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Interview with The Terminator

Dooogs asks: Well done, Terminator. Would you consider becoming “The Terminator is Blue Square Bet Premier” if their grounds were more conveniently situated than the top flight in 2013-14?

The Terminator says: Thanks Doogs. I would never say never to anything but probably not for the following reasons. The reason I chose the top 20 Premier League sides of all time on total points scored was because logistically there was a lot of planning to do, as you can probably imagine, and the sides were not going to change anytime soon unless Wigan showed title winning form for a couple of seasons. Luckily there was no chance of that at all, even less now, so I am still on for the same route when I successfully complete in 2015 :-) Also I did think concentrating on big clubs would garner me more publicity and support but sitting here writing this now the most support came from the smaller clubs MK Dons, AFC Wimbledon and Coventry so maybe there is more merit in the idea than I first thought...
Hills of Death (HOD) asks: Well done Termy best approach mile to Premier ground ?

The Terminator says: Cheers HOD. Well as I am sure you know I didn't make it to all the grounds, only 7 in fact, but I will tell you about a few. scariest approach mile was being taken to the start at St. James Park and not only because I was in the company of a staunch Mackem, sorry for putting you through that Flip, but because I realised it was finally happening after months of talking. Worst approach mile was to Middlesborough, I thought the transporter bridge was never going to actually materialise. I'm sure Anna Bomb was losing the will to live as much as me. Flip was driving that day and described the approach as like a scene from Mad Max, pretty much sums it up. Best approach mile though, and this is clearly from experience because I didn't make it this time, and one I am 110% sure you will agree with is the trek up the High Road to the Mecca of White Hart Lane. It has always since I was a young teenager given me goosebumps and I am sure when I do finish the challenge, which I will, it will be nothing short of monumentual. COYS
IanS asks: Congratulations TT - well deserved MOTM :-) Now that you're getting back into the running again after your injury are you going to carry on hanging out with your fellow 1500-ers or are you stepping up to a higher target? :-)

The Terminator says: Cheers Ian. I have been on the 1500 thread since 2010 and will never leave. Love the banter and the people, hell sometimes we even talk about running don't we. Honestly there are some people I have met on there that I now, having met, class as real life friends and that is amazing as far as I am concerned. The ones I haven't met are all quite brilliant too and I look forward to meeting many more on my travels in the future. Saying this though doesn't mean that my target isn't higher and I am determined to break 2000 miles for the first time this year having got to within 100 miles in each of the last 3 years. Will be close again this time. So please don't judge me if you see me popping up on the 2000 mile thread too, 1500 will always be my home :-)
Sushi. asks: Now you have a bike are you going to come over to 'the Darkside?
Bananaseed or Jammyjack?
(2-4-1 but both crucial questions. ;-))

The Terminator says: I WILL come over to the darkside in the future Sioux. I am determined to do an ironman but with my plans as they are at the moment it is likely to be another 5 or more years before I do. I do llike the bike and will probably do some duathlons and sportives in the meantime but I certainly haven't got the time to concentrate on my very poor swimming. I did try to a few years ago though and really fancied Bala Standard distance and planned to do Barry Bay (pretty local for me?) sprint tri in the build up. So training was underway and I had a good communication dialogue with the Barry organisers as it was my first one and I was being a pedant. Anyway one day I asked them why they were charging for entry in American Dollars, it turns out they weren't, they were charging in Canadian dollars because it was Barry in Canada and not South Wales. My tri career was over :-)

Regards the flapjack it is a no brainer, I love it all but, I'll be honest with you, everytime I unwrapped a portion on the run I was hoping for Jammyjack. It is the Daddy!
HappyG(rrr) asks: Well done TT, much deserved. Looking back now, does TT Is PL feel like it was crazy or wonderful? I think it was probably both! Congrats again, :-)G

The Terminator says: Cheers HG. IAPL was, and to an extent still is, an all consuming beast of an idea, let's hope do I put it to bed in 2015, I am sure I will. 700 odd miles in 23 days, of course it is crazy, not as crazy as some of things people do or plan to do on Fetch but still crazy. It was much more wonderful than crazy though. For so many reasons. Firstly, and I find this hard to comprehend, so many people have said I have inspired them. Things don't get a lot better than that. Whether I have inspired them to do something for charity and/or get off their arse and get healthy it is very humbling for a former good for nothing fat slob :-) Secondly I may have had to stop because of the injury but I still raised over £5000 and a lot of awareness of my three charities which was so important to me. Thirdly, and I could easily get all Oscars speech now, I met and got so much support from so many wonderful people, including your fine self. Unfortunately many people nowadays are happy to jump on the Broken Britain bandwagon and it was brilliant to have my view that basically people are still fundamentally good confirmed. I was shown so much kindness in so many different ways and although I haven't really sat down and thought in detail about what I got out of the challenge, I probably wont until 2015, these acts of kindess stand out anyway.
RuthB2 asks: Hi, huge congratulations. How did you start running and what's been your proudest running moment to date?

