Great Scottish Run Half Marathon

  • Rated 81%
  • 13.1mi
  • Road
Entrants (95) Club PB SB Pred Time WAVA
AMBERSKYES jogscotland 1:44:12 1:48:55 1:48:55 59.77
andydrewb Unaffiliated 1:17:25 1:30:56 1:30:56 63.76
AnneW Awful race didnt feel comfortable from 4 mile Giffnock North AAC 1:45:00 1:56:10 2:00:25 56.94
Baza Carnegie Harriers 1:23:13 1:26:03 1:37:25 59.51
bedlam_g Hoping for a good PB as I’m running well, but I’ve never run this race before and therefore don’t really know the how fast it is.
Official Time - PB’d again by about 2 and half minutes, felt really comfortable and was still on for a sub 26 at 9 miles but faded really badly at the end, had to give it everything I had in the last two miles.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so completely spent after a race.  Well done to JulesR on a fabulous run, thank god I didn't try to stay with him. Bellahouston Road Runners, Cumbernauld AAC, Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:13:23 1:27:24 1:28:56 1:27:24 66.93
Big Al Widepants I've targeted this race as my main attempt this year to get sub 1.40. Depends on (among other things) the weather, injuries, training. UPDATE: Training going well. Been doing about 60 miles a week including doubles so I ought to be fit enough. As usual it comes down to talent and I don't have a lot of that. I'll be gritting them big time though. Gritted them but talent shone through. In other words it was a nuclear winter out ther - 1.43.54. So sorry for all those better with faith in me. Blew it again but it wasn't for the want of trying. Unaffiliated 1:39:49 1:40:59 1:39:59 1:43:54 58.94
Big C First Half Marathon, will be going slow and easy to ensure I finish (Long Standing Ambition). UPDATE: Woooohoooo! Watch time - I forgot to stop it right away so chip time may be a little better. Absolutely delighted with this. Managed to keep running all the way round and very pleased with my pace. Oh, and we met Gus by yelling 'fetch!' at her ( we may have frightened her a little - Hi Gus!). Unaffiliated 2:17:09 2:17:09 2:40:00 2:17:09 43.93
BigMac9 Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:40:32 1:42:56 1:44:54 63.04
Billy-Whizz-Haining Finished 4th Vet 50+ Harwich Runners 1:22:17 1:23:21 1:25:00 1:24:00 78.03
biru Decided to do this race again afterall....haven't had any injury problems for about a week, and just couldn't resist running this course as have been looking forward to it for so long. Went off at a decent pace, just behind jp105 magoo and boab for the first few miles. Luckily the piriformis injury didn't rear it's ugly head so I was able to push on and maintain a pretty solid pace for much of the race. Unfortuantely my legs (perhaps due to lack of mileage and long runs?) decided enough was enough about 2 miles from the finish and I had to jog parts of the last couple of miles. Quite a few people came flying past me at this point. Hannkies came past me in the last half mile and I managed to up the pace a bit and finish not far behind him. I would definately recommend this race as it was a nice course with some friendly spectators cheering people along and has plenty of PB potential being largely flat. Happy with my time considering recent injury problems, although hoping to run a bit faster in the Great North Run at the end of the month. Edinburgh Athletic Club 1:16:06 1:16:06 1:18:41 73.68
Boab 1:17:25 Sorry sorry sorry, only got myself to blame for my poor performance. 

Wore my new Air Zoom Marathoners and suffered with blisters on both feet. It didn't really affect my race to behones, so not using that as an excuse, but suffering now!!! Went off to fast 5:30's for the first three - four miles, struggled in the head wind to five and hung on for the next 5 to come through 10 miles at 58:20, then I was spent, nothing left, last 5k in over 19 minutes. Quite dissapointed but lesson leared for starting fast. Sorry to those who bet. Poor day all round really, forgot my chip so I won't get an official time so won't enter it here and have you lot loose all those credits, then got back to car park to find someone had hit mrs boabs car, and then just pissed off, no note, no cctv. Quite a lot of damage and that is the third time this has happened in a year.

