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Interview with Night-owl

pedroscalls asks: Congratulations on a well deserved win NO. My question is this, if time and money were no object, what race or route would you love to run.

Night-owl says: Thank you. Hadrian's wall is still on the cards one day I like the idea of specific routes that have a set start and finish point. But they are so many its really tough to choose
Bintmcskint asks: Yay!!!! :-) Congratulations, NO
Here's my usual question...you are stranded on a desert island. You can take one type of food, one book and one Fetchie. What and who do you take and why?

Night-owl says: Thank you. This is a tricky one of course I had to really think but I think the food would have to be eggs would there be an endless supply of them because they are so versatile and can't be grown which I hope I could find food grown on the islands, so eggs it will be.
For the book I had initially thought a big doorstop book maybe a Ken Follett one I read last year (or one about survival lol) but I think I would want something fun to read so I would bring A man called Ove

Now for the Fetchie I think it would be runnerbean, whilst we've never met. but love her kick arse nature am sure between us we could find the tools to survive or even to get back to civilisation if we so wished.
GimmeMedals asks: Very well deserved, Owlie :) What has been your favourite moment since you joined Fetch?

Night-owl says: Thank you Gimme my favorite times as there was 2 and both of them were the Thames bridges challenges where I got to meet a lot of fetchies. Always great to meet them. Look forward to more of them
Ness asks: Congratulations, Night-Owl. I love your bucket list. Are there any more endeavours you plan to add to that list or places you'd like to visit?

Night-owl says: Thank you. TBH I've not paid attention to my bucket list in ages Though now i'm reading a bit more i'd like to visit places from the books I read maybe Iceland would be a good place to go. Or maybe even to travel on one of the tall ships. (A friend did that today and I thought Wow )
DrPhleecingD asks: Congrats, Owlie! Tell me, what's your favourite place to run?

Night-owl says: Thank you. I love well packed trail runs whilst locally there are some but the places aren't big enough but love a place called Davy Down you can have a decent run but wish it was larger they used to have horses down there before it got flooded (don't worry the horses were ok and were moved) I would imagine I was running through Americas wild west. I do miss them though
westmoors asks: Well done Owlie. Who (alive or dead) would you most like to meet and why?

Night-owl says: Thank you. This was a difficult one to answer. There is family, there could be someone running related and its one the answer could change every week, But I think Bon Scott For years I said I could never like AC/DC then suddenly I did, and so I could never see the former frontman live would be a joy to do so
McGoohan asks: Long overdue, Owlie. :-) As you know, I have time travel powers. Where and when would you like to go in time to have a look around? I'll fire up the De Lorean.

Night-owl says: Cheers McG This was a tricky one so many times and places but how about 25 March 1961 see my mum and dad get married see them both and all their family in the prime of the lives, of course it would not be right to bet o the Grand National that day as I know who won ;)
Diogenes asks: Congratulations Owlie. Given that you work nights, what is your favourite time to run? Is a lunchtime run for you the equivalent of an early crew run for us?

Night-owl says: Usually it would be a lunchtime run best time to run after i'd been up an hour and have woken up I found doing so after a night shift before doesn't work for me now I work afternoons too complicate things hoping soon now the lighter evenings are upon us some evening runs could be in the pipeline
HappyG(rrr) asks: Well done! Which do you think is better - running every day (streaker!) or following a structured approach that builds up miles, different types of runs and includes rest days? Congrats again. :-) G

Night-owl says: Thank you. Aww the real question that divides us all. Yeah I'm a former streaker so which is better I did enjoy that time that would depend on the focus and the individual. Sounds like a cop out But I found the longer streak suited me more
.B. asks: Congratulations Owlie. What is your favourite race memory and why?

Night-owl says: Thanks .B. there are a few races that stand out but which will I pick guess I will go got Last Friday of the month 5km I Hyde park January 2009 I had been trying to beat my pb there for several months had a couple of nemesis' whom I was trying to well beat but I knew if I could at least keep up with them a pb would be mine. As it goes on this day only one was running but I didn't beat her but kept up with her. The other heard of my great performance emailed a mutual friend to congratulate me Thought it was really lovely of her
mulbs asks: Hey Fetchtwin, which threads has most surprised you in how relevant/useful/interesting/laugh provoking they've been? And bloody well done x

Night-owl says: Thank you. Mundane thread for starters its brilliant full of laughter intact its probably all of those things you asked
Valyrian Plastic asks: Well Done, Owlie! Bit of an obvious question for me to ask but: What is your favourite film and/or series of films?

Night-owl says: Thank you I tend to not have a favourite anything they are favourites though but if I had to choose it would have to be The Shawshank Redemption even after several years and watching it many times I still love it
Lemon10 asks: Hello Owlie, I am so pleased you won MOTM! My question is will the Kilkenny Cats win this years All Ireland? No seriously, my question is the all-important one, what's your favourite pizza topping?

Night-owl says: Thank you. Definitely Kilkenny Cats will win. :) Favourite pizza topping, pepperoni
Alice the Camel asks: Woohoo! Sooo pleased to see your name here! You were one of the first fetchies I got to know, back in my Qatar days when you were Pammie. I remember us having conversations halfway across the globe about the tennis on tv at the time. If you could spectate at any sports event anywhere in the world, what would you choose to go and see?

