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Interview with Serendippily

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on MoTM. My question is if time and money were no object, what race or route would you want to?

Serendippily says: Thanks Pedro. I really fancy the Midnight marathon. I could see ITG. I might even see the northern lights!
Carpathius asks: Yassssss! Well done :) What has been your favourite run so far?

Serendippily says: Oo Carp but I love running I can’t choose a favourite child :-o I would be hard pressed to even say what I like best: a laughing run over ridiculous terrain, or a solo trail explore where my brain suddenly quiets. For races, Pilgrim Half in Farnham was the best surprise of last year as I thought it would be impossible but actually it was just pretty and good value and full of Fetchies and food stations. I like a pb as proof against decay but it is not my motivation for running.
DocM asks: Congratulations. What is your favourite post run snack?

Serendippily says: Thanks Doc :-) A hot cross bun, some tomato soup, maybe some fruit cake. Then something with chips and protein once I’m clean.
westmoors asks: Congratulations dipps. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Serendippily says: Thanks Westmoors, there are writers and athletes I admire, musicians I love and comedians who make me laugh but I can’t imagine relaxing into any of their company, I’m better spectating and applauding. So I think I’d like to be whisked around the floor by Pasha please. I’m not much of a dancer but I was once randomly but firmly led around a pub dance floor by a huge Spanish bloke and it was all quite thrilling. And perhaps afterwards Mauricio Pochettino could just pop over and give my daughter his autograph, and some of the Spurs players could engage in their celebration handshakes with her, she’d love that.
LindsD asks: So pleased to see this. I know your OH runs. Are you competitive? Is it a good thing that he runs (for you)? Who started first? Xx

Serendippily says: Linds heart no we are not competitive. He started running a good few years before me, and has always been comfortably faster. I’ve never been close to any of his times. Sometimes we chat about bits of races and runs we have done, which is lovely to share, and occasionally he will run with me if I’m worried about getting lost or falling over, but that isn’t the same experience for him as getting away from everything and concentrating on himself, so it’s rare we run together. He tends to run up the Hangars which I still can’t face so we don’t even overlap on conquercize. Inheriting kit from him definitely made it easier for me to start running, and he introduced me to Fetch so his trailblazing has been a very good thing for me :-) The fact he needs to run and likes to race means I can factor in the same without causing any marital tension which is handy too
Diogenes asks: Congratulations Dippers. I was wondering, how did you come to join Fetcheveryone?

Serendippily says: I was here but not fully engaged with the site from when I first started racing. MrS is the name after yours in the stickerbook:-) - I’m not sure what prompted you both to find Fetch but he used it to record race times and capture all his Garmin data. So when I inherited his Garmin I did the same, even though I only really looked at my pace segments. Joining the 700 thread was Ploddington Bears suggestion, as we are IRL friends, and I was struggling to train consistently and living too far away to run with her. I found I really needed a virtual running club. The real ones were the wrong times and overlapped with work days and bedtime routines whereas this one really is open all hours, ideal for odd-hourers and part-timers. And once I’d started dipping into the 700 thread I found it was full of people I really liked who all woke up thinking about running :-)
DrPhleecingD asks: Yayyyy! Congrats my lovely friend! Tell me about your favourite regular run.

Serendippily says: Thank you :-) WSW has been a revelation. The run we did which ends up through Buriton and to QE Park cafe is around 4 miles, which is the perfect there and back distance for me and a useful backbone for longer variations. Better still I’ve now found multiple off routes to get out of Petersfield too. There is mud, there is fields, there are trees, there are views and there is a hot drink, a toilet and a raspberry magnum at the end of it and then back home again in time for school pick up :-) And I’ve found a really interesting alternative with a pub stop the other side of Petersfield I just need a working foot and a companion with a good few hours to spare during the day ...
Helegant asks: Congratulations on a well deserved MOTM. A really basic quesition form me... why do you run?

Serendippily says: Hi Helegant, thank you, to begin with I ran to keep ploddington company and because I thought it would make me lean and fit. Now I run for my mental health. When stuff gets to me a run will often help. More so than bread and jam. And there are such lovely places around here and I feel like I’ve only explored a tiny section. Once I conquered my fear of wet and muddy feet and learned to cover my arms and legs from nettles and brambles, I was away. It gives me a lot of pleasure to be out and about, with no car journey in between.
Nicholls595 asks: Congratulations Dippers. My question is a two parter. Part one) do you think you could have out run Derek Randall in his prime? Part two) Could you out run Derek Randall today?

Serendippily says: Aw Nico I thought of Derek Randall for Westmoors question but I had my perfect afternoon during a dull draw at Guildford when he nicked one of my shoes from the boundary line and pretended to run off with it, bowl with it, etc. I don’t think anyone will be giving me a racehorse nickname anytime soon but maybe I could have caught him in his prime by simply stopping and running in the opposite direction: didn’t he run loops of the county ground? ;-)
Pompey Paul asks: Congratulations. Are you planning on running an ultra and if so which one would be your first one?

Serendippily says: Thanks PP :-) I thought the only ultra I would ever want to do was as many laps of Endure as I felt comfortable doing. But I am slightly curious to see more of the NDW and it may be the best way to do it is to run it. It would be a few years off, if ever, though!
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