Update: did get an official time 1:17:25, and 39th out of 6500.  Still disappointed with myself with the way I ran the race, but I'll put that right at Aviemore. Unaffiliated 1:11:57 1:17:25 1:15:55 1:17:25 75.10
bridie Unaffiliated 1:38:00 1:38:00 1:38:00 67.97
BryanB Bellahouston Road Runners 1:19:09 1:22:19 1:25:17 71.22
bumblefoot Unaffiliated 1:19:02 1:25:00 1:25:00 68.21
Cammy Unaffiliated 1:27:22 1:46:12 1:46:12 54.66
Caniggia33 Unaffiliated 1:25:44 1:26:39 1:26:39 66.91
CB. Unaffiliated 1:54:07 2:07:00 2:07:00 47.83
Claire L Westerlands Cross Country Club, Glasgow Triathlon Club 1:45:19 2:56:00 2:56:00
clairevmc Another PB! Hamilton Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers 1:23:19 1:43:08 1:43:38 62.21
Crystal Tips Horrible run after mile five! 
Again, too fast to start, hot, felt dizzy and had a walk for a while. 
Cheesed off at being slower than year before.......... Unaffiliated 1:55:33 1:56:08 2:05:00 2:10:07
dapperdan Greenock Glenpark Harriers 1:19:25 1:20:59 1:29:59 1:26:21 73.96
daviec Straight up from the finish of the 10k and my confidence was high after PBing at it. It was difficult to adjust to HM pace and for the first few miles I was flying along. If I'd have held that pace I'd have been on for yet another PB, but I don't think it would have done me any favours to try and I settled into a more comfortable pace. I had to make a stop at about 8 miles to answer the call of nature and this cost me 1 or 2 minutes. Got myself moving again and the pace was very comfortable and I finished with no problems at all. Had been expecting around 1.45 after doing the race straight before so I was delighted with 1.38.

Still in love with the GSR. The atmosphere, the course and the organisation (on the day) are spot on. Carnegie Harriers 1:17:05 1:29:53 1:45:00 1:39:24 58.32
DCB Cheddar Running Club 1:30:50 1:32:55 1:56:23 52.19
diehard Unaffiliated 1:25:31 1:25:31 1:25:31 70.45
Dmanmoon Bellahouston Harriers 1:34:04 1:34:04 1:34:04 61.71
Duggie W Dodgy stomach overnight. Touch and go whether even started so happy with finishing not far behind plan. Unaffiliated 1:39:27 1:46:42 1:45:00 1:46:42 54.49
ecosimo Springburn Harriers 1:20:52 1:24:06 1:25:00 1:24:37 68.53
eL Bee! 31/03/07 VERY early prediction - don't bet just yet - Will be doing this after a weeks assault on the Back Cuillin ridge!

