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Interview with Sombrero-ho-ho-ho

RRR-CAZmas 🇬🇧 asks: Congratulations Som about time If you were to be offered 2 golden tickets to any sporting event what would you choose to watch?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thanks old bean. It would have to be the football world cup final. I'm lucky enough to have seen Pompey win the FA Cup, otherwise that would be my answer.
Pothunter the Snowman asks: Whoop! What would you have for for your “death row” meal? Starter, main, dessert and something to wash it down?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thanks PH...... ooooh -

Starter: Greek lamb flatbread.
Main: pepperoni pizza.
Dessert: banoffee pie.
Drink: pint of Madri.

As you can see, I'm a big fan of carb loading. Even before facing the electric chair.
westmoors asks: Congrats Som. If you could meet anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thank you :-)

I would absolutely love to spend a day with Grayson Perry - there are loads of other artists that I admire but there's something just magical and different about him.
pedroscalls asks: Congratulations Sombrero, if money and time were no object what race or route would ypu love to do?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thanks very much :-)

If you'd asked me a few years ago I would have said something like Marathon de Sables but these days I would keep it more simple and do a half marathon in Australia. I wouldn't want to do any silly distances that would ruin the holiday so that's my rather boring answer!!
Mandymoo asks: Yay well done Som. What is your go to food after a run - is it 🍌?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thank you. This is a perfect question.

After a parkrun, it's always a bacon butty or cake. Today's (after Yarborough) was a sausage & bacon butty as I'd done a good time.

I don't really have a set training run time, so my food changes depending on when I run etc. A few favourites are a BANANA!!!, bagel with peanut butter, cake, or sometimes just a chocolate bar.

Favourite after a long run is cheese on toast with baked beans.

There are many reasons I am not a professional athlete.
Mushroom asks: Congratulations. Is there a particular sporting event or person that inspired you to put on your trainers and have a go?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thanks Mushroom :-) I actually did a fair bit of running when I was a kid. Me and my mate Daz used to do local fun runs when we were at school and we found out our home town (Gosport) was doing a half marathon. We weren't allowed as we were only 14 so we just joined in (one of the unforgivable sins of running) and completed the course - we even got medals due to feisty women insisting that we got given one each!!..... So really it was being told we couldn't do something made me do the next step up from a fun run.
.B. asks: Congrats Som. Favourite parkrun? Oh go on, top 3 if that’s too hard.

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Hi B :-) Oooooh tough question.

Top 3 in no particular order:

Crosby (Gormley statues!!!).

Fountains Abbey (stunning location).

Rother Valley (my "home" run - although I don't visit that often now -, one loop round a couple of lakes).

Brierley Forest (just gorgeous).

Eden Project (an amazing place to run).

Littlehampton Prom (just bloody lovely and had a dip in the sea after).

I know that's 6.. But I couldn't stop at 3. Soz.
Seratonin asks: Couldn't be won by a nicer chap - Well done. What was it that got you into printing and arty stuff that you do?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thank you :-)

I was quite good at art as a kid but hated school. I went to art college twice, quit twice. Then around 8 or 9 years ago I decided to do something instead of just doodling all the time. I signed up for a drawing and painting course for 10 weeks at Sheffield college, one night a week. It was OK, so I thought I would sign up for another course - this time illustration. Then it got cancelled due to numbers so they asked if I fancied doing printmaking. It was the most amazing bit of luck as I loved it straight away - especially lino printing. The tutor really encouraged me and I repeated the course another 2 times. Then I started doing it in the kitchen at home. Then people starting asking if they could have copies of the prints I made, I eventually set up an Etsy shop - now over 1,600 sales!! Started teaching it 4 years ago. Have been full time for 18 months now!
Columba asks: So glad you've won this. Are there other artists in your family, and did they encourage your early interest in creative stuff?

Sombrero-ho-ho-ho says: Thank you Columba.

My mum and dad are both very creative in their own way.

My mum took early retirement from the civil service and ended up doing a degree and masters in art, specialising in printmaking! We do very different work and have very different ideas about the art world. She was really keen for me to do art when I was younger and it put me off at the time but now we chat about ideas a lot.

My dad was a decent photographer, he ended up with a degree and masters in art too specialising in photography.

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