The Terminator says: Hi Ruth and a huge thankyou :-) I started running, as I am sure many people do, to lose weight and get healthy. There are a couple of photos of me that made me realise it was time I got myself together. This is one of them. [IMAGE 29128_64569] Doesn't really do my size justice but is the one I keep on the inside of the biscuit cupboard. I am pretty level headed and don't tend to get too excited about the good moments or too upset about the disasters so proudest running moment is hard but is probably a toss up between seeing Mrs T and then kids after finishing my first marathon at VLM in 2010 and meeting my brother half way between Leeds and Sheffield during IAPL, sharing these things with those closest to you make them so much more special in my humble opinion.
_andy asks: Congrats TT - well done on the MOTM achievement, and well done for being inspiring, organising races, running daft distance, visiting the 1500 thread (you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!)...
Question time: why "terminator"? For sure, having a titanium skeleton inside would help avoid stress-fractures and I've not seen it on any IAU banned items list. Or are you more of a liquid metal model?

The Terminator says: Thanks Andy you are too kind for sure. Way back in 2009 I was talked into running Llanelli Half Marathon. 13.1 miles, I thought I was proper mental :-) Anyway on the day of the race I bumped into two old friends. One I ran the race with and half way round he asked what my running name was, you know as a sort of mantra, he called himself the machine and suggested I call myself Terminator. I didn't really pay much attention but he kept geeing me up by saying 'Come On Terminator' (until I left him for dead in the last mile ;-) ). The other old friend I met had an even bigger bearing on my running though. We had talked many years before, late nineties I think, about running New York marathon. It was drunken nonsense, neither of us were runners and nothing was ever done. As you can imagine we were quite amused tofind ourselves both running a half marathon under our own steam all these years later and arranged to meet up for a drink and catch up that very night. It was during this quiet pint or 10 that he mentioned a website called Fetch Everyone to me, you may have heard of it? Well I checked it out when I got home and obviously had to choose a Username. The Terminator it was. The rest, as they say, is history. Yes I blame him for everything. I am also, of course, hard as titanium ;-)
heffaroo asks: Well done big lad! Epic effort with TTIPL, trying to think of a question as you're always fairly matter of a fact & transparent anyway but, When did you start running & do ultras appeal to you at all?

The Terminator says: Cheers mate. I started running intermittently in 2007 and began getting a little more serious in 2008. It doesn't seem that long though. Ultras certainly appeal to me and it is only bad luck with injury/illness that has stopped me doing one so far. Had to pull out of Gower Ultra the last two years, once with a broken toe the other time a viral infection. I have however entered a 214 mile multi-day event next May and hopefully a 24HR race later in 2014 so I will break my official duck. I say official because I ran over 26.2 miles a few times in training earlier in the year and then ran 30+ mile days four days in a row during my IAPL attempt. Whether that already makes me an ultra runner is not for me to say....
sy_7 asks: Well Done. Do you ever get days when you CBA to go out and run? how do you overcome this and what gets you motivated? thanks

The Terminator says: Thanks Sy. I actually very rarely get days I really CBA and if it does happen I tend not to go out as is because I am not feeling 100% and have ended up making myself ill when ignoring such signs before. However I wouldn't like to mislead you and I do get days when I don't fancy it but get out anyway, sometimes I will cycle instead. The main motivator in this is the aforementioned fat photo that resides in my biscuit cupboard. Now I will be completely honest the picture doesn't really do the job regards avoiding the biscuits but it is the thought of where I have come from and my complete lack of will power when it comes to sweet stuff that motivates me to get out there as I am fully aware that it is the one thing that is keeping me in shape. Plus I like it you know, and I know I will when I get out there. The first step is definitely the hardest....
Mushroom asks: Congratulations on MOTM. Do you have any mantras that you repeat to yourself while running, or a particular song that keeps popping in your head like an earworm?