First 3 miles bounced along very nicely, then the legs caught up with the fact that they'd worked a bit in the last week, and they settled into a sub PB potter which they were not Going Faster Than, For Anyone Thank You Very Much!
Quad insertion at my Left Hip got tight at around 8 miles,, so just carried on as I was without trying to up the pace
Splits were surprisingly even, so have to be pleased with it, all things considered 
Huge apologies to those who've lost points today... but it just wasn't on after the last week (and I almost couldn't run at all due to lack of number and chip...... but that's another story!) Cumberland AC 1:25:32 1:26:27 1:25:00 1:28:10 67.82
Fan E Baws Springburn Harriers 1:22:57 1:24:54 1:24:54 68.29
Fat Old Man First half marathon for a fat old man. Really enjoyed it. Missed the first mile marker. At two miles seemed to have run for about ten minutes. Thought this was aful fast as on LSRs had managed only 11 - 12 min miles and because had to walk a lot of first two miles re congestion. Was surprised at how quickly mile markers arrived up until about nine. Had only done max of 8 miles prior to race. After about ten miles they seemed to put the mile markers further apart. Enjoyed the makeshif water stop over the southside somewher around 10 or 11 mile marker. Nice people, nice shower from hose. Thought I knew Glasgow reasonably well but got disorientated last couple of miles. I knew we were neer the end, and must be heading towards the Green but seemed to be on the wrong side of the river, heading off in the wrong direction. Will need to walk this bit again to get my bearings. Had I known where I was and where I was going I might not have stopped running the couple of times that I did in the last two miles to hae a short walk break. Had  avoided this I would have been sub two and a half hours.I know it is awful slow but am pleased that I finished in the first 91%. To be honest I am pleased that I finished given that three months ago I struggled to run for 5 minutes at a stretch. At least I now have a PB that should be easy to better. Great day. Lots of nice people.Does the heart good, in a number of ways. Unaffiliated 2:30:33 2:30:33 2:30:00 2:30:33 41.01
fi1fife Unaffiliated 2:00:07 2:00:07 2:00:07 56.19
frisp Trying to be positive after another disappointing race. Perfect day for running and this is a good course and a well-organised race. Didn't feel good getting up or standing on start line and couldn't put my finger on it-just not right. Ran a consistently paced race and finished hard. Felt weak throughout however and was just well down on pace, can't explain it. I ran this race slower than the first half of marathon three weeks ago even though I was trying really hard. Happy with maintaining effort and strong finish, confused about outcome-I'm guessing at some bug or other! Manx Tri Club 1:25:33 1:30:52 1:27:30 1:31:28 65.37
G Mac Unaffiliated 1:36:55 1:36:55 1:44:45 57.51
Hamster1207 Race was fine. Gutted about missing the 1:50 by 18 seconds but there's always next year. Calves were tight for the first few miles due to not doing my warmup but after that they were ok. Coming out of Pollock park the sun came out and I felt a bit sick with the heat for about a mile but it passed and I plodded on. Towards the end in Glasgow green I tried to push my legs to go a bit faster and I was making up heaps of time but didn't quite have enough. My Garmin watch doesn't show seconds past the hour and as I'd set it to do 13.1 miles it stopped 400 yards from the line at 1:49 something. So I had to wait until the results came out to see my official time.  Really must read the manual for that watch though. Cosmic Hillbashers, jogscotland, Jogscotland Hazlehead 1:35:00 1:50:18 1:50:00 1:50:18 54.62
hannkies Had myself as 78.34 but chip apparantly says 5 secs slower which I'm a bit annoyed at. Still, my second fastest half, and not too far off my best so shouldn't grumble. Honestly feel I've a 77 or 76 minute half in me sometime soon as I thought I ran ok but not anything great today. Sub 60 for 10, knew a pb was touch and go and a bit dissapointed couldn't manage it. Good to see Biru in the home straight, knew he was struggling a bit and tried to spur him on for the end of the race and I'm sure he'll run well at the GNR. Also well done to my buddy Sunbed Athlete. I was 50th of 6460. Kilmarnock Harriers & AC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:15:52 1:18:39 1:18:39 75.06
Hendy Greenock Glenpark Harriers 1:15:29 1:25:09 1:30:18 64.20
Hibeedeb I don't think I'll be going for a pb here.  I haven't done the run training, and just wanted to do a half in preparation for the Vitruvian half IM the next weekend (seeing as my longest run since Austria has been 9 miles...!) Pirate Ship Of Fools 1:52:38 2:07:41 2:07:00 2:07:41 55.85
hillgirl Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:47:18 1:56:33 1:56:33 58.35
Hirsty Unaffiliated 1:47:52 1:47:52
Ian 1hr 50m in 2005, 1hr 40m in 2006 - but I think 1hr 30m might be pushing it this year. 1hr 35m would make me happy!

UPDATE: Not quite the overly optimistic 1hr35min but still a nice PB of 1h37m17s (unofficially). Pleased with the race and kept up a nice steady pace throughout. Tried to pick it up around 11 miles but only managed a brief flurry before settling back into my original pace. Took a detour to high five my son in the crowd at the last bend which gave me the legs for a flattering sprint finish. Final Update: Championchip confirmed time takes another 3 seconds off! Springburn Harriers 1:32:36 1:37:14 1:35:00 1:37:14 59.95
iceblue Had a good race, but as usual I never lived up to my prediction! Still a PB although, so I'm happy with that. Pushed on at mile 12 as I felt great at that stage but suffered for it during the last mile. Found it quite congested in parts, but enjoyed this mainly flat route through the parks and streets of Glasgow. Good to meet up with fetchies before, during and after the race! Thanks for all bets and messages. Cambuslang Harriers, Campbeltown Running Club 1:29:10 1:56:09 1:54:59 1:56:09 56.05
Irontubs Woohoo PB for me!! Unaffiliated 1:58:51 2:05:33 2:10:00 2:05:33 52.75
jamborigg really enjoy this race got a pb of1.24 in early 90s happy to get sub 1.30 UPDATE   race done time is a big clock one so hopefullya few more seconds shaved off. however still happy at the moment Lothian RC 1:23:48 1:29:03 1:29:00 1:29:03 67.15
jamesstewart13 Running with father... Victoria Park - City of Glasgow AC 1:16:33 1:36:43 2:10:00 2:08:29 45.12
Jamis Unaffiliated 1:32:55 1:43:40 1:43:40 56.09
Jaykay Unaffiliated 1:20:42 1:20:42 1:20:42 79.92
johnnyboy Harmeny AC 1:38:50 1:41:03 1:41:03 63.75
johnnyD Unaffiliated 1:34:19 1:34:19 1:40:00 1:37:27 59.82
jp105 Will be looking to be fit again for this one, should be a good one.....
Oh dear - started this one way too fast and was fading from the half way point :-(  Continued to run and felt awful after the race.  Well done to all who got good times :-)

