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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Derby Tup M50

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Describe your ideal run, ride or swim.
Social pace, with friends / club mates / like-minded folk and possibly into the pub or a cafe afterwards. Well either that or a manic three mile hill race!
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What's the biggest challenge that awaits you?
Was LDWA 100 (mile walk) in May 2019 (qualifying event done in July - 51 miles in 15 hrs 25 mins). Now I have a fight with cancer to continue winning
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What's your favourite thing about Fetcheveryone?
The all inclusive ethos of the community, lack of trolls / anonymous posters and generally supportive vibe
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How do you pick yourself up when you need to?
Remember the good times / successful outings. Also think about Billy Bland’s comment that however bad you feel it will pass
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What’s the best bit of advice that you would give to new runners, bikers and swimmers?
Don’t try and do too much too soon plus hard work and determination are (usually) rewarded with results
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About Me

Bald and medium to long term de-goateed. Steady, persistent and now married with a vizsla heart

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