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Interview with minardi

GimmeMedals asks: Congratulations. This is so long overdue. Who was the first Fetchie you met and where did you meet them?

minardi says: Cheers Gimme. I thought this was an easy question to start with but no, it needed a bit of detective work and I think I’ve come up with the right person. I believe that it was Emmilou & her dog Dave. We were part of a thread from that other website who migrated to Fetch way back when – July 2006 to be precise – and she was coming to Boston with her family. We arranged to go for a run together and met at the lock in town. Needless to say, Emmilou (& Dave) were a lot faster than me and I distinctly remember Dave giving me filthy looks every time I lagged behind! First time I’ve ever been pace shamed by a dog.
Fenland Flier asks: Congratulations you awesome lady, When and why did you start running?

minardi says: Thanks my friend. I started in April 2006 to train for a Race 4 Life in Peterborough which I believe was in the June. My best friend had done one the year before and I figured that if she could do it, then so could I. I also needed the incentive to give up smoking – it worked!
Sharkie asks: Hurrah! Those gorgeous cheery photos mustn't lie or I'll cry. What are your secrets for loving life?

minardi says: And they say the camera never lies! I always think of myself as a bit of a mardy cow 😊 so it’s interesting to see a different opinion 😉 As for the secrets for loving life – the love of a good man, a run and a bottle of prosecco (not necessarily at the same time).
Nellers asks: Congrats! If you had to choose between running and wine would it be white or red?;-)

minardi says: Love this question Nellers – put a smile on my face 😊. I’m not fussy but with a slight leaning towards white – especially if it’s bubbly!
DocM asks: If someone gave you all the money and organisers and volunteers needed, where and what would be the best possible race that you'd like to put on and run in ?

minardi says: Ideally it would involve laps or out and backs and loads of running friends so that we would keep seeing each other. Also to include refreshment stations and music and no cut-off time and no set distance; so not a race in the strict sense, just a load of fun with no pressure.
RRR-CAZ 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations If you were to be given a golden ticket to any sporting event what would you choose to watch ?

minardi says: Does a golden ticket include best seats and best access areas etc? If so, it would have to be the British Grand Prix at Silverstone as long as a helicopter ride there and back was included – I couldn’t be doing with the logistics of getting in and out!
westmoors asks: Congrats. If you could meet anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

minardi says: Mark Webber for two reasons – he’s gorgeous and I’d love to just sit and watch his 5 o’clock shadow grow! (and I guess he knows a little about Formula 1 too 😉 )
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats K Way overdue and thanks again for all the hospitality. What achievement are you most proud of and what’s left to do

minardi says: Cheers HOD and you’re welcome any time - just try not to be so early next time 😉. Obviously there’s plenty left to do but I’m taking everything day by day at the moment – I have a dodgy hip which has stopped me in my tracks but I’m hoping the warmer weather (which WILL come) will get me back in my running shoes *touches wood frantically* As for achievement, I guess that I’m most proud of the fact that I started running in the first place – it’s been a life changer.
Wicked D asks: Congratulations, very well deserved, have you got any 24hr races planned also what's the weirdest sight you've seen during ur training runs ?? Love seeing your run pics 👍😁

minardi says: Thanks Wicked 😊 A resounding NO to 24 hours races – I leave that to the true nutters (and yes, you are included in those 😉 ).

And as for the weird stuff seen? Nothing too extreme – two pairs of spectacles placed in a bush, or a fish lying in the middle of the road, or dog poo sprayed bright pink or how about a Sharpei that had just had a face lift – I do tend to see stuff when I’m out running but a lot of the time I don’t consider it to be weird in the strict sense of the word! Other runners that don't wave or say hello back - that's got to be weird, right?!
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