Carnegie Harriers 1:14:59 1:14:59 1:17:00 1:20:53 71.68
JulesR Target race for this Autumn so going for Fetch pb. 4 minute improvement in 2 weeks? Hmm - do you betters feel lucky?  **UPDATE** Decent race in perfect conditions. Started at 6.20's and dropped to 6.25's but held it there. Finally met Guiseppe at 12 mile mark plus elBee! and Velociraptor hot off the Scottish hills and Old Mum & Co (she doesn't look the slightest bit old) after the end. Official result 116/6460 or so, but doesn't count people like Boab and ElDel who beat me but forgot their chips. Stirling Triathlon Club 1:23:37 1:23:37 1:24:30 1:23:37 75.09
Jumpinglilac Unaffiliated 2:20:08 2:25:06 2:29:59 2:25:06 46.87
keef Hamilton Harriers 2:00:51 2:07:00 2:00:00 2:07:00 46.25
knickers79 carry extra half stone from stonehaven so chuffed to do this run 6 mins faster Unaffiliated 2:30:18 2:30:18 2:35:00 2:30:18 42.90
kyt need to run 6.40mm to get near 1.28, which is the pace i took last week's 10k at strathblane. easy... 

here's to a cool, overcast day and PBs everywhere. 2000+ in bets, you maddies. pressure's on!

post-race: unofficially a PB by about 10 seconds. With last night's dinner threatening to make a guest appearance for most of the race I'm delighted with this. Bang on track after 5 miles, if  a bit nippy playing catch-up after a slow 1st mile, then Pollok Park played its time warp tricks again. Perfect conditions bar a wee breeze, but those 10 seconds are mostly to do with the 3310 fetch bets, so thanks to all! Official time - 1.31.15 Unaffiliated 1:31:15 1:31:15 1:28:00 1:31:15 64.37
Lea VEGAN RUNNERS UK 1:54:55 1:59:41 2:09:36 49.76
lil puddin Unaffiliated 1:40:10 1:40:50 1:45:00 1:40:50 65.05
Lintie Stonehaven Running Club 2:05:55 2:09:00 2:09:00 51.34
Llamadance Don't bet, not going for PB and off a hard week.
Ran a good race and to plan (for once). Probably lost a couple of minutes or more for a pitstop and to adjust my bumbag. Splits pretty even and managed to pick pace up in the last three miles, which was nice. Felt good at finish, so plent more in the tank. Also nice to run through Glasgow and take a trip down memory lane. Unaffiliated 1:30:11 1:31:33 1:45:00 1:42:42 57.19
loopy this race has come round quick..! but im after a pb.UPDATE .. started off in the yellow wave, so couldn't get going until about 4 miles,and getting a bit of space in the park. Only managed 9 minutes miles to that point!! I managed to get a pb but not the time i was after :(  Great race, loads of support and jellie babies all the way round, would def do it again but would make sure i was in the right zone !! still thanks to those who bet on me, and a pb is still a pb ! Stornoway R & AC 1:42:50 1:46:29 1:48:00 1:50:20 58.83
LouLou Dundee Hawkhill Harriers 1:23:46 1:30:02 1:34:26 68.28
Mad Woman Running Had a great race, enjoyed the whole experience.  Intended to beat previous time which I did by 6 mins. Unaffiliated 2:12:56 2:12:56 2:15:00 2:12:56 50.11
mad4it Unaffiliated 2:04:45 2:18:07 2:18:07 51.07
Magbag My first half marathon and what a great day i had  , i am so pleased with my time did not think i would ever manage to get under 2hrs . Oh i hope my official time say's the same thing, i will be totatly gutted if it doesn't.
nice course not to hilly, plenty of water stations. will definatly do this one again. jogscotland 1:48:32 1:56:12 2:20:00 1:58:40 54.69
marble Unaffiliated 1:44:22 2:09:49 2:09:49 49.67
Maverick69 Unaffiliated 1:44:47 1:44:47 1:44:47 56.34
Max71 I fully intend to train properly for this...unlike this years Reading Half....I fully intend to knock off as many minutes  as possible....I fully intend to enjoy this race. Do bet on me, if you feel so inclined. ****UPDATE**** Well I spent all of yesterday feeling really sick about this race as I suddenly felt I'd put too much pressure on myself and Berlin Marathon is only a month away.  