The Terminator says: Thanks Mushroom. I still use the 'Come on Terminator' mantra when things are getting tough, nothing fancy. If I am training, usually by myself, I will be listening to music or audiobooks anyway so can usually be found singing along or going through the emotions that a good book offers. Have been listening to Chrissie Wellingtons book recently and have cried and laughed in equal measures. I am an emotional idiot to be honest. Something happens close to home I am like a rock, bouncer dies in Neighbours and I am a gibbering wreck. I'm sure a psychologist would have something clever to say? Anyway I am rambling for sure so I will leave you with this song which is as likely as any to pop into my head and which I want played at the end of my funeral. An old favourite from my raving days....

GeeeM asks: Congratulations TT, well deserved. It's obvious you have leanings towards the ultra-side of running, any plans to up the distance and try for a 100?

The Terminator says: Cheers G. In short yes! I hope to break 100 miles in my 24HR adventure next year and also really want to do WHW, not quite 100 miles but as near as damn it. When this may be? Your guess is as good as mine but probably 2016. I certainly am not in the position to do as many events as you do so have to be a little choosy. Plenty of time though, I should be child free(ish) in 10 years or so which will make things easier ;-)
Marchbanks asks: Congratulations TT well deserved!! Apart from raising money for your chosen charities, what inspired you to run such big distances? Any would you think about setting PB's on shorter distances or is it long and strong from now on (well until you're fully recovered from injury)?

The Terminator says: Thanks MB. I am hoping I am fully recovered, have taken it slowly but did 15 miles last Sunday and will go further again next week. I don't think there is anything that inspires me more than the T.S. Eliot quote “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” I mean there are loads of people on Fetch and further afield, such as my mate Rosie Swales-Pope but that quote pretty much sums it up. Regarding PBs at shorter distances I can't see myself targeting specific races under marathon distance but will run some in the build up to longer events and maybe a PB or two will come from that. My PBs are not the strongest and, for instance, my two fastest HM times have come as part of a build up to marathons. I certainly have a good base to work from so time will tell whether that leads to some faster 10k or 5K times at any point.
Bintmcskint asks: Well done on MOTM. Thoroughly well-deserved for an inspirational runner. So, who or what inspires you and why?

The Terminator says: Thanks Bint, again you are too kind. As I just said to MB being able to push myself further and further is a major inspiration, I have always been an all or nothing type of guy. Luckily this addiction is a healthy one :-) The people I raise money for inspire me as do my family and friends and all the other people who support me on my journey. Then you have people such as Rosie, Mimi Anderson, lots of fetchies, Scott Jurek, Chrissie Welington and all those other athletes who are always pushing boundaries.
Wombling Plodder (Welsh Womble) asks: Congratulations on MOTM, very much deserved. A football question for you - why aren't you a Swan? or did you also have a crush on Hoddle like me ;-)

The Terminator says: Thanks WW. Of course I had a crush on Hoddle, he will always be my number one. What a player, what a haircut, what a singing voice. Also growing up in Southampton, as I did, if I had been a Swans fan it would have been even odder than plumping for the mighty Spurs :-)
Shadow asks: Congrats TT on MOTM, have you ever regretted handing the reigns over to J? ;-)

The Terminator says: Thanks Shadow. I loved looking after everyone on the 1500 thread for three years, maybe I will again one day but I felt it was time to walk (or run?) away. Lots of people came and went since I joined it in 2010, I think me, J and Lil are the only constant contributors since then but the same sense of community, fun and support remain and I think this is testament to the fantastic job J has done since taking over. Anyone crazy enough to run on the mean streets of Merseyside and the times J does is more than qualified to look after you bunch of nutters in my book anyway :-)
monsenb1 asks: Congrats TT, well deserved MOTM. I wanted to ask what positives did you take from your I am Premier League attempt. What have you learnt for next time?

