UPDATE, PB, what a great race. Loads of downhill but a few ups as well. Doing this one again !
Haggis 2
Havent trained naughty boy...and i suffered with cramps for not doing so....lesson learnd the hard way.
Glad to finish. Lovely day for running, sunny but cool with one brief rain shower. Struggled from about 16 miles, stopped to walk as foot was a bit numb and never really got going again. Well organised race as it always is.
I did it :-) sub 3 - well happy. Will report properly when home :-)
Found this very tough. Realised early on that pb was out the question. Sorry to all those who bet on me. Still happy with the run. Fantastic day, race, everything. Nice to see Flip again at the start. Will be back for this one next year. Will blog more detail when I've sorted it all in my head :-)
Fantasic event.Ran really well, seeing as I've only ran 13 miles in training
PB. Wow. Never expected it.
cake muncher
Brilliantly organised event. Placed 8th / 2nd vet. Well chuffed with that after only one 15 mile long run since London. Has got me wondering if I should start training properly for my next one!
Selfish Git!!!
Well yes its 66 mins slower than my best but really surprised and very happy it wasn't alot more. FA training for the last 13 weeks due to apathy however been inspired again. Many thanks to Mark and Caroline who I met at 17 miles and we helped each other all the way to the finish. Fantastic weather conditions and the lack of supporters (only due to the remote route) was more than compensated by the sheer friendliness of the competitors. I will be back in 2009 for my 8th time. See you there.
Pleased to have beaten last years time. Even though I thought I hadn't. Great race. Met some interesting people along the way.
Son of a Pronator Man
I've changed my mind again and will be going like a train. 3:15 * Update* see blog (when I've written it)
Mrs Gandhi
Loch Ness marathon. PB. Over the moon.
Another good training run done with a full rucksack and my desert water bottles. Nuun electrolyte tablets worked well, as did the honey stinger gels. Wore two layers this time and the base layer stopped my back getting torn to shreds. New trainers and insoles were a disaster and I had to stop at 7 miles to hack them apart with a knife. The benefits of carrying ballast in your rucksack, you're prepared for all eventualities :)

Delighted to have managed two in two weeks with no specific training. Won't be doing it again though or recommend it to anyone else! Week off and then its back to the hill for training...
What a day! Thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. The route was fantastic - very up and down but I enjoyed that part of it. Scenery was amazing.
Loon Dod
No Bets Running as Fetch Pacer
being a bit optimistic but will see what happens on the day...
Under 3.50 would be nice (for PB) but probably not entirely realistic in current shape. Real target 3.56 is the bloke across the road's time for the Paris marathon this year .... CAN'T let him beat me - I'd never be able to look him in the eye again !

EDIT Time on the clock. With any luck thi swill come down to sub 3:40. PB YAY !

EDIT Damn. I could have found 24 seconds from somewhere. Never happy !
beautiful scenery
Coffee Addict
My first marathon. Absolutely loved it...but disappointed with the time i took! As they say, what you put in is what you get out of it. So, my training was not upto the mark compared with my ambitions. The last 8 miles really hurt!
Tiny Runner
Mild pneumonia during peak training so no long runs beyond 18 miles...
Best running experience of my life, loved it!
Great run. Negative split as well.