For the first time in my racing history I didn't have a beer the night before a race..weird.  Anyway woke up to a sky full of black clouds, drizzel and a little breazy.  My idea of perfect running weather...yippee, we got to Glasgow in  lashings of time, parked up and watched the 10k runners heading off.

Went down to Fetchpoint and met up with the Fetchies, then headed over to the pens the gun went off and we were away.  There was a little bit of congestion every now and then, but apart from that the running went smoothly.  I love Glasgow (and miss living here) it was a really lovely race for me, not flat (boaring) just some very tiny undulations.  The pipers dotted around were a nice touch as was the Scottish Sikh Runners mates all handing out ice cold water and running a hosepipe for us to run through.  Lovely!!

I didn't push myself during the race, I just ran the way I felt, it was, after all, a training run!!  I cannot say how lovely this race was, the only thing for me that could have made it as good as Reading would be if there had been more crowd support, but getting Glaswegians up for 10am is like asking them all stop saying 'by the way'...never gonna happen!

So, did I PB?  After over 8000 odd credits bet on me?  Yep I sure did, Garmins says 2:14:46....I shall see what the official time is when it comes through.

I wonder how many credits I've just earnt for people then!! Unaffiliated 2:05:18 2:14:46 2:15:00 2:14:46 48.47
May Been looking forward to PB was 1hr 24 many years shall be giving it my best shot..may need Turbo Pants for this one!!!: )...Update..pants are starting to smoke....need to race soon..sparks everywhere!!!: )...waiting for official time...well me pants done me proud!!!bets race of my life...strong all the way..pants were on fire!!!!!: ) Scottish Prison Service AAC 1:20:51 1:20:51 1:21:45 1:20:51 80.28
Mick the slug Heaton Harriers & AC 1:48:37 1:54:01 1:54:01 54.16
Mightos5 Bellahouston Road Runners, Skye & Lochalsh Running Club 1:40:32 1:42:31 1:48:00 60.73
minutehunter Unaffiliated 1:25:31 1:31:33 1:34:15 61.51
MissingPhoenix Great run, felt good all the way deffo could have gone faster.  a 1.45 before the end of the year maybe. Unaffiliated 1:35:12 1:40:25 1:50:00 1:47:10 54.10
Noanie Kilbarchan AAC 1:50:13 1:50:13 1:50:13 58.75
purephase really enjoyable first half marathon, wanted to get under 1 hour 50 minutes so i accomplished that with plenty to spare. could have gone faster but was unsure of what pace to go the first half of the race and there was a quite a jam of runners during the first couple of miles but im still really pleased with my time. maybe a 3 hour 30 minutes first marathon isnt an impossible target for next year. Greenock Glenpark Harriers 1:40:05 1:45:46 1:45:46 56.96
RedBen Sorry!

Yuk, not pleasant!  Being passed consistently for the last 3 miles was the most demoralising experience of my life.  Oh, hang on, it wasn't, that would be walking for 2 minutes around the 12 mile mark!

Onwards, where next, need to get this one out of my system............. Unaffiliated 1:49:45 1:49:45 1:46:45 2:00:26 48.40
rleyton First half marathon, and the event that finally got me running the paths of Pollok Park. Had been expecting something a little over 2 hours, but training has been going very well and I'm optimistic of at least breaking the 2 hour barrier, and perhaps getting a little bit more. Really looking forward to it now!

