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Ian Williams - Fetcheveryone

Member of the Month - westmoors

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DocMoye asks: Congratulations, well deserved. You obviously love FSS..... so what would you do on your best ever Christmas Day ?

westmoors says: Thank you Doc. I do love FSS because it is what I believe gift giving should be...i.e. giving what you think the person would like rather than what they have asked for. However, this may surprise you, I am not really a Christmas person. So my best ever Christmas would be for it to pass without me noticing ;-)
Mandymoo asks: Congrats and well deserved. Whats your must have food after a long run?

westmoors says: Thanks Mandy. I tend not to eat anything after a run. I might have a cup of coffee (black no sugar) but will wait til meal time for food. I know this is against all the advice but if I start to eat, I probably wouldn't stop!
Captain S asks: Well done on being MOTM.
You seem to like cross country so do you prefer spikes or trail shoes?”

westmoors says: Thank you. I haven't raced cross-country since school days when we didn't have any special shoes just plimsols or trainers. Hence I don't have any spikes. However, I love off road running as I like not having the pressure to meet time targets. So I do have trail shoes but only wear them if I expect the conditions to really be in need of them. I often run off-road in road shoes.
jennyh asks: Congratulations westmoors, very well deserved. You seem to do a lot of very challenging off road races what’s the toughest race you’ve run?

westmoors says: Thanks jenny. That's a tough one. Three come to mind:

1) The Grizzly. This started with a mile on pebble beach to sap the energy from the legs. Then there were some steep road ups and downs before heading off road. Then there were the river crossings, more pebble beach, the bog of doom, the stairway to heaven. Although tough, it was great fun especially as it was run with club mates and we were out to enjoy it - particularly the end when we got hosed down by the fire brigade!
2) Larmer Tree 20 (or 21.5). A fabulous White Star Running Event. Lots of hills made harder by the ground being churned up the previous day with the 10 mile and half marathon and the overnight rain! Knew it was going to be long when I got to an aid station with my watch showing 19 miles!
3) Bovington Half (which was 16.5 miles). More muddy and wet fun from White Star over the tank training ground. Had been mentally been prepared for 14.5 miles, but some of the signage hadn't been changed from the previous day's marathon so we got a bonus 2 miles!

If I have to choose one, I'd probably say Larmer was the toughest as it had less "fun" elements to it.
Hitch asks: Congratulations. How many times have you said " I am not going to run another marathon"? :-)

westmoors says: Cheers Hitch.

Too many I guess ;-). However, when I said it, I believed it to be the truth. I now know to never say never!
Neilio asks: Well done Westmoors. Red sauce or brown?

westmoors says: Thanks Neilio. Not fussed. Whichever is available.
Bintmcskint asks: Nice one, westmoors :-) You are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

westmoors says: Thanks Bint.

The food is easy, it has to be cheese. Can't live without it!

Book. My original thought was something by Terry Pratchett as I love the humour but then I started to think Lord Of The Rings as it would keep me going for a while. However, I think I would choose The Complete Works of Shakespeare as that would have something for whatever mood I was in.

Now this is the real difficult one as there are so many fabulous Fetchies out there. Would I want someone inspirational, supportive, humorous or just good company? Maybe I'll just Fetcheveryone!
Ness asks: Congratulations, westmoors. If money was no object, what would be you ideal race? Here or abroad?

westmoors says: Thanks Ness. There are two overseas marathons that are on my bucket list for very different reasons:
1) Marathon du Medoc because it looks totally crazy.
2) Midnight Sun Marathon, Tromso, as starting at 8:30 pm and still finishing in daylight is nuts!
RRR-CAZ asks: Congratulations have you an event that you just have to do every year a favourite?

westmoors says: Thank you.

Bovington Half could have become a favourite but after two runnings it looks like it won't be happening again.

Discounting that, my favourite race has to be Downton Half Marathon. It is the only road race where I have run, on different occassions, alongside a cow and a pig! Unfortunately, it clashes with a league race and so I can't run it every year, but try to run it alternate years.
Night-owl asks: Congratulations. What would be your favorite sandwich

westmoors says: Thanks NO. At last an easy one! There is only one sandwich filling and that's cheese. Its just the choice of accompaniment - pickle, chutney, red sauce or jam!

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