Night-owl says: Awww Thank you Alice lots of sports I could choose as I like most things but guess it would have to the Athletics in the Olympic Games
Autumnleaves asks: Congrats NO - lots of very good questions already but I'd like to ask which fictional character do you think would make a good distance runner?

Night-owl says: Thank you Difficult one. Looking at all the books I've read that I imagine being able to run long distances is small. But I think I would have to go for Ayla of the Earths Children series (The Clan of the cave bear ... )
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Congrats Night Owl every thought about a 24 hour race ?

Night-owl says: Lol thanks. Funny you should say that I do have Ultra yearnings but how far is another question. Let's say never say never
Ocelot Spleens asks: Well done! What is your favourite thread? Mundane? Read a book for every year of your life? I'm interested, after all we all spend far too much time in them.

Night-owl says: Thank you. Has to be the mundane thread, its the first I check to see whats been happening who's been on buses and trains and waving fish and so on
Flatlander asks: How did you develop your love of book reading, and, apart from running books, what books have influenced your running?

Night-owl says: It was my dad. My dad was a reader we joined the local library as soon as it opened when I was about 4. He would always be reading so I definitely got it from him. As for books that influenced my running I guess it would be the Bob Glover books initially. Then Jack Daniels (running coach)
runnerbean asks: Owly I'm so happy you win this !! Ok so what's your fave colour and why ? Is there a colour you don't wear/ like and why ?

Night-owl says: I like red they say winners wear red don't they. Though I do like a bit of claret and blue ;) Generally I like bright colours because they make you feel good but not keen on the grey colours we need more colour in our lives. Not too keen on magnolia as its rather plain but that's what sells houses isn't it
Corrah asks: Many congratulations Owilie. I'm going to be boring and ask my usual question :) What's your favourite post race tipple and food?

Night-owl says: Thank you i'm probably boring but it would be something like a chip butty and a cup of tea
northernslowcoach asks: Well done Owlie :) what sport/activity would you most like to try (if money, time and place were not an issue)

Night-owl says: Something on a horse. Never ridden one never had the money or been brave enough to.
Sunbed Athlete asks: What's the best/worst thing someone has said about you? Did it encourage you to prove them right/wrong? Well done on your nomination!

Night-owl says: Thank you such a hard question. Can't actually think of anything specific but I'm a bit like I don't actually care what someone thinks of me but on the other hand prove them wrong.
Captain S asks: Well done on being awarded MOTM. My question is: Where shave the most exotic place that you have ever run, and where would you like to go and run if money was no object?

Night-owl says: Thank you. Never really run anywhere exotic. Does Dublin count only place abroad I have run. If I could go anywhere I would quite fancy New Zealand not really because its about the furthest from here you can go but love the stories from Arthur Lydiards time and would love to go and run those places where they ran
Serendippily asks: Congratulations Night Owl - who was the first fetchie you met in real life and where?

Night-owl says: Thank you I think it might be Sharkie though it might be back in the days when it was fields here. It was Hyde Park would have been a last Friday in the month we'd run the 5km and have a natter and something toeat after. Yes Sharkie did run remember her beating me in a sprint finish. Hope I'm right and haven't forgotten anyone
ferret asks: Congratulations MOTM, well deserved. My origin questions are here already, but what motivates you to run? Even if you weren't working nights & other erratic hours?

Night-owl says: Thank you. Though I haven't really done a race for ages typically running has many advantages but it was so I'm fit enough to enter races and meet new people. Love meeting people especially fetchies.
RFJ asks: Masive well done and much deserved... so with your erratic hours, hwne do you prefer to run, monings after nights, or evning before nights..... if not working nights when is your favoured time to run? Again very well done.

Night-owl says: Thank you. think I prefer middle of the day usually after I've woken and given the chance to properly wake up. Though occasionally like the odd evening one during BST when i'm not working I think if I got a day job it would be evening but guess I won't know till I get there But hopefully so
BaronessBL asks: Well done Owlie, much deserved....Who would you say has been a major inspiration to you a) as a runner and b) in another area of life (school/work etc)?

Night-owl says: Thank you Don't know if I can pick one individual but its people like Steve Way (there are others) who were overweight and turned their life round by simply running and those who started running late in life (60s) and doing remarkably well like Charles Eugester. They are others just showing age holds no barrier

In another area of my life my parents helped me be happy with who I am allowing me to do the things that make me happy and not actually try to fit in a previously built box
Winniefree asks: Well done Owlie, well-deserved. You've established a reputation as the queen de-cluttering, but what one item would you never clear out, and why?

Night-owl says: Awww thank you. That would be Dixy I think I blogged about him a long time back. He's a cuddly bear that was bought for me when I was born. Sentimental really he's seen better days but could never get rid of him
Columba asks: Many congratulations Owlie. Does running run in your family?

Night-owl says: Thank you. No I think I'm the first runner in my family though my dad played hockey in the local league and am told my granddad, on my mums side played football
Roobarb asks: Congratulations and well done! Now I have a very important question....... cake or chocolate?

Night-owl says: Thank you. That's an easy one for me. Has to be cake
Purps asks: Congratulations on your win. Brilliant stuff. Which owl is your most and least favourite and why?

Night-owl says: Thank you. really difficult to pick a favourite/least favourite as I love them all
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