Update: 01:52:41 my self-recorded time. Very very pleased with that! A great race, and lots of support from friends, family and Glasgow as a whole along the way. A target for next year to beat 01:50! Bellahouston Road Runners 1:36:46 1:52:38 1:55:00 1:52:38 51.62
Rombo Shettleston Harriers 1:22:03 1:27:31 1:27:56 65.93
run fat boy run72 Unaffiliated 1:36:08 1:51:26 1:53:44 51.26
Sandor Unaffiliated 1:56:12 2:02:12 2:02:12
santababy intend to PB at this , yes i do Harmeny AC 1:38:22 1:54:39 1:55:00 1:54:39 57.47
Slacker Runner Bellahouston Road Runners 1:35:03 1:45:04 1:45:04 57.81
Sloan Unaffiliated 1:48:58 1:58:16 1:58:29 55.36
sloth Unaffiliated 1:41:45 1:43:19 1:53:00 1:48:09 54.91
STOOSH Unaffiliated 1:20:46 1:25:48 1:29:20 64.90
Sunbed Athlete 1 sec off my PB.Got elite entry again this year so that gives you a good place @ front of field.Headed off @ 5.20 pace again & was steady for most of the race.Lost bit of ground in last 1.5 miles.Ran with leading lady from Kenya for 2 miles then a group of 4 came up & we worked well together til 8 mile mark then I dropped off & was on my own right till the finish.Well organised again & as the Race Commentator stated @ the start this race is the CUP FINAL for all Club Runners. Cambuslang Harriers, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:08:56 1:12:08 1:12:09 81.07
the badger Would like to get under 1:30 but I don't see it happening. Too much bike and not enough running since Hellrunner...
UPDATE: argh - missed out again Unaffiliated 1:30:44 1:31:14 1:40:00 1:31:14 63.73
The Craw AEGON 1:38:12 1:38:12 1:38:12 61.35
Ticketyboo Took a week off from running to try and get right of a niggling hip injury. After about 5 miles my hip started to cramp up pretty badly and I was concerned that I may have to pull out.  I eased off and plodded to the finish. 

After Cumbernauld 10K will probably take a couple of months off from running to clear up all the niggles which have plagued me this summer. Cumbernauld AAC, Scottish Veteran Harriers Club 1:14:11 1:20:16 1:28:33 65.66
Tizer Felt great for first 8 miles and was heading for my first sub 90 min half.  Took a Lucozade Gel, got a stitch and had to stop and walk clocking an 8.45 9th mile.  Picked it up by the last mile and legs felt strong so not sure what happened.  Switched to SIS Gels which are much easier to digest just in case you wondered which one to test out Falkirk Victoria Harriers 1:20:04 1:32:26 1:32:26 62.90
tricialitt Unaffiliated 1:46:19 1:56:11 1:56:11 58.10
Velociraptor Surely I can knock just 5s/mile off my current PB on this nice course? Actually, after a week of Cuillin-bagging, maybe not. In fact, I'm totally not in half-marathon PB shape. Which is not to say I won't give it my best shot ...  *UPDATE* Apologies to everyone who bet on me. My legs just didn't have them in them today, for some reason which I'm sure has nothing to do with the quality of my Cumberland AC 1:37:44 1:37:44 1:36:40 1:41:54 66.74
vinny Springburn Harriers 1:33:06 1:36:00 1:40:00 1:36:00 64.86
wil e coyote Ayrodynamic Runners, Loudoun Runners AC 1:16:18 1:30:41 1:35:00 1:34:56 62.98
Wildbill Found this actually hard going. Legs were very heavy Portobello RC, Scotia Race Walking Club, Bill's Jog & Walk 1:24:48 1:26:49 1:30:00 1:26:49 71.72
Yano Training hasn't been great recently - injuries, laziness, etc but race performance over 5/10k has been ok. Don't feel as good as I did before Dunfermline Half so it'll be hard to get near that PB time but I'll give it a go! 
Post race: sadly I felt terrible all the way round this, and affected by things that don't normally bother me - dodgy tum, heavy legs, stitch after 4 miles, bad blisters from 5 onwards. Never felt right, a real struggle. On a positive note it is my 2nd fastest time ever, but I never felt like I was going to get near my sub 1 30 PB. 376th out of 6446. Unaffiliated 1:29:45 1:29:45 1:29:30 1:31:06 63.82
z1000jeff Expected a really slow run due to carrying too much weight but in the end surprised myself with a creditable (for me) 1.39.  Wasn't wearing watch which was a pity as if I'd known I was so near to last year's 1.37 (PB) I might have been able to pull 2 mins out the bag. Never mind ! Unaffiliated 1:35:33 1:39:47 1:45:00 1:39:47 62.40

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