The Terminator says: Cheers mate. Well to start with I slept in a Tottenham bed for the first time in my life. Still haven't persuaded Mrs T to buy a double duvet cover set though. I ran, what, 186 miles in 6 days which as everyone keeps telling me has got to be a positive even if it was 500 miles and 15 days short of the goal. Other positives, which I have touched on already, are clearly regards the support I got from you and others. Too many people to mention, too many ways you all helped to mention but I must give a quick shout out to the warm bacon sandwiches and cream eggs that you had waiting for me at Hillsborough. It was a special and very moving moment running past the Leppings Lane end and seeing the tribute to those who lost their lives their. It meant a huge amount to be able to properly pay my respects to the tragedy that I will always remember so clearly from my childhood. To be able to do that with you and my brother made it even more special. I have learnt a number of things. I was right to stop when I did, obviously the questions start to creep in as to whether I should of carried on regardless and then Mrs T reminds me that I couldn't walk or fit a shoe on for over a week afterwards so it is always important to listen to your body. Next time, I know it sounds strange but I may walk the downhills, that is, I am pretty sure where the damage was done or certainly when the pain was at its most intense. I will probably slow down a little too. For the first few days I was pretty much averaging 6 miles an hour, it wasn't sustainable. 5 miles an hour or even 4.5 will be fast enough. My brother thinks no more than a marathon a day but I am not sure I have the time to do the full run if I do that, an extra week? I don't know. I will certainly not be carrying my kit, whatever the cost, is it a coincidence that the injury occured the first day I had the full kit? I don't think so. Another thing, sorry for rambling again, is to not get so fixated on the fundraising, if people want to donate they will. I cannot force it. As I have also been told, I raised over £5000 for good causes, closer to £10000 since I started doing races and challenges for charity. That is pretty amazing and must have helped a lot of people.
shanksi asks: Congratulations on a well deserved MOTM. Not really a question, and similar to Doogs, but how about a run around the SPL? And if you base it on the current members, you only need to go to one of the dodgy bits of Glasgow.

The Terminator says: Cheers mate. The SPL? Who knows but unless I get a huge windfall I would say not before 2020. Before then though if I win the lottery (which I don't do) as Mrs T has given me permission to take off and run around all professional football teams in the world with her and the kids meeting me in certain locations (ones with shops and posh hotels I imagine :-) )
BaronessBL asks: I was going to ask exactly the same question as Doogs (lucky I read all the way to the bottom of the list.) So instead I will say congratulations on MotM and ask whether you've considered county cricket grounds instead - most are probably in nicer parts of town for running in? (Not exactly the most original question - sorry!)

The Terminator says: Hi BBL. No I hadn't considered cricket grounds before, thanks for that :-) I will mention it to Mrs T now and point her in your direction ;-)
LorraineS asks: congratulations .. I remember you somewhere saying that you enjoy reading .. read any good books whilst you've been recuperating?

The Terminator says: Thanks Lorraine.I am indeed a keen reader and have enjoyed a few good books of late. Stuart A Life Backwards is a true story of a homeless man and a sensational read. I was already keen on helping the homeless, this book has inspired me even more. I have been listening to Chrissie Wellingtons book whilst running, amazing lady amazing storytelling. Am currently reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith, had never heard of it, you may have, if not give it a go, good story basically following the lives of two connected families over a century from Jamaica and Bangladesh via WW2 to London. Have also been reading some Jack Reacher books for light relief. Would love to know your opinion on any of them but Stuart A Life Backwards especially. :-)
Sunbed Athlete asks: Well done!! If you could run with anyone (dead or alive) who would be your ideal companion??

The Terminator says: Thanks SA. Without wanting to sound too soppy my ideal running companion would be Mrs T, we always have lots to talk about and when we don't the silences are comfortable. Otherwise it would be one of my footballing heroes so either Glenn Hoddle, Gazza or Sir Bill Nicholson. I don't get as hung up on the football as I once did but still struggle to talk calmly to anyone with anything even slightly negative to say about Spurs, hopefully with these three it wouldn't be an issue. Not very deep sorry but f you had asked who I'd like a pint with it would probably someone different as I would be looking to put the world to rights :-)
mrs shanksi asks: A very well deserved MOTM! I have two questions: Why did you call your bike Veera, and when are you coming to do a race in Scotland? Some of us travel a long way to do races ;-)

The Terminator says: Thanks Mrs S. Well the bike is a Carrera Vulcan so I called it Veera as in Veera Vulcan, no other reason. I now have a Cannondale Caad roadbike too and have christened her Candy. I have been told they are girly names but I just wouldn't feel right riding a bike with a mans name you know ;-) I am definitely coming to Scotland to do a race. I want to do WHW, as we have discussed, and definitely will in 2016. Before that will have to have a think about it, any 24 HR races you could recommend in late summer or Autumn for next year?
Argie asks: I was asked to put a question in by 3rd August, yet here I am asking a question on the 10th.

Do you think that Fetch is getting tardy or has nothing changed?

The Terminator says: Hard to say mate, you were asked to put a question in by 3rd August, yet here you are asking a question on the 10th. Are you getting tardy or has nothing changed? I blame RW...
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