The benefits of giving up alcohol!

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9:33am, 7 Dec 2022
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I'm in today. No Christmas dos, unless you count the samba one. Felt tempted to drink last night for the first time in ages- staying with my sister and we'd always drink the night away together. It's the first time I've stayed with her since I quit and it suddenly felt like the right thing to do. It wasn't and I didn't but I was quite shocked how strong the initial urge was.
9:41am, 7 Dec 2022
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Steve NordRunner
I wish lunches, as opposed to evening dos, were more common. They'd be less disruptive and inconvenient. The last couple of places I have worked had daytime dos that fulfilled their social function well, and avoided some of the negatives.
9:46am, 7 Dec 2022
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I'm in. A couple of Xmas dos. One Friday morning, which is an AF do anyway, and like Looby Loo, one in a brewery.
9:59am, 7 Dec 2022
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I was out until 23.00 in pub last night. But home at 23.30 after giving a pal a lift home. The joys of driving!

Daytime drinking events can get even messier than night time events in my experience Steve!

If it's the right bunch of people that I actually like talking to, I'm quite happy to spend several hours with them. I prefer it when there is food too, but not essential. I had to buy biscuits from an all night Tesco last night on way home because I was starving! I thought we were eating, but the pub we ended up in only had crisps! :-) G
10:07am, 7 Dec 2022
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Steve NordRunner
I suppose it's a culture difference. I live in a place where drinking during working hours (let alone driving) is just not done, even for a xmas do. A nice xmas lunch (paid for by the employer) over an extended break chatting with colleagues was actually a pleasure, where non-drinking didn't make one feel like a weirdo.
10:13am, 7 Dec 2022
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There's not really drinking in the office for Christmas lunches (though I've still seen bottles of wine for late afternoon / evening things in the office, which surprised me).

But events organised to start at lunch time or early afternoon, outside the office, include people booking hotels because they'll be "so blitzed they can't go home", so all day drinking.

It's good if that isn't the case in (? correct me) Sweden. I know the Norwegians do huge drinking events, but maybe that's evening only. :-) G
10:24am, 7 Dec 2022
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Most of my career has been in regulated environments where drinking on duty would likely mean dismissal - and as an office based member of staff that includes me.
11:18am, 7 Dec 2022
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Looby Loo
Well done WA that’s another milestone.
11:26am, 7 Dec 2022
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Maybe only one christmas do for me, and that will be with a few friends with whom I would only ever have one or two drinks max anyway. Canadians aren’t big drinkers like us Scots, maybe because everyone drives everywhere due to lack of public transport outside big cities.

Another terrible night’s sleep where I woke every hour or so from 23..30 - usually I make it until at least 1 before I start waking. I’m working from home today so it’s fine.

I won’t drink today.
11:15pm, 7 Dec 2022
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Nord SledRunner
Well, the day's already turned for me so I will report in. I'm hoping it will warm up a touch from the current -11 before my run in daylight hours. Any booze in the system would only make matters worse, so I won't even be thinking about that. A nice trail outing in winter sunshine with crisp new snow deserves full attention.

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Looks as though this thread has become popular again, here in 2010 (it's now 2022, and it started in 2008, so I think "ever popular" might be more apt! :-) G ) :-) Good Luck everyone.

A recent plea for those struggling to "reach out" as they say in US of A!

"Anyone not feeling strong and confident, please shout out. Or fmail. Or any other comms that works. Don't drink alcohol when you don't want to, for lack of someone to talk to. Pick up the phone, not the bottle."

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JFT - Just for today
ODAAT - One day at a time
KIS - Keep it simple
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Linking Joopsy's 17 year blog too, cos it's awesome!

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And a great list of Alternative Drinks started by the lovely LindsD:

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Dirt Monkey's brilliant blog on TBOGUA too - go try this...

Rebel has recommended a couple of good books:
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober: THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER
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The Alcohol Experiment: 30 Days to Take Control, Cut Down or Give Up For Good
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