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Ian Williams aka Fetch

Fetcheveryone Member of the Month

Our way of acknowledging the contributions and achievements of the Fetch community. Thanks to our sponsor Fitbit, our September winner will receive a Fitbit Charge 3.

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October 2019 Nominees

The five most-nominated will go forward to a final vote.

Because it's all about ability not disability. FenlandRunner

My running hero because he loves it. He encourages all types of runners and is currently prepping for Lon Las. This might help him through it. I think he’s blogged everyday this year and his Mont Blanc attempt was exciting to follow. Please vote! Serendippily

If he is not running or working, he is getting all his stats on his Fetchsite. All weather runner and now just need a bit of motivation to get back into training gear. Claudinha

Apart from being a very funny stalwart of many threads, especially cricket and OTDIFH and chairman of his local club KADS who put on a great race last sunday, he also got a London Marathon place through the ballot. His time has come. Chrisity

Wise, knowledgeable, and always constructive, SPR is Fetch's equivalent of an elder statesman while still being young enough to be a fine track athlete himself. Velociraptor

Dedicated, wise, generous and humble with advice founded on hard-earned experience and not short of a pithy comment, Bazoaxe is the sort of runner many of us aspire (or aspired) to be. No shortcuts, no BS just 100% Baz.

And yes indeed: sub3 baby!

He's done it again. Another PB,this time 5K. Inspiration to all 50+. On track for the big one at Abingdon 19 Oct. Fingers crossed. But if he gets it, after over 10 years of the search for the Sub 3, then you must vote for him, you just MUST! :-) G HappyG(rrr)

After so many attempts, Baz has finally got a sub 3 marathon. The most determined runner I've ever come across. postieboy

Sub 3 baby! chunkywizard

Finally nailed the sub-3 after so many attempts. Grit, determination and a lot of hard work. So well deserved. Really supportive of everybody on training threads, this man deserves MOTM so much x clare1976

10 years of trying and finally gets a sun 3 after 3:00:27 Ian5

Sub 3 - Mission Accomplished! 👍🏻 Lee78

then gent of all gents achieves his sub 3 mission and I was there to witness it :-) Windsor Wool

For sheer bloody-mindedness in his pursuit of a sub-3 marathon. We can all learn a lot from Bazo, not just in his persistence and dedication, but also from his support to others on the threads. Nelly

Pure determination + hard work resulted in a sub 3 after years of near-misses. I'm sure there are others like him but really, who else has had so many Fetchies glued to their screens waiting for a race result?! snayak

An inspirational tale of dedication and commitment, Baz's sub 3 at Abingdon is the culmination of a decade's worth of work and resilience in the face of more narrow misses than he ever deserved. And most of all a thoroughly nice and supportive larkim

His indomitable spirit and dedication towards a sub 3 hour marathon. He finally achieved it this weekend after a 10 year journey. SKR

What an example of stickability and dedication this man is. We all know (or should do) that it takes a long time, of patient training, to reach your best as a runner. But what an example this is, to everyone. paul the builder

Baz has been chasing a sub 3 marathon since he was 12 years old I think. He’s finally done it-top man. B Rubble

bazoaxe has shown unfailing commitment, resilience and determination in his quest for a sub 3 marathon. LouLou

Bazoaxe illustrates the importance of persistence, optimism, and hard and smart training over a succession of training seasons. In this world of instant gratification, he is a shining light. Delighted to see him nail sub-3 this month. Velociraptor

Seldom can a Fetchie have been more deserving of finally hit their target than Baz and his sub-3 marathon. 10 years of hard graft and textbook training before chipping away at the final few seconds. Inspirational stuff! Will_Uyuni

Talk about chasing the dream.... Got the result that the whole of Fetch was waiting for Tizer

Hard to think os something that's not been said already. I'm truly inspired by the dedication and perseverance shown over a long time period to FINALLY nail that goal. I'm absolutely delighted for Baz. Sjjh

Sub-3 at last :) Rosehip

For dedication to his holy grail sub3 marathon, the fact he started his quest when I was in pampers makes it all the more special. STOOSH

Nobody else can possibly win it this month surely?! #sub3 Gymfreak

Years of persistence, faith in himself, willing to alter things to achieve his ambition, which he now has. An example to us all. Flatlander

[Removed by moderator] Binks

[Removed by Moderator] Gooner


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Nominate as many people as you like. From the 1st to the 7th of each month, our community vote for their favourite. We announce the winner on the 8th, then we post questions for the winner to answer in an interview.

The winner receives a fabulous Fitbit Charge 3

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