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Ian Williams aka Fetch

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The bravery of the Lakeland 100, it is not all about the finish, but the bravery of the effort Homer

What 1step2far said... Rosehip

How has Vixx not won before? This is for his measured and excellent responses on the Trans athletes thread. His long term openness to answer questions with an incredible honesty. That's without his 500+ day running streak and support of many on the s 1step2far

For educating all of us on trans people, this took so much courage to do. I hope this can be seen as the way forwards on the site for others too. Great blogs too. runnerbean

His honesty and desire to help us understand what it's like to be transgender. So many of us now have much greater understanding of why and how some can be transgender and our role in changing society's attitudes. DocMoye

Came here to nominate Vixx then saw everyone's already beaten me to it :-)
What they all said! :-)

No contest, just go and read his blogs. Helegant

Also came here to nominate him. Honesty and courage and generosity to us all. Thank you. LindsD

What everyone said... NDWDave

As well as being a talented track athlete, SPR has an in depth knowledge of many aspects of sports science and is quietly and consistently supportive in several forum threads. Velociraptor

Perhaps THE fairest, most rational, objective and best informed Fetchie ever. Intelligent training - and talent - has made him an excellent runner and the thought he puts into support of others is nothing less than superb. Sharkie

A walking encyclopaedia on running. Love the willingness to share all knowledge with us all. runnerbean

Geordiegirl's blog of 20 August is an amazing story of her introduction to running and how it saved her life. It's awesome to have gone through so much at still achieved at running - plus she's a great contributor to the Fetch community BaronessBL

Loved the music he has done for the podcast. What do you mean you haven't heard it? The podcast, and the music, are ace. Go listen. Sheesh! fetcheveryone.com/podcast :-) G HappyG(rrr)

The podcast music made me cry. In a good way. And his blogs are hilarious